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V C . lv \\ M \N. M f>.
AN.'COHTES MAHrll 20 189*
The Samish Suicide,
The depressing effect of the lonely
life led by the settlers while prov
ing up their claims is again illus
trated in the case of the rancher
Young, on the Samish, who commit
ted suicide in his cabin two weeks
ago. He was found with a gun by
bis side, so placed that its contents
were discharged into his breast.
A spring worked by the foot, was
attached by a string to the trigger,
with which he had fired the gut;
Foul play has not been suspected in.
this case, although if a motive could
he shown for murder ami robbery,
It would have been easy enough for
the perpetrator to allay suspicion,
by placing the gun as described at*
ter the deed was committed.
The* weather has been mild and
the sky sunny for the last Ifve or
six weeks, with 011I3' a little rain
at long intervals, forming the most
perfect climate for spring oj erations
on the farm and gardens. There
has been no chilly weather during
this time, nor any very warm days.
Children play out of doors all day
long and most of the time bare
footed. The ground is dry and the
fields green wilh vegetation. This
is in marked constrast wilh the
same latitude in the eastern states,
and must soon render this desirable
climate the most densely populated
portion ot the country. .
Traffic in Land.
The doctrine of Henry George
that ownership of land by individ
uals should be abolished, and land
like water should be free for the
equal use vf all, jf illustrated by the
practice of tttd Columbia river In
dians, whose chiefs recently met
Captain Upham, at Umatilla, and
stated that the whites are jumping
their lands, and .ordering them
away. Oe ?isel to taso
up damns and sec ure homes for
their families they said, “Buying and
selling land was contrary to their
religion. The great “Tyee” (Spirit)
made them from the dust of the
earth, and after the few years of
weary wandering on its surface,
they returned to its bosom and
again mingled with and became
part of the land which >tbe white
man buys and sells. It Is the same,
as dealing in (heir own flesh and
blood Their religion forbids them
to deal in the land. God made the
hind, and it wps 1 ko (he air and the
water, free for all; if one location
did not suit them they ought to
have the right to move.” The News
says “the chief occupation of these
Indians i« raising burses, which will
soon be gone for lack of room, and
unless their religious scruples as
regards the traffic iu land can be
overcome, it is only a question of
a short time when their only foot
bold will 1 e on the reservations.’*
The live political issues now be
fore the American people may all
be incorporated under the three
beade of the land, the labor, and the
money problems. Proper legisla
tion in tbo interest of the people,
regulating the distribution of land,
would prevent corperations and in
dividuals from acquiring and mon
opolising large tracts to the exclu
sion of the masses. Protection of
the latoriaguriaases from the avarice
of the employers, who combine the
forces of capital, monopoly and a
tariff favoring the manufacturer,
while it taxes the consumer, would
place the working elasscs above the
chronic want and deprivation now
prevalent among them everywhere.
An 1 the of a nation.
al bank ms; system hy which money
would be loaned on u r oo i security to
the peoples! 0 per cent, the price paid
for it now by the government on
its national bonds, and doing away
with the present system which al
lows the banks to get 3 per cent
from the government, and ,10 per
cent from ttie people at the same
time, thus realizing L's per cent on
their money, which is usury, enable*
ing them to become millionaires at
the expense of all who use the mon
ey, and resulting in enormous
wealth in the hands of the few,
with increasing poverty, or linari•>
cial ruin among the industrial clas
ses. Neither of the old political
parties will grapple with those live
issues, so pregnant with the inter
ests and welfare of the entire peo
ple. Politicians of both parties
have something else to do besides
looking after the land laws, or the
welfare of the laboring classes, or
a correct financial sj’stom based
upon the interests of the people.
They find enough to do to get into
office first, and after that all their
time is requird to look after the
spoils of office.
A storm laanch is to ho built ior
the Alaskan waters.
Ohio is shutting down on prison
contract labor in competition with
free labor.
• France will demand a large sum
from China to indemnify themselves
for the expenses of the late war.
In the analysis of softie rock
candy by the Brooklyn health de
partment, fusil oil was found. The
children of that city get their whis*
key with their candy.
Resolutions of condolence on the
death of Lasker, are acknowledged
by the president of the German
reichtng, from the Cincinnati! gyms,
The first through train on the
Mexb-an Central railroad started
from Chihuahua on the 18th, and
was expected to reach the city of
Mexico In four days.
