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ANACCRTES ...1A MARY i. 1885
Aluminum, hitherto utilized only
( h limited extent on Account of its
refill lory qualities and its gtent
expense, is peculiarly adapted for
use in the mechanical and tino arts.
For tensile strength and resistance,
it is foremost among the metals
resisting 100,000 pounds of
pressure to the square inch. It
ilso takes on a fine pohsh.
The first of Januar}’ has com®,
and. excepting a light flurry on the
last day of the year, not a snow
flake has appeared to warn us of
the fact that winter is upon -us.
The grass is as green in the woods
and fields, lettace, kale and cabbage
are as thrifty in the gardens as in
Jun®. overcoat® and mittens are a
anperfluity thusfar. This is in
marked contrast with the anew
blockades reported from Wisconsin
and Michigan, and the destructive
storms that have recently occnred
on the Atlantic coast.
Dr. Roid’s lecture illustrating tbe
tricks and impositions of spiritualist
mediums, given at tho Wooten
school house, on Fidalgo island last
week, proved to be a genuine suc
cess, All the leading manifest**
tions from spirits that have been
exhibited by prominent mediums
duriug tho last twontysfivo years,
were enacted by Dr. Read, with a
dexterity and skjjl equaling the
foremost of the mediums, and shov n
to be smart cricks of legerdemain.
The slate writing trick of Prof,
Slade, as performed by tho Doctor,
is alone worth the fifty cents ad
mision to the lecture.
We are informed that Miss Sib"
ley, n worthy young lady residing
with her mother, Mrs. A. Sibley,
on Guofncs island, is one of the
heirs of Pendleton, the California
inilllionaire, who recently died in
that state. An estate of $7,000,000
will thus be divided among some
fifty heirs, amounting lo about
$140,000 to each one of tbcmi
Bboald Miss Sibley receive an equal
share, as it is currently reported
that she will do, the Gaemositos are
to bo congratulated on the sudden
accession to their island of so much
wealth, snd we hope a large por
tion of it may be expended in the
permanent improvement of the is
The Overland Monthly for Jan.
nary la a number of especial inter
est, being the holiday issue. The
first article is Leonard Kip’s Christ,
was Story, entitled “Golden
Graves,” in the stirring times of '*9.
Andrew McFarland Davis conlrib*
utes a historical study of the faniN
oue “Voyage o! the Ursulines”
across the Atlantic in 1727. Miss
Hellen Lake’s now novel, entitled
“For money,” will begin in this
issue. “Ah Autumn .Ramble in
Washington Territory,” and an ar
tical on “Water Rights in British
Colombia. Kate Heath contributes
a Holiday Story, “Mr. Grigg’s
Christmas.” The picturesque
lures of Mexico are seldom better
described than by Mr. D. S. Rich
ardson, in his “Cruise Among the
Floating Islands.” Hon. A. A.
Sargent writes again of the Chinese
Problem and the receut agitation.
Some “Observation on Chinese La**
bor,” by H. Shewin, will give the
t>i* i. r of the picture. Pet"
hi. | s tLe article that will attract
most attention is entitled “The
Loht Journals of a Pioneer.” Sol.
Sheri.mo contributes one of his
attractive Stories. There are Poems
hy Agnes A. Manning, Francis E.
Mu doc, and Miss l>*olbrith. Ad**
Mil, i. Monthly N0.120 Sut
ler Ht. Sin Francisco.
Un'TTKD STATES IbtTKIfT Laxu Orvu k,
Olympia, Wiishingtri Territory.— Notice
is hereby given tbs t. in compliance u ith
the provisions of tin* Act of Congrt ss ap>
proved dune ", ' 878. entitled "An AM for
the sale (d Timber Lunis in the States
of California. Oregon, Nevada and Wash
ington Territory.’' Frank A Graliam, of
Skagit Comity, Washington Tiiritoiy,
lias this day (lied in this otrine his nppli»
ration to purchase the SEJ of SEJ of
Station No. 27 in Township No. 35
Notth, Rargi* No. 1 East ut the WtN
hni.ctte Mt.uliati.
Any and all poisons claiming adversely
the said described I -nd, or any portion
thereof, are hereby required to file their
claims in this office within sixty (dO) days
from date hereof.
Given under my hand, at my office in
Olympia, W. T., this 2nd day of Dec
ember, A. I)., 1885,
John F. Gowey,
38 iOw Register of the Land Office.
