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Indian Logic
Col. Royall, of the army, is one of the
best known Indian fighters in the service.
He is here now on leave, his health being
much impaired by many years’ life on the
Irontier. Speaking of the present distur
bances and the love for murder which
every Indian poscsses in a greater or less
degree, he said: “1 once asked a remark
ably intelligent Indian, who was known
to have killed a white man some years
ago, why it was that his race enjoyed so
much going on the war path and killing
people. The conversation which ensued
ran somewhat like this, the Indian begin
‘Did you ever shoot a rabbit?’
“ ‘Did you ever shoot a deer?’
“ ‘Yes.’
“ ‘Didn’t you get more fun out of
killing the deer than the rabbit?’
“ ‘Yea, I guess so.’
“ ‘Well there’s a heap more fun tor an
Indian to kill a man than a deer.’
“That was Indian logic, and pretty
good logic, too, I should say,” Col, Royall
remarked, and added: “My experience
has been that the minute an Indian sheds
human blood it seems to affect the whole
tribe in the same way that the smell of
blood would a pack of wild beasts. It
intoxicates them. They become devils
They are bereft of all reason. They nyist
satisfy their lust for murder, and the set
tlers on the trail they take become their
Fob k Cold. — Drink a tea made by
steeping together equal parte of catnip,
spearmint and sassafras. Steep, bnfc do not
let the tea boil; put the feet also into hot
Snowden Pudding. —Half pound bread
crumbs, half pound beef suet, half pound
■aoist sugar, the rind and juice of two lem
ons, three eggs. Boil two hours, serve with
wine sauce.
Boston Fib, without shortening: Three
eggs, one cup of sugar, one and a-half cups
flour, ene teaspoon cream tartar, half tea
spoon soda, salt. Bake on two round tins,
when cold split and tilL
To take out Grease. —Dry buckweat
flour, if repeatedly applied, will remove en
tirely (he worst grease spots on carpets o>
any woolen cloth, and will answer as a
French oh*Jk for grease spots on Bilk.
WATER Cm.—One cap sugar, two eggs,
flalf «ep better, one cup water, two tea
tporos ereaat tartar, one teaspoon soda;
beat (he butter-and eggs to a cream, then
odd the other ingredients, stir well, bake
To Cook Egos Nicely.— Put them fh
boding water, cover close and set them ou
the hearth; let them remain fifteen min
utes. This will cook them dear through
without hardening the white. The dill ar
enas in the flavor is astonishing.
Filling.—Two eggs, half cop of flour,
ene cap sugar stirred in a pint of boiling
•qllk. Flavor with vanilla. Stir constant
If t* keep from scorching ; put half in one
: P*t on the top and sift pulverised
Sugar on or put on froeting,
Roman Bo up*—Twelve potatoes sliced
god looked in cold water one hour; boil is
Me quirt water till tender, strain or mask
well, 4 ,dd one pint milk, and let it scald
With o*ie onion, butter, pepper, and salt, and
Me tay leaf ; chop parsley fine and threw
m before serving.
/ T*o Change Bed Hair to Light ob
t TfISLLOW. —Put a heaping tableepoonful of
soda or saieratua in a quart of water
find wash the head and hair with it. De
ibis throb or four times a week, and the
bair Will become silky and light. Of course
the darker the hair the longer time it will
require to bleach it.
Sweet Biscuits. —Hub four canoes of
batter into eight ounces of flour, add sis
eunoea of ground loaf sugar, toe yolks
of two eggs, the white of one and a table
spoonful m brandy. 801 l the paste thin
and o«t It with a wine-glass or cutter J
egg over the (op of each with the remain
lug white and silt on sugar; bake in e
moderate oven.
Bating Fruit.—A distinguished physi
eUn has said that if his patients would
make a practice of eating a couple of good
O rang os before breakfast from Febmarrte
June bis practice would be gone. The
principal evil is that we do not eat enough
el fruit; that we injure its finer qualities
with sugar ; that we drown them in cream.
We need the medical actions of the pate
fruit acid in our system and their cooling;
corrective influence.
Ham Sandwiches.—Boll the bam; take
one-third fat, two thirds lean, chop fine,
add a small teaspoonful each of pepper sauce
and Worcestehire, a little mustard and cay
enne pepper; mix thoroughly and keep in a
tightly -covered bowl. To make sandwiches,
slice your bread evenly, spread thinly with
batter, then spread with the prepared bam,
thickly or thinly, as suits your taste; out
the siloes across, and plaoe the halves to*
gather with the ham between.
