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Canadian Pacific
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in the
United States and Canada.
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rdhs Between Seattle and Whatom
Via. PORT TOWNSEM), And the
San Juan Islands
getttt le 1a in Whatcom 4am
Towusen.l 0a m East 50und....7 a. m.
Friday HHr..10:30 in Koche Harbor lOam
Koche Hai.H:4.-,aiu Friday Harborll m
Kant Sound spm Townsend 4p in
At..6:30 p m. At..7:45 p. m.
J. R. THOMPSON Mang. Owner.
Steamer Buckeye
Running Between Friday Harbor,
Anacortcs and Wliatcom.
This elegant steamer runs rough
tint Archipelago De Hiiro, Daily, Leav
ing Whaieoiu at 6 a. in. on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, calling at Cot
touwoodj Olfia, Newball, East Sound,
On-as, West Sound, and arrives at Fri
day Harbor at 12:45 p. m. Leaves Fri
day Harbor wit/i the mail at 1 p. m.
far Aaacortes. stopping at Pt. Stanley,
Thatcher, Decatar, Nedro and Guenies
:■.!! \ arrives at Auacortes at (5:20 p. m.
Leaves XiiHcortes at 7 a. m. on Tues
•Uy, Thursday and Saturday, for the
above named points arriving at Friday
Harbor at 12:20 p. m. Leaves Friday :
Harbor at 1 p. in. and arrives at What- '
em at 7 p. in. '
For Freight and Passenger rates, ap- '
ply on board. [
A. XEWIIALL, - Owner.
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__ Branch Office. (35 F St., Washington. P. C. ™ I
Alex Hall wont to Seattle Tuesday
Ma delegate from the A. O. U. W.
lodge to the grand lodge.
. Much improvement has been made
on the »rouii ty road within the "city
S?S Ulld A er Hie direction of Super
ttoche Harbor had quite a boom Sat
i,":- » "was a big boom which the
ntisi, tag Hope towed in from Whid-
SanK !\1 towed out to Victoria,
>undav All the logs in one section
jew wt sometime Friday night, either
inSweden channel or oft"Henry island.
Tl* successor to Dr. Harrison as
oCrKt p ; yslciau"has not yet been
X ' ut the Physician's duties are
PnSent \2 ;! ccv l(tably discharged at
IoS Li y Dn Hiatt > of Oak,
V rrm' d last week to visit
*£S3R n £ Mm *' and tak« *
leaVe in o fMcti rary and family will
Mrs \ia,f das for Tacoma, where
X hi r My and children will re-
So?i Ulf Mr McCrary goes to San
iwta t V°attendthe trial otanim-
Upun n" age-suit a«ainßt ft lime
had? ;, her in whose employ he
a kiln tnli erkilledby the collapse of
klln fiMedwith burning lime.
Pi^nr° Ui? b *there was no clergyman
and eninvff , r as very appropriately
*veuinim, ly Observed here Sunday
anurnL JfV c rre were recitationß by
PublK, fMrs- Albert's pupils in the
of {£ i lool J who are also members
UMUU(! ny school. Mrs. Phipps
A,' V hat Easter Means." Mr. Me
knfvl ye *, I hoTt and most , excel
****** address, and the various
*i'h ?rm.. fea!ures were interspersed
• v a PPropnate songs. , Roche." •
Ali aDrn Ttive,Bromo Quinine Tablets.
'■'-■ t'ure. 25 c c^ und the mo ™7 if it fails
D ;Pans Tabules cure liver troubles. :
*•**» rabuies: for sour ■ :
pans Tabales: for sour stomach.;
Overalls, any size for 50 cents, at
New line of Hats and Caps at Swee
ney's; also Stationery.
Easter services were held in the M.
E. church last Sunday morning.
Dr. Geo. 8. Wright went to Orcas
island on a professional visit the first
of £he week.
Mr. O. H. Smaby, the West Sound
merchant, visited the Bay Cities on
business last week.
Heavy 9-ounce Riveted Overalls for
Men, all cotton and a yard wide, for 50
cents, at the Blue Front Store.
Rev. Arthur B. Cort left for Seattle
Tuesday to attend the anuual meeting
of the Puget Sound Presbytery.
A force of foriy-seven Chinamen
started to work at the cannery, Mon
day, manufacturing cans for next sea
son's pack.
Sweeney is now offering the greatest
bargains ever heard of in woolen goods
which he has just received from the
Washington Woolen Mills.
Dr. Lee Baker, dentist, of Port Town
send, will be in Friday Harbor, on
April 22, and will remain until April
28. All wanting work done, call early.
Mrs. W. H. Parsons, of Seattle, has
been in the Harbor for the past few
days with a fine stock of millinery, and
is a guest at th Tourists' hotel.
