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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 258
1 U K.S
A Woman's Crowning Glory
is her hair. Even commonplace hair can be made
more attractive by using some of our pretty hair
ornaments. Drop in today and look over our well
selected stock. Many of the nicest looking women
in this town are wearing our hair ornaments. A.n
inspection will convince you of their value and
reasonable prices.
Jeweler •© Optician
Colville, Washington
The long winter evenings are almost upon
us. Electricity in the home is almost a
necessity and is certainly a great comfort
in many ways. Have your house wired
and enjoy all the pleasures of a well light
ed home.
Stevens County Power & Light Co.
Electric Lights Baths Sample Room
Steam Heat Free Bus
Hotel Colville
The Largest and Best Equipped Hotel in Stevens County
WILL DINGLE, Proprietor
First-class dining room in connection, under supervision of Mrs. Dingle.
Frank Ko&ka
Merchant Tailor
Colville, Washington
Abstracts of title to Stevens county
lands, mines and water rights
Why not carry
The Master Timepiece
LEE STRAUSS, The Jeweler
Title Guaranty & Investment Co.
Rickey Block Colville, Washington
-Well Drilling Machinery
. _ Im m> nl» bit aoui uallrn nlli. T»U lam* tltha trm
M-^a^^^HßHaM ■ liaaa a» »ora tbal a»a aol o.«■ rt „!.J Th. d.maaa' tot ■•11.
S I. 'uimUi th«a •*» to •ai.(<ll«<l iijr Ui« mKjhlax no" •• "ork
I A I I W.M Drill.™ »••»< th.lr o«» orto«. W. D.I Id lb< n lr
1 ■ >v 1 I^V hriWlHlinulln <l Ifill Uidiu..n hi nitlu 1m h
I •hallow »«11. .1 ill ril—. for .! ] > »rpo^« «o4 I. «ll kUfa «f
L^H H3PQH I lionnd. Our sukliai «r. th. mM ai^KMI.U MlkowM,
I^H^BH^B (Kini.ln «il Ik. 1.U.1 ißD'O'.fr.on'*. >r. .itraß.lr >tr*a« u<
1 ■ •lni|>l«. <!• parfeat «ork. art .uili „|,.r«l«d u« an nqlw
aiikKfU. Wrllala-J.F fot i« fr»* O.taloi a.
Cbe Colviilc Examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, October 5, 1912
Cleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
Articles of American manu
facture which are now sold
abroad more cheaply than
at home should be put upon
the free list.— Democratic
General Nelson A. Miles, U. s.
A., retired, in the Cincinnati En
quirer Sept. 3d, gave out a scorch
ing statement in which he adores
former President Roosevelt, who
is a candidate for a third term in
the presidential chair. Gener.il
Miles said:
"No usurper or despot ever t>uc
ceeded until the people of tin;
country were in a condition jaiul
mood to pass under the tyranny
of a dictator. The change from
servitude and oppression on the
part of the people to liberty ami
independence is wrought l>y
violence, heroic deeds and grcul
"The change from dernocr,i<\
to despotism is slow, subtle, in
sidious and fatal. The usurpation,
the tyranny, the spoliation of the
Caesars, the two Napoleons, Crom
well, Robespierre and Diaz, whs
all accomplished under the name
and pretense of a republic.
"False prophets have arisen
and demagogues have flourished,
but never before has one appeared
in our country possessing the
worst elements of both, and at the
same time consumed with his own
selfish ambition. This is the true
character of Theodore Rooseveli.
the present candidate of his own
misnamed progressive party.
"The American citizens heed
only to look at his record to recog
nize the most colossal fraud that
this country has ever produced,
and the most unfit man for the
responsible and dignified office of
president. Lacking the qualities
and characteristics requisite to a
proper discharge of the duties of
that high office, and having an
excess of such as positively dis
qualify him. in order to deal fair
ly with him on a basis of facts
undeniable, it is necessary to pre
sent him in his true light, as:
"Roosevelt, the lover of strife—
one who pretends to despise men
who do not 'love to fight.' with
whom virility lies only in the de
sire to kill something, inspiring in
the minds of our youth a most, de
structive and demoralizing dis
"Roosevelt, the pretender—
claiming honors he never won,
depriving worthy and heroic men
of just fame and credit they had
earned by noble deeds and great
"Roosevelt, the adventurer—
delighting in hot-headed, reckless,
insane acts; hence most unsafe as
the official head of a great nation.
"Roosevelt, the reckless whose
violations and disregard of cus
toms, statutes and international
law were conspicuous and no
"Roosevelt, the insolent -who
dictated and interfered in the poli
tical affairs of the South Aineri-
Of the ownership, manage
ment, etc., of The Colville Ex
aminer, published weekly at Col
ville, Wash., required by Act of
Aug. 24, 1912:
Editor, managing editor, busi
ness manager, publisher, J. C.
Harrigan, Colville, Wash. Own
er, J. C. Harrigan. Bondholders,
mortgagees, or other security
holders, NONE. Signed by
J. C. Harrigan, Owner.
Sworn to and subscribed be
fore me this Ist day of October,
John B. Slater, Notary Public.
