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yictor J. Capron, M. D.
i V MhAYjiEW'H OTEL.....
' • THK:
-a nnev Orders on all part* of the
pralt* Bi:dr v application. Depo«iU 01
j3%gg!£s23S* and interest paid on
K'Vv TO i oAN on Improved Farm, for
1 £o>E* Tho£t"on°f paying at the end ot
l*v« riWllßtS a°n fP principal payable at
f hark President
, fi*NOK R Cf ARK ... .vice-President
olnK\ ■/.'.'..'."••••'•• Cashier
The Fastest and Best Route to
Through fk*ete"to all Point's
1U in the
United States Canada.
„ ti.Hcowt to Minneapolis, St. Paul,
Fwl"l£ Montreal, Toronto and
1 Winnipeg.
Take This Route To The
Kootenay »d Cariboo Gold
SSSS; Sa?C&and Rossland.
*r -Vtlantic Steamship Tickets
'to and from All Poiuts in
Pnr full information call on or write to
Freigbtand Passenger A|ent, whateom>
or to E. J. COYLE,
Dist. Passenger Agent,
Vancouver, B. C. _____^___ -— ___
Regular, Sellable and Safe
Elegaut Passenger Accommodations
Runs Between Seattle and Whttom
San Juan Islands
Seat Ia m Whatcoin 4a m
TowM*eud....,..C it in K;i.»t 50und....7 a. in.
Friiliij Uar..10:30 in Roche Harbor lOam
loehe Har.l 1:45 am Friday liarborll a m
UitSouud 5 ]> in T0wn5end.......4 p m
At..0:30 p iv. At..7:45 p. m.
J. R. THOMPSON Mang. Owner.
Steamer Buckeye
Banning Between Friday Harbor,
Anacortes and Whatcom.
This elegant steamer runs through
the Archipelago De Haro, Daily, Leav
ing \\ Imteom at 6 a. m. on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, calling at Cob
touwood.Olga, Newhall, East Sound,
urea*, \\ est Sound, and arrives at Fri
day Harbor at 12:45 p. ru. Leaves Fri
day Harbor with the mail at 1 p. m.
for Anacortes, stopping at Pt. Stanley,
Hatcher, Decatur, Nedro and Guemes
ana arrives at Anacortes at 6:20 p. m.
waves Anacortes at 7 a. m. on Tues
j»y, Thursday and Saturday, for the
«wye named points arriving at Friday
Harbor at 12:20 p. m. Leaves Friday
*• NEWHALL, - Owner.
Ml !
[f*m comfort lor present;
I cin afc' economy, bat buy the <
! machine whh an estab- <
"ued repuUtion, that qua*.<
>*** Too long and satisfacv
j» Jk ji.yi,>j
_ bMBI ll\Ct»;
KgjlMPlilßßSSßw\\ f
I ■ttHs! ■ vv :
I .. AMD. .
1 L^ of the feature, that
! of the W&te*sl
V^OSVEUND.O. "i^-,
Twill ■ i : ' .-'-^S^«,
Wash. -E
Ben Lichtenberg, of Lopez, was in
town Tuesday.
A. C. Brown is adding .several feet
to the smoke stack on his saw mill.
The Whatoom fair promises to be a
decided success in every particular.
Sheriff Newton Jones attended the
state convention, at Tacoma, yester
Mrs. Frank Wilson left Monday for
an extended visit with friends in Min
Work on the new Boss residence
now being built in the Valley, is pro*
greasing finely.
Wanted—To buy a few choice ewe
lambs, Oxford bred preferred. Call at
this office or address "Islander."
Send to Sutcliffe & Hill, Whatoom,
for samples of Wall Paper and Paints.
They willbe sent you free of charge.*
Apple boxes, made of clear lumber,
smoothly dressed, $6.00 per 100. What
oom Falls Mill Co., New Whatoom.
Wash. ««t.
