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'The Islander
CULVKTU RKOS.. rwblUltcr»3
Entorod at the postotflce in Friday
Harbor as second claws — matter.
""' subscription rates.
% 1.50 per year...'. .Strictly in advance.
Display standing ads, §1.00 per inch per
month. 'i') cents per inch, per week, sin
gle column measurement. „♦:„««,
Beading business locals, and notices,
as Wanted, For Sale. etc., 10 cewts
per line for B»«t insertion and 5 cents per
fine each week thereafter.
Legal notices, at customary legal rates.
All communications to Thk I*l-**l*?* ■
must bo signed with the name of the
writer, not necessarily for publication,
tiut as a guarantee of good faith.
The Official Paper of San Juan County.
It isannounced that "Madrid is about
to play its last card." The chances are
it is a deuce, Uncle Sam holds the
trumps. m^mtmmammm^^m
If the United States should purchase
the Chilean cruiser "O'Higgius" it's
dollars to doughnuts that there would
be no difficulty in recruiting^ full com
plement of men from among the fight
ing sons of "Ould Erin."
Strange, isn't it, that the English
press and people generally should con
tinue so friendly to the United States
since that recent vicious twist of the
lion's tail administered by our valiant
Adjutant-General Bailaiue?
Tekre Haute, Indiana, has a fight
ing parson who appears to be more
patriotic than pious. In offering his
services recently to the governor in
case of war with Spain he is reported
to have said that he would do all his
power to "make Sanish the prevailing
language in Hell."
A recent Berlin dispatch says that
at a dinner given .by the bombastic
young emperor of Germany the pre
vious evening that august personage
announced to his guests, presumably
between drinks, that the United States
will not be alloy c to take Cuba while
he is emperor. The dispatch didn't
say what Billy had been drinking—
whether some old Spanish wine or just
plain "bock" beer, but it doesn't mat
ter, for Billy's bluffs are seldom con
sidered seriously even in his own
One important objection to the pur
chase of foreign ships ot war which has
been brought to Secretary Long's at
tention is that the calibres of foreign
guns are different from our own, being
measured on the decimal basis. The
calibres of the United States navy are
four, six, eight, ten, twelve and thirteen
inch. The English have a 4.72 and a
9.2-inch gun and on the Continent the
calibres are estimated almost wholly
by centimeters. If we buy guns abroad
v>e shall have to depend upon foreign
sources for their ammunition.
At their April meeting the county
commissioners will probably appoint
someone to fill thejvacancy in the office
of county superintendent caused by the
resignation and removal from the
county of Miss Lee. Ex3ept in a very
few counties of the state, of which this is
one, no person is eligible for election or
appointment to the office of county su
perintendent who is not the holder of a
first-class certificate la force for the full
term which the election or appoint
ment is to cover. In the excepted
counties holders of secoud-class certifi
cates are eligible.
When it comes to "the purchase by
either the United States or Spain of
cruisers or warships of European con
struction it is evident that it is mouey
rather than "sympathy" with either
nation that counts. Uncle Sam's fat
pocketbook and the vast resources of
his immense domain are recognized the
world over as entitling him to a front
seat and most respectful treatment at
any sale which he pleases to attend.
Spain is welcome to all the craft that
she can obtain on credit after our be
loved Uncle gathers in for cash all of
the purchasable vessels that he con
eiders worthy of a place in the Ameri
can navy.
The attention of all the orchardist
readers of The Islander is particular
ly directed to the very encouraging
communication in auotlier column
from Mr. W. O. Barker, of West
Sound, Mho returned a few days ago
from an eastern trip, made especially
iv the interest of the fruit industry of
Orcas island. Having a fair variety of
of samples with him Mr. Barker had
no difficulty in convincing eastern
dealers and consumers of its superiority
over similar California production.
Our fruit "speaks for itself" and speaks
in a most convincing way and it is
encouraging to note that Mr. Barker's
trip has oonvinced him at least that no
difficulty need be experienced in
profitably marketing such of our fruit
products as are really first-class.
