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Northwest enterprise. (Anacortes, Wash. Ter.) 1882-1887, June 27, 1885, Image 3

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Will Sharpe is papering and oth*
erwiso beautifying his fine house.
Nearly nil the farmers in this
neighborhood have extra men at
work in gathering their hay.
Ja l?o White returned to his ranch
on Fidalgo Bay by the Washington
on Friday.
Peter Nelson, with the assistance
of EJfion Adams, is doing good work
in clearing back of Anacortes.
Wm. Paine and fas. Lathrow are
going into the business of stock*
raising on Guemos Island.
Steamer Evangel, Captain Lott,
with a large number of passengers,
called in here Thursday evening, on
her noith trip.
Lura Nelson bus sold his sloop to
Thomas Sharpe for S4O. The boat
Is a flyer, and we are waiting for
u challenge from Tom.
F. M. Walsh, after visiting his
many friends in this neighborhood,
returned to Laconner the first of
the week.
Jack Wooten cut his foot rery
badly while working in John J.
Edei/s logging camp on Guemes
island last week.
Mr. Win, Munks, of Fidalgo, has
three men employed in piling wood
near his wharf, where the steamers
can be supplied. He has 1400 cords
in the woods, and is hauling out
seren cords a day with one team.
S. 6. Chadwick and M. Thomas
of Lopez island wero at Anacortefi
on Thursday. Mr. Chadwick went
to Seatlle for examination before
the Pension Board, where bis claim
it being adjusted.
Capt. Moritzen, the newspaper
fiend who solicited subscriptions for
a Norwegian newspaper and ah.
scondod with the funds, some time
ago, and who stole Mr. Chadwick’s
boat from Lopez Island, which has
neror been returned since, is said to
be at Victoria,
n is MABo to mraußsraVß,
Wav an endless procession of drink eve
iron e public di per will, wlthect eaoep
tion drink close to th~ handle.
Why people vtli go into eoetnfiy la get
bond whan they can g«t bored Jut as wol
Why the young lady who will safely
•hew boarding h/ue mines pie u'l sate
fully eaohcw jrardiig house miner mank
why eww ar will make excuenfim her
hned when aha kro-ve H k tSf’jW Che
• wmade, end kno..e her -nr gr g Mews
Why* "young gentlemen” aair io
naeh lender «W lots oopinot j rN*
•km* Alee are within ear***, ct in
JP* Jffa Andre to make n fool off erafe
•Cy etoul in the human breaak
wv we are T much angrier age into He
who mows me« oner than him wdntoada
w Dg V.
kple will getmnntod, when eenat
wW n arm who elalaae to hove lean!
“•wjyw will embraoe >
Wkeft the flint eekventont appotm
why eoM weather eemee daring the
•*Ntn whan It k loaet agreenbte.
k k ae moan aeakr to he prilto he
hjj» Whom we ahall paebably nevee aaa
Jjh then to thoae wheae good agielan we
■9 earn aeeeen to enMvete.
should ran a/tea the girk, whea
Udt Rkrbkst of Lm, Is n prink Wt-
J*r. dsacribe# 4k Pop*, on woririay th*
“■fbsh deputation, as dnwd In * —oak
" P Qr * whit*, bald it th* w*i*t by * band
, •mbroid*i*d nlk, and battened down In
front, showing th* alfppan off i*d silk, em
broidered with * golden non A «np* el
*“• same color and material fall from th*
■ Moulder* to th* elbows, similarly bntton*4
n (h* coat in front, with son* soft mb*
* t * Bo * Hke down or ermine edging th* eapa
uound th* n*ok; a golden oord around th*
resting on the shoulders and depend
‘Off m front, suspended a geld and jewelled
wo«a. His whit* hands an narrow, end
the fingers long and beautifully ronnd*d.
