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Northwest enterprise. (Anacortes, Wash. Ter.) 1882-1887, October 31, 1885, Image 2

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OR, T H W PST pNI ' ' ’■ I >
A.sAcoiMK> .<»• r'Hi:!; ;h
Mis (A; me B:i her, uln M’ i’c.'l'ii
we record t«■ <l:»>*. w,<> tin* I
daughter ol th« late Kev. |l, B. L> e
man, of Ivu.t (’■>., Mi« >' '•an, and
Mi,i v B.)Wm:m, now of De'cptim
I’.i.i!*, on V iJul^t* Inland, \\ . I . Min
was bom at Blair, Waterloo (t ».,
Oatario, on Aug. -‘I I I'f I n I -‘a
her parent* removed to Olleeheii
Vniversity, near ( 'olambus, Ohm
whore she want through the pre
paratory. and part, ol the college
course of studies at that institution
a fun wards finishing her full course
and graduating at Hills i.ile < 'ollego
Michigan, in IB7d. After teaching
ono year in the graded school at
tirandvdlo.in that slate.she married
James M. Baber, and removed to
Sterling, 111, and afterwards to Dun
lap. lowa, where her husband
engaged in mercantile pursuits. In
183:* they again removed to iiiver
side, California, engaging in raisin
and orange culture, and the same
year visiting her brothers, Amos
and A. C. Bowman, on Ficlalgo le*
land. On returning to Kis ers de
she had a serious attack, of typhoid
fever, which undermined her
health, finally resulting iu laryngial
consumption which caused her
death, fche returned to Puget
Sound about tlircc mouths ago in the
hope tiiat the equable climate hero
might prove beneficial, but trom the
time of her arrival at Whatcom her
decline was rapid, and recovery bos
came hopeless. At her request to
be placed under hex brothers treat
ment, it was determined to remove
her to his residence »t Mt. Hygeia.
near Doccptioh Pass, whore good
hygenio conditions could bo sup
plied and constant medical aliens
dance was possible. While prepar
ations for this were in progress she
passed quietly away, in the pres
*.l* Uo»■ nmthtti' and fliiit to* J , and
was buried on Wednesday, in
Joseph Wolfe’s priva o lot, over
looking Bellingham Bay, at What
com. A telegram from Portland,
announcing her bust amis coining
made tier rejoice, but she did uoi
live till his arrival. Many friends
and acqnaiotaces gathered at Ana
cortes expecting thy lutcrmont
would take place hero.
Ameriuan 'LVrmiuus ICorTlio CJ;m
A Quebec special t» the Colonist
dated Oct. Kith says: “The news**
papers here charge the Canadian
railway company with an intention
of abandoning tho route to the sea
through Canadian territory, and fa
vor a route through the United
States, to ho acquired by the puiv
chase of the Welland and Ogdens*,
burg road. The Canadian Pacific
raiway, they say, would connect
with this road by tho Southeastern,
ami Portland would be made a win
ter port.”
Tho closing of navigation in winter
of uU the eastern pons in Canada
will inevitably compel 1 the Cana
dian Pacific to select Portland, Maine,
o - some other American port, as iis
winter terminus, just as tho Grand
Trunk road of Canada has been ob
liged to do for years making its
principal winter and summer ter
minus at Portland, and has how ad
ded branch linos terminating at
Poston and New York, 80 also the
Canadian Paciffe whoso western ob
j active point, like that of all the
transcontinental lit e > extending h th
» rwurd, is tile Fuea Straits, will in a
few j ears huild u branch line tcimin
sling on Ameiieun soil at tho Fuca
Straits, which it cau reach L}* rail
ing from Sumas to Fidalgo island,
u distance no greater than from
Si.mas to its. present terminus <>n
English Day. The saving of 80
miles I ho distance between Victoria
and Burrurd I ilct, is itself sutli
ci» ut leasoti for such a branch lino,
and when IDe transhipment be
tween .English Day and \ sc
loria is cons! it red. which would
be avoided by making (be terminus
»-!i Fidalgo inlaiKi, where the trans
fer between the the railway ears
Mid stoarnsiji] .? could la accom
plished over llie same dork, iLe
auvitiilages 01 such a branch line
tunning directly to the bucu Straits
become still more apurent.
