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GENE C. GOIXD, President - C. m TUCKICR vi~^i> ...
TAN E. SAKGKNT. C».M~ ;;j CECIL £ ckSng'hl'cMS****
if they are satisfied with their treatment and if they
could reasonably expect better. An old customer of:
this bank is a satisfied one.
E.BIiilillli « li B^ll^——
' : A :-.;- ■ ;:■";;■■ •..■■•■■■■',■■;:■■'-■■:.,". "■.:-.; !:'
When you call you will find a pleasant store,
courteous treatment and right prices
i ..■--: —"'-".--' -'. - ■ ■ ■■■ - . - ' „"■-■■ . .
i Less than three "weeks
In fact any number of
j for old and young
• __^ ' ■ •'■'--■ '■'■■' ■■';'; -;"::'-':':-'" •"• ;; :"' ' ":'":"" '"'' "*'"*'-■ ~:'
' *^ BMH — mm ———;,
H*^ H»»4^ M> 4 HMHfr44t4MMMiH^ gf 4 #< . < .»«»»^»»»*»»»*******<
[three good reasons
I Firs t: A good, influential banking connection is abso- ; .
■ ! «ely essential to the proper condnct of any business or
I; enterprise, public or private. , - *.-'.'-"
li Second: We have ample /resources to guarantee the
m safety of all deposits at all times, v Our methods are pro-^^i
■ c? Si'G- but thoroughly conservative; we ta*e noUnneC"t
■ essary risk.
l> Third: Our experience and bnsiness judgment- enables
I us to furnish our patrons intelligent advice in regard to.
■ ■ festments and other business matters. Patrons.of this .7L
■ b^nk are invited to consult with any of its officers.
I Bellingham, Washington. " ? -7
■ ***«. AND SURPLUS $3OaOOM°
i a
Tuesday's Election
r At the election Tuesday, the pro
| Position for 1 constructing a water
! system and issuing bonds for the
purpose of raising money, carried
i by a good margin. : J
The first proposition was:: "Shall I
; the town of Friday Hatbor acquire |
j and construct a water system from I
the waters of Xrout lake, at an esti-j
mated cost of $14,000." Ihe vote!
was 181 for and 47 against.
The second was: 7 "Shall the
, town of Friday Harbor, for the
! purpose of acquiring and; construct-
I ing a water system, borrow and
issue its negotiable coupon , bonds
therefor." Ihe vote was 182 for
j and 51 against. ~j
Leon Little, Harvey Baker and j
1 Dr. L. A. Kudow were elected as I
councilmen without opposition, and
. Van E. Sargent was re-elceted city
A special meeting of the council
was held Wednesday evening, and a
committee was appointed to wait
on Mr. Coghlan, agent of theCowell
j Lime Co., which they did yester
iday. Mr. Coghlan assured the
i committee that he was disposed to
Ido the right thing in the matter.
\ and would use his influence to effect
'an equitable settlement of the eon
j troversy which has been carried on.
Red Cross Seals
An opporunity to actively assist
in relieving sufferers from tuber
culosis in Washington in a way both
cheap and effective is offered in the
plan proposed by th 9 Was^T-ngton
Association for the Prevention and
Relief oi Tuberculosis for handling
the Red Cross Seals in the sale
which began Monday. Dec. 3.
The Association will furnish seals
and advertising material free of
charge. Volunteers are needed to
handle the seals in communities not
yet represented. No . experience
necessary, only & desire to help
and a willingness to devote a little
time to distributing the seals and
directing the energies of the little
"Crusaders" who can easily be en
listed in the work. In each com
muniy are those who would be glad
to give to the tuberculosis crusade
by purchasing seals if opportunity
offered. Give everybody a chance
to help. Order seals to-day. 915
Cobb Bldg.. Seattle.
The Islander, Vol. I; No. 1
Jas. Cousins of Lopez, was in
Monday and left with us one of the
first copies of the Islander —Vol. 1,
No. 1. Mrs. Cousins had put it
away because of it s being a first
copy. It contains many interesting
items, some of which will be re
printed later.