Hon. J. P. Houser was in town this
week and held a short term of court.
He will convene the regular term on
the second Monday in May next.
Mr. Ethan Allen, of Waldron, the
newly appointed superintendent of
S3hools, was in town Saturday to take
the oath of office and to attend to some
oter matters.
Mrs. A. George is at the Bay View
Hotel and will remain until the 20th.
See her Sailors and Leghorns, prices
from 25 cents up. Trimmed hats very
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gould left for
Victoria, B. C, Tuesday, where Mr.
Gould goes on business. They will
likely go from there to Seattle before
returning home.
Sheriff Jones, assisted by Deputy
Geo. S. Thacker, started for Walla
Walla, Wednesday, with Edwin H.
Barnes, who is sentenced to serve a
fifteen-year term in the penitentiary
for rape.
As we go to press we learn that Ar
thur Davis, son of Jas. L. Davis of
Richardson, had a portion of his right
hand accidentally shot off, but how
serious the wouud may tie or how the
accident occurred we were unable to
Miss Fagan, representing the Won
der milliner house of Seattle, is in the
Harbor with a large and well selected
stock of millinery, which she respect
fully invites the ladies to call and in
spect. She will be here until Satur
day, and is stopping at the Bay View
Mrs. A. George, the milliner, arrived
in the Harlor, Tuesday, and will be at
the Bay View Hotel one week, and
extend* a cordial invitation to the
ladies of Friday Harbor and vicinity to
cull and examine her new spring line of
millinery, which will be sold at reason
able prices.
Judge I. J. Lichtenberg, of Lopez,
who has leases of the military reserva
tion on the north end of Lopez island,
lias also lately secured a lease of Canoe
island, a small island between Lopez
and Shaw islands. Canoe island con
tains an area of about forty-three acres,
which is leased at the nominal rental of
$1, with the provision that the lessee
must be prepared to quit the reserva
tion at any time the department may
decide it needs it for military purposes.
Mr. J. I. Oldbam, old batchelor, 73
years of age and residing alone, was
found dead in his cabin near Deer Har
bor, Orcas island, last Sunday evening
by Mr. Winfield Scott, a neighbor,
who at once reported the matter and
asked that the body of deceased be
well looked after and the proper au
thorities notified. Messrs. Ed. Cad
well and Henry Cayou sat up with the
remains Sunday night, and Monday
morning came here for the purpose of
notifying the coroner and county at
torney and also to get a casket tor
burial. As it has often been stated by
those who knew him best that he was
frequently troubled with his heart, and
as nothing unusual appeared about his
premises to indicate foul play, the
coroner deemed it unnecessary to hold
i any inquest and simply ordered that
he be buried at once. Deceased was
an old California miner, having gone
there from the east during the '49 gold
excitement and he | remained in Cali
fornia until 1866 when he V came to
Orcas island where he resided until his
On Tuesday, Edwin H. Barnes,
who was arrested about ten days ago
on the charge of criminally abusing
his own daughter, Minnie .Mabel
Barnes, was brought before Judge J. P.
Houser on an information filed by
Attorney King, accusing; him of the
crime of rape. Barnes plead guilty, to
the crime as charged and was sentenced
by the court for a term of fifteen years
at hard labor in the penitentiary at
Walla Walla. It seems that < Barnes'
daughter has been an inmate of the In
dian school in Oregon for the last five
years, but about a year ago her father
sent for her on account of the ill health
of his wife, i who ; died : last January.
Some time during the month of Octo
ber last Barnes accomplished the ruin
of this daughter, who is only a child 16
years old, and under the 1 law defining
crimes of this J nature, is under the age
of consent. Barnes is about 59 years of
age. We think the punishment in
flicted by the court in this case is em
minently just, for the felony with
which he stands V self-convicted s before
the court is one of the most bestial, de
grading and revolting! known to the
law or ; the moral 1 sense ,of I mankind.
The unfortuate girl is not blamed in
this matter *as she 1 was coerced and
threatened by her unnatural father if
she made \ his crime known. *•: She has
been given a refuge and shelter and is
now kindly cared for in the home of
Mrs. Henry Cayou, at I Deer Harbor.
The county officials who have had the
ferreting S out and prosecution of this
case, together V with ; those j citizens lof
Deer Harbor who so efficiently assisted
them in the matter, deserve great credit
for the . prompt manner in which tnis
case has been;handled^; -
A •«• TUaf f o* Too.
A. transaction in which youcannptloaejtoa
miM tSwt BUlouaneM, rick headache, fur-
STuS, fever, piles and athouaandother
55 are^«ri»ed by constipation and sluggish
UverCasoir*** Candy cSfcartte, the won
&^Tuvw^ttmnlaat and Intestinal
Mr. Van Bogart is about laid up
with a cold.
