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John H. McGraw
TP rnor- ;•.'""Vrnor Frank H. Lnce
Sen» nt !'" „0 ..••• James H. Price
Stsrj of >';» ....Ozro A. Bowen
i [Tel*""'''•,, w c Jones
t°«T,'v inSru'ction Ohas. W. Bean
1C !" : y." r W T Forrest
J Cou«nii^ oner- ( -V. H. Dooliule
r-gsaien 1 S. C. Hyde
■»**■ j John L Wilson
„,,,, I Watson C. Squire
.-•'" iKMECOU.! T:.T J Anders
klf f Justice 7 X O Dunbar
I J PHoyt
Aito justices, <'" C P Stiles
*iOCI I \ El nion Scott
rnl-NTY 0"™-.JKWinn
/?.* J X Winn
,*.rior-limy Elijah H. Nash
,inty '",',. Fred C. Harper
Senator.";- J- L- Mmvay
,pr.-<'llWl" - A. H. sliLei .
aditor ."'. C.M. Tucker
usurer ;" c L Outer
. , u , ra ) "::::.'.' J. H. Nichols
D niiii lsSl' ' j .William Giahain
v '.'" W. H. Thackei
Barney •" Newton Jour
keriff . JC W Harrison
sif^ 01" A P. Vaughn
arrel;hooTs""r.'."."'.'...Rov. T. I*. Dyer
,pt of schools >Dr . Geo. S. Wright
,ier:r"r « Court H D Alliuos
-r mTTLTE:
making Dusines of all Kinds
• «ml Money Orders on all parts of the
rushed upon application. Deposits of
f,nd upwards received and interest paid on
■*£&?«! LOAN on Improved Farms for
"£ . with option of paying at the end of
"'■ ,'.« Interest and principal payable at
Jgfcy Harbor.
« F ?< ARK ;;v;;;;.vice:pres!^t
EAND.\rv Vice-President
E "'N1;; Cashier ;
Tor Your Feet's Sake!,
Lend Us Your Ear 1•; I ,
Try a Pair of Our Men's jjj •
Pointed, Round and Nar- , I
row Square Toes. ■ ill '<
Tbey Cannot Be Duplicated Any- 111
where for II
For Loss Tkan $3.00. j j
Railroad Aye. and Holly St.
1111/ .rinirilffSfri
of the 19th Century
• Hold? fire 48 hrs. with
wood. No dust! No abb
es! No trouble! Will
! save the price of itself in
one season, over all other
: stoves in saving of fuel.
The Great Western Wood
Air Tight has no equal
! Different Styles and Sizes.
Sole Agent
! Mason Ilk. 1204 Harris Are.
ftlrta, - Wash.
four Face
kw * " """""
l«I!? MhM ** • ■••• *****
■■>«•. afUr veil ni VMt tn a
liite Sewing HacMne
»Wno »m< its mam
TEH 81 o H^lMOfl CATO A
i^'******** unt.
1 Au> ***** *****
N*HtoP^!»« Wamwo in »«.
'"7. Liberal ttnai. ;Addrc*%
Murray sells shoes below cost.
. B. W. Holloway, Watchmaker and
Jeweler. ■ 'ii^'h.i-v^^
Mr. J. A. Gould left today for a busi
ness visit to up-Sound cities. •
Mr. Jos. Bull, of West Sound, was in
the. Harbor, Tuesday, on business. ;
Holiday shopping by mail. ; Address
Irene Strahl, Rial to Block, Seattle.
Mr. Adam Deem, of Lopes, was in
the city the first of the week on busi
ness. '.':-.
Mr. James Burke returned yesterday
from a ten days visit to up-Sound
cities. *
Mr. E. W. Harrison, of East Sound,
was in the county seat the first of the
week on business. :'
Mr. Robt. McLachlan, of Deer Har
bor, was in the county seat a short time
on Saturday last.
If you want good clean groceries go
the Blue Front Store. Carter's goods
are fresh and cheap. ?./&>?% j
Rubbers given away with every pair
of shoes sold for cashone price. No
"wind-pudden-promises." Murray.
Mr. A. P. Vaughn and Mr. W. O.
