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The San Juan islander. (Friday Harbor, Wash.) 1898-1914, January 31, 1913, Image 1

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„K VK c. GOULD, President O. M. TUCKER, Vlc«-President
VAN E. SARGENT, Cashier CECIL L. CARTER, Asst. Cashier
This bank pays interest on savings deposits compounded
semi-annually. All sums accepted— too large, none
too small.
.: • ' -,« r t . ' ''• '''■■
We arc Constantly Adding New Goods
Gents' Furnishings, Clothing, Etc,
Our Stock is Always Fresh, Clean and
**♦*♦»♦ , t , 0, „,i |, i | ..|., ,,,,, i |,.|i ,f***** m**** ■!' 'I- ** * * ■!■ ■»' ■§ ** * '!■ ■!■ * ■!■ '*' ****
During the month of January
I will sell many HEATERS in
Stock at cost.
Call and get one of my Calendars.
When in a hurry do not forget
Phone your order in and I will see that it goes out next
mail, if it is less than 11 pounds.
Hardware, Paints, Oils, Doors, Windows,
ass, etc. LAUNCH SUPPLIES and
PLUMBING GOODS are as ever my
Satisfaction guaranteed or your Money back.
♦♦•M ~ V*4>4-^4-» I!■ ■!■ .»■ .1. .|..{.» I.» »'»■!■ * * »I' ♦ ■!' * -I' * * 'I' 'I' 'I' '!■ I"* ■>■ **»♦»♦■»■
We have the latest official map of Whatcom
county drawn by the expert ; draughtsman E. S.
Hinck. Correct in every detail as to Townships, .
County Roads and Mt. Baker trails.
Ii unable to call drop us a card, giving your ad
dress, and one will be forwaded.
| Bellingham, Washington. %
> t CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $300,000.00
Introduces Four Bills
Representative Capron introduced
four bills in the state legislature
last week, three of them of local
moment, and the other applying
throughout the state.
House Joint Memorial, No. 33,
We, your memorialists, the Sen
ate and House of Representatives
of the State of Washintgon in legis
lative session assembled (in the thir
teenth regular session.) represent
and pray as follows:
Whereas, During the interim be
tween the years 1859 and 1872 Uni
ted States troops were stationed on
the island of San Juan, State of
Washington; that several of the
soldiers died and were buried there
in a bjrying ground during that
period; that said burying ground
has been entirely neglected, vvith
fences falling down and stock run
ning over the graves;
Therefore, be it resolved by the
Senate and House of the State of
Washington, That the Congress of
the United States be requested to
make such an appropriation as is
necessary to reclaim such graveyard,
fence it properly and keep it in re
This is in line with the suggestion
in last week's Islander from George
Hazzard, and it is hoped may bear
House bill, No. 103 is:
An Act. Granting the county
commissioners the authority to fix
and impose a license on the owners
of dogs, providing for the manner
of collecting the same, creating a
dog license fund, designating the
purposes for which said fund shall
be used, providing for re imbursing
the owners of sheep and angora
goats for damages done by dogs,
and authorizing the transfering of
said fund to the road and bridge
House Bill, No. 104, is
An Act. Amending section 5
cnapter 47, Session Laws of 1911.
provding for the immediate care
and treatment of injured workmen
and relating to workmen under
twenty-one years of age.
House Bill, No. 105, reads ab fol
"That whenever it shall appear to
the board of county commissioners
of San Juan county that a sum of
money remains in the game fund of
said county in excess of the amount
required to protect and propagate
game animals, then and in that
eveDt.the said board of county com
missioners shall be, and they hereby
are, authorized to order the county
treasurer of said county to transfer
such excess amount of money from
the game fund to the road and
bridge fund of said county."
This bill was introduced at the
request ot the county commission
ers. It has already aroused opposi
tion, as will be noticed by a com
munication in another column, and
the sportsmen of the county are
likely to send a strong petition
against its passage.
Revising the Tariff
"Gentlemen," said the newly-el
ected President, "the Tariff is about
to be revised. How shall we do it?
I await your pleasure."
"Revise it so that I may buy
things cheaper," said the consum
er promptly.
'"Revise it so that I may get a
I The Improvement Club i|
| Will Meet in the New School House Monday Night, Feb. 3 |
1 A Good Program is Prepared. Bring Your Friends |j
better price for my produce," said
the protected manufacturer.
"Revise it any way you like, so
long as you cut off none of my pro
fits," said the monopolist.
"Revise it so as not to offend any
of the people who make campaign
contributions," asid the politician.
"Revise it according to the judg
ment of experts who have studied
it," said the college professor.
"Don't let experts have a hand in
it. whatever you do." admonished
the "practical" man.
"Revise it in such a way as not
to hurt business, "said the business
"Revise it upward. It's too low."
said the stand-patter.
"Revise it downward. It's too
high," said the Democrat."
"Abolish it," said the Free-Trad
"Gentlemen," said the newly-elect
ed President, "I have heard your
pleasure in the matter of the Tariff.