Steamer Buckeye will take all ex
hibits for the Whatoom fair free of
charge and sell round trip tickets at
one fare.
John S. McMillin and Wm. Shultz,
of Roche Harbor, attended the Repub
lican state convention, held at Tacoma
W. £. Sutherland, of Orcas, and H.
W. Templin, of East Sound, were in
Tacoma yesterday attending the state
Large consignments of fruit are be
ing shipped by almost every steamer
from East and West Sound to Puget
Sound cities.
Ladles, I have the best and most
stylish Lace Fine Shoe for 11.50 that
you ever saw anywhere. Come and
set} them. L. B. Carter. *
Increase the value of your apple crop
by packing in tioxes such as sold by
Whatcom Falls Mill Co., New What
com, Wash., at |6.00 per 100. *6t.
W. J. Court is getting up the West
Sound fruit and vegetable exhibit for
the Whatcom fair. It will be a good
one. Everbody get up something for
the fair! Last call.
The Republican state convention was
held in Tacoma yesterday, but up to
the hour of going to press we had been
uuable to learn of the results arrived
at or any of its work.
The several fruit dryers on Orcas
island are now running to their fullest
capacity. In most of the prune or
chards there is a big crop and the
prunes are of a very fine quality.
Two lots in South Tacoma to trade
for Fairhaven or New Whatcom prop
erty. These lots are in Cascade Park
addition, finely situated and on corner.
For further particulars enquire at this
office. *
Mrs. K. W. Perry and daughter,
Clara, left the east, where they have
been visiting for several weeks past,
Tuesday for their home here. They
are coming via the Canadian Pacific
The old Port Langdon lime quarry
in East Sound is again being worked,
and Mr. Puillips has a contract for
getting out rock for the Tacoma smel
ter. Robt. Firth, of this place, is among
the workmen there.
Mrs. W. H. Parsons, of Seattle, will
be iv Friday Harbor, Nov. 1, with a
large and elegant line of millinery at
reasonable prices. Any orders for cus
tomers wishing goods before that time
will be promptly filled. •
The Island Packing Co.'s steamer
Michigan was run ashore Saturday
morning during a heavy fog on Mc-
Carty's point near here. She sustained
no injuries, however, and was floated
in the evening during high tide.
For Sale—Fine Bred Roosters of
Black Minorca, White Minorca and
Red Caps variety, all from priie-win
ing birds. Will sell at very reasonabte
prices. This is fine stock and it will
pay you to see them. Joshua Wotton,
Friday Harbor, Wash.
Note the new advertisement of the
B. B. Furniture Co., of Whatoom, in
this issue. This is one of the most re
liable firms on Puget Sound and any
order sent to them will be promptly
attended to and the goods sent will be
just as they represent them.
School, which was to have begun
here last Monday morning, was post
poned one week and will noxt open
next Monday, Sept. 28, with Ethan
Allen as instructor in the grammer
room and Miss Louise Culver as teach
er of the primary department.
Capt. Worth, of the river steamer
May Wat, while on his way to paw
son, was arrested on the charge of em
bezzlement and refusing to turn over
the ship's books to the owners. His
many friends in this county and on the
Sound hope there is "nothing in it."
On about November Ist we move in
to our new Brick Btock, now being
constructed, on Holly street, New
Whatcom. We are reducing oui-big
stock at prices less than wholesale cost
Now is your chance to toy in your
winter's supply of Clothing and Dry
Goods. Greenberg Bros., Oakland
Block, New Whatcom. *«*
Those merchants who give the most
attention to their advertising and make
the most frequent attractive changes
in their announcements report the new
results. When one of our local mer;
chants changes his •dvertfaement and
direct special attention to it, it Is "dol
lars to doughnuts 1' that there is some
thing in it that it will pay to read.
The Republican state convention is
doubtlessin session at Tapoma as we
goto press. Most, if not aH, of the
delegates from this county left for Ta
comTTuesday. The kwal convention
was generous, in some respecta, in ito
distribution of these honors, giving
one precinct two delegates and »»o«Jer.
which was not represented in the cou
vention, one.
