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John R. Rogers
r.ovrrnor...-.----^' /rhurston Daniels
I,ieuteiuint uoveruor m D Jenkillß
Secretary of State.. • cw Yo
State Treasurer, Neal cheetham
A iulitor. a V"V. .... .P. H. Winston
Atui^ efm. Instruction R. J. Browne
gupt I >l, lhl 'issioner Robert Bridges
h& SSSS&Em J- W. Waughus
g" s itstrK Atio'rney' W^ H. Brinker
V-hl (James Hamilton Lewis
ronevessnien... | -yy. C. Jones _
Collfe ' ( John L Wilson
bena tors 1 Watson C. Squire
Chief tlce • ■•■••• R O Dunbar
I' T. J. Anders
AsS ocUte tiees,|^.......M.X^do S
Siu*rior ,f ,4 g '"".'.. -Elijah H. Nash
bounty Clerk. Fred c Harpei .
joint Senator- '.'.' W. H Thacer
Uepresentatne A H gliter
ditor Aug. Wold
Treasurer • ...John Buckley
1 M J J. H. Nichols
sloners' s William Graham
1 ." H.S.King
Attorney Newton Jones
Sheriff. O. T. Loos
Assessor j^ m p. Vaughn
Survevor.......-""-"---;;- Iis8 Rhoda A. Lee
Supt of schools Dr> Qeo g Wright
r()Ilfr;V, H Peac-'e".'.' L- C. Larson
justice of the Feace J&ck Douglas
L g«i;;rUß» H D Allinos
. -: THE:
" Banking Busines of allKindß
,7^aXwa"l s^ceived and interest on
time deposits. LOAN on Improved Farms for
eSttSKsas %st a
Friday Harbor.
„-« n 4RK President
I.KANDKR CLARK Vice-President
C E. OLM-A Cashier
j .^GOlI."
Canadian Pacific
The Fastest and Best Route to
Through Tickets to all Points
in the
United States and Canada.
From the «'<uist to Minneapolis, St. Paul,
Boston, Montreal, Toronto and ■
Take This Route To The
Kootonay «*> Cariboo Gold
This is tho only route traversing the en
tiro mineral belt. Only '2A hours to San
ilaii. Nelson, Nlocan City and Kosslaud.
Atlantic Steamship Tickots
to and from AH Poiuts in
For full information call on or write to
Freight and Passenger Agent,
New Whatcoiu.
or to K. J. COYLE,
Dist. Passenger Agent,
Vancouver, B. C.
Bfgnlar, Reliable and Safe
Elpgaut Passenger Accommodations
Bus Between Seattle and Whatom
San Juan Island©
'•*"**• Ia ua Whatcom 4a m
TuwueHll 6 a m Kant 50und....7 a. m.
«'rld»yHar..lO:3Om Roche Harbor 10 am
Roche .11:45 ain Friday Harborll a m
*■*•• *°*ni spm Townsend 4p m
At..6:30 p n». At..7:45 p. m.
j. R. THOMPSON Hang. Owner.
Steamer Buckeye
tantaj Between Friday Harbor,
Anacortes and Whatcom.
l hi a r ?^ nt Reamer runs through
C\\-l l! l)elag0 ** Har D»«y. ****-
\\ed,, ,tComat6 a- m- on Monday,
tonu" ef a-y,and Frid»y» calling at Cotl
OnL^'Hlß*' Newhall> East Sound,
davti V est Sound ' aud arrives at Fri
da • {Jar^° r at 12:4.5 p. m. Leaves Fri
f J Harbor with the mail at 1 p. m.
Tiiat. !l° r S> stoin gat Pt. Stanley,
and if Decatur. Nedro and Guemei
£2» rnvwatAnacorteßat6ao p. m.
Sv ti,Ana corte9 at 7 a. m. on T'ues
*4namS yand Saturday. for the
HarW a u. dintß arri T vin at Friday
Harhnr ! 1 2:2° P- ra- Leaves Friday
°°m at p \f{ m' and arrlveß ftt Wha
FS| aDd Passenser rates . aP
ij[EWHALL, - Owner.
