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Northwest enterprise. (Anacortes, Wash. Ter.) 1882-1887, August 15, 1885, Image 2

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Just thirty-two years ago—in
June, July and August, ISs3—Gen
eral Grant, then a lieutenant, was
on duty at Vancouver. in August
of that year ho was promoted to
the rank of captain, and soon after
was assigned to the command o'
Fort Humboldt, on the coast ot
California. He left the Pacific
coast in 1854, resigning his com
mission in the army on the 31st oi
July of that year. Seven years
later ho re-entered the arm}’ and
began that career which has given
him a name among the eternal.—
The trial of tlio noted Canadian
half-breed, lor rebelling against the
government, closed at \\
August Ist. Thejury in the Ri«]
trial was absent about an hour,
when it returned a verdict of guil
ty. An oath was administered to
the guard io the. jury without
meat, drink, firo or lodging, Riel
prayed fervently, kneeling in bis
box, and looked unmoved ns the
jury entered a verdict of guilty.
Francis Cosgrove, the foreman,
while crying like a child, announ
ced that ho was asked by his follow
jurors to recommend the prisoner
to the mercy of the crown, aud the
Judge said the recommendation
would bo considered. Riel was
sentenced to ho hanged on the 18th
of September, at Regina. Judge
Richardson said he could hold out
no prospect ot reprieve or interfer
ence by Her Magesty. Riel took
tho result coolly, having spoken
two hours reviewing the troubles
ol 1809, and tho half-breed griev
ances not }’et settled. Jhe other
half-breed prisioners will be charg
ed probably with treason felony,
in order to obviate the necessity of
solving the indictment ton days
before trial.—Rcville.
Laid To Rest.
Gen. Grant’s funeral took place
on Saturdaj’, the Bth, of this month,
in Central Park, New York City, as
first agreed upon. With solemn
march, to the subdued strains of the
doleful dirge, the muffled drum and
the mournful tolling of doep-toncd
bells, has the Nation’s dead been
borne to his tomb, accompanied by
the largest and most magnificent
funeral pageantry that ever formed
in stately procession. No such
concourse of people ever followed
to his grave one of earth’s heroes.
The great chieftain has been laid to
rest ’mid the sorrows of an nndivid*
rd people, the oympaibio* of uatums
and enshrined in the hearts of his
countrymen. The warrior and the
man of peace—the leader of armies
and the recorder of the history of
his memorable events —as soldier,
Chieftain, patriot, historian, father,
husband, friend —faithful every
where —his own name will pass
to the pages of history us his life
work has been finished, and on his
monument wo will inscribe the
words of the departed hero, ‘‘.Let
there be peace.” While at the me
tropolis 400,000 American citizens,
comrades soldiers —union and con
federate —follow in long and solemn
procession the remains to the house
of the silent dead, while in every
city, town and hamlet in tho land,
emblems of mourning are displayed
and fitting tribute paid to the meins
ory of tho departed, party lines and
bands of sectional discord are brok
en asunder, and over his grave the
North and South clasp bauds in
mutual sorrow at tho country’s loss,
while they inscribe in their hearts
to his memory that fitting motto,
‘Let there be peace.” Lot tire
great soldier’s faults and the m;s>
lakes he may have made be inter
red forever with his mortal remains,
while in tho sacred shrine of im
mortality we treasure bis memory
for his heroism and patriotism, and
for those qualities which combined
to make him the idol of his home,
the gallant chieftain, tho uncon
querable foe and tho magnanimous
( !i \sF TIM! EH hAND.
linttmd states di-trici land wvw
U ol'iiipii T>iTit. r\. —Notice 1-
In-reliv ■iviui tlut, in cotiiplimici with 0 e pro vis.
join, rif tl-e \. i <1 «i>rr ivi ,1 June ’l. 1878
.-•■• it ; ,-,l •• An Act tVr tlit* Kile of Timber
! , ••• siati nnl Call) irnla, or- gon. N« . ids
v; ,»| •:i-ioii Ti rrit rv," Vmlr w N-'wlnill. of
>.n Juui (' un'v, A' . -ii. Ter., li*-* II >a day (il- d
; fa' • 1 tflon lo pnrcl »« the Lot
N .S.ol See. i u 8, Hid Lot s > 10l Section No. 8
'n T.-wn-Mii No, Ilil Ni i til, HaU(?e No. 1 \A cat ol
the Willamette Meri-1 n.
