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VAI MET: Some time ago, you had a letter in your
column, written by Bud Johnson, treasurer of the Pierce
County Sportsmen’s association, relative to the “NO HEN”
regulation passed by the state game commission, which will
be in foree this coming hunting season.
In this brief letter, I don't intend to bring up arguments
for or against this regulation, but would like to stress the
fact that the game chiefs do listen to the organized sports
men of the state.
It's true that a good many clubs were Against the no hen reguia
tion, but the majority were for it
Bitter protests were heard from a good many individual clubs,
and individual upland bird hunters, but again the majority ruled,
1f the ¢lubs who are not members of the Washington State Sports
men’s Council wish to become effective, they should join the council and
cast their vote where it will do the most good.
Sending in an objection to the game department by an individual
clud on & matter of statewide interest, when the Sports council sanc
tions it, draws very little water. And rightly so.
The State Sporta council is made up of sportamen’s clubs from every
pook and corner of the state, and when it speaks, it Is the volce of
the majority of organized sportamen of Washington.
There are approximately 100 clubs in the council, some with mem-
Dorships of 1,200 to 1,500 sportemen.
S 0 it's obvious the game department will listen to a group of this
sise, when such & group has something constructive to present, or A
§ood suggestion to make.
If the individual clubs against the “no hen” law had been mem-
Ders of the Sports council, 1 believe they could have voted it down,
It looks to me as if the individual clubs which claim they get no
eo-operation from “our poor group of game commissioners” would
associate themselves with clubs from other sections of the state, they
would no doubt be more tolerant in their statements,
No “Beef” With License . . .
It irks me when a person thinks that just because he
m‘t« a license, the ’mo commissioners should stop
listen to his pet
Every member of the game department is too busy
trying to produce more game and fish for the license holders
to g very much attention to individual comments
's why when the recognized majority speak through the Siate
Sports council, Lhe game chiefs take time to listen to the suggestions
and to act on them if they have merit, '
The Washington State Sportamen’s Council will hold its quarterly
meeting in Tacoma on Saturday and Sunday, September 6 and 7. The
Tacoma Sportsmen’s association will be the host club
All sportamen are invited to attend the Sunday session in the junior
ballroom, Winthrop hotel, beginning at 10 a. m.
1 personally would like to see a representation from the Tacoma
chapter Isaak Walton league, Plerce County Sportsmen's association,
Washington Fish and Game association, Tacoma Gun club, Tacoma
Field Trial club, Tacoma Cocker Spaniel club, Tacoma Pistol and Ritle
elub or any other outdoors club I may have not mentioned,
1 would alse Mke to see each one of these active clubs join the
fports Couneil and register their vote for or AgAinst any resolution
or proposition presented, affecting hunting, fishing or outdoor recrea
tional activities.
A cludb doesn't lose its identity by being a member of the council
1 believe it's good business for every license holder to join some
eports group, and for every sports group or club to join the Wash
ington Sportsmen’s Council,
We don't have to be told that in unity there is strength
Sincerely, C. B. MACDONALD,
Treasurer, Tacoma Sportsmen's Association,
#0383 Commerce Btreet, Tacoma, Washington.
Quite Right. Buddy. Boy . . .
Dear Bud: Between you and me, I still believe that one
hen should be allowed in the bag limit. If not the daily
limit, then one hen in the possession limit,
1 think you feel the same way that I do. That restric
tive rules and regulations are the wrong way to approach
a situation until all other ways and means have been tried
and failed. '
On this upland bird situation, I won't say yes to the “no hen” regu-
Jation until the predators have been brought under control, and food
patches have been established in the hundeds of square miles of cut
over land.
If these two things were established facts, we wouldn't have to
have such restrictive laws today, although the day will come, when
no matter what we do, we will have to abide by even stricter regula
The matural habitat of game is becoming smaller each year and
more hunters are in the fields. A larger license fee will be necessary
and after that 1 don't know what.
But it's & known fact, that the days of free hunting and large bag
limits s past.
1 am glad that my boys and yours are old enough to enjoy at least
fair hunting and fishing, if not in this state, then in Oregon, Idaho,
Montana and Canada where the population is not so great, and the
natural habitat is not reduced to the danger point
Hope your eyes are in good shape, so you can tell a young rooster
ehink from a hen in the fog.
