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Victor J. Capron,M.D.
n jpniuT^EßS -BOCin: HARBOR,
"~~ • THE :
, nev Orders on all parts of the
D«" saf h Jdupo n application. Deposits 01
*^l«d ru^ards?ec e ivedand interest paid on
time deports- LOAX °n ImprO ved Farms for
1 M-\.ith option of paying at the end ol
««>' ear r SW interest and principal payable at
nrrARK President
LfitV NDER CI.AKK .Vice-President
C K. OLN&* Cashier
jjJjgULP - •■•
Canadian Pacific
The Fastest and Best Route to
Through Tickets to all Points
in the
United States and Canada.
Fr, in the coast to Minneapolis, St. Paul,
F Boston, Montreal, Toronto and
Take This Route To The
Kootenay and Cariboo Gold
This is the only route traversing the en
tire mineral belt. Only 2A hours to San
don, Nelson, Slocan City and Rossland.
■s#* Ulantic Steamship Tickets
to and from All Poiuts in
For full information call on or write to
Freightand Passenger A^ent, whatcom>
ortoK. J. COYLE,
Dist. Passenger Agent,
Vancouver, B.C. ____^_____—
The NEW Str.,
Regular, Reliable and Safe
Elegant Passenger Accommodations
Runs Between Seattle and Whatom
San Juan Islands
Seattle 1a in Whatcom 4a in
TowiiM'inl 0 am K.i-1 50und....7 a. m.
Krlda.v liar.. 10:30 in Roche Harbor 10am
lioche Hur.lis a m Friday Harburll a m
.Suiinil 5 m Towiisend 4p m
At..G:3O p in. At..7:45 p. m.
J. R. THOMPSON Maiig. Owner.
Steamer Buckeye
RanniDg Between Friday Harbor,
Anacortes and Whatcom.
This elegant steamer runs through
the Archipelago De Haro, Daily, Leav
nig W hatcom at G a. m. ou Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, calling at Cot
onwood oiga, Newhall, East Sound,
Orca^^est Sound, and arrives at Fri-
Qay Harbor at 12:45 p. m. Leaves Fri
oaj Harbor with the mail at 1 p. m.
Tim T° T\? ' stOPPinS at Pt. Stanley,
Thatcher, Decatur, Nedro and Guemes
and arrives at Anacortea at 6:20 p. ni.
ri S tI ai' ortesat 7a- m- on Tues
aS;Jn rsdyand Saturday, for the
Har^r a n Mc?o P,° inta arriv^g »t Friday
ttl ~°p- m- Leavea Friday
i#SS' UndPa99engerrateß 'ap-
k> NEWHALL, - Owner.
| MW;
F«ta* comfort for present;
Jccm^?economyitut bay the !
with an eitab
>ltiba reputation, that *tiaf.< -
tot you lon j ani catisf
service* ji *>,/ j*
ite*" ******* "* :
c^torowelegtatili^ Ij
:Wi«ES£WIN6Mac«NBOL il
Quite a number of West Sound's
representative people attended the
rally here Monday evening.
John L. Murray has Just completed
a new well at his hoUBe and he reporta
it to be the best in San Jnan county.
icS^A closed in district No. 2 on the
15th of October. A program was ren
dered by the pupils on the same day. w
Send to Suteliffe A Hill. Whatcom.
for samples of Wall Paper and Paints.
They willbe sent you free of charge.*
Fred Rice Rowell, of Seattle, deliv
ered a speech in the interests of the
People's Party ticket, at I. O. O. F
hall, last evening.
Ladles, I have the best and most
stylish Lace Fine Shoe for $1.50 that
you ever saw anywhere. Come and
see them. L. B. Carter. *
I have a few sacks of extra good
coarse salt, suitable for salting meat
fish, etc., which I am selling very
cheaP- E. H. Nash.
Three hundred and ten sacks of oats
were shipped frm Carter's wharf on
the Thompson,Baturday,to Seattle and
375 sacks shipped from there on the
same steamer Tuesday.
