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And The News of The Georgian Gulf, The Fuca Straits and Fuget Sound.
Vo *
leered at the Post‘offlce as secoudclass
•ukccrlpttoa Kate*
•m Tear
fix Months |I.OO
fkret Months 60
(,•**l A4v*nslitz K»lm.
0m square (18 Unpx) ftrst in ertioo fl.oo
lick subsequent insertion 60
I, P. Jews, o
( batata yfrtca In Uoitart Laud
•flat Valldtng. Main street, O.yinpla, WauhliiKten
ttrrltorr Special »tt nti-n Riren to all land inat
(•fi-areaf ftLii**. conmaia, ate.. In tUo O. 8. Lana
•flat. ASnca gi»an free to all. Letter* aaawere
'* * janABL,
• 8«.»57 Olyiap U W.T
I piTfl
4- WHaTAOm, w. t.
■ Will promptly to all kinds of surveying.
■ lap* eerrsetly drawn at*. M
Anacortow - - - -W. T.
0T Dealer in everything usually kept
hs first class,country store.
_ _ _ _ln presents given
I ■•] II (I fllAway. Head us 8 coat*
ftflfi\ Vtv.lVl/ If pontage. and by mull
W vou will get free
Mf!? 1 * 1 ot ? ooda °r large value, that will start
Ifll* work that will at ouca bring you in money
S. af? than anything ela# In America. All about*
everywhere, ef either ees, of all ages, fer all
If. l *, or apare time only to work for ns at
■HWewn homes. Fortunes of all workers sbsolu-
I.B*M»d. Don’t delay. H. Baixett k Co., Fort
I W,Kaina
■V >
g tScrißealleni fergßnlldlngp.
Pallleer, FallUar A t.’o., of Brldcre
gt,Ct, the well known srcbitects and pun
aP*» Of standard works on architecture, have
EWtoned* aheet contain ug plans and*p«c
2*»n* of a very tasteful modem eight-room
t;'9S» with tower and atso| with tbo necessary
igWstlons for building it without the tower,
.mlwith but six rooms if desired. In its mo-1
gW form the outlay is estimated si (3,000;
H**®* the tower it has been built for $3,500 ;t
: 5“ only »»x rooms ere Included, the cobs
Igo* reduced to $1,700 or $3,060. Uctailr
If ywof mantels, stairs, doors aud casings
etc- The publishers have found in
I' popular plan they bars ever issuedv
RP**t* that it has been adopted in more ihutu
instanccswlthln * knowledgck-
Arm issue apedfleuiions in blay,
: for frame or brlckcantrldings of a -
SI . farms of-building nolvi-m-t, and se»,
f 21 heck* on modern inexpe , artistic con
rrSs ni * will chare of rest I actical value
;pJ***wveßkocck've to uXTyestercsled,
B<>b Burdette C’oiutECTs a General
Mistake of Travelers.
If there is one passage in the U-:fe’s ol
American travelers in Europe more lire*
than another it is this: ‘‘During our
six weeks 1 stop in Paris we did not see a
single drunken person, 11 Then they travel
through Switzerland, Germany, Ansfiin,
Italy and Spain, and all France, and still
they do not see a single drunken person.
They attribute the sobriety of the people
to the fact that everybody drinks wine
nud beer, drinks it all the time, and lots
of it, with no high license and prohibition
nonsense to bother them; consequently
they never get drunk.
Well, now, the only inference one can
draw from these remarkable letters Is either
that the writers were themselves blind
drunk all the time «b°y were in Palis, or
that the Parisian drunkard is n most suc
cessful bider. Because, while our travell
ers last year did not sec one instance of
drunkenness in Puns the official police re
cords state that the police of Paris saw
and arrested, on an average, 150 people
every clay, between lannnry 1 and April
30 for being drunk on the streets.