L* CONNER, - • • W. T. fiV
J' keeping up the well established re«
potation nf this house as one of th«
quietest 'and best kept bolela in tha
Territory. No LIQUOR 801,1)
Everything desin and mat about th«
premises. Special elforts will he made to
keep the table supplied with the best tilt
market can afford, ami t« *co the food
is properly cooked and served, second to
no oilier house m the Territory. A
large Reading Room for acomodation ok
guests. t
L P.j Smith Sj jSon
|aUltisifcor3. aad ?
V.l tches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware and
*a»Wr do nil kinds of Watch and Jewelry ftp#
ire. M ike Notarial and other seals. Do all Wntls
of engraving and Stencil cutting, and garanfr'e sat
isfaction in all cases: 708 Front, Street.
61 B m Seattle, W, T.
U. 8 LAND OFFICE at Olympia. W. T.
August 28.18H5.—Notice Is hereby Kiven tnni
Joseph C. Warner h.« Hied notice of Intention
to make rintl proof before the Probate Jm -. ,
or in Ills absence the Clerk of the Probate Court,
at his otlice, in Friday Harbor, W/1.,, «"> J'
the 30th day of Oetobet, A. 1). lh»k>. on Jlo n
stead Application, No 5170 for the 81
gWk; of SE# of See 11 and NEJ/ of NE
of Sec. 14 Tp Jo N, U 2 west.
He names as witnesses; \\ . C Malic,
A. Clark. K. J. Huaimell nnd John bper
o f ’Lopez Island, P. 0., W. T.
;>5 Ow J F. Gowcy Register.
• 9, 1885.—Notice in hereby given that F. las
Math, son hat* filed notice of intention to make final
proof before the Clerk of the Probate Court. I 'at hie
office in Friday Harbor W.T.on Monday the Bth
dav of February A. D, 1886, on Pre-emption D. t
No 9018, for tho Lot 4of Sac, 93 Tp 30 N, HI
He name* as witnesses; John M Izrtt, Edwin
Brook. Adam Davidson and Oolln Boas all of
Itonche Harbor W. T.
40 JOHN F GOWEY Register.
• Nov. 11 1885.—Notice in h< reby given that
Daniel Edwards has filed notice of intention to
make final proof before the Judge, or in bin ah.
H-nce the Clerk of the Probate Court, at hfw
office, in Friday Harbor, W. T., on Monday, the
4th day of January A. I>. Ihßd, on Homestead Ap
plictlon No 378U, far the Lots 3 and 4 of Sec, 1?.
and of SF-* ol Sec. 24 Tp. 35 N, R 4 West,
He namea aa witnesses: John Kelley, Samuel
H. Gross, James Know Ison and William We'i«, all
«r friday Harbor, W. T
35 aw John P, Gowey, Register.
Too are allowed afrtt trial of thirty day s of the
rse of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic Belt with
Electric Suspensory Appliances for the speedy
relief and permanent cure of AVrvous Debility, toss
of Vitality and Manhood, and all kindred troubles.
Also for many other diseases. Complete restora
tion to Health, Vigor and Manhood guaranteed.
Ko risk Is Incurred. Illustrated pamphlet In ttaled
mwioj* mailed free, by addressing
VOLTAIC BELT CO., Mariholl, Mich.
Wa s;li ingt on C'ol e
mu m
Jlouiding a» i d Day Pupils.
By a munificent gift of $50,000 front
Mr. C. B. Wright, ol Philadelphia, for the
endowment of tlie institution, with the
generous contribution ol -10,000 hy the
citizens «>1 Tacoma, and the liDeralitv of
Christian men and women of the East, i
n commodious and well appointed building
lias been erected and tv College founded
(or the education ot the young men and
boys of this Coast.
Tito building stands on a high and
healthy site, surrounded hy spacious
grounds, is heated with furnaces, is sup*
plied with hot and cold water mid bath
rooms, and is thoroughly ventilated.
The dormitories Itave been arranged so
that eaclt boarder may have a room by
himself. Teachers occupy rooms adja
cent to the pupils; and, at all times, < \cr
else a fatherly care and wateldulliiess ov
er those committed to their trust. At
meals, teachers and pupils sit at the same
table, forming one family.
Professor J-dm Tail take? char.cc of the
Institution. He brings an eminent reput
ation and large experience and will hr
assisted by thoroughly competent in
sti tu tors in every depart uent.
Mrs. Tait will, berseli supervise the
household, and parents may with con
fidence, ontius’ their younger sons to her
motherly care.