My commission expires April
18, 1914.
- From Now York World
When the illustrious Grant asked a third term the people ol New England
thundered th*«lr "No." Is this the reanon RoosevpH call* Now BSnglandert
"Ignorant, prejudiced and craven" in his recent ipeecb?
can republics under a threat to
make nn unwarranted use of the
military and naval forces of the
United States against weaker
powers .with whom we were on
Friendly relations.
"Roosevelt, the undemocratic
who diil more than any other man
living 1» destroy and dismember
three republics, and is now seeking
to undermine 'he great republic;
and establish for himself a dicta
torship Upon ils ruins.
"Roosevelt, the nn^vlm
treatment of many pennons in our
own country and millions of pen
pic ill tile I'llilippilli'S WBH Hi-!
unjust and heartless.
" Roosevelt, t In' usurper who
interferes in domestic as well as
foreign affairs, who not only dis
regards the law, lint in the absence
ol' law assumed unwonted auth ir
iiy that involved the es penditure
of many millions of dollars.
"Roosevelt, the demagogue
who is creating dissension and dis
affection among the laboring
classes, and yet who is the daily
companion, supported by and in
triguing with men of colossii
wealth, whose fort lines have been
drawn from the people through
trusts and monopolies.
"There is no character more
despicable than a hypocrite. Ye\
here is a man railing againfrl the
trusts, who when in office prosecut
ed only a few thai he thoughi un
friendly to him and protected the
great majority of trusts of our
country, and personally actually
helped to create and establish th-
most colossal trust now in exist
"He is constantly denouncing
partisan bosses, yet he is more in
dflbted to thorn for his success than
any other man of our country. I !<•
has been for years recognised as
one himself, and while in public
office he was the boon companion
of the wnrst political scoundrels
that this country has ever produc
"He traveled all over this
country denouncing corporations
when be was daily using without
payment private ears and trains
of corporations. Why does he tiol
tell the truth aboul corporati »n
capital and laburl FTe knows
perfectly well thai bo one man
could dam our rivers, build <<\i< k
factories, foundries and railways.
"They had to be buili by cor
porations, created and controlled
by our people through their
various legislatures.
"All of the great Indurtrien oi
our country have been ctevcl >p<!(l
.iiiil established in Unit way, and
it liuh brought billion . of capital
from other r unit rie . mid iiff >rde I
occupation, prosperity and I
ness 10 millions "i 1 our people.
rights iiml iiilviinti
• c.;j 11. ■ u<>\\ i-iijoj urn I
and acred I 1 ■!"
i'il. < hir people must 1 fer throw
down ihi' nrr 1 I' 1 lieir soverigntj.
the hope of hiiiuunjl: . the citadel
»f our lihei ties mid indepeiulen c,
tin. (.' ,i|ii: iif hnpplni'HH for (til
inntil I er let us follow
■ and tru
hood iiml intell ■ ■ ensliip
fiir Ihe improvement ■■
11 , a piic-if 11 ml the i pic.
upholding. iip|Mirtini» mid mnin
tainirifi Hie sn ■ law hi.il
li ir ■ i.l
vouchsafed to mm I)} the futli
ill, ..ill del v I jitten
Lion I''.r tins 11 ■ ml
Ilir uiitcoiiii; will
pari ilarl •, " lew county oflice
lh< "Divine 1
Stevens count; I
i:t-. ! wil 1 too much ruli . 11 c il
uriu of the politician* in < ulvillc
iiNKUining I lie right to coni rol 1 ie
teni .i> to enable them to rotate the
different <■ »unty officers from Ime
member oi the gang to the
.11-1 I ow long the people of the
county h ill itand for this sbi<>- of
uffn i - it, in hard to say. !ven
iidrnitl ing thi county ■
been conducted properli « hii h
is hardly plautsibli the idea of a
ring government is distasteful to
ilh average American citizen. In
Paul we should think thai b sense
of jiwtici would pul to sh ■
gome of the
Hi m i- n present 1
condition of affair
years ago
Now I\w <• >iii*l hull ie tn\ i ilj 1
■:. ith two 1 wnrl
they !i. , '
|Ml uai '
utie 1
In „ , ■
himwjlf 1 ■
. .;,; .tnply h ''"■! ■ f 1
Former polit [)es 1 1
make motion lh r« ugh ha^ ing his
ton] kepi in office. In the c »unty
An Exponent for
Stevens County
$1.50 Per Year
The Best
is always the
We have the best
in men's and
boys' clothing
and furnishings.
[Mann .uiil Rpeciflcationa for .-ill chisscs
of buildings, furniihed in short order,
aether with the approximate c<wt of
In building. Yon run cave money on
any kind "t building by necuring plans
and estimates (Int.
C ilville, Washington
Let Us
Light upColvillc
Witii Klectric Signs
For wood cut li'tturinfj, signs 01
cloth, tin, wood or canvas, and an;
old kind nf a .sitfn, see
W. H. Martin
1 he Sign Painter
Henry C. Rukgaber
Blacksmithing and
All Kit.*', of Plow Repairing. All
Kinds of;. Wood Work Neatly Done.
Hone Shoeing » Specialty.

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