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San "Juan Islander
«FKE 0. GOULD, President : c. M. TUCKER, Vice-President
VAN B. SARGENT. Cashier CECIL 1.. CARTER, Aaat. Cashier
This bank pays interest on savings deposits compounded
semi-annually. All sums accepted— too large, none
too small. . ■ V
We arc Constantly Adding New Goods
Gents' Furnishings, Clothing, Etc,
Our Stock is Always Fresh, Clean and
♦^♦♦♦1 1 I |.1.|.>.|.in|.»»4.»»»4.»»^4.»»»»». i .»»». < ..1..|.»»»»1-»ll-»**H
During the month of January
I will sell many HE ATERS in
Stock at cost.
Call and get one of my Calendars.
When in a hurry do not forget
Phone your order in and I will see that it goes out next
mail, if it is less than 11 pounds. .
Hardware, Paints, Oils, Doors, Windows,
glass, etc. LAUNCH SUPPLIES and
PLUMBING GOODS are as ever my
Satisfaction guaranteed or your Money back.
+*+' -1''H^4»i.4.». t ,, 1 ..». 1 ..| ll |i.|,4i li .4i». l .^»», < ,.|.,|.,|i,|..|..|..|.«..|.f«.4H|i»<.»»<.■*♦».
We have the latest official map of Whatcom
county drawn by the expert draughtsman E. S.
Hinck. Correct in every detail as to Townships,
, County Roads and Mt. Baker trails.
If unable to call drop us a card, giving your ad
dress, and one will be forwaded. ' ■ * "iS"
Bellingham, Washington. - ■
, CAPITAL AND SURPLUS - $300,000.00
Vol. XXIII; No. 1.
As our date line . indicates this
week, the Islander is entering on
its twenty-third year of existence
and does so with a feeling of pride
at past accomplishments and good
resolves for the future. The policy
of the paper has ever been, regard
less of politics religion.orany other
thing—to stand for and advocate
whatever Vould seem best for the
ultimate betterment of the com
munity. Space and time have been
used to this end, and while from
the viewpoint of some the paper has
been in error at times, there is
always the satisfaction of feeling
that none are seldom right except
from their own viewpoint.
At this time we desire to thank
the splendid family of subscribers
who ha^e in a measure shared our
views and appreciated the efforts
made, and have continued to renew
from year to year, many of them
sinec the establishment of the paper.
There a-e very few families in the
county who do not read the Island
er, and as in the past, so in he fut
ure, the effort will be, through our
splendid c rps of correspondents
and by personal endeavor, to give
"all the news all the time" and
assist in every worthy work and
The year before us looks unusual
ly bright, and with new subscribers
being added and old ones renewing,
there is much to encourage us in
the effort to make the Islander a
better local paper and a better
county paper than ever before.
City Hall-Why Not?
In another place will be noticed
an advetisement offering the old
school building for sale with a
condition that it be removed from
the school grounds. Several have
made the suggestion that the city
purchase it, move it to the city's
KAUFMAN, The Funny Man
An Evening of Music, Wit and Humor. (Not a lecture.)
This will be the most humorous entertainment ever given ;in
Friday Harbor. Given under the auspices of the Friday Harbor
high school. Tickets for sale at the drug store.
Admission - - 35c, 26c. «
lota just a block below, and fit it up
for a city hall. This appears to be
a splendid idea, and while the city
is not in financial condition just
at present to do much, no doubt
satisfactory terms, could be made
with the school board. The time
to take advantage of an opportun
ity is when it occurs. Why not
make an effort for a city hall?
Liberal Recognition
San Juan county's representative
at Olympia—Dr. V. J. Capron—has
received liberal recognition at the
hands of Speaker Taylor, he having
been given eight different com
mittee appointments, with two
chairmanships, as follows;: Agri
culture; Appropriations; Chm.
Dairy and Live Stock; Fisheries;
The Minstrel Show for the Benefit of the Improvement Club
Feb. 20, Will be the Event of the Season
Medicine, Surgeiy, Dentistry and
Hygeine; Chm. Memorial, Resolu
tions and Petitions; State. School
and Granted Lands; Industrial In
A Good Showing
The Trade Register, published at
Seattle has just issued its fourte
enth annual Salmon industry re
view, and it contains all that could
be said regarding the salmon pack
of 1912, with several special arti
cles. The total Puget Sound pack
is given as 416,125 cases, and the
Friday Harbor Packing Co. is
credited w.th 19,154—7. 050sockeyes
1063 springs,6627 cohoes, 4414 pinks.