6o many drunkards are not arrested in
New York, and y«l these travelers of ours
always contrast the sobriety of Europe
with the excesses of America. It is just
as well to bear in mind 'ho official report
while reading these letters, and, perhaps,
if the writers of the letters drank h-ss and
thought more they would remember that
official return# wi'l not alw-iys agree with
letters written from the guide book.
It Couldn't uic Done.
•*lt doesn't seem possible. 11
“What's that, my deal?"
“Why, Mr. Atkinson the statistirinn.says
that all ths p-oplc in the world could
stand in a field ten mib-s square. 1 ’
“Well, they couldn’t. 1 ’
“But hubby, Mr. Atkinson says so ”
“I don’t care it he docs. You don't sup
pose a woman eoukf stand in a crowd like
that 1 do you? 1 ’
W by not?”
‘ *B< cause nobody con’d see her do?lies."
The cherry crop thi* year has beer,
▼ery sir all; ’lie lute frosts, which were un
precdciUcl, li ty;ng caught the blns-mms #
The pencil an I opri tot trees were not
touched, thou (b, by this unwelcome vis
itor, and gave pi nurse of heavy l>oar
ing. With attentjnu and study the rais
ing of these fru'ts will become one of the
agriniltutal industries «>f these islands,
and the day ia uu< far (list mt when can»
m riea will he started. Perhaps the prune
offers even greater inducements to the
cultivator; the “succes ol the crop be
ing more regular, and driers being les*
cstly and more ea-ily run thin canneries-
The islands lay in the same latitude as
those famous vim yards of southern
Franco where brndeanx and other wines
are made; the nights are no colder, the
st.Miners no hotter, and the winters no
more severe than in that lar-famed wine
region. The great thing nec-ssi ry io wx**
pcriel o coupled with patience and the
tight variety ol vin.; and oa some ol these
mountain slop s hereabouts will some day
be seen vineyards extensive and valuable-
It goes with out saying that the finest va
rit ti sof apples, pears ami plums here
grow, and io the hands of competent grow
ers.iire even now proving the fact that they
are golden. But when a man plants out
a young orchard and raises an exc Rent
timothy and c ovet crop on the same
ho must expact to partially, at au, rate,
ruin his young trees. Hay can bo raised
on the same ground provided the clover
or grass is not idlowed to grow within
throe feet ol the-trees. The best Way to
plant a young orchard is to uiaKe the
vegetable garden in the center nf the
rows formed by the trees, not approaching
them too closely. Mulching is very nec
essary fur the that three or font- years.
The archipelago wants men, not spec
ulators. but I ona fide settlers— men with
I some capital, and, better still, some e*«
' perienco. There is room for raisers of
Anacortes W, Saturday* October 17, I SSfJ.
grain and cattle on some of the islands
as well as for tree and berry cultivator.
There are excellent cranberry swamps,
good farming lands, and plenty of good
grazing lands yet vacant. And there an
many farmers who are willing to sel
from 40 to cO acres of land, with a clear
title 10 there who have menus to pur
chase; that amount of land being consid
ered ample for any man here.
Two new families have jnst located on
Orms Island, one in the Crow Valley and
the other near West Sound.
The strawberry crop has been very suc
cessful this season. Notwithstanding low
pi ie< sin Seattle, the island farmers re
eeived 50 cents per box of five pounds
all through; their berries being consider
ed much finer than any others in the Vic*
foria. Port Townsend and other markets
to which they were sent.
Rumor saifh that a par y of prominent
Sound people will visit Moust Constitu
tion this tall.
East Sound, with its favorable b..thing
facilities in the Eastern bay, on Mr.
Lnngui’s ranch, will some day ere long be
come the Newport o( Puget Sound, It is
within easy access for yachters.
The steamers Rustler, with the mail,
the Idaho and Evangel, all call here, and
when the demand arises, better accom
modation can easily be provided. A'
present there can bo no more delightful
trip, for people not in a huny, than to
take the inside route on tiie steamers
Washington, Monroe or Idaho, as far as
Anacortes or Whatcom, and change at one
of the places named above for East Sound.