Most of the Chinamen who have
been working for the Island Packing
Co. all summer were paid off in full
last Tuesday morning and left on the
Thompson at noon for Seattle.
Wanted—Prime clover hay (2nd crop
preferred); mangel wurtzels; carrots
rutabagas; cabbage- onions. Address,
with price, Ben Lich ten burg, Gem
Farm, Lopez, Washington. *
Mrs. W. H. Parsons, of Seattle, will
be in Friday Harbor, Nov. 1, with a
large and elegant line of millinery at
reasonable prices. Any orders for cus
tomers wishing goods before that time
will be promptly filled. *
The Island Packing Co. is now hav
ing a new shingle roof put on their
cannery building in place of the old
corrigated iron one, which had nearly
rusted out. Contractor J. L. Farns
worth has the work in charge.
The candidate for joint senator, Em
erson Hammer, the Republican nom
inee, has been making a canvass of the
county. He has made many friends
during his visit and is pleased with the
political conditions in the county.
Picked up near Henry island, Sept.
27th, by George Smith, of Roche Har
bor, a small boat marked "R. AC. Co,"
measuring 16 feet long and 3J feet
beam. Owner can have same by call
ing on him at above named place and
proving property and paying charges.
Judge Lichtenberg, of Lopez, was
in the Harbor the first of the week.
He reports that he is getting his place
in fine shape. When he is through
with his contemplated improvements
he will have, without question, one of
(lie finest places in San Juan county.
The Gem farm will be a gem indeed.
The Anacortes American reports that
the Fidalgo cannery has put up about
50,000 cases of salmon this season. The
Anacortes cannery follows with 32,000.
All of the Anacortes canneries lost
more or less fish through the robbing
of their traps, but this was discontinued
after one party had been fired upon by
watchmen at the traps.
On about November Ist we move in
to our new Brick Block, now being
constructed, on Holly street, New
Whatcom. We are reducing our big
stock at prices less than wholesale cost.
Now is your chance to lay in your
winter's supply of Clothing and Dry
Goods. Greenberg Bros., Oakland
Block, New Whatcom. *6t
Rev. Win. J. Dickson, formerly pas
tor of the Episcopal church at East
Sound and until recently in charge of
the Episcopal parish at Anacortes, has
received a call from the Episcopal
church at Chehalis, Wash., and moved
there with his family on Wednesday,
October 19. We are glad to note his
promotion in the work, but are very
sorry to see him leave this section, for
in him we have always found a most
persistent and faithful worker and a
man who will be greatly missed by the
people of this and Skagit counties.
That prosperity may follow him and
his family wherever they go is the wish
of the entire community.
According to figures compiled from
the assessment returns by the Trade
Register, of Seattle, the total number
of sheep in the state reported for as
sessment this year was 503,324, which
is probably considerably less than the
actual number. It is estimated by the
superintendent of the forestry reserves
there are now 315,000 sheep feeding on
the mountains of the Yakima reserve.
San Juan county is credited with 5,377,
which is considerably the largest num
ber returned from any county in West
ern Washington, the next largest be
ing Whatcom, with 4,399. For pur
poses of state taxation sheep are valued
by the state board of equalization at
$1.00 each iv every county, or only
about one-third of their actual average
value in this county, where good
spring lambs find ready sale now at
$2.50 each, and of course full grown
ewes and wethers are worth more.
Judge Maxwell, one of the most
prominent Demorcats of Whatcom
ccunjy and one of the Bryan presiden
tial electors two years ago, has just re
turned from the Palouse country and
other portions of the state, reports
Eastern Washington in a very pros
perous condition, and little interest be
ing taken in politics. "The silver issue
is dead," said Judge Maxwell to a re
porter, "dead as a mackerel, and the
political speakers can'; draw a baker's
dozen to their meetings in the wheat
country. Two years ago I advocated
free silver. It was a time of great
financial depression, every one was out
of work, and I felt that there must be
some reason for it. Like many others
I hit on the silver idea as a remedy. 1
see now that the monetary system had
nothing to do with these conditions.