M if* ' i
JwC♦ ;J ; -IU V.’ JV. i . • v .?•»
1C v \I. •i ’ j \ ! ' ',
iI, i!■v a■ ■;i n !i s (• ;'!,t (I ;<■
grade IS ; '<»! '\Y 11 1 ai!«I bail Sol,
down !J:ims for sale. Tiny
very line twin ymi s I.mil*-. alnat
eight i’« >ii* is oi.l, and sin*, n-grow.
,•••■» w <i»inlo improve the hired o
their iloeks are invited to examine
lln in. \ ;.jd yto Mi’ ry Woolen,
j\ .>».,( ’OI,’TI IS, \V. T,
m Son
e atp \ ar. l cr?, and js i cUr$
W.ii.lc , |’l. ril- .IvWillo, riilvu'MalV and
I iTiuuioiuld.
t W,. ,i„all kind, of WMcb «■ ! Jewelry ropal
j Mulie Not.-irinl Bil l nllnir b ;i)s. Do 'll! k llos
I .if «• envoi; mil ste,,.-il eiittiu, mi l suraatee eat.
Ist'iielim in all i ttsea- 7(M Fr ail, .Stri <i,
01 Olu ' St altle, W, X.
(J. 8. LAND OFFICE, at-Olympia W. T.
Sept. 4th. l ss ‘v —Notice i> hereby yen t !■: i '
Myron 11. Emory has tiled notice of '<-; i
to make Until proof helorc the Clerk of tin-
Probate Com f, at liiit olllc* in Fri Liy IT.irlior
\V. T. on Tne-diiy the k’dth. day <>f October.
A. 0. I'»**.’», on Pre-emption I). S. Vo. AO id for
the Lot 1 mid V !>'*4 of 8K *:' of Sec. 11 m l
W’.,' ol SW 'i'of Sec. 1 1 Tp :;7 S, K‘J West.
lie namts us wittiest*.-,: Charles \rnr-troiur,
Alfred Hill, Fetor Bo<timi and Earnest Van
(iorhren, nil of Ei.st Sound \V r . T.
lid- w John F.Gowey Ilea if lor.
notiok or FINAL FKOOF.
I'. S. f.AND OFFb’K 'if Olympia \V 'T.
u;. 10, is-j, .-N> t.i* ii is I'tiV y l ive:; tli it
Waller Still lias filed not cc cf inn-uiiim to
nuti- ?. iinal pr<u>f before I tip .1 udge. or in hi ;; a ■
scnce, tlie Clerk of tin* Pro!'lit*' font at his
office, in Friday Harbor, VV. T., «.i> Tleirsdav
the Ist dny of October, A 1). IsA, on Pie
nuptb u i>. S. No sStH,for ti»eM ' •
NWff of SF.’g’ and N\\ of Js’E of rice. :'7,
fp:s7 N T , H.l west.
He nanus us wltncssem Allen Y. Fobinson,
.1 «>li ll Kobiiwon, Mason and Cemtr
W. Mycr, uil of Orcas W. T,
‘J3-ti w ■ ( 11 < j 1 I i. t
C.S. LAND OFFICE at Olvmpia, W. T.
A nyru-t 28, ISSS.--Notice is hmd>v ttlvcn that
Joseph < l . Warner h.s tiled nutter of intent; >n
to make I s oil (»•.. (fl"*f >re Lie Probate -I IV-V,
or in hi* absence the I‘lerk of the Probate (’on ft,
a! his olKte, in Friday Harbor, W.T., on Friday
the both day of Oetohei, A. 1). ItiiJi), on Home
• lead Application, No 5170 for the SF. }..( of
8W; S'f of SF.Vf of See 11 and ol NE
of See. 14 Tp d 5 N, K ” west.
lie names as vit nesses; \V. C Mailc, .Tames
A. Clark, U..T. Hunmiell nnd.iohn Hpt-rr
of Lopez Island, I*. 0., W. T.
S»-«w J F. Gow ey Register.
