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Northwest enterprise. (Anacortes, Wash. Ter.) 1882-1887, August 16, 1884, Image 1

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northwest enterprise
Vol. :*
ri'si-isHtn iiVEr.Y .Saturday at
)»A<««TEN, wasuimuvm ter ,
• UY )
A. C. BOWMAN. M. D. j
•a;r - - ,r.~i 7 —w.-. rn»jr .'j. l -<ECTrr |
Eotf-re-i at the I’oat-ufticw at Auacortea 1
«y second i;las>» mailer.
SiikirrlftllMU Rblm
One Year $1 00
XX M'Xitho 20
•Inn** Mum ha , 22
t.rjul ,t«l>rrl«lnA *«t»».
One rrpinre (18 lep“) ftr*f iosertioa 30
£*ch suh'ksq iem. inaertma $1
_ _ H w.-ek at baiae. *V(to outfit fKK. Pay
(T lev CL absolutely run*. N’a r;i«k. Capitol nor
J) VJt y required. Rcade r. if you want hind new
V at which perrons of either wi, young or
<■ll, can make pky all Hit time the \ w
fi'ii absolute cartelnty, write for partlcul» ra toH
Haj.i I.tKT A Co, Portland, Maine.
11 r—\ r—a i> —T P"' Send at it cent* for
A. rff Mr |i f ►—> |>i>elujj*, and recelee
f"\ li S\l e ,ri °>■ tost *y **»» ut
Ti ■ (titfdl which will
WyjMtoninni mony right away than anythin*;
« ttii* sorld. All. of either ►♦*, mnvewl from
oral hour. The brood mad to torUoio open* l.eiore
the worker*-. absolutely aura. At tutce adilrew,
'< ara *. Co.Augot.la. Ham*
tola of I. S. and
loreinn Patent*, No. Tnrt Screnlh Street, cor.
«»,I'. S. I’utcut Office, VVn«lvimfton, I). C.
faire-'iioiidom-e solicited. No charge for
advice. No fee charged uu'e*< Patent ia allow
si. Ucfcrcbcca, Lewie .lo.inson A Co., Bask
et!, and Poet master, WaahioKiou, I).
hnnphlct of Instructioiia free.
Kortv acre-* of land on 1 aland, Ik hu
lifutly locatcl ittnr the Aldcn Academy, oyef-
U4ting pitlalpo and Padilla hay a, and com
ftMidiim a lino view of Mt linker, and the ('an
►de mute. It ia all poi d agricultural land
aid ia only two tnile> from the tdcainhoal
biding at Autnortce Addrc.-a Witt. Sharp,
Aliucoetc it, \\ . i,
V. A.Mimann. Sollrltnr of la.priroti and Kor
btwiui, WaklijuiiliM, I>,C. AU bueinara o«u
with r*f-ntK, whether botor* (be Putm*
u» Hie Court*. promptly attniilrd to. No
■‘•rfi malic u ul<fc>« a putuui u «c«UMit. Srrul for
WcMltf • xi
■ ' 1 ' "" 1 - !
phfi pßjiMars -aai
wuati om. w -jr.
Will attend pr illicitly to nil Uiud» of Burvcyinj;
■‘incorrectly drawn etc. JA
Q ’T 5 -' bunißfH now before the puhli.-
fj t tun nu uiMkH utoury tart, rut
»«,| work tnr u» than at.uiything ri»«
Capital not lived, d. Vte will
•Urt you. sli a day and upward* made at houir by
*l*ludurtriom,. Uvii, women,boya aud itirla »ma
■1 *»rrywliero to work for u». Now ia the lime.
iub can work iu upare time only or give your whole
#n*o, * U t * 19 knsiurw.. You cap live at homo and
work. No other luiHiurna w ill pay jon n«ar
?*• wall. So on* can iayl to uako oDormoua pay
eiUfajrmir at once. Coblly Outßta and t«rum free.
t®® 9 * m%,e t** l - oa,,T ,a ‘t banorahiy. &ddr«»n
Co u, Vaiue.
A.im<»ojrteK, W. T., Saturchi.v, August iCf 9 1
The Jnlend Sentinel ha« remove
from Yale to Kamloops, B. C local
ed 250 miles inland from Sow*
Westminster, at the confluence of
the nortU ami south forks of the
Thompson arid Nicola rivers, nin«
miles above Kamloops lake, and
ia the midst of the grandest
mountain scenery on the continent.
It is the centro of trade for .North
; and South Thompson ami Nicul*
i valleys, is located 1140 feet above
the soa, and in about a year will be
an important station of the North
ern Pacitic railroad.
Wanted to Whits a Caro.
••I want to write n card I’m
from Newport, Ky-, and 1 may be
oxcoedingly groou, hut when a lot
of fidgutty girls piu a card on my
buck with "keep off the gras writ
ten oh it in big letters, and I go
around town all morning with it
hanging tome, 1 tbink the limit him
been reached and the matter he
comes a subject lor newspaper com'
meet. Therefore, I dosire to write a
card, and nn almighty strong one
too. Ho oacked out when itfunueu
that it would cost him 25 cents a
The Pacific Association ot Spirit
unlists w.il hold thoir first tu.ua!
campmeetiug ou their grounds wear
Ilwaeo, VV. T., beginning Thursday,
S"pt. 4ih. closing Monday,. Sept,
lull). Names oi' speakers and
mediums to be present. Mrs. A. S.