A 9BBRK Woman, e*ys Milne*, In hi*
lorimn, wears her whole fortune on hot
mon in the shape of jewels or gold coins»
I believe that this mode of investment is
adopted in a great measure for safety’s
sake. It has the advantage of enabling s
suitor to reckon as well as to admire, tee
•hjeot of his alleotion. ’ ..
Vu tohia, A ug,
BUTTER - (.'Loire Island, 400 $ fr: I
ami Roll, 55c; New Grass,JCa!., 75c
Roll; White Clover, 5Dc.
CHEESE —Canadian, 20c. lb Cal., 25c
Eastern cream, 80c; l i. C., 25c.
EGGS—Fresh Island, DOcf? doz,; Sound
CORNMKAL—6Oc $ sack of 10 lbs.
OATMEAL—O2 sack of 10 lbs.
FLOUR--Extra, $5.50 $ brl.; $1.50 per
sack; Super $5.00 per brl.
WHEAT—2c per lb.
LEANS— Lima, BC. per lb; Small
and Bayon, oc.
SPLIT PEAS—I 3 c per lb.
VEGETABLES—Potatoes, 1c; Sweet po
tato>9, 8c; Onions, 8c per lb; Celery, $1.50
dcr do/: Carrots 2c per lb; Rhubarb, 6c
per lb; Lettuce, 50c per doz, Cauliflower
d 5 0 pel doz; Asparagus 12c per doz; Had
thes, 50c per doz bunches; Squash, 8c
cr lb; Turnips, Ic. per lb.; Green Peas,
8c per lb. String Beans 8c Cucumbers
$1.50 per doz; Cabbage, 2c per lb. Toma
ces 25c per lb. Green Ochra, —c per lb.
Chili Pepper, 25c per lb Green Corn, —c
per doz. Vegetable Marrows, 8c per lb.
HAMS—Home Cured, 25c. per lb. Chica
go, 25c. Oregon, 25c. Shonlders, 18c.
BACON—Breakfast, 22c pel lb.
LARD —2Sc per lb.
FISH—Cod, 6c per lb. Salmon Gc per lb.
Boneless cod, 10c, Soles, 6c. Halibut, 6c,
Yarmouth Bloaters, 25c. per doz. Shl.
Bellies, 3 for Eoc Herring 3c Flounder, 6c.
Smoked Oolachaus and Salmon, 15c,
Smelt, Bc. Sturgeon, 6c. Whiting, 7c,
Shrimp, 50c. Salt Oolachans, 6c. Crabs 75
cents per dozen. Smoked Herring, 12c.
per lb. Salmon Trout, Bc. Oolachaus, 8c
per lb. Spanish Mackerl,
CANNED SALMON—I lb cans, per doz.
FRUIT —Lemons, 50c per doz. Oranges,
37c per doz Limes 40c per doz. Apples,
5c per lb. Cranberries, 75e per gal., Quin*
ces, 6c per lb. Pears, 6c. Grapes, 15c.
nanas, 62c per doz. Peaches, 25c per lb.
CANNED FRUITS—Lemon, 50c per lb.
Mixed 50c.
CURRANTS—Zante, [email protected] per lb.
RAlSlNS—English layers, 50c per lb. Cal
25c Sultana, Valencia and Elema 25c
FIGS—New, 50c per lb.
MIXED SPICES—2S per can.
STARCH—SI per six pound box.
TEA & COFFEE—Coffee, Ground, 50c,
per lb. green, 28c per lb. Tea, from 57c
per lb.
SUGARS—Crushed or cube, 61b for sl.
Granulated or No 1, Blbs for sl. D or No.
2, tubs for sl.
NUTS—Eng. Walnuts, 20 per lb. Cocoa
nuts, 12 each. Almonds Paper shell, 37c
Jordan, 75c Brazil, 87c Chesnuts, 87c.
BEEF—Choice Cuts, 12c per lb. other
cuts 12c. Soup meats Bc.
Ox Tongues, 76c each Smoked Tongeus
$1 each.
MUTTON—Stewing meat 13c per lb.
PORK—I3c per lb.
VEAL—IBc per lb.
LAMB—fll.2s per quarter.