—Post Intelligencer.
The Province of British Columbia is
being examined thoroughly by h mninjz
and civil engineer lor the purpose of
learning the extent and value ol its ruin'
dais. Fur this purpose the Dominion
and Provincial governments have each
appropriated $2,500. The work is pro»
dressing under the directions of Mr. Amos
Bowman, ot the Dominion Geological
Survey. Mr. Bowman is examining the
various mining districts in Cariboo. The
design is to map out the placer mines
where worked and denote them on a map
with amounts of gold taken out, and also
to locate arid determine the extent and
worth of quartz ledges. The direction
and extent of (he gravel formations will
bo gathered, and every information that
will be of use in mining will bo r loariy
shown in map dorm. Districts that have
been worked will be mainly followed.
The benches ol the Fraser will also he
examined. These weio undoubtedly a
lake country and extended Into the moun
tains to gravel deposits, some ot which
contain gold, while others do not .
Another feature that will be demonstrated
it is tjmueht, is that the rich mineral de
posits which prevail south, also exist in
the districts ot the. Province and north
ward to Alaska. Of course, this will
all have *o he determined, whether ter
tiary, glacial, volcanic or a later period*
and it will be shown when and bow
deposits were placed in Cariboo. The
reports will be printed and given to the
public as quickly as made., and the means
at the disposal of the survey are .such that
this can b© readily done.—-West Shore.'
Mail Costrac+s from 1830 till 1890
Following are the principal mail con*
tracts affecting tins locality for which bins
are invite*! by the Post Office Department
up to the 3ml, of January, 1880. It will
bo aeon that greatly increased facilities arc
proposed. Contract No. 43097 will not
bo let in case No's. 43004 and 43098 are
48098—Prom Beattie hy Pliinney
Coupeville, Oak Harbor, Deception, La
conncr, Fidalgo, Aoacortcs. Quemet, Sam
*nh, Bellingham and St-home to Whatcom,
143 miles and back, three times a week
in sate and suitable steamboats. Lea\.
Seattle Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
at 9 a. m.; arrive at Whatcom next day at
8:30 p. in. Leave Whatcom Mm Jays
Wednesday and Friday at 9 p. m.; nirivc
at Seattle next day by 880 p. ra. Bond
required whh bid —$10,700; check, $» 35 (
43098—From Port Townsend, by Snn
Juan, Lopez Island, Friday Harbor*
Shaw’s, (N. O.), Roche Harbor, Orca 8
lslanl,E»st Sound, Cypress, Coffelt, (N
O.) and Guemes to Anacortes, 112 miles,
and back, tri weekly. Bond $8,400;
check, $320.
43004—From Port Townsend by Ann
cortes, Burnish, Bellingham, Sehume,
Whatcom and Beach, to Semiabmoo, 100
miles, and back, six times a week. Bond
$15,000; check $750.
43097 From Port Townsmtf, by Ssn
Juan, Lopez Island, Friday Hi>rbor>
Shaw’s Island. (N. O ). Orcas Island, East
Sound, Cypress, Coffelt (N. O.). Gnomes
Anacortea, Samlsh, and Bellingham to
Schome, 140 miles anil hack, tri-wcckly.
Bond $11,000; check $550.
Who N med the Colleges.
Harvard College was named after John
Harvard, who, in 1638. left to the college
£779 and a library of over 300 books.
Williams College was named after Coi.
Ephraim Williams, a soldier of thfi old
french war.
Dartmouth College was named after Lord
Dartmouth, who subscribed a large amount,
and was President of the first board of Trus
liruvoi University received its name from
Hon. Nicholas Brown, who was a graduate
of the college, went into business, becanu
very wealthy, uud endowed the college very
Columbia College wns called King’s Col
lego till the close of the war for indepen
dence, when it received the name of Colum
Bowdoin was named after Gov. Eowdoin.
m * Maine.