To eradicate the foot and mouth
disease of cattle,, recently
into Maine, it is proposed to destroy
the manure, burn the hay and feed,
and disinfect the roads where the
cattle have travelled. • r
We have received a copy of the
Coeur-d' Alene Enterprise, with* .a
map showing the golditilhes gpd
vicinity. Conies can be Obtained
from Jack Stratman th£
Newsdealer. •* *’
Prince Napoleon has gone to
Switzerland to avoid arrest, taking
with him all his papera and valua
bles. He is expected to issue a rev
olutionary manifesto looking to the
overthrow of the republic in
Many British ships arriving at
Portland, are pnt through the swept
mill, for cruelty and inhumanity
perpetrated hy the officers during
the voyage, inflicted for the pur
pose of making the men desert,
and thereby to forfeit their wages.
Six men belonging to the ship Car
lisle, are sueing now for their wa.
ges in that city, having deserted on
account of being confined in irons
on bread and water for fourteen
days, for trivial offenses.
After much opposition the On
tario legislature has decided that
women shall be admitted to the
Toronto provincial university, the
leading seat of learning in Canada.
Most of the nniversties in other
provinces will follow the example.
Canadian women are now petition
ing the government for the fran
chise and the govern meut’a not being
opposed, they will in all probability
be placed on an equal footing with
S »b j jrlh ; for the Exteipmsh
A bill is bn fore the Senate, pro
hibiting the importation of adulter**
ate»l food and lienors, probably in
r elalintiori for the anti-pork legis
lation in Eourope.
8. SWEENEY, Master
Will leave Turner, Beeton A Co's., wharf
For San Juan Orcas and Lopez
Every Monday, and Thursday, at
10 a. in. Connecting with the
For Anacorti a, Whatcom and Semiahmoo
Ret ui ning, leaves San Joan on Wednes*
day a and Saturdays arriveiog at Victoria
•same evening.
For Freight or Pasaige apply on
Board or to Mr. Engelhardt..
LA CONNER. - * . W. T.
j keeping up the vyv.il. vstibltsbo 1 re*
puration of the houae as one of the
quietest and best kept hotels in the
Territory. No LIQUOR BOLD.
Everything clean and neat aoout the
premises. Sptciul effort# will he made to
keep the table supplied with the best the
market can afford, and t« see the food
is properly cooked and served, second to
no other house in the Territory; A
large Reading Room fur tiecouivdation of
guests . .
•.A ~ J.-,- ~
Has permanently located In Whatcom, W. T. He
will visit the Islands, awl th« Sauteli And Nsokasck
countries at stated intervals.. S tf
NOTICfe of* al*plicatiM'to pur
United S'statu-District Land Office
Olympia, Washington •.Territory.;^-Notice
is hereby given that, m compliance with
the provisions of the Act of Congress ap
proved June 3. 187£. entitled “An Act tor
'fhe sale of Timber Lunds in Stales rtf
California, Oregon,’Nevada and Washing
ton Territory,” John N. Fry-of Ban Juan
County, Washington Territory has this
day filed in this officp , bis appljcaf ion to
purchase the Lota 2, 3 and 4, and the
BE J of the SE |of Beet ion No. 20 in
Township No. 37 North, Range No. 2
•west of the Willamette Meridian.
Any ami all persoiiȣlaiming adversely
the said laud, or any portion
thereof, are hereby required to file their
..claims in this office within sixty (ffin days
Tro*n date hereof.
‘ Given under my hand, at my office in
Olympia, W. T., this £7;h day of Febru
ary A. D. 1884. John F. Gowky,
- 51 10 w Register oPthb Land Office.
p.h twts ■
. , . . .. <
F. k. Lehmann,- Solicitor -of American and For
eign Patents, Washington, X> C. All btudieaa cou
nested with Patent*, whether before the Patent
Office or the Courts, promptly attended to. No
charge medeunlesa a patent la secured. Send for
circular. ... if -
—ans- •/ '
(Both occnplng game store)
Commercial treet, Seattle, W. T.