It was overproduction. Since then
short foreign crops have given us a
market and the Dingley tariff has in
creased. 1 activity in all manufacturing
centers. The conntry is prosperous
and the people contented. I agreed
with the Populists two years ago solely
on the one issue of silver. Now that it
is a dead issue and swept out of the
way I have no more use for the party
"How do you think the state will go
politically this fell. Judge?" asked the
reporter. "Well, I shouldn't wonder
if It would go Republican," was the
judge's conservative answer.—Wnat
com Reveille.
Hon. F. W. Cnshman, of Tacom*,
the Republican candidate for congress,
addressed the people of Friday Harbor,
at Odd Fellows' hall, Monday evening
as per advertisement, on the political
issues of the day from a BfP v]£ loa°
standpoint. A large and enthualastte
audience greeted &c speaker, q«to»
percentage of which came from Ureas
island, Roche Harbor and other por
tions of the county. Though some
wnat worn from constant speaking
since the opening of the campaign^ t.
Cushman \ made \ one of ; the strongest
political 5 speeches ever made in the
nt^iT ltbhl* customary skill, he
followed the dainty tracks of Washing
ton's pink^hiskered representative, or
rather misrepresentative, through his
hKf!!!01^ 1 reer and scathingly re
buked the dude's I treasonable attitude
toward the patriotic administration of
President I McKinley. The live ques
tions of the T day were ably and patri
otically handled and the orator was
greeted with round after round of ap
plause. • A couple of hitherto strong
PopuUste were heard discussing the
speech, Tuesday morning, and both ex
pressed themselves as convinced that
the present good times ' had been
brought I about by the enacting into
laws of some of the principles advocated
yite Republican party, and that they
naa had a enough of calamity howling
wnen there was no calamity to howl
about. After Mr. Cushman's address,
Dr. Curtis, of Skagit county, made a
five-minute address to the people, in
which he ably endorsed the points
scored by the main speaker of the even
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Cascarets,—beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
W. O. Clark was on Lopez last week.
They have a dance weekly "«fc East
P. Bostian will make a good commis
sioner and don't you forget it!
The yacht Pilgrim, of Losez, was at
Orcas Sunday getting supplies.
James Bagley went to Whatcom on a
visit last week, returning Friday.
Remember the 28th, the Orcas Enter
tainers. Supper at the hotel 50 cents per
School commenced last Monday at
Wast Sound, with Miss Lillie Marold as
Quite a number of gold bugs attended
the Cushman speech at Friday Harbor
Monday evening.
There was a party at Mr. Dexter's, of
West Sound, Saturday evening. Report
says everything agreeable.
We are informed that a new hall will
be built and ready for use by th© last of
November at West Sound.
Tom Barker and family, of Dawson,
Alaska, are visiting at O. Barkers. He
reports doing very well while there.
Clarence Van Sant, of East Sound, was
severely injured by the falling of a horse,
breaking some bones jn his ankle. Dr.
Fitz Mat hew is attending him.
Mr. Hambly reports about seven tons
of evaporated prunes from his evaporator.
Some loss on account of lack of drying
capacity and he intends to build another
compartment next year. He has made a
sale of all his stock of prunes.
Geo. Gibbs, of Orcas, is at this writing
planting 50,000 Holland bulbs. This in
dustry, by the real pluck of Mr. Gibbs,
is making a stir all over the country.
He has received the silver medal from
the Omaha Exposition and it is an honor
to its owner. Call and see it, he is very
willing to show it and is proud that he is
its possessor. Scribe.
- ITro MllUuna a Year.
When people buy, try, and buy again, it
means they're satisfied. The people of the
Juitcd States are now buying Cascarets
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fore-New Year'a. It means merit proved,
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regulator for everybody the year round. All
druggists 10c, 25c, 60c a box, cure guaranteed.
