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T^hb Islander
Entered at the postoffice in Friday
Harbor as second class mail matter.
11.50 per year Strictly in advanc*.
Display standing ads, fl.oo per Inch per
month. 25 cents per inch, per week, sin-
Clo column measurement.
Heading business locals, and notices,
such as Wanted, For Sale, etc., 10 cents
per line for fimt insertion and 6 cents per
fine each week thereafter.
Loral notices, at customary legal raies-
All communications to This Islanokr
must be signed with the name of the
writer, not necessarily for publication,
but as a guarantee of eood faith.
Tbe Official Paper of San Juan Connty.
Benob Ddpuy db Lome, Spanish
minister to the United States, will have
to step down and out. He does not
deny that he wrote the letter to Don
Jose Canelajas, which was purloined
by an agent of the Cuban junta, in
which he insults the president of the
United States and through him the
American people. It mattera not that
his brutal attack on the president was
made in a private letter to a private
citizen. So was the letter written by
Lord Sackville. Its contents were in
finitely less insulting than those of De
Lome's letter, but they were a criticism
of the administration and the president
and he was recalled at the request of
the latter. In De Lome's letter this
representative of the Spanish govern
ment says of the president:
Besides the natural and inevitable
coarseness with which he repeats all that
thepressand public opinion of Spain has
said of Weyler, it shows once more what
McKlnley is—weak and eaterine to the
rabble, and, besides, a low politician who
desires to leave the door open to me and
to stand well with the Jingoes of his party.
Alter this coarse and ribald attack
on the president Senor de Lome can
hardly complain if he is regarded as
persona non grata by the head of the
government to which he is accredited.
Hu.-h language, no matter how it came
to light, since he does not deny that
he used it, necessarily terminates all
possibility of further relations with our
government. If he shall not be prompt
ly recalled by the Spanish government
—as undoubtedly demanded in the
cable yes trod ay addressed by the sec
retary of state to Minister Woodford—
he will be given his passports. It
would be an interesting commentary
on the hypocrisies of diplomatic inter
course if the language respecting Presi
dent Me Kin ley's message on Cuban
affairs which he employs in this con
fidential letter to his Spanish friend
could be contrasted with his official
utterances on that subject iu his con
versations with the officials of the
state department. This revelation of
the private views of the Spanish min
ister on the pacific tone ot the presi
dent's message—unless most vigorous
ly and emphatically repudiated and
condemned by the Spanish govern
ment —may exercise an important in
fluence on the course of our diplomatic
treatment of the Cuban question.
The January customs receipts under
the Dingley law were more than 25 per
cent in excess of the customs receipts
in January of last year under the Wil
son law. Mr. Dingley and his associ
ates have good reason to be satisfied
with the new revenue measure which
they placed upon the statute book six
months ago. It has since that time
produced far more revenue than did
the Wilson law in the first six months
of its operations, and there is every
reason to believe that it will supply
from this time forward sufficient re
ceipts to meet the running expenses of
the government. The following table
shows the total earnings under the
Wilson law during the first six months
compared with the receipts of the
Dingley law during its six months, and
shows a balance in favor of the Ding
ley law of $13,513,380:
September, 1894 1 22,«21,228
October 19,139,240
November 19,411,403
December 21,806,136
January, 1896 27,804,399
February 22,888,057
Total 1133,730,463
August. 1897 $ 19,023,614
September 21,933,098
October 24,391,415
November 25,168,995
December 27,931,494
January, 1898. 28,795,227
Total 1147,243,843
The daily papers of last week con
tained a dispatch from Berlin saying
that a bill increasing the North Ger
man Lloyd's subsidy by 1,500,000 marks
for fifteen years had been approved by
the Bundesrath and was going to the
Reichstag on the morrow. This pro
posed increase is on condition that the
North Gerniau Lloyd's increases its
monthly sailings for East Indian ports
to a fortnightly service. Somewhat
over a year ago the German Minister
for the Interior declared tor this in
crease, saying: "There was every justi
fication for protecting German enter
prise by increased subsidies." And
"Engineering," the great paper repre
senting the British iron trade and de
pendent industries, writing at that
time of the German trade in India,
said: "In 1888 the total value of goods
exported by Germany was £750,000, in
1895 the value was £7,000,000." Ger
many is now paying $1,986,400 in sub
sidies annually and the proposed addi
tion of 1,500,000 marks will increase the
subsidies to about $2,400,000, and she
thinks this large annual payment justi
fiable by the increased exports. Eng
land is now paying, or was two years
ago, $3,210,434 in subsidies and finds it
profitable. It is not necessary to say,
however, that both Germany and Eug-
M nd disapprove of our paying any sub -
Cook likes it Mistress
likes it Family likes it
Schilling's Best .