There will be a (fraud ball and sup
per given in OddFeltows* , Fijjgtf
fiarbor, Friday evening,, Sept. ,1898.
The people who have the «*****£
bandan doinf everything™
power to main the •*^g2B2jj&
cef« and promiae all who attend a
Sike will be*rved|a^rt^™«fes;j
wand, fhe eommlttoe who wUI
have the floor mMMgetamlin charja
b m follows: Mcaart. Jake FlrtJ,
Cha* Goodridge l2?S2i
be given to aehool d|atriet &o. *•
Everyone aboold go.. %
The large wibtte ballta th* ► Han
Joan Val% foown » U»i«n w'ol^
fe!i w*a burned to the groand last
Friday nigfat, Sept 16. This will
EE£? t° *?u a 10111088 the Valley
people as they have no place left for
P^camuaement. The^all was welt
bn^ndfittedlppjtorthe pnrpoee for
neighborhood off flioo. Until July
m last It was covered by % insurance in
the amount of $500 In the JEtna Insur
ance Co., of Hartford, but for some
reason the policy was not reuewed in
time. *^Fire $ insannoe I should not be
allowed to : expire withuot : tmm^itte
renewal as there Is practically as much
danger at one time as another. We
hope the people of the Valley ? will see
Ot to rebuild the property on the old
_ Tw* MUU*u m Tmm,
When people buy. try, and tray again, it
"££• they-w «ti^dT* The^SpKltto
XB'ted Statw are now baying Cascarets
Candy Cathartic at the rate'oftwTnSnS
Republican County Ticket
Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor
West Sound
H. 8. KINO
Friday Harbor
! Argyle
School Superintendent
Friday Harbor
Deer Harbor .
Wreck master
' Friday Harbor
\ <>■•■ Assessor
East Sound
Commissioner, Ist Dist.
Commissioner, 2d Dist.
East Sound "
T* Oar* Coaaiifmtioa r*rev*r.
Take CMcarcta Candy Cathartic lOe or Ma
If C. C. O. fall to cure, druggists refund uooey.
jronnr skkatobiai. CON VKNTION.
The joint senatorial convention com
prising the counties of San Juan aud
Skagit met at Anacortes Sept. 14, 1898.
J. 8. McMillin, of Roche Harbor,
was the unanimous choice for chair
man und Fred Blumberg, of Anacor
tes, was chosen secretary by acclama
Mr. McMillin made a few fitting re
marks after accepting the chair.
I'he following resolution was intro
duced and unanimously adopted:
" We, the representatives of the Re
publicans of Skagit and San Juau
counties in convention assembled, most
heartilyXendorse and commeud the
faithful public services of Hon. F. C.
Harper, our joint senator for the past
four years. His private life has been
above reproach. His public career has
been of great value, not only to his
district but to the state at large, and
in his removal from this district we
recognize the fact that it has lost one
of its best citizens aud one of its most
acceptable and most useful puble ser
vants." |
Emmerson Hammer, of Woolley,
was nominated for senator by acclama
tion. •
Both counties were well represented
and Republicans of Skagit county, as
well as the whole senatorial district,
are very enthusiastic and a Republican
victory is assured.
A transaction in which youMßapt
•orathtoir. BlUou.nes»,«lckhMdaobe,fur.
red tourae, fever, piles and athouMUkdather
iUs mS«SU«I byooMttpsUoii aod sluggish
over. OuearsfesOsady Cathartic, the won
derfol aew Hvsr stimulant and latesttnal
tonic are by all drngfista guarantesd to can
or sMMMtfunded. C. C. C. are a ays
thine. Trj a box to-day; Me., 86c., 00a
MBptoaad booklet free. BeeourbWad,
WhM They Write th« Pre»ld««t.