Won Lost Pect. *GB !
Sscramento ... 8 56 614 .. |
Seaftle ....... 81 62 556 1 '
Sas Diego .... 80 63 539 8
Hellywood .... 72 71 .5083 16 ’
Tes Angeles .. 63 78 447 24 |
Oskland ...... 64 81 441 25 |
San Francisco . 64 81 441 25
Portland ..... 61 82 427 27
® Games behind.
. ¥ & » !
Won Lost Pct
Brooklym ........ 18 43 68
Stlouls ......... 76 44 633
Cinclunati ....... 68 50 576
Pittsburgh ...... 64 55 53
Now York ....... 57 61 483
Chleage ......... 52 70 .42
PDoshen .......... 48 71 A 0
Philadeiphia ..... 85 84 2%
Cincinnati at New York, rain. |
St. Louis at Brookiyn rain. ;
Pittsburgh at Boston, rain. ‘
(Only games scheduled ) i
e @ i
Won Lost Pet |
New York ....... 84 & m‘
w vansenine O 59 5533
Cleveland ........ 68 89 516
Boston .......... 84 61 512
Detroit .......... 58 66 468
St Jouls ........ 54 68 443
Philadelphia ..... 58 69 .43
Washington ..... 52 6 4%
Chicago 9, New York 1.
Boston 1, Cleveland 0.
St. Louis 6-3, Washington 3-3
{second game 10-inning tie).
Philadelphia at Detroit, rain.
B e ee et e
Your Postmaster can tell you
" Sow to invest in U. B. Defense
_ Bonds.
Won Lost Pet.
Columbus ........ 83 B 0 .63
Loulsville ........ 78 5% 569
Minneapolis ..... 78 62 541
ilu(m eee 18 68 M)
Tolede .......... 72 &5 526
‘M il T 4D
St. Paul ......... B 4®o A 2
Milwaukee ....... 47 80 343
~ Louisville ® Milwaukee 6.
! Other games postponed, rain.
| % 9
[ Won Lost Pet.
Newark . ....... 8 49 645
Montreal ........ 88 @62 5%
Rochester ....... 18 65 5%
dersey City . ..... 66 68 a 8
Syracuse . ....... 63 73 463
‘Baltimore ....... 51 88 .38
Toronte ......... 45 h Sy
Buffalo 5, Montreal 1.
Other games postponed, rain
You help yourself when you buy
U. 8. Defense Bonds'
Melio Bettina
- New Yorker Wins
- Over Frisco Fighter
! Bettina, former lightheavy cham
| pion from Beacon, N. Y. last night
{won A clear cut decision over Pat
|Valentino, San Francisco heavy
lwei‘m. in & 10-round main event
'at Civie auditorium.
% For the first time in his
| career of 37 professional
. fights, Valentine hit the ean
vas in the seventh and stayed
down for a nine count. Valen
tine won only the first and
fourth rounds.
! Valentino weighed 180%,
Bettina 1871,
l In the semi-final, Ray Lunny,
135, Ban Francisco, decisioned
Richie Fontaine, 133, Missoula,
Mont., in 10 rounds.
Salem Loses
To Spok
Won Lost Pet
Spokane . ........ 82 40 AM2
Vancouver ....... 87 57 540
'Yakima ......... 68 B 8 .A2]
'Salem .....0..0.- B 8 84 AT
Tacoma ......... 5% 60 4Mm
‘Wenatchee ...... 45 80 380
Spokane 2, Salem 1.
Yakima at Wenatchee, rain,
Vancouver at Tacoma, rain.
- - -
Spokane shaded the Salem Sen
ators 2-1 last night at Mlem in
the only game played in the
Western International league.
The league-leading Indians over
came an early Salem advantage
'nnd bunched their five hits off
'Dukc Windsor for one rin in the
fourth and another iA the seventh.
