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‘ /fi ; Jlk LR
Hunt Staris
For Murderer
dll, ulr
Quiz Degenerates |
About Kidnaping,
Slaying of Pair ’
STOCKTON, Calif. District
Attorney F. W. Clodsley Satur- :
day ordered search for two un- |
fdentified Negroes—one tall and i
well built, the other short—as |
suspects in the double slaying of |
23-year-old Nathan Chinchiolo of
Btockton and 19-yvear-old Doro
thy Woefter, of Lodi and Tracy.
- . .
STOCKTON Sheriff Martin ‘
Ansbro Saturday was rounding up 1
known degenerates for questioning
about the kidnaping and slaying of :
Nathan Chinchiolo, 23, son of a
wealthy family, and Dorothy
Wooften, pretty, 19-year-old wait
ress he took out when his fiancee
sent him away.
The bodies, badly decom
posed, were discovered Friday
in a field. Their throats had
been slashed from ear to ear;
- Miss Wooften had also been
stabbed in the neck, one side
of her head crushed with a
rock and she had apparently
been criminally attacked. They
were bound Miss Wooflten's
hands behind her back, Chin
chiolo’s hands with a belt from
her coat and his feet with the
lining of her coat.
Ansbro said his investigation had
po far yielded nothing, not even a
*“theory” except the natural one
that the crime had been the work
of a degenerate. No medical ex
amination had been made to deter
mine whether she was ravished.
but Deputy Coroner Paul Lamb
said that the position in which the
body was found and her disheveled
clothing indicated that she had
been attacked “after she was in
The bodies were found 75
feet off a country road, half
buried in a weed clump. ‘
Chinchiolo’'s family came here 20 |
years ago from Revere, Mass. His |
father, Anthony, is a prominent
fruit and vegetable dealer. Nathan
was employed by a shipping com- |
pany. -
Miss Wooften, a tall, dark haired
girl, entered a contest for selec
tion of the “Tracy Frontier Days”
celebration queen, but withdrew
when she went to work in a Lodi,
Calif., restaurant. She and bher
roommate, Alice Rutherford, came
to Stockton recently. 1
- S hoR :
Showers tonight and Tuesday.
Temperatures: High, 64; Jow, 47.
un rises, 4:47; sets, 7:25, i
The Tacoma Times
VOL. 37. NO. 118
G T.
uunmen lie
Janitor, Th
Januor, Inen
00 ces
Masked Pair Open
Safes in Perkins ,
Building |
Two masked safecrackers using
professional tactics, bound a )nni-i
tor in the Perkins bullding and|
methodically looted seven offices
Saturday morning.
Peter Lorimer, night cus- f
| ‘todian of the bullding at 1103 {
A st, was accosted at gun
‘ point, tied hand and foot, and
forced to lie helpless while the
| yeggs coolly knocked combina
j tions off safes. The white
| masked criminals made their
| getaway with undetermined
Lorimer unshackled himself two
hours after the cracksmen went to
| work, and summoned police,
The burglars evidently hid in the |
building when it was locked for the |
night and waited until 2:50 a. m, |
| before shoving a gun into Lori-|
‘mer's ribs as he made the rounds
of the second floor.
Working with cool precision
as though they had blueprint
ed plans, the burglars smashed
dials off five safes in as many
offices. They gained entrance
to only two of the safes, evi
dently lacking explosives to
blast inner doors.
Inventoried losses Saturday after
noon showed $25 in stamps and $3
in cash taken from the Pacific
Northwest Collection Co. Cbeck-;
ups on the rest of the haul con-|
tinued. {
The safecrackers made their way |,
through the building, choosing of
fices carefully. They broke into '
the Pacific Northwest Collection
Co., room 231; Woodmen of the
World offices, room 214; the Inter.
national Longshoremen's office,
room 229; the Wholesalers Asso
ciation, room 501; the Empire
’Credit Service, Inc.,, room 531; the
' State Department of Labor and
Industries office, room 425, and the
'National Association of Creditors |
office, room 610, |
| § TN Wy
Modus operandi was not
l varied. The cracksmen |
| smashed panes in the doors of {
li each office, reached through
| to unlock the door, thoroughly ‘
{l ransacked the desks, and
| worked on each safe they ‘
| found, using a claw hammer
and chisel. I
Lorimer was surprised by !hel
| pair while walking through a hall
way. |
“Take it easy, and don't l
make no noise,” one of the [
pair growled as he shoved a
small nickel-plated revolver '
inte Lorimer’s ribs.