■°d the nails are almond shaped and pink
wited. The head at th* crown was oerered
„ “ a "hull oap of th* mb* color as th*
foment Hi* hand* wan lightly bald to*
* ther < showing th* ring of th* flahermcn,
v« when raised in benediction. He loek*
»uei at a distance than ha really ia, besanas
build, which is very alight and ala*
*!“!,. “ bald over th* front and
*1 back, with a fringe of ailrar hair ares
we can mid round the back of the head,
in T w ** *l 1 dome from an imag*
"»ry line drawn from the junction of th*
jebrows across the face to tba middle lob*
»nd upper portion of th* head
med three timM the ain of th* b*M.
w . li camß (f e was quiet and gantla, bat than
Ihoniri. H°r M ° f flrmne * *ba aquas*,
M ""gU dehcats jaw, -Horn JounrnL
One January evening, eighteen yean after
I bad left Doctor Lignon’e, I returned hum*
is usual after the labors of the day. »
found any wife seated by a cheering fire
md the tea-urn hissing on the table, or
which too was placed the tea service, ano
the toast racks fastened to the fendti
betokened that the evening meal was wait
ing for me.
“ Home at last, dear James,” said my
wife. "I have been waiting tea for you
some time.”
“ Tee I was engaged longer at the office
of the Chief of Police than 1 expected to
day. By-the-by, whom do you think 1 met
on Broadway to day ? ”
“ I don’t know. Whom f "
'* No other than Amos Barton.”
I should have eaid that my wife came
from the village where Doctor Lignon lived,
and was well acquainted with all the parties
mentioned in this history.
“Indeed,” she replied; “did he epeah
to yonf ”
“O, yes; it appears he intends running
for Congress. He solicited my influence;
but, of course, 1 did not promise U to
“It Is very strange, but father never
liked that man. There was something in
bis countenance or his manner which was
very repulsive to him.”
“ A great many people share his preju
dices, my dear,” I returned. “Amos
Barton is by no means a general favorite.
I remember when I was a pupil at Doctor
Union's I used to hate him.”
"And yet no one can tell why they
dislike him. They oon bring no immoral
act against him. Did yon over hear any
thing tangible proved against him f "
••Do yon remember how Strangely he
came In for his property f I was but a
little girt then, stul I recollect distinctly
tho sensation it made. His brother and
nephew died within ten days of oach other.
Itvwss very curious.”
“ Vary.
I suppose I ottered this word in a very
peculiar manner, for my wife put down her
sap which she was in the set of raising (0
her month, end glanoed curiously at ms.
“What do yon mean by that ‘veryf •
said my wife. “ Now, James, I know by
your manner that you have a secret to tell
“ My dear, what secret should I know?”
“ 1 don't know ; but you arc so different
from other men—you have such an extraor
dinary faculty for tracing matters oat—l
am certain yon know more about that
affair than yon pretend.”
At that moment there woe a ring at the
bell, end the servant girl entered almost
directly afterward and handad me the
following message:
•• Corns to me immediately. lam dying;
I nave sraeuintot importance teooim.
niaate le you. Doctor Lignon, — N>
I haadad the dispatch to my wifs.
“ Muit you fo f ” said she, with a »h».
•( disappointment io her voice.
“ I moot, indeed." I rejoined. M I ha»
MM idee M to the nature of the enranu
atoation he hoe to wake, and leaving oat
eaesideratioß my duty aa his former pupi
I must go (or other reasons.”
Kissing my wlfs good-by, 1 harried ofl
H was Utter oo!d ia the streets, sad tb
snow was falling in largo flakes. In spit •
of the obstruction caused by the snow,
washed the depot ia good time, and takin;
a oeat in a ear a ear the stove, io a fev
mlnvtaa 1 was proceeding on my way to m
destination. I was nwakeasd shout mu:
night hy a man and a woman in the sen
before at: the farmer had mentioned tL>
name of Ms. Barton. I still pretended t
ho ssloop, hat examined my fellow-trsvellei
with a scrutinising glanoe. 1 found the,
were eomnon-looxing people,
past the meridian of life.