■ lit, ISSS. —Notice is In-reby Riven tint Iv h
raim 1* unk has tiled notice of intention to make
filial proof before the Clerk of tin* District Court,
at bis office in Laconuer W.T.m ''iii sdi.y dm .’.rd
day of November, A. 1),1h55 on Pro , motion D. r
N-i HS74, for tli« t’.EH ofSKlal and lads i and 5 of
Sec. 2ti and Lots 1 and aof See, 25 Tp 30 X, it 1
He iiann s ns witnesses.: John .7. Edens. N. 15.
Lewis, (i-orßo N-drow and (!. ’ll. ttownilißhaia
all id Gasmen, bk igit On ntv, \V, T
27 JOHN jf GOtVEY ItegUtor.
• ort. 1. 1885.—Notice is h. reby uivrii th.l
El'en C. usltia ban ftT<*rl notion of intention to rota
ii.iiti* and make Quul proof before the .Indite, or 111
lii» aheonce tho <»1 rlv of the I'rohale Court, at
bis ollloe. In Friday Harbor, W. T, on today,
tlo' ;*7rh dm of N-veinher. A. I >. 18S6, on IlonusU-i, i
Apidictlou No 7270. I» r the Lot u ol Sc. li. mid
Lota 1 .t 'J, Of Ac. 1:1, Tp. ill N, ft 2 West,
He MUiiiH ui witmsses: J.VV. Miirr.-I’, Arthur
Harlot*. Mint in I’hiiipii ai.il 'thou,as I'petun, all
of L ’i» 2 Island, W . T.
30 6w John K. Oowey, Uoglstcr.
LA CONNER. - - - \V. T.
1 J ki pin o el)* the well cslnbiislie I I’O
j |mt;itt<■ n id this' house as one of tin
j (jukust uiiet ins! kept hotels ill the
, 'lVrritory: No LIQI'OK bOl.l)
j Kvri a till if ii* *•!'-ii n .old Ui.it ilmtit the
j premises. dp c ial « lii• 1 1 > v. ili I r mad to
keep tin* In 1 1 ■ sir (dt< I witn 11 (• Let,i tin
Hi ■ i-U• -1 <• • i iirt’oi’d, and In ■*> tit ■ 100-l
iis plfip'Tl} cot,l. I ill i s< i vial, Su /l.d I >
iUO a! .cr liolisn Hi t• i 1 rritory, A
j 1 ir r o IliMoiug Room [or acv inoiiui ion oi
i yilcilo.
(■7 r'-riTf'l?
xi iJ .. -j
11 firv V*’»» I’fii ci ii;iC'C.'l .. wi i
i hull !»••. »L ci' ;11. V I I Lc : :,y
! ;.la vthe. mu lc- i.• -hed 'ya a>
i.n tin l-’i.lalyo I - ’i:. i i' la—" *'
i 'l'ii.iiLicll fl.'l'l ‘ r»* Ci iD'ilt \
An;; , : s, > . !. -■>
i ~ i
|,,i< •’i""(i' 1 Vi'i 1 I' i i iI.V, W.l |
_;t"U i\ i nlerv.
NnTH'K I;’. 111.!:' HV CIVF.N 15V THE I
nmlciadmini.-ir.sl■ »r or tlie (Main "f ;
.lull s 11. DAIiT, ilcciictd, to Hie ili'o:
of, ;.m! ill j.it.-op- having fl.iini- 'i.et. slid
ll CIMM-il. to I'Xlp'.ji till Mlllll', wil'.l 1 . ai l'
Miry si) u\i!■ rs, wii'nin on, year from i, ,u of
.liis notice totin’ und-r-i■'«,!, ,u Mount \ -
j non, in Mini enmityun.l Terri!n or he for
■ > r bui red. K. K, I
Admini tv t■ >: of ,;ul < -mu .
niMti: foswixiai i an i .