The State Department has given
over to the Ladies' Home Journal for
publication its "Royal letters" ; ad
dressed to the President of the United
States by Napoleon 1., Queen, Victoria,
the ■ Priuce of Wales, Napoleon 111.,
and Emperor William I. of Germany.
Napoleon fannoonoes such events t as
his marriage to Marie Louise; the birth
of his son, the | King of Rom»; | his re
turn to the throne of France from Elba;
Victoria announces her accession to the
throne of England in 1836; her marriage
to Prince Albert; the birth of the Prince
of Wales; the death of the Priuce Con
tort; and the famous letter thanking
President McKinley for Ws congratula
tkMis on her Diamond Jubilee will also
be given. The whole collection, in fac
simile, will be presented in the October
number of the magazine.
IdlMttTMt B«* With OM«W^
Moll a ftcStdftf— MimAwaomf.
Pare«to •*• ©a*ir ••^•••fc***.
"That e*iating Methods of educating
the young fall short of the ideal there
Is scarcely any question," writes Bd-
Sardßok in tb2 September Ladies'
Home Journal. "The most prominent
educators of the land admit this fact.
SSSSTSm to undoubtedly Soothe
bette? 4>»valli!ig wstem*■ £■* **J
tight to single-handed. A* toacbewand
educators constantly say: We are
alone- parents give us no assistance.
ordinary lnte*«*.^And this I »> w°e^
Lvmentably true. ParenU •» 1 »1IJ« >
u7»bout the methods punned iu j edu-
SSnViheir chUdreurin hundreds
ofoftsea they do not even knowjwhat
uV£nethoSare. They know nothing
XJu?U^ "There to no o>opei»tk>n
orSe^ntwith the teacher.^Horjr.
ever much we i mar be able to i™P»^«
MMnlta to oor children cauno* ue
SSSdunUl parent and teacher shall
S^retaSiSatloiis than they are
•t present,"
-■■-■ ■ . ■ -. :• "
The Ticket to b* Downed this Fall—
Platform Adopted.
The People's Party county conven
tion of San Juan county met in Odd
Fellows' hall, Friday evening, Sept.
16, and was called to order at 7:30 by
August Wold, chairman of the county
central oommittee. Secretary C. N. 8.
Tucker read the call and the conven
tion proceeded to : business. U. E.
Hicks was nominated for temporary
chairman by Frank Guard, and was
elected by a unanimous vote. Chair
man Hicks made some appropriate
remarks setting forth the work of the
convention. €f. N. fS. Tucker was
chosen scretary and proceeded to call
the roll. Waldron, Stuart island,Roche
Harbor and Blakely were not repre
sented. Committee on $ credentials
was appointed as follows: Aug. Wold,
chairman, David Clark and Alfred
Douglas. Committee on credentials
reported the following delegates pres
ent and entitled to seats:
Argyle— D. Stedlin, Alfred Doug
las, Joe Jensen, Alfred Jensen and 8.
V. Boyoe.
Friday Harbor—Aug. Wold, C. N.
S. Tucker, E. D. Warbass, Frank
Guard, P. £. Peterson, A. C. Brown.
East Sound—U. E. Hicks, R. Bil
ling, M. L. Adams. *
Orcas— W. A. Wakefield, J. D.
Smedberg, Ed. Kolkow.
Olga—Jeff D .Moore, Win. Einch.
Bichadson—J. L. Davis, Thos. Up
ston. .
Shaw—C. H. Stllman, Eugene Fow
Lopez—D. C. Clark, Thos. Woods,
Jasper Coffelt. •
The chair appointed the following
commitee on platform:—U. E. Hicks,
Aug. Wold, J. L. Davis, C. D. Stedlin,
Robt. Rilliug.
The following platform was submit
ted and unanimously adopted:
Your committee on platform respect
ully submit the following:
First. We endorse the present state
administration for its integrity, hon
esty and economy in its management
of its state affairs and commend it to
the thoughtful care of every voter.