Mr. Freel has dehorned all his
young cattle.
Messrs. Vaughn and Clark returned
home Saturday.
Baby Van Moran has been down
with the measles.
Wm. Hambly is trimming the Mes
sick orchard again.
Bids fair for a large crop of fruit
again on the island.
Mr. Barker's cooper shop is now
ready for business.
Peter LaPlant's acreage of wheat
bids fair for a large crop.
W. E. Sutherland went to Waldron
island Saturday on business.
Mac Court arrived home last Mon
day from Whatcom, where he has been
on a visit.
Messrs. Van Bogart and Reddig
have just finished a neat little cottage
for Mr. Hanson.
Mr. John Kettles has rented the
eighty acres that belonged to the
Dixou ranch for two yean*.
We want a fruit cannery, hotel and
another dryer at West Sound. Good
locations for all buildings.
Mr. Holland is going to add quite an
acreage to his plow land. He has been
clearing a piece of ground.
I see that the Deer Harbor corres
pondent is getting quite poetical!
What's the matter with Deer Harbor,
anyway ?
The short term of (school closed last
Friday at West Sound, Miss L. MaroU,
teacher. Miss Marold commenced a
three months' term on Lopez last Mon
Geo. Gibbs, of Orcas, is bound to
make a success of bulbs, and a man
with such staying qualities as this gen
tleman will surely win in the end.
He has hyacinths that measure nine
inches in circumference and ten inches
long, one year old. Holland is no
Hiram Barker, son of Steven Barker
and brother to our friend and neigh
bor, Oriu Barker, died in Circle City,
Alaska, at the home of his brother,
Thoma3, January 13, 1898. His health
had been poor, but while visiting here
he improved very much. He was
bound to go to the land of gold, but
the climate was too severe for him.
The Orcas Entertainers held a
monthly meeting last Saturday. The
next meeting will be held May 7th,
and something extra is expected. They
elected the following officers: W. J.
Court, president; Omer Freel, vice
president; Miss Carrie Kins, secretary;
Mrs. Kepler, treasurer; Mr. Van Mo
ran, sergeant-at-arms and Mr. Van Bo
gart, janitor. Scribe.
We wish to announce to the La- {
dies of Friday Harbor and vicinity £
that Mrs. J. J. Cressman, of \
The Wonder Millinery House, S
of Seattle, will be In their fity, Mon- f
day, April 11, with a full line of r
fine millinery. It is unnecessary j
to say anything about the styles |
and quality of our goods, as every \
one knows that nothing but the /
very best conies from the \
and we wish all the Ladies to call £
and inspect our stock and leave us \
your orders. You will be looked f
after in the best possible manner \
and will be given the lowest prices. /
News reached Seattle Saturday that
over a score of men, perhaps many
more, had been killed Sunday, April 3,
on the terrible Chilkoot trail by an
avalanche of snow and ice. Many
more were caught in the avalanche,
but were rescued without serious in
Consul - General Lee and Consuls
Springer and Barker left Havana Sat
urday evening, and permission has
been given by tne state department for
all U. S. consuls in Spain to leave the
country, if they so desire.
Tacoma has again elected Republi
can officials after a term of Populist
misrule. The editor of The Islander
was acquainted with the new mayor
when he was practicing law in North
Dakota fifteen years ago.
The Spanish government, yielding to
the pressure of the "powers" and the
pope, has declared an armistice in Cuba,
but the Cubans decline to accept it or
to entertain any negotiations which
have not for their basis the absolute in
dependency of the island.
Deer Harbor now has a money order
Mr. E. Cadwell has rented the
Barnes farm.
Last Sunday forty people attended
Easter services at the church.
We hear no blasts these days. Is the
West Sound Klondike played out?
Mr. Jack Berge, of British Columbia,
has rented the Deer Harbor hotel.
Miss Sada Clay has the most beauti
ful flower garden in this neighbor
Mr. Court intends to leave this part
of Washington. How can we give him
There is nothing now to hinder Deer
Harbor from standing in the front
Miss Cregg, our school teacher, is an
intelligent young lady and we expect a
good school.
Miss Nellie Milne is fast recovering
from her illness and we hope to see her
at Sabbath school soon.
Miss Jesse Weddle intends going to
Whatcom for a short visit. She will
be missed in church and Sabbath
Mr. Gibta has Introduced the wild
currant into the eastern flower market.
He intends to cultivate and ship them
by the thousands. Rustleb.
Ripans Tabules core dyspepsia.
FRIDAY HARBOR, April 4,1898.