! ‘'Candy Muhina tit Heme-, 'ai *at hook
I’onluiiU''a n cipts It r inah in~.<o kind?
ol ■ iinly, tin ■• 1 jt>:• •• 'heiu'h can
dies, ami telling tiu* whole pi a i i, in clod
ino uj iny conli ioi ■ i si* ' ;«\«r he*
toi'o jnthiidicsl, so that nn\ hov or "ill
,i,m i.i ike ov• ll liii' 111■ • t ' ■ and
choice.'t randy, at a t .ml! < >;p at
home. .hat ih" thin": lor j , t i *• mul
i'eslividt*. l’iu> Ah ivnis. jv.** n ii'l ' y
mail, A•1-• is - - hii i wi, i , i*i a uuf.c Co.,
Minin . j .ol is, ,M ,n.i.
is i >'i "/
! 11l the Dr 1 ale Court I T tie- mufti rof
ol ;li" s . io’ E-t .1" oi
| Coup!y t.!' Sip him / C or:;. Cowen
i Colril ry of \\ isliim.'inn f i.n n-i-.1.
<);■< I* r to show cuti-- why order >,l Sale i
of it- d Is statu should not he made
.John il. Uo s nail the AilijsiiUH rutnr of I
the Ist f" of C« r>" r o (s'i n, deceased, 1
havoc; il. -I l>c, ().. ..iir.i i. i*... j. .V! " !
or an or. 7 ,d l- oi s- n -h, I sin It j
’lulls tin of ih. Its;.' I,. stut ' i 1 said j
decedent, ns m"v ’ i. ‘n tlio uses
•and pur;' v' flu r •” ?..-t
Il is ti i-1* •? i -a-i ; vhe D.olmle
Jiuh'o "I a ol t‘oi. th ~or- s in- i
left - ted in tier Id. < 1 i i ,»•<•< mod,
■ |)]o rAn hire r ,to Du ■, . 1 urt on
Til*-' luj.th i i of Miy A. I). 1 •
at 2 ,;ijot k I'. i I s.. ! d \.”.t he court
room oi os'rl Dr: T Cclll'l fit the < "'till'
ty sc I . : . I" • ■v, •' 'he r nnoy
of Sun Oijun, to shev enusc why 1 o order
should not he oiuiiti Ito Mi vid a,lmi)<-
i"tr• i♦'*r to sr■ Iso nun’ll n| the ini >)• it.,
ol I.* • .i.l -o ccusi..| si dl h.* inu.c-s icy.
And that a iOj y id this order he pub
lish.d at. leu-l ! 'vei. s s;mees-ively in
the N uihr..-.-I M i i;»;• ie, a ttev.sp.ij,, r
printt il 4U<l pnbli.-lo'd at Anacorh s, m
(Sk 'iit Countv, W.i.dnn ton I'-ndory
i>utcU lli.« 2s)tii it-.ij ».-i April ,V. D I
idc v
r. r Waihuse,
0 Ivv Jot./ & l',\-i >di uo Clerk.
ciiasi: temper I. \n u.
Unit; i» si’.\n:s i>• r•:!• t Lam* Oi Ktcr,
Olympia, Wasningw i l’i rlilory. -Notir
is hereby tin. , in conipUiuiee with
the (•. ovisu.as of f Ih.' Act of (longr* ss ap
proved June ‘.1., *■ V-H,entitled “An Act for
tin* sale ol 'limiter Lunds in the States
of Californhi, Oie>;oi(, Nevada and Wash -
ingtnn Territory,” William M inks, of
Skagit County, Washington Territory,
has this day tiled in this olVico his appli
cation to purchus- the Lot 5 ol See ill,
ii Township No. o) Nottli, Purge
No. 3 oust of the Willamette Meridian.
Proof in support of said application
will he made before Ifort, If. J. White,
Judge of Pro’mt* in and for Skat'd. (’nun
tv. W. T.. at t.is nlliw id. Fida'go, Skagit
County, W. T., .March Both, 1685, at 10
o'clock A. M.
Any and ill pm sons claiming adversely
the saoi d< scrib d 1 mi. or any portion
thereof, are hereby required to file their
claims in this ollka within sixty (dO) days
from date hereof.
Given under my hand, at my offiee in
Olympia. W, T.. this Ttlt day ot Jan
uary, A. 1)., IMS 3.
John F. Gowky,
45 jOw Register of the Land Ollice.