Second. We endorse tbe platform
adopted by the People's Party at their
state convention in EUensburg, Sept.
7, 1898, also the nominations there
made for members of congress and su
preme court judges, and will do all in
our power for their election. ■ -IPPf
Third. We pledge, if the People's
Party ticket is elected in San Juan
county, that the business of tbe county
will be performed with honesty and
- Resolved, That we sympathise with
our brave soldiers and sailors who so
gallantly fought in our late war with
Spain, and condemn the war depart
ment for blunders committed against
our soldiers on the battlefield and in
their camps, caused by selfish contract
ors, incompetent surgeons and vain
and heartless army officers appointed
for political purposes.
Respectfully submitted by Commit
The following persons were nomi
nated: .. -HUPP^
Representative— E. Hicks, of
East Sound.
Treasurer—August Wold, of Friday
Auditor-C. N. S. Tncker, of Friday
Clerk-C.D. Stedlin, of Argyle.
Sheriff—Edward Delaney, of Friday
Harbor. WSS
Attorney—Left in hands of Central
Committee. wjlfflt-
School Superintendent—Mrs. C. W.
Hammond, of Orcas.
Assessor—John Boyoe, of Friday
Coroner— Wold, of Eriday Har
Commissioner. Orcas District—James
B. Fry, of East Sound. .; ,
Commissioner, San Juan District-
John Buckley, Republican ' nominee,
endorsed. \ : ■ ;
Surveyor—Referred to Central Com
Wreckmaster— Kolkow, of Orcas.
Aug. Wold, of Friday Hardor, chair
man. ■
Argvle—C. D. Stedlin.
East Sound—James B. Fry.
Lopez— Coffelt. -
Orcas— C. W. Hammond.
Friday Harbor— Guard.
Olga—Jeff. D. Moore.
Richardson—Thos. Upston. -
Shaw-Dell Tift
> Stuart— 8. Christianson.
Blakely—To be filled by chairman.
C. N. S. Tucker was chosen secre
tary of the Committee, j
■■—■■u*F **y *
1 Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the most won
derful medical dfacovecv of U*> age, pleas
ant and refreshing »• tha,taste, actgenUy
and positively onkldaeys,llvevandbowela,
and biliousness. Please buy and try a box
guaranteed to care by aU druggists.
Oregon's hop crop is estimated to be
(50,000 bales.
The State Agricultural college, at
Pullman, will open today. ' :
A petition signed by over 500 citizens
of Tacoma has been presented to the
city council asking; that a curfew ordi
nance be passed. - t __- : ;
Tbe president, on the 19th inst, ap
pointed Fred Page, of Tustin, Oregon,
United I States '-t commissioner for the
district of Alaska to reside at Wrangel.
An examination will be held on
October Bat the custom house in Port
Townsend for the grade of stenogra
pher-typewriter to fill a $1,200 vacancy.
J. B. Tabor, the pioneer fruit grower,
whose flue •rohard is at Wawawai, on
Snake river, ha» shipped Cromhb
orchard th«tb4ftieth|carjlos^of_fruit
enormous aggregate of TOO.OOO
pounds. /'' • -
: The Official (Madrid) GaseUe pub
lishes the announcement of tbe t ap
pointment of Senor Montero Rtos,
president of the senate; Senor Arbuzsa.
genor Garniga, General f Cewro and
Seoor VllUurruUa as the Spanish
paace commis»ione«m. .-,.