They forced Lorimer into the
janitor's room on the second floor,
ltound a number of rags, and bound
| his hands and feet. |
| One lighted a cigaret and
warned Lorimer against any out
cry. They locked him in his|
office. o g
The burglars found no safes in!
| (Continued on Page 3, Column 4)
! RT i
Tacoman Drinks
| ies
Lye Water, Dies
| Death of Edwin Moyer, 76, in &
{local hospital Friday night after
he swallowed a powerful solution
of lye water, was listed as suicide
| by authorities.
’ The elderly man was brought to
| Tacoma from his home at Rt 3,
Box 353, Friday afternoon. He was
in exeruciating pain, and was al
most incoherent. A physician sum
moned to his home by members of
his family ordered an ambulance
| for him, police reported.
| Meyer told the physician
| that he did not want to live,
| according to T. ¥ Long, Vierce
| county coroner,
| His condition was critical when
he reached the hospital, where he
succumbed at 7 p. m. The body
| was taken to Mellinger's mortuary. |
| Detectives Ralph Hubbard and P.
S. Modah! investigated after notifi- |
cation from the hospital ‘
eQe e e .
- - 3
Wise Bee Winner g
NEW YORK—William H. Galla- |
gher's Wise Bee, carrying the
lightest load of any horse in the
field, met a strong stretch chal
lenge by Falaise stable’s Red Eye
to score a photo finish victory in
the ninth running of the Jamaica |
handicap. the SSOOO added feature
lat Jamaica Saturday. i
Follow the Leader
) ' Im ” WOM
'|! Opinion, Boiled
.|| Down, Means Yes
' OLYMPIA It took a 1,300-
|| word opinion from Attorney
|| General Smith Troy Saturday |
1] to decide that the dollar school |
|| teachers pay for their teaching |
|] certificate should _go to the
|| county where they are to teach
|| or where they live. |
! The question was put to him |
by Dr. W, W, Haggard, presi
dent of the Bellingham college
of education. Teachers can pay |
the dollar to their county super- |
intendents, he said, and the vl
lege could accept the superin- |
|| tendent's receipt for the fee and
‘ issue the certificate.
' e et | et e
T e |
'Hawaiian Report |
Is Met by Denial
s Met by Denial |
HONOLULU - Gov. Joseph B
Poindexter of Hawalli Saturday
| termed “‘preposterous” the report
jof E. J. Eagen, Seattle N-uml:
| Labor Relations Board director,
| who alleged five big corporations
control the political and economic
|life of Havail with the coopera
;tlon of the army and navy. i
Poindexter said Eagen's entire
report, which was read into the
| record of the Smith committee in
| vestigating the NLRB, was “wild"”
| and “doesn’t deserve serious com
| ment.” |
! Eagen, who was sent to Hawail
three years sgo to direct NLRB
cases, alleged there was a “true
picture of Fascism” in the Hawai- |
jan islands: that there was “very
close cooperation between the
army and navy intelligence units
and the: big five” Hawaillan cor
porations: and that Frank E.
Thompson, whom he named n‘
“chief plotter for the trust” ob
tained Poindexter's appointment to
the governorship. |
: == 4__‘—',. o :
BERLIN Radio broadeast |
Saturday night sald that Ger- |
man bombing planes had sunk |
| & heavy cruilser of the York
The radio sald that “another
heavy cruiser was struck by a
bomb so that it was partially |
| blown up.” ;l
! o . |
| LONDON—British naval |
| sources today declined to com
ment on German radio Claims |
that Nazi bombing planes had ]
sunk three and damaged five
British naval units in & b n- 1
bardment off the Norwegian ’c
coast. ’.
ek .
(Tacoma ...oovvvvnnnes.s3,Bß6,ooo 1
“Progressive Demos” Seeking
Candidate For Governor
WCF “Split” Apparent; “Nazis, Commun
ists, Republicans” Are Excluded
' With Communists, Nazis, Fase
'. cists and Republicans excluded, ac
| cording to its credentials chairman,
' the statewide Progressive Demo
| erats’ conference was under way
| Saturday at the Armory.
| The outlined agenda for the sea
islon mude it clear the session
'would amount to a “pre-view” of
| this fall's Democratic party pri
| mary election. !