ceßte awwfcgeMMrts ■
soda sWepfcM.
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back your money in full if
you don't like it
Pot Mle by
W. E. Sutherland, Orcas, Wash.
sidies, or taking any other method of
increasing our exports.
In the manufacture of jute ruga in
Sakal, the seat of that industry in
Japan, about 9,600 persons are t/Bm
ployed, mostly girls and boys between
7 and 16 years old. There is no invest
ment of capital in large central plants,
but the looms are are set up in the
dwellings of the work-people, averag
ing about three looms to each dwelling.
The same distribution of looms is ob
served in the manufacture of wool
rugs. In this industry important ad
vances have lately been made, as the
result of which rugs are now turned
out that in appearance and durability
are almost equal to Turkish carpet. As
mostly children of from 7 to 16 years
of age are employed in the manufacture
of Japanese rugs, at wages ranging from
ten to twenty cents per day, it is not
difficult to see what the effect upon
the American carpet industry would
be if the jute and wool rugs of Japan
were to be admitted to our market free
of duty.
It must be an edifying spectacle to
the average Democrat of the country to
see Popocratic Chairman Jones, who
holds his position through the influ
ence of the silver-mine owners' wing
of the Democratic party, wavering be
tween opinions as to whether he shall
not decapitate the man who led the
Democratic party to victory in 1892.
The silver-mine owners and their allies
in the Democratic party, so called, are
demanding the removal of Wm.'H.
Harrity, the Pennsylvania member of
the .Democratic National Committee,
because he does not subscribe to the
free silver doctrine. It was Mr. Har
rity whose splendid management led
the Democratic party to success in 1892,
and to see the element of the party
which led it to defeat in 1896 now de
manding the political scalp of the one
successful warrior of that party is a
touching spectacle.
Former Secretary Carlisle in the
last Forum puts in a plea for the abol
ishment of the electoral college, as at
present constituted, and the choice of
president and vice-president by direct
popular vote, or by an electorial college
in which the minorities in each state
may have representation. Though it
is doubtful whether the legislatures of
the existing generation will have an
opportunity to vote on such a proposi
tion, there can be little doubt that the
people of the country would thorough
ly indorse such a change.
A Chicago paper annonnces with
some blare of trumpets that lowa,
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wis
consin are to send 25,000 men to the
Klondike. If the rush is as great from
other states it is not too early to begin
saving pennies for the inevitable relief
A few months ago Mr. Byron Every
of Woodstock, Mich., was badly afflcted
with rheumatism. His right leg was
swollen the full length, causing him
great suffering. He was advised to try
Chambertain's Pain Balm. The first
bottle of it helped him considerably and
the second bottle effected a cure.
The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by
drug department San Juan Trading Co.
A Sure Thins; for Too*
A transaction in which you cannot loselsa
sure thing. Biliousness, sick headache, fur
red tongue, fever, piles and a thousand other
ills are caused by constipation and sluggish
liver. Cascarats Candy Cathartic, the won
derful new liver stimulant and intestinal
tonic are by all druggists guaranteed to cure
or mouev refunded: C. C. C. are a sure
tiling. Try a box to-day; 10c., 85c.. 60c.
Sample and booklet free. Bee our big ad.
Lang Tioubles and Consumption Cab
be Cured.
An Eminent New York Chemist and Scien
tist Makes a Free Offer to Oar Readers.