*«ter, Salt-Rhenm and Ecmema.
Ctt^ andsmarting,lncl.
annMß6^ 4^8 ' taineiantly allayed
Skino?il Chamberlain's Eye and
££«■ Many very bad mm
* eoSi P^anently cured by it. It
I E l/ for itching piles and
«hlS^ r medjr for sore nipples,
i a <lX?J ands chilblains, frost bites
ttqttoMCßoreeyeß. 25 eta, per box.
*« VrSffl Condition Powders, are
condfij* aJ^ ors needs when in bad
»enni^: T^ic. blood purifier and
3? e? toe oofc *<x>4-but
Wi^ aa(l.«bestin use to put a
00^1"011- ******
Masks and Mask Fasteners at Fowles.
Overalls, any size for 50 cents, at
Mr. £. £. Allen, of Waldron, is in
the Harbor.
Mr. J. A. Gould went to Seattle on
business Tuesday.
New line of Hats and Caps at Swee
ney's; also Stationery.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
P. A. Jensen is quite seriously ill.
Rev. Walter 8. Crockett held re
ligous services in the school house last
Tuesday eveuing.
A recent Washington dispatch an
nounces the appointment of C. T. But
ler as postmaster at Lopez.
Heavy 9-ounce Riveted Overalls for
Men, all cotton and a yard wide, for 50
cento, at the Blue Front Store.
Mr. C. J. Gillingham, representing
the Northwestern Shoe Co., of Seattle,
was in town on business yesterday.
Mr. W. H. Higgins and family who
have been residing at Argyle for the
past year, have now moved onto the
Holt place.
Dr. Lee Baker, dentist, is at the
Tourists' hotel prepared to do all kinds
of dental work, and will remain here
until Tuesday next.
Sweeney is now offering the greatest
bargains ever heard of in woolen goods
which he has just received from the
Washington Woolen Mills.
Mr. T, T. Paxson, who left here for
Alaska about a month ago in company
with his brother, Al vie, is quite serious
ly ill with pleurisy at Skagway.
Hon. John S. McMillin, of Roche
Harbor, was in town a short time yes
terday while on his way home from a
business trip to up-Sound points.
Mr. James Burke, superintendent
for the Island Packing Co., went to
Seattle on business Saturday and re
turned on the Thompson, Monday
Sweeney now has in stock a complete
line of Schilling & Co.'a goods, includ
ing Teas, Coffee, Baking Powder and
Spices. They are the best goods in the
Jndge E. D. Warbass, who has been
quite seriously ill with asthma at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson,
ig now reported as being much im
A very enjoyable masquerade ball
was given in Union Grove hall on
Tuesday eveuing, February 22, (Wash
ington's Birthday) and was very
largely attended.
Miss Mary L. Aiken, of Point Law
rence, Orcas island, who has been here
for the past two weeks visiting her
nep'.iew, F. N. Culver, and family; left
for her home on the Buckeye, today.
Everyone desires to keepiinfonned on
Yukon,the Klondyke and Alaskan gold
fields. Send 10c. for large Compendium
of vast information and big color map to
Hamilton Pub. Co,, Indianapolis, Ind.
Baptismal services were held at Mc-
Donald's beaoh by Rev. Walter S.
Crockett, of Whatcoin, on Tuesday
afternoon, when Mrs. W. H. Little
and two youngest daughters were im
mersed in the waters of the bay.
Joseph Sweeney has just received an
elegant line of Ladies', Gentlemen's
and Childrens' Shoes. The stock con
nate of fine cloth top shoes, gaiters,
walking shoes, spring-heel shoes, Ox
fords, Congress and Opera. Call and
see them. *
Note the advertisement of the great
Woodburu nurseries, near Portland,
Oregon, now running in The Island
er. They are the most extensive nur
series in the northwest and the pro
prietors have an enviable reputation
for business like methods and fair
The social given by the young ladies
of the Union Sunday school last Friday
evening was a very pleasant and profit
able affair. The net proceeds of the
entertainment were $8.85, which
amount will aid them very much to
ward the purchase of supplies for the
It is expected that the steamers
Roche Harbor and Queen Citv will
jjet away for the north this week with
three large scows laden with lumber
for Dyea, and also an eighty ton
schooner in tow. The schooner Wan
derer will also leave at the same time
for Mary's island.
