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Northwest enterprise. (Anacortes, Wash. Ter.) 1882-1887, October 25, 1884, Image 2

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ANACOKTES. ...OtTOMFdI 3.‘> is« 4
The difficulty of passing through
tlu* s|oiigii when the tile is low ren
ders the mail service between An*
acortes and Fulalgo very irregualur,
owing to the steamers alternating
between the slough anil Deception
Pass, ifi making their Mips. Ibe
difficulty is caused by the imibiliiy
of | ostmasters to learn bcforihand
wlii •I* route tlu* boats will take, and
lienee it frequently happens that the
mail made up at Anacortes for Fi
dalgo. is taken through the Pass, and
not delivered at Fidalgo till the re
turn of the boat from Seattle. In
tno same way the mail made up at
Anaeortrs tor (memos, instead ot
being earned directly across the
i hannel, is frequently taken through
the slough and up to Seattle, and
only delivered ai (memos when the
I oat returns. All this might be
temedied if the postmasters at Ana
eortes. (memos and Fidalgo could
be informed which route tlie boat
will take on her next trip. We
suppose the. tid»s and the ne
cessity of making sx trips in a
week* render tins alternation in
routes unavoidable.
\V f :miiiif
In an article in tlic Reveille last j
week, under the above beading, the j
charge is maile that “t’barles Don
evan, while Auditor ot Whatcom
county, hna during 1 lie past year j
or more, gambled with cards lor 1
large slakes of money, at various j
times, in garni lit g houses in the 1
citv of Whatcom.” it appears to
he a matter of common notoriety 1
at Whatcom, that I>r. Manly the I
Reveille’s candidate for the legis
lature, has also gambled will) cards |
for money at various times and
places in Whatcom during the past
year, ami is moreover charged with
cheating while so engaged, indeed ,
it common report can he trusted, the
editor ot the Reveille himself, has
h;eu known to engage in the same
disreputable and unlawful practice,
it seems that altogether too nary ot
the Whatcom politicians are ofthat
.-tripe, and they aie a queer rest of
unclean birds lo represent the in
terests of an honest and important
community like \Vhiitofl»ii comity.
Under these circumstances taking
ail things into consideration, it will
be safer for the voters of this pre
cinct, both men and women, and ir
respective of panics, tO C;,Kt t f
\oics lor -ome bcttei man than Ur.
.Manly for representative to the
legislature from Whatcom, Skagit,
Mid San Juan counties. While Mr.
Wolfe would in every way make a
lit and creditable rrjm sonlative,
that gentleman will noi be able to
spaiv the time necessary to bring
toe subject properly before the
'<) tors. The Democratic candidate
lor the office, Judge War bass is a
courteous gentleman, long and fav
orably known in f-aii Juan io»nty,
v\ ho Joes not spend his time in
l inking or gambling saloons, and
s never seen staggering under the
nil tie nee ot liquor in public Uir
rooms, and w hose honesty ami in
tegrity will not ho questioned by
;.i v one. it will be safer for all
} : rt.es, bot!i women voters a-* well
: s men. to vote loi .1 udge Wariias*,
whose career fives ns>arunco that
he will honestly ropi-csom every
legitimate u.leubt, and that he will
hOt Ir.tdo 51 W;l V til) r I t■= of t lit*
people nmoi'i; ;i el qre nt* gambling
bar room asMvi.uos. • >»* tin* «|U ■*-
lion «>t w uiihiii snfl’iage, 'he bps
nvowe 1 himself in favor < f the p « t—
cut law giving the right of siitferage
to women, until a fail test ot its
wonting lias been imoJe.
Winter School.
The undersign) d proposes to open Pri
vate School in the Academy Pudding
November, 3 18S4. Those desiring to
attend, please endeavor t<» enter on the
opining day. For pKrtirniar* apply to
George M il iradorr.
Anm ortee. P. O. W. T.
f*\ p—: er* bnslnent n<*w before the nul> ic
L-/ L- I Yo„ run nnmev fabler at
1 J L— vj» f work far na tl«an at mthin* else
Capitol ""1 n»rd»d, tie wM
art yon. - #1? a dav and new ants node at 'loirx hr
tli- inductri«u*. Mfii. '»oiueii,lw>vß ami r rla w an’»
ert evmaliere t« work f**r tie. N"W i» iheMni .
Yi.n can v ark in *varc ♦it"** "fly " T " iv *‘ , '"" r w '" ,!
tin t* to the ■•NKinea*. Yt.li fan livt* at kfiiie an
d ■ the work. N.t other hnsoiietw will pay >ou i ear
ly as well. No .. n » can fail l<> make enormfin* P»y
hv at '.lie* C*»etlv Otlt*ll*t *1(11 term* tree
\fon#»y nude fnftl, **n* v nti t\ A«l*ircw
Tuck Co.. Atunti-U. Maine.