Yale College was named after Elibn Yale,
who m&do very liberal donations to the col-
Colby tJaW#wlty, formerly WoWsTviMr
College, was named after Mr. Colby* ol
Boston, who gave $50,000 to the college in
Dickinson College received It", name from
Hon. John Dickinson. He made a very lib
eral donation to the college, and was Presi
dent of the Board of Trustees, for a number
of yeors.
Cornell University was named after Ezra
Cornell, its founder.
Se Sensible.
Do not be above your bufuncrs, Sc wbr
turns up his nose nt work quarrels will
bread and butter. * He is a poor smith whe
is afraid of his own sharks; there’s some
discomfort in all trades except chimney
sweeping. If sailors give up going to sea
because of the wet; if bakers left off bak
ing bread because it is hard work; if plough
men would not plough because ot cold, and
tailors would not moke our clothes for fea*
of pricking their fingers, what a pass we
would come to. Nonsense, my fine fellow,
there’s no shame about any honest calling ;
don’t be afraid of soiling your hands, there’s
plenty of soap to be had.
All trades are good to good traders. Lu
cifer matches pay well if yon soli enough of
them. You cannot get honey if you are
frightened at bees, nor plant oorn if you
are afraid of getting mud on your boots.
When bars of iron melt under the south
wind; when you can dig the fields with
toothpicks; blow ships along with fans:
manure the crops with lavender water, and
grow plum cases in flower pots, there will
be a fine time for dandies; but until tbs
millennium comes we shall all have a deal
to put op with*
A COXTB T !TF ten. j.
II. hnd a M-ster of Tlavob
named ileidegg* r, who was e'gr.-g.oaslj
jgly. It amouvted to a distinction. S - .
uuch so that two \o;u.g giutwlucu wtm
bund prepnied to advance >Sft propostio:
hat JL Idoggcr Was the ngis-. > hnmr.u hehij
i England. The wsger w.:s i'feted an
•vita tai'rn. London w;;s r.ir.sacked fo
i»tive do fore ; y, and some very remark
ible spe.immw of uncoutlmess and mir-pro
onion wf;'f cliscOvr •••*, A* last in ht
tlUvs one old wntue.n was detected '• ho>«
msightlbiMss seemed to surj uss tunihinp
hat could have, been MvviJ, She and
leid' gger were brought face :o lace, end
he lan*r, win tv.a proud of bis persona
upearencc, ada.itw-d that he hnd at tb
..ot his match. Eo.t it is lh< mage 01
contest on woihh .. •> t depot! is hat therf
iv pHnty of r "foes h t*,rv.s:«l -ta dins
yto see f ,i v pl< r f.i U:.c of I«• gi v :
'.ppui’tors rf-ioniu.d that the chi w-onr.'
■Ai l mu h of her fxiiros-d.ui t< r bonnet,
id he su/rgo- 1.-tl tlo.i-. to make the contest
•erfeelly Ir.ir. Held- goer should put on tlu
o-if Uint, To- I - r V--1-* tnwenfett
so d d i it* to • .■ .oki d thu old v.'oumu’f
ipj-oruTH. JUi«;e liccoiitingiy looked
Dai rooi.»t?»*:.'Jv t> j. ty Ihe hat could no
• -igcr he c.!; u .... in*' M*is(,«r ot tin
>-vels tr’iMj.i.aui j; ;.!■;• *a turu ! is po-iiinn
. being the ol id- '» aiibji ow>.
T?ie only Illustrated Magazine devoted tothd
development of the Oroat 'Went. Contain* 0
vmt amount of general Information tad apw
clal articles on subjects of intereatto dll. Aklf
londnctedl Hnperbly lllnitr«t«4l
Only *2 a year. L. Samuel, Publisher, R*. |4
Trout afreet, Portland, Or,
@2.75 A Year.