The Board of County Commissioners of San
Juan county met at the Auditor's office in regu
lar session, in pursuance to law, at 10 o'clock a.
m. Present, John Buckley, chairman; J. H.
Nichols, Wm. Graham, and A. H. Sitter, clerk
and the following orders were made and en
tered of record:
In the matter of the petition of Nelson Labar
et al., petitioning for a county road on San Juan
island, the same was granted and viewers ap
pointed as follows: A. P. Vaughn, John L-
Blair and L. C. Larson.
The Board adjourned at 11 o'clock to meet at
9 o'clock a. m., Tuesday, April 5, having taken
Monday afternoon to examine road matters in
controversy between V. W. Oakes and H. A.
The Board met pursuant to adjournment at 9
o'clock a. m., April 5, 1898.
The following bill was allowed anal warrant
drawn for same on county current fund:
O. T. I,oos, salary $151 00
In the matter of the resignation of Rhoda H.
Lee, county school superintendent, the same
was accepted, to take effect on the appointment
and qualification of her successor.
Ethan Allen, a legally qualified person, was
appointed county superintendent of schools.
la the matter of the correction of assessment
of Micheal Adams on personal property, for the
year 1897, the treasurer was authorised to cor
rect said error.
Board adjourned to 9 o'clock a. m., April 5,
On motion the Board met pursuant t« ad
The following road supervisors made their re
ports, which were allowed and warrants ordered
drawn on their respective road district funds;
Hiram Blowers, No. 1, Lopez $ 17 00
C. W. Freel, No. x, Orcas 106 00
Edward Gillshenan, No. 1, Waldron 17 00
George L. Sutherland, No. 5, Orcas as 50
W. H. McCreary, No. 3, San Juan 10 00
Nils Matson, No. 3, Orcas 15 00
Joseph Bull, No. 2, Orcas 30 10
A. T. Dill, No. 3, Lopez 10 00
Stephen Sweeney, No. 6. San Juan 30 00
Samuel Wilson, No. 3, Lopes 33 75
The following bills were allowed and war
rants ordered drawn on road district No. 1
W. K. Sutherland, for powder, caps, etc fl4 80
O. H. Smaby, materials 5 3°
Robert Mervyn, do 6 85
John Killebrew, labor 6 00
F. Majo, do 2 00
H. Matthesius, do 400
C. F. Martin, do 4 00
N. Cort, do 3 00
James LaPlant, do 3 00
The following bills were allowed on road dis
trict 3, Orcas:
Cascade Lumber Co., lumber $ 6 65
O. H. Smaby, plow 1750
The following bills were allowed on funds of
road district 5, Orcas:
George Sutherland, labor $ 8 00
B. F. Shattuck, blacksmith work 55
The following bills were allowed on the dif
ferent funds, as fellows:
Road district 1, San Juan —
Sweeney Mercantil Co., scraper $ 9 00
Road district 3, San Juan —
Sweeney Mercantile Co., material $ 4 65
Road district 5, San Juan —
J. L- Farnsworth, material $36 05
Road district 1, Lopez—
Waage & McDonald, scraper $900
Road district a, San Juan —
Sweeney Mercantile Co., material 133 25
Road district 5, San Juan —
Sweeney Mercantile Co., material $46 25
Road and bridge—
Robt. Flinn, axeman, Flinn road $ 2 00
Levi W. Braun, viewing, do 3 00
W. O. Clark, platting road, etc 38 62
L. C. Larson, viewing Labar road 6 00
John L- Blair, do 5 00
August Wold, stamps, etc $ 7 60
E. H. Nash, ink 40
Newton Jones, expenses 13 00
The following bills for the burial of Arthur
Mitchell were disallowed:
Charles Kent, coffin $3 50
Julius Schroder, digging grave 5 00
The following bills were allowed on county
current fund:
George Mullis, book cases ....$ 00
Calvert Co., drawing paper 4 00
St. John's Hospital, care poor 117 00
Lou E. Warren, visiting schools .......... 10 35
Idel Nichols, rent room. 4 50
1,. C. Larson, team I 75
James King, 1 load bark. 1 75
George S. Thacktr, guard 6 00
Newton Jones, boarding prisoners I 80
San Juan Trading Co., Stove, etc. 9 40
San Juan Couaty Bank, rcat vau1t........ 8 00
W. K. Sutherland, clothes for poor ....... 9 12
Culver Bros., books and stationery ....... 61 75
P. N. Culver, 5t0ve......... 5 00
L. B. Carter, oil, etc a 70
Henry Cayou, for poor "....... 300
L. C. Larson, justice fees State vs. Welch. 565
E. H. Nash, taking evidence 2 30
A. H. Sliter, witness.. ■ 200
T. H. Dyer, d 0........ .. T.. 2 00
J. L. Farnsworth, do 2 00
Moses Sutton, do .. 00
Ed. Church, do ."..... 2 00
L. C. Larson, justice fees, State vs. Barnes 420
tim'l N. Pressey, witness - 3 40
Mrs. Henry Cayou, d 0...... 3 20
Minnie Barnes, do 3 20
Maggie Barnes, d 0... 3 20
Clara Barnes, do — 3 *>
A. P. Vaughn, surveyor 2150
R. K. Kobb was appointed supervisor of road
dirict No. 3, Orcas, vice Nils Matson, resigned.