The remainder of this school year will
bo divided into two terms, ol twelve
weeks each.
The that (erm will begin on J-nu try T.h
and end on March 31, t IKG
The second tern will login on April
Ist, am) end on 3 .me £3.d.
Board, furnished room, tuition, an laun
dry service for twelve weeks SBO
Vocal or Instrumental Music; private h-s
--sons $lB
Hat m>ny or Vocul Music, in ch.ss ... 6
U.-e of piano, one horn pt r day 4
Modern Languages U
Water Colors. , 0
Drawing and Crayon 6
Oil Pmu'ing 12
Tnridantiiis und use of Models 1
Application for adin’jeion or for further
information, may he addressed to
T a coma, Wa«h Tf.k.
The Best Newspaper in America,
and by far the Most Readable.
Agents wanted everywhere to earn
money in distributing the Sun’s Pre
The most interesting and advanta
geous offers ever made by any News
No Subscriber ignored or neglected
Something for all.
Boautifnl and Batata ;itial Premiums in
Standard Gold and other Watches,Valnablo
Dookn, the Best Family Sowing Machine
known to tfao trade, and an nnoqnalod list
of objects of real utility and instruction.
Matas, by hta.il. Postpaid:
DAILY, per Year (without Sunday) 86 00
DAILY, par Month (without Sunday) 50
SUNDAY, per Year ... 100
WEEKLY, per Year ... 100
Iddrt-u, THE SIX, New York Illy.
U. S. Land Office at Olympia, \V. T.
Sep. 7 1885.—Notice is hereby given that John
W. Modie lias Hied notice of intention to make
Hnal proof before the Judge, or in his absence,
the Clerk of Lite Probate Court,at his olllce in
Friday Harbor, VV. T. on Saturday the 7th day
of November, A. D. 18S5, 011 iiomcst'v.d Ap
plication No. *ll4O, for tlie Wjij of SE'.f
of SEf/ of See. HI, Tp 37 and Lot 3 of Sec. ti
Tp 3d N, R 2 West.
Henam-sas witnesses; Joiui T. Oldham,
Edward llitchius- William Hurtton and O. N 1
Aldon all ofOrcss Island \V. T.
a7*Gw John F. Gowey, Register.
_____ m na in "i«y than at anything al««
j Jv-j l-y t<kln< ini i\ -en’y for rue bun s*ll- |
Ila iiiii nook o"t. li*giiine-a suoo«d
gi.milL’. Smo tail. Terms frea
lIaLLETT Book Co Portland, Maine.
k r-"\ r-\ r pa Send fix rents fo.
f-T,/ L-v* I f f**v p .ring-, »mt ro-uive
FI I; I\f lm 4 t-r, t'-ta.,, a costly box of
* « v good* which will
LsipySM te iri'-r® -i y rit'bt away th in anything
el-e in tins v rlil. All, • f ►iliicr m-t. tni-ceu 1 from
first hoar. Th» l-r- s-t .‘ond to ( jit nr pan* before
tits workers, abe- lately ant*. At sues address
lm k A Co, Aua<ota, lfu.Ua. « ■** 1
| j 5. I. ANN OFFICE AT OLYMt’IA, W. '<■.
' • 1 1*-.-. ‘2l Itfv.V— Nolii'f i* l.ijvby fiiv'ii t’ a
Daniel S. bwi r hu- fiU' l n *i * <*t n
t i inaku tin:»l »ir>»l be T' 1 tti • Clfr'; aft)i tretfe-mt
ut IcaoU'.iv, in Fort Towiisi-iut W. 1 on \>• uiiomlmv
Uu lotU <lh> of Febni ary. A. 1> lss«, on l*n;-
i oj'ioii l> "2 No. GiMft, for fin* Lois 15 and -1 ttlld \V)4
oi o Se .152 IV 87-N, RIWi
Ho ininwrt i< Wil-.v.-Mi; Tntlorh, Jairu**
'Tarji-uti r. char I b Ft s»tZ' r anil Joint Ctrl 1
of East So und W. J.
42H w JOHN F. OOWV.Y RcgiMcr,
M, IHAs.—Notice in hereby "ivcli ttn.t Louis C«\on
It a h filed notiew ot intention to make linn I not bo
I fore the OlnK of the Prelude Court, nt liih office, in
Friday Harbor. W T., t.n Hatur r. tin Hltli day of
tebruary. A. D. 1 8!. on Preempt i n D. 8. N't.