The distinguished New York chemist,
T. A. Slocum, demonstrating his discov
ery of a reliable and absolute cure for
Consumption (Pulmonar Tuberculosis)
and all bronchial, throat, lung and chest
diseases, stubborn coughs, cattarrhal
affections, general decline and weakness,
loss of flesh, and all conditions of wast
ing away, will send THREE FREE BOT
TLES (all different) of bis New Discov
eries to any afflicted reader of The
Islander writing for them.
His "New Scientific Treatment" has
cured thousands permanently by its
imely use, and he considers it a simple
professional duty to suffering humanity
to donate a trial of his infallible cure.
Science daily develops new wonders,
and this great chemist patiently experi
menting for years, has produced results
as beneficial to humanity as can be
claimed by any modern genius. His as
sertion that lung troubles and consump
tion are curable in any climate is proven
by "heartfelt letters of gratitude/' filed
in his American and European labora
tories in thousands from those cured in
all parts of the world.
Medical experts concede that bronchial,
chest and lung troubles lead to Consump
tion, which, uninterrupted, means speedy
and certain death.
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. C,
96 Pine street, New York, giving post
office and express address, and the free
medicine will be promptly sent. Suffer
ers should take instant advantage of his
generous proposition.
Please toll the Doctor that you saw his
offer in The Islander.
Tickle the Karth With a Hm.
The gardener will always find abun
dant success if be will not neglect this
tickling of the soil with a hoe or culti
vator. It is wonderful what tillage
will bring out of the soil. Most men
must till to keep down weeds. They
do not realise that the benefits of this
work are far above any mere weed
killing. By persistent cultivation we
get the soil loose aud mellow, porous
and light, and so air can enter and
roots freely brauch and distribute them
selves throughout the entire mass of
earth within their reach. Furthermore,
tillage is a breaking-up process, parti
cles of rock and organic matter being
reduced in size and made available for
the nutrition of crops. Then there is
the immeasurable effect of shallow sur
face cultivation in forming a mulch
upon the surface of the ground, a thin
layer of loose, dry earth to cut off the
rise of moisture to the surface and its
subsequent evaporation and loss to the
use of the growing plants. Water in a
drouth is a priceless boon to vegetables,
and conserving the supplies of mois
ture is one of the most vital subjects
with which the agriculturist has to
deal. Tillage is to a certain degree
manure, as was claimed bv Jethro Tull
of old.—M. Sumner Perkins, in Ameri
can Agriculturist.
Tot* Mllltoaa a Tear.
When people buy. try, and buy again, it
meana they're satisfied. The people of the
United States are now buying Cascarete
Candy Cathartic at the rate of two million
boxes a year and it will be three million be
fore New Year's. It meana merit proved,
that Caacarets are tbe most delightful bowel
regulator for everybody the year round. All
druggisUlOc, 25c, 50c a box, cure guaranteed.
A Ltwon la Fruit Packing;.
Let me urge upon your readers the
practice of wrapping apples and pears,
when picked separately, in paper and
packed in boxes and barrels and put
away in a cool, airy place. Put up
thus they will keep two to three months
longer and retain their flavor much
better. Such sorts as King, that keep
till about this time, when put in paper,
will keep till spring, ana fall apples
till this time or later. Fall pears can
be kept thus till January and February.
Apples in bins now, by being thus
wrapped and packed, will keep till
May and June. Try it.—A. M. Purdy.
Fill a bottle or common glass with urine
and let it stand twenty-four hours: a sedi
ment or settling indicates an unhealthy
condition ot the kidneys. When urine
stains linen it is evidence of kidney troub
le. Too frequent desire to urinate or pain
in the back, is also convincing proof that
tbe kidneys and bladder are out of order.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills
every wish in relieving pain in the back,
kidneys, liver, bladet and every part of
the urinay passage It corrects inability
to hold urine and scalding pain in passing
it. or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that un
pleasant necessity of being compelled to
get up many times during the night to
urinate. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swam-Root is soon realized. It
stands tbe highest for its wonderful cures
of the moat distressing cases. If you need
a medicine you should have the best.
