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Northwest enterprise. (Anacortes, Wash. Ter.) 1882-1887, May 03, 1884, Image 1

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ImMHtt* «*!•*♦••» ♦* **»#«> a«N» a«4*,»*k 3K*«***« a*k tfc. «k»U
Vo I* H.
Entered at the Po*t»ot!ice at Aiuuortcs
ns second films matter.
hiilarrlpllou Hates
One Year * lo °
Six M<*ntlt* 50
Three Mouths *■’
la-nritl AdterltlKK KhC«-B*.
()nc Square (li liiusj tint iiuk-rtiou *I.OO
Leach bubnequent uiaciuou 50
wrviti.Ui uua rottf.
Governor W dliam -V Nowell
B,cr«wy N. H.Owhig
Delegate to Congress Thomas 11.
M.irMtmt Cl ms. B. IL'pkin
C. S. Attorney Joint B. Allen
Auditor Thom. M, Kifil
hurvi'vor* tUm*nil Win. McMickeu
Judge First Judh el District S. C Wingard
2»1 ** •• John Hoyt
t. ;$■ I *• •• R. S. Greene
Register U. 9. Land Gtliuo J, F. Gowey
Receiver I . S. Land e H. G. Small
MuMllkUb Ok' Tut LKOISLA'I'UHJfi
Cittineiliu.nl Jimcs Powei
Ui'luistui.iihii' Otiin lUuiitlO
Auditor 11 P- D >wns
Treasurer F. D. Cleaves
bUenU J 0. Lnugtilln
Probate Judge II J. White
Surveyor Geo. ii.tvi^e
C,*r%m» r J. A. Gillihutil
\> ivekuia*t«T G. N. IW'i lull
Suiiui.l J'ujk unU'Uilcnl Miss J. Bradley
i J. .1, E lens
Comity (.'umnttcriouelp • 1. Duulap
( 11. ClotlntT
illwrk ol the Couit * U. P. Downs
S\n Jc an Count* Ofuckih
Auditor John U. H iwotaii, Friday llar
h tr
Treasurer Israel Kut/.. S.n Junn
Mien ft' John Kell}
rolisii) Judge E. I>. War bass, Fridny
Surveyor K. V’ou Qohren, Os.’a* Island
A-sessor John Kelly
M|t't ut Schools William Bell
Wmaicom Cot.mix Oiuckus
Auditor C. Donovan
Treasurer W, T. Coupi
SMierill' S. Leck.e
Assessor J. K. Freese
Probate Judge C. I. Roth
Surveyor E. Shepard
Coroner Dr. S. 11. Manly
Wmekruastrr Gus Jultun
School Superintendent Mr*. X. S. Coupe
i L. Eldridge
Cuauty Commissioners v U. H. Biuns
( J. W. lliirkn«'B
Clerk Oislrut Cuucl Janie* F, Cue*
L A CO* IS KB - - W. T.
Land Business
Every Description
By airangments with reliable land at
torneya in Olyu pia j,aud Washington D.
my customers can have their land
busiurss attended to the same as it per
sonally present at either place.
Parties wishing to purchase or locate
laud Scrip, would do well to consult
me. *
Jjjf'All latest Lund Laws, Rules and
Decisions kept on file. Laud Warrants
bought and sold.
Couvoyuiciog, tuxes paid, purchases
un<l sales made. Collections made and
proceeds promptly remitted 1* tf
AuacorteK, W. T., ««ttv&rdu.y 9 Muy a* IWB4.
B. 13. H. 11
Tho Seattle Daily Chronicle <»f «
recent issue aaya: Senator Dolph
has reported favorably Irorn tbo
committee on comment* a bill au
thorizing tbo Bellingham Bay Bail
road and Navigation company to
build certain bridges, wharves Mild
docks in Washington. It provides
that the corporation named ho au
thorized to construct find maintain
bridges and approaches thereto
over the Nook sack river, in the
county of W luilcom, the Skagit river
ut the county of Skagit, and the
Stilliigunmisb and Snohomish rivers,
in the county of Snohomish, at the
« *
points where the company’s lines of
railways, us now projected, cross
iitid rivers respectively. It also
givis them the right to cross cither
Lake Union, Salmon Bay, or the
waters between, or the canal built
or to he built between said Lake
Union and the hay, said works to
contain a draw ol such w iiltf as
shall accommodate the •commerce
passing through said waters, and to
be “built upon plans approved by
the secretary of war.