Following is the standing of the pupils
of district No. 2 for the term ending Oct.
15,1898: ■ %:, ;: "
Sixth grade— Sutton, 87. ".-•'? i
Fourth grade—Ereka Ereckson, 76: Eva
Gretz, 84; Britton Peterson, 68; Gladys
Guard, 78; Alice Sutton, 77; Chas. Flem
ing, 85; Walter Lampart, 77; Paul Peter
son, 72.i -■/ •-. . :' '. ■•■■„■ -y^^ri ■■■^:^--v
Third grade-Jessie Taylor, 74; James
Taylor, 78; Arthur Fleming, 78; Clarence
Fleming. 78. .
Second grade—May Fleming, 74. £~&
Kate Buckley, Teacher.
The following affidavit of Mr. M. B.
Lundblad, of Argyle, sworn to. before
J A. Gould, notary public, of this
place, speaks for itself. The potatoes
can be seen at the San Juan Trading
Company's store, corner First and
Spring streets, Friday Harbor, Wash
state of Washington \ ""-.
„ County of San Juan, f w
I, M. R. Lunblad, being duly sworn
depose and say that during this season of
1898 I had one hill of potatoes, raised from
one potato, that without irrigation - or ex
tra care, had a crop .of thirty-four (34)
potatoes which weighed i twenty-two
sounds and one and one-half ounces. -I.
r M.R. Lundblad;
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
26th day of October, A. D. 1898._^ __ _^
fsEAI/1 ■■■"\ ;. J. A. GOULiU,
Notary Public residinfi at Friday Har
bor, Washington. \
I ; will give $10 in gold coin to any
person in the United States who will
raise a similar amount, weight the
same, and 'i from one ? potatoe, in ; 1899|
ThiH is a bonified offer and the contest
can be entered into by one and'; all.
.•.-•■-,:- M. R. Lundblad. ■
: - Other papers please copy.
the partnership heretofore existing under
the firmnameof the Denny Produce Co where
in J. L. Denny and Wesley *W*rner, both of the
city of Seattle, in the county of Kin*^and state
of Washington,. were general partners. in ttie
rommissionbusiness.isthisthe ist day of Oc
tober, A. D. 1898, dissolved. by «i««J««^
the said JL. Denny agreeing to settle all the
afftirt ofthe said firm to date, the undersigned
Continuing the business ,^g^TKuSS.V :
XoCnrc Con«tlpiittoa.ForeT«r. \
T«ke Casearets Candy Cathartic. 10c or So.
If C.C. CTfau to cure, drujojistt refund money.
:, ..--- ._...-.■. - 1.!*.-,' - •■- -■• ■■ • '"' * **' '•.'-"-:. : ;"■:'_•"■"-1
You are hereby notified that the regular
quarterly examfnation of apnh«ints for
f^YSSi^rSTrnotified that an ap
plicants will be required to pay a fee of
il.oo, and state their experiences toach-
Ingand the grade and date of they certifi
iSU teachers of the Reading Circle of
th-faounty who desire to take the exam
ffiaSTo^the work of the P«t year will
County Sapt of Schools.
Ripans Tabules care dyspepsia. ;
Elpana Tabules cure biliousaesf.
President McMillin, of the Lime com
pany, is making one of his frequent busi
ness trips to San Francisco.
The steamer Roche Harbor carried a
considerable number of stalwart Repub
licans to Friday Harbor, Monday even
ing, to hear Frank Cushman speak.
Morris Phipps, who returned last week
from a visit to his parents and old home
in Maine, leaves this week for LaConner,
where he will engage in the livery busi
ness with his brother Edson.
Carl Johnson, who had for a consider
able time been one of the company's most
faithful and reliable employes here, left
Tuesday for Oakland, California, to en
gage in Salvation Army work. He was a
most zealous and consistent worker here
in the cause which he has espoused and
he carries with him to his new field the
good wishes of many friends and acquain
Saturday evening there was a rousing
little political meeting here at which the
principal address was delivered by Dr.