Mr. G. H. Thacker, of Glenwood,
Minnesota, nephew of Judge Thacker,
paid a flying visit to the Judge's family
on Monday, from Seattle, where he is
outfitting. Mr. Thacker is on his way
to Dawson city on a tour of investiga
tion, with regard to taking a stock of
goods to Dawson city. He is going in
with a large dog team, and all the
comforts that money can furnish.
A pleasant party of young people met
at Judge Thacker's Monday night. The
meeting was occasioned by a visit of G.
H. Thacker, of Glenwood, Minnesota,
who is on his way to the Klondike,
and ran up from Seattle to call on his
cousins whom he had never met before.
The few who enjoyed the social were
highly delighted and the visitor ex
pressed not ouls his surptise, but was
very much pleased with the society
and young people of our far western
The farmers once more have cause
to smile, especially those who raised
hay and oats this last year and had it
for sale. The very good prices which
have lately been paid euables the
farmer to make a good profit, lne
wheat growers, sheep men and others
have had and are still enjoying prosper
ity and the class mentioned above are
having their inning. Let the good
work continue until all have cause to
rejoice. If any one class has worked
hard, it has been the farmer and he
has not always got what he deserved
for his hard work. We are glad he is
getting it now.
In a blinding snowstorm, on the
morning of February 9, the schooner
Port Admiral went ashore on Kashe
varot island, twenty-five miles south of
Fort Wrangel. The schooner is loaded
with lumber and did not sink. There
were seven men aboard, and five re
mained on the island while Captain
Barlow and his brother, both of Lopez
island, rowed twenty-five miles to Fort
Wrangel. Arrangements were made
with the tag Dispatch to tow the Port
Admiral to Fort Wrangel last Wednes
day The lumber will there be sold
Little hope is enterlaiiied that fee hulk
of the Admiral can be rebuilt. The
schooner cleared from Roche Harbor
January 14.
The cantata, Jephthah and his
Daughter, which we announced would
be tomorrow evening, in our
issue of last week, has been postponed
for one week and will now be given in
Odd Fellows' hall, Friday Harbor, Fri
day eveuing, March 11,1898. No pains
has been spared to make this a first
class musical entertainment. The
chorus has been in special training for
four months. Jewish costumes will be
worn. A soldier's chorus and march is
one of the special features of the per
formance; the soldiers armed with
spears and shields according to ancient
custom. Mrs. Louise Perry, as the
Daughter of Jephthah, will be the lead
ing soloist. Admission, 25 cents; child
ren, 15 cents.
Mr. Euglebert J. Bailer, age 25 years.
9 months and 15 days, son of Mr. ana
Mrs. E. P. Bailer, of San Juan valley,
died here on Sunday last at about 10
o'clock a. m., from the effects of blood
poisoning, caused from a wound re
ceived in the ball of the foot some two
weeks ago. The funeral was held in
the Valley Presbyterian church, on
Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev.
Arthur B. Cort performing the last
sad rites. The interment took place
in the Valley cemetry immediately
after the funeral service. The funeral
was attended by a large number of peo
ple and during the entire service hardly
a dry eye was seen in the church.