The most remarkable feline freak
nature ever praduced in New Jersey ia
to be seen at the home of W. H. Dur
linff, South Bound Brook. This speci
men is » kitten born with four heads
and four tails. Mrs. Durlinc is 1 now
kept up nights by visitors from far and
near, who come to see the curiosity.—
New York Herald. , - . - %&&&»&&
The London Daily Mail's -Madrid
oorraapondeut says: "A long confer
ence held between Senor Sagasta,
the premier, and Senor Montero Bios,
the president of the Spanish - peace
oommiUoti, Sept. 19. which resulted
the decision the peace cooubJs-
sion shall strenuously defend tbe reten
tion of the PhlUipplne Islands by Spain:
' General i Lawton reports to the war
department thai all but eight of the
Spanish prisoners have been shipped
from Santiaico \to Spain. Following ils
the text of General Lawton's dispatch:
"Santiago de Cuba, Sept. 18, vimHaiU,
I^s p. m.—To Adjutant General, Wash
ington: All % Spanish prisoners I have
been shipped > except eight at Baraooa,
seven ; at Guantanamo, sick, yellow
fever. Lawton, Major General."
Chaunoey M. Depew has written an
introduction to Harry Steele Morrison's
"A Yankee Boy's Suooeaa, 1' in which
he refers to this 16-year-old author's
hair as of such a remarkable red as to
make one "wonder what might be un
derneath It" This indomitable Ameri
can boy started out to see the world
and make his way in it by interview
ing President Mckinley Mayor Strong,
Russell Sage and others. Then, with
only 925 in his possession, he not only
made a trip: abroad, but actually suc
ceeded in interviewing ,*; Gladstone,
Queen Victoria, the king of Belgium,
the president or France and ■ others of
the world's great ones. His book,
shortly to be published, will give the
true story of his adventures.
v . Besmty la Blood Dc«p. . -
Clean blood means a dean akin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it dean, by
stirring up the lasy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets, —beauty for ten cents. All drug
fists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
In the Superior Court of the State of Washing
■ ton, for San Juan Couuty.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas McKenna,
Fixing time and place of hearing petion for dis
charge, and final account. :" : :
James 1,. Farnsworth, administrator of the
estate of Thomas McKenna, deceased, having
on the 13th day of September, A. D. 1898, pre
sented to the Superior Court of said county and
filed therein his final account, and askingjthat
his final account rendered and filed huJa, be
examined, and if the same be found true and
correct and that the said administrator has
fully discharged his trust in the administration
of said estate, that he and his sureties be dis
charged from all liabilities hereinafter to be in
curred* ~' < -
■; Wherefore, It is hereby ordered that Monday,
the 17U1 day of October, A. D. 1898, at a o'clock
p. m. of said day, at the Court room in the
Court house, at Friday Harbor, San Juan coun
ty, Washington, be and the same is hereby fixed
aaa appoited as the time and place lor the hear
ing of said petition and for the examination of
said administrator's final account, and any per
, son interested in said estate may appear and
contest tbe discharge of said administrator. .
And it is hereby further ordered that notice of
such hearing and settlement shall be given by
posting notices thereof, not less than 30 days
before the day set for said hearing, in three of
' the most public places in said county and by
publishing a similar notice in Th« Sam Juah
[slander, a weekly newspaper, printed and
published and 'in general circulation in said
county; that said notice shall set forth the name
of tbe estate, the name of the administrator and
the time and place appointed for the hearing of
said petition and settlement of said account.
Done in open Court this 13th day of Septem
ber, 1898. J. P. HOUBBR. Judge.
W. H. Thacker, Attorney for Administrator.
Commr or Saic Juak. t M
I, K. H. Nash, Clerk of the Superior Court ta
and for the County of San Juan. State of Wash*
ington, holding terms at Friday Harbor, do
hereby certify that the above is a true copy of
the original order fixing time and place of hear
ing petition, as the same appears on record in
my omce. "Jltflffllt]
Witness my hand and the seal of said Court,
this 13th day of September, 1898.
(SEAL) * ■ ■ ■■: B. H. NASH, Clerk,
Dute first publication Sept. 15.1898.
K««ce «f Applteatlosi to Parehase Tide
Office of Commissioner of Public Lands)
Olynipia, Washington. )
Notice is hereby given that Stephen B.