Curtis, of Anacortes, a life long Democrat
until two years ago, when the old party
forsook the principles which had made it
great and allied itself with the most dan
gerous elements which have menaced the
country's welfare. There could be no
question about his absolute sincerity or
his honest belief in the wisdom of the
economic principles to which the Repub
lican party stands committed in the state
and nation. It was a convincing talk, free
from vituperation of any sort and suffici
ently enlivened by anecdotes to keep the
attentive audience good humored. Dr.
Curtis was accompanied by Emerson
Hammer, of Wooley, candidate for joint
senator, who made a most excellent im
pression among the voters here, and also
by Hon. W, H. Thacker, candidate for
re-election as representative, John W.
Firth, candidate for sheriff, and C. B,
Buxton, candidate for assessor.
The schooner "Wanderer", which left
here February 25th, with Cant. M. North
man, of this place, H. B. Vidalin, of As
toria, and Chas. Crawford, formerly fire
man on the Roche Harbor, upon a pros
pecting expedition along the coast of
southeastern Alaska, returned Sunday
with the three men looking bronzed and
hearty and good humored, despite the
fact that none of them hi id succeeded in
"striking it rich" in the new land of gold.
They spent most of the summer on or
j near the Cleveland peninsula, sixty miles
south of Wrangel and twenty mile north
of Kitchikan. It is on this peninsula that
that the seventeen claims known as the
"Gold Standard Group," whose princi
pal owner has succeeded in getting them
pretty well advertised, are located.
Quite a glowing article concerning them
appears in last Sunday's P -I. The men
of the "Wanderer" party do not sp^eak
so glowingly of them, and in fact they
express the opinion that there are few, if
any, claims on the entire peninsula that
it will pay to work. They say there is
any quantity of quartz but "nothing in
it," and they do not appear to have much
confidence in the mineral wealth of any
part of southeastern Alaska, which has
been swarming with prospectors all sum
mer. On their way down the coast they
saw the sloop "Mayflower," of East
Sound, with Mr. Smith and son, near
Seymour narrows, and Joseph Hilton
and his partner were in the same locali
ty on their way home. A. Stahl, of Orcas,
who left here Dec. 20th, in the sloop
"Crab," was at Bella Bella, an Indian
settlement, where there was but one
other white man and one white boy.
Stahl had built a wharf there and worked
some for a cannery company and done
quite well. He intends to remain in that
region this winter and engage in hunting
and trapping and proposes to push on
into the interior to Dawson. The "Wan
derer" cleared from the Mary Island
custom house Sept. 12 and met head
winds nearly all the way home.
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Emergon't Son as an Author.
Ralph Waldo Emerson's son, Dr.
Edward Emerson, himself a boy when
Louisa Alcott was a girl in Concord,
has written an article on "When Louisa
Alcott was a Girl," which the Ladies'
Home Journal is about to publish. Dr.
Emerson gives a new view of the author
of "Little Men"—as a mimic, and as
the central figure of every dance and
merrymaking in.old Concord.
Ed. Islander:-As I have not seen
unv news from Lopez for a long time, I
will try to tell a little of what Is going
on in this cud of the island. ~
We had four or five families move
here from Minnesota this fall. They
are all pleased with the country and
will - stay here. The farmers are all
through threshing and are well pleased
with their yield of grain, as far as I
have heard. Potatoes are most all dug,
but the yield is light. The apple crop
is large and very good. The people are
all happy and prosperous and a good
deal of improvement is going on. C.
T. Butler is having twenty acres
cleared and will seed it down.. He is a
rustler. He is buying all* the farmers
bring him and is putting in a big stock
of goods for I his fall trade; ; and I see
that Rev. 1. M. C. Warren is ) behind
the counter, and he nrn k ss a good clerk.
Judge Lichtenberg is making a big im
provement on the v Gem farm. Mr.