Sold by druggists, price fifty cents and
one dollar. You may have a sample bot
tle and pamphlet both sent free by mail.
Mention The Weekly Islander and
send your address to Dr. Kilmer A Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y. The proprietors of
this paper guarantee the genuineness of
this oner
Free to Our Headers.
Oar readeus will be pleased to learn
that the eminent physician and scientist.
Dr. Kilmer, after years of research and
study, has discovered and given to the
world a most remarkable remedy, known
as Swamp-Root, for the cure of kidney
and bladder troubles; the generous offer
to send a bottle free that all may test its
wonderful merits without expense, is in
itself sufficient to give the public confi
dence and a desire to obtain it. Swamp-
Root has an established reputation as the
most successful remedy, and is receiving
the hearty endorsement 01 all up-to-date
physicians, hospitals and homes. If our
men and women readers are in need of a
medicine of this kind no time should be
lost in sending their name and address to
Dr. Kilmer;* Co., Binghamton, N. Y.j
and receive a sample bottle and pamphlet
both sent absolutely free by mail. The
regular sizes may be obtained at the drug
stores. When writing please say you
read this liberal offer in The Islander.
Harness Shop & Shoe Repairing
Will do all kinds of harness work at reason
able rates. All sewing done by band. Call on
me at my home when work in my line is want
ed. Respectfully Yours,
Notice of Settlement of Final
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, for the County of San Juan.
In the matter of the estate of H. H.
Smith, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Mrs. Annie
J. Smith, administratrix »f the estate of
H. H. Smith, deceased, has rendered and
presented for settlement to, and filed in
the Superior Court of San Juan County,
State of Washington, her petition to have
estate settled and set over, and her final
account as such administratrix; and that
Monday, the 21st day of March, 1898, at 2
o'clock p. m., at the Court room of our
said Superior- Court, in the Town of Fri
day Harbor, in said San Juan County, has
been duly appointed by our said Superior
Court, for the settlement of said final ac
count, at which time and place any per
son interested in said estate may appear
and file his exceptions in writing to the
said final account, and contest the same.
( —^-^ ■) WITNESS. J. P. Houser, Judge
/ skau > of our said Superior Court, and
(w-, —< J the Seal of said Court hereunto
amxea, this 15th day of February, 1898.
E. H. Nash,
Clerk of Our said Superior Court.
By virtue of an order of sale issued oat
of the superior court of the state of Wash
ington, for the county of San Juan, and to
me directed and delivered, for a judgment
rendered in said court on the 25th day of
January, A. D. 1866, in favor of John C.
Bryant, plaintiff, and against William
Wills and Mary Jane Wills, his wife,
defendants, for the sum of $528.27, with
interest at the rate of 10 per cent per
annum and f79.91 with interest at the rate
of 12 per cent per annum from said 25th
day of January, A. D. 1898, and the fur
ther sum of f75.00 attorney's fees, and
$32.20 costs of suit, I have levied upon the
following described real estate, to-wit:
The Northwest quarter and the North
half of the Southwest quarter of Section
Twenty (20) in Towhshlp Thirty-five (35)
North of Range Three (?) West of the
Willamette Meridian, containing 240
acres, situate, lying and being in San
Juan County, State of Washington.
Notice is hereby given that on Satur
day, the 12th day of March, A. D. 1898, at
the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, at
the court house door, in Friday Harbor,
in said County of Jan Juan, I will sell all
the right, title and interest of the said
William Wills and Mary Jane Wills,
his wife, defendants, in and to the
above described real estate, at public
auction, to the highest and best bidder, to
satisfy said execution and all costs.
Given under my hand this Bth day of
February, A. D. 1898.
Newton Jones,
Sheriff of San Juan County, Washington.
H. S. King, attorney for the plaintiff.
First publication Feb. 10, W96. I
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Woodburn. Oregon.
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All these improvements havepeen made with
out any increase in the cost, which remains at
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We offer this unequaled newspaper and Thb
Islander together one year for $1.75.
