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You cannot beat the Leader) V/VH VI *f flffftm Alii Mnn
QuaHty or trader Ser- I QUIlg 171811, UIQ I^l^ll^
The policy of this Great
Store is better merchandise,
better service than can be JkM • 111 A J If
s&Kwi rliddle-Aged Man or
ciples The Leader has grown ——
from a small businessto one
of the largest in Stevens ■ 1 W^
County. rhP KftV
You connot beat the Leader anywhere for Honest,
Up-to-date Wearing Apparel
YOU read about the Olympic games; the contest for suprem
acy; men competing in skill, swiftness, strength.
Business is like that; a little. We're trying to excel in
our business; not so much to beat somebody else, but to excel
Our goal is "the highest service to our customers;" we
want every man who comes to this store to get what's best for
Hart Schaffner & Marx
clothes are the best clothes made; we sell them because we know
it, and because they belong to just such a store, and just such a
service idea as this.
We can fit any man, and we can satisfy any taste in color,
style, weave; and any price-idea.
Come in any day and see what we have, whether you
want to buy or not. You're welcome, Beginning now we are
able to offer you complete stocks in fall suits and overcoats in
all the latest styles. Come in and see them.
New Fall Furnishings—the latest patterns and colorings
in shirts. Beautiful cravats, 25c up. Newest styles in hats.
Colville Leader
CarllMle'n A|i|il<-n Break Itei-unl.
From Colville News Bureau:
While there are very few statistics
upon which to base a comparison, it
is very safe to say that F. G. Carlisle,
owner of the Gem Fruit farm, located
in the "Bonnievale" district, about one
mile south of Kettle Falls, Washing
ton, has established a record for the
production of perfect Jonathan apples
on young trees.
A number of competent Judges who
have visited Mr. Carlisle's ranch this
hummer have been heard to re'iiark
that there was no better kept orjhard
in the northwest. Mr. Carlisle is tho
rough and painstaking to the highest
degree. He neglects nothing, and he
leaves nothing to chance. He .voiks
hard all the time, just as hard witn his
head as with his hands. He gathers in
formation by study, observation anil
experiment, and he has the ability to
put liis knowledge to practical use.
Kvery detail of the business receives
his personal attention. That it pay a to
do things right is demonstrated by the
results obtained.
Mr. Carlisle has just finished deliv
ering his crop of Jonathan apples to the
Fruit Growers' Union. His young or
chard is now in Its fifth year, and the
following record speaks for Itself:
Number of Jonuthan trees 5 ; ears
old, 164.
Number of boxes of extra fancy, 414.
Number of boxes of "C" grade, rive.
Number of boxes of culls, four.
When one comes to realize what these
figures mill, he will appreciate how
marvelous this record is. In the first
place tills shows an average of over
two and a half boxes to the tree. For
5-year-old trees this alone Is remark
able, but the astounding part of it is
that over 97 per cent of the total yield
was extra fancy! Tha best growers
in certain of the older districts say
that they are well pleased if they get
as high as 35 per cent extra fancy.
The number of boxes of the different
sixes is given below:
Seventy-two apples to the box--one
Eighty-eight apples to the box—ten
Ninety-six apples to the box--nlne
One hundred and four apples to the
box—eighty-nine boxes.
One hundred and thirteen apples to
the box—one hundred and seventy-one
One hundred and twenty-five ipples
to the box—one hundred and ten ooxes.
One hundred and thirty-eight apples
to the box—seven boxes.
One hundred and fifty apples 'o the
box—sixteen boxes.
One hundred and sixty-three apples
to the box—six boxes.
All these apples were packed by
Manly Hughes under the strict rules of
the northwest fruit exchange, and
were subjected to a riuid inspection
both by Manager Dexter of the St'svens
County Fruit Growers' Union and by
Inspector Kosderka of the state de
partment of horticulture. Absolutely
no fault could be found by them.—
Charles J. Webb, secretary-treasurer of
Stevens County Fruit Growers' Union.