Paine ; is building a very handsome
residence for Mr. Wovllett, of Port
Stanley. C. A. Kent is helping ; Peter
Lando'u to build a nice story and a half
house, which will make a big improve
ment to his place. Tom Bell has built
a neat little cottage and has moved his
familyS into it, = where they >, will be
pleased to see their many friends. ?
Dr. Baker, of PortTownsend, was on
the island, and made a number of , peo
ple feel better by his visit.
Guy Kent came home from Thatcher
to attend school. ; Don.
Brwrrbody Beys 80.
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derful medical discovery of the age, pleas
ant and refreshing to toe taste, act gently
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guaranteed to core by ajldrngglata. y
■;, . —-No. 2766.
Notice of Application to Purchase Tide
Lands. ..
Office of Commissioner of Public Lands 1
Olympia, Washington. : j
Notice is hereby given i that Ben ;,Lich-
tenberg, ofLope* Washington, has filed
an application in this office to purchase the
following described Tide Lands, situate
in San J nan county, Washington, towit:
All Tide Lands lof I the I second % class,
owned by the State of Washington.situate
in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon
the upland s described as Lot !3, See. 10,
Twp. 35 N., Range 2 W. W. M., according
to fte Surveyor GeneraVa certified copy
of field notes i filed with said application
October 12,1888. " . • \
Any person desiring to protest against
said application may do so within thirty
days from and after date of first publica
tion of this notice. -, -^jWJ
Date of first publication 27th day of Oc
tober, 1898.^T%&^WiSI Robskt Bridoss m
■ Commissioner of Public Lands.
. ..■-., ■•■ ... •■ • ■ .■ , -n. a- ■ ■'- .-v.-,'.,-i,,!.-,-;r:i.,';j.'
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100 If Q O.C. fall, druggists refund money.
Boat Picked Up.
Picked up near H nry island, Sept.
27th, by Chris. Oleson, of Roche Har
bor, a small boat marked "R. & G. Co."
measuring 16 feet long and 3} feet
beam, painted a lead color. Owner
can have same by calling on him at
above named place and proving prop
erty and paying charges.
Thk United States of America.)
District of Washington. > ss
Northern Division. j
The President of the United States of Amer
To the United States Marshal for the Dis
trict of Washington, Northern Division.
Whereas, a libel and petition was filed in
the district court of the United States for the
district of Washington, northern division, on
the6th day of June 1898, by Andrew Newhall, as
owner of the steamboat Buckeye, praying for a
limitation of his liability concerning the loss,
destruction, damage and injury occasioned by
the disaster to the said steamboat on the and
day of April, 1895, for the reasons and causes in
said libel and petition mentioned and praying a
monition of the said court in that behalf to be
issued, and that all persons claiming damage;
for any auch loss, destruction, damage, or injury
may be thereby cited to appear before said court
and make due proof of this respective claims,
and, all proceedings being had, that if it appear
that the said petitioner is not liable for any such
loss, destruction, damage or injury, it may be so
finally decreed by this court; and
whereas, the value of the interest of the
said petitioner in said steamboat has been duly
appraised at three hundred and forty-five
dollars ($345.00) and the freight pending on the
voyage ol said steamboat on the said and day of
April, 1895, at the sum of three dollars and fifty
cents ($3 50) and a stipulation for the payment
into court of the value of the interest of the
said petitioner in said steamboat has been given,
and the court has ordered that a monition issue
against all persons claiming damages for said
loss, destruction, or injury, citing them to ap
pear and make due proof of their respective
You are therefore commanded to cite all
persons claiming damages for any loss, de
stuction, damage or injury occasioned by said
disaster to the said steamboat, to appear before
said court and make due proof of their re
spective claims before H. B. Williams, a Com
missioner of the United States District Court,
at his office in New Whatcom, Washington, on
or before the 6th day of January, 1899, at eleven
o'clock in the forenoon. And what you shall
have done in the premises do you then make re
turn thereof to this court, together with this
Witness, the Honorable Cornelious H. Han
ford, Judge of the said court, at the city of
Seattle, in'the District of Washington, Northern
Division, this 6th day of September, in the year
of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
ninety eight, and of our Independence, the one
hundred and twenty third.