Acto*« JiUtn l)s FuAn Strait.
The distance from Seattle to Vietoii*. is
135 utiles. Piob.ibly u« more enchanting
body ut water, lor IwaUty und variety td
scenery, can Ist found on the American
cun linen t oi along h-r almost limitless
stretch of coast line. The mule taken is
•hr ctly north, or nearly so, up the main
ch nml of Admiralty Iclet, and a won
derfully tine view ot tlie Souud and shore
indentations is afforded.
The writer had occasion to in ike the
trip Horn Seattle t* Victoria, end can
spu.ik imm personal knowledg ol the un
surpassed beauty, not unmixed with cer
tain elements ol grandeur, ol sea, shore,
i,lands and distant mountain*. At nil e
oclo kp. m. thu splendid steamer
lett Seattle, bound lor Victoria. A large
number ol passenger* imbarked lor the
delightful trip. Amid the noisy bustle
incident to the departure ol tbe steamer,
tue waving of hamikurchiels and the hasty
exchange of mutual congratulations.
Che lust whistle was shrilly • umled.
Lines were hastily cast off, the steamer
moved slowly uway from the whan,
»wuag round aud headed tor the entrance,,
of Admiralty Inlet. Over the broad ex
panse oi the -inland sea” hung an opaque
cloud ot log. This log bank, added to a
moonless and starless night, rendered the
prevailing darkness almost palpable
Obp.-cls could not lie sighted two lengths
of the steamer. Later the fog bank lifted
from the face of the water, aud then the
pde *tars peeped in a hall hesitating way
through the misty curtain of the night.
Wearied by the fatigue of travel, the
excitement ol the shifting scenes, and
lulled by the dull grinding of the uiachin
cry and the ceascles- phishing of the
wheels, the passengers were soon wander
ing through the shadowy realm* of dream
land. Through the mist nod darkness
the noble steamer sped rapidly on in her
walerly course. Here and there, a* she
passed down tbe -Great Mediterranean of
America,” bright friendly gleam* shot ath
wart tha gloom, sent forth from light sta
tions located along th* shores at safe and
convenient intervals. Occasionally ths
dismal moan from tha fog-whistle came
booming far over the dreary watery waste.
To these sights and sounds the eyes and
ears of the slumbering passengers were
sealed, All on board slept but the pilot,
the quartermaster, aud the man eu the
Before the gray dawn shone dimly over
the distant shon-s ol the Sound the steam*
er had emerged from the narrow confines
of the Inlet, and was plowing her way
across the broader stretch ol son known as
the Straits of Juan <to Fur*. By ones and
twos ftt first, and soon liy hulf-dozons, tin*
passengers made a (frowsy appearance on
the »3«ok. when it became known we hat)
entered the Straits. B*yond the most nr
(hut desire the morn:n« was lovely. En
the sun rose a thin white vail of tog hur.>
above the wide expanse of sea. Tltis wi s
quickly dispelled by the earliest mornir.}
beams. Hitoh a sight R» greeted the e\t
wind pen c»n describe or what pencil o:
brush adequately portray!
Behind us stretched the broad wake ol
the steamer, the waves duncipg merrily
and spa.kling iu the sou a wide h«lj
of gleaming sapphius. Farther away ap
peared tlie mouth or entrance of Admiral
ty Inlet, through which wo had steanud
less than au hour before. Southward ol
the entrance could plainly bo discerned
Point Wilson, Middle Point, Protection
Island, Cape George, and the tntrunce to
Puri Discovery. Abreast, New Dungeons*
appeared in full, unobstructed view. Far
above the dim and shadowy shore line
rose the lofty and snowier*sled peak of
Mount Cusstra, towering neatly 4000 (eel
above the sea level. Touched by tli>* car
iy rtjs of light . the snow glc .tncd /vith a
tierce ios< tire, so bright and o .zzot g
that the eye shrunk'from the glare ■with
a sen-e ol pda. Running westward, a
high i ange of densely wooded mnutitaius
trends along parallel with the coast.