The resignation of Charles Fleming as con
table for San Juan precinct No. 1 was accepted.
In the matter of the application of the Island
Packing Co., a corporation, made in its behalf
by J. A. Gould that the permit heretofore
'ranted by the Board to James L. Farnsworth
la the 2nd day ot April, 1895, permitting him to
construct a wharf immediately in front of, ad
oining and adjacent to the northeast end of
Spring street; the record of all which is
hereby referred to and is recorded at page 295,
volume two, of the Commissioners' Court journ
al, and which said permit bearing date of 2nd
day of April, 1895, was on the 2nd day of July,
1896, duly assigned, set over by James L. Farns
worth to the Island Packing Co., which instru
ment of assignment is duly recorded In volume
I—9, page 443, Miscellaneous Records, San Juan
County. Now, since the date of said permit, the
county of San Juan having acquired title from
the state of Washington to the tide lands im
mediately adjoining and abutting said street,
and on the application of the Island Packing Co.
that the permit heretofore referred to be fully
confirmed unto the Island Packing Co. by a
lease of the said tide lauds to . the company.
Now it is hereby ordered that a lease be exe
cuted to the , Islaad Packing Co. to continue
from this date until the expiration of the life of
said permit at the yearly rental of $1 per annum
from the date of this lease, and the Chairman
and Auditor of this Board are authorized and
directed to execute said lease in accordance
with the order. The vote on the above order
being as follows: In favor, Commissioners Win.
Graham and J. H. Nichols, and against, John
Buckley. Done this 6th day of April, 1898. ■
In the matter of licenses for the sale of liquors
in San Juan county, Attorney H. S. Kin sub
mitted to the Board a form to be used as an ap
plication for liquor license in the c >unty in the
uture. Upon consideration said form was re
ected by . the Board. Commissioners Buckley
and Graham voting against and Commissioner
Nichols votisg in favor of said form. It was
then Toted on whether the application for
licenses for sale of liquors as filed by John
Douglas, April 4, 1898, and James Ross, April 5,
1898, was sufficient. ' Commissioners Buckley
and Graham voting that said forms of applica
tion are sufficient. Commissioner Nichols voting
against said application, on the ground that in
his opinion said applications were insufficient.
In the matter of retail liquor licenses, .licenses
were granted to James Ross and to John Doug
las, of Friday Harbor. - r v.
In the matter of raising the liquor llcease
from $300 to $500,' Commissioner - Nichols voted
yes and Commissioners Buckley and Graham
voted no. /:',..'"■ ;":-•>■---""': „,■;■ '*■:'-■'■'<>
In the matter of the personal tax of Peter
Morris, there appearing to be an error, in that
he is taxed in the wrong school district, the
treasurer was directed to correct the same. "
On motion ; the Board adjourned to 9 o'clock
a. m., April 7,1898. .
- On motion the Borad met pursuant to adjourn
ment taken April 6, 1898. - /''=*,
-In the matter of the application of Winfield
Smith petitioning that the treasurer's roll be
corrected by canceling an alleged erroneous tax
of the year 1892 on certain real estate, the treas
urer was ' directed to correct same; also to cor
rect the 1894 tax roll tor the same reason. *-^ «
-5 In the matter of the • appointment of Ethea
Allen to the ■, office \of county school superin
tendent, it was ordered \ that be furnish a good
and sufficient bond in the sum of $1,000. :
- la the matter of a petition filed by fifteen vot
ers of Waldron precinct Wo. 1, petitioning the
Board to change the polling place of said pre
cinct ! from Mr. Graignic's store -, to the school
house in I school district i No. 21, the I same was
granted, for the reason* that the school house is
more centrally. located and that said Graignic
no longer has a store. w^-'/T-:.^ ;" ■ ■: ■_■•■■;■ ■■-■
. In the matter of O. N. !, Culver ;et al., for a
county ! road, the • same was ?■ granted. •-'AT* F.