R. M. Hopkins,
Newman & Howard, New Whatcom, Wash.
Proctors for Libellant and Petitioner.
Statb of Washington,} _ :
County of Kino. j M
I hereby certify that the foregoing is a full,
true and complete copy of the original monition
issued to me for service, by the District Court
of the United States for the District of Wash
ington, Northern Division, in a cause therein
pending entitled " In the matter of the petition
of Andrew Newhall, owner of the steamboat
Buckeye, for limitation of liability."
Dated this 36th day of September, 1898.
•v; • C. W. Ide.
United States Marshal for the District of Wash
ington. By H. "V. Tyler,
;:: ' '- -. ■■ -'■: ■- :.: Deputy.
First Publication September 29th, 1898.
steamerTbay city.
Leaves Whatcom at Bp.m. on .
Sunday, Wednesday and Fri
day for
and TACOMA ;§.
Returning, leaves City Dock, foot of
Main St., Seattle, at 10p. m. for Anacortes
Samish, Fairhav6n and Whatcoin on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For through rates on freight apply on
board, or address
W. H. ELLIS, Manager.
Settlers desiring to make final proof on
their claims can make their application by
writing to the Islander for information,
thus saving a trip to the county seat, the
only trip needed being on the day of final
proof. . ,"■.:. ■■'■'• i
" gentlemen or ladies to travel for respon
sible, established house in Washington. Month
y $65.00 and expenses .Position steady. Refer
ence. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
The Dominion Company, Dept. V, Chicago.
ttstic Fashionable. OririnaL Perfect- 1
\ Fitting. Prices 1O ana 15 cents, 7
None higher. None better at any price. I
[ Some tellable merchant sells them in I
\ nearly evwy etty or town., Aak for T
♦♦ nearly every «tty or had by mail from I
them, or they can be had by mail from I
A inio either New York or Gbfcago. I
Stamps taken. Latest Fashion Sheet f
sent upon receipt of one cent to pay I
[ postage, y -..•/•• 'v I
r Brightest ladle/ magarfne published. I
I Invaluable for the home. Fashions of I
I the day, Home literature, Household I
i Hints, Fancy "Work, Current Topics, I
Fiction, all for only 50 cents a year, In- I
cludinga free pattern, your own selec- I
. tfonany time. Send two 2<ent stamps T
I for sample copy. Address - ; I
142-J46 West J4th Street, New York. 1
I . JB9 Fifth Avenue, Chicago. I
\kkMAd^ 60 YEARS'
4J IrrittM m«mi
ffffV Comttairrs «\c
OaleUr Meertetn oar opinion dm wmumt mi
iSSktrm* Old«t ■wbct for^weitrta«P«Ug*.
Patent* taken tSrcmch Mom* A Co. l«wn
Scientific JUnerkan.
A handsomely afcutntad wMkly. Larmat<lr>
rmr ; fo«r month*. SI. 80M traUvmwtamUn.
. -. . . -
Ohamberlaia's Mf sad Skis Ointmes*
, •It unequalled for Enema, Tetter, Bah-
Rheum, Scald Head: Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands. Itching ilka, Born*, Frost Bitae.
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye lids.
For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box.
is For patting a horse in a fine healthy con
dition try ft. Cad/s Condition Powdess.