Total Pacific coast was the geatest
in the history of the industry—
5,944.592 cases. There were ten
canneries with a smaller pack than
the F. H. P. Co. and nine with a
larger, Shaw island, starting lat
er, secured 710 cases.
"When a man has a rip in his
coat and only three buttons on his
vest," writes a Western sage, "he
should do one of two things: either
get married or get divorced."
Geo. Hazzard, who was here a
short time ago securing data, etc..
for the completion of his "Political
History of Washingtcn." in a letter
gives his opinion of San Juan coun
ty, and points out an asset which he
feels we are overlooking. He asys:
"Do you people know that San
Juan county is one of the famous
places of the world? For salubrity
of climate, eligibility of location,
fertility of soil, picturesqueness of
scenery, material resources and
high character of its citizens, your
numeous islands have no equal.
"1 have many times passed
through the much advertised islands
down the St. Lawrence river. 1
have sailed through the Grec an
Isles of the Mediterranean sea, and
have visited many of the other fam
ous places of the world. I truth
fully state that nothing surpasses
the scenery yours possess.
"I beg to suggest that, acting
through your commercial organiza
tion, you should have the next leg
islature memorialize Congress to
purchase as a national reservation
the "English camp" and the "Am
erican Camp," with sufficient ad
ditional land. You should official
ly call the attention of the British
governmet to the fact that near the
"English Camp" there is a cem
etery not sufficiently cared for, in
which are buried a number of her
soldiers, the headstones of which
are becoming illegible. This would
result in that government's enlarg
ing the cemetery to make room for
a substantial iron or concrete en
closure, for tie placing of new head
stones and for the erection of a
sightly monument. Then, our own
government should be officially in
formed that there are near the
"American camp," and elsewhere
on the islands, many of our own
soldiers buried, whose graves are
scattered and not sufficiently mark
ed. This would result in the Gen
eral government, through the Quart
er-Master Geneial's office, taking
immediate steps to gather these re
mains together and put them in a
national cemetery, presumably near
the "American camp," erecting a
suitable and appropriate monument
with the regulation headstones.
To have this done the laws of Con
gress already provide, and if one of
our senators, or your representative
in Congress would take it up active
ly with the proper department at
Washintjjon, you can anticipate
speedy results."
Proposed Changes In Game Laws
At a meeting of the game ward
ens of Western Washington at Bel
lingham last week, at which war
dens from eleven counties, includ
■■ ■ ■:.-;• • •■••■-■■■:
- - „.. v „-■■"
NO. 1
ing Roy P. Guard of San Juan coun
ty, were present, the following
amendments to the state game laws
were proposed:
To change the present laws so
that the office of game warden shall
be elective and not appointive, as at
present, and to place each official
under $5,000 bond with full au
thority in all matters.
To premit the hunter to kill two
deer of any sex.
To curtail the hunting season on
upland birds from three months to
six weeks.
To prohibit tue use of sneak
boats, irrespective of whether they
are power- or hand-driven, in the
hunting of water-fowl, and to abol
ish the use of sink buats.
To change the laws so that ang-
lers will pay a license in like man
ner as hunters must now do.
To increase the bounty for the
slaying of cougars from $20 to $50
each, to encourage the extermina
tion of these animals.
From the above it would seem
that some one with some common
sense is at last waking up to the
fact that the game laws are not
what they should be. The present
deer law has always seemed to us
particularly foolish and inadequate,
and the following from the Belling
ham Journal, commenting on the
subject, it self-explanatory:
"Ihe deer season will remain un
changed, but it is proposed to alter
the laws in such a manner as to
allow each hunter to kill two ani
mals of any sex. At present the
hunter is allowed to kill two ani
mals, but both must be bucks. This
is said to have led to the destruction
of many does, mistaken for bucks,
and left after being killed to rot in
the woods. On Orcas island alone,
for instance, it is said that no less
than forty-seven does were slain in
this manner last season, each hunter
then keeping on with the slaughter
until he had bagged two bucks. In
the long run it is believed that the
permission to kill two of the ani
mals, regardless of sex, will redound
to the benefit of the herds at large
in all parts of the state."
This is the best news in this line
that we have heard for some time
and taken together with the pro
posed shortening of the season for
upland birds, ought to mean much
to the thinking sportsmen of this
county. All we need now to make
hunting conditions ideal in San
Juan county is a law to prohibit the
taking of deer from the county,
the same as the preseDt upland bird
law. We can get it if we go after
it, and now that the question of
game law amendments has come
up it would be a good chance for us
to propose this amendment also.
Strike while the iron is bot !

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