Have You a Hat to Loan?
C. Coghlan wants to borrow a
hat. He isn't able to buy one here,
such as he wants, and so is trying
to borrow. The principal require
ment is that the size must be 7s.
The editor's hat is too small; how is
yours? ________
There are 40,980 miles of road
in the state of Washington of
which 30,000 are dirt roads,
B,loa partially improved and
2,880 fully improved in various
ways, is shown by data collected
by State Highway Commission
er Roberts and included by him
in the annual report of the de
partment. Of the improved
road, 2,500 miles are gravel 200
miles macadam, 50 miles plank
and 30 miles bituminous.
A telegram from H. H. Matteson,
secretary of the Chamber of Com
merce, who was in charge of the
Wbatcomcoanty exhibit, tells of the
genuine "hit" the exhibit taken by
him to the show made. Tbe diver
sified products was the center of at
traction, and received unstinted
praise from the managers.
"There k> no doubt in the world j
! bat that our exhibit has been one of j
I tbe greatest successes ever under-<
taken by the Chamber of Com
merce," says a letter from Mr.
Matteson. "We have succeeded,
I believe, in interesting more farm
ers, stockmen and dairymen than the
entire state of Washington put to
gether, for, with our great exhibit
here, W hatcom county has come to
be looked upon almost in the light
of an independent state or territory
by itself."
While San Juan county will indi
rectly benefit by whatever helps our
neighboring county, it is to be re
gretted that we did not take advan-
Our Clubbing Offer
The most attractive offers in the
way of paper combinations are
made this year of almost any time
-.'., in ■ newspaper experience. The
greater periodicals are after circu- v
lation at any cost, and we ; are civ
• ing our patrons the benefit of their
{ offers to us. For instance you
may have McCall's Maaraizne a year
and the Islander -a - year, both for:
: the price of the Islander, $1.50.
See the McCall's advertisement on
. - another page. ... .. 1 j_
Or you may get the Toledo Blade
. and the Islander, both for one year
for $1.50. ' : V^ggf^r' ■'-; ;
Another remarkable ; offer is ) the
Weekly Inter-Ocean, one year, Farm
and Home one year, and a 226-piece
assortment of Christmas cards, stick
ers, seals, post cards, etc., together
with the Islander, all for $1.60.:
This is the greatest combination we
have ever had in all our experience.
- In each of the foregoing offers an
old subscriber T who renews, is reck
oned the same as a new subscriber,
and is entitled to rates given. Get;
your subscription or renewals in -
soon —help us, and at the same time
I help yourself.
tage of the opportunity to make a
showing when it was offered.
Whatcom county is to be congratu
A big sale of state lands is to
take place on the first Saturday
in December. These lands are
sold under applications and will
be sold at public auction to the
highest bidder at the court house
of the various counties in which
the lands are situated.
More than 3,000,000 apples
were contained in about 2,000
exhibits at the Fifth National
Apple Show, held last week at
Spokane. The Spokane boost
ers baked what was probably
the largest pie ever baked. It
consisted of 500 bushels of apples
cored and quartered; one and
one-fourth tons of sugar, 500 lbs.
of spices, a case of lemons, 50
lbs of butter, salt and eggs, and
2,500 lbs. of flour. The pot, when
filled with sauce, weighed 19
tons. It took two and a half
hours to cook it, and two hours
to serve the crowd.
All the news, all the time. Look
for it in the Islander.
The Club Meeting
The regular meeting of the Im
provement Club Monday evening
was not largely attended. The night
was bad, the Grange hall was not
lighted, and several were standing
about wondering if there was to
be a meeting. A good number fin
ally got together at tbe studio of J.
