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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 261
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Stevens County Power & Light Co.
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Steam Heat Free Bus
Hotel Colville
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WILL DINGLE, Proprietor
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Colville, Washington
Abstracts of title to Stevens county
lands, mines and water rights
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T ,^^4^^A^H afeiiM M(k owl 4k tM «ll mm nJutUlMi *t
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Cbe Colvilie examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, October 26, 1912
Gleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
W. H. Graham Makes a
Statement of the Facts
To the tax payers of Stevens
I did not intend to enter into
this campaign, but as Brother
Sheriff Miller has brought my
name into it, I will try and tell
you the facts about the fee sys
tem of the sheriff's office.
I will start by going back to
Frank Ferguson's time; when he
was sheriff, he was sheriff of the
whole county before it was di
vided, and the old fee system
was then in force. Ferguson
did the work well and did all
that was to do. Yet his last
year in the office his fees were
$502.50. That was all the fees
he could get out of the office un
der the old fee system he had
to work under. If Ferguson
sent a summons to Springdale
and had it served in town, the
fee was 80c, and the same pro
portion at other places over the
This was the system in my
time. But when Miller went
into office, he went in under a
new system which compelled
him to charge from the court
house 10c mileage each way, so
if Miller sent a service to Spring
dale the county got about $9.
This was under the new system,
and all sheriffs of the state had
to do the same way. Miller was
compelled to collect this fee or
pay it out of his own pocket.
But Sheriff Miller did not tell
you that under his first year this
county was divided, cutting off
one-third of the previous county,
yet it cost him more to run the
smaller, county than it did me to
run the larger one. Now brother
taxpayer, as something seems to
be covered up or not explained, I
give you the figures:
Salaries $3,006.66
Office expenses 40.70
Special deputies 2,081.60
Traveling expenses 2^398^47
Total cost under the
LARGER county 7,527.43
Fees received under the
old system 874.55
Salaries 2,799.96
Salaries PAID OUT OF
GAME FUND 160.00
Office expenses 360.64
Special deputies 1,746.90
Traveling expenses 2,579.45
Traveling expenses used
from game fund ?
Rewards for capture 250.00
Total cost under the
SMALLER county... 7,896.95
Fees collected under
NEW system 1,486.66
It is thus shown that with a
county one-third larger, I con
ducted the sheriff's office for
$369.52 less than did Miller the
next year in the SMALLER coun
ty. Sheriff Miller had $400 paid
to his deputies 1911-12 from the
game fund, a thing unheard of
before, and but for the objec
tion raised by the Rod and Gun
Club he might be doing it yet
without the public knowing it.
Miller spent $180.98 more for
traveling in the SMALL county
than I did to cover the entire
larger county, and the public
knows that it was very expensive
to cover the Pend Oreille country
when the railroad was building
and when there was considerable
trouble over there.
There is something wrong
somewhere, and as Sheriff Miller
is trying to make votes by com
paring my record, here it is.
And while I am writing, I wish
to say a word about Walt Wood
ard who is running for sheriff.
He was my deputy for four years'
and has been a deputy sheriff
for many years more under other
sheriffs. He assisted in and
made some of the most import
ant arrests in the county, and is
the right man for sheriff. He is
fearless, yet a man with a level
head and good judgment, and
in my opinion after knowing him
so well, and having him for my
deputy, I recommend him to the
voters. You will make no mis
take in electing him.
W. H. Graham.
Attorney W. W. Zent, of Spo
kane, made a short political
speech from a "stand pat" point
of view at the Colville theater
Saturday night. Mr. Zent in
substance said that politicians
and political parties were a
necessity to good government—
that is two political parties; that
the third, or third term-term
party, was unnecessay and un
called for. The speaker then en
deavored to show that the repub
lican party is now and always
has been progressive, and that
during Taft's administration the
trusts have been regulated, the
tariff reduced, and the Panama
canal built. He stated that the
democratic party if given con
trol of affairs would ruin and
wreck the government. At this
point a number of ladies and
gentlemen left the hall. In speak
ing of state politics the former
prosecuting attorney made a fur
ious attack on Bob Hodge, the
"Bull Moose" candidate for
governor, stating that he was a
bruiser, a second-rate pugilist, a
bull-dozer, and was divorced from
his wife, and that he was now
wearing the photograph of a
woman on his coat that he in
tended to marry. After Mr.
Hodge had been "burned up"
the speaker did not mention the
name of Hay or Lister, leaving
his audience free to vote for any
one but Hodge.
C. B. Kegley, master of the
state grange, and Joel Shoe
maker, former editorial writer
on the Seattle P.-1., spoke at the
White Lake grange hall Monday
evening. Mr. Kegley does not
advocate political parties in his
addresses, but shows up to the
farmers who have been their
enemies. An article from his
pen appears in another column.
Where do the courthouse depu
ties get time to investigate tax
titles and pick out the nice ones
for themselves and their friends?
On their own time? Or YOUR
time, Mr. Taxpayer? "But the
ring must be preserved!"
«; «, 1.->^l, «...,...B ».»^
Articles of American manu
facture which are now sold
abroad more cheaply than
at home should be put upon
the free list.*- Democratic
Mr. Dodson who has been mak
ing a hit with his assessment plat
form over the county, is a man
thoroughly capable of being an
assessor for all the people. He
is 37 years old, has been for
years a farmer, a stockgrower,
and a man who understands
everything about farm values—
and the need of the farmer for
some protection in taxes. His
platform has been assailed by
some who are interested in see
ing the taxpayers furnish more
and more money for the "ring"
to spend, but that does not bother
him at all, and he keeps right
on giving information to the
people about how assessments
can be handled without taxing
the producer to death. He is
sure popular among the farmers—
but most unpopular over at the
courthouse. Which side will win
out in the election is up to the
farmers themselves, who cast
the bulk of the vote.
The Statesman-Index supports
the courthouse ring in its entir
ety, but advocates no one for
president and no one for gover
nor and no one for congress.
Does that kind of a scheme
sound good to you? Does it look
as though it was more a matter
of dollars and ring patronage
than it is principle or desire to
see the best men win?
Roosevelt's advocacy of the
admission of the Japanese to full
citizenship is likely to lose the
coast states for him, and many
of his former ardent admirers
have come out against him.
Lawrence claimed that he
could save the taxpayers a mil
lion dollars a year, if they would
elect him governor. Lawrence
cannot be elected, but the tax
payers can save more than that
amount by electing Lester.
When a newspaper or an in
dividual comes to you and asks
you to support the ring at the
courthouse for another two years,
be sure to find out what financial
interest they have in seeing the
ring kept in office. And then
ask yourself if it will make you
any money, or lower your taxes,
if you continue the ring. If any
body makes money by having a
ring, why not let YOU have
some of it, too?
-From New York World.
An Exponent for
Stevens County
$1.50 Per Year
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is always the
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in men's and
boys' clothing
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of buildings, furnished in Hhort order,
together with the approximate cost of
the building. You can save money on
any kind of building by securing plans
and estimates first.
Culville, Washington
Let Us
Light upColville
With Electric Signs
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cloth, tin, wood or canvas, and any
old kind of a sign, see
W. H. Martin
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Kinds of Wood Work Neatly Done.
Horse Shoeing (^Specialty.
chemist ■
v^a H <e»k 0K THE
B9r colville

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