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San ym\ IpM! Islander
c goULD, President C. M. TtTCKKR, ▼t««-FMaMmt
°BN VAN E. SARGENT, Cashier C KCIL L. CABTER, list. CuU«r "r; V.^ 1
October Nineteenth, Eighteen Ninety Three
this bank opened for business. During all these years
its record has been one of unbroken success, for which
we extend to our many patrons our sincere appreciation.
_ •.."_...._..._/■'.. _ .- ....._;. x***- 5-" *J b'
~7~~~~~~~~~^ " • . ■•;;..'■ :.-::.--( r-^^i
When you call you will : find Ja' pleasant store,
courteous treatment and right prices
FRIDAY HARBOR, ". - -i !--: - - IASHIIGTOI "( |
I The Weather Man i
! Says that the wise man is the one that is preparing for <
| cool weather. I
; What About Your Heater? ; :
1 I have laid in a complete line of » the best, as well as the !
! cheaper ones. And the PRICE is right.
I "• :: ■' ■"'■'": ""■'*-'- ■'"'-■- '• :--;■■■.«■■-■-'■-"■. -^ - ■■ „.''•;:''
I I have the most complete supply of TROLLING MA- : ■
; and PIPE FITTINGS of all: kinds. ,-. \
: Paints, Oils, Doors, Sash, Glass, Builders' Hardware, etc.
; Have a complete stock of PETERS, and SELBY Shot
; Gun Shells on hand at all' times.
; My supply of GRANITE and TINWARE is as ever—
; up to the standard.
At a Disadvantage
! You certainly ar 3 at a disadvantage without money.
[ If you are a wage earner without economical habits the
i chances are you depend on others to help you in a finan
cial emergency. Have money. Have it when you need
! it, and prepare for that need by systematically 08^**
1 part of your earnings in the INTEREST DEPARTMENI '„ •v ■
of this bank.
I 4%
* Bellingham, Washington.
i CAPITAL AND SWh£&^jif»o*£ssso t $300JX»M :H
County Board Meets
The Board of County Commis
sioners met in, regular session
on Monday, October 7th, 1912,
with all members of the board
ana the clerk present.
The following claims ■; again st
: the county were examined and :
allowed and warrants ordered
i drawn in favor of same.
County Current Fumi—
W. A. Dightman, draying : $ 3.50
• Friday Harbor Hospital, care of poor, 258.00 '
1 V. J. Capron, health officer ..vjt#2s.od
I T.E.Williams, election , .. 6.00 f
£. W. Harrison, election and postage. 5.1© :
George L. Sutherland, election 4.50
Fred Hambly;election^VffS^^f:!T*ti4io ~
] L. Sutherland, election 4.50 ■
W.A. Wrijrht, election.. 4.50
{ Cecil L. Carter, election 6.00 -
I C. H. Baker, election . . 600
: W^^Lee^electi(si'r:-^^r::r..:...\. 600
', O. H. Eissenbeis, election : 6.00 •
O. Larabee, „, " .- 4.50 •
A. E. Biggs, " 4:50
Jos. Thornton, election and postage . 5.91 ;
Howard Graham, " " " -.. 5.20
Frank Dwight, •" " :.' 3.00
CJCaVrb>heri,^^^l*^^^^^'3.oo '
E. Rahorst. " 3.00
H.H.Stewart. " 3.00
Ethan Allen, . " 3.00
jM:C;Still m an. " , 3.00
