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San 3uan 11111 Islander'
nicvK C. GOULD, President C. M. TUCKER, Tio«-Pre»ld«Dt
VAN E. SARGENT, Cashier C ECU. 1.. CARTER, Asst. Cashier .
upon which we loan money are extremely favor
able to the borrower. We shall be glad to have
a talk with anyone who can offer acceptable se
We are Constantly Adding New Goods
Gents' Furnishings, Clothing, Etc,
Our Stock is Always Fresh, Clean and
HH't»*».|Miiii..|i.|M|,.|i.|. l |.»,|i l |.<.».l.<.,|.g».|,»»»4,,|..i,»<.»4..|i.t..|,4,4.4i»»4i < . l ti4i<
Rush Orders
When in a hurry do not forget
Phone your order in and I will see that it goes out next
mail, if it is less than 11 pounds.
Hardware, Paints, Oils, Doors, Windows,
Glass, etc. LAUNCH SUPPLIES and
PLUMBING GOODS are as ever my
Satisfaction guaranteed or your Money back.
H***H HHH"fr* * >|. ,|. 4. ,|. ,1.4.4. *. ***** ■!■ ■!' ** * ■!' >l ■!■ -I ■!■»'I 1 *» 1 ***** »
We have the latest official map of Whatcom
county drawn by the expert draughtsman E. S.
Hinck. Correct in every detail as to Townships,
County Roads and Mt. Baker trails.
If unable to call drop us a card, giving your ad
\ dress, and one will be forwaded.
i ■ •— *
| Bellingham, Washington.
> AND SURPLUS - ' - "- ; - - $300,000.00
The Communications
There were some communications
in the Islander last week, two oc
casioned by the remarks of J. «.
Geoghegan regardng the proposed
game fund law, and one because the
assessor was quoted as saying there
was a reason for the taxes being
All the differences and difficutlies
we have are because all are looking
at things from different viewpoints
—and each individual is right, as he
sees it. There is little question
but that the sportsmen of the coun
ty are right when they insist that
the money they put up each year
for a specific purpose should be
used for that purpose and no other.
without their consent. Yet all are
desirous of good roads because,
directly or indirectly, they benefit
all, and it is only natural that
those especially interested and who
feel a certain degree of responsibil
ity as to them, should seek to divert
every dollar possible in t his direc
tion. So whatever is done will be
wrung in the minds of some and
right in the minds of others.
House Bill No. 105 Withdrawn
Because of the many protests
against the bill introduced by
Representative Capron, at the "re
quest of the county commissioners,
authorizing the tranfer of money
from the Game Fund to the Road
and Bridge Fund, he has decided
to withdraw it. It is Mr. Capron's
thought that a representative is at
Olympia to act in accordance with
the wishes of his constituents, and
this he will s>eek to do.
$3,000 Offered in Potato Contest
Prizes aggregating more than
$3,000 in the state agricultural and
industrial competition or contests
which have been started in practi
cal recognition of the good results
of the last year Whatcom county
potato contest.
C. E. Flint, fruit inspector, who
recently returned from up-Sound,
where he had been conferring
with others of the committee ap
pointed to arrange the contest, says
the State Bankers' association has
agreed to offer $2,500 in prizes.
The Washington state college is
offering $600. It is expected the
state legislature will alsd appro
priate some sum for prizes.
The contests are to be thoroughly
organized. In each county the
superintendent of schools is to be
the manager of contests.
There will be school district,
county and state shows. Winners
in the smaller shows will be eligible
in the larger contests. Besides
the products mentioned below there
will be prizes for flowers and in
dustrial products.
Following are some of the pro
ducts on which prizes will be award
ed:. Best sheaf of wheat, red,
white or club, sheaf to contain not
less than 500 heads; best bushel of
wheat, red, vr trite or club, to be
field selection; prizes for best sheaf
or bushel of oats, side or plume,
under same regulations as wheat;
best twelve stalks of corn, either
field or stock corn, to be judged on
basis of fielding value; best twelve
ears of fi?ld corn, sweet corn or
Sheaf of peas of both garden and
field variety, to contain not less
than 50 stalks; one-half bushel of
field peas and five pounds of garden
peas: potatoes will be judged about
It is Difficult to Understand How Any can Honestly I
Disagree with Us when We are Sure We are Right
the same as in the potato contest,
last year, with a square rod as the
unit but so grown as to give field
conditions. —Bellingham Reveille.
National Hymn—National Air
There has recently been a contro
versy among those of a literary turn
here over what was the national
hymn, and dictionaries, encyclope
dias, etc., were searched for evi
dence. Some contended that
"America" was the national hymn,
while others insisted that the
"Star Spangled Banner" had that
honor. It was finally concluded
that the latter was not classed as
a hymn, but as the national air,
while "Ameica" was spoken of as
the national hymn. Neither side
was greatly in error.