Clark, of West Sound, were Friday
Harbor visitors, the first of the week.'
Sheriff Newton Jones returned from
East Sound, on the Thompson, Tues
day where he went on official business.
Judge E. D. Warbass, deputy collec
tor of customs at Roche Harbor, spent
Sunday here, visiting with his many
Have you bought one of Carter's
Blue Front Brooms ? They are the best
broom in San Juan county for the
Do you know that the Blue Front
Store is selling shoes that are better
and cheaper than anyother store in San
Juan county ?
Mr. O. T. Loos, our next county as
sessor, was over from Deer Harbor the
last of the week for the purpose of
filing his official bond with the county
Miss Ruth Dickson and Miss Evelyn
Nichols, of East Sound, who were tbe
guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sliter for
a few days last week, returned home
on the Thompson, Monday.
The public schools here opened on
Monday morning last, but on account
of the prevalence of whooping cough
among our little folks, they were again
closed until next Monday, Jan. 11. i
County Commissioners Wm. Graham
and J.H. Nichols, have been in the
county seat for the past few days at
tending the January session of the
board which convened last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sliter^ of this
place: entertained a few of their young
friends on. Saturday evening last in
honor of Miss Evelyn Nichols and
their neice Miss Ruth Dickson, both
of East Sound. ' -.'A
Judge W. H. Thacker, state repre
sentative from this district, 4eft for the
state capital, on the Thompson, Mon
day, via. Whatcom, to attend the com
ing session of the legislature which will
convene on Monday next, Jany. 11.
If you are going to paint your house'
paper your rooms or do anything in
the way of this kind of improvement
itwillpayto consult Sutcliff & Hill,
wholesale and retail dealers fn wall
paper, paints, oils, varnishes, etc., New
Whatcom, Wash.
The Washington State Forestry As
sociation will hold a meeting on Satur
day, January 9th, 1897, at 3 p. in., in
the rooms of the Seattle Lumber Ex
change, Seattle. Questions of impor
tance will be discussed. Arrangements
have been made for a round trip fare of
one and one-fifth rate. Receipts should
be taken for fare. :J'
Mr. E. M. Day, of Fairhaven, editor
and publisher of the People's Party
News of that place, numbers as one
among the long list of candidates for
state fish commissioner. Mr. Day is
well known by The Islander's edi
tors who can cheerfully recommend
him for the position he seeks, and feel
fully confident that in case of his ap
pointment the state will have an
i honest, efficient and worthy officer.
Mrs. Cora Wright died at her home
near Argyle, January 2nd, 1897, after
an illness of three weeks. She was the
daughter of A. U. Davis, of Dungeness,
was 35 years of age, and leaves a hus
band and six children. Mrs. Wright
was a member of the M. E. church of
Friday Harbor and was a consistent
Christian, one whose presence will be
missed. The sympathies of the entire
oemmunity are extended to the be
eraved husband and orphan children.
The ball and oyster supper given by
the Odd Fellows' lodge in their hall in
this city on Thursday evening last was
a grand success in every: respect and
largely attended by people from all
parts of the county. The total receipts
were about $105.00 and after deducting
expenses the entertainment netted the
lodge a little over $20.00. For its splen
did success much credit is due Mr. N.
E. Churchill, chairman of the commit
tee of arrangements, who spared no
labor but worked continuously from
the time he was J appointed § until the
last detail of preparation was complete.
He is certainly right at home in this
kind of work and richly deserves the
thanks tendered him by every mem
ber of the order.
A Lemon on Good Roads.
"The story of a small town \mV this
state, twelve miles from Philadelphia,"
says the Long -Branch Record, "forms
a fitting object lesson on > good roads.
In consequence of the bad roads the
wagon makers thereabouts built four
horse wagons to carry fifty-five bushel
baskets as a maximum-: load; which
was i regarded : as ? a heavy one. y- Real
estate has gone begging for years; there
was no market for it.' It had been im
possible to settle up estates, because no
buyers could be found for the land. A
few years ago the people of the com
munity woke S up. ) The I town issued
$40,000 worth of bonds and applied the
proceeds to building good roads. Asa
result the wagon makers in the ■ vicini
ty are making two-horse wagons to
carry fifty-five bushel baskets, but loads
made of 90 to - 125 7, bushel baskets, and
still the loads are not regarded as
heavy. Two horses are able to do more
work than four horses formerly could
do, and with greater ease. On the old
roads-two men and four horses with a
wagon weighing 1,900 pounds could
take two and a half tons of produce to
market and bring back an equal weight
of fertiliser, making one trip a day.