Complete with voting machines,
’the conferees, about 700 of whom
had checked in by 1 p. m, were
| preparing to close their session
'by wvoting on Democratic candi
dates for governor, i
| “Then,” sald Cyrus Woodward,
| Seattle, executive secretary of un,
| conference, “we will continue this
| conference through the summer, |
eventually center on one candidate
| —then actively support him in the
| fall campaign. i
Exploring “Timber” {
| "“The vote we take today.” he
said, “will be merely ‘exploratory’ |
| It was apparent to observers the
. !
Commitee Studies |
Report on Planes ;
. WASHINGTON -~ Chalrman
Elmer Thomas of the senate mill- |
tary appropriations subcommities
sald Saturday that expert Llesti
mony indicating American war- |
planes are inferior to those of the
German air force may prompt
commitiee members o add $20.-
000,000 to the pending army bill
for additional planes,
The committee, he sald, prob- |
ably would supply that amount,
for latest sircraft In addition to
the 57 planes approved in the
house version of the t‘ll‘,fi.fli
measure earrying 1941 appropria
tions for the war department. i
~ He said that testimony of ll}!‘
Gen. H. H. Arnold, chief of the
air corps, and other army officials
convinced the committies that de
velopments in the northern Europ
ean war show American plates
“are not 8% good as Germany's al
though there are indications that
all German technical advances will |
be available to our technical engl- |
neers.” !
e v Y v e
SPOKANE-Joe Andrews, Spo
kane reservation Indian, was un- |
der $25.000 bond Baturday follow- !l
ing a United States commissioner's |
hearing, in which he was Mil
over 1o & federal grand jury on
murder charges. ‘1
-|mlmm was evidence of a Nj‘rl
#plit In that section of the Demo
'eratic party heretofore represented
by Washington Commonweaith
| federation, which, by the way,
!lhmm its officinl newspaper, this
week termed the meeting hers a
“flea cireun”
' Bald George Hansen, credentials
commitiee chalrman, to the an
semblage: “We want to get the
real progressive Democrats to
gether, and rid ourselves of those
(Continued on Page 8, Column 4)
- b
Ship Sinking Off
California Coast
| SAN FRANCISOO—The lumber
schooner Daisy Mathews was re |
ported sminking Saturday 230 miles
|north of San Francisco, The
| schooners Lumberman und liinois
were reported standing by A
coast guard boat was sent to ity
The U 8 coast guard said s
cutter, Ariadne, dispatched from
[Ban Francisco early Saturday,
|could not reach the vemsel before
'8 p. m. Sunday night. A coast
[guard boat usually stationed st
Eureka has temporarily been se
signed to Ban Francisco. !
The Daisy Mathews, carrying & |
crew of 20, in owned by the Free |
man Bteamship company It was
bound from Coos Bay, Ore, for
Ban Francisco, !
* - i
Monopolies Hit by
Coffee in Speech ,
Coffes, D, Wash., Saturday urged
publie ownership of natural re
sources 1o prevent Lheir expioita
'tion and waste by “monopolies that
have u dealh grip on American in-
Bpeaking at a luncheon mweling
of the People's Lobby, Coftes
charged that passage of the regy
latory Connelly “hot oll” act bas
aided the nation's largest 01l pro
ducers in strengthening their
“wemi-monopolistic control” of the
industry. ‘
; e e 8t o i
Will Probe Murder
J. W. Murdoek and Corporsi B. M. |
B. Bmith of the provincisl polics
were Baturday on thelr way 1o
inolated Clearwater valley, 100/
miles north of bere, to investigate
the alleged murder of a prospector, |
Henry Wilson. Relief Officer J. E.
Andrews reported that Wilson had |
been found fatally shot there. i
The Issues
Platform Specific;
Fight in Caucuses:
Friendly to Dewey
Engaging in spivited fNoor and
eaucus battles that indicated be
el & parly resurgence is due, the
Republican county convenlion was
heid Friday night in the suditor
fum of Stadium bigh school. The
assembled delogates:
'W pot formally endorse
Thomas E Dewey for prest
dent because they woren't asked to
do #O, but did choose, s & majority
Keynote address at the county
GOF session was deliversd by '
Paul Preus. An scoount of M
talk is on page 7.
Convention piatform and e
of delegnten to siale mest on |
Page 3 i
of their delegation of 77 to the
state convention, delegates who
are friendly to his candidacy.
|@—Adopted & platiorm “Nberal” |
i enough to bear Uilie resem
blance to those acoepled by Re
| publicans here in recent years,
3 Approved distribution of pub
e power by munieipalities
and cooperative sssociations, but
refused to condemn Initiative 139,
3wu~h would force publie power
[districts to submit revenus m}
[issuance proposals to vole of the
| people.