Are preparing to Tarnish everything in
their fine at reasonable prices. Fits
guaranteed both for body and feet. Also
a geueaal assortment ol Lady’a and Gen.
tlemen’s Foot Wear, and a general as
sortment ot Clothing, Furnishing Goods,
Hate, Caps, aqj) evarything in the
Gents Furnishing .Gootjs Line, which we I
offer st the insut reasonable rales 24 j
Olvinpla, W. T.. Jan. IS. 1884.—Noticeis hero
by given tlml JOHN C- THOMPSON h.is Hied
notice of ivtention to teaks Ci.nl proof bi
fore the .Judge, or lit hie absence the
Clerk of the Probate Court, at hi* office, in
Friday Harbor W. T.. on Saturday, tbeiiithday
of Mu roll, A. I), I!SS4, on Homestead Applica
tion No. 4b4\ for the lot 5 and N. W\ of S. W>.
S- c. 14 and NE~ + ' of SE >* and SE V of NEk
ol Sec. 15 Tp. 87 N, K - vrest.
He names as witnesses: ,1. N. Fry, A. Y.
Robinson, Win. Wright, and N. ,P. ‘Starker!
all of East Houud, W. T.
45-tJw .Tons F. Gower, Register.
U. S. Land Okpicf at Olympia, W. T.,
J«n. 14th, 1884.—Notice is hereby given that
FRANK M. BOYt'K has tiled notice of in
tention to auke final proof before the Judge,
or in his Absence the Clerk of the Probate
Court, at hie office in Fridny Hurbor, W. T..
on Saturday, the 15th day of March, A. D. 18S4,
on Homestead application No. KO3O, for the
S. Et + of SE,V, of Sec. lift, and Nttf of N KV
ol See. :W, Tp :io N, K 3 East.
He n one* »s witnesses: J«s. Sweney, John
Kelley, 1 honun Satliff and James Fleming,
all of San Juan Island, W. T-
44-(»w John F. Oowky, Register.
T., Jan 14lli. 'BW. Notice is hereby given that
OKKIN BOY(JK lias lik’d notice of inten
tion to mnfce fim.l proof before the Judge, or
in Ilia übsunce the I’lerk of the District t’ourt,
al h.t office, in Friday Harbor, \V. T., mi
Saturday the 15th day of March, A. D. 1884, on
Homestead Application No. 3013, (or the
.•f SW.V of KtifJC anti N>f* NVV \ of dec. 35,
Ip 85 N, 3’i West.
He name* u» witneskes; Joseph Sweeney,
of Friday Harbor VV T. Charles Me Kay]
Charles Crawford and J. 11. Boyce, all of Sail
Juan Island, W. T.
41-dw John F. Gowet, Register.
Npeelilratlfiu* lor Biiildinffn.
Messrs. Pulliaer, Pal User A 0., of Bridge
port. Ct., the well known architects and pub
lisher* of standard works on architecture, have
lately issued a sheet containing plan., and spec
ifications of a very tasteful modern eight-n om
cottage with tower and also with the necessary
modifications for building it without Hie lower,
and with but six rooms if desired. In its most
costly form tint outlay is estimated at #3,000;
without the tower it has been built for #3,500;
and if only six rooms arc included, tlm cost
may be reduced to #1,7t»0 or #3,000. Detail*
ar* gfven of mantels, stairs, doors and casings,
cornices, etc* The publishers have found it
the most popular plan they have ever issued,
and state that it ha* been adopted in more that
tire hundred Instances within their knowledge
The same Him Issue specifications in blank
adapted for frame or hrlek buildings of any
cost; ako forms of building contract, and sev
cral books on modern Inexpensive, artistic co
tage plana which are of great practical value
and convenience to everyone interested. *
J- P. Jenson, o. c. luiii.
: f
*- Estate Agasis. Office In United Hthtes Land
Office building. Main street, Olympia, Washington
Territory. Special att nlfou given to all land mai
lers -proof ai'tigs. contests, etc., in the U. 8. Land
Office. Advica given free to all. Letters answered
by eacleaiirs of postaga. Address
. Bo» 37 Olympia, W. T.
Is prepared to do h)I Kinds of work st pile
drlv ng and bridge building. All order* to be
addressed to lain at Gueiuca P. 0., W. T.
SUWraying done in any part of the lower Sound
country' on abort notice.
Plats and Field Notes Furnished.
Notary Public and Conveyancer.
