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"The Islander
CULVKR BBOS., ruUlsh»i«l
Entered at the postoffiee in Friday
Harbor as second clam mail matter.
$ 1.50 per year... .Strictly in advance.
Display standing ads, $1.00 per inch per
month. 25 cents per inch, per week, sin
gle column measurement.
Reading business locals, and notices,
such as Wanted, For Sale, etc., 10 cents
per line for fist insertion and 5 cents per
fine each week thereafter.
Legal notices, at customary legal rates.
All communications to The Islander
must be signed with the name of the
-writer, not necessarily for publication,
•>ut as a guarantee of good faith.
The Official Paper of San Jean County.
THURSDAY. NOV. 24. 1898.
Not for many yeans bave the people
of this favored land of ours had more
or greater cause for Thanksgiving than
they have today. The war which was
thrust upon the nation in the cause of
humanity has brought all sections of
our common country together into
closer bonds of national unity and pur
pose and has made the nation's flag
respected the wide world over as it
never has been before. It has im
measurably extended the sphere of the
nation's power and influence and has
opened the way for vast extensions of
American trade and commerce. It
has freed millions of people from the
domination of a most cruel an tyran
nous power and has opened to them a
vista of peace and progress far beyond
their present ability to comprehend.
Besides these we have occasion for
thankfulness for our abundant har
vests, the increase of our trade and
commerce and the strengthening, even
in a time of war, of the national credit,
all summed up in President McKin
ley's words as "the continued pros
perity of the people-" Our sales ex
ceeded our purchases by upward of
$600,000,000. The value of our staple
jcrops, other produce, and live stock
reached the great figure of $5,116,000,
-000. Of Agricultural products alone
we expojted a gross value of $871,000,
--000, the largest sngle-year total on
These are material things, but they
Are the sort of things which appeal
tnost strougly to the American people.
It is well that one day in the year be
Bet apart for special Thanksgiving ob
servance and that our attention be
particularly directed to the manifold
blessings which we enjoy. Well may
we pray with Lincoln that this "gov
ernment of the people, for the people
and by the people shall not perish from
Jthe earth."
Notwithstanding the absence of
any speciffic promises to that end, such
aa were made by the Populists two
years ago to catch votes and then ig
nored by them when the votes were
caught, it is to be hoped that the Re
publican legislature will do its duty
to the farmers of Eastern Washington
by compelling the railroads to very
materially reduce their grain rates
from the eastern, southern and central
parts of the state to the Sound ports.
After calling attention to the figures
given by the Railroad Gazette show
ing the immense earnings and profits
of the Great Northern, the Spokane
Spokesman-Review refers to the com
bination undoubtedly existing between
this road and the Northern Pacific and
the O. R. & N. in the matter of grain
/ates and says:
"This gigantic combination is charging
our wheat growers rates, six times as
great as eastern lines charge for hauling
grain from Chicago and St. Louis to the
.seal>oanl. It is a state haul, and the'
sate has power to reduce the rate. If the
grain charge were cut in two in the mid
dle, the roads here would still be paid
three times as much per mile as eastern
lines are charging, and there would be
Bayed annually to our wheat growers
more than a million dollars. Such a re
duction would add seven cents per bush
el to the market price of every bushel of
wheat grown in Eastern Washington,
.S7O to every thousand bushels of wheat
which the farmers have to sell. It would
addjfcJGQ to the income of the average
wheat grower. More than a million dol
lars which is now drained out of the
country every year to pay dividends on
watered stocks would be kept at home,
aad spent with the lumber dealer, the
country merchant aud the schools."
The Spokesman-Review, by the
way, is the principal Eastern Wash
jngt.9ll organ of the party which was
so profuse in its promises two y ars
ago to remedy this wrong and utterly
failed to do so.
A raw years ago it was stated that the
JJnited States Government did not
know exactly how much land it owned,
but an account of stock taken lately
shows the amount to be 546,549,655
acres, located, for the most part, in thir*
feen states and territories. It is an-
nouneed, also, that the greater portion
of this immense area is desert. 'fThis is
po be taken as illustrating the large and
genera) way we have of talking of our
pnblio lands," says the Kansas City
Star. "Millions of acres may be really
desert, but there are millions more acres
that would not be cailed desert in any
pouutry save the United States. y?e
have tracts of mountain land as large
as European kingdoms, which we style
desert, but which th» hardy andppra r
tient Qwiss would esteem tillable and
produeU ye. Other millions of acres of
short grass country need but irrigation
J» make it arable, and the means of ir
rigation are at hand, qnly the details in
the case have no£ as yet been made pub.