Now; an the good roads, one man with
two horses and • wagon weighing
2,800 pounds takes four tons to market,
bringing back an equal weight, mak
ing four trips a day." * - •
l er! by wW, to express my sincere
gratitude to the : friends who have
rendered such valuable assistance
during the recent illness and disease
of my wife. Geo. Wbiqht.
East Sound has just passed a very
quiet holiday season.
Mr. H. B. Cole, of Whatcom, spent
Xmas in East Sound.
Mr. Robert Brinker, of Seattle, is the
guest of Mr. Harding Gow.
Mr. Geo. McCauley is the guest of
Mr. C. H. Stowers and family. {
The masquerade ball given New
Years night, proved a great success. '
_A party from Doe Bay came up to
East Sound to take in the play and
The regular meeting of the Reading
Room Association was held at Library
hall, Monday evening.
Mr. Willard King returned on Sat
urday to continue his studies at the Ta
coma College of Dentistry.
The children of the M. E. Church
very pleasantly entertained their many
friends on Christmas Eve.
The Episcopal church gave the usual
annual treat to their- children on the
evening of December 28th.
The Misses Sutherland left on Thurs
day, for Port Townseud, after spending
a portion of their holidays here.
Misses Evelyn Nichols and Ruth
Dickson spent a few days at Friday
Harbor, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.
H. Sliter.
Miss Mabel Harper returned to Ta
coma, Saturday morning, to continue
her course of study at the Puget Sound
Mr. Ernest Donohue, who came
home to spend Xmas with his parents,
left Saturday for Tacoma, to resume
his position as teacher in the Scandi
navian college.
Mr. J. Foster Park after spending
several days here with his many friends
returned on the Thompson, on Tuesday
to Tacoma, in time to practice for the
Nordica concert.
All the members of the party which
spent ten such delightful days at Eng
lish Camp last August, held a reunion
on Monday eve., at the residence of
Mr. S. H. Stowers.
; Miss Nettie Stowers left on Saturday
for Tacoma. She spent Sunday with
friends in Seattle, going on to Tacoma
in time for the opening term of the
Annie Wright Seminary.
The entertainment given by the East
Sound Dramatic Club was a very en
joyable affair. Unfortunately their ex
penses were so heavy as to swollow up
the entire proceeds of a $25 house.
'-.>;.- East Snund.
A Notable Dramatic Event.
East Sound has had a decided sensa
tion in a theatrical way and Orcas
island has had a sort of a social earth
quake during the holidays on account
of it. Outside of the large cities where
the theatre is an established institution
we have seen nothing in our experi
ence to compare in excellence and
good acting with the amateur troupe
which has just given two performances
in Odd Fellows' hall at East Sound.
The first was on • Tuesday evening,
Dec. 29. and in spite of bad weather
the hall was full, and so generally good
was the acting and the plays so amus
ing that there was a general demand
for its repetion on New Years Eve.,
when the performers were greeted by
another ciowded house and with in
creased marks of approval by the au
dience. The plays were of great merit
and have been acted on the boards of
London, Boston and other theatres.
The first one given was "My Turn
Next," the performance lasting nearly
an hour, and the second was "Turn
Him Out." requiring about the same
time, and while every line of them was
bright and amusiug, the capital acting,
of all the troupe brought out the ridicu
lous and funny. points in fine shape,
and the audience were constantly con
vulsed with shouts of laughter on
every seat in the house.