These shone with a dark aerial bluish hue
under the bglil ol a cluudltsa o'»y. Fol*
lowing the ehoie line fur iur wtstward,
its windings, Irecsme mom and inure indis
tinct. and Unity md o I softly a way from
human sig it in t'la lllhuitab e expitiau ol
the PiiCifij ocean heyotul.
Sweeping rile eVt* omr niOf" to
wai i the »v*uukmu, tho «vcs. era shore ot
Whulhy I liiul swelled gent!y above the
gul l in 1 purple si a, s'< epi ‘I i ' the g oii
ous hues ot morning. Admiralty Head,
with Its coluna-like light bcacou, could
l«* distinc*ly outline I. N irlhward the
eye plainly traced the wavering shore
l.ne of this Wand county, stretching across
the strait. Due uoith the blurred and
dreamy undines 01 San Junn and Lopez is
lauds were seen just (Keping above the
wnier rhniiieii horizon. A little to the
westward iho on't mee to the Canal de
Haro was very dimly discerned without
the aid of n marine gliss. Just ahead,
Vancouver Wind rose in plain view. No
element was lacking to complete the ab
solutely peilect picture id blue, purple
«n<l soldi q -oh, bright and cloudless sky,
near and rein ite shore, and distant moun
tain ranges. As it to highten and inten
sity the enchanting spectacle, the sun
showered down a flood ot light, and the
fresh delicious morning breize blew ioftly
over the ssn.
WUiU troksing the Straits, and just bc
torc tbe •teamcr eutcrad Victoria harbor,
a splendid view was caught ot thv Hi
trance to Juan ilc Fuco. Duo west ot us
stretched tho long, wide channel, unfit
ted by a single island, the hues ot shore
seeming to converge us they receded with
a sinuous course toward the mouth ut the
Strait. Dimmer and dimmer and leas
distinct grew th«se receding lines, until
the grayish land and greenish-blue waters
genii y mingled and were lost in each
other. Beyond these softly lading minks
of laud stretched the limitless expanse
of sea. With its feeble and uncertain vis.
ion the bumau eye was scanning tbo east
ern rim of the mighty Pacific ocean.
A steam collinr waa just passing out,
with • oargo •( coat from Beattie or TV
coma, bound for San Francisco. Its
long, narrow, black bull bad |iarttatly
aunk below the horiton, aud the stack re*
acmbled a slender apeak, from which
trailed a dark banner ot smoko. Several
teasels were entering, beating slowly
down under a gentle wind, the rggii.g
and bulls bearing a dim, phantom aspect.
A'tei d of our ateamar, aud just ofl llic en
trance to tlio Imib >r ot Victoria, several
large ships rode at anchor, swinging list,
lesaly with the sluggish title, with their
suds flapping lazily in the morning breeze.
—San Franciscan.
s. t. mmm 4 m.
Saws, Spades, Shovels, Axes. Locks,
Hinges and House Fund- •
ing Clouds.
*S~ Itonsiring (ton** In eojuicr, tip .alia* •loluli* «*(
* FlvoOctATes.onoS-SSetaßoeda, Eight Stop*.
Including Sub-Hast, Orlave Coupler, Biool,
Hook and Music, la wild Black Walnut C'mm
This Osotif u Berm 01* Tin Ou Flu.
The Famous Jteethootu Orgmt 4
27 Stops, 10 Sets Reeds, S9O.
Boon to advance to 1133. Order sow. Remit by
Bunk Draft, Boat Office Order, or Registered
Letter. Boxed and skipped without a Moment's
Delay. Catalogue Tree. Address or call upon ,
HfWE F, SEJ>.‘ ?LW»thinjtiii, fa km-H
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QoxrrEBNEUB. y. r.
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No* 7T

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