To Experiment With Elk
Skagit county is about to experi-
ment with the elk proposition, as
would appear from the Anacortes
American: "At a meeting of the
board of county commissioners
Monday, County Auditor W. V.
Alexander was instructed to write
to the government agent at Yellow
stone Park and order a carload of
Elk. The animals will be turned
loose on Cypress island and the
commissioners will pass an act for
bidding hunting of any kind on the
island. The herd of thirty-seven
elk turned loose near Birdsview
about a year ago are reported to be
doing fine."
The World Loves a Hero
One of the saddest pieces of news
given to the world this week is
that of the death of Capt. Robt.
F. Scott, the British explorer, and
four of his party, from starvation,
after being caueht in a blizzard
while returning from a successful
quest of the south pole. The world
admires a hero, and Capt. Scott
and his comrades will ever live in
the memories of the people as all
that the word implies.
High Taxes Again
Editor Islander: The answer to
the communication of Mr. Martin,
as I see it, is Incompetency. Extrav
agance. Mismanagement.
This condition will continue us
long as men and women vote their
prejudice rather than their intel
ligence. With incompetence in
office we will have mismanagement
in our public business. A notable
example is that of our Ex-Governor
with his board of commissioners and
their retinue. They have caused
large expenditures of public funds
with no benefit to the people. It
seems that our present legislation
will continue this condition, and
that it will grow.
No one loves to pay taxes, and it
is about as hard for one class to
pay as another, yet we are all wil
ling to Day reasonable taxes if we
can see that we are getting any
thing for our money, but we do not
like to see our money wasted. I
want to assure Mr. Martin that the
taxpayer always has the sympathy
of the assessor. He alone, of all
officials, visits the homes of the
peoplf—he sees the conditions in
which they live, and he would
rather give them the best of the
valuation of their property, than
the worst of it. No, the assessor
is not to be blamed. It is the man
who spends your money and does
not give you value for it.
If we get poor management of
our public affairs, it is usually our
own fault. If we will not elect
men to office who are efficient and
who stand for economy, we will
have to submit to mismanagement
and extravagance.
J. L. Murray
Plans Big federation
A movement to effect a federation
of all the Commercial organizations
of Skagit, Whatcom and San Juan
counties has been started by the
Bellingham Chamber of Commerce
and the plan has met with much
favor from many off the commercial
bodies of this district, all but three
towns replying favorably.
Ihe object of the federation is
declared to be to find out the needs
and opportunities of the district
and for all the commercial organiz
ations to work in harmony to sup
ply these need 3 and to take advan
tage of the opportunities.
Secretary Matteson of the Bel
lingham Chamber of Commerce
says: "Bellinßham wants to work
with the smaller towns. We have
no desire to dictate what shall or
shall not be done, but all we want
is to belp whatever is decided it
is well to do. Bellingham cannot
grow —that is materially—without
the whole northwest grows. We
must cultivate the spirit of harmony
and all work together, one for the
other. It is the only system that
will bring the northwest into what ,
is rightfully its own." —Anacortes
Sportsmen Win in Controversy
In a letter to the Improvement
Club of East Sound, Representative
Capron says:
"I am pleased to inform you that
House Bill No. 105. relating to the
game fund, has been withdrawn."
In view of the fact that this bill
raised such a storm of protest from
the sportsmen of the county, (a
petition having been circulated and
signed by more than 300 resi
dents of the county.) it was only
right and proper for Representative
Capron to withdraw the bill. No
one blames Dr. Capron personally
so much, as he is not a sportsman,
but is rather classed as a farmer
and so is naturally in favor of good
roads and would gladly take up
any proposition which would put
money into the road and bridge
fund. But being a fair-minded
man and eager to abide by the
wishes of his constituents, he has
proven that he is working in the
interest of the majority of the
people of San Juan county by with
drawing this bill.
J. tl. Muscott Reported Missing
The Bellingham papers a few
days ago, in glaring headlines, 're
ported that J. H. Muscott had es
caped from St. Joseph's hospital,
probably while temporarily insane*
and it was feared he had committed
A day or two later the following
"J. H. Muscott. 'the inasne man*
reported to have escaped from a
local hopsital Tuesday morning
met several old friends of the mail
launch Fox at Friday Harbor yes
terday. He was much surprised,
they state, when informed many
believed he had committed suicide.
Mucsott told the crew of the Fox
he is feeilng fine and was on his
way to Lopez island, where, they
say, he has several relatives."
Our Lopez correspondent last
week made the simple announce
ment that "Hervie (J. H.) Muscott
came home from Bellingham Mon
day." And thus a sensational ar
ticle is made because the facts were
not at hand.
There are a few indications of
spring this week. The robins have
been singing for some time, and
basbeall enthusiasts are beginning
to pass the ball in the streets. All
of which is encouraging after a
somewhat disagreeable,;though mild
NO. 4

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