Anybody wishing my job for the
next four years may have it."—
Brooklyn Times.
The Aeroscope
What the Ferris wheel was to the
Chicago exposition, and the Eiffle
Tower was to the Paris exposition,
as an advertising feature the "Aere
scope," a wonderful and novel con
trivance that will raise passengers
to an elevation of 268 feet, which
is four feet higher than the eleva
tion reached by the Ferris Wheel,
promises to add to the attractive
ness of the 1915 World's Fair.
The "AeroscoDe" consists of crane
arms 240 feet in length mounted on
at ower 50 feet high. The crane
arms are made up of two parallel
rivited trusses. The short arm is
40 feet long and carries a counter
weight to balance the weight of the
long, or 200 foot arm, which carries
the cage for passengers. The cage
is double-decked and the operator
who controls it is located in the
center of the upper dcek.
Game fund Law Opposed
Editor Islander: In a recent issue
of one of the Seattle papers I notic
ed that our representative at Olyra
pia had introduced a bill authoriz
ing the county commissioners of
this county to transfer the moneys
in the Game Protection fund to the
Road and Bridge Fund.
There may be some "method in
this madness," but being half Eng
lish it is naturally haid for me to
see the foint of a joke, and I cer
tainly cannot see this one. One
thing, however, is clear, even to
me. and that is that if this thin*
is allowed to go through the joke
will be on the sportsmen of San
Juan county.
Ihe Game Protection Fund is
unlike any other fund —not ah
extra load on the already "over
burdened taxpayers;" but simply
a (more or less) voluntary contri
bution by the sportsmen of the
county, to be used for the protec
tion and propagation of the game,
and in paying the salaries of the
game wardens, etc.
No one is made, or even asked,
to contribute to this fund unless he
wants to, so that it works no hard
ship on anyone, and as it is not,
in a true sense, a county fund, I
cannot see why t^e county commis
sioners, or anyone else, should [be
authorizrd to juggle it to suit
themselves, as has been done two
or three times in this county al
ready. This fund belongs to the
sportsmen, and if it bothers any
person in the county to see it "lying
idle," as a certain paity said of it
to me recently, why not call a meet
ing of the sportsmen of the county,
who are alone concerned, and find
out their pleasure in the matter,
instead of saying "we" will do thus
and so with it.
Personally I am not a taxpayer
or property owner in this county at
the present time, and am not even
a native born American citizen, so
do not usually "butt in" on ques
tions of this kind. But as I have
lived in San Juan county, on and
off. for the past 22 years and have
been a taxpayer and property own
er most of that time, (in fact, some
one or more of my family have
owned property and paid taxes in
this county continuously for the past
24 years and still own 20 acres on
Orcas island.) and as 1 make my
living in Friday Harbor and spend
my money here —my principle being
never to purchase anything outside
of the county that I can get in it,
(which is more than some of our
chronic howlers dp) I feel that my
interests are here and that I at least
have a right to express my opinions.
I am just as much interested in this
matter as anyone else and my year
ly contribution of $1.00 to this fund
is just as large as any other person's
This "idle" fund which seems to
bother some persons so much might
be put to good use by purchasing
some grouse and stocking the isl
ands. Even the rankest :rank could
have no objection to these harmless
birds, as they do not destroy crops,
as the pheasants are accused of
doing, but live in the thickets.
They are fine game birds, and
would be a valuable asset to our
Another thing we might use some
of this "idle" fund for would be in
stocking our lakes with fish, as
Whatcom county has just dune.
Bass or catfish would thrive in
Sportsman lake, and the Orcas isl-
and lakes could stand some more
trout. In fact as some Orcas isl
anders have insinuated that the Fri
day Harbor "game hogs" have fish
ed out Cascade lake, here is a fine
chance for us to redeem ourselves.
Still another way to use part of
this "idle" fund would be to hava
the game wardens start work each
season at least two weeks or a month
before the open season begins, as
that is the time the greatest harm
is done, especially to the pheasants.
This would not be a "reckless ex
travagance," as this is exactly what
the Game Protection Fund is for,
and what we expect to get when
we "ante our annual dollar.
And still another thing, I would
like to see a law to prevent the ship
ping of deer out of the county.
This may sound "hoggish." but the
topographical condition of the coun
ty is such as to allow very little
range for deer —a condition in
which it differs from any other
county in the northwest —and so
should have its game laws made to
govern local conditions. There are
few enough deer in this county
anyway, so let us keep them as long
as possible.
Two good amendments to the
present law which we are liable to
get are the shortening of the upland
bird season to six weeks, and the
changing of the deer law from
"two bucks" to "two adult deer."
Ihis alone will save us many
deer, so why not make "assurance
doubly sure," and work for a law
to prevent shipping them out of
the county.
Now, my brother sportsmen, I
appeal to your common sense. I
have "started something," let us
get together and finish it.
Jno. W. Geoghegan
Friday Harbor. January 29, 1913.
E. H. Nash having resigned as
justice of the peace, the couuty
comissioners have appointed C. E.
Hackett to the position.
»O. 2

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