• Proof ii aupv r. of ni I application will b<- ano
I - tor>- I - I). Warb.ihS. I’-r.hate Judge, at S ilur liy
II rbor. San Juan Comity, W. T. t Apr* It I ,s ’’
at U o’clock P.M.
and all peraona claiming adror»< ly the bhul
dearrilrt-d land. <T any potion tlier-of, nre l-nlo
rnijui.i-d io file till if 1 talniv ill tills* office within
nixt.\ (00) day* from date hereof. *
(jivi-n nml--r my hand ut my office in 01\ mpia, A\.
T .thin ll* b Uay’ot January, A. I 188.7
’ joh .-. f. omvF.y,
45-lOw JBcgister of the Lain! Office.
U rVvm-iia. Wi.ahlngtou Territory. Notice i
hereby gi' n that, in compliance vrith the provja.
ii'iie of the A- t of Oougreae approved June:!, 1878.
«ntitl"d "An Act for the i-ale of Tim bet
Lhihlm in the statmof California, Oregon, Nevada
:o d Mu-bim/t n Ti rrltory.” Eilwanl P. Newhall oi
San .limn County, Washington Territory, hart this
,la\ limit in this offic- H-t a plication to purchase
thr Lot.) ot Sec. No. hi. in Township No. 87 North,
Ranee 1 Wi at. of tin* Willamette Meridian.
Po of in Hipoort ot said application will be miuic
»„ • , r ,. E. D. \i trbass. Jndu'c of the Probate Court, at
Friday Harbor, -an Juan Coivuty, W. T., April 18th,
1885, ut 2 o’clock P. M. , ..
Anv ami all persona claiming adversely the Bald
described land, or any portion thereof, are hereby
required to m<* their claims iu this officii within
sixty (i«0) days from date hereof.
Given under my hand, at nay office in Olympia,
AV. T.. this 22ud day ol January. A. D. 18*5
48 10w ‘ Register of the Land Office.
C. 8. LAND OFFICE, at Olympia W. T
June 29. ISBS —Notice 5b hereby given that
Jeremiah N. Griswold hat* tiled notice ofint« n
pon to make final proof before the Clerk of
the Probate rourt, at hh office in Friday Har
hor W. 'J'. ou Tuesday, the. Ist. day of Sep
tember, A. D. IW-5, ou Pre-emption D. S. No.
0424 for the. Lots 4, 5 A: SE > 4 of SE M of See.
27 and Lots 7 ,-8 &9ofS- c. 84 Tp. SO N, U 2
He names os witnesses; Joiin L. Morrison,
A. Rurk, H. Hudson and Uancc C. Lee nil of
Ureas Island \V.‘T.
17 Gw John F, Gcwey Resist r.
U. S LAND OFFICE nt Olympia. W. T.
June 22, 18S5—Notice is hereby given that
Edwin Hitchin Ims filed notice of intention to
make final proof before the Judge, or in his ab
sence, the Clerk of the Probate Court at bis
office, in Friday Harbor, W. T., on Saturday
the 15th day of August. A. D. 1885, on Home
stead Application No 8040,f0r the 8W Vof S\V
V of Sec. 82, Tp 87 N, R 3 west; Lots 8 and ± n »
Sec 5, and Lot lof Sec. C, Tp 3d N. 113 w Cg^
He names as witnesses: James Tullock
Peter La plant, of East Sound, W. T.; R
Freeman and Martin Nichols of Friday II
17-6w Join P. Gcwey. Register.
U. 8. LAND OFFICE nt Olympia. W.T.
June 30. 1885.—Notice is hereby given that
CceU'la Knowison, Nee Cecilia Vnisheo h h
tiled notice of intention to make final proof bos
fore the Judge, or in bis absence the Clerk o„
the Probate Court, at his office, in Friday liar
bar, W.T., on Tuesday the 18th day of An us
A I). 1885, on Homestead Application, No
3010 for the SWtf of NEtfr SE >*' of
NW \i ofSEV and NE qr of SW qr of Bcc. 15
Tp 35 N, R 3 west.