!• IJ, for the Lot 7 of Sc-, li and Lots 1, 5, »>, 7 . nd 8
ol See.*7 'L'|t, 6N. 11.2 Vn et-
He nnnies ar-wiiiKßseh! Daniel Snlivan William
Miller and l‘< ti rLu plant ot Ores* I-taiul W. T. uud
AI irtin Miller of Friday Hnrl>or W. T,
41 Cw JOHN F. OUWEV,Register
\OTv*]MipoT .Advertising Bureau (10 Spnico
Street), whereadvrr- \ISb SJ&f
i2 I ‘2a?Wi”2 HEW lUnR.
We will send you the Formula for making
the famous Compound OXYGEN HOME
TREATMENT, a positive cure for Con
sumption, Bronchitas, Asthma, Catarrh,
Hay Fever and all Blood Diseases of either
Bex, from whatever cause, or we will send
you the Formula and a two months treat
ment with Inhaler for $3.00, Send in letter
•t our risk. Address,
1 . - iso Dearborn Mtn CBICAOfK
nrrif«w»fqUoa iu» »•**»»
•nil) yon liitr n 15«<»?i «»•' Kfflit'fiw*,
H fl’R rou don’t want to pay or a lot of use.
I%I‘VU Imsn wO'.K Ui«i H>rv« purpose but
- inakc the volume larger »n<l t" give *n ascuaa
aining its pri"*. Yon turti lu the kook to bn
4 F VOT H, mid v n w-nl too tellin to h’lUne aa
* y, is (.imply. s:dla is fuw w .rdaaH possible.
'1 lie Little Krcydopcdia
Ol Every-Day Facts
Publl»h“dby The Co-operative Book Concern, 3S«
tail 3x6 Broadway, Now York, contaluef
ioi all practliil l pi>r)iO!'H, ft) much iwt ® 1 ‘ m*nv,
a ous of tus large ipurt. vn.umes of CU* »nd
pag»* which rrc sold ail overllic for t
S«.UO mid upwards.
Here are a few of the tlifnss {Hells about;— 9
POLITICAL t Add: -Declaration of Did <; <1 «*”*
Const (lotion of the 'lulled Static; Organ! n.tioo c
tin; tidied»!««<» Cisvij 1 went; fcieeiuvi.il voi.e *
siirU sta.e, with number of voters, time of eUdl o
nam irof ssi ai-rs and repr •santativis, i>'veti*.(r of
legia'idurea; Cutied Slates and Plate oltiearo and sal
GEuUUAPHICAL FACTS-Areas of various <#un
tnea,states andTsrritoiiea, Comparative length of
rivrre and height of meiiniums; Seaports, Capital*
and di et Towns; Vocabulary of Geographical
Tinna, etc.
Uib'l OUICAL FACTS.—P ynopsis ef American His
tory iroiu 11U2 to brief Histories of other
BIOGUAPHIOAL FACTS:- Biographical Dictionary
of Distinguished Persons, wiib Notes of their
Principal Works, Inventions, and Achievements.
LkXiAli FACTS;—Principles of Common Law,
Haws relating to Business. Marriage, Coiitiucts, clc;
Special Stale Daws; InteiJSt Lawn; Statutes of
Limitation; Directions for Oiftainiitg Patents:
Forms for Wills, Bonds, Deeds, Anslgimn uts. and
Legal Paptrs of all kinds.
CoMMLUCIxL FAC id:— Com ra »■ reis I Terms and
Agents: Statistics of Fo sign C tinmerce: Vocabtu j
lary of Business Terms; blocks and Stock Brokers,
MATHKMVriOAJ/ FACTS:—TabUs of Weights and
Men*men; Intel«t-t Tuition; Caornetriml Definitions;
McusurementKOf 1,4m1; P?nctic»l Kuh-ft for Oalcu*
liiUoiiH, Mf hwut*e:iieutM and CHtinmlm of all klndn
STATISTICAL PACTS; Populathn. Death Hate,
Coinp'trniivc Size, Rainfall, < to., of various parts of
UlO Tint, (l staloft, and of the World. Avarice value
of laud lu various Status and Turriloriis; Number
ollamisin each Stab ; Stuliatica of Occupations
aud Proibn tioi ; Popuis'iuu and Debt of Cities;
Nt wt-p.iper, Railroad, and Telegraph Slatiftilcs;
Tub'e, of Mu Halil y; HtatietiCH of Wage", ' to.