100 Columns and 100 Kngratlug* In tarh Issue.
43rd YEAE. 51.50 A Year,
Fend three 2e. stumps for Femple Copy (F.mrllah or Oer.
rnuii i ami Premium Mil of (tie OMent nnd Hrn Agri«
cullnrtil JonriKil in lh« world.
731 Brundwojr. New York.
Til K i
Jl all & l 9 aulson
Furnitiire Co.
fits {onplets JaraiUrs Jacjs
—TO H’l ALL KIND* oy
Parlor, Bed Room, Dining Room
Kitchen and Office Furniture
will buy a Hardwood Pod-Room
Set, seven pieces, consisting of a
Bedhead. Bureau (with swinging
gla-s, (ToxdOlConunodo Washsland,
fcniall Stand, *J Chairs and R'*;kcr
IT f you connot vi*it M*nd in ymirortler,
lid ii wjl• r triv ji* »*i*r».Tul mk * y**«»
■ ‘ Hilit* in p*T*- li. All ifoOtl* Oir«.fully p*. k* U Hlul lit
livvi« 1 on th»* wliarrn* tr**** uf * bur-*.
Salesrooms, on Commercial street
stkam Factory, foot Commercial st
A A A'»»k»l lu-lrif . S’, rr outfit frnc. )>*,
ISHM 1' ’ 1 " N" r>k nit
V«? mjnnxl. Hra»lt-r. if you Want I. uni mu
’ «I »Wfli permijuilfllln r w 1, yunnx nr
oM. rnn indke cr* »f pay all *1 * time tliVy. work
with xUolntn i t ilmntv, wnlt* lor i uililq.Vi » toH
Ballet aCo I ortiuuil, i.u;m . .
T- f* LAND OFFICE :«t Olympia. \V. T.
•S* - | I. VC.. ISs-F — Notice in liereliy
*• AMen lia< hied nofee nf ntci.t o-i ti
miike tiii.il p <u.f In fun; tin-t'lerk oMhr Probate
J’lMirt, nt hi> olliee in Friday Hnrlior. \V. ton
I uivdav tin* is. ilny of November., A. I). lnn|
tm l’j«» eniptioii I). S. Nn. (i»r tin* NE !
<>f NE' + nf Sift. I\ XW« 4 nf N W : 4 mnl Lot I
»'f Si i t. 17 ami Lot-. •) and 0 of See S Tp lit! N,
K ',* went.
Hr names an witnenses; A Burk ofSliaw>.
W. T* William Bratton. W. 11. fadwelt and
'Valter fadwell all nf < In-an W. T.
29 U v John F. (Jmwey, Itesiaicr.
I'nitvd Stati n Land Oilin', Olympia. W. T.
Aiijj. Mli ls*4—Notice in hereby niu'n tleti
Edward S. smith. wlhmi- punt oilin' addren..
in Seattle \\ . T,, lain 11 1 in day till'd bin up pi ira -
turn fora patent for lotNi linear feet oftheOre.m
Inland Lime .Mini - , or win hearin<r linii - , with
mu fin* iliomnl Wu feet in width, nifu.it'd
within tin- San Juan County Minin;' District.
Inland oft (nan, fount v of Sun .Inan, Territ.nv
of Wa-ninotiin, and de.-innuted by the
noti'n and oiticial pint on till' in thi*« i>tli<-o an
Lot No--in Si'i'lion :>! Tp i! 7 North of I
Went, and Sect :!•», Tp ST North of Kaii"e J wont
of tin; Willaini'tte Meridian, Said Lot No.—be
ili}T (ItM'l'iM'd an folloWn to wit; Bet'iin'i'i" at
for. No. 1, and riiniiin;; fifteen hundred feet S
SKdcsf. Sdnun. not to fur. No. a. thence nix him
rod iccl N.
I hence ti ft ci'n hundred feet N. iSidet;. ttrtinin F.
to«'or. No. 4. llkiii'k nt\ linndrcil feels,
tiUniin. E to piac ol lie^iimnio.
Magnetic variation at S> decrees Kant.
Tin* location of ,liin mine in recorded in the
Iteeordei'o ortlee of San .lu.ni County, Territory
of Washinirtou, nl Friday llaihor, in the eon..U
and Tenitory uforenaid.
Tliefeure no uit|oiniinr elaiinnntn of record.
Any and uli persons eUiniinu adversely any
porlion of >uid i trean Island Lime Mine, or.ai.y
surface ground, hit required to lile tueirudveinr
1 claims with the liegi.-fr of tne lulled Stall'
tail'd Ollicc alt My inpia, in the county of Tluirs
{ ton, and Territory of Washington during tin
sixty days perioii of publication hereof, or they
wili'he hailed hy virtue ol the pn.visi.din of the
Statute. John F.Gowey.