Sd-ieiix Cnunly'M Winning*.
From Colvllle News Bureau:
Stevens county s prize winnings at
the Spokane fair are as follws:
Colville Chamber of Commerce—First
on sugar beets, first on table carrots,
the Spokane fair as follows:
A. Potter, Chewelah —Second on sheaf
red clover.
H. W. Sterrett, Northport—First on
Missouri Pippins, First on Swaar ap
ples. But four plates of apples were
exhibited, and two won first.
William Hughes, Crystal Falls—First
on best sheaf spring wheat, Mr si on col
The Colville Examiner, Saturday, October 12, 1912
lection rare and promising vegetables,
first on white onions, second on timo
thy, second on long radish, second on
clover hay, fifth on sheaf and shelled
grain, fourth on forage crops, second
on winter radish, first on sheaf red
clover, second on dried sweet corn, sec
ond On red onions, second on sunflower.
All of the exhlhils were used at the
Colville Yep-Kanum, and Secretary W.
W. Campbell and Inspector .1. C. Kaki«
helped to arrange the booth at Hpokane,
Although Colville really made the ex
hibit, the booth was In the name of
Stevens county.
Out of eighteen competitors on non
irrigated apples, wo won fifth.
We also won the Great Nortliern ipd"
clal, a silver cup, for best collective
Among a dozen competitors for the
ljest organization exhibit, we BCori-d
705 points out of a possible 1000.
In addition to the other prizes, this
county received firm prize on mineral
exhibit, and ulho fl.st prize on gold uicd
silver ore (from White Elephant, Ori
s.HT.-icr.ii Applicant*.
From Colvllle News Bureau:
According to reports Just issued by-
State .Superintendent of Schools Henry
B. Dewey the following candidates for
teachers' certificates at the recent
teachers' examination passed satisfac
tory grades and have b<;en Issued cer
tificates: J. F. Aber, R H. Ball, Mrs.
Laura B, IJarr, Mabel Baußhman, Mabel
IS. Bentley, Mrs. John Busch, E. Clark
■Campbell, Mrs. 11. A. M. Clianey, C.
■Grace Cooper, Aura M. Easley, Ethel 10.
Kdgar, Mary B. Miller, Irene Geaowuy,
Oeorge Olberst)n, Muriel J. Gn.iay, M.-b.
Josephine W. tUtt, B, B. HerK».-BlMflrncr,
Helen Johnson, Howard E. Leea, Emma.
F. I-inse, Hattle ft. Maupln, E. H. Max
well, Grace D. HcClain, Alice T. Mc-
Miii-in, Kxlo Miller. O«orge .1. M.\ i».
We're going to put the right sort of clothes on all the men
who come to us—young or old; the kind that makes a man look
well-dressed. "JOHN"
W. E. Nelson, Mary O'llellly, Julia K.
Potter, Orace Khides, Mrs. Joycelyn
HhodeH, Mrs. Mury LS. Behusrle, Kattia
M. Scroggs, Mrs. Anna Sherwood Frank
L. Slncock, Leila D. Smith, U D, Stan
nard, Frank L. Stonehouse, Viola It.
Taylor, C. W. Vandewalker, Mrs. Mary
I. Vosper, Ayleen Green.
Wanted for Awault.
Prom Colville News liureau:
Sheriff William Miller returned Sut
urday night from Trail, 11. C, having In
his charge Arthur Kelley, wanted for
assault with Intent to kill. Some
weeka ago Kelljy, who had hroken Jail
at Hepuhllc, shot a man named Mac-
Donald hecause he claimed that Mac-
Donald had been unduly familiar with
his Indian wife. Kelley was concealed
by the Indians bear Kelley Hill and ul
timately was helped over the line into
British Columbia. The Canadian au
thorities found his trail at Hosaland
and fololwed it to Trail, wh're it was
Hevrrent Ke«olnll< na I'aurd I. Col
ville City Council.