Two weeks ago Tuesday while at
work at his home tearing off1 some lath,
preparatory to making a few repairs to
the house, deceased jumped down from
the scaffold upon which he was at
work, and in doing so run a lath nail
through his shoe and into the ball of
his right foot. For two or three days
he hobbled about but paid no particu
lar attention to the wound, thinking
it nothing at all serious, and expecting
to be about his work again in a few
days. The foot gradually grew worse,
however, and he decided to consult
Dr. Wright, which he did. The in
fection received by the nail thrust
was evidently of the kind producing
malignant oedema which finally de
velopes gangrene in a large proportion
of cases. The general condition of the
patient was good, excepting that of
the injured foot, until the last two days
of his life. Two days before he died it be
came evident that the only chance for
his life was the amputation of the foot
as decided by his physician, Dr. Wright
in consultation with Drs. Harrison and
Garner, and the operation was, on Sat
urday afternoon, performed by these
physicians. His condition appeared
fairly hopeful for twelve hours subse
quent to the operation, but at the end
of that time symptoms of septicalmia
or blood poisoning, became more
marked and after a few more hours
his life was ended. Deceased leaves a
father and mother and two brothers to
mourn his loss. The Islander and
their host of friends extend to them
their deepest sympathy.
Mr. Hugh Templin returned Tuesday
morning from Whatcom.
Mr. Chas. Dankin returned Wednes
day from the Bay Cities.
Mr. Thos. Gill, of Whatcoin, spent
several days in East Sound this week.
The revenue launch Guard was at
our wharf for several hours last Fri
Mr. Win. Langcll left on Tuesday
morning for Friday Harbor to be ab
sent for some time.
Mr. U. E. Hicks has been on the
sick list with a cold for a number of
days the past week.
Mr. Smith Stowers met with a seri
ous accident Friday afternoon, cutting
his left hand very severely.
The many friends of Miss Maybelle
Waldrip will be sorry to hear that she
is quite ill at her home in Fairhaveu.
Dr. Fred Geoghegan, of Whateoin,
spent Sunday with relatives and friends
in East Sound en route to Roche Har
Misses Pearl Nichols and Mary
Smith left Wednesday for Whatcom,
where they expect to reinaini for some
News has been received of the death
at Washington, D. C, of Mrs. C. M.
Buxton, mother of Mr. Bertram Bux
ton of this place.
The ladies of the M. E. church gave
an oyster supper and George Washing
ton entertainment Tuesday evening,
which was appreciated and enjoyed by
the large number present.
The road leading out of the village
toward North Beach has been so im
proved with both labor and shale as to
now be worthy of the title of "avenue."
Who will suggest a name for the
avenue? East Sound.
I have given Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy a fair test and consider it one
of the very best remedies for croup that
I have ever found. One dose has al
ways been sufficient, although I use it
freely. Any cold my children contract
yields very readily to this medicine. I
can conscientiously recommend it for
croup and colds in children.—Gbo E.
Wolff, Clerk of the Circuit Court,
Fernandina, Fla.
For sale by drug department San
Juan Trading Co.
A few puffs of wind Saturday night
The revenue launch Guard glided by
here last Friday.
Mr. Bodie and daughter went to
Seattle last week.
Corner lots at Barkerville are all sold.
The town is booming.
Miss Norah Basfeard is visiting her
old friends on the island.
Mr. Fred Achorn is the owner of a
ranch; he proved up Saturday.
Messrs. Achorn and La Plant went
to Friday Harbor last Saturday. They
must have had a good sailing breeze.
Mr Harry Kerehoff has made up his
mind he can do better than go to the
Klondike. He thinks a live rancher is
better than a dead gold bug.
Mr Bellisle, of Fairhaven, is here,
working on his place. He talks some
of removing his family back to West
Sound. Scribe.
XrMTbody tors S*.
CatoareU Cand Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discovery of the age, plea*-
refresbing to tie taste,ac tgenUy
Sd positively on kidneys, Uvei'andjbowels,
cleaniing the entire sj-stem, dispel colds,
ru^beaflaebe, fever, liabitual constipation
SdTbi^us^s Pleise buy and try a box
guaranteed to cure by all druggists.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
AH Druggiate refund the money if it mils
to Cure. 25 cents,
All Personal Property Taxes Must be
Paid In Fall Within 3O Days.