JU*. This much is known, however,
fhat many thousands of acres of as utl
fer deeert as the United States still pos-
sesses have been brought under culti
vation by private enterprise.
The Rev. Dr. R. A. Price, editor of
the Midland Methodist, in Tennessee,
has resigned from his conference be
cause of its action in vindicating the
agents of the church, who paid over
$100,000 to a lobbyist to put through
congress the Southern Methodist war
claim. It was doubtless the idea of
the agents and the conference that
"the end justified the means." If their
consciences had been as rigid as that
of Dr. Price the church might still be
clamoring for its money. While the
lobbyist's rake-off in this particular in
stance might seem pretty high to the
good brethren of the church, they
should bear in mind that he probably
had to divide with a number of more
or less distinguished congressmen who
do not believe in letting their right
hands know what their left hands
The fusion party in this state could
not have been more nicely "knocked
out" if the United States Supreme
Court had pronounced it a "combina
tion in restraint of trade," and there
fore illegal under the anti-trust law, as
it did the powerful railroad organiza
tion known as the "Joint Traffic As
sociation". By the way, the decision
rthich has made the dissolution of this
great combination necessary, is hardly
in line with the ordinary Populistic
opinions of the nation's highest judicial
Democracy's utter abandonment of
the principle of sound money, in its
greed for office at any cost, is shown
by the fact that not a single uemocratic
state convention this year adopted a
sound money platform. In thirty-one
states the Democrats either adopted
straightout free silver resolutions or
indorsed the (Chicago platform of '96,
or both, while in teu states, including
New York and Pennsylvania,; they
evaded the question entirely.
Now the way seems clear for the yel
low journals to engage in the task of
exposing the deep, dark -fend diabolical
conspiracy which keeps Colonel Billy
Bryan in such a safe place in the army
that he doesn't even have an opportuni
ty to shoot off his mouth as he would
like to. And what an outrage it was, too,
for his adopted state to take advantage
of hi* absence aud go Republican.
One of the noteworthy results of the
war is that the privates, the officers,
the regulars, the militia and the volun
teers all agree that the trouble with the
volunteer army was lack of trained
officers. The application is, plainly,
to increase the regular army, and in
the event of war make it, so to speak, a
training school for the volunteers.
The Tammany candidate for gover
nor of New York is doubtless ready
now to concede Colonel Roosevelt's
ability as a ''Rough Rider," inasmuch
as he has ridden 20,000 over a Demo
cratic majority of nearly 63,000 in the
preceding New York election.
Inspecting Mining Properties.
The visit of a London syndicate to
inspect the mining properties of West
ern Washington is an encouraging in
dication. For the past year and a half
it has been almost impossible to in
terest any outside capitalists in the
wonderful showings of mineral wealth
in Washington, because all eyes were
turned to Alaska, but the undoubted
mineral wealth of the counties border
ing on Puget Sound must eventually
be appreciated by eastern and foreign
investors, and development aud ample
returns will follow investigation.
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CULVER BROTHERS. - Resident Agents
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, f or (San j ua n County.
No. 183.
Henry A. Hill, plaintiff,
Howard Til ton as administrator of the
estate of James T. Sheets, deceased;
Clara 15. Pangborn, Stella Berryhill,
Marshall Levey. Dunn Levey, a
minor, Elizabeth Tilton Tennant, Jose
phine Tilton, McLean Tilton, Clara T.
1 Emory, Elizabeth Tilton, defendants.
•The State of Washington, to the said
Olara B. Pangborn, Stella Berryhill,
Marshall Levey, Dunn Levey, a
minor, Eliztbeth Tilton Tennant,
Josephine Tilton, McLean Tilton,
Clara T. Emory and Elizabeth Tilton,
You are hereby summoned to appear
within sixty days after the date of the
first publication of this summons, towit
within sixty days after the 10th day of
November, 1898, and defend the above
entitled action in the above entitled
court, and answer the complaint of the
plaintiff and serve a copy of your answer
upon the undersigned attorney for the
plaintiff, at his office below stated, and in
case of your failure so to do judgment will
be rendered against you according to the
demand of the complaint which has been
filed with the Clerk of said Court.