!Bob Kinnaman allowed the Solons
seven hits,
B W ciisisnie+ % B ) 09
NeNiS. 1D :.¢o:2c 4 9 615 0 O
McCormack, it .... 9 0 1 1 1 0
R I .cieoav @ 1 B B 0 B
' Beard, ¢ ssesse 3 B 1 9 8§
IMartineg, 2b ...... 4 0 1 2 8 O
‘(\Odvlm - ......f 2% % &}
Roseniund, 8b .... 4 0 0 0 38 1
|IRRAmAR; P ...:0c 3 1 1 O 0 O
\ Totals ce.......33 3 53720 3
Gien R ... %1% 1 %
1.-nlrr:rn P sssase® B 0 & B 9
Adams. ¢ siccas B B 2 B 8 3
e, ¥ .50 % 9 % : 9 9
Petersen, ef ....... 4 A 3 4 8 8
Qriffiths, &8 ...... 4 I = B 2
ICnsngro, f ...... 83 0 0 % 0 ¢
SBhoemaker, 1b .... 3 0 1 ®» 0 O
Y. § iiosso: 0 U 9 U % ¥
i . i T T O 8
: Score by Innlnr
Spokane ..... 000 100 1003 5 2
‘Salem ........ 010 000 0001 7 2
Summary-—Runa ro?ondbu for,
Kinnaman 1, Windsor 1; struck out,
by Kinnaman 4, Windsor 8. bases on
‘balls, Kinnaman 1, Windsor 2. hit
'by pitcher, Cameron by Kinnaman,
left on bases, Spokane 6 Salem 5:1
2-base hits, Adams, Petersen, Aden:
runs batted in, QCriffiths, Aden:
‘double play, Kinnaman to Gedzius to
Buccola, umpires, Nelson and Enger
————— e e |
Haymond of Tacoma today led a
}fleld of 18 qualifiers in the annual
Banff Springs golf tournament
with a acore of 72, one over par
More than 100 entries from all
parts of Canada and the United
States competed.
Don Thompson of Portland, Ore,
came in second at 76, followed by
Eddie Wiseman of Regina, Sask.,
‘A New York Americans hockey
star, 78; Eddie Shore, another
‘hockeyist, Ralph Whaley of Seat
‘tle, and 8. R. Howard of Leth
ibr\d(r, Alta., 79 each; L. H. Han
|son, Seattle, A. H. Swinton of
|Vancouver, B. C, and R. W,
tSutherllnd. Seattle, 80; D. F. E
)l"owlcr. Portland, L. Robertson of
| Red Deer, Alta, C. L. Willis of
Stettler, Alta, and defending
champion Wilder Ripley of Cal
gary, Alta, 83; A. O. C. Hender
son, Moose Jaw, Alta., S 4.
! Mrs. Dorothy sothoron, of New
I York, was medalist in the wom
‘ en's qualifying round for the
| Lake Louise trophy. Mrs. Soth.
! oron, winner of hoth the Lake
I Loulse and Rrewster cup events
two years ago, toured the tricky
course In 91 She was 'wo stroles
hetter than Mrs, B O'Connor, Se
attle. and Mrs. Pearl Cumming
Vancouver, R. C., whe finished
i with 1
| Other qualifiers included
| Mrs. H M. Baker. Seattle. #4. Mrs
iF E Foweer Portiand a 0 Mis
{Prank Strohecker. Seattle 102: Mrs
J. K Lamberton. Honolulu. 103; Mrs
L. Coder, Seattle, 106: Mrs L A
| Schrag. Monroe, Wash 107: Mnrs
{Thos. Gillespie. Seattie 108 and
Mrs. A Thompson, Portiand, 110
€he Tacoma Times
In This Corner
Fusser Enters Anit
Campus Fusser, fleet Washington-bred horse and winner
of the s£lo,ooo Longacres Mile, will enter the 100,000 Santa
Anita handicap, his owner, Mrs. B. N. Hutchinson, said to
Campus Fusser's time of 1:35 3-5 in the Longacres race
was the fastest mile run in the nation this vear.
Harry Grayson's Scorehoard
There’s No Complacency in Brooklyn;
New Men Put Dodgers Where They Ave;
MacPhails Outpitch and Outhit Y anks
NEW YORK - There is method
in Leland Stanford McPhail's mad
No member of the Brooklyn club
is permitted to enjoy complacency.
Larry McPhail believes in the
new broom, etc.