SAUSAGE—I7c per lb.
SUET—IOc per lb.
SUCKING P1G5—12.75 each.
DUCKS—Tame, $1.25 each. Mallard, 62c
pea pr. Teal 87c.
CHICKENS —Spring Chickens, 75c each.
TURKEYS—37c per lb.
GEESE—Tame, 25c per lb. Wild |1,26
COAL OlL—s2 25 per can. per lease, $4
OYSTERS —75c per quart. Canned, 87c
der can.
HAY— $lB per ton.
OATS—Ic per lb.
MIDDLINGS—2c per lb.
BRAN —c per lb.
RGNUBE— 92c per pr.
IPVEOON —Hindquarters -c per lb.
KILI EL SALMON— 12c per lb.
Seattle Aug. 18 1885.
Trade during the past week has been
WHEAT—Demand'good for chicken at
from s3l to S2B per ten,
FLOUR—California gilt edge $4.60 ®
$4.65 per barrel. Oregon standaad $4.25.
Country and Eastern Washington flour,
$8.85 per barrel.
OATS—Fair demand for foed at s3o®
22 per ton.
POTATOES—Large supply and light
demand, at sl9 per ton for Whidby
Island and White River potatoes; slo® 11
per ton for Dungeness.
BUTTER—Choice fresh Territory brings
82 cents per lb. Calitornia pickle roll 23
cents. Eastern 28 cents cooking 19 cents
per pound.
EGGS—Strictly fresh retail at from 80
to 22 cents per doz. Oregon and Cali tor
° - 11 to 20 cents per dozen.
—California 15 to 16 cents per
m nd,
RUlTS—Apples, 50c to $1 per ; box,
iforuia fruits, oranges, lemons, etc.,
coming into makot.
*» FOWL—Tame dcksretail nt $1 eah e
r“ c kens, $4 per doz. turkeys 25c per lb.
n e c ese, oc.
GAME—Venison retails nt from 7 o;
lOc per pound, mallard ducks 25c each;
t (al, 12c- widgeans Gc,brant, 85 to 40;;
wild geese, 50c.
Tin Tsfe ; l.enlF neCnt Chewing
and Black, Brown and Yellow!
tLc L>«ht tend cUeai'i bt, quality uoabiclurod-
Lmwtok Drng Stor#
Drugs and Patent Medicines,
P>vfvuirv i Tifl Fancy Articles. Bonltß. Std
,v> •. r ays on lisnil, at Seattle prices.
Praacriptia nt> carefully compomulsd.
Havlnc purchased the interest of my late partner
Mr. .Tsraeß Williamson, T ash a continuance of the
public patronage, promising to give all orders e,n
ivuetedt i me, oiy best care and personal attention
A Golden
Our Subscribers
Approbating tho necessity of all Buatneas
Meu, Fur mm and Miners having n news
paper pubiMnd in tbe metropolis, in addition
to their own paper-one that contains all
Financial, Commercial and General News]
such mutter not being In the scope of a looal
paper—the proprietors or the
Have mode kdy»oto*eoa» arrangements ta
O li U
v-- ■** . * • ■
—...WITH X88....M
Ths regular subscription prtoeofear paper Is
$2.00 PER YEAR,
And tho yearly subscription of the CBROX-
I OLE la 9% Now we will tarnish
Both Papers for One Year
S3’»l) : iQ • Free. v
Both papers sent to one or two addreeeee, or
tlonal with the subscriber.
sm nuwisco
»e «nrm ,
Leading Newspaper
Pacific. Coast*
J 'tub
ran haw nuscnco emsm.
CXK Ij the first paper on the cons* lr -oility
and in the freshness nod reliability of ‘ 4 NEWSL
Nothing that the world desires to know la omitted
from its columns. It aims to *U ever} require*
tnont of a finrt-cla«s paper.
Its Telegraphic Reports are ths latest and most
reliable; its Local News tho fullest nod spicir t,
and its Editorials from tho ablest pans iu tlie
Tills mRONirUB has alwn/abeon.and
always will bo, tbs friend and champion of ths
pcopiu as against combinations, clcjm-s corpora
tions or oppression of any kind. U will be inde
pendent in everything neutral in nothing; fair
and impartial to nil parties, yet erpoetng corrup
tion wherever found, and working with fearless
sudeavor to promote and protect every interest of
tho great publlo Whom It corves and on whom it
depends for its support.