Duniway, Portland, Or, Mrs, K.C.
Siuipeon, Chicago, ill. Mr. Geo. P.
Colby, Orange City, Fla. Mr. J. K-
Italy, Madison M is. Mr. A. A.
Cloavland, Astoria, Or., and pos
sibly Mrs. Ada Faye of San Fran
cisco, besides many other speakers
and mediums of merit will be in aU
aitudum-e. Reduced rates will be
given over all popular lines of trav
el in Washington Territory and
Oregon, 80 per cent off, ot regular
fare one way. There will bear
restaurant on the grounds where
good meals may he had at reason
able Pules The finest views arc
presented from the camp grounus,
of ocean, river anil mountain scen
ery to be found on the Pacific Coast.
A cordial invitation is extended to
The friends of Spiritualism every
where, and enemies also, to attend
this cninpinecting.—l’. A. Smith.
Cor. See. P. 11 S.
*‘Re laid biiudown aad idrpt—aud frutn bi» tTda
A »om»h is lier roa«ir. beaty rote ;
Daztied acd charmi'd b# called that woman bride,
And Ilia iirrt »l«*i> became lile laat wiem."
••When wir’ajiKxfltamed. aad dtuzer'a nig b,
God and »>ie aoldipr i»t f people l * cry;
When war 1< o'n» «tid all tiling* righted,
God I* I >vrftitan and tbe «• 1 licr alighted.
The AnnirciiVUitAL Wort.o. one of th«*
liest. it nit rh« farm paper* of its
rinse, making pros* success of the plan
•n-«n jnrated l>v irs editor a tew vears s«*o.
Tide pit n is nodiine Iw than the uiviin_ r
of exhaustive •I’tlcles by the b* *t writers
«*n sgrieiiltiire in all the cotihtpes «»f the
wor*d. Tin 1 srMch'S from the different
S’at- s and Territories n| <>ur own count rv
arc particularly fVstructive and enter
fnininir .Tiidp*-p?> articles on ‘-Mir
Farmer *• Relation to I.w" are alone
worth the price of the paper. .Tudpe
Parish, who is one of th* aMest jodj'rs
fond lecturers in tin* West, will soon leave
inr the South, with the >iew of supply
the the paper with a series of articles on
To agricultural feature s of that secinnt
phis journal also has a fine household de
partment, which makes it psrtieul ;rlv at
tractive to lady readers. The Aomen.-
tprai. WokljD (now m tts tenth year) is
only One Dollar jwr annum <26 nundreis).
In clufis of five, 80 cents each. Six
months. 60 cents: tnrec months. 40 cents
Sample copies, 0 nnia. T«o-ceni p< s
t-<c« stamps rets -ved on subscription
Aildnws Aj'ri.'ultural World, Grand
Rapids, Mich.
LA CONNER - ■» - - W. T.
Land Business
Every Description
By nrr«n£im<»iits with reliable land a’
torneys i* Olyir pia and Washington D
G., noy customer# can have their land
business attended to the sum* av it per
aons’ly present at either pine*.
Pxrtie* to purchase or locata
Land Scrip, would do well to consult
»r AH latest Land Laws. Rules and
Decisions kept on file. Land Warrant*
hoi'jfht and sold.
Conveyancing;. fares w«'d, purchase*
and suit* mud*. Colle. tioas made and
proceeds prompt It remitted 17
► p\ f or th • r>K*. h»nd
I <ll llf il t fen** f«r ro«tmrp. «na we
MV tat*/ Win rnn fr«a % fv*,lt.
■ V lliil|t>t« hot, of R*nipU: (Kids
C_at will pu* vou wav of ntaVtni' nior* mot,.
7„ in h fow tlar*. *han to,I »vpp >hni,(|it poa.fhV j<
,H . loimiopm*. CW» tno ( n «|uir« .i. Wp wfl! «tvtt
on. You ohn work <ll the liine or lu <it.»re l( tut*
«>v. Th*» work ik ni|tvf-«*l1v adapt ,*1 to hoth
i- 1-*, youne out ntit Vmir»< print from so
,Utt to ft tvi'tt eTeu«tttf. Tli«t (11 who w(ut
work mav to*it u,n tiu.lu*,«. w« u <k< this tin
l*r>r(Hflt'it off. r t*> <!' win 8r»- twit well ttatikited wp
will Oft #1 t>* pnv for thp trnhle of wfitino •»«,
Yuli r><TfiPH'»r«. <tipep»i**H, pent ff.— J\,"-
fnnr* will he melt* by Ihoiur who give Mipfr whole
wi»*< * > tha wort. ilraa |; . c o< tks>liM<'.<ini
i«l<r 3ian now. s>hmk.k t
ilu«l, Ula«
• nroOctaves, ono 3-5 Sc te Baeds, Eight Stop*.
Wludlni? Sub-Hass, Oetavo Coupler, Steal.
Bookjttd Hustc, la Solid Black walnut Cobo
Thm 0»<u» U Bcilt OS TUS OtP Pus.
The Famous Evcthovm Organ i
Stops, 10 Sets Reeds, S9O.
Boou te advance to $125. Order new. Remit by
. Bank Brail, Beet OIUco Orlcr, or Baslatoro.l
i Letter. Booted end shipped vrtrhout a JlomenTe
Improved My
Indies’ Table or Lap Board*
Will Have Them.
SUmds firm when in use, aud cun bo
folded, oocapying no space when not in Oi,*s,

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