Though holdovers —Wyatt, Ca
milli and Dixie Walker among
them-—have done more than all
right, Loudspeaker McPhail is cor
rect in saying that a half dozen
who were not with the club in mid-
June of last vear Reiser, Herman,
Medwick, Owen, Highe and Davis
put the Dodgers where they are
McPhail could also include Lew
Riggs, the pinch-hitting third-base
filler-inner, and make all his deals
look good.
; Pete Reiser has been the find
of the year. In addition to
filling the man-sized assign
ment in center field and being
one of the swiftest men in
baseball, the 21-year-old Reiser
remains a strong contender for
the National league batting
championship in his first full
Reiser further demonstrated that
he is a topnotch hitter by batting
himself out of a slump when the
Flatbushers needed base hits most.
Pitchers don't keep Grade A
hitters down for long.
Reiser practicaly wrecked the
Pittsburghs, who might easily
have won three of the four games
'swept by the Brookiyns at Ebbets
'field had not the boy wonder found
'the range.
. Pulverizing Pete brought home
|the bacon in the opener with a
‘ninth inning homer off the re
'formed Max Butcher . . . batted in
' three runs. His ninth-inning dou
ble sent in the tying and winning
|nu\rkf-n in the third engagement.
' He tied the score with another cir
cuit clout in the final battle . . .
'in the seventh when time was run
ning short
He was at bat 17 times in the
series and obtained eight hits good
for 17 bases and drove in nine
Yankeeg can't match Brooklyn's
pitching and young men like Reis
er make McPhail so bold as to say
that Dodgers would outhit the New
Yorks in the world series, and con
tends that goes for extra bases,
Seven Brooklyns are batting
more than .800, while the Yan
kees have only two, and there
is little question but that the
Flatbush team faces superior
But the Dodgers aren’'t worrying
about the Yankees at the moment,
and do not expect to have much
time to devote to them until the
last shot has been fired in the
championship season
Until then the St. Louis Cardi
nals will be enough job for one ball
e tete—————————————
| e —————————————— I——
Leading batters, American league:
S A 8 R B Pt
Willlams, Boston 114 368 110 148 402
Travis, Wash..., 119 482 82 176 366
Dimaggio. N. Y.. 123 481 113 171 386
Cullenbine, St L. 121 408 72 138 338
Heath, Clevel 116 413 65 138 .334
National league
Hopp, St. Louls. 100 311 65 103 331
Walker, Brook! 115 391 73 129 330
Reiser. Brooklvn 106 416 89 124 322
Mize, St. Louis. 102 393 58 125 318
Home Runs
BNE, TR ...ccccinooooooo+ 33
Willlams. Rod BOX ........cc:oo.. 38
R TS . ..:socc:sooss Y
Comilil. DD . ...00000 sriis BB
Henrich, Yankees Ssssessrssass I
DS, TR ..oosecavesses 113
Williams. Red Sox .... ciiiias 200
Rolfe. Yankees S ssssssissses B
DiMazgio. Red 80X ..........000 9
Keller, Yankees . . ssiiss B
Runs Batted In
DiMaggio. Yankees ... bhssane 119
Keller Yankees sshnbsssicsses 111
Willilams. Red Sox .. .