CIIBiBICLE, tho most brilliant and com
fleto Weekly N'wtpajrjr In the World, prints
regularly 77 #r eight of News,
Literature and General In'orin.dloa; also a
maguibcent Agricultural Department.
$2 for One Tear,
Including postage, to any part of ths United
§W All orders must be accompanied by tlio oota.
Address all orders to
FOR 1885.
P'Tho important feature of The Century
Magazine lor the coming year—indeed,
perhaps the most important ever under
taken by the magazine—will be a series of
written by general officers high in com
mand either upon the Federal or the Con
federate side. The battle of Shiloh and
the siege of Vicksburg will be among
those described by General U. 8. Grant;
General Beauregard writes of the First
Bull Run; Generals McClellan, Roaecrans,
Longstreet, Hill, Fitz John Porter, Plea
senton, Gordon, Admiral Porter, and
many others have engaged to contribute.
Papers chronicling special events, person
al reminiscences of prominent military
leaders now dead, brief sketches entitled
“Recollections of a Private,” descriptions
of auxilliarv brandies of the seryics, etc.,
etc., will suplement the more important
series by the the various generals.
A strict regard tor accuracy will guide
the preparation of the illustrations, for
which The Century has at its disposal
a very large quantity of photographs,
drawings, portraits, maps, plans, etc.,
1 hitherto unused. The aim is to present
in ibis senes, not official report, but
commanding officers 1 accounts of their
plans and operations,—interesting per
sonal experiences will record leading
events of the war, and possess, at the
same time, a historical value not easily
to be calculated.
include a new novel by W. D. Howells—
the story of an American business man;
novelettes by Henry James, Grace Demo
Litchfield, and others; short stories by
“Uncle Remus,” Prank R. Stocton, H H.
Boyeseu, T. A. Janvier, H. H., Julian
Hawthorne, and other equally well
known writers.
There will lie an important series of
papers on the New North-west; articles
by W. D. Howells on “Tuscan Cities,”
illustrated with reproductions of etchings
by Pennell; papers on Astromy, Architec
ture, History, Sanitary Draining etc., etc.
Readers, of Tub Cknturv may feel
sure of keeping abreast of the times on
leading subjects that may properly
come within the province of a
monthly magazine. Subscriptions should
date from November, begioing the War
Series and Mr. novel. Price,
$4.00 a year; 85 cents a number. All
book-sellers and news-dealers sell it aud
take subscriptions, or remi’nnce may be
made to the publishers.
The Cehtuut Co. New York N. Y.
Eorta iariwara Bomp'y.
Successors to
F. W. WUSTHOFF, Estate,
Sporting Goods,
Chandlery, Logger's 8u
—Sole Agents for—
Tli© Giant & Granlt©
axs ewozmuxn naa ft srawua noow um
P. O. BOX 711.
Books given away.
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The Housewife*— An illustrated domestic
Journal, devoted to "What to wear,” "Hew te
Cook," ••Fancy work.*- "Honsehold matters,” and
every subjest of interest to an American ladv
(Begular price li.00)
»«• d JtO ClS.—and receive The Pen>*wffe
trial for six moothl. and any ene of the above boo
and receive it for one entire jear, ana
all the above books free. This i* for now snbscri
bers only. who sen now. A dress Th.
m.Muuda, M.Y* a ‘ “*
No. 11 Kearney St., San Francises Cal
Treats all Chronic, Special aw
Private Diseases with
Success. ” r ’“'
English Remedy
ii whiV h j 6 * *’®* ” ifiuL
sock*** fJJJJ.
Nocturnal Emission 'tj l ,
orelwu to Society, Dimneaa of Vision, Nola«»| b t k_
Head, the vital fluid passing unobserved ta tW
urine, and many other diseases that lead to
and death. “~mur
I>K. MINTIK. who la a regular Phywt
(graduate of the University of Pennsylvania) w
agree to forfeit Fire Htindretl Dellaraiw ■
casu of this kind the Vital ReMtorative^andM
bta special advice and treatment) will not onto of
for anvthing impure or injurious found in It, no,
VI INTIE treats all Private Diacatea sacceaifulij
without Mercury. or ( oiinultAtlAn Frtt,
Thorough examination and advice, including analy.