SCI I iNriFIO FACTS:—About Heat, L'glit, Sound.
Air, Water, Stoam, Ice, Rain, Snow, the ' idea. etc.
MISCELLANEOUS PACTS:— Nutiitive values of
different foods ; Working powers of Man ami Ani
mals, in various occupations; Coinpurativo Weights
of various snbst nee- ; Melting and fr«e/.ing Tern
p« atnroft; Values of uifferin' kin la cf Fuel; rueful
hoiigshoid recoijits; Rules for combining Colors;
What to do in Emergencies; Information for the
tarmand for various T'radi a, II"W to Enter the Civil*
Service; Rules of Etiquette; Selections for Auto
graph Albums. etc.
And a thou-aud other Fa,;ta of every aort and
IS \LL ftflS
We lliliik it la If yon tbluk so too, send Fifteen
OntH to Tbs Co operative Book Concern, 354 anil
UKC Brordway, Now York, and you will rocuiva a
copy by retut u mail.
Or If yon want a copy for notblag get fivs of jour
fnoi dft to buy the lee.k, and a nd on seventy fiva
entft, and yon will r-elevo nia copies, one for each
of your friends and one for 1 f
jl 33'j BHOA I)Y< AV , Ii V „
Issued March and Kept.,
•aeh year, «• MO page*,
x 11 % Inches,with over
3,000 illustrations a
whole Picture Onllery.
GIVES Wholesale Prices
direct te aonaumera on all goods for
personal or family use. Telle how to
order, and gives exact cost of every
thing yon use, eat, drink, wear, or
have fun with. These IJiVAI.I'AHLF
BOOKS coatstn information gleaned
from the markets of the world. Wo
Will mail a copy FREE to any ad
dress upon receipt of 10 els. to defray
expense of mahing. Let us hear from
yon. A Respectfully, r
MI df 830 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. Hi.
, Cures Chancres, first and second mm.
Boros on tho Legs and Body: Sere «SI?
i Eyes, Noso, etc., Copper-colored Bioww
fcyphilitic Catarrh, diseased Scalp and til
primary forms of the dltaass knew. ai
Syphilis. Price, *5 OO par Bo«U*
La Klchau'i Golden Dallas m. ■
, Cures-Tcrtiary, Mercurial SyphlllUe
mat I sin, Bains In tho Bones, paiae la iw.
Head, tack of tho Nock. Ulesraled V.!!
.Throat. Syphilitic Hash, Lump* and L?
traded Cords, StifTnoss of tho Limbs aai
•radicates all dlssast from ths mien
| whether caused by Indiscretion er abate
of Mcrtury, leaving the blood pars aaJ
healthy. Price 98 OO per BottlJTT
Lo Klclmn’i Golden Spanish a tuft*
doto for tho cure of Qonorrhosa, OUal
Irritation Gravel, and all Urinary or OsaW
tal disarrangements. Prise (« §9 p* y
ill chan's Golden Hpaalih' Ini
lection, for severe cases of Uonorrb***.
Inflammatory Olect, Strictures, As. Prlea
«1 no per Bottle.
l« Itlclian’s Golden Olsitnsai
for tho effective healing of Srphllltle lorsa
and oniptions. Price 91 00 per Box
Le lilrlmn*i Golden Plus—ltsrvs
and Brain treatment; loss of phyeleal m*.
or overwork, Prostration, efe
Price 9ft 00 per Box* >
Tonle and Nervine, ***
Bant everywhere, C. O. D., ssoorsfy faeAsi
per express. - *’
427 & 429 Sansome etrsst. Corner Clay.
T i Ban Francisco, OaJ.
.Boys nn<J Girls!
Ibf \nlion»l Tenth —A handsome Ills*.
♦rated s | age paprr, hrlm full of int*r*»ttDf alert#
for bovs and girl#, will he ,snt free for see *atfrs
your to ovary on# who sends na at ones lbs asmsi
ol 12 boy h end girls of different families, and It
two cent Htanipa for loatag*. ho. Thie pepalat
publication pI*»SM bofli old and young, sod le •«.
knowlodged by all bh the beet youth’s pa#rer la
America, Hegnlur price, $] per annum, tend a#w
uu sat secure mxt number. Addreee,
Th* Natiosai. Tortx.
Bn Sale, 9, »
BUY 01
T[i[E qiilf'
tiic? and
iNouTU witer fi
W -T.

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