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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 259
We outgrew our old location and moved to a new
in order that we might give you a better store and
better service as we believe in the future of Col
ville and that the best is none too good for you.
We hope to meet you all in our new store in the
Lasswell Buildimg
%/eweler® Optician
The long winter evenings are almost upon
us. Electricity in the home is almost a
necessity and is certainly a great comfort
in many ways. Have your house wired
and enjoy all the pleasures of a well light
ed home.
Stevens County Power & Light Co.
Electric Lights Baths Sample Room
Steam Heat Free Bus
Hotel Colville
The Largest and Best Equipped Hotel in Stevens County
WILL DINGLE, Proprietor
First-class dining room in connection, under supervision of Mrs. Dingle.
Frank Ko&ka
Merchant Tailor
Colville, Washington
Abstracts of title to Stevens county
lands, mines and water rights
Why not carry
The Master Timepiece
LEE STRAUSS, The Jeweler
Title Guaranty & Investment Co.
Rickey Block Colville, Washington
"Well Drilling Machinery
M^^^^^Mrft ■ tU*. •» *wt tk»l art ■« •••r •ro<4*4 Tk« 4<su4 !*• «»l U
S Ul»|muiUu<Htai>»lMbitkiwUMU«Hwt
I A ■ I W.II brillw. »■■..« tbM. „. ,H^. W.HIUlt.«)r
I ■ *^ 1 I^V tnlt< ItnullM Wt^ XmUmiln hIUi <■• «
f UmlU* ««lto •• all *—. t— illivHMU<l>>lltul<(
IHI'OWHI* CO JlTnnealolls, |iii^
Cbe Colville examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, October 12, 1912
Gleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
This week every newspaper
in the United States must pub
lish a sworn statement of its
editors, managers, owners, stock
holders, bond holders, mortgage
holders, etc. The penalty for
not doing So is being refused the
privileges of the mails.
The democratic congress was
responsible for this law of cong
ress, which took effect Oct. 1,
and now the people can see who
controls the newspapers.
It will be interesting reading:
to learn just what office seekers
or politicians or banking institu
tions control the utterances of
our papers, and the Examiner's
readers are advised to look
throughly into the sworn state
ments of the county papers.
The Examiner has no owner
ship or control outside of "Red
Top" himself. Nor is the plant
mortgaged. Nor is the editor
controlled by ring, clique, of
ficer seeker, or money lender.
He can tell as much of the truth
as he dares, and if the subscrib
ers will pay up occasionally he
will endeavor to continue in the
same manner as long as he can
keep out of jail.
With the elephant, the donkey,
and the bull moose, all kicking
each other in the political field,
there ought to be a good chance
for some effort on the part of the
society for the prevention of
cruelty to animals.
The democratic candidates if
elected in Stevens county will
not be the tools of any selfish
controlling interest, for they will
not be responsible to any master
for their election except the
whole people whom they will
serve justly, and their official
acts will be unprejudiced toward
masters insistent on material
and special benefits in return for
election favors. This in con
trast with ring methods will be
an agreeable innovation in the
For every $46 the farmer gets
for his product, the consumer
pays $100. Republican "good
times" have proved so good for
everybody except the farmer,
that the farmer figures he would
rather go without the "good
times" than continue to pay the
other $54 to the republican sys
tem which maintains so many
leeches upon the producer.
Have you read the proposed
amendments to the state consti
tution on the adoption or rejec
tion of which you will be expect
ed to vote at the November elec
tion? Do you know that one of
them provides for the initiative
and referendum, and that a sec
ond provides for the recall and
discharge of any public elective
officer in the state except judges
of courts of records? Notices
have been standing in the local
papers for weeks past, and if
you have not posted yourself on
them you shauld do so before
election day.
Ten thousand cheered the
speech delivered on Boston Com-
Of the ownership, manage
ment, etc., of The Colville Ex
aminer, published weekly at Col
ville, Wash., required by Act of
Aug. 24, 1912:
Editor, managing editor, busi
ness manager, publisher, J. C.
Harrignn, Colville, Wash. Own
er, J. C. Harrigan. Bondholders,
mortgagees, or other security
holders, NONE. Signed by
J. C. Harrigan, Owner.
Sworn to and subscribed be
fore me this Ist day of October,
John B. Slater, Notary Public.
My commission expires April
18, 1914.