The object of said action is to foreclose
a certain mortgage executed on the 24th
day of July, 1890, by James T. Sheets to
Lombard Investment Company, recorded
on page 466 in Book 3 of the mortgage
records of San Juan county, Washington,
securing tho payment of a promissory
note for $1,200, of the same, date and the
interest thereon, and to procure a judg
ment thereon for the sum of twelve hun
dred seventy-one and 47-100 dollars, with
interest on twelve hundred and thirty
six dollars thereof at the rate of 12 per
cent per annum from the first day of
August, 1895, with interest on thirty-five
and 47-100 dollars thereof at the rate of 12
percent per annum from the 30th day of
November, 1806, and for a further sum
equal to 20 per cent of said amounts, as
attorney's fees, and for costs, and decree
directing the sale of the real estate de
scribed in said mortgage, towit:
All of the south half of the southeast
quarter of Section twelve (12) and the
northeast quarter of the northeast quarter,
and lot three (3) of Section thirteen (13)
in Township thirty-four (3*) North of
Range two (2) West of the Willamette
Meridian, containing in all one hundred
sixty-five and 15-100 acres, more or less,
according to government survey, to satis
fy said judgment.
The service of this summons shall be
deemed complete at the expiration of the
time for its publication, the date of last
publication being the 22nd day of De
cember, 1888. O. O. Elms,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Postoffioe Address, Room 300 National
Bank of Commerce Building, Taootna,
Pierce County, Washington.
Date first publication Nov. 10.1898.
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The United States op America.)
District op Washington. > Sb -
Northern Division. 1
The President of the United States of Amer
ica. •■.. • ■ ■■■■.■■•-■ ■•,•.-■■ ..- ■ .■:■.
To the United States Marshal for the Dis
trict of Washington, Northern Division.
Whereas, a libel and petition was filed in
the district court of the United States for the
district of Washington, northern division, on
the 6th day of Tune 1898, by Andrew Newhall, as
owner of the steamboat Buckeye, praying for a
limitation of his liability concerning the loss,
destruction, damage ana injury occasioned by
the disaster to the said steamboat on the 2nd
day of April, 1895, for the reasons and causes In
said libel and petition mentioned and praying a
monition of the said court in that behalf to be
issued, and that all persons claiming damage?
for any such loss, destruction, damage, or injury
may be thereby cited to appear before said court
and make due proof of this respective claims,
and, aU proceedings being had, that if it appear
that the said petitioner is not liable for any such
loss, destruction, damage or injury, it may be so
finally decreed by this court; ana ■
whereas, the value of the interest of the
said petitioner in said steamboat has been duly
appraised at three hundred and forty-five
dollars ($345.00) and the freight pending on the
voyage of said steamboat on the said 2nd day of
April, 1893, at the sum of three dollars and fifty
cents ($3 50) and a stipulation for the payment
into court of the value of the interest of the
said petitioner in said steamboat has liiiQli 111
and the court has ordered that a monition issue
against all persons claiming damages for said
loss, destruction, or injury, citing them to ap
pear and make due proof of their respective
claims:; ■■■• ':.;•.-. •■<■: .''■'. ■:..■;;• -..-■,:.?- , •::.■-,..■-■ -..■-.-■-.■>
You are therefore commanded to cite all
persons claiming damages for any S loss, de
•tuction ;. damage or injury J occasioned by said
disaster to the said steamboat, to appear before
said court and make due proof of their re
spective claims before H. B. Williams, a Com
missioner of the United States District Court,
at his office in New Whatcom, Washington on
or before the 6th day of January, 1899, at eleven
o'clock in the forenoon. | And what you shall
have done in the premises do you then make re
turn thereof to this court, together with this
writ.'.- }■■ ..-'i ..,.-■•'-■ •;■■'■■_-' \r "-'<■"■:; ;■--.-•.-,.;•
-'■; Witness, the Honorable Cornelious H. Kan
ford, Judge of the said court, at the city ? of
Seattle, in the District of Washington, Northern
Division, this 6th day of September, in the year
of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
ninety eight, and of our Independence, the one
hundred and twenty third. * --f? "*
" t:2 ■; . ::;•'■■' *' ;: ?:■.;• u*.?»;-v;- ft. M. Hopkins,
Newman & Howard, New Whatcom, Wash. \
Proctors for Übellant and Petitioner.