•The mirAriO WSKKLT rtEWßlervoe*
aired *» a paper uusarpusvea U» all the K*
qulromonts of American Journalism. H
at an Is couaplenons among the woVrepad-
Itan journal* «f th* country »• a compute
Heart-paper. In foe mailer of telegraph**
service, having the adtßiit.je of conaeoUad
wRh the CIUCACO DA ICY NKWS, it had
at ite command a’l the dispatches vt
Western Associated Pr'Sf, betide* a very eet>
to'islv* eervlce of BpoCla-1 Tviegjams froth §8
Important points At a Ifewasptper M IvR
no superior. ll !* INDEPENDENT lu ps*.
Ulus, urcvonHng all polHtsal sews free ft-**
paitUan hlaa or oolnrVey, and sbeojutelf
without fear or favor a* to puttie*. It I*. Id
the fullest sense, a FAMILY PAPBH. Bust
Issue contains several COMI'LBTBD tIV
KIISS. a SERIAL 6TORT of aheovWn* to*
toreai, end a rich rarlrtv of oondee«*d nets*
on Fashions, Art, buinstrvee, Utcratar*
Science, etc., etc. Ite MMV.tt QooteWont
ere complete end to be rolled upon. ll le ■#»
surpassed as an ehterprlslng. pure, and tn**>
We republish hare from the sole moa of. Rtf
WEEKLY KEW9 a few of the voluudf
•euMnendatlcPt It has reeel red I
About tho • "Chicago Weekly Wows’* wMr
they renew their subscriptions.
William Cannons, Politico, Oaktoßd CmA
Mtoh.. says: 1 thlah It Is tbs heel pope* ttf
L. A. Welch. Bu'.Vran, tX. »ay»* "W ■ uSHW
1 than many of the IB papers.* ..
James P. Malone, add at. oaries etreeh
Orleans, (a. saysi "In eomporlng f*M WW
with others I reoelva. 1 ei»H ear yeast, M
CH'cano vr mcLt hawe, is food, hateee. keA
I would sooner miss e meal turn a ahiabUV m
the News, it Is fAc newspaper of the «d ■
Is true to Us na«e."
Alfred T. foster. Ifnoftoil. Howry Osnad
111., saysi “It U one of tbs etmumn severe pm
psbed.* _ .
W. W, Rhodes. Adrien, MIA. asm 1 Hy|
want to roiM a number. Ula the beet IW* W
aews I hare ever eeao." _ _
Peter L.vnetng, Eetenta. Bauttdeee Oowdft
Ran., ears: *T ilhe Tub Wieß T RkWW _
It Is full of reedeb sand valuable wn, had. e»
tfcourh I am In receipt of nine weekly lowasja
| am wnstriAnod to adept THi WBBKt.T R
ae No. to, because of He bou-o»rWeeei tMMW
ki polities, firing-me tho UneM'Wed truth de#
eerntne the actions of all poll Moat partdee.*
at. K. t-'avenport, paiißrra. R. T., aaret t*
W the oheai eat and beat paper I ever read.*
Mrs. L. rohonan, Hannibal. ha, eayw *1 f
your paper very mucj». I gut she ether RapdjJW
hut a., not ilhe then as nolle* T«» WMMtf
w. R Law. Manaflotd. To*., euret "1
liWH‘y p w ill tu# W iws, for 1
Mes presented la it In suets a way that I |t|
both eUle of a e*e*tlo«i fairly set forth, fttd
l* n’torly impost'bie to gtd la a atrtetty Rdf
journal of ell mr side.**
Thr above e£tra.-te are «ufscl*wt is show 1%
what cstnent th« CHirAOO WEEKLY REWB
Is bul l by its subscribers.
Our (.social C'lu'obuig Turin* briny H wf*s
» the reach of ail. B/aclotea Ocplee atef M
seen at this ohVa.
Send subscriptions to this ofiea.
biped Novelty
JhJ ran, n ra ox bow |h[
JmH luomt Bjil
ladles’ Table or lap Boar*,
Will Nm Tkm.
Steads firm when In Ms aadsoa M
folded, eonofjlßgMoefaoeTHnnolln
Soia MAHn»Aomr**aW

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