She names as witnesses; Charles McKay.
P. E. Peters >n, John Little and .1. 11. Row
man all of Friday Harbor, W. T.
17-6w John F. Gowcy Register.
• 17,188.1. —Notice ii hereby Riven tint Ahr> ml
nothin mm bait Mod notice of intention to make
final proof before tho Judge or in his ab
sence the Clerk of the Probate Court,
at his office in Friday Harbor, W T., on Saturday
tho I2tti day ot September, A. XL 1885 on IXmn.idcad
Application N-> 3086 for th« Wli of NWla of See.
22 and 8H of Niik of Sec. 21 TpilS.N. HIW. it.
He nam< i as witnesses; Alfred Hurk, Sbaw
Island W. T.. K. C, Uiltette. Corislopber Dossier
and Henry Penshaw of Han Juan, W. T.
Itf ‘ JOHN i' GOWEV Register.
•J.ily 20. 188.1 Notice is h> reby given that
O. K. A 1 eu lias filed notice of . atentiou to make
final proof before he Clerk of the Probate Court, at
his efface, in Friday Harbor, W. T., on Thursday,
the 10th day of September, A. D, 1885, on Pro-emp*
tion I>. S. No 8440, for the NK'., ot NEl* of Sec,
18. Kir’iir of Nff!. and Lot 1 Sec. IV, and Lots 5 &
0 of Sec. 8. i p. 36 N, K 2 West,
He Haines as witnesses: William Bratton, W.
H Cad well, Widhuu Moody, and A. Burk, ull of
Ureas P. 0. VV. T.
autfw John F, Qowey, Register.
LA CONNER, - * * W. T.
j Du ping up tiie well establisbe I re
putation of tl»is house, as one of the
quietest and best kept hotels in the
Territory. No LIQUOR SOLD
Everything clean and neat about the
premises. Special efforts will he made to
keep till* table supplied with the bet* the
market can afford, and to see the food
8i properly cooked and served, second to
I no other house in the Territory. A
large Reading Room for accomodation ol
Notice is hereby given. that iu pur
suance of an order of tin* Probate Court
in and f ••• Sk igit Co. W ash. Terr., math 1
on tbc2hihday of May, 1885, in I'm
nutter of the estate of Win. Alcx-md, r. ,
(iec'J, the undersigned, adminbtr Hor oi j
the estate ot Win. Alexander, lei
v ill mil at jmlilic auction, to the hi. lest
bidder, tor cash, gold coin ot the I , S. at
the house of W in. Alcxml r, dic'd, on
Harrows Hay, on Saturday the sih, day
ol Sept- inner 1885, the personal property
belonging to sdd estate, cun-istiig ot
household effects, gun, violin, wlueiiur
row, Pr. blocks and rope, etc. etc.
Win, Deutch.
Administrator of the estate ot
Win. Alexander, dec'd.
Dated Anaemic* Aug. 1, 18>5.
><» iteai: can isv.
‘•Canny Making at Home,” a m "t It >rk
containi’ g nciptsfor making a 0 '.ids
ot candy, including the choice Fn-nc .can*
(lies, and telling the whole process, ne-lud
sng many confectioners seciets never la -
lore publislnai, So that any bo> or gu'
oan moke evert the most r« ly and
choicest candy, at it small < xpi cm* at
home. Just the lb’in; tor j >rti s and
festivals. Puce 50 ccef ,pi - Haul t»y
mail, Ad 'n s> lU c kkve Pi hi mi: o Co.,
Minneapolis, Mlnu.