Mine. Corglngls ..cssp0s000s:5:00 B 0
Tabor, Red Sox Riiisssaasns B
Travis. Senators St anise ses 139
DiMageio. Yankees . o
Cramer., Sensators .......c:....0 156
Heath, Indians LR it b sese 18
Litwhiler, Phillies ..... gt 152
Your Postmaster can tell you
how to invest in U. 8. Defense
Double Bill
For Tonight
Here for Contests
Jupe Pluvius unkindly washed
out Monday night's game between
Vancouver and the Tigers, but in
dications were that Tacoma's final
week of professional haseball for
the season would get under way
Tuesday night when a doubje bill
I 8 acheduled
The twin bill s slated for 7
o'clock, with a 7-inning contest
opening the evening's program
The 9-inning nightcap is due to
get under way about £:3O o'clock
The game rained out Mon
day probably will not be
played, as the doubleheader
schedule is heavy for the final
week as It is
The Caps remain here for a
single game Wednesday night,
after which Salem comes to town
for six games in four days. A
doubleheader is scheduled for
Thursday night, which has been
designated a® Public Defense Bond
night. No bonds will be sold, but
the fans will be told of the drive
for funds to finance America's de
fense program
Single games are on tap
Friday and Saturday nights,
with a double header, finale of
the season for Tacoma, next
Sunday afternoon at 1:30
As a feature of the final game
the Tacoma Hot Stove league will
give away a free trip to the 1941
world series,
. -
Augie Galan
Joins Dodgers
Switch Hitter
Refused Angel Post
NEW YORK-—Outfielder Augie
Galan, former Chicago Cub who
was sent to Los Angeles and re
fused to report, officially became
the property of the Brooklyn
Dodgers today and donned a uni
form. He's a switch hitter and
Manager Leo Durocher plans to
use him in pinch-hitting roles
against southpaws. He might see
action today against left-hander
Max Lanier of the Bt. Louis
Cardinalgs if the situation calls for
a pinch-hitter To make room for
Galan, Commissioner K., M. Lan
dis gave the Dodgers permission
to place Catcher Babe Phelps on
the inactive list. Phelps deserted
the Dodgers June 12 and went
Game Chiefs
Appeal Case
SEATTLE—The state game de
partment vesterday filed notice
of appeal of Federal Judge John
C. 'Bowen's dec'sion upholding
rights of the Makah Indian tribe
to fish without licenses jn the
Hoko river of Clallam county
Judge Bowen ruled June 3
that a treaty signed with the
Indians in 1857 assured them
perpetual fishing rights in the
river. He restrained game
wardens from arresting In
dians caught fishing without
| i >
Lemos Meets
Joey Archibald
108 ANGELES—RIichie Lemos
of Loos Angeles meets Joey Archi
bald of Providence, R. 1., and Tur
key Thompson of Los Angeles
faces Buddie Knox of Dayton, O
tonight in a pair of 10-rounders at
the Olympic auditorium
“ . v
Pioneer League
The Boise Pilots advanced an
ther step toward the Pioneer
league leadersh'p by deeating
Twin Falls 4-0 last night while
the top-dog Ogden Reds were
The Reds postponed their sched
ed game with Salt Lake to allow
the RBees to trim the House of
David in an exhibition game, 5-1
Boise touched Paul Piscovich
for ten hits, while Staley vielded
only f ve hits for his shut-out
Although outhit 10-7 Idaho
Falls downed Pocatello 7-6
In Line
Even Rover is rationed in
hungry Europe. This sad-eyed
pooch of Lyons, France, holds
his ration card in his teeth as
he waits in line for dog food.
1 €
Entri |
niries I
| Longacres. Wednesday, 42 day. :
| Post time. 3:48 !y
| FIRST RACE—Purse $405 3-syear- |
lolds and up; Washington foal !
| 305 Lika Lassie (Gray)....... 109 g
| 2685 BShylika «Stafford) ....... 114 '
308 Giit Top vesnsessssseee 100
208 Diamond Bay ......ccoooo 11411
313 Lassie's Lad ............0 108,
308 Saitese lLaddie cess 119
308 Pidgeon Toed (Zufelt),.,,. 107 1
308 Reqtry (Howry) .. sesse T 100
250 Orb's First . ... ese+ 2100
308 PForest Queen (Burns).,.. 107
| 265 Adorable Ann (Dunach)... 107
. 233 QGood Effort (80vine)..... 109
| - - -
| SECOND RACE Purse $403; 2-
[year-old; claiming: 5% furlongs.
| 266 Vain Knight (Dodson).... 110
| 288 Fort Vancouver (Duncan). 112
| 307 Shasta Bddy ............. 110]
M 0 18 OPUBG ....cocovvseooes 10T
Velnas (Ralls) ....coocoov 107
250 Old Rose (Wilson) ....... 110,
Carsus (Varner) ......... 110
208 Ever Hour IWn,n) seses 118
N - ’I
| THIRD RACE—Purse $403; 3-year
lolc‘ln u& claiming; 6 furlongs, 1
| 274 ho (Dunean) .......... 107 :
| 281 Vill Tro (Howry) ......... 107}
315 Lady Torchilla (Gray).... 111
313 QGallant Toro (Watson),.. 107
T Aty (DUIRS) ..cc-sooess 3111
| 97¢ Miss Corntah ~........... 107}
| 391 BSir Thomas (Zufelt) ~.... 116}
305 Good Work (Dodson) ..... 107!
B BT ... . .viseree B
337 Lletitia 8 (Wilson) ......., 108
Stephen S (Bovine) ...... 1168
800 Dickerville *(tMann) ....... 1186
. - -
FOURTH RACE—Purse $505: 3.
year-olds up: claiming: 6 furlongs.