With the return of better times to
the people of San J nan county they
ought to direct their attention more
Persistently and systematically to the
question of road improvements. Rural
communities which maintain the best
schools and the best roads are al
most invariably the ones which oft\r
the greatest attractions to desirab'e
homeseekers. There is no good reason
why our little county as a whole should
not obtain and maintain an enviable
reputation for both. The practical
value of first-class roads is incalculable,
and the pleasure to be derived from
them, through horseback riding, car-
Your grocer is glad to
return your money in full
for Schilling's Best ;
tea bakinf powder
coffee flavoring extra
sod* »nd apices
if not satisfactory.
Foi sale by
\V. E. Sutherland, Orcas, Wash.
riage driving and bicycling, would add
another great attraction for summer
tourists and pleasure seekers, whose
coming we should do everything pos
sible to encourage.
Spaint may get some "moral sup
port" from some of the continental
nations of Europe in the event of war
with the United States, but it is cash
that she needs most and that is just
what she finds it most difficult to get.
The "powers" that have money don't
appear to care to have any chips in the
Spanish game. As regards England,
her attitude is doubtless very well in
dicated by the following comment of
the London Daily News: "Spain can
expect no support, moral or otherwise,
from England against the United
States. She has ruined Cuba, as she
has ruined or lost every other colony,
by the grosssest corruption, cruelty and
and maladministration; and she must
be left to settle the account for it with
those whom it may concern, without
any aid or sympathy on our part."
Statistics are usually dry aud un
interesting to the average reader, but
some figures which have iust been pub
lished comparing prices and conditions
on March 4, 1898, with those of the in
auguration of President McKinley,
March 4, 1897, must interest every
citizen. They show that the prices of
all farm products have advanced dur
ing the first year of President McKin
ley's occupancy of the White House;
wheat from 95 cents per bushel to $1.06;
corn from 29 cents to 35 cents; oats
from 21 cents to 32 cents; wool from 18
ceuts to 27 cents; pork from $8.50 to
$10.50 per barrel; lard from $4.37 to
$5.45 per hundred pounds, and other
articles in like proportion. In the
business world the improvement is
equally apparent. Bank clearings for
the month of Fubruary, 1898, were
$5,333,645,000, against $3,672,088,000 in
the corresponding month of 1897; the
money in circulation in the United
States has increased $5,000,000 In the
year; the gold in circulation has in
creased $37,000,000. Treasury receipts
in February were higher under the
new revenue law than in any February
since Cleveland's inauguration and in
other features the record of the year
has been equally satisfactory.
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thing. Try a box to-day, 10c., 25c. 50a
Sample and booklet free. Bee our big ad.
Fill a bottle or common glass with urine
and let it stand twenty-four hours; a sedi
ment or settling indicates an unhealthy
condition ot the kidneys. When urine
stains linen it is evidence of kidney troub
le. Too frequent desire to urinate or pain
in the back, is also convincing proof that
the kidneys and bladder are out of order.
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Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills
every wish in relieving pain in the back,
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£•: Webster's |
I International;
I Dictionary !
6 Successor of the "Unabridged." \
X Standard \
2*gg&gSZ2l££2&* i^ , cf the T. S. Gov't Printing <
R»SS^^ • Office, tho XT. 8. Supremo (
*;■*: i Court, all the State 8u- (
<w. frwiJß : prenieConrte.andof near
jgc^; S3 , all ScLoolbook*. (
is nBrS"M ' Commended ]
fcjd^^ USSr/ ' by State Superintendent* .