Land sClae btulnaaa transacted.
Flr»men'r Fund. South British and National Fir*
and Marine Insurant <t Companies and Fidelity
and Casualty Aeel lent luanrauca Com
pany , of Naw York.
811 Ism, Injuria ft Hi.,
Land Attorneys,
Personal attention to eases before the
.U. 8. General Land Office. Correspon
deuce solicited.
Th« partnership heretofore ex If ting aetweea
ns to the general grocery business Is hereby
eiotually dlaaolved- Mury 8, Ashley retiring.
'-1 account' due t<i« firm »re ta be collected
by T. B. Manilas and the debts paid by him.
January 19 1884 T. B. Manran.
* M. 8. Alley.
When yon visit Seattle, call at the Pu
get Bound Hat and Cap Store and dealer
in gents’ furnishing goods, and select from
a large and fashionable assortment, at
reasonable prices. Commercial street;
sign of the Big Haf.*
*4tf E. M::r*:n
U Olvmpla. W.,.btr, rt J,n T^„o fv Nn
Wl.v,.|T.n th»t in compliHnc. W H
ion» of the Art 0 f OiiffrrM
jnfit'H “An Art for the aal* P of rlu L Sl ,R7 *
fet'd inti* ft. at ea «f California oT, n ‘ l
W-.«1,) rp ,0n Territory •• tnVr r* E w am*
of King Count r, Ter " HIPI p V
in tb(« office hl» abdication to < ’" v
?MM3of <W No.V WkW'"' *he Let*
Rareo No. ? west of theWill«ml*V N ° SR North,
.ww« " i"i
•loaerihed 'ard r t a„v rUion'hj!"?' It -M
»»-"l|r<d *o fie -bur Main- L «, r - " r ' > NrreW
*'«♦* <l“.vr f-on-date hereof ‘ ffl ' *
fjivrti n»if# r Hit
T.. tbla m-b day of February, a £ *"a^ ,V,, '^"• **
Ad-lOw R,. t .. JOf l N *■ nn7Vp T.
W gl " >fr of »•'* Land Office.
Dec.’ ?8tb LA IS2 °w rE . n V°'- v,n P ia - W - T.
(jrtOKGK ■ U\V \N hL« filial '\ r , rby * iven thl4t
to make final pn.V* beforl'f l e°V C S lnl •:" t,0 ' ,
übaeuce, the tVrk of 11 tf' I *. Jud ®** ° r in hi *
office in Friday Harfor^ \y' r °f “a'
15th day of Fclmarv A I) itU " ,f r^“- v . th «
Application No, Ufilii, f.. r the i’w
nud lota 4 ami sof N-c IcTp ao
He names aa witnaaacr: John W. Gray
John Carle. Peter Morris and *1 ho. Koblnoa
»•! of urca.s Island, \V. T.
41. 8 v John F. Uowkt, Register.
r O'ywp'a. Washington Territory. - NottceTTa
nmb> i(lvfn that, in cout|))imic«» with tbr »rnTl*.
ioiih of th«* Aot of C* i'(rr**NH approved .lubt 8 |kTi
entitled "An A°> for the sale of Timlwr Land. In
the htateauf California. Oregon Nevada end Waali.
iMKtoN 1. rettery,” RtItNAUU MOHDBORRT. of Han
Jmtu County, W. T., baa tbla aa\ flitid in thla
offlee lila plication to purchase the Lot «of Sea*
vt‘wljlt"* * f*• <'. No. vfi. In Township Na.
Ji North, Katina t Wetter tin. W illauirtte Meridian.
Any and all tiereona clahulutf adversely the said
deacrlhcd lai.il. or any portion thereof, ara hereby
required to file their claims iu tbia office wllhai
aUty (80) days ir.m date hereof.
... Ul .T Kn . ,lu ‘ l *‘ r ,u > hand, at rev office In Olympia.
*• 1 , thla 30th day ot fannarv A. I>. IMA
.... • JOHN F. (K)WIT.
4S lovr R««Uur of the I .and Offiea.