County Treasurer August Wold has
sent to every personal property tax
payer in Ban Juan county the follow
ing unwelcome missive, which will
leave nothing but sorrow and dispair in
its wake:
Office of County Treasurer,
San Juan County, Wash.
Friday Harbor, Feb. 21, 1898.
Dear Sir: You are hereby notified
that you are charged with Personal
Property Taxes for the year 1897 in the
sum of $ and if same are
not paid within 30 days from the date
of this notice, the Treasurer will pro
ceed to collect by destraint and sale of
property as per Sec. 71 of new revenue
law enacted March 15,1897.
Explanatory of said law I beg to say
that Personal Property Taxes cannot be
paid in installments, but are payable in
Full immediately after tax rolls are
open, viz: first Monday in February of
each year, thirty days' notice being
The terms governing payment of
Real Estate Taxes should not be con
fused with those governing Personal
Property Taxes, as under the new law
they are entirely different.
The unusually large number of
charges for Personal Property Taxes,
and the consequent labor necessary in
its collection under the new method,
the Treasurer respectfully asks the as
sistance of the taxpayers by kindly giv
ing this notice due attention, and if
any error in said tax, to take proper
steps for its correction.
Yours respectfully,
August Wold,
County Treasurer.
For the benefit of those who are not
familiar with the laws enacted by the
last legislature governing the collection
of Personal Property Taxes we quote
the following:
"Section 71, Session Laws of 1897:
On and after the first Monday of Feb
ruary succeeding the levy of taxes, the
county treasurer shall proceed to levy
all personal property taxes, and if such
taxes are not paid on thirty days' no
tice, unless secured by real estate dis
train, sufficient goods and chattels be
longing to the person charged with
such taxes, if found within the county,
to pay the same with interest, together
with all accruing costs, and shall im
mediately proceed to advertise the same
by posting written notices in three pub
lic places in the county in which such
property has been levied upon, stating
the time when and the place where
such property will be sold, and if taxes
for which said property is distrained
and the costs which accrue thereon are
not paid before the day appointed for
such sale, which should be not less than
ten days after the taking of such prop
erty, such treasurers shall proceed to
sell such property at public auction, or
so much thereof as will be sufficient to
pay such taxes, Interest and costs, and
if there be any overplus of money aris
ing from the sale of any personal prop
erty, the treasurer shall immediately
pay any such overplus to the owner of
the property so sold, or to his legal rep
resentatives; provided, that if any per
sonal property on which taxes have
been levied, but not paid, is about to be
removed from the county where the
same has been assessed, the county
treasurer may demand without the no
tice provided for in this section, and if
necessary may distrain and sell suffi
cient goods and chattels to pay the
same; provided further, that the tax
levied for the year 189H on personal
property may be paid in two install
ments according to the provisions of
the law in force at the time of the levy
of such taxes, and if not so paid shall
be collected immediately after delin
quency according to the provisions of
this act."
Beauty I* Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets, —beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
A Magazine Which Builds Houses.
The readers of The Ladies' Home
Journal are about as responsive a client
ele as any magazine possesses. About
six months ago the Philadelphia maga
zine started to publish a series of practi
cal architectural plans showing how ar
tistic houses could be built at moderate
cost. It employed a special architect, and
his work was certainly artistic. Besides
the plans it agreed to furnish complete
specifications of each house at a mini
mum cost. Thousands of people liked
the plans given and the series has been a
great success for the magazine. This
spring the building of over 500 houses,
varying in cost from $1,500 to $7,000 earh,
will be started in different parts of the
country by Journal readers, in addition
to over 100 houses which have already
been built.
Mr. Ward L. Smith, of Fredericks
town, Mo., was troubled with chronic
diarrhoea for over thirty years. He
had become fully satisfied that it was
only a question of a short time until he
would have to give up. He had been
treated bv some of the best physicians
in Europe and America but got no per
manent relief. One day he picked up
a newspaper and chanced to read an
advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. He
got a bottle of it; the first dose helped
him and its continued use cured him.
For sale by drug department San
Juan Trading Co.
