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San >an A W
vol. xxnr.
„.,, r (joULD, President C. M. TUCKER, View-President
°* VAN K. SARGENT, Cashier CECIL L. CARTER, Asst. Cashier
We handle them with utmost dispatch, remit
ting or advising with equal promptness.
-luji^li '■' ii ffv iL" -* ■MmmmM~**S!m*m—mmmmwmKmmKmMmixTm%TMmM
We are Constantly Adding New Goods
Gents' Furnishings, Clothing, Etc,
Our Stock is Always Fresh, Clean and
******* i .|< ■!■ ■!<» I. >|.»■!■ .1. * >l **»■>».|.< g<Mi>4>»».i, ■>* 'V****** ■!■ ■!■ ■!■ ■>*■!■ » ■!■ ■!■ ■
1 Rush Orders
♦ - ■■- . ■
♦ 'S3""——^———MMM—Wl—
! When in a hurry do not forget

♦ Phone your order in and I will see that it goes out next
k mail, if it is less than 11 pounds. .
I Hardware, Paints, Oils, Doors, Windows,
♦ Glass, etc. LAUNCH SUPPLIES and
$ PLUMBING GOODS are as ever my
J specialty.
♦ Satisfaction guaranteed or your Money back.
!^^^4»H"M"^^ M****'l"t"t*i'<M-l'*l"l'*********
Jj We have the latest official map of Whatcom
( county drawn by the expert draughtsman E. S.
5 Hinck. Correct in every detail as to Townships,
j County Roads and Mt. Baker trails.
p If unable to call drop us a card, giving your ad^^|w|f^
( I dress, and one will be forwaded.
{ Bellingham, Washington.
♦ CAPITAL AND SURPLUS .. . - - - $300,000.00
A Splendid Meeting
The meeting of the Improvement
club in the main room of the new
school building Monday evening
was the best which has been held
for a long time. A goodly number
were out, and the well-heated and
'ventilated bright room made pro
ceedings unusually enjoyable. The
club is to be congratulated on its
privilege of having such comfort
able quarters for future meetings.
One of the interesting items to
be noted is the fact that the report
which the treasurer made indicated
a balance on hand of $72, aside from
the amount received from dues dur
ing the recess of the evening.
The election of officers was the
first matter taken up atfer reading
of minutes of previous meeting and
the treasurer's report.
President Kirby was nominated
for reelection, but declined the hon
or on the ground that a good thing
should be passed around, The name
of Leon G. Little was proposed, and
there being no further nominations
a motion to suspend the rules and
have the secretary cast the vote of
the club for Mr. Little was unani
mously carried.
L. J. Irwin was the only nominee
for Vice-President, and he was de
clared elected in the same manner.
Mrs. O. H. Culver was elected
secretary by an almost unanimous
tfote over two or three names pro
posed, and after she had declined
the nomination in somewhat vigor
ous terms.
Ross lulloch was re-elected treas
urer, his name being the only one
proposed. Mr. lulloch desires it
understood that members may pay
dues at his place of business at any
time, but that he will not go after
dues except on request.
The five trustees were elected by
each member writing five names on
a slip. Those receiving the greatest
number of votes, and thus declared
elected were: H. Fredell, Mrs. G.
B. Driggs, L. J. Bowler. O. H. Cul
ver and J. A. McCormick. These
five, together with the four officers,
constitute the governing board of
the club.
The business of the evening being
finibhed, a short but interesting
program was carried out. Prof.
Bowler gave a short talk, Miss
Laura Eves deligheted with a read
ing. J. A. McCormick and 0. H.
Culver made appopriate remarks.
Miss Severance and Miss Parker
sang a pleasing duet, and Miss
Severance favroed with a solo.
Altogether the evening *asoneof
rare enjoyment and profit.
The only critiasm was on account
of the late hour in starting. Some
were on hand at 7:30, the usual
hour for winter meetings, and wait
ed until nearly 8:30 before the
president called the meeting to
A Vigorous Protest
Residents of East Sound have
raised a vigorous protest against
the passage of the bill authorizing
the county commissioners to transfer
the moneys in the Game Protcetion
Fund to the Road and Bridge Fund.
The* have circulated a petition
protesting against this measure and
already over 200 residents of that
place alone have signed it. Similar
petitions have been sent to Olga
and Doe Bay, and several may be
found at different places of business
in Friday Harbor, which are being
Reserved Seat Sale for the Minstrel Show will Open
at 8:00 a. m., Monday, feb. 10, at the Drug Store
Don't Forget the Hour
signed by almost all residents of
San Juan island.
No Court Session
There was not sufficient business
in sight to warrant Judge Houser
holding a session of court here this
month. He will be on hand Mon
day, March 3, to hold his first ses
sion in San Juan county since his
election to succeed Judge Joiner.
The School Magazine
Next week will appear the first
issue of a magazine edited and
managed by the students of Friday
Harbor high school. It contains
much of merit, and will prove of
interest to subscribers and of help
to the students. It bears the
unique title, "Thisisit."