BSI-MBiK \r\S i of School*, College l'resi
hWßSSßl . ' denta.andotlierEducatora '
' *'*jS|& i almost without number. <
l^»^Hi! i Invaluable f '
i~mMM.\ li 111* household, and to ,
L_~ilii*fTß| _^^p^- the teacher, scholar, pro
tMdj-ifapwSya^- fewional man, tvnd wlf- '
J -.." 'Wl»^^- „:.'. educator. >- : ;,■-,,-.■.■. I
0 ' It la easy to find the word wanted. i
9 It Is easy to ascertain the pronunciation. • i
Q It is easy to trace the growth of « word, : i
9 It to easy to learn what a word moM. :. i
6 The Chicago Times-Herald says:— > !
6 ' WehQter'Blijternatlono.ir>lctlonaryln its present ,
A form la Absolute authority on everything pertain
-1 in« to our languaaa in the way of orthography, '
V orthoepy, elymol»y, and definition. From it '
9 there Is no appeaL It Is si» perfect as human effort i
p and Bcnol!ir»mp can make - .: . - * |
x '■.■■■■> GET THE BEST. '
X t^"Sptdmen pages sent on application to '
6 G. Of C. MERRIA3TCO., Publishers, !
9 Springfield, Mass., U. S. <
X CAUTION. °° not be deceived
X ~TTT —TS . la boy*"* Mail so- i
9 called "Webster's i Dictionaries." AH
j x authentic abridgments of the International '
X iii the various sizes bear our trade-mark on '
a the front cover as shown in the cuts. '
Order Fixing Time and Place of Hear
ing Petition for Discharge and
Final Settlement.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, for San Juan County.
In the matter of the estate of Philip
H. Fosnot, deceased.
J. M. C Warren, administrator of the
estate of Philip H. Fosnot, deceased, hav
ing on the 19th day of March, A. D. 1«>8,
presented to the Superior Court of said
county, and filed herein his final account
and asking that his final account rendered
and filed herein, be examined, and if the
same be found true and correct, and that
the said Administrator has fully discharg
ed his trust in the administration of said
estate, that he and his wireties be dis
charged from all liabilities hereinafter to
be incurred.
Wherefore, it is hereby ordered that
Tuesday, the 2«th day of April, A. D. 18K,
at 2 o'clock p. m., of said day, at the Court
room of the court house, in Friday Har
bor, San Juan County, Washington, be
and the same is hereby fixed and appoint
ed as the time and placo for the hearing of
said petition and for the examination 01
said Administrator's final account, and
any person interested in said estate may
appear and contest the discharge of said
And it is hereby further ordered that
notice of such hearing and settlement
shall be given by posting notice thereof,
not less than 30 days before the day set for
said hearing, in three of the most public
places in said county, and by publishing
a similar notice in the San Juan Island
er, a weekly newspaper printed and pub
lished and in general circulation in said
That said notice shall set forth the name
of the estate, the name of the administra
tor and time and place appointed for the
hearing of said petition and settlement of
said accounts.
Done in open court this 21st day of
March, 1898. J. P. lIOUSEK, Judge.
State of Washington, I
I, E. H. Nash, Clerk of the Superior
Court in and for the County of San Juan,
State of Washington, holding terms at
Friday Harbor, do hereby certify that the
above is a true copy of the original order
fixing time and place of hearing petition
as the same appears on record in my office,
f—- —.) WITNESS my hand and the
< skal. >• Seal of said Court, this 22nu
I • — r-< J day of March, 1898.
E. H. Nash,
Clerk of Superior Court.
W. H. Thacker, attorney for adminis
First publication March 24, 1898.
By virtue of an order of sale issued out
of the Superior court of the state of Wash
ington for the county of San Juan, and to
me directed and delivered, fora judgment
rendered in said court on the 19th day of
October, A. D., 1897, in favor of Eliza
E. Simmons, plaintiff, and against George
A. Lee and Helena Lee, and, George A.
Lee as guardian of the estate and person
of Susie Helena Lee (a minor) and Susie
Helena Lee and Mary A. Lee, defendants,
for the sum of $506.23 with interest at the
rate of 12 per cent per annum from said
19th day of October, A. D. 1897, and the
further sum of gfcM.Oi attorney's fees, and
$12.85 costs of suit, I have levied upon the
following described real estate, to-wit:
The Northeast quarter of the Southwest
quarter of Section Eleven (11), Township
Thirty-five (35) North of Range Two (2),
West of the Willamette Meridian, con
taining in all Forty acres, and situate, ly
ing and being in Sau Juan county, Wash
Notice is hereby given that on Saturday,
the 2nd day of April, A. D. 1898, at
the hour of 11 o'clock a. m., of said day, at
the court house door, in Friday Harbor,
in said county of San Juan, I will sell all
the right, title and interest of the said
George A. Lee, Helena Lee, and George
A. Lee as guardian of estate and person of
Susie Helena Lee. and Susie Helena Lee
and Mary A. Lee, defendants, in and to
the above described real estate, at public
auction, to the highest and best bidder, to
satisfy said execution and all costs.