J. E. Bruns. " 3.00
E. B. Fowler, . " '..?.....:....: 5.50
James Crook, " 4.50
A. J. Lightheart, " ' '..'.'..'.'".'"". 3.00
L. M. Harper. " 3.00
J. O. Bernian. " 9.65
Norman Frazer, "- • '.. :...,...'.. . 6.00
I V.C.Doyle. " . ...:...:..... S 6.00 i;
Chris Cook. " 3.00
A. Droulard. " - .". 3.00
Bert, Chevalier. " .....'.. .:':..-; 3.00
L. Howell. *' 3.00
R. S. Spencer. " •': ;A 3.00 *
J. H. Boede. " ' 6.50
G.H.Atkins, " 6.00
O.T.Loos. " " 6.00
R. B.Alfree, ' " **' ''" " 4.50 *■
D. Bower. " 5.50
N.B.Davis. " , 4.50
C. E. Maxwell, deliver ballot pouches, 1.25 $
< Paul Hackett, delivehng election sup
plies „.....;,4«* 2.50
S. V. Boyce, expense attending on
vention . ' ' 2550 *■
O. L. Loos, launch hire 3.00 [
Nellie Sweeney, traveling expense.... 4,75 \
E. S. Pease, Graying ..:'. :t.... 75 )
i Irene Weeks, hall rent for election... 3.00 \
; The Journal, election supplies w i \T:i 113.00 :
I"! E. H. Nash, expense? attending con- t; *
> vention 35.65 •„
.; C. O. Reed, coroner's fees .. 10.00 ",
X San Juan Agr. Co., napthan and- frt.. 47.25 '-
I- C}l^Car^.)labor^^y:.^;^^lv.:;:^.-'l.Bo ,
>' S. V. Boyce, office expense '*:.\S..?-:ij35.7Q
'} Ross Tulloch. batteries for engine.... 4.00 <
i 1 J. iL. Murray, assessor ; ;;: 65.10 .'
■ Acorn Brass Mfg. Co.. light fixtures.. .75
'•I San Juan Islander, printing and pub.. 149,17 j
[j United Wireless Tel. Co.. messages.. 1.00 .
1, W. R. Nichols, Bth grade examination 15.00 ;
: Alfred Douglass phone ;rent.. '••£-'•>'; 14.70 -
i L. B. Carter, merchandise 1;.. = 67
• San Juan Agr. Co., naptha ............ 23.91 v
' E. F. Harpst. launch v hire.............. 10.00
'■• S.V. Boyce, legal services...... — -.V... 30.00 .
!; £-: Road and Bridge fund— ':
E. F. : Harpst, launch hire ''£•••*'}'"• •'•'.:'•/• •'. 15.00
: H. L. Coffin, surveying per. highway, 30.00
Chas. Williams, launch hire .vVV. ?;: ;. V.. * 20.00
Low man & Hanford. surveyor's level. 15.00
Ed : Dailey. labor, 2.50
The road petitioned for by . Roy
,E. Huyler, et al, was ordered exam
ined and surveyed. .
i The resignation of C. E. Hackett
as Justice of the Peace for San Juan
precinct No. 2, was accepted. and E.
H. Nash was appointed to fill the
: vacancy; his bond for same was ap
■ proved. -• . i vMjf|
Officers for the election to be held
November were named as follows:
San Juan No I.—Victor C. Doyle,
: Inspector; E. Emmerling and J. O.
Bergman, Jr., Judges. . ,
i San Juan No. 2.—C. H. Baker,
V Inspector; : P.A.Jensen and Ed : but
ton. Judges. , „ -.
San Juan No. 3-—L. M. Harper.
Inspector; E. A. Bleuler . and Jas.
Crook. Judges
; Orcas No. 1— J. H. Boede, In
-1 spector: Wm. Johnsou and Stanley
1 '^OrcaT iNoj2.^^^l^^g^nfi%:
} Orcas No 2.— E. W. Harrison, In
-1 spector; Geo. Sutherland and Ben
, Harrison. Judges.