In tin; Probate Court \Tn the mutter o(
ci till! ) till 1 Ed 11 it! 111
Ounly of S.;t} J.:) 'J..or~c Cotven
Territory of
Order to flui-.v cause way ordci t.J
o! Heal Estate should not be ui
John il. BotViuin the Ada, nistr-dor of
flio Estate of Oeorjyi* (V'V'ii, deceased,
having filed hisp' tltion lien iu praying
or mi onl i ut B de, ol «o iMieit, mul such
parts tin rent of the Real Ev.aio of fml
derr'd. fO, ,«« b• i ••, ■ tv tot the n s
and purposes Uitiviu s-t Siulii.
Il is then tore ordcrei • - the P/obnfe
Judge of said c«.iur. that mi |>» in
ttn stcd in Iho estate «<. anul m. ceased,
appear le. fore die s MProhite f'-urt on
Tuesday.’he‘-’ell. \u\ of M VA . 1», 1885,
at 2 oe’ock P. ,f . ot p-iid day,at tl e court
room of said P: V’aie Cmnrl at tho conn*
ty seat at Fri lay Harbor, n liie county
of San Jn»n t>-1 mv n n>e alt n ti order
should lint he i.iuiited ihc udtllili
iotrator to sell so uu eh of the real estate
of tho said deceased an shall he necessary.
And that a copy of fins order ho pub
lished at least tour weeks Bucce -m ly in
the Nmthwest Enterprise, a newrpapi r
printed and published at Anacortes, ui
Skagit Connfv, Washington Territory
Dated this 20th cay of April A. D.
E. D. War has*,
04w Judge &Ei Ollioio Clerk.
ico is hereby given by the under*
* auii.iuistratur of the estute <»l
P.rk deceased, to all persons hav
• ms against the estate nl the said
'lB c to P ri ' 8en * the same with the
„ | ~ry vouchers, within one year after
Fa £e of this notice, to said ndminis
»'"J'liit niß residence, at Friday Harbor,
2 n Juan County, or the sanu will bo
forever oaned.
March 27 A. D. 1885. A. R. Rider.
United States DitTtacx Land Office,
Olympia, VVaHhing'M Territory.—-Notice
is hereby given tin I. in compliance with
the provisions of the Act of Confirms tip*
proved June J. F7b, entitled ‘An Act for
the sale of Timber Lands in the States
of California, Oregon. Nevada and Wash
ington Territory,” William Munks, of
Skagit County, Washington Territory,
has this day filed in this office his appli
cation to purchase the Lo' 5 of Sec ii 1,
in Township No. h.j Ninth, Large
No. 2 cast of the Willamette Meridian.
Proof in support of said application
will he made before Hon. 11. J. White.
Judge ot Probate in and for Skagit Coun
ty, W. T„ at ids office at Fida.go, Skagit
County, \V. T-, March fiOth, 1883, at 10
o'clock A. M.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
the said described 1 nd, or any portion
thereof, are hereby required to file their
claims in lids office within sixty (<*U) d ivs
from date hereof.
Given under my hand, at my office in
Olympia, W. T., this 7:h day ot Jan
uary, A. D., 1885.
JoHN F. Oo’vrv.
45 lOw Register of the Land Office.
U. S. Land Office at Of.vm’ma, W. T.
April 23, 1885, —Malice is hereby given that
John N. Fry has filed notice of inten
tion to make linal proof h fore the Jnd ;v, or
iu ids alienee, the (’Jerk of the Probate < .■•art.
at his olllce in Friday Harbor, W.T. on Satur
day the 20tli day of duke A. 1). I . on Home
Stead Application No. iJTiSti, for li.e Lot 4 ;
> l u of N \V\{ and NE qr of S\V*ir of Sec. 14
Tp 37 N, h :i West.
(it names as witnesses; M. I. Adams, N.
P. Starkey, James Tulloi . . nJ A. T. Lublo
son all of East sound W. T.
7-Ow John F. Gowky, Register.
■' ‘ I", lss."> Notice is hereby pirf-n tlt >t
1’ / t-Isii ll Inii lilt rt ie l lee ol’ intention li make
Cm:. I j r r l et. re A C Bowman, Notary Pnliii.*,
, \ .T. on nil ir.l • ‘i.
.. <>f vuifiiKt, A. D 1881, on Pre-emytlnij ’. > No.