State of Washington,) „ '." : ■ ■/■,
Cooktt, op Kino. ">-•)■• .••,■ --. ■ ■ .-•, %?J-,
I hereby certify that the foregoing is a full,
true and complete copy of the original monition
issued to me for service, by the District Court
of the United States, for the District of Wash,
ington, Northern Division, in a cause therein
pending entitled " In the matter of the petition
of - Andrew : Newhall, owner of the i steamboat
Buckeye, for limitation of liability." - -,
Dated this abth day of September, 1898.
United States Marshal for the District of Wash*
ington. ;)■*;.. ■ ri ~_-,y-:r : By H. *V. **»»,
■ ; - First Publication September S9UI, i%«,/^
- - - *_■. •>
,-v- .-.>■-. r.v-: ".>;'.-...'. ;:-.'-:. ..-.-..<;-■■, >: ■:.,--...... ->..-*-•..; :, * ,■. ■„=,.«...,...„.,.;,,
| gentlemen or ladies 'to i travel S for respon
sible, established house in Washington. Month
Iyf6s.»eu4 expenses. Position steady. Refer
ence. 1 Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
The Dominion company. Dent. V, Chicago.
Ripans Tabules: at druggists. "~"~
In th« Superior Co«rt of the State of Washing
ton, for Saul Man Comity.
In the matter of the estate Joseph H. Fosnot,
notice^th^satt•d"*ol***?*^^ hSL?
srH.Thacker ia the tow. of XS^L!S?eSi
Date first publication Sept. s» ißgi«
In the Superior Court of the State of Washing
ton, tor San Juan County. , ~>:'>>
In the matter of the estate of John P. McKay,
'...decease.' :.\.: ::.. ."•■■.'•"■: ;■.:■' :y -'■'■': ■- :\';'-
Order to show cause why an order for .sale of
real estate should not be made and fixing
/ time and place of hearing. „ : , • ■
Aurelia McKay, administratrix of the estate of
Tohn F. McKay, deceased, having filed her, peti
tion, praying for an order of sale of so m«cn of
the real estate of said deceased, lor the pur
poses stated therein, as shall be necessary.
son's interested in the estate of said John F. Mc-
Kay, deceased, be and appear «**»« said
Court on, to-wit: the sth day of December, A. D.
1898, at a o'clock in the afternoon of said day at
the Court House in 'Friday Harbor, San Juan
county, state of Washington, and show cause, if
any they have, why an order should not be
granted to the said Aurelia McKay, adminis
tratrix of said estate, to sell so much of the real
estate of said deceased as shall be necessary to
Day the debts against said estate and costs and
expenses of the settlement of the same; and
that a copy of this order be published at least
four successive weeks in "The San Juan Isl
ander," a weekly newspaper printed and pub
lished in said county. , - "--- „ - ■
Done in open Court, this 17th day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1898. • J. P. HOUSER.
' V Judge.
Coohty of Saw Jcai*. ) ""'
I, E. H. Nash, clerk of the Superior Court in
and for the County of San Juan, state of Wash
ington, holding terms at Friday i Harbor, do
hereby certify that the above is a true copy ol
.the original "order to show cause" in matter of
estate of John F. McKay, deceased, as same ap
pears en file and of record in my office.
Witness my baud and the seal of said Court,
this 18th day of October, 1898. ; -
(SEAL) - EVh. NASH, Clerk.
Date of first publication Oct. 30, 189 S. «
W. H. Thackkb, attornoy for adminis
tratrix. — -„.■'•• >■;
In the Superior Court ot the State of Washing
ton, for San Juan County.
In the matter of the estate-of William Bell, de
Order to show cause why an order for sale of
real estate should not be made and fixing time
and place of hearing.
Joseph Sweeney, executor of the estate of Wil
liam Bell, deceased, having filed his petition
herein, praying for an order of sale of certain
lands belonging to the estate of said deceased,
for the purposes stated therein.