U, Ft. Land Omen at Oi.vmiua, W. T.
Hep. 7 is.*.—Notice is hereby given that John
\V. M idij has (Lied in th e of iiitcdi >ll to make
llmil proof he fore the J edge, or in Ins absehee,
tbei'lerf of the t'rohute < ourt at hi ollice in
Kri ;y l| ,rhor, \V. T. on Saturday the Ttii day
of Nov. t iher, A. 1). IHS.a, on Horn* | ail Ap
).in al i. at No. "•! l-b, foi tl •* W of SI. q; SE. .•
of HE!/ of vi'. :>l, Tp :»7 sad Lot 3 of See. u
Tp :>•; n. r: 3 West.
lie moii -as «it.iesse-; John T. fßdhuin,
Edwar.l ifUcldiis. \t iiiii.in llaittuii and v), N*
Allien till of Ortas i*lam! W. T.
37-Gw John F. Gowkv, Register.
ni.u.-y ut any tin ’ !i f l-’>
*\c .fM e‘ I *»*\ I j(ili.-l iill ’ill’ ' * l,r ■ !»■ r « :*> i !
VJJL L \ h " k ,M ‘ ? - l: * /mn: ‘ Vil ‘ ll
* N»fiO full. i\v nm Iriß.
JiAixi.rj liooi, c.i> Portland, alumc.
a r*\ r\ > 1 ,ts lor
It* » c»i turner#* Ui» *n*y aw.iy Ui Ui h!iyl)mi:
. :
i,i » Ik,ui. The lacswl road to lurtnuo - j.c its !-• i< r
K, w' tHi.s.iiiil- i.v jinn;. At ouev uUUroaS
Ti i*x Co, A-aiioU, Muiia.
\ js y ;
. c lie' ' ;’N \i. Pit )OD.
; I " 1 1 ■ h \ ■i \ w t.
i ■ t
II;’ •• ;• a’ 1 1 a ; u lull- .1 1 .u o i ukr
I •r • ! i . i ,s v ►. vti . tt. , I.!.:- fheis,
IV. T,(I • . . ;
’’ " ’
■i. r Biu- s a •., ■ - ■:. . :i ■ ,v -■ ■ t. ■• ;■ J.
I ■., i . -
1:11 l-'li Cl I , . j .
J.' C.V JUiJN f. HO iiv i; ~..1.1
r. S. hANDOKFICE AT UfSVm.AV. I'., Julv
10. las.-,. Nt .. is lictchy t; v.-n Hint K-.iU'er it.
<’ ol 1 1 •>- !il ; iiotic. io i;i*- el"oi t ■ n 1 't- limit
p onl ' m;;i, ii* his
lie*, in Viiou 11 art.or. \V.T..on Wi-ntio.-la • Hn
I 1 1. i.v of Heiiteiubc-r, D, 1 85, on I’r empiion
I S' I 1 1 ill : i. qr
uf.l S\V <)r .0 'Knr of S.*i . 1 , To (7 N. r. t IVfM •
Humus 1... wi;a.: Kiln si Von ilohrtn,
1 ! cr!i- l-i t. ml. .laii.es -h r.; nscii 1.111 John
c .1 i]t/. at. 01 Lie; Soiiiul. )V 1
1.- i.v Joe:’; i'. ii jll KV.lneiibtrr
5• . r i,.0 nt i.ro. 1 .
ilib S iiu :«H3 iiowi-.u. ic, Co's
V,- uipof Advi-: - ; ?;■'■? linreau fit) tsTnuicn
; y- ir* *u, v. her.* mlvi • " j S’* *Jfl aa pjr
t! t oats:•••;.• >J- yir-.V 1} Jk
| Oo l-iU'.Uu lor IL lit wVidal .j Si
©f ‘t. r*wpf p*?sr "rammmtm
top Hbubbing
r» * r * rrr: '«■» . ,*-( nsnBBHMHMM
ydi : s ip souab ■
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the famous Compound OXYGEN LIO KE
TREATMENT, a positive cure for Con
sumption, Bronchitas, Asthma, Catarrh,
Hay Fever and all Blood Diseases of cither
sex, from whatever cause, or we will send
you the Formula and a two months treat
ment with Inhaler for $3.00. Scad in letter
ut our risk. Address,
HO Dc arbor a (sit., CUICAUO.