!4 Favored increased state ol
i age pensions and abolishment
|of the current use of the "pauper's
loath™ tn granting pensions. :
s Advocated abolishment of the
! sales tax on foods. i
~Advocated repeal of the “i
nens and ocoupation tax.
7-4 m collective bargaining
for labor, and at the same
time disapproved exclusions of
lanyone qualified from union mem
' bership.
‘8« Advocated protective tariffs
, for lumber and agricultural
| products,
!9vAppMnd the work of the Dies
: committee,
i The “Pro” Argument
1 'flmwctlmflowh“mm!
Jof which on delegate nbtmau§
[ slopped over into legisiative dise
’ilm-l CauCUNen.
1 The first bolled up when At
|torney John T, MeCutoheon, chatr
iman of the piatform and resoly.
[ {Continued on Page 8, Column 8) |
|® e :
l %
[SL. Louis. . 000 010 0001 11 3
‘l-u.. 100 100 084 43|
Batterics: MHarris and Swift,
ißusce (%), Galehouse and De. |
'fuuhh i
. - » i
Detroit ~ 101000021 8§ 10 3
Philadelphia 016 040 08x14 7 3
Hutehinson, Trout 3). lull}:
(B) and Tebbetts; Nablch and |
Hayes. i
» . . i
Chicage .. 400000 51010 18 3
New York. 010000026 3 » 3 |
Lee and Tresh, Sundra, Madiey '
(1), Hildabrand (7), Grissom (9) |
and Rosar, !
- - » ‘
Philadeiphia 000 200 000 002 § l;;
Claciunati 000 100 001 013 &o |
Highe and Warren; lmm-r,‘l
Begys (10) snd Lombard, Baker,
. . » :
(New York. 110 000 0002 % | |
(hicnge 018 101 Son 3 & 1 |
Batteries: Hubbeli and Danning . ¢
French and Todd 1
- » - !
Brookiyn at Pitiaburgh, post
poned, cold wealher 4
{ People In I
The News ]
» - » :
M. Opal MceKinbey's baby girl
was born Friday night, "'..l
means that the mother will got » L
pardon from Colorado state prison. 4
Convicted last October of & S3O
forgery, in Wyoming, she was sent |
to the Colorade prison m:
Wyoming bas no facilities for
woten prisoners. Gov, Stk cl';'
Wyoming hdp:wm.pw-"‘
don 10 days after the child was '’
born . . . Ladwig Lawishohs, noted |
writer, Balurday had ocustody of
his six-year-old son, Jemes. Ma
was awsrded the boy by & New
York judge who found the -ofl.‘
was “not lempersmenially or |
viherwine prepared” o eare for
B ;. !
Mrs. Blanche Valrless, in Beno *
for & divoree from Benjammin Vel
loss, president of the U. B Stesl t
Corp., was »0 upset by ’ulfitflr.’l‘-
that she threalened to take ber &
roubles Lo ancther staie |*
Sinking of Vessel by Afr
Craft fo Make Hislory;
vy ee e
| War Vessel: Crack Alpine Chameuss
‘ NorwnyCorman wore veperind Sutwly
g un--o..w*“.b-“r : jf
e sundendy wan TOBAY AU
way, late Priday. e
{ g - wen the fivst thme Gersmany bl chalmed hot bov plses 889
! ot probiom confrenting every saval powes L
j -nmumm“ (7o P
The Bigh command wid the battioship had been strack between e
two farward turrets by henvy caliber Sombe. D
“HWall & minuie inter thers "t & MSgurd fame libwed by
t “Nething farther wan visitie sueept fonting Sebete” | kR
§ The Warspite clame ('The Queen
Elisabeth clase. acoarding to Jane's
;mm-q:n- naval
annual) comprises shipe: The
(Bmrham and Malays. Al are ol
(BAVIng Been comminstonsd et ween
1913 and 1018 Rach carvien more
’M LIOO men. A snking sueh
|BB described in the communique.