310 Speed Home (Watson) .... 111
| 305 Nettik . sesnsis 3N
268 Squaw Man (Zufelt) ..... 114
| (318) Sun Streak (Stafford) .... 111 ¢
322 Howdy Andy (Duncan).... 111/,
310 Empress Hills (Ra 115 110
310 Tea Fight ; s 2108 | 1
308 Mortgage Pride (Gray).... 109 ,
- - -
FIFTH RACE—Purse 5505; 3-year
olds; claiming: & furlongs |
299 Outguess Jr. (H0wry).,.... 108
(297) Green Jade (Bovine) ..... 110
| 310 Your Time (Varner) ...... 109 |
| 310 Golden Float (Burns)..... 108
814 Brown FOrest ............ 108 |
317 Gallatin (Wilson) ....... 118
314 Prince Pie (Zufelt) ...... 111
sl7 e Pl ... icicorisiei? B
a B & |
| SIXTH RACE—Purse $505; 4-year
[olds up; claiming; 1% miles, ‘
| 324 R e
| 89¢ Bodney Panl .........eOOO 308
| 246 Sunday Child (Burns).... 106 |
324 Anhelation (Franklin).... 105
S 0 T IR ... icsisssaes OB
| 284 Sun Bludgeon (Bovine)... 105
311 Shasta Slipper (Howry)...*lo3 !
! & » 9 ,
SEVENTH RACE—Purse Sssos; 3-
year-olds up: claiming; 1 mile, ‘
204 Alice Jean (Wilson) ...... 108
818 Chryesis (Howry) ........°lo3|
318 Calaveras (Burns) ~...... 117
323 ° Evelayn Andrew ......... 102
S3B Bkirock (MADR) ~c...... 0 108
2B B W ciiaasscsiicess BB
270 DINE B . .coivsssciees W]
398 Bost 1a DONNE ..ii...000 30D
- * -
FIGHTH RACE Purse S 105; 4.
year-olds up; claiming: 1 1-16 miles
312 Double Bo (Zufelt) s 118
320 8chool! Broom (Howry) ...°*loß
201 Morristown (Watson) ~.. 113
306 Mias Bay (Bovine) ....... 108
312 Wildtop sesee 118
| 312 Colonel's Miss (Ra 115 108
l 305 Queen Irene (Mann) ~.... 108
320 Manrico (Wilson) ........ 113
312 Croasbeck (Varner) eoes 113
320 M. J. Brennan (Burns).... 113
‘. » »
| SUBSTITUTE RACE—Purse $405: 3-
year-olds up; elaiming; 6 furlongs.
291 Bitteroot XKing ........... 113
{ 305 First Ace (Burns) ........ 112
321 Shasta Fire . cestsense 108
i 288 Arizona Kid (Mann) ..... 112
315 Carezza (Bovine) ~....... 107
179 Emjay (Franklin) ........ 102
305 Encircle (Wateon) ........ 116
315 Cinnabar (Duncan) ...... 1124
286 Jolito (Zufelt) seesss 118
297 Tule Booter (Woods) ..... 103
305 Ramahal (Howry) ........ 103
. - -
{ Here are the selections for Wed- |
nesday's program at Longacres:
; First—Reqtry, Forest Queen |
Good Effort |
Second-—Ever Hour, Shasta
Eddy, Vain Knight ,
Third—Vill Tro, Gallant Torc. |
Dickerville ]
Fourth--Speed Home, Sun
Streak, Tea Fight
| Fifth—Outguess Jr., Golden
| Float, Easter Pal
‘ Sixth-—Rodney Pan, Redneck
| Shasta Slipper
Seventh- Alice Jean Valdina
Jinx, Boat LaDonna
‘ Eighth—Double 80, Coionel's
Miss, Manrico
} Sub—First Ace, Emjay, Rama
s il s
'Rain No Hindrance
‘To Oregon Racing
GRESHAM, Ore. Rain and a
muddy track failed to bait the
opening of the six-day horse racing
| meet of the Oregon Jockey club |
here last night. Light Chief, pay- '
| ing S3B 90 to win, was high money '
| horse of the opener.