’i'i iow Register.
N|»ecificntioiiH lor Itnili .ik**.
Messrs. p.illix r, Palliser >fc ' of 15 ji; 1 -
port, Ct., the well known architects and )>nl
d-licr- of standard works on architecture, hav
lately issued a sheet containing plan.' mill spi i
ideations of a very tasteful modem eight r< »n
cottage with tower and also with the ncee-sai
mialirtealions for building it without the town
and with hut six rooms if desired. In its mo
costlv form tin* outlay is estimated at sii.nno
without the tower it has been built lor S’j.MMi
and if only six rooms are iuelnded, the co
may be reduced to *l,TrO or fti.UUO. Detail
are iriven of uiantels. stairs, doors and casing
eoruiees, etc- Tile publishers have found ii
the most popular plan they have erer issued,
and state that it ha- been adopted in more .bo
jive hundred instance*, within their knowledgi
Tfie same linn issue specitieations in blank
adapted for frame or briek buildings of an'
com ; »l-o forms of building contract, and s' v
end I on modern ine\pen-ivc. artistic eot
t e/s p|m« which are of great practical value
and convenience to everyone iutcre-ted.
r. S. I.wn dr'irr at Oi.tvpm. W. T
(y’re. H-tfNotice is herein- given that
William Vewh«ll has filed notice of inten
tion to m'kc tinal pr<to f before the Judge, o
in hi- al•-cnee, the Clerk oftlic Probate Court
at Id - otifee in Friday Harbor. 'V. T on 'ton
d(.v the "'lltli■ d»v of T>cceint»"r. T>. o’
Ifon'-’-teiul ' tiplica'loe No. .“P.Ti, for the NF 1
r>l s \V i> W 1 of ®p i ' and T.ot- 5, •’* and T,f> >f
of See ill Tp iir N. ft 1 West.
tic names witnesses. ,T(»t(n, O. V*’rncV
nf Doe Vac, V’ T Jobn M Five. .T. tt. V---
al ami - I din \\\ O-av aP .vfFasi So’” 1 ' 1 , AV T
30-« tv Jons F. (io'vi.v. Register.
Tlio I voatT i ni»* wlj oTos-aTr»
CiqAH SjOt^Ej
L. Tv. Cx-. Siuiik - - Mi If. Koad c'
.Branch of L. K. G. .Smith, Portland Or. Our Factory *2ft Market
I St root S. F.
■* * * * * • * ' > W-fT
ijvrmi statk- Msiui< t i.a: u onu i;
vll>nij»ir, W.-hin-toii IVirit.-ry —Nwli>..
nnvl'j . i*>« llul. in . i ii.)mli ih» xiili it • |mtK.
*-f tl*p a«-i m i •i j r 'inl Jni>« 4, ikt*
tit i t I*-rl -An Ail fur t)ii- uni* 1.1 Tiinliir
Ullt'll 111 tile Kllitpn of utli 1 min, Or*»;..n, Niimlii
:mti 11 'lVrt tlo-y.” limiiix llrmn,
"f si Htil County, AVanli. T* r.. h.*a Huh dat i.h.(
in Miih ollii i- In. np|>li<'Mioii 10 joiri luo— tin- KI-;
■pia-t-r of S'V umirler' mul jyp. quail, r m
S\' ijiihrtrr of Sn- No. 2 in Towii»hi|> No 4
-North. l i-liy*- No. 1 pant of TlirWillliliirttr >l* riili >ll.
I’roof in Hin>|iori of hmiil »|.phi -Jti. ii will U i.-mi
Irtorr A. f. IV-nmmi, h Noiiiy I’nhli,- tor \V r.
Ainicorir., Skagit County. \V, T. Ih-i-rnilH-r n;h
I«S4. »• 2 o'clwk P. SI.
Alya*.ft nil |n r»oi-H r|iiiinll>(/H(ltrr-»li lltr .no!
itcrrihril Inn.).. r Min- potion tlirr-nf. *rr lor-1 v
r-qntp.-d lo Mr th»ir rlmtn. in thin i flier wilhi-i
•'Xtv i tin I il«j> from iiatr lirmif.
iiiv*u iniihr my hand m mi <.flirt in rdiiapia, w.
T.. Huh lath day ol Srjiipiiihrr, A. ]i. Js*|
28 lOw Rrtlikti r of tin- I.Mml l.ftvr.