A. McCormick. and the burden of
the talk was naturally regarding
permanent quarters for the club, in
order that there could be no mis
understanding as to tbe place of
meeting, and that home-like sur
oundings might soon be made. The
opportunity offered by Sweeney &
Allen was considered, and a com
mittee, consisting of J. M. Simpson,
J. A. McCormick and Mrs. G. B.
Driggs was on motion appointed to
get more definite information and
report at the next meeting.
The talk about a minstrel show
to be given for the benefit of the
clob by home talent was favorably
considered, and J. A. McCormick
and Leon Little were appointed a
committee to confer with the pro
moters of the entertainment and
find more definitely their plan re
garding the matter.
After encouraging remarks as to
the prospects of the club and its
possibilities for good in the com
munity, adjournment was taken to
meet again at the same place Mon
day the 16th.
A Spectacular Exhibition
Now that the open season for tur
key and goose shoots is passed, and
the lucky ones are telling the ordin
ary dubs how easy it is when you
know how, it may be both interest
ing and instructive to the "dubs"
to know bow it is done by the cham
pion sharpshooter, who has been
touring the county taking in the
shooting matches this fall.
By "dubs" we mean those of us
who don't see a rifle all year except
during the deer season, and have
no practice, but who. when at a tur
key shoot, stand op, and with no
rest, takes quick aim and put all of
oar shots in a three or four inch
ft ape
circle at forty yards, occasionally
making a bull's eye. To this class
we belong—at the foot!
An eye-witness gives us the fol
'cwing graphic description of the
'champ's" work:
"First with great deliberation,
he selects a shell, examines it close
ly, holds it to his ear and shakes it,
finally putting it into his rifle; he
then kneels down and carefully
blocks up his arm, shoulder and ri
fle with numerous pieces of board,
blocks of wood, etc., until perfectly
rigid, arranges his hat to shade his
eyes, arches his left hand over the
rear sight and squints and sights
for probably five minutes; gets up.
rearranges his structure and goes
through the whole performance
again. Finally deciding to risk a
shot, he fires, and —his bullet strikes
anywhere within three or four in
ches of the center of the bull's-eye.
Occasionally will hap
pen!) he makes a bull's-eye, and be
then tells tne spectators, who have
been patiently (?) waiting for their
turns, how easy it is, and how he
can do it every time (sometimes)
if he wants to."
This may be professional and
"classy" work, but the shooting of
the "dub" "looks good" to us, and
is far more deserving of praise.
L. B. D.
Farm Institutes
C. E. Flint, horticultural inspect
or, sends the following:
There will be a series of Farm
ers' Institutes held in San Juan
county as follows:
v West Sound. Monday. December
16, afternoon and evening, and
Tuesday forenoon.
Friday Harbor, Tuesday evening,
December 17. and all day Wednes
day, the 18th.
At Lopez all day and evening of
Thursday, December 19.
It is expected that the local
granges will make necessary ar
rangements for halls. Prof. H. W.
Sparks, Prof. H. S. Blanchard and
ftayd C. Kaylor will be the princi
pal sDeakers. Turn out a big crowd
to hear these men.
Are We Fortunate?
The opportunity to secure a car
load of elk less than a year ago was
not taken advantage of by San Juan
county, and judging from the fol
lowing from a Skaeit county paper,
it is just as well" that we did not:
"About a year ago the government
stocked the upper Skagit valley
with a car-load of elk. For a while
these elk behaved themselves in
first-class shape, but of late several
of the farmers are making some ra
ther hefty kicks, claiming that the
bloomin' animals come down to
their fields and knock the fences
down and then eat the season's crop
up. Said farmers claim that they
can get no relief from the county
commissioners, so they say they are
going to use a little powder and
Two girls were talking over
the wire. Both were discussing
what they should wear to the
Christmas party. In the midst
of this important conversation
a masculine voice interrupted,
asking humbly for a number.
One of the girls became indig
nant end scornfully asked "what*
line do you think you are on
"Well" said the man,"l am
not sure, but judging from what
I have heard, I should say I was
on a clothesline."
The City of will carry
light freight shipments on her route
at reasonable ra.es.

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