Uxitkd States Land Office,
Seattle, Wash., Jan. 4, 18D8. .
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settlor has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the Superior
Court, at Friday Harbor, Washington, on
Saturday, February 19* 1898, viz:
Homestead application number 14,184
for the Nw i Se i of Sec. 8, Tp. 38 N. R.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Charles Freel, Peter La Plant, of West
Sound; Geo. W. Myers, of Orcas, and
Harry Kircheff, of East Sound, Wash
Edward P. Trkmper, Register.
First publication Jan. 13,1898.
1 JrfltfffC OOBlfOft ji tot pfWCflt 1 >
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Published by the Nkw York Tbibunk.
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A general review of the advances
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Settlers desiring to make final proof on
their claims can make their application by
writing to the Islandkb for information,
thus saving a trip to the county seat, the
only trip needed being on the day of final
Leaves Whatcom at 8 p. m. on
Sunday, Wednesday and Fri
day for
Connecting at Anacortes with the steam
er Buckeye, thereby making it conveni
ent for the island people who wish to
visit up-sound points.
Returning, leaves City Dock, foot of
Main St., Seattle, at 10 p. m. for Anacortes
Samish, Fairhaven and Whatcom on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For through rates on passengers and
freight apply on board, or address
W. H. ELLIS, Owner.
Norton Pacific
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plication to N. D. CHETHAM, Agent,
•:>.: A. D. CHARLTON,
Assistant General Passenger Agent, 355 Morri
son Street. Cor. Third, Portland, Oregon.
-No. 271t.
Notice of AppDeallon to Pucfcave Tide
Offioe of Commissioner of Publio Landa \
Olympia, Washington. J
Notice is hereby given tbat Wm. B. Tiff
any, of New Whatcom, Washington, filed
an application in this office to pur
chase the following described Tide Lands,
of the second clam, situate in Baa Juan
county. Washington, towit:
All Tide Lands of the aesond claw
owned by the State of Washington, situate
in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon
that portion of the United States govern*
ment meander line described a« follows:
Beginning at the meander corner of
fractional Sections 13 and 14 in Township
37 North of Range Si West of Willamette
Meridian a distance of 47.86 chains South
of the corner | common to Sections 11, If,
13 and 14 in said Township and Range,
and running thence along the said mean
der line in front of the east side of said
Lot 2as follows: v /;
South -10 degrees, West 4.70 chains:
thence South 12 degrees, West 4.00 chains:
thence South 2Bf degressißaatLZl chains,
being a total of 12.25 chains, to a point on
said meander - line where the I boundary
line between Lots 1 and 2 of said Section
14 would intersect the same.
Any person desiring to protest against
said application may do so within thirty
days from and after date of first publica
tion of this notice. v ; : •>.-.- ;
> Date of first publication this * 3rd day of
February, 1806. ; >' Robert Bridobs,
Commissioner of Public Lands.
BUKN* CO., Patent Attorneys, WasaJactoa,
D.O, for thefrai«Booprta« offer. " "
". gentlemen or ladies |to ■ travel I for respon
sible, established house in Washington. Month
ly J65.00 and expenses. Position steady. Refer
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street and are large and well lighted. Prices reasonable.
f^fe^ BORN
For more than fifty-six years it has nerer^iled in
its weekly Yisits to the homes of farmers and
villagers throughout the United States.
IT HAS faithfully labored for their prosperity and happiness, for the
•'". improvement of their business and hove interest, for education,
for the elevation of American manhood and true womanhood.
IT HAS told at the fireside, interesting and instructive s^on«i:of the
doings of the world, the nation and states.
IT HAS advised the fanner as to the most approved methods of culti
vating and harvesting his crops, and the proper time to convert
; them into the largest possible amount of money.
IT HAS led in all matters pertaining to tie welfare of ftrmerr and
villagers, and for over half acentui|has held their confidence
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NEW YOBK WEEKLY will be mailed to yF>u.
:. ..--.- 'i ,.-'r«*:— */: ". ■ - •-■ ,-,.1

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