Whereas, William Scott Prlndle. late
of Colville, Washington, has beon called
to that "home from which no traveler
Whereas, for rr.nny years said Wil
liam Scott I'rlmlle contributed Lin time
and hla fortune towards the betterment
and the up-hulldlng of the city of Col
ville; and.
Whereas, at the time of his death he
wan a member of the city council of
said city and for irany years had ren
dered invaluahK hut gratuitous, ser
vice as such official, and that by roason
of his prohlty, love of honesty and fair
dealings, he endeared himself especially
to those with whom he worked for the
good of the city; new, therefore be It
Resolved that we, the present city
government of said city, extend our
sympathy to the family of our de
oeased citizen; thai these resolutions
bf spread upon the minutes of our reg
uUtr meeting and that a copy thereof
be fi.i warded tv the family of the de-
NniM County Apple* In l>rmilu<l.
Ah uri evidence of the Increasing pop-
Ularlty of Stevens county apples In tin:
oast, we note the presence of an flit
noli merchant thin week, who bought
two carloads fur shipment. The con
signment consisted of on* carload .if
Jonathan! and ■ car of WaKeners and
Winter KananuH mixed. The gentleman
■topped off here and spent a day XI the
gueHt of the Loon Lake irrigation Com
pany.—ljOOD Lake Time*
SIOO 11.-.inr.l »100.
The. readan of tins paper will be
pleased to learn that there la at leaHt
one dreaded dlmaso tl at science Inn
been n.M<• to cure In all ItH stages, iuhl
thai la eatarrb. Hall's ditarrh Ci r.. Is
the only positive cure now known to
the medical frati rnity. Catarrh >eln«
a OOnitttUtlonal disease, requires a .'on
■tltutional treatment Hall's Catarrh
Cure 1h taken Internally, acting direct
ly upon the Wood and mucous surfaces
of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease and glvlni;
the !.r.tl< i strength by building n> the
OOUtltUtlOn and assisting nature In <<<>-
IriK ItH work. The proprietors have ho
much faith In ItH curative powers that
they offer one hundred dollars for i.ny
case that It fulls to cure. Send for Hut
of ti-nl iriiimi.'tlH.
I Address K. 3, CllfcNiiV ft CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Hold l.y all druggists, 76 cent*.
Take Hall's family I'ills for co istl
A contract has heen let for a new
$7000 union high school building at
Kettle Falls, to be completed hy Feh
ruary 1, 1918,
Page S
Special I'linnrn' I 1.1..11 Meeting'
From (Julvllle News llureau:
A special inuetliiK of the local farm
ers' union i ■ called for Saturday, Oclo
ber \i. for tht purpoM of discussing
MYINI rnuttii m. among which In the
grain suck proposition for next seuson.
Tin: union Intends Importing their
Hacks for the future direct, thereby
Setting the lowest possible price, ami
It Is doxtred to learn the approximate
number of Hack* to be used In thin
Motion by members.
Another matter of the greateat Im
portance to the farmers of this suction
Is a local warehouse. At the present
time there are no adequate facilities In
Colvllle for marketing such products
anil grain, ami It < to bo hoped that
the unlun membership will be Increased
to v point that will allow a warehouse
to be built here for the handling of
root ami grain crops ho that when a
market Is found, the produce can be de
livered. There in no reason why the
Farmer should not handle hia products
In the same manner as any manufac
turer, and to do tills requires shipping
facilities, which at present tire not to be
A oordlal Invitation Is extended to all
who are Interested In matters pertaln
lriK to the welfare of the fanning com
munity, whether union members or not,
to attend this meeting and discuss all
such mutters as »ay come up. Meeting
will he hold in the union headquarters,
third floor of the Rickey block, at 1
o'clock p. m.
A. S. Jones, proprietor of Lee Phar
macy, Chlco, Calif., Bays: "I have been
selling l'Viley & Company's medicines
for years. Folev's Hone;' and Tar '.' im
pound 1 consider has no equal and Is
the one cough medicine I can recom
mend to my friends as containing no
narcotics or other harmful properties."
Carroll Drug Company.— Adv.

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