C, ,75. for tin* SW qmir'.rof SE quarter and S half
of s\V quart r ol s a. 11 Tji. Hi ■*. tc' I hast.
sir i Mil a Jii «!•' Krs; 1 itill'HS A*i-t I,K-n, .T.
.1. !!• .dvr. i‘ 'lmibiiao. Hist, unit A. ft. Williams
. U . I .
IS (iu JOHN' F. GOWTSY HetfUler
TT. S. I.AND OFFICV. AT Ol,\ MPH, W. T., July
| 10. lsi-5 a,,', is hereby siven Hint
CocUnrill Ims fill'd not c,< ol intention t** make final
proof bef r tho Clrrk of tho Probate Cni'rt, U' Ins
. "... e. in Finlay 11 pi .or. \V. T.. on Wednesday, Hi ■
2nd day of S.-uti mber, \. I). Jssn, on Pr -omptinn
i I f I 3,3 NK qr of HE qr
mol s\\ «jr .f NE <| i- of S' o. 17 T|>. aT N. If . 1 West'
H- i.mu s as wiui'sses; l'tlire* Von (Solireu.
I’lia los Bash Junes .Tory 'linen uml John
S' I ill/, ul. ol East hound, V. . j'
lb (Av -Cl J, 1 , (.CM EV.Ui'gisti r
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js • sitn.p"' rcrvini; I " set nmh . Has an Elastic
js- i ■ 1 1 lit o\v ai' r leil Ci-nfotploco En
i 1,. <ii . nt fid.n .my other, Every corset is
ci. pi d . nil ah.-ulutrly (~jrniiie. il in every par
-11 • t.r. Be mi . to eei the Downs’ Patent. Minn
or d . Ty iiy H.r H.i„e Dov n- Corret C’o., Chi' i.
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AJj A-Jl United States and foreign countries.
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rSi securing to i venters their richt» In tho
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exs |
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? «*aas S r 1 ?
' *** - j O Q k
i t w «=.gp h
c, r- f»K
f■ifcnl I
o 1-23 I
Ss 2 *lß° 1
' The Afters Gtttob to to.
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and convenience to everyone interested.
Boys and Girls!
The Nntlonni Youth—A handsome IJJn«-
tralud 8 page paper, brtm full of Interesting storwl
to. I 1 ' a and glr|H, will lw lent frw for one entire
\f«r to t-rory one who sends un at once the names
’.t it hoy a and girls of dillereut ftmltlcs, and 1»
two cent stamps for postage, .Vo, This popular
pUh.lClit 1< 11 I’ll uses both uU unit young. arm la *£•
k!t »led ed by nil HN thn beat youth s papar in
America, Regular price, 11 per annum, Send now
ho us to socuru next number. Addreaa,
Tub National Youth. w
Buffalo,*. Y
_ _ _ _ ln presents glw*
W vou will gst fr*W
a package of goods of laige value, that will start
yon fn wort that wll I at ouoa bring yon In wona-
Canter than anything else In AuieMca. All shout
the $.00,000 in presents with each b >a. Ak*®*'
WHiited everywhere, «f either Bex, of al' ages, fw sU
the time, or spare time'.illy lo work for ns s»
ih'dr own homes, p'ortvim *o a>l workers absois
uly assured. Don't delay H. Qallktt k Co., r*"
laud, Maine.
T* A Claims a spe'laity. War«
Ju/ilftll; «» ADDITIONAL HO*
*** *t>i'k!AD CEUTIFIOATtW •»
• -1 Is of l V,\Df'Uiii* bought and sold.
Incases attended to. Correspondoneea
A A . icjoas, Altoru®3 • If®"
£) liud . * Iwsd k. R asWH,ott»ff
more money than at anything
•“ •«" ucy ,or ,iJ * b .rf
\'J Ini lug bock out. Degiuuars •oocW
¥¥ |,^ ualy< None tall. Term* «•*
HiukxtllookOu Portland, Maine. -
help you to more money light away than any
else in tuis world. All, of
first hour. The broad road to fortune opans nswj'
the workers, ansulutely sure. At WW* id*"
The* k Co, Augusta, Main*-

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