The star actor was Dr. Hogg, a resi
dent physician of East Sound, and he
was simply brilliant. As a profession
al he would be a auccess where. He
assumes a character with complete
abandon, and by . his inimitable, and
bright acting assisted by a wonderful
facial expression brings down the house
every time. The subordinate/charac
ters were excellent, every one of them:
the scenery was good, the dress and
wigs were partly ;, obtained from the
Seattle theatre, the I music was bright
and altogether no trouble or expense
was spared to give the people of Orcas
island the best performance ever wit
nessed in San Juan county. Besides
Dr. Hogg, the other performers were
Mr. Chalmers, Mr. Wallis, Mr. v: Gow,
Mrs. Wallis, Miss Waldrip and : Miss
Geoghegan. We understand that the
proceeds were given to the church at
East ■ Sound after deducting ; the ex
pense.* : : - -' A Reader.":'
■'.-." -•■'":-- •'- '-"'-■ ■' "■.>•!■■'■
Miss Lou Warren returned to Bal
lard, Saturday. ;";- " v
Mr. Hamm, who has been quite sick,
is getting better. \-7{%
Mr. Thornton left on Thursday; to
work for Mr. Hicks,--
Miss Dieffenbach is .visiting at the
home of her brother near Port Stanley.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pain, ot Olga, are
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. C.T. But
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Butler, moved
into their new- house - the ; first of the
; John Werner, of Anaeortes, was do
ing business on Lopez the last of the
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Hilton, of Olga;
spent New Years with Mr. and Mrs.
C. T. Butler. •.-. ' . :■.;*-l^|g*g
George Hicks left on Tuesday for
Hoods Canal to work for Mr. Hicks
who is gettig out trap] piles.
Bey. Mr. Kimple, of j -East \ Sound,**
filled the pulpit of Dr. Dillion, who
was siekton Sunday. Anon.
Ripans Tabulea cure biliousness.
Ripans one gives relief. *
*• Ripans Tabules curs torpid liver.
-; ■' Tabules: gentle cathartic
-4 ■■-
The revenue cutter "Wolcott" gave
us a short visit last week. •
Mr. Geo. Gibbs, of Orcas, was at
West Sound last week, on official busi
ness. :-: /^r""-J..;:v., •-..;. .*•• ■""• ■?■• --'X, '.;,'-■-;
Mrs. Frank Chase, of Little Bock, is
visiting at her sisters, Mrs. E. Martin
of this place.
! i Mr. Wm. Bostian is at home spend
ing the holidays. He is now a resident
of Little Bock, Washington. :
We just begin to see the real need of
a public hall a this place. Do : not let
the idea die out, but give it a general
push. ' -~:':. /I
Mr. A. Stahl, of Orcas, was here se
curing names to a petition to the legis
lature in favor of keeping the fish
traps. ;, '■■;....•;-'-.:"
The Christian Endeavor meeting
next Sunday will be led by Mr. Milne,
who will discuss the subject Christian
Self Restraint.
Mr. Lee Wakefield says he is enjoy
ing himself hugely, we are glad to
hear from Lee. The Young can en
joy themselves.
There will be a hard times social at
Mr. Smaby's home, better known as
the Park house, Thursday, Jan. 7th.
Budget of fun, come and see !
Mr. and Mrs. James King and family,
Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Gates, Zim Virrier
and others of Friday Harbor, spent
New Years with relatives at this place.
There was a party given at Mr. Joe
Bulls, on New Years Eve. Quite a
large attendance was present and dan
cing was the principal amusement in
dulged in.
West Sound is quite a lively little
place and very temperate. It is a good
thing the boys don't drink, for if they
did they would have a hard time of it
here, where no liquor can be had.
At the horne 4 of the bride's parents
Mr. Clyde Davis and Miss Lena Bar
ker were made man and wife, Mr. W.
O. Clark officiating. They were mar
ried about half past 12, so as to com
mence the Happy New Year together.
Quite a number of relatives were pres
ent. They were serenaded by the West
Sound band New Year's night, and
quite a number of friends gathered at
the house where they indulged in
music and dancing. This is the third
marriage in Mr. Barker's family with
in a year. f.&ir~ Scribe.
A Big Card For San Joan County.
The following is an extract taken
from a letter received by Mr. A. F.
Shadel, of Lopez, from Mr. William
Henry Maule, of Philadelphia, import
er, grower and dealer in choice garden
seeds:;,'; &&&%'£
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 28, 1896.