■du«mt« Tour Bowels With CucutMi
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forerer.
10c If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
The undersigned desire to give their
sincere thanks and express apprecia
tion for the many kindnesses shown
their son, Englebert J. Bailer, by their
many kind friends during his last sick
ness, and also to those who so kindly
furnished the beautiful floral gifts.
Mr. and Mrs. £. P. Bailer.
Locations for Orchards.
A dry, gravelly or saudy ridge is not
a good place to plant apple or pear
trees for profit. Both of these kinds of
fruits like a deep soil with plenty of
moisture. Where there is a variety of
soil in the orchard it is easy to learn
Schillings Best extracts
have no end of flavor in
Schillings Best
'" '. "' ~~- tea -- -~ ~ bmkiaf powdtr '.' . r. ,
co(f«« flavoring extract* ■.
soda and apicea
are pure and money-back.
Sweeney Merc. Co.
"Money talks.**
So do money-back ly
Best 1
For sale by
W. E. Sutherland, Oroas, Wash.
after the trees come into bearing which
are most thrifty and productive. It
will invariably be found thagthe best
bearing trees are on low and some
what moist soil. For pears, a cltfy sub
soil is best. The taproot of the trees
will strike down into the clay. Such
pear trees will be generally exempt
from blight, as their roots, being in the
subsoil, are not affected by sudden
changes in temperature.
The peach and cherry, however, do
much better on dry soil than on moist,
and so also does the plum, though on
all such land must have extra large
supplies of mineral fertilizers in avail
able form to make up for soil deficien
cies. All kinds of trees strike their
roots much deeper than the usual depth
of ploughing. A thorough subsoihng
before the trees are planted, and also
thorough underdraimng, if the soil is
saturated with water, are needed when
deep, moist soils are being prepared for
planting. It is important to make the
drains through orchards as deep as pos
sible, so that the tree roots will be less
likely to get into them. When the
land is underdrained, make a map
showing where each drain is, and when
the trees are planted leave the drains,
so far as possible, in the middle be
tween the rows. If a tree is planted
lirectly over an underdrain its taproot
will probably strike down into it, and
will, perhaps, fill it up after a few years.
If the underdrains are deep and laid in
the middle of the space between the
rows there is less danger of this.—
American Cultivator.
Two Million* m Tear*
When people buy, try, and buy again, it
meant they're satisfied. The people of the
United States are now buying Cascareti
Candy Cathartic at the rate of two million
boxes a year and it will be three million be
fore New Year's. It means merit proved,
that Cascarets are the most delightful bowel
regulator for everybody the year round. All
druggista 10c, 25c, 50c a box, cure guaranteed.
• - <
Are Tour Hens Laying?
If not, it is probably due to your| neg
ligence. Least of all live stock will
hens bear neglect in winter and be
profitaple. It is an easy matter to give
hens good care when they need it—
much easier, I think, than to neglect
them. The little extra work and study
are not so difficult to bestow, as the
thought of throwing out feed without
pay is hard to bear. Most of us are
living to accomplish something in the
world, and there is satisfaction in doing
things well. Anyone undertaking the
care of poultry, and doing this in the
best way possible, will find the keenest
interest and pleasure in the work. One
who cares for live stock of any kind in
an intelligent manner, so as to enlist
his whole thought, soon becomes an
enthusiast. This result is due to the
fact that the work pays in cash and
pleasure. I have found but little satis
faction in doing things by halves.
Many think they can do work by the
50 per cent method and receive returns
by the 100 per cent method. This is en
tirely a mistake. The former is apt to
bring results netting from naught to 10
per cent, while the Tatter will often net
a premium of several per cent.