Vaughn, county • survey and Samuel Robert
son and Payton Reddick as viewers of said road,
and the 18th day of April, 1898, was fixed as the
day to view the same. •-.=- : t ;:'-:t;'
■ Ordered, that a warrant be drawn on the inci
dental fund in favor :of the county auditor for
""me proof of th.c pud
ding is in the eating."
Your grocer offers you
Schillings Best
hi?- t«* ;- &-;->'■-■ baking p«w4er "■■-"■-. ■:■ Cl
--■- :": coffee :■• •;.,■ ; fijtvoesag extracts ".. •■.
soda . aaaM&s .
and your money bad: if not I
>:<>» For sale by i-'-rih'-'Cy'. :■:*'-■ :■!'; % ', i':-r-}^~<:.:l f'':::-
Sweeney Merc. Co.
stamp for the county offices for the quarter end
ing June 30,1898, for $25
Ordered, that the road supervisors of th« road
districts of the county be advised to examine all
the bridges in their road districts at once and
report their condition to their commissioner.
On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 9
o'clock a. m., April 8,1898.
Board met pursuant to adjournment taken
April 7,1898. • . ,
In the matter of the application of Clarence
M. Tucker for the vacation of • portion of the
townsite of Argyle, the said Clarence M. Tucker
having complied with the order of the Board,
made on the sth day of January, 1898, and sale
applicant having obtained the release of said
property from H. C. Willison and having given
a good and sufficient deed in warranty to a road
way to San Juau county, as in said order condi
tioned, which road-way is in lieu of the streets
and alleys vacated, which deed has been duly
approved by H. 8. King, county attorney, it (a
ordered that said deed be and is hereby ac
cepted, and it is further ordered that that por
tion of the townsite of Argyle, as described by
said Clarence M. Tucker, be and the same is
hereby ordered vacated.
The Merciless Creditor Demands That
AU Debts be Full j Paid.
How Liquor Drinkers Borrow Strength
from the Bank of Health at Usuri
ous Bates. The Right Remedy.
Nature is an inexorable accountant.
She will lend strength and energy, but
when the debt is due she collects the full
amount, with a ruinous interest.
A mau feels the need of more vigor of
nuscle, more vivacity of mind, than he
has naturally. He has borrowed bodily
capital and he goes on repeating the
loan from time to time. One day his
merciless creditor demands a settlement.
There is little to pay with, but Nature
levies on everything, leaving, when the
debt is paid, a wrecked body and des
ponding heart.
There is small need to argue with to
man addicted to strong drink. He knows
better than any temperance orator in the
land what an infernal habit he has fallen
into. He realizes perfectly that h e is
hopelessly hadicapped in the race for
riches and honor.
Dr. Day, of Boston, says: 'The effect
of vicious alcohol indulgence is disease of
the body; sooner or later it must suc
cumb. Disease of the mind is not far off
it may be delirium or insanity." '
Dr. Formad, of Philadelphia, examined
the bodies of 250 hard drinkers. Nearly
ninety per cent had fatty livers; sixty per
cent had diseased brains and inflamed
stomach, while not quite one per cent had
normal kidneys.
Statistics may appeal to a drunkard's
reason. They may scare him for a time,
but they will not keep him sober. He
has a disease, and he must be treated ac
cordingly. The most successful and in
telligent treatment for the cure of drunk
enness is that perfected by Dr. R. A.
Gunn, M. D., 41 East 21st street, New
York City. Dr. Gunn has devoted many
years to the study of the physiological
effects of alcohol on the system, and now
offers the results of his investigations as
a positive and harmless cure for all kinds
of alcoholism.
A conspicuous advantage of this treat
ment is that it may be administered by
the sufferer at home. He does not have
to go to an institution to be formerly
classed among sots. Drinkers who have
despaired of freedom find in this treat
ment a complete emancipation. It
strengthens the digestive organs and
whets the appetite so that food is taken
in sufficient quantities, and turned into
healthy tissue. It utterly destroys in a
short time the taste for liquor. What
was once an object of passionate desire
becomes a loathsome thing. For full
particulars address as above.
Walter Stowers is the happy posses
sor of a new Hartford bicycle.
The Episcopal church was decorated
for Easter and lay services held.
Mr. James Nichols spent last week
in Friday Harbor on official business.
Mrs. J. Cramer, who was seriously
ill the first of the week, is now some
Mr. Thomas Gill, of Whatcom, spent
several days in East Sound visiting
Mr. S. H. Stowers returned from
an extended trip to up-Sound cities on
The Methodist Sunday school had
an Easter program which was yery
The Fruit company shipped fifteen
tons of dried prunes by the Thompson
on Saturday.
Mr. John Geoghegan returned home
on Saturday from Taconia, where he
has been taking a commercial course
of study.