United States Diftrict Land Office,
Olympiu, WaMiisigui Territory. ~Notice
* B hereby given the*. iu compliance with
the provisions of the Act of Congress
proved June 8. w 7B,entitled -An Act for
sh!c ot '1 imber & Stone Lunds in the States
<>f CulitorniH, Oregon, Nevudu and Wash*
mgton Territory,” Frank H. Richards of
Whatcom County, Washington Territory,
has this day tiled in this office his appli.
cation to purchase the Lot 2 ot Bec »0
•ind N\\ Jot NK$ ami Lot 1 of Section
No, 31. in Township No. 87 Noith. Rargo
No. 2 we.-t of the WilUn.ette Meridian.
Any and ull persona claiming adversely
the said described I ad, or any .portion
then of. are hereby required to'flle their
claims in this office within sixty (M) days
from date hereof.
Given under mv hand, at «iy office in
Olympia. W. T., this 241h dav Jan
uary A. D., 1884.
J«-HN F. OovvltT,
47 lOw Register of tbe Land Office
Olympia. W. T.. Knh. 8, 1884. NotUsi lk
hereby give* that WILLIAM H. GILL tue filed
notice of intention to make dual proof,
before the Clerk of the Probata
Court, at bln office. la Friday Harbor
Friday, the 11th day of April, a!
I). 1884, on Pre-emption D. S. No. 7818
fur the NX of SEX of Sect 13. Town. 34 N R
2. Went and lota 2 and S of Sac 7 Tp 34 N. R l
He nanioa aa witnc*ae*: William Graham.
Thomas Graham Joseph A. Merrell and Albert
Joaea all of Lopez Island. W. T
48 «w John V. GOWEY, Kr*4^ r .
U. 8. LAND. OFFICE, at Olympia W. T..
Kdb. 6th, —Notice la herehj (riven that
Charlea K. Robb haa filed notice of intention
to make final proof helore W. fl Mumford
u Notary Public, at hit office in Seattle W
T on Saturday the fch day of April 4. d!
1984 on Pre-emption D. H. No «Bfti, for the
EH of SWXandNVVX ofSWVo/ See. 21
annjlot I of See 20 Tp *T N. K 2 waat.
He names a* witmauwa; Myron H. Emorr,
P. Boataln, John MatUaon. and J. JF. Frey all
of East Sooni. W. T. 7
‘ W ® w - John F. Oowey, Regfeter.
D. «. LAND OrriRiTAT Or.TMnt.W.T.. Mar
19 IW-4,—Notice la hereby given (hit OtORHZ
W. MILLER has filed notie. of Intention to make
final p. o-.f bef >re the Clark of Iha Probate Court at
hia office, at Ftdalgn W. T.. on Saturday, the IT Aar
of May, a. O. InM. on Pre-emption D B
No. fifiM. fee the MRefSW fc of See. IT, To. S
B. 1 mat. r
He namaa aa wlineaaea: M. W. Poor and
Panel* Barn of Deception. W. T. and Noah Mai.
aoo. and Ooloabua arlwn of Anacnrtee ff T
K* /OHM P. OOWEY, Begleter
U « L * ND orrlc * AT OLYMPIA. W. T„
Jf*rob I,ISM —Notice 1* hereby (iron that
QBOROB JAKLKhs* filed nutle* ef Intention to
make final proof before the Judge, or In bin ab
sence, tbe t.Terk ot the Probate Court, at bla office. In
Friday Harbor W, T., on Wednesday, tba Stnb day
of April, A. D. ISM. on Homestead Application Mo.
3055, for the Lota 1 and 9of Section 13, Tp. fit M B
He name* a* witnesses. Robert Firth, fir. Baa
Juan. W. T. and Israel Kata, Vn. Douglas and
Kenlth McDonald of Frld y Harbor W. T
01 Aw JOHN r. OOW£T, Register.
u ' 14, ISM.—Notice is hereby given that Robert
nandwith baa filed notice of Intention to mahe final
proof before the Clerk of the Probate Court, at bia
office In Friday Harbor, W T.. on Wednesday, the
lilh day of May. A. D. ISB4, on Pre-emption D. 6
Mo. MTS, for the £lf of the HE '* and .*£tt of MEk
of Sec. I Tp. MS, R 4 west. *
Renames as witnesses: Cyrus Slowr of Bseth
Harbor W. T. John Little, liobt Wiiry and Mad
Wiley alt uf Friday Harbor W. T.
l ** JOAN F. OOWEY. Register.

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