Mr. A. F. Shadel, ,
Lopez Island,
Dear Sir: —
"We are glad to inform you that
you have secured the prize offered for the
bush of Nott's Excelsior Peas, containing
the largest number of pods, sent us the
past season; and we herewith enclose, as
a New Year's gift, draft on the Third Na
tional Bank, of this city, for $50.00, amount
of said prize." Yours truly,
Wm. Henry Maule
This makes the fourth or fifth prize
given by this house to residents of San
Juan county, two or three being se
cured by East Sound parties. Consid
ering the fact that these prize offers
are made so that any section in the
United States or Canada can enter into
the competition, we consider it a big
card for our county, and one that
should not be overlooked. Our soil
and climate is particularly well adapted
to the growing of fruits and garden
truck, as well as hay, oats, wheat, etc.
Mr. Shadels' winning this prize of $50
in a competition against several hun
dred from all sections of this country
and Canada not only speaks highly
for him as a seed grower but for San
Juan county as a good pllace for those
contemplating settling in Washington
to keep their eye on. There is plenty
of choice farming land to be had in this
section at moderate cost and anyone,
coming here will find it to be the choice
garden spot of the world. : ~o\-
State and County Officers.
The following is a list of the officers
who will have charge of the state and
county for the ensuing term commenc
ing next January:"
Governor—John R. Rogers, pop.
Lieut Gov.—Thurston Daniels, pop.
Secretary—Will D. Jenkins, pop.
Treasurer— W. Young, pop. -
Auditor—Neal Cheatham, pop.
Attorney—Patrick H. Winston, pop.
Supt. of Schools— J. Browne, rep.
Land Commissioner—Robt. Bridges.
State Printer, Gwin Hicks, dem.
Supreme Judge—J. B. Reavis, dem.
„ ~~~ f J as. HC Lewis, dem.
Congressmen |w . c . Jones, rep.
The officers of San Juan county for
the next two years are: • :1: ;
Superior Judge—J. P. Hauser, pop.
(J. H. Nichols, rep.
Wm. Graham, rep.
John Buckley, rep.
Attorney—H. S. King, rep. ,
'■ Auditor— H. Sliter, rep.
Treasurer— Wold, pop.
Clerk—E. H. Nash, rep. ,- v
Sheriff—Newton Jones, rep. *- ;
Assessor—O. T. Loos, rep.
School Supt.— A. Lee, dem. $«
Surveyor—A; P. Vaughn, rep. v;
Coroner—Geo.*S. Wright, rep. & :
ft Representative—W. Thacker, rep
State Senator—F. C. Harper, rep. ;
* San Juan No. I—Justice of Che Peace,!
H. L. Coffin, rep; -\ Constable— Charles
Fleming, rep. -■ ;'.;;% :^v . ;
: San Juan No. 2—Justice ot the Peace,
Jno. C. Clinton, dem.; Constable, John
Douglas, dem.
? San Juan No. 3—Justice of the Peace,
''■: i"' v •"-.-■; ' Constable, ::" ","„" .' ' -' -* "*" 4 -
1£ Orcas No. l-^Justioe of the Peace, W.
O. Clark, rep.; Constable, Harry Brom
ley, rep. '*--; -,••-.?--%:■ ■- -„-" *" J
St Orcas No. 2—Justice of the Peace, C.
H. Stowers, rep.; Constable; George L.
Sutherland, rep. ,- i
: Orcas No 3—Justice of the Peace, J.
H. Snowden, rep.; Constable, Sain'l D.
Robertson, rep. « .
Lopez No. I—Justice of the Peace, A.
L. Eastman, pop; Constable, James H.
Mervyn, pop. ■ .','-#"-.:.
j Lopez No. Justice of the Peace, J.
Fraukland, rep.; Constable, Charles
Sweeney, rep. ■," '
eweeney, rep.
Shaw—Justice of the Peace, Henry
Stlllman, pop.; f. Constable, Frederick
Jones, pop. r
Blakely—Justice of the Peace, John
Blythe, rep.; Constable, W. H.F. Beed
Waldron—Justice of the Peace, Ethan
Allen, rep.; Constable, Edward Gil
Notice to creditors of the estate of H. H.
I Smith, deceased. ;
[ •■> Notice is '< hereby given •by the - under
signed administratrix of the estate of H.