They tone np the system, aid Jig—Hnn, core
loss of appetite, rellere constipation, corrwt
kidney disorders and destroy worms, grfin*
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 2S
tents per packafs. For sale by drasjpts.
| Republican, Democrat, Popu- |
g list or Mugwump. |
We "Wliatevtryourjparty affiliations may be, I want yo» to visit the ~3jR?
jaw BMJK FRONT STORK and get my prices on ■, DRY GOODS* \ "■> fs 2 h
J0 ter will soon be here and it is your duty, as well aa privikre Cam
H^ to buy where your • • • • • Will go the farthertt. It im dol- JR
lars to doughnvts yon are losing money by not cosine te bit SST ■
iiC Store. Yon may not like me politically; yo« may not Kke me fIR
gpjj has advanced tag cents per ioo pounds and is io« wortk Sjj 3H»
:25 .. cash. The-Seaitle Woolen Mill* turn omtthe best Blanket* and £
gJR Shirts on the coast, they are made to wear. I am their sole 9
S3 agent in Friday Harbor and I want yon to come la an« se« tht Stfe
«|8 goods. lam also sole agent for the Washington Shoe Ufg. Co sK
■S3 The Shoes made by this firm wear like iron. They nerer make Sk
M a poor shoe. Remember no other store in Friday Harbor has jR
ZSQ their goods. It you want to build up Tour state, patronlM iU €t»
Wk manufactories. OLYMPIC FLOUR still $1.00 per sack. The 9S
to* Best Spider. Leg Tea you ever had for 45 cents per pound, and Car
3C your money back if you don't like It. Remember my prices Sl€
U are as low as any store im the city and usually lower. Iv C 9
•SC nerefor business and propose to do it........ , 3C
I -^^J-. B. CARTER 8
%* Propkibtob . Blue Fro»t STOBB.__ ——-BB jaa i . s m«
Low Cuts, CutJLow! ;
0 $3.00 Oxfords reduced to *2.40 #
1 JN|^ *2.50 JJ » « Mgo ( ,
J $1.00 " « ", I", 1,,"," I .75 I *
r We have all colors—Black, Oxblood, Chocolate and Brown. J
X Youb Oxford Opportunity. J
X This is no fake "closing out" or "retiring sale." We are 5
J here to stay. ■ #
| -*w_Jhe Famous Shoe House. \
£ Railroad Are. and Holly St., NEW WHATCOM, WASH. t
Morse Hardware Co -^-
Wholesale and Retail.
Hardware, Rope, Coal Tar Paints,
Oils and Fish Cannery Supplies.
/^^- New Whatcom, Washington.
————— ■■ ——————^—i^——^i——^^———^—^—■
I of what kind of cooking apparatus shall be put in for fall. The S
I oil and gas stoves will have to be put to one side. 1
I-, ]Wfii| liT*nPT*Q H| Bivi A!-;i'. al
a^al ■*Jo^bh BHia^^Ha^al I*iK I ??>
1^ J \jjfl39sl 1888 I 18 Inch - 90 S
HPW I 20 Inch 3.75 P
VDB^JmM 26 Inch 4.50 1
1 Why Not Get An I. X. \C. Steel Range I
% V It is the most perfect in operation and is unsurpassed for the 8
% quality of its work and economy of fuel; is less trouble; is B
m cleaner, and less expensive than any other range made. Come w
i' ' in and examine it. MY PRICES ARE LOW. -: _ . - 1
i A Four-Hole Steel Range and High Shelf, *».<». A Six-Hole Steel S
B Range with. Warming Closet, $28.00. Cook Stoves irom $5.00 Up. g
IG- A. IVl C IMTACU 1204 Blk.,
*! m A\ ■ IVI Imm I I Falrhayen, Wash. <
>^^^g^^r Holly Street, Whatcora, WasMngtou.
All Kinds of Building and Boat Lumber.
. Fencing, Farmer's Pickets, SMngles, Etc'
Orders Received By Mail Will Have Our Prompt and Careful Attenilott
The Washington Market
EBEUXG BEOS., Proprietow. -V
1113 Harris lyenie, - • Filrlmeß, WisWngtoi.
WhdeMle and Retail Deaim ta all Kinds of ■ ••'■-.-,
Fresh, Smoked and Salt Meata
Game, Fish, Etc., in Season.
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