Given under my hand this 2nd day of
March, A. D. 1898. Newton Jones,
Sheriff of San Juan County, Washing
H. S. King and W. H. Thacker, attor
neys for plaintiff.
First publication March 3,1898.
In the Superior Court of the State of Wash
ington, for San Juan County.
in probate.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas Me-
Keuna, deceased.
Order to show cause why an order of sale of
real estate should not be made, and fixing time
and place of hearinpr
James L.Farnsworth,administrator of the estate
of Thomas McKenna, deceased, having filed his
petition herein, praying for an order of sale of
the real estate of said decedent, for the pur
poses therein set forth.
It is hereby ordered by the said Court, that all
persons interested in the estate of said Thomas
McKenna, deceased, appear before the said
Court, to-wit: Monday, the 28th day of March,
A. D. IS9B, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said
day, at the court room of said Court, at the court
house in Friday Ha.rbor, San Juan County, State
of Washington, and show cause if any they
have, why an order should not be granted
to the said" James L. Farnsworth, administrator
of said estate, to sell so much of the real estate
of said deceased, Thomas McKenna, as shall be
necessary to pay the debts and settle said estate.
And that a copy of this order be published at
least four successive weeks in This Islander
a weekly newspaper printed and published and
in general circulation in said San Juan County.
Done in open Court this 21st day of February,
[89S. J. P. HOUSER, Judge.
County of San Juan. (
I, E. H. Nash, Clerk of the Superior Court in
and for the County of San Jutiu, State of Wash
ington, holding terms at Friday Harbor, do
hereby certify that the above is a true copy of
the original order to show cause as the same ap
pears on record in my office.
Witness my hand and the seal of said Court,
this 21st day of February, 1898. E. H. NASH,
(SEAL) Clerk.
W. H. Tiiacker, attorney for administrator.
Date first publication February 24, 1898.
L.and Office at Seattle, Wash.,
Monday, February 7, 1898.
TtfOTICE is hereby given that the fol
■^ lowing-named settlor has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proot
. will be made before the Clerk of Superior
Court, at Friday Harbor, Washington, on
Monday, April 4, 18U8, viz:
Homestead application No. 14,086 for
the Se i of Sw I See. 4; and Nw i of Ne J
and E J of Nw i of Sec. 9, Tp. 36 N R 1 W.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz.:
Wm. Einch, Anthony Ohlert, Sherman
Jones and Henry Branaugh, all of Olga,
Washington. .*
Edward P. Tremper, Register.
First publication Feb. 24, 1897.
f United States Land Office,
1 Seattle, Wash., March 10, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intentiou to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the Superior
Court at Friday Harbor, Washington, on
Wednesday, May 11, 1898, viz:
Homestead application No. 15,060 for
the lot 4; S i of Se i of Sw J Sec. 25 Tp. 37
N. R. 1 W.
He nair.3B the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
G. N. Culver, Barney Viereck Fred
Schmidley, of Doe Bay, Washington, and
F. N. Culver, of Friday Harbor, Wash
Edward P. Trkmpeb. Register.
First publication March 17,1898.
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unique features, cartoons and graphic illustra
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All these improvements havelbeen made with
out any increase in the cost, which remains at
one dollar per year.
We offer this unequaled newspaper and The
Islander together one year for $1.75.
Untted States Land Office,
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 7, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of hi*
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the Superior
Court at Friday Harbor Washington, on
Monday, April 4th, 1898, viz:
Homestead application No. 14,068 for
the Si? lof Nw $ Sec. 4, Tp. 36 N R 1 W.