H. Smith, deceased, to the creditors of and
all persons having claims against the said
deceased; to exhibit them, with the neces
sary vouchers, within one year after the
first publication of this notice to the said
administratrix, at | her I residence three
miles west of the town of Friday Harbor,
in the county of San Juan, state of Wash
ington, the same being j the place for ! the
transaction of the business of said estate,
in said county. ; " ;s =- "v v .--■• -;
Dated this 31st day of January, A. D.
1896.'-.>-;^.^-ij- Annie J. Smith.
i:- Administratrix.
W. H. Thacker, Attorney of the ad
First publication Jany. 7th, 1897.
Notice to creditors. Estate of Thomas
McKenna, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed administrator of the estate of
Thomas McKenna, deceased, to the cred
itors of, and all • persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within one
year after the first publication of this no
tice, to the said administrator, at his resi
dence in the town of Friday Harbor, the
same being tbe place for the transaction
of the business of said estate in the Coun
ty of San Juan, State of Washington.
Dated this 26th day of December, A. D.
1896. James L. Farnsworth. \
W. H. Thacker, Attorney for the ad
ministrator. ;•■"■.'■'
First publication January 7th, 1897.
By virtue of an order of sale issued out
of the Superior court of the state of Wash
ington, for the county of San Juan, and to
me directed and delivered, for a judgment
rendered in said court on the 17th day of
November, A. D. 1896, in favor of The
Oregon Mortgage Company, Limited, a
corporation, plaintiff, and against Chris
tian F. Nolte, Mary Doe Nolte his wife, :
and J. Binswanger, defendants, for the
sum of $2,959.83 with interest at the rate of
nine per cent, per annum from said , 17th
day of November, A. D. 1896, and the fur
ther sum of $23.80 costs of suit, I have lev
ied upon the following described real es
tate, to-wit:
The east half of the southwest quarter,
the southwest quarter of the northeast
quarter, the southeast quarter of the north
west quarter, the southeast quarter of the
southeast quarter, and lot numbered five
(5) all of section nineteen (19) in township
thirty-six (36) north of range three, west
of the Willamette meridian, containing
240 acres, situate, lying and being in San
Juan county, state of Washington. .
Notice is hereby given that on Monday
the 28th day of December, A. D. 1896, at
the hour of 10 o'clock, A. M. of said day, at
the court house door, in Friday Harbor,
in said county of San Juan, I will sell all
the right, title and interest of the said
Christion F. Nolte, Mary Doe Nolte, his
wife, and J. Binswanger, defendants in
and to the above described real estate, at
public auction, to the highest and best
bidder, to satisfy said execution and all
Given under my hand this 24th day of
Nov., A. D. 1896. Newton Jones,
Sheriff of San Juan county, state of
First publication Nov. 26th, 1896.
Is larger than any weekly or semi-weekly
paper published and is the only important Dem
ocratic "weekly" published in New York City.
Three times as large as the leading Republican
weekly of New York City. It will be of especial
advantage to you during the Presidential
Campaign, as It is published every other day,
except Sunday, and has all the freshness and
timeliness of a daily. It combines all the news
with a long list of interesting departments,
unique features, cartoons and graphic illustra
tions, the latter being a specialty.
All these improvements havejbeen made with
out any increase in the cost, | which . remains at
one dollar per year.
We offer this nnequaled'newspaper and The
Islander together one year for $1.75.
Leaves Whatcom at 8 p. m. on
Sunday, Wednesday and Fri
day for ,
Connecting at Anacortes with the steam
er Buckeye, thereby making it conveni
ent for the island people who wish to
visit up-sound points.' ■ * . - - ,
Returning, leaves City Dock, foot of
Main St., Seattle, at 10 p. m. for Anacortes
Samish, Fairhaven and Whatcom on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.,- ■ ,\- V-
For through rates on passengers and
freight apply on board, or address - >'.-. -
x W. H. ELLIS, Owner.
1831 THE cultivator 1897
Agricultural Weeklies.