The Jhen, although a beautiful bird
when in a laying condition, is not
proud in regard to her quarters. The
brilliant sunlight to bask in, a box of
dry earth to wallow in, a quantity of
straw, chaff or leaves to scratch in and
a clean dark nest to lay in are her de
lights. She does not enjoy winter
blasts or storms from any quarter. She
does not enjoy standing around all day
with nothing to do. She does not en
joy going to roost in the daytime,
though for a change she is often forced
to do so. She does not enjoy a meal of
cold, dry grain in the morning so well
as a warm mess. We would not like
cold bread for breakfast so well as warm
pancakes, and the hen is not unlike
the more intelligent bipeds in
many respects. She does not en
joy so well a changeless regimen
as one served with a little seasoning of
some kind. She does not enjoy placing
shells on eggs without material to make
them of any more than a carpenter en
joys building without material to work
with. Give her the material and she
will turn out as fine a job of work as
the best mechanic—C. M. D.
"My hens don't lay in winter," is
often the complaint made by farmers.
Scholars tell us that there is a reason
for everything. Let us, therefore, con
sider carefully the reason for this com
In order to make hens lay well in
winter you must make the henhouse
as near like summer as possible. Give
the hens a box of roaddust and plenty
of ashes and gravel. Hens when idle
are apt to become too fat to lay well,
consequently they must be kept at
work. For this purpose spread litter
upon the floor and throw grain among
it. They will scratch it for hours.
Some hang pieces of meat and cabbage
just out of their reach, and let the hens
jump for them. Feed them some green
food every day, such as cabbage, chop
ped apples, beets, etc.
Green bones are almost a necessity
to egg producing. If you are unable
to purchase a green-bone cutter and
cannot use your neighbor's, the only
way remaining will be to procure a
block of wood, or, what is much better,
a piece of iron, and, with an axe or
hammer, break the bones into fine
pieces —Robert W. Budd.
To Care Constipation Faravw.
Tmke Cucarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or So,
If C. C. C. (ail to cure, druicjri«ta refund money.
Ripans Tabules cure Indigestion.
Ripans Tabules: at druggists.
Ripans Tabules cure liver troubles.
Ripans Tabules cure constipation.
Ripans Tabules cure nausea.
Ripams Tabules assist digestion.
ikkAAdd* BO YEARS'
~iy3^M fe •■
4J BT Tkaoc Mamcs
■ H^ Dcsions
r COPTftMMT* Ac.
UtrvnUoa to probably prtagUWejComgflnttleg'
Patent* Uk«n ■ thrown » Mwm * <». i«e*r?«
Scientific JfntrkaN.
MUNNI Co. MlßniiM''llew Yorl
■■■■ ■ ." » .-■ ■ - - .:■■■'.-■ ■':".■•,. ..■■.... • ■ ■ ,-:.y/. ..
jFIF vriu g
gIF Y^ 1' r ■ mm o
£5 Go to Seattle all yon can hear is KLONDIKE, but X
■'■3C. ■■■■."■ here, all you hear is mm
99C » if A JL 1 • 9^A
&R Because here you will find anything yon want from PP
«sk a needle to an anchor. The LARGEST STOCK Mt
gK of any store in San Juan County. : jK
tM Men's Ready Made Suits, Cheaper and of far better * §■
j|l Dress Goods at Prices That Will Please the Ladies ~ IS
•§ Here you find a 1,500.00 stock of Boots, Shoes and * gg
w Rubbers. SB
w If there is anything you want, that this store has dflt
not n stock, the proprietor will get it for you on £C
3c quick notice. Come one. Come all, and bring your 3C
%y butter, eggs, in fact anything that is saleable and I %3
*» will buy it. 1 p rADTrb g
g — ' B. CARTER g
SC Proprietor Blue Front Store. ■— X
Low Cuts, Cut_low!
i I $3.00 Oxfords reduced t0...... 12.40
i I xsm, 82.50 " " " a.90 &z,
. , »:-^ $2.00 •• *• •• i ii.4o tEm
1 , *&W 11.50 " « ".. JI.OO w^T
I |1.00 " « "...... $.75
1 We have all colors—Black, Oxblood, Chocolate and Brown.
1 Your Oxford Opportunity.
1 This is no fake "closing out" or "retiring sale." We are
i here to stay.
! Famous Shoe House.