It is hereby ordered by the Court, that all per
sons interested in the estate of said William
Bell, deceased, be and appear before said Court
on, to-wit: the sth day of December, A. D. 1898,
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the
Court House in Friday Harbor, San Juan county,
state of Washington, and show cause, if any
they have, why an order should not be granted
to the said Joseph Sweeney, executor of said
estate, to sell said certain lauds, or so much
thereof as shall be necessary to pay the out
standing debts against said estate and costs and
expenses of the settlement of the same; and
that a copy of this order be published at least
four successive weeks in "The San Juan Isl
ander," a weekly newspaper printed and pub
lished in said county.
Dotie iv open Court this 17th day of October,
1898. J. P. HOUSBR, Judge.
Cotwty of San Juaw. \■"
I, E. H. Nash, Clerk of the Superior £ourt in
and for the County oi San Juan, State of Wash
ington, holding terms at Friday Harbor, do
hereby certify that the above is a true copy of
the original "order to show cause" in.the matter
of estate of William Bell, deceased, as the same
appears on file and of record in my office.
Witness my hand and the seal of said Court,
this ibth day of October, 1898.
(SEAL) E. H. NASH, Clerk.
Date first publication October ao, 1898.
W. H. Thackei, Attorney for executor.
No. 2766.
Notice of Application to Purchase Tide
Office of Commissioner of Public Land*)
Olynipia, Washington. j
Notice is hereby given that Ben Lich
tenberg, ofLopez Washington, has filed
an application in this office to purchase the
following described Tide Lands, situate
in San Jnan county, Washington, towit:
All Tide Lands of the second class,
owned by the State of Washington t ßitaate
in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon
the upland described as Lot 3, Sec. ML
Twp. 35 N., Range 2 W. W. M., according
to the Surveyor General's certified copy
of field notes filed with said application
October 12,1898.
Any person desiring to protest against
said application may do so within thirty
days from and after date of first publica
tion of this notice.
Date of first publication 27th day of Oc
tober, 1896. Robkrt Bridorh
Commissioner of Public Lands.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, for San Juan County,
Ephriam Langell, Plaintiff,
S. R. S. Gray and Alma Gray, husband
and wife, and The Citizens Bank of
Fuirhaven, Defendants.
The State of Washington to the said S. R.
S. Gray and Alma Gray, husband and
You and each of you are hereby sum
moned to appear within sixty [00] days
after the date of the first publication ot
this summons, to-wit: within sixty [60]
days after the- 10th day of November, 1806,
and defend the above-entitled action in
the above-entitled court, and answer the
complaint of the plaintiff, and serve a
copy of your answer upon the under
signed attorney for the plaintiff at his
office below stated; and in case ot your
failure so to do, judgment will be ren
dered against you according to the de
mand of the complaint, which has been
filed with the clerk of said court.
The object of the above-entitled action is
to obtain judgment against the defendants
S. R. S. Gray and Alma Gray for
the sum of Thirteen Hundred and
Ninety • seven and 53-100 [$1,397.53]
Dollars and interest upon the notes given
by said S. R. S. Gray to this plaintiff and
for the costs of this action, including an
attorney's fee of fifty (SSO) dollars.
■• Also praying for a decree establish
ing and foreclosing a certain '\ mortgage
given to secure the payment of the above
indebtedness, and recorded in the mort
gage records of the auditor's office of San
Juan county, state of Washington, in vol
ume 3 at page 571 thereof, and describing
and covering the following lands, situate
insaiddbunty,to-wit: I . . . ,J; -
. The south one-fourth of the south one
half of the northeast | one-quarter of the
northeast one-quarter of section fourteen
(14) in township thirty-seven (97) north of
range two (2) West, Willamette Meridian,
ana containing five acres more or less.*
And the north one-fourth of the south
sast one-quarter §of the 8 northeast (one
quarter aforesaid, of section | fourteen j (14)
aforesaid; and containing^teniacres, more
or less.
Also praying that in said decree the in
terest of each x>f the defendants in and to
said property be. declared Junior, inferior
and I subordinate to plaintiff's s interest
therein, and that the equity of redemption
of each of the defendants be forever barred
and foreclosed, and for general equitable
relief. : W. H.-THACKjBII,
#^#> ,-- " Plaintiff's Attorney.
PP. O. Address:—Friday Harbor, San
Juan County, Wash. - :*~~":v.i*t*te§oß
Date first publication Nov. 10,1888.
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