'■■> •■;:♦/-' DEVOTED TO
While it also includes alt minor departments of
Rural interest,' suah as the Poultry Yard, Ento
mology! Bee-Keeping, Greenhouse and Grapery
Veterinary Replies, Farm Questions and Ans.
wera, Fireside • Reading, Domestic ; Economy"
and a summary of the News of the week. I Its
Market Reports are unusually complete and
much attention is paid to ; the ; Prospects of the
Crops,' in throwing light upon one of the most
important of all queationa—When to , buy and
when; to sell. It is « liberally illustrated, and
contains more reading matter than ever, before.
The subscription price is $2.50 per year, but we
offer a Special Reduction in our ■ "
7 '" CLUB BATES FOB 1897.
Two Subscriptions, »££«« $4-00
Six Subscriptions, *> *» 10.00
Ten Subscriptions, *° do 15,00
ftp Specimen ; Copies Fan*. Address* -1;"-.
Publishers, ALBANY, N. Y.
A Good Wind Make it Yourself.
|tl made one of th« People's .wind mitts which I
saw recommended in your paper recently, it only
coat me $9JV> and is a splendid miU; my 4 well is
deep, but it pumps it ah right and with very lit*
tie wind: the neighbors all like it. and as I am a
kind of a carpenter, I have 1 agreed to pat up
nine mills already, on which I can make a | nice
profit, and there are! many i others for i.whom • I
can put np thia fell. I don't see why
every farmer should not have a wind miU, when
they can make it themselves for leas than f Sis,
any one can get diagrams and complete ' direc-
for making the wind . mill by ; sending 18
two-cent stamps to pay postage i etc., to E- p.
Wilson 8t Co., Allegheny, Pa. and there can be
dozens of them pat up In any: locality by any
one that has the energy do IfcfiEA * ******
'" • .
1 * i
sfi " ' Does not belong to you, and you must £?
33 .'«. not imagine that you can swipe it, but it 5 -
2i will pay you well to watch it closely 55
Jj| just the same •»
3 <^^JV rou Sabbe. |
Wall Paper, Window Shades, Paints, Oils, Glass
Agents For Heath <fc Milligan's Pure Mixed Painty^ >;
Samples of Wall Paper Sent Free upon Application
jj 1321 Dock St., New Whatcom, Wash.
Stevens & Grant, Proprietors.
The most conveniently located hotel in the city. Two blocks from
depots, and close to all the principal steamer landings.
.- '
Equipped with all modern conveniences. Nearly all rooms face on
street and are large and well lighted. Prices reasonable.
Jewel Cook Stoves and Sheet-Iron
. - Air-Tight Heaters.
f^— mta Whatcom, Washington.
) __^^ MM „ MM . MM ,^.———^—— •,■♦
[ Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Sherry Wine. $1.00 to $1.50 per gal. Port Wine.. $1.00 to $1.50 a gallon
Tokay Wine.... $1.25 per gallon Angelica ....... $1.25 per gallon
Claret. ..... .50 Cts. a gallon Whiskies... from $2 per gallon, up
Best Eastern Bottled Beer, quarts, $2.25 per dozen.
Whatcom, Wash.
*■' -' ■ • .>■..-_-.. ..... ,-■.■■.. ■ ■ • --■■>- ■■'•• ■ - - ■ % ■ _ :
Washington Market,
Ebeling Bros., Prop's.
Wholesale and Eetail Dealers in
All Kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats . : .
and Game in Season.
Butter, Eggs and all kinds of Poultry bought and sold. South Side of
v Harris Aye., between 11th and 12th Sts. ,
KairtiaLven - r " Washington.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, for San Juan. County.
Josephine J. Cook, plaintiff'
Harry L. Bailey^ -> ' No--~-
J. R. Taylor, et als,
.•■..•■--'.•,.. defendants. J
The State of Washington to the said J.
R Taylor, defendant above named: .-. =
You are hereby summoned to appear
within sixty (60) days after the date of the
first publication of this summons, towit:
Within sixty (60) days after the twelfth
(12th) day of November, 1896. and defend
the above entitled action in the above en
titled court, and answer the complaint of
the plaintiff, and serve a copy of your an
swer upon the undersigned attorney for
plaintiff at their office below: stated; and
in case of your failure so to do, judgment
will pc rendered against you according to
the demand of the complaint, which has
been filed with the clerk of said court.