Didn't See His Shadow
Sunday was Groundhog Day. and
the animal looked in all directions
but saw nary a shadow. And so,
if the sign don't fail, it means six
weeks before any pleasant weather.
This pesky four-legged animal
has been known to be mistaken,
and we are hoping he is a little
off-balance this year.
It's up to you! Get your tickets
NOW for the big performance of
the Premier Operatic Minstrels on
February 20. We are ready to give
you the biggest, best and busiest
bunch of genuine comedy that has
ever been put over around these
parts. No effort has been spared
to make this the one big show.
The most stupendous, gorgeous and
glittering production of present
day minstrelsy. Special scenery
and electrical effects, georgeous
costumes arid the funniest of fun
makers—"The Premier Comedians."
Remember the date and get in
line NOW—"lt's a bear."
Bruce Rogers, socialist, will lec
ture at Oddfellows hall Tuesday
evening, February 18.
Still More Protests
Editor Islander: I wish to present
our side of the Game Fund contro
versy and I think I am safe in saying
that my statement is representative
of the sentiment of our community.
For any years we have been pay
ing our hunting license fees into
the Game Protection Fund with
great regularity and more or less
cheerfulness and as most of us hunt,
we have contributed a neat little
sum since the law requiring licenses
was nassed, which was so long ago
that it makes most of us feel old to
remember it.
That law provides explicitly that
the money from the Game Protec
tion Fund shall be used by the
County Comissioners for the protec
tion and propagation of game.
Would it not seem to a fair-mind
ed person that we should have some
return in the way of new stock for
the money we have contributed to
this fund? As a matter of fact the
only birds we have received through
the commissioners were a few
pheasants which Mr. Cayou, who
was then our commissioner, got for
That we have any birds is due to
the enterprise and public spirit of
our citizens, in stocking to begin
with and in feeding and protecting
them sinec.
The County Commissioners first
appropriated $1000 of the Game
Fund to pay one of the court house
bonds. I understand that the asme
thing was attempted later, but was
prevented by Mr. Morris, who was
then County Attorney. Then as a
last straw came the appropr ation
of $700 by the last Board. It may
be true that San Juan island has all
the birds it needs, if so it is fortun
ate, but we have not. Our Bub
Whites are smaller each year for
want of new blood, and we have
wanted Grouse for a long time.
We also want an appropraition made
for grain to feed the birds through
the cold weather and in the early
The statement made by last week's
Journal that there has Deen no de
mand on the Game Fund is incor
rect. If we had made no effort to
obtain our chare of this fund we
would not feel so badly used, but
the facts are these: last year we
petitioned the Board for Bob
Whites. Grouse and Pheasants, and
also appeared before the board in
an effort to have them make an ap
propriation to stock Orcaswith Elk,
and we got —nothing.
We feel that a part of this fund
belongs to us and that if we were
treated fairly we should receive our
We are paying our share of the
court house debt, and we ex pact to
continue to do so, but we cannot
be expected to si' still and smile
while & fund in which W3 hawe an
interest in being used to pay bonds
or, as is proposed, to build roads.
In the past we have asked for
what we thought we had coming
to us, and we have taken the bunch
of lemons that has been handed to
us with more or less meekness, but
patience has ceased to be a virtue.
All we want may be expressed in
three words—A SQUARE DEAL!
We read Mr. Geoghegan's com
munication in your last issue with
keen appreciation, and we are with
him. horse, foot and guns, in his
opposition to the bill introduced by
Dr. €apron. H. M. Gow
East Sound, February 1, 1913.
Favors Taking Deer from County
Editor Islander: We see by your
paper that there are proposals from
San Juan county to make it impos
sible to ship deer from the county.
We have been tax payers in San
Juan county for about fifteen years
and so may be permitted to take
some part in the discussion and
settlement of a question which we
believe of great importance to the
Our efforts have always been in
the direction of the preservation
and increase of game in the county
and during all of the years that we
have been interested in the county
we have not killed or removed any
At the same time, however, it
seems to us short-sighted to abso
lutely prohibit the shipping of deer,
as San Juan county's greatest asset
in the future will be the tourist
and sportsman trade. With proper
protection of game the supply can
be preserved sc as to attract great
numbers of tourists and sportsmen
for fishing and hunting. As time
passes these people will settle more
and more in summer homes, and
spend large amounts of money in
the county. In many cases the
requirement that deer should not
be shipped would be a hardship,
as a sportsman could not always
remain in the county to eat up his
With the hope that your readers
will take this view of the matter,
we are,
Yours very truly
Thomas & Simpson j
Bellingham, Wash., Feb. 1, IDI3.
Notice to Tax Payers
All persons, when coming to pay
their taxes, are -equested to bring
a description of their property or
old tax receipt. By so doin* you
will save time, both for yoursevlea
and tbe treasurer.
B. 0. Cahail
" County Treasurer
NO. 3

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