Gross, of Roche Harbor, Wash, has filed
an application in this office to purchase the
following described Tide Lands, situate
in San Joan county, Washington, towit:
All Tide Lancia of the second class
owned by the State of Washington situate
in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon
that portion of theU. 8. government me
anderline described as follows:
Beginning at a point on the said U. 8*
government meander line that is 8.241° £„
0.29 chains, and S. 30° W., o.sochains from
the intersection of the boundary line be
tween Lota 2 and 3, Section 11, T. 36 N.. R.
4 W., W. M. with said meander line:
thence with said meanders in front of said
Lot 3as follows: 8. 30° W. I.Boehains:
N. 73J° W., 2.00 chains; S. 19° W., 2.00
chains; S. 34° E., 4.00 chains; S. 16 W..
6.60 chains; N. 64° E.. 2.00 chains; N. 51
E., 4.80 chains; S. 52J E.. 1.50 chains; 8.
3li° E., 3.80 chains; S. 6|* E. 2.00 chains;
8. 21. J W., 2.50 chains; 8. 80° W., 1.00
chain; N. 61° 1.40 chains: i 8.65* W.,
2.40 chains: S. 48 W., 1.95 chains to inter
section of lot line between Lots t and 4
said Township and . range, and being a
total length of meander line in front of
said Lots of 639.75 chains aa shown by cer
tified copy of U. 8. government field notes
filed with said application. - t
Any person desiring to protest against
said application may do so within thirty
days from and after date of first publica
tion of this notice. - „
ir Date of first publication Ist day of Sep
tember, 1889. , ' Robbbtßbidoks,
- • Commissioner of Public Lands.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, for San Juan County.
The Oregon Mortgage Company, Limited,
a corporation, Plaintiff,
Patrick Welsh and Jane Doe Welsh, De
fendants. - ••. ~- ■■ '-"%'"'■-'
The State of Washington, to the said Pat
trick Welsh and Jane Doe Welsh, his
wife, defendants above named:— -
You s and each of you are hereby sum
moned to appear within sixty.; [00] days
after the date of the first publications -of
this summons, : wit: within sixty [60]
days l after the 25th | day of Augufit, 1898,
and I defend ■ the above-entitled action in
the above-entitled court, and ■ answer the
complaint! of - the plaintiff, and | serve a
copy of your answer i upon the under
signed attorneys for plaintiff at their
office : below; stated; v and in case ot your
failure so to do, judgment will be ren
dered against you according to the de
mand ofthe complaint, which has been
filed with the clerk of said court. "v
B The object of the above-entitled action
is to obtain judgment against the defend
ant, Patrick Welsh, for the sum of six
hundred dollars and interest at 9
per cent per annum upon tbe note given
by him to the plaintiff, and the farther
sum «f »10, part \as > taxes agalast the
lands herein mentioned and for the costs
of this action* including an attorney's fee
of seventy-fir* 0751 dollars; also praying
foe a de«%e establishing and foreclosing
a eWtain t mortgage given to secure the
payment of theabove tode*tednes»,and
recorded In the mortgage reoords oT the
auditor's office of San Juan county, state
of Washington, in volume 4, on page 367
thereof, ana describing and covering the
following lands, aitualed in said county,
to-wtt: *„- .-9««»S*S^@*^?
TbeSouthweatqoarter of
quarter and the South half of the North
west quarter of SecttonHo.«■• JlTin
township Ho. thirty - five gtt Worth,
Range No. four [4] We*. W. If.
Also ptmying (hat te3d decree the.ta
terestofeftch ofthe defendants taandto
mid property be declared.junior, Inferior
and Miborinate to plaintiff's interest
therehvandthat the equity of redemp
tion of each of the defaodanta be forever
barred and foreclosed, and for general
- PlaintUra Attorneys.
P. O. AddresK-4t Halter Building, Seat
*sc tie, King County, Wash.
Ds^fln^ttbiJo»fionAut>l6 t iaßß.
* *
§ Republican, Democrat, Popu- g
| list or Mugwump. |
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j^mmmmm^Your Patronage Solicited.
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