1 Orcas No. 3.—Duncan Bower, In
; spector; R. B. AJfree and N. B. Da
-1 vis. Judgesi
> Lppez No. I.—Geo. Hutcfceson,
1 Inspector; O. Larabee and Jas.
I Meikeljohn. Judged. ;t; ;^ t^S
r Lopes No. 2.—Howard Graham,
I Inspector; John Wilson and Ed. Bu
> chanan, Judges. ; :
> Stuart island—Albert Droullard,
1 Inspector; Bert Chevalier and E.
[ Erickson, Judges.- :^^vi' , •
Waldron island—Ethan Allen, In
! spector; H. H. Stewart and E. R*
j? aa3E«-1. , Howell. in
spector; Wm. R«ea »nd Thos. Jones,
.1*55 ishmd-J. E. Bruns. la
[L«5I«; Henry Gtestop and E. a
to sow* to the
voters at the next election the ques
tion of Township Oragniaztion. The
Commissioners refused to grant the
petition on account of the time be
fore election being less than thirty
A petition was presented, signed
by twenty-nine residents of West
Sound and vicinity asking for a new
school district to be formed of the
tenitory included in Districts 1 and
23. Ihe petition was granted.
The petition asking that the com
missioners create a district of San
Juan island, in which it shall be un
lawful for stock to run at large was
Roy P. Guard. Supervisor of Road
Dist. No. 1, presented his quarterly
report, the same was approved and
warrants ordered drawn as follows:
Tacoma and Roche Harbor Lime Co..
powder $ 59.00
J. S. Groll. lumber 21.50
L. B. Carter, hardware 2.40
J.O.Bergman, hardware... 65
A. D. Conway, blacksmithing 3.60
R. P. Guard, supervisor 61.25
Your Presence is
at the Meeting
of the
Improvement Club
Monday Night
By Order of the President
." The report of J. E. Bruns, Super
visor of Road Dist. No. 8. was ex
amined and approved and warrants
ordered drawn as follows:
J. E. Bruns - - -v - - - „ $20.30
The report of Wesley Langell, Su
pervisor of Road Dist. No. 2. was
examined and approved fand war
rants ordered drawn as follows: v
East Sound Mercantile Co. • - . $ -90
Wesley Langell. 56 25
-'', The auditor was instructed to
draw a warrant in favor of himself
in the sum of $50, to pay postage,
The treasurer submitted his
Xll ts : ■ '■; - UCdo Urcf;, DU UIIII i LCU ; - 11 l a
! quatrerly v report, the same was ex
mined and approved. jWp*
y: Commissioners' per diem and
mileage allowed as follows:
H. B. Shall - ■■- $12.80
John H, Boyce^M^^i_3;2O||j
Jas. A. Buchanan • - 14.80
Adjourned to meet in regular
session Monday, Jan. 6. 1913.
Jas. A. Buchanan
Attest: Chairman of Board
R. D. Madden
\. ivyqerkof;Bo^Ms;&4i^
A late dispatch says the stingless
bee has at last arrived, having been
produced by an English apiarist
named Burrows, after two years of
experiment. A description of the
new bee which hat been received
here, says that the hybrids are
splendid workers and are less liable
to disease than the ordinary honey
producer. Barrows mated Cypian
drones with Italian queen* to pro
dace the new bee. wJhc*, While pos
scsnnff a stager, cannot useitasa
weapon of defence.
To Improve Water-front
One of the most important and
satisfactory moves yet made in con
nection with bettering the appear
ance of Friday Harbor's water
front is the effort to have a retain
ing • wall built before filling begins.
Several had desired this, but had
not advanced the thought seriously
because of the expense involved, but
L. J. Irwin. chairman of the com
mittee appointed by the Improve
ment Club to have charge of affairs
on the day when everybody helps a
little toward the filling process, had
a notion that if an opportunity were
offered, the citizens would subscribe
enough to defray this preliminary
expense in order to have the work
done risht while about it, and so he
started out with a subscription pa-
per, with the result that enough
has been subscribed and donated to
warrant having the wall built.
Messrs. McCrary & Mosena will do
the work at little more than cost,
sand and gravel and hauling will
likely be contributed and cement
furnished without profit.
The time set by the committee for
the great day for volunteer work i 3
Saturday. October 26 when every
one who is willing will be on hand
to help as those in charge may indi
cate. And don't forget ihat the
ladies will furnish plenty to eat on
that day for those who work.