Miss Isabel Gregg left Saturday
morning for Deer Harbor, where she
began a five months' term of school
Monday morning.
Dr. Willard M. King returned home
on Friday from Tacoma, having com
pleted his course at the Tacoma dental
college, being now a full fledged
D. D 8.
East Sound's citizens are as patriotic
as those of any other community, as has
been shown by the fact that the war
excitement has increased the P.-I.'s
circulation by eight new names.
Mr. Morros, of the Ranch and Range,
published in Seattle, is making a tour
of the county soliciting subscriptions
and also making a write-up of the coun
ty. The paper is good and well deserves
The public school closed last Thurs
day after a seven mouths' term. Ex
ercises consisting of songs, recitations
and dialogues, together with an inter
esting talk by the clerk of the district,
Mr. U. E. Hicks, were held in the I.
O. O. F. hall. A large audience was
present. East Bound.
■. • „>:T wo Millions • Year. ■; '.;■. -■ ■■ .■
When people buy, try, and buy again, it
means they're satisfied. The people of the
United States 5 are , now i buying CascaretH
Candy Cathartic at the rate of two million
boxes a year and it will be three million be
i fore New Year's. It means merit proved.
that Cascarets are the most delightful bowel
regulator for everybody the year round. All
druggists 10c, 25c, 50c a box, cure guaranteed.
To Caro Constipation For«v*r.
Take C&scarets Candy Cathartic > 100 or So.
If C. C. C. fall to cure, druggists refund money.
by a new scientific and Jnvigocmtfaf
mart. Nopdbfldhr—no fcrfectioDs- r «o
restraint. Caflbertveaiecfetfr. No«fag
trcataMOt" scheme. J&C»SSLS?^
It A. OWN.-MA. - '
•* Bat am WwH, Wwr Ystfc CHy^
|¥fj gentlemen or ladies !to ! travel I for respon
sible, established house in Washington. Month
ly $65.00 and expenses. Position steady. Refer
ence. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
The Dominion company,' Oept. V, Chicago.
;-lj_ ■■■-■■■ ~ ■■:■■■■'.■'-'; ■.•■■ ■■■.:•••■ .... :■-..■■ .-•
I iFvnn _
\? ir Ivy *m X
X . Go to Seattle all yon can is KLONDIKE, but - *C ::'
V here, all you hear is - , «m
m why? 5
H Because here yo« will find anything you want from IP
«M a needle to an anchor. The LARGEST STOCK ]■
X of any store in San Jaaa County. < • ME
jgg Men's Ready Made Salts, Cheaper and mt far bettor ' JK
■g Dress Goods at Price* That Will Please the Ladies 2
% Here you find a $1,800.00 stock of Boots, Shoes aud - 9
}k If there is anything yon want, thai this store has ii IB '.
&3 not in stock, the proprietor will get It for you oa crj
3C; quick notice. Come one. Come all, and bring yow ' Sw •
[C3^g butter, eggs, in fact anything that is saleable and I . £2
§ L. B. CARTER §
cS «A^h^i Di vrln I Ln a
*k Propriktor Blub Fbokt Htiti ' — . 2C
Low Guts, Gutjjow! {
W■ ■ ■ W *^# 1 «■ » MW' W ■ ■ •: . .
13.00 Oxfords reduced t0...-..........f2.40 #
rsjdßi 82.50 ♦' ■-•. «»-..■ ♦• 8190 idk/i '
*h8 ?2.00 •• " •• fi.4o mm X
'Ew li'.oo " « "!"""".'.".".$ .'75 f
$1.00 " " " $ .75 J
We have all colors— Oxblood, Chocolate and Brown. £
Your Oxford Opportunity. J
This is no fake "closing out" or "retiring sale." We are J
• here to stay. J
Famous Shoe House. #
Railroad Are. and Holly St., NEW WHATCOM, WASH. I
Morse Hardware Co -■■-—
Wholesale and retail.
Hardware, Rope, Coal Tar, Paints,
; Oils and Fish Cannery Supplies.
r*m". Urn Whatcom. Washington.
MB^Will handle all kinds of farm produce on commission.
Will make purchases of anything wanted by residents of
San Juan County, that cannot be procured of local dealers.
Will sell anything you have for sale, from a coon skin to
your ranch
The patronage of merchants and residents of San Juan Coun
ty especially solicited. Place of business, "Flyer" dock Seat- '
tle, Washington.
Jttmmmmm^.Yonr Patronage Solicited.
The Islander and New York Weekly Tribune
1 YEAR for $1.50
J m Q* m "p-TTT ,tT
•^*Mo*^' Holly Street, Whatcom, Washington.
■ ' ■ —~- —•
Lnng Troubles and Consumption Can
be Cured.