The object of the above entitled action is
to obtain judgment against; the idefend-
Site, Harry L. Bailey and Helen Bailey,
for the sum of $520.00 upon the notes given
by them to The Guarantee Loan A Trust
Company, and assigned to Josephine J.
CookVthe plaintiff herein, and for the fur
ther sum of 126.35 paid as taxes., and for
the costs of this action, includmg an attor
ney's fee of 125.00, also praying /or a de
cree establishing and foreclosing a certain
mortgage given to secure the payment of
toe above indebtedness, and f recorded in
the mortgage records of the auditor;* office
of Juan county, State of Washington^
in vol 4, on page 516 thereof, and describ
iSgand covering the followingJands, sit
uated in said county, to-mfc the Se Jof
Ji^J- x ? and s the ? north J of ► the Sw J or
Sectfon 27, and lot five (5) of Section 28 in
Tp.' 37 North Range one west ,W. M., con
tafinine 142 acres more or less; i also pray-
Sg ffift in said decree the interest ofeach
of thedefendants in and to said property
He declared junior, inferior and spbordi-
StetoStiff'i interest therein; i and
Sat the equity of redemption each of
defendants be for ever barred and
foreclosed, aud for general eqmtable re-
JosiAH Collins, Plaintiff's Attorney,
P Address, 64 Haller Building, Seattle,
King county, Washington. - _
nSeof first publication Nov. 12,1896.
Ripans Tabules assist digestion.
Ripans Tabnles cure bad breath.
ftSn^ Tables cure flatulence.
Ripans Tabules cure nausea. *•, ?
Notice of Settlement of Final Aeeeont.
In the Superior Court of the State 01
Washington, for San Juan County.
' In the matter of the estate of George
Smith, deceased. ' ~
Notice is hereby given that George W. ImWZ
Smith, the administrator of tie, estate of .
George *• Smith, deceased, has ,j rendered
and presented for settlement, and filed In
said court his final account of his admin- ..i -"
istration of said estate; and that Thursday
the 7th day of January, A. D. 1897, at one v *'->
o'clock p.m., at the court room of said ~
court, at the court house in ;■ Friday Har
bor in said county, has been duly appoint- -
ed by the court commissioner of said. ;
court for the settlement of said ; account, V
at which time and place any parson inter
ested in said estate may appear and file .
his exceptions in writing to the said ac
count, and contest the same. •
' : E. H. Nash, Clerk.
Dated December 4, 1896. ' ;-
W. H. Thackeb, Attorney for the J^ffissßsffi
ministrator. ■*.«--.
First publication Dec. 10,1896. : :
Steamer Buckeye
Riming Bctt Friday Harbor,
Anacortes; and Whatcom* -
~. -- r :Jl^ »*-,-. "•;iv*r:-^ir;^»V-.-i.-.'.?:.-~<'-:.v--T-"'''-. -.'''v.-''. '■;'''"'-■• . .-''"1;
£■ This elegant * steamer > runsthrough
the Archipelago Do Haro, Daily. Leav
ing Whatcom at 6 a. m. on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, calling at Cot-;•
tonwood. Olga, Newhall, East jSonnd^g^^fe
Orcas, West Sound, and arrives at Fri- * : T ,
day Harbor at 12:45 p. m. Leaves Fri- ?
day Harbor with the mail at 1 p. m.:-.,*;; -
for Anacortes, stopping at Pt. Stanley,
Thatcher, Decatur, Nedro and Guesses , „ • ;
and arrives at Anacortes at 6:20 p. m.
leaves Anacortes at 7 a in. on Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday,
above named points arriving at Friday ; .
Harbor at 12:20 p. m. Leaves .Friday
Harbor at 1 p. m, and arrives a* What
com at 7p. m. ' - T - -\
For Freight and Passenger fates, &*:sss*»
ply on Doaid.!--;V:-.,i^r^^^.p^ ; v^^^
A. NEWHALL, - Owner.
Ripans Tabules: at droggifta. - ~'-: so£%
• ' /'--^@lfl
~ -■ *Wgßsm
....... -.._.. .. ' ..-'k- -ja ' i

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