esrn.jsts mention tail war,
fnneer nff, discoverie*. inventions and patent*
eviir published. Kv«;ry number illustrated with
■p.etntid onstavimr*. Thu publication, furnishes
• mud vnluabloencvclopedia ut information which
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tno Hcientifio Amkiupam f» etch that its cir
culation nearly equals that of nil other papers of
it* cinse combined. Price, 83.20nyear. 1 Miscount
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Publishers, No. 301 Broadway, h. Y.
kS| »' pra. .ico before
f?” the Patent Otlioo, and havu prepared
V‘l E; ’ i more than Otto Hundred Thoua
, ' f-; , < omj •ppl'r-:•lions tor patents in the
; Tj c; j I mied Stni i and foreign countries.
I'-i/iW'/ Caveato. Trade-Mark*. Copyright*,
► A< itiimrut*. »i"d all other papers for
lie ] securmc t'> inventors tlioir rights iu the
KjSS Knifed States, Canada, Knptand, franco.
hr-J (.. rmany and oth< r foreign couutrieij. t>re
bj3 pared at ilioi not ley and ou re.'i i nr t In terms.
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y i ii t fr ;■ Patents obtained
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a book of inn pm?cs.
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i’l-- / 'if ,f ;*S (Z suit, be lie expert
- . 1 ... . need or otherwise.
It oimtaihs Ik ia oi in w so;! pi-i smut i-niinodes
die cos’ of adv. Wish k Thendvvi-iis.*rvvlu»
wants to -pend one Uidiar. finds ia it tln* in*
fonui lion hr- rrqiitp. s, while for hi in win* will
invest one hundred thousand dollars in c.U-
V< rtlslmc, a eehonie is Imlionti <1 whi ii will
meet his everv requirement, or on 1 e matlc
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& I
era « gi* _ B
~=> g 1
L-j ”** 3 «j
wm RO f j t— is* I
*T“ , ~ d®£t\ £j is [
pggl lit*ll
I 7mr* -a w |/C t |
> *-» ap!issg I
R cmm p r «; o 1 JJ
ft Jra fimua H
B -5 t: u - j II
ii 09 S o g U
g - ®e3 I
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healthy. Pries X 5 OO per I'ottlc.
L<’ UkhniiN Gnldon Nnnnltli An<|.
dote for the cure of Gonorrhoea,
Irritation Gravel, and all Urinary or deni*
tal disarrangements. Price s‘4 5o u«r
Uiiflls. *
L« Uicltaii'a Golden Spanish In.
Jectlon, for severe cases of Gonorrhoea
Intlainmatory Gleet, Strictures,4c. Prlr«
»1 r.O per Bottle.
II Iclmu’a Guidon Ointment
for the effective healing of Syphilitic Sor*.
and eruptions. Prireftl OO par Box’
I.e liichnu'* Golden Pills—Nerv*
and Brain treatment; loss of physical pow.
er, excess or over work, Prostration, etc
Price $1! OO per Box.
Tonic mid Nervine, '•**
Sent everywhere, C. 0. L)., securely packed
per express.
C. r. nicnAßoiT* CO. , Agent*
427 & 429 Sansomo street, Corner Clay,
* . San Francisco. Cal.
' ' - 2 .""41 .c: .’■m
-Boys and Girls!
•'he N'.utioiial Vontli —A handsome Illu*.
tr d( 1 m 1 age paper, brim lull of luteresting storl.
for boys and girls, will he sunt free lor one rnilr*
y-sr to every one who sends ns at once the uaineu
o! pi hoys and girls of different families, ami lj
two cent stamps for postage. Ac. 11ns popular
pnblfcnt ion phases both old and young, and is ac
knowledged by all as the best youth's pager ii>
America, Regular price, fl per annum, Send sow
so ast secure next number. Address,
This National Vomit.
Buffalo, N. V
tlio l £•> t t-M 2111(1
Jl, ll si i? ort(p »9
w . r x\

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