Tacoma Tigers vs. Vancouver Capilanos
ATHLETIC PARK l4th and Sprogue
Box Office. MAlIn 87131
Rapid Robert
Thumps Indians by
1 to 0: Yanks Socked
NEW YORK - There's not much
mention of Charles “Broadway”
Wagner in baseball's record books;
in fact the who's who of the
diamond doesn’t even list him on
his past performances, but if last
night's brilliant triumph over the
Cleveland Indians is any indication
of what the Boston Red Box’ pitche
ing will be like in 1842, the Hub
team may be hard to beat
Beating Cleveland doesn't
come under the hard-to-do
heading in the American
league any longer, but beat
ing the Indians when they
have Bobby Feller on the
pitching hill is an entirely
different story.
Broadway Charlie cut Feller
down to his own size last night
by holding the Tribe to four hits
for a 1-0 victory, his seventh of
the season. It was Feller's 11th
loss of the year against 21 wins, *
The Chicago White Sox trounced
the Yankees, 9-1, in the New
Yorkers' last appearance of the
year at Comiskey park, -to trim
their first-place margin to 16
games. Southpaw Ed Smith held
the Yankees to nine hits and hung
up his 13th triumph. The Sox
hammered Marius Russo and Nor
man Branch for 12 hits
St. Louis’ Browns, who may
finish sixth for the second
time in seven years, tightened
their grip on that spot by
beating the Washington Sena
tors, 6-3, In the first game of
a doubleheader,
Darkness stopped the nightcap
after 10 innings with the score
tied at 3-3.
Philadelphia at Detroit and all
‘three National league games were
rained out. The senior league will
put on four doubleheaders today,
the twin-bill between the runner
up St. Louis Cardinals and league
leading Brooklyn Dodgers, with
first place hanging in the balance,
topping the card.
Ruston Merchants' league was
formed last night at the Ruston
Community Center. Eight teams
will bow! for 20 weeks, with split
feason in effect. The four point
syatem of figuring wins and losses
will be used. The winners of the
first and second halves will have
A playoff for the championship of
the league Del Richards was
chosen as president and secretary
treasurer. Ernest Tallman was
elected vice president.
The league will start rolling
Monday, Sept. 15. All bowlers
and sponsors interested in filling
the few remaining positions are
asked to contact Del Richards at
the Ruston Community Center any
evening, or contact Alex Brown
at the same place. All captains
of teams should submit their list
of bowlers to the secretary by
September 9.
The final meeting of captains
and bowlers will be held Friday,
Sept. 12.
Coliseum Alleys
Ladies of the Eaglea lodge will
meet Thursday night at the Coli
seum alleys at 8 o'clock to organ
ize their bowling league for the
1941-42 season. All members of
the league and others interested in
the circuit should ‘be present as
playing rules will be formulated,
league officials have stated.
Play Mor Alleys
The K Street Merchants
league will hold an organiza
tion meeting at the Play Mor
alleys Tuesday night to start
the ball rolling for the coming
pin season. The parley is
scheduled for 7 o'clock. Safe
way league pinmen will hold
a meeting at 8 p. m., following
the meeting of the Merchants .
Coliseum Alleys
. Bowlers interested in bowling in
'a Coliseum Commercial league
i have been invited to attend a meet
ing to organize such a league
Tuesday night at the Coliseum
alleys at R o'clock
Sixth Avenue Alleys
Sixth Avenue Merchants' league
will hold a meeting at Sixth Ave
nue Bowling Center Wednesday at
8 o'clock.
At the same place Thursday
night and at the same time the
Sixth Avenue Tavern league will
hold its meeting to prepare for the
coming season
Young Catcher
NEW YORK—Larry Smith 22-
year-old catcher of the Atlanta
Crackers in the Southern associa
tion, has been purchased outright
for delivery next spring, the New
York Giants announced today.

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