J*^ 8" . „,,na
In his speech at Sea Girt, N. J., on June 17, Governor Wilson pointed out
that, ns the result of bo many years of Republican administration, the feeling
throughout the nation Is that "men have gone In blind alleys and have had
to climb out often enough. Now they propose to find an open road for them
mon by Roosevelt, Aug. 18; a
speech in which he boasted that he
ignored Congress in his annexa
tion of Panama and conversion of
the canal, as it is now claimed, in
to private property of the United
States Ten thousand persons
cheered that nauseating brag.
Ten thousand patriotic and intel
ligent, and all-the-rest-of-it
American citizens yelled their
heads off when the former Presi
dent explained that Congress
was merely a useless talking
shop, and that he, as dictator,
had snapped his fingers at it.
He had assumed the infallible
authority that the pope assumes
in matters of religion, and his
audience went wild with delight
over the avowal. He served
notice on the American people
that its whole representative
system is a farce, and it jumped
with joy.
It is very rare that a United
States senator ever comes to Col
ville to make a political speech,
but last Friday evening Senator
Miles Poindexter who has been
long and favorably known in
Colville, spoke to a fair sized
audience in the Colvile Theater.
The Senator, who is the recog
nized "Bull Moose" leader in
the state, severely scored Presi
dent Taft and his administration,
citing many instances where the
chief executive used the power
of his office to favor the trusts
and big combinations, and on the
other hand did all in his power
to block any legislation that was
in the interest of the common
people. The speaker then en
deavored to show that Roosevelt
was the only candidate that could
and would regulate the trusts
and big combinations for the
benefit of the common people.
In conclusion Mr. Poindexter in
timated that those who could not
vote for Roosevelt should vote
for Wilson.
A most unusual feature of this
meeting was that not a single
candidate on the county ticket,
nor the chairman or secretary
of the county central committee
was on the stage or was found
in company with this distinguish
ed champion of the progressive
movement, notwithstanding the
fact that 11 ouc of the 13 candi
dates claim to be progressive
and on those grounds are asking
for support.
A Seattle judge has declared
that in trading horses the parties
accept the risks which have al
ways been attached to that opera-
— From New York World.
Articles of American manu
facture which are now sold
abroad more cheaply than
at home should be put upon
the free list.— Democratic
tion. Unless specific allegations
are made as to the age and other
items that are comprised in a
physical inventory the victim
cannot recover if he finds him
self stung in the deal. The ethics
which automatically apply in
all other business transactions
are not recognized in horse-trad
ing. This, the Seattle judge
holds, should be preserved to
posterity as a useful instrumen
tality for the humiliation of those
that think they are smart. No
one ever proposes a horse-trade
without expecting to beat the
other fellow.—Everett Tribune.
Notice to tax payers. - Those
wishing to do business with the
county auditor, the treasurer, the
prosecuting attorney or the
county clerk will please turn to
the left on entering the court
house and ascend to the second
floor, and at the head of the
stairs either in the prosecuting
attorney's or county clerk's office
any of the present countyofficials
may be found, during office hours.
Caution—Those wishing to see
any of the above officials should
if possible first ascertain from the
janitor just in what room the
county officials are located.
Second — Before attempting to
enter, three distinct raps should
be given, when the door will be
Third—You will then designate
the official you wish to Bee, and
he will at his earliest conven
ience attend to your business.
Note—These rules and regu
lations which have been adopted
by the present county officials
are manditory, for the reason
that for the next 60 days busi
ness of political nature demands
their almost undivided attention.
Doty and the Statesman-Index
stand on the state republican
platform, but for the progressive
national platform, and the bull
moose candidate. In the county
they support some bull moosers
and some stand-patters. Might
scatter a little more, brother
editor, and support, the socialist
candidates for the legislature
and the democratic candidate
for congress, in order to cover
the field fully.
An Exponent for
Stevens County
$1.50 Per Year
The Best
is always the
We have the best
in men's and
boys' clothing
and furnishings.
Harm a
I'larm and specifications for all classes
of building, furnished in short order,
together with the approximate cost of
the building. You can nave money on
any kind of building by securing plans
and estimates first.
Colville, Washington
Let Us
Light upColville
With Electric Signs
i . i
For wood cut lettering, signs on
cloth, tin, wood or canvas, and any
old kind of a sign, see
W. H. Martin
The Sign Painter
Henry C. Rukgaber
Blacksmithing and
All.Kinds of Plow Repairing. All
Kinds of Wood Work Neatly Done.
Horse Shoeing a^Specialty.
•l frank b.goetter
jL^_ia'nP T"iiTiiß:-i_ DRUGGIST
lt-3 B eex± OF THE
f^J^^^l COUNTY

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