Ala of uriue, A.V. Price pf Vital Reatoratlve, SMOt
bottle, or lour tinii-a the qnautity til, eeat to any
addrcaa upon receipt of price, or 0. O. D., aecaiof
from obaervatlon, and iu private name it detlrod
11 Kearny St.. Han Pranctaoo, Cal,-
will be sent to any on**
applying by letter, Hinting symptom a, sex and aga,
Strict aecrecy iu regard to all buaiueaatranaactloM,
iCUN.cureaa ndiaoaaeaof Kidney and Bladder Cook
. Ininta, Qonorrtn a, Gleet, Leucorrhea. For aalahF
.11 drage'sta, fl a bottle; fl bottlaa for SO.
and cheapest Dyspepsia and Billions Oar* In tW
market. For sale by all druggiata. inf
Preventive and Cure, ftor either Sex,
This remedy being irjeeted directly to th« MN
of those diseases of the Genito-urinary Orgus
requires no change of diet or nauseous, nereatkr
orjunsouous medicines to be take* internelly.
When taken as a preventive by either
it is impossible to con tract any venereal disease;
but in the rase of those already ■■fertn
riatoly afflicted with Gonnorfaon end flhil
wo guarantee 8 fyoiee to cure or we will refnC
the money. Price by nail, postage paid. Utt
for ho x, or. 8 boaes for f t.Ot). Written gnanntrer
leaned by all authoricea agents
Dr. Felix Le Rrun A Co. tele Ptiph
W 3=Lol*r sl1« Sl* Sr «t i Stf * Drrt|iab
Orders by mail will receive prompt attention.
ibW I /
BKB||| j
Dk. E. C. Wsw'i Ncrtb J r fS£3£
went, e ganrantwd epeoiflo for \
non", Comrulsions, FiU, Nervoee
HtaiWho. Nervone PiojtraUon,eaneed by tt* ÜBT
of alcohol of tobnoCo, Wak«fnlne»a, Ment*d WO*
preseion, Softening of tho Drain reMting to y
Si.iiity and loading to misery, dtowr and M
Premature Old Ago, Barretmees, Loes gfpjwtf
in either eex. Involuntary _Loseea. and Bperme*.
orrlxea caused by over-exeriiqn of the brain,fta
nbnso or over-indulgence. Each bo* coalaiar
one month’ll treatment. tl#Co a box, or ns bo«ii‘
to rare any case. With each order receivedbyy
for nix boxes. accompanied with fS.UI. we wni
Bond the purchaser our written guarantee to N»
fund tho money if the treatment does not an BBT
a euro. Onarantoosieeued piily by
■WTxoXauBBOe easA SruggW%
Olden by mail will receive prompt nMMMffir
i r the- most complex work of tbe Creator, and
«cu this complicated structure, bo exquisite
‘y wrought, is disturbed by disease, tbe moal
efficient aid should be sought from tbe moal
skllie l physician—for the human body Is too
pre c I ua to be neglected. It becomes thk
que s Uien; “Wuat physician shall be sin*
b. OscAg Jouamnskn, of the University
*4jj Germany, has modem lifelong study
“ Won ’" tit ue Nervous and Oeuito -Ung -
icfCi* /SLemxdLeM. J&utt
Any Debility or Derangement of tha Nervoaf
System, including Spennatthortaea, Oenorr
hen, Syphilis, Strieture, Impotence, ek. etc. *
BECAUSE yon.may have beea cheated Bjw
fooled by quacks, who claim to enre this e
of disorders, do uot hesitate to give D*.caasT
hanneskn’p method a fair trial before your lato
becomes chronic and incurable.
IQs J&tee.. *9l
A aluab le treatise, explanatory of Dr. J**
hannksbn’h system, will be sent ny mail, posT
paid aim securely scaled from observation, to!
auy sufferer addressing his sols suthorUSw
agent for the United States and Canada. _ .
49 South Street, New Tor
I3f” Complicated symptoms treated from D
Johanneeseu's Special Prescription, ■
vice of a duly qnalifled consulting physcaaa
1 correspondence held as •» r ,riots lie
dcutiul, and advice by mail free of charge.
r us Chattel Mortgages, Quit-Claim v>d Wsrrsasx
Poods, uto. would do well te make sjiylUsHsn sr
this office, where they can be übtaiaea at
prices. Blaaks printed la order# a shevt aettaa*

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