Next Monday morning at sun
rise the tide will be right for put
ting in the falsework or forms for
the concrete, and a few volunteers,
carpenters and others are asked to
assist for a short time. Loyal Lar
son will have charge; see him.-
About $70 has already been subt
scribed, and this with the contribu
ted labor and teams already in sigh t,
insures the completion of the wall.
If the Friday Harbor Improve
ment Club does nothing more than
see the finish of this splendid work,
ft will have accomplished enough to
warrant its meetings for the winter.
Roosevelt Shot
Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt
was shot by a fanatic named John
.'■'*' *
&O. 39
; - - - • »t •
Schrank at Milwaukee last Monday,
evening as he was entering an auto
to proceed to the Auditorium, whero
he was to speak; At first it was
not | considered : at all serious,- and t&
Mr. Roosevelt spoke for some time.
Later developments indicate i that
the bullet f penetrated futher than
:■■-;/ r-:-■■■=■- i-■■:■;:/•■ v-tt..-),r : -.;>.;-7s»»«|
at first thought, and has not yet
"*#':,<■;/■<" ;;C.; ( if-o:'•,;■.•;■ ■■-*•',• ■■.•,.„ "-" t,:';. 7;'*"■■;*"■%*'■■•■ *-Vv v
been located. While his physicians 5
say there is absolutely no danger,
and he is well and in good spirits.
his real condition' cannot be known
until the position of the bullet is
ascertained. His assailant is in
custody and has made a confession. M
W. E. Humphrey's Visit
Hon. Wm. E. Humphrey, candi
idate for re-election to congress on
the Republican ticket, was a Friday
Harbor visitor last Friday, and gave
a talk in the afternoon at Odd Fel
lows' hall and in the evening ? atW
Madden'sv Corners. While we : are
not in sympathy with the thought
which Republican speakers are mak- :
ing prominent, to the effect that the ■?
only thing which will keep this
country from going to the bow--i'
wows is the continuation in power
of the Republican party, yet it mustK:
be r- confessed ; that Mr. Humphrey's v
presentation of the matter here was t
fair, with no effort made to scare
anyone. His talk was well received
and the impression made was good.
- He dined twice while in the city,
once >as guest of ! Mayor Gap ron ?at.^
his home, and again with John L.
.Mtt*J?§y* <A- personal acquaintance
and friend. 3ps*l
We Will Not Exhibit
Gene C. Gould, who was appoint •
ed by t. Gov. Hay to ; look after any
exhibit which might be forthcoming
for the Land Products show to be
held at Minneapolis next month, re
ports that no interest has been man
ifested here, and that the time is
now past when anything might be
done." Whatcom county will make
a remarkable showing, according to
reports in the ; Bellingham ;■ papers, "t;
and is likely to reap great bene
fitt. San Juan. in the past has been ,
able to "deliver the goods" in com
petition with the best the northwert vj
can show, but it is a little sleepy >
and indifferent this year. "*i?K3f
Tuberculosis Day Oct 27
.. Among the. most vital phases of
the tuberculosis question which will
be discussed throughout the state
on Tuberculosis Day. Oct. 27, as
announced recently by the Wash
ington Association for f the Preven
tion and Relief of Tuberculosis, is
the one dealing with the treatment
and cure of the disease. The fact
that mo drug for the cure of this
malady has yet been discovered, but
that so far the treatment recognized
by scientific men of the country is
a combination of forest air, whole
some food and rest taken under the m
advice of a competent' physician -
will be made prominent. The r fall
acy of the restless search for health
in a new climate by those afflicted
by the disease is also a point that
will be emphasized, as it is now con
ceded by leading authorities that
the best place to recover is usually
in the climate in which the disease
was contracted, and that a change
to new surroundings ■ among strang- m.
ers should be made only after a
thorough consideration of the situ
ation. AmA
Those wishing literature and ogfl
lines about Tuberculosis Day atgi*
asked to write to the Goonty Leagci
or send to the Washington ABsoc£a*>
tion for the FrewatJoo and Cm en
Tuberculoato, 9I«L CoM* Bld*\, SadS
tie Wash, \ . < ■„. ' *J

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