Ho names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said Hnd, viz:
Wm. Emch, Thomas Davis, Anthony
Ohlert and J. D. Moore, all of Olga,
Edward P. Tej:mper, Register.
First publication Fe#24,1898.
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and improvements made in the
leading branches of farm industry
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Leaves Whatcom at 8 p. m. on
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Returning, loaves City Dock, foot of
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Assistant General Passenger Agent, 255 Morri
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—No. 2726.—
Notice of Application to Purchase Tide
Offiae of Commissioner of Public Lands )
Olympia, Washington, j
Notice is hereby given that Peter T
Morriss, of Doe Bay, Washington, filed
an application in this office to pur
chase the following described Tide Lands,
of the second class, situate in San Juan
county, Washing, 01, to wit:
All Tide Lands of the second class
owned by the State of Washington, situate
in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon
that portion of the United States govern
ment meander line described as follows:
Commencing at a point where the
east boundary line of Lot 5, Section 2,
Township 36 North of Range 1 West in
tersects said meander line. Thence along
said meander line southwesterly in front
of said Lot 5 a distance of One (1) chain.
- —Commencing at a point on said me
ander line which is 5.11 chains north 7°
west of where the line between Lots 5 and
6, said section, township and range, inter
sects said meander line; thence from said
initial point along said meander line south
7° east 8.41 chains; thence south 64J° east
4.49 chains, having a total frontage on said
Lots 5 and 6 of 12.90 chains.
-' 3:—Commencing at the meander corner
between fractional sections 2 and 3 and
running thence southeasterly and north
easterly along . said v meander; line' a : dis
tance of 15.32 chains for ; point of begin
ning. Thence from said \ point of begin
ning north 71i° east 2 chains 1 and I thence
north 344° east 3 chains, having | a total
frontage of 5 chains measured along said
meander llne.':-;:/--.":"'''--'"";--'-..^.''.:-''-:; : ; :.
The three descriptions, taken together,
having Ja ■ total frontage of • 16.90 , chains
measured | along | said I meander line and
being in front of Lots 5 and 6, 1 Section; 2,
Township 36 North of Range 1 1 West lof
the Willamette 1 Meridian, according ito
certified copy of Surveyor General's field
notes filed with said application March 14,
1898. .;;';; '--> -; ''•.■■■-""•■**.'-■■■,•'*:■.;.: ."■'-. •.-■ ■'■■■>.-..:.'; '■.'-■■
; Any person desiring to protest against
said application may do so within thirty
days from and after date of first publica
tion of this notice. ".
' Date of first publication this 24th day of
March, 1898. <, v Robert Bridges, ;
; Commissioner of Public Lands.
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The most conveniently located hotel in the city. TVo blocks from
depots, and close to all the principal steamer landings.
Equipped with all modern conveniences. Nearly all rooms face on
street and are large and well lighted. 'Prices reasonable.
j|jU^. BORN
■ I iflßrEnflruS&^S*^- SEPTEMBER
For more than fifty-six years it has never failed in
its weekly visits to the homes of farmers and
villagers throughout the United States.
IT HAS faithfully labored for their prosperity and happiness/ for the
improvement of their business and home interest, for education,
for the elevation of American manhood and true womanhood.
IT HAS told at the fireside, interesting and instructive stories of the
doings of the world, the nation and states. ;
IT HAS advised the farmer as to the most approved methods of culti
* vating and harvesting his crops, and the proper time to convert
them into the largest possible amount of money.
IT HAS led in all matters pertaining to the welfare .■ of fanners : and
villagers, and for over half a century has held their confidence
, and esteem. '„
It is the NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, and we furnish it with
THE SAN JUAN ISLANDER, one year for $1.50, cash
mm' % IS in advance. :. i ---K^'ry-'Xi. ■ ■
Address all Orders to THE ISLANDER.
Write your name and address on a postal card, send #it to Geo. W.
Best, Tribune Building, New York City, and a sample copy of THE
NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE will bo mailed to you.

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