*‘l toll you,” said the woman. In a tom
of wmoastruaeo, "yon can't deceive hii;
muoh longer. He’ll find oat that the bo.
wa away from os. than good-by to oui
" Hew eaa ho And it oat,” returned th<
■aa, ia a gruff voice. “If you only kee
a quiet tongue in your head ? But yo
always have such a confounded lot t,
“ Suppose yon toll him kb nephew i>
daadf ■
“Bah, that would bo of no aw. He
beggar, he’d atop the auppht
“ How, Ralph, suppose he should b
determined not to give you any more, wha
weald yen dot"
" What would Ido t I would my to hin-
Leek here, Mr. Barton, if you don't Bou
rne the meaey you ewe me (o 222 K*
Broadway before three days have expired
then if rou don’t eee the Bute priaon loom
lag in the dlatanoa, I’m a Dutchman.”
“Well, 1 hepe we ahall be successful
that'e all I have ay double, however."
After thia they relapeed into ailanoe. euc
did not apeak any more until they reached
their destination. I made a few notes ot
thia eon venation in my pocket-book.
About tore o’clock the aaxt day I reaohci.
the end off my tourney, and was at Dr
Lignon’e hone* I rung the bell and 1 we -
al onee shewn upstair* The moment ?
entered the dootor’e bedroom I started kaol
in honor. Familiar ae I had bean wit)
aoeneoeff Buffering, I had never met wif
ana equal to thia. eighteen yean ha
alapeed afnoe I had aeap Dr. Lignon, and h
nee new aonroely rooogniaable. Ho wi>
dying (tona the effeok off e oanoer.
“ I knew my daya are numbered," *ei-
Ike eld deetor, after he had given me tb
particulars off hk eaaa. “My dkeaae i
attoziy kenrable. Bat, James, 1 have
fearful eenltoaloa to make to you, or
which I feat will drag me down to perdition
nnlem I atone for it by endeavoring t
make restitution. O, James bow c n
eemnum up reoolatton enough te tell yo.
what nguilty wretch I am?"
“Perhapsl already know aometHn? oJ
the matter off whtoh yen would apeak,’’ 1
■a turned.
•• Impossible 1 Mo living son’ cave on'
known ft O Hod, moat 1 reveal my own
akame? Most I toll bow gniity 1 hu»<
bona ? I eannot—l eannot I’’ And the old
man buried kk head in the pillow.
1 sines rely pitied him, and determined
that I would begin the subject myself.
Doctor," said I, “ yon had a companion
in the kanaantlnn to which yon reler V ”
•* J had, 1 had I But how osn von Vnov
any D.ing about it? (.'an it be pr-=that
y<> v.iad bar* Hupaotad anything ad th*
Mn r-t"
*• I knew all; and to apes* yen Latham*
*( confessing I will rep sat to son th*
particulars af th* transaction which bring*
remorse to yonr dying bed. Sgbteen
yean age Mr. Btepken Barden died, leasing
an only eon hair t* bis immense wealth.
Mr. Ames Barton was appointed hi* guar
dian. By aosna moans, ! know ns* whs*,
ha parsondfd yop It *aria| Ui li fell
clf.v'rns. You R'lminiptorcd r
preparation to the ri'rlitful heir which pro
'lucad the efToi-t of muiulnted dentil. Arno*
Barton procured a body from the Univerein
Medical College in New York. While Hem'
Burton lay in on insensible condition his
tody wns removed from the coffin, am'
■ übstiluied by the one obtained Irom the
“ Great heavens t how did yon find all
■hm oat? 1 had no idea that any n.ratal
nan, u ave the other guilty party, knew
anything of the matter.
I here related the manner in which I had
/arreted out the trmh. with which the
reader is already acquainted.
•“ But what became of the boy, the
ightful heir?” asked the doctor, eagerly.