I \ Railroad Are. aai4 Holly St., NEW ATCOM, WASH.
Morse Hardware Co_—tx
Wholesale and Rbta.il.
Hardware, Rope, Coal Tar Paints,
Oils and Fish Cannery Supplies.
/-^w. New Whatcom, Washington.
*W"Will handle all kinds of farm produce on commission, *
Will make purchases of anything wanted by residents of
San Juan County, that cannot be procured of local dealers.
Will sell anything you have for sale, from a coon skin to
your ranch
The patronage of merchants and residents of San Juan Coun
ty especially solicited. Place of business, "Flyer" dock Seat
tle, Washington.
J^ammmm^JYowr Patronage Solicited.
A You'r on the Right Track! v
\ gßf and sure of getting the right thing /
J at the right place V
I f\ When Yon Go To W. C. Stnll, Whatcom, Wash. i
C A Splendid Line Of /
I Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silrerware. >
K It's time you look around for Christmas presents. \
J Perfect fitting SPECTACLES and fine watch f
S work" are special features of the house. C
The Islander and New York Weekly Tribune
1 YEAB for $1.50
\SB&Uii£g£ssJ etc.——
>^&^^ Holly Street, Whatcora, WashlngtoD.
LangTionbles and ConsnmptiOß Can
be Cared.
An Bmlnent K«w York Chemlrt and Scien
tist Makes » Free Offer to Our BeaderW
The distinguished New York chemist,
T A Slocum, demonstrating his discov
ery of a reliable and absolute cure for
Consumption (Pulmonar Tuberculosis)
and all bronchial, throat, lung and chest
diseases, stubborn coughs, cattarrhal
affections, general decline and weakness,
lo^of flesh, and all conditions of wast-
Injr awav, will send THREEIFREE BOT
TLES (all different) of his New Discov
eries U> any afflicted reader of Thk
Islandkb writing for them.
His "New Scientific Treatment" has
cured thousands permanently brito
imely use, and he considers it a sfmple
nrofessional duty to suffering humanity
Sdonateatrial of his infallible cure.
Science daily develops new wonders,
and this great chemist patiently experi
mentingibr years, has produced i results
as beneficial to humanity as can be
claimed by any modern genms. s His as-r
sertion that lung troubles and consump
tion are curable in any climate is proven
by "heartfelt letters of gratitude, filed
in his American and European labora
tories in thousands from those cured in
■11 parts of the world. .
Medial experts concede that bronchial,
chestand lung troubles lead to Oonaump
tion, which, uninterrupted, means speedy
and certain death; - - -;;-.=":■;-.-_■'- '.-:- ■^■\ -
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. C,
88 Pine street. New York, giving postr
office and express \ address, and the i free
medicine will be promptly sent. ; Snffer-
I ers should take instant advantage of his
I tell the Doctor that ■ you saw his
offer in Thb lafA »obb, .-.:,' I
tfatk. FaahtonaUe. OrMpaL Pcrfecl- '
Fttnnr. Prices 10 »n\lo cents. '
rfooeTbbhcf. Noo« Wttrfa**QTprfc«. |
Some tiaabk tnutbiak stik Ibemm
nearly •wry «lrf «r tojro. Ajkior, !
ffMmtor they «aa h* l*A »T maA from I
Stamp, taken. Latest FasUoa Sb«»
•entvpoa ftcdpt of om «at to f»y
postage. v
, Brfchtal kdW m*£*rfoe
fcvaSaAle fef ifh* home, f RAlom_ol
the day. Home Utoatore, H»MehpU
Hl«l»,^aiicy lTofk, CunentiTofilc^
Fiction, all foe only 50 cento a year, In
cfckßfWft free pattern, your own lekc
tteo any time. &Mltwo 2-ccnt stamps
for sample copy. Addfes*
J42-546 west J4th Street* New York.
, : IW Fiftt Avenue, Chicago.
Ripens Tabules cure biliousness.
Ripans Tabules: gentle cathartic.
Ripans Tabulee: one gives relief.
' -

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