An Eminent Mew York Chemist and Scien
tist Makes a Free Offer to Our Readers.
The distinguished New York chemist,
T. A. Slocum, demonstrating his discov
ery of a reliable and absolute cure for
Consumption (Pulmonar Tuberculosis)
and all bronchial, throat, lung and chest
diseases, stubborn coughs, i cattarrhal
affections, general decline and weakness,
loss t,f flesh and all conditions of wast-
Ing away, will send THREE FREE BOT
TLES (all different) of hfe New Discov
eries to any afflicted reader of The
Islander writing for them. ... t
His "New Scientific Treatment" has
cured thousands permanently by its
imely use, and he considers it a simple
professional duty to " suffering^ humanity
to donate a trial of his infallible cure.
Science daily develops ■ new wonders,
and this great chemist patiently experi
menting for years, has produced results
as beneficial ;to > humanity as -; can be
claimed by any modern genius. His as
sertion that lung troubles and consump
tion are curable in any climate is proven
by "heartfelt letters of gratitude,;' filed
in his American and ; European labora
tories in thousands from those cured in
all parts of the world. -y ■■.*■■, .-. .
Medical experts concede that bronchial,
chest and lung troubles lead to Consump
tion, which, uninterrupted, means speedy
write to*T. A. Slocnm, M. C
98 Pine Street,; New-York, giving post
office and express address, and the free
medicine will be promptly sent. Suffer
ers should take instant advantage of his
that you saw his
offer in Thklslakpkb.
Banking^Bu«ine« of all Kinds ;
Drafts an* Money Orders ©■ all parts of tie
$i!Jotad™pw~d«Sri^ and intent paid on
£^ad^pWaYdaVsaeiTOland iatemt paid on
TO tOAH on Improved Fans» for
fire years w*tl op*to« of paying at \ the «ad ot
two years. Interest and principal payable at
PritajF Harbor.
MEANDER CLARK ;...:.:.:..:V.;rr:':ft«iident
C E. OLNEY .... r.... :. .......Vice-President
j; a. GOULD r:.t: ;y.y.*:r;-.~.-.r. >:-. Cashier
', Ripams Tabules assist digestion.
By virtue of an order of sale issued out
of the superior court of the state of Wash
ington, for the county of San Juan, and to
me directed and delivered, for a Judg
ment rendered in said court on the 15th
day of February A. D. 1898, in favor of
James B. Fry, plaintiff, and against C. H.
Stowers as administrator of the estate of
W. J. Oilliland, deceased, and Belle ■ Gil
liland as widow and Ida May Gilliland,
infant heir of W.J. Gilliland, deceased,
defendants, for the sum of 1282.04 with in
terest at the rate of 12 per cent per annum
from said 13th day of February, A. D. 1898,
and the further sum of #5.00 attorney's
fees, and $22.00 costs of suit, I have levied
upon the following described real estate,
All that portion of Lot Forty-seven (47)
in the village of DeHaro, East Sound,
Orcas island, San Juan <*>unty, Wash
ington, as shown on 8. R. 8. Gray's plat
of and first and second addition to the
village of DeHaro, aforesaid duly^filed
and recorded in the office of the auditor of
said San Juan County, more particularly
described as follows, to-wit: The north
sixty-three (63) feet of said lot forty-seven
(47) as measured on the west line com
mencing at the northwest corner and run
ning south sixty-three (63) .feet; thence
east parallel with the south line of said >
lot forty-seven (47) to the front on Haven
road; thence around the frontage on said
Haven road and Mala street to the place
of beginning and situate, lying and being
in San Juan County, State of Washing-
Notice is hereby given that on Saturday
the 2nd day of April A. D. 1898, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m. :of said day, at
the court house door, in Friday Harbor,
in said county of San Juan, I will sell all
the right, { title and «interest of <. the said
C. H. Stowers, as administrator of the es
tate of W. J. Gilliland, deceased, BWle
Gilliland as widow, and Ida May Gilli
laud, infant heir of W. J. Gilliland, de
ceased, defendants in and to the above de
scribed real estate^ at public «ug«n.J»,'
the highest and best bidder, to satisfy salt
execution and all costs. '■■"' 1•* ■ M
~ Given under my i hand ; this Ist day of
March, A. D. 1898. __\
Niwroir Jonas,
r-. Sheriff of San Juan : County, WasMng
■ W. H. Thackß, attorney for plaintiff.
First publication March 3. VSUL \
Harness Shop & Shoe Repairing
| .Win do all kind* of Uarne— ; work at reason- •'■
able rates. All sewin* done by *and. Call <m.
me at my home when work in my line is want-
Si*. RMP*Ct^ B X^BDTiEJr

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