** 1 don’t know. If yon remember, at
He time ail this occurred I left your house
ai visited New York. I made every
• jssible search, but without any success,
xcept obtaining information from where
..tnos llai ton obtained the substitute. I
sbated a long time whether I ought not
9 make known what I had diwcovcred to
he authorities. Tint I knew Amos lii.rtou’s
afluence, and feared I should only bring
isjraoe on myself. Besides wlieh, I could
ot bear the idea of blackening your foil
“O, thank you for your consideration,
did not deserve it. But do you think

The old man hesitated, as if he dared not
five utterance to his thought.
“Murdered him. you would say," I re
tained. “No ; this very day I have disoov
•red that he did not make way with him."
And I her* related the conversation 1 had
tsard in tho railway ear
“God grant that be may still be alive,”
<aid the old man, “ and new, James, listen
.o my dying words. Promise me yon will
<*e every effort to discover young Barton
»od reinstate him into his property.”
I made tho promise, and a few hours
after Dr. Lignon was no more.
After I returned to New York, 1 debated
in my own mind os to means to be used
to discover If Henry Barton was still olive ;
at the same time I set a watch on the prom
isee, 222 East Broadway, giving orders for
the messenger to inform me the moment be
caught sight of the man who had been
wiled Ralph.
I had been home two days when my
messenger informed me that be had seen
Ralph just enter a restaurant in East
Broadway. 1 Immediately started for the
place, and fonnd the man seated in a box,
gaslng earnestly at a young man about
twenty-two yeare of sgo. who was seated in
the bow exactly opposite to him.
At last, satisfied with his scrutiny, be
•ft his box and advanced to the
** Yonng man,” said he, carelessly seating
aimself by the young man a aide, “ may I
ask your name ? ”
“My name is Henry Qrahanf What do
rom want with me f ”
“ No, sir, your name is Henry Murdock,
aid I am your father.”
“ Yost my father ’ ” Yon know you lie.
i)o yon suppose that when 1 had the sense
.v discover such woe not the case wlcu 1
•as a child, you can impose upon me
. iw ? "
master. Still no one over has a chares of
forgetting the iron hand which is oovewd
by the velvet glove.
At 10 the Marshal takes a kind of second
breakfast, s basin of soap or a glass of wiar
apd a biscuit. By this time the letters aad
aspen have arrived, and Moltke works
tfif noon, bun days always exooptod. Os
•‘the Sabbath ” ho fooo to church, and
roads “good books” during tho hotter pari
of the day.
At noon, on a regular day, the Marshal
tokos a nap till dinner-time, when central
ceremony of every man'# day lakes plane
(a the Moltke household at 2. Alter din
Sa cigar and more work. By and by s
with friends, if mgr are staying with
and perhaps a stroll. At 8, tea ir
sSrvsd On a fine summer evening the
Xhnfaal will take another turn after ton,
tout almost invariably goes to bed at 10.
A war interferes much lees with Meltke’s
habits than might be supaooed. A friend
met him in (bo streets of Berlin in July,
IStO, nod, after exchanging a few words,
mattered something about not tree passing
on tho groat man's time at such a crisis,
and was about to withdraw, whoa Moltks
retained him. spying in tho quietest manner,
11 1 have nothing to da” It was the simple
(ruth. The work had all boon done long
He k net, however, much of • talker,
this famous eoldier, who ou held hk ten
foe in ten languages. A funny newspaper
oecreepondent naked him in that eame July
hew things were going on. “ Pnttr welL"
he replied i “ my orope have Buffered a little
from the rain; ary potatoea were never
finer. I will not add the auperflaeua atate
meat that both "Our Own” and “Oer
Special" are pet diallkee of the Maaahall.
for I never yet knew a commander who
doted on them. —London Truth.
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Estate of William Alexander. dereaa
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William Alexander, deceased, to the cred
itors of. and nil persons haying claim
against said deceased, to < xliildt.it 'h«T
with the necessary ronchers, to said admin*
istrator at h«s residence, near Anacurtes.
with m nno year after the first puhlirn
tiou of ihis noth'*; or they will he forev
er barred. Dated, An .cortes. April 23 IHtT
William D r ntcb.
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