Olyiupta, W, T.. Oi t. Hi. ISs4.— Notici- i-nrn--
liv vfivi-n Mini Tannins l>. 1 hilds has lil. il i i t i-o
of ' iitio'i to in -fee : Mil )ri 1-f I» nt
A. C own , No a y Puldie nt lil.> dVee, in
An.it,--To .y. T.t nil Saturday tie Ulb
•In' oi I'em-in tier A. D. I w s4, on l’i-r »-mj ti»m
l». S. No. i:«S7. for tlir SKL ««f MVC; \v>,
oi" SW, iindNK,'* of .N\V. i f See. 14 T|>- -■*
N K 1 bust.
Up non-ps oh viii'i-tK-A; P. F. N'l-lnm,
of Aii'-ortc* W. T Win Simrpe J. .1 io. dor,
mul Thomas SlinrjH-, of I>c<-)»timi \V. T.
•W-ilw J tins p. (rowKY, Kejilrter.
V ». I.ANDnjFICK AToI YMn\,W. T.. (V|.
■I rS’4 —Noili-r |. hr*On eiv. n Dial Jo.i | h
Sendultli Jr has ttlril iiiilUv ol intrntion f. nn kr
Hu.-il |..’i hif hetorr Ihr Judin* or in lii> .-■)>- <n ..
• lie fl-rli ol Hi** I'r.l.at.- Coin, *t liih oflor’
•ii Friday Parhor W. T.. on M'-mlty, iln>
I* I day i.| Il.i*. inbrr A. Il.lhhl.oi- H-llioli i d A jijdi.
••aU.m No. 2*l*l. for tlir U.m I .V 2 of H*e 11.1 .-t i ..f
s. -t 10, anti Lula 7*B ol hoc. 3 T|.. ;;4 N. I(
:t W-hI.
Ur |l»m*H |H Wittl'HHPH: Rl lu rl Wjlpy of Fridav
ili.rl.nr Ay, T.t’. Uohl- r. Ory.rtiP Slultli, and Jlol.rrt
Flnli.Ji. of San Juan. W. T.
iIU-liw JOHN V. tiOAVKY. Itruint. r.
I'. S. LAND. OFFICE, «t Oh lupin W. T.,
s Vpt l‘.4tli. —Notu-r is luTidiy tfiAilt tlmi
llolicin Mui'li iina lilt ti riotri-i; of iiiti-iitii-n
'.o ninkt* dual proof In-lorr the .linier,
>r iu liis alir t-i’fr. Uie Cli-rk rf the
I’rolin’e Cum t. Nt hit oltii-r in Frrday Ifailsu W .
f. *iu Saturi'nv. tlir lf»tti* tiny of N<>mmln-r.
• >. ISS4.OU lloiTu-Htead Aiiplh-ntiou No ’“•s-.*, for
the l.ots *i. 4 and 5 of See. I Tp. Oli N, 1! 4 Vi’e-t
lie iiaiM-s a> » iliie.-st-H: ' Paul K. Pa'tr of
.Tones 1 -laud W T. Edward Wtiod, William
irnii hi d «, A, Melioueld of Haldron Island,
V. T.
•JS liw John F. Oowey, IleotHler.
—' - rraViy, hr-r*. f.-r- fT'atlno •'*♦*•>*•’’ Tr "‘.
VVm>t-« -’V v Voi V»ll.iibvt|i'"i' r tE*
aan.rrf Van V»H« n»e-i«v 0- •• • <1" h. ■*,
dia-uliid iv iiotml ••ore-4. Mm. A*m-l,
'til' ri.|f innr the l>i|‘ln<-*« arA r' • • . 'I m""
I•♦».« *rtii »«»*»• t«» « *'f •!’ »cot wMe vrt ** V •
rhi-i-o Sint igth. Iki4. " ' V"-v
--31 w- E*- N. Van Valkr »bn»2
■ I s. T ANK rFVIi’IC AT OT Y V PIA, w . T .
LJ . (v.f li• r« hr fgir> ti tl
J hn Sl.ntft I»a f I*4 m Mir ef ititrftl-n 4« w , ke
f,,i i11 .-l. *• 11 11 y•in | • iln lii« rfiH n*-r. ih
<l. rV . f 1-r Hi Vi-tr foi »t a* I it .ft . i -i !
fl,th r V T •t» p»»vrfl ; d-r df.it.-i d l>< •»<-*“ -
\ |< ISH4, on R-'i rrtr* 1 Api'li.-flth'ii N-* * ’I. iv
tfr lot. t ard SF.i ffV •i t Sir 71 1 117 N. r.
I ««.«•
IT- y.,iui»« -« rrifn<" i «' •- J-rorr I' re-* *-t!. Tvoob
V*v t l'}”l r!p« K. Rjiaafuril W ll«l < C I'k . hll
, f T'r.tf |ti lll.tl TV. T,
31 c\» Jot n F. Go-tn v. R-eKti r.

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