‘Tacoma Youth
‘ Sailboat Capsizes,
' Boy. 17. Rescued
[ A pair of hinoenlars in the hands
[of & Tacoma physioian saved the
Llife of Jaok Marris, 17, when his
| mniibost, Sea Urehin, upsst in &
| squall out in the middle of Tacoma
C De. James W, Bgan stood st the
| home, 3723 Ne. Washington .
| and poersd sut soross the :
"waters of the bay through e
- Buddenly focused In the glasses
alzed sa'lbont and the figure of &
Fourtenn minnies lnter
young Harria was deying off
e Fishormen's dook of OM
. Tacoma, none the wone for
i his adventure,
Dr. Egan lost po tme phoning
polics; police phoned the eity fire
bost and the Coast Guard patrol
- Hpeeding seross two wmiles of
water, the fire boat reseusd Harris
and ok him to shore whils the
coast guard took oare of the over
turned oraft
Harviss homs ls ol 1418 Be.
#Hth st
i e
Mal CGen Waller C Hweeney.
sommander of Lhe third division
with headquarters at PVort Lawis,
Wash , Saturday was assigned to
duty, effeative July 1, wt Balt Lake '
City, Utah
Bweeney plans to make his Some
in Balt Lake City whers he retires
siatulory age lmit of 64 years :
Bweeney, horn in Whesling, W
Va. served during the HSpanish
American and World wars. e
Bolds the Distinguished Servies |
madal and the decorstion of the
French Legion or Honer,
The wur depsriment previcusly
bad snnounced that Swesney will
e relieved of the third divisies
command by Brig. Gen Charies ¥ |
Thompaon, who s exscutive for m |
serve alisirs bere, {
e . v ‘
’ ll li' t
Leih |
Back fo Tacoma |
Floyd “Latty” Tnekite, soutbpew |
fretail piteher. has bean returned |
Angein of the Cosmt leagus, i
Isakits probably won't be sbie to '
get inlo & Tecoms uniforss wath |
the Hhrine serias with Wenslches
nere ment Pridey -nnda.-{]
Lo Bpukane afler the drublebendes
nere Nunday Sflsrmocs
Heturn of loakite ot this |
e was somewhat of &M
--priss bevaiae arrangtaents
had just bowm compieted e
give the Lo Angeien ciub untl |
May 18 e deocide whether o |
keep Biwm )
Bevernl hours sfter notifiostion ||
was recsived by long distance tale
photie that leekile was Being re- |4
turned, an air mall lotler was v |
coived from the Los Angeles chub !4
thanking Tacoma for allowing .'x‘
ealension of Ume i
| would W ane of the grentent singly
|lO Dave hown caguged in the Mo
) Gorman _—" S-S w«’
|| bnttintty of e Warnptts 90 |
1.“: ok Gl -
cumpaign. 10 lod & fletilin
* o Wity sk gt s
e Wertd war Sty of Jub
el e redier sus dhabig
| e
LWhe ship went down. Phet
s G S e |
e night. g e
‘ - » L "
[ : '
Attack on Narvik
T wae up to the Weitleh mawy
fo win & vietory af Narvik wp |
wogian roast, to ap
[Htioni tempent that theentonnd to
|ek aver the head of Prime Min- i
tmmmmfl-n ;
| rabinet colleagues newt Twsedey.
| An announcement by the Ners
| weglan offiolal news sgeney thet
doning Namens, had landed ety
[ mentad by reports that the
had started & Mg sale sitach on
Britsh snd Norwegies
! bad oo pron.
j .':...-....":L..
| fer days and they W aew
| reinterend by ornel Preseh
l Alpine chasmeurs whe woull b
o ak howe in the meuntaine e
| Tronlier,
- The impression ot London wae
that the ailiea had taken thelr Lns
‘st Narvik, expacting *
favorabie (o happen in the Troadde
e area, inslend, the allies Ned
been foresd o sbandos thelr bass
th and north of Trondhjem.
- wers allied lrouge ot severnd
busen between Trondhiom and
Nurvik, The further north they
werw, the mier they would
i froem the m m
mirpiase bembardments which
enumed then o abaades A
dnivnes sl N amwon,
The asilied objective, the expule
won of the Germans fram contenl
remote o For the moment
i and Fromeh stralegy was e
predictable But parsiyss of Nas
vil, which sot only soB imports
snt iron ove port eves whes e
Guit of Buthnia s low free but alee
Kas most of ihe m.fl‘
crushing machimery, would
Beiting Even on
WASMINGTON Helting s ofe
fieinl clreies was sbout sven Bat
wrday that Italy weould enter the
war in the lmaediate fuluss
tainad complels serevy a 8 »
details of President Noosevalt's
sdmilled effort to prevent Uhe War
¢ mumm
all comment. Others advanced
their personal opinions, with the
sdmiasion (hat they wers Ro hete
ter informed than thelr e 4
rogalis %

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