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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 262
■ .m. >C-c-^~^ _L-*™/■'-""■ VV^ / / I vLJr\ll
It's Easy to Give Your
dressing table the appearance of elegance and ease and show
yourself a person of refinement.
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%Zeweler® Optician
Lasswell Building
The long winter evenings are almost upon
us. Electricity in the home is almost a
necessity and is certainly a great comfort
in many ways. Have your house wired
and enjoy all the pleasures of a well light
ed home.
Stevens County Power & Light Co.
Electric Lights Baths Sample Room
Steam Heat Free Bus
Hotel Colville
The Largest and Best Equipped Hotel in Stevens County
WILL DINGLE, Proprietor
First-class dining room in connection, under supervision of Mrs. Dingle.
Frank Kojftka
Merchant Tailor
Colville, Washington
Abstracts of title to Stevens county
lands, mines and water rights
Why not carry
The Master Timepiece
LEE STRAUSS, The Jeweler
Title Guaranty & Investment Co.
Rickey Block Colville, Washington
-Well Drilling Machinery
M _ iMWHtekUwn .Ul^ ■•« TklllMMlllhbt
I^mMH ■ IhtlltMtlklM Hlmr •rt>w4*4. Tkl<iua4 twnlb
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Cbe Colvilk examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, November 2, 1912
Gleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
The last days before the
election find the eastern
wagers 5 to 1 on Wilson,
and state wagers even that
Wilson carries Washing
ton. Advices from all over
Stevens county show that
the Ring is doomed add
the people are determined
to make it a clean sweep.
"Kill the Ring" is the ad
vice spreading among all
parties, and with victory
in sight the Ring oppon
ents are getting everybody
to help clean house and
make it unanimous.
Why does it cost the ring mem
bers as much to run the present
county as it cost to run the old
county a third larger?
James Algie, county assessor,
and candidate for reelection, has
been sending out postal cards to
voters telling of the great cuts
in levies in the various road and
school districts, just as though
a cut of a mill (10c on $100) in
the levy would offset a raise in
valuation of $100. And on some
of the cards appear some funny
things which might be investi
gated with profit to the taxpayer.
For instance, Mike Kulzer of
Valley received a card stating
that his levy last year was 34
mills. Inasmuch as Mr. Kulzer
was forced to pay 37 mills, he
and his friends are wondering
who stole that extra 3 mills, and
where it went to, and whether
other districts are being treated
in the same way. If the assessor,
or the treasurer, made a mistake
of 3 mills somewhere, it is quite
likely that they have made other
mistakes—and the taxpayer al
ways has to pay for the county
official's mistakes. The "ring"
doesn't pay for the mistakes.
Comparison of Costs for
the Taxpayers
W. H. Graham was sheriff of
the big county before it was di
vided. Wm. Miller was sheriff of
the smaller county after division.
Miller wants reelection, but look
at the cost:
Salaries $3,006.<;6
Office expenses 40. TO
Special deputies 2,081.00
Traveling expenses 2,398.47
Total cost under the
LARGER county 7,527.43
Salaries 2,799.%
Salaries PAID OUT OP
GAME FUND 160.00
Office expenses 360.04
Special deputies 1,746.90
Traveling expenses 2,579.15
Traveling expenses used
from game fund ?
Rewards for capture 250.00
Total cost under the
SMALLER county... 7,896.95
The Stevens county Pomona
Grange last December unani
mously decided to have a grand
jury called, and a committee was
appointed to have it called.
Every county official and ex
official seen by the committee
was opposed to it, except two.
Attorney John B. Slater agreed
to assist the grangers with the
grand jury, but the ring would
not allow one to be called.
Is the ring so afraid of publici
ty that it will not allow a grand
jury to be called by the grangers?
Then the grangers better turn
out the ring QUICK.
W. L. Sax, one of the Colville
socialists leaders, who since the
primary became a candidate for
Over the fence is out
treasurer on the socialist ticket,
in an article printed by the re
publican papers indorses Algie,
the ring candidate for assessor.
Mr. Sax says "it is immaterial
to me what the politics of the
assessor is." Other socialists of
the county are up in arms against
Mr. Sax's attempt to keep the
ring in power, and it is charged
that Sax is as much a part of the
ring as the republicans them
selves, citing the numerous tax
titles which he has bought in
previous years through the court
house. The theory of the socia
list party is that it IS material
what party a man belongs to,
and the socialists are likely to
take matters into their own
hands this election and determine
what powers a ring member has
to indorse other ring members.
One of the strongest candi
dates for office on the democratic
ticket is E. 0. Connor of Spo
kane for congressman-at-large.
Mr. Connor has resided in Spo
kane for sixteen years, and is
one of the leading lawyers and
enjoys an extensive acquaintance
among the lawyers, judges, and
high officials of the state. He
has served in many capacities in
his home city, city attorney and
president of the public library
board, and has been prominent
in public and civic affairs for
many years. He enjoys the
confidence of the people of east
ern Washington and especially
in his home city.
Now that it is generally con
ceded that Wilson will be elected
and the next administration will
be democratic, no matter which
way the state of Washington
votes, it is very important in
order to secure needed legislation
Wit aa** ■ ■■'■ i^lM mUm^l^mmML
From palming oy Seymour J iiuuiu*.
Articles of American manu
facture which are now sold
abroad more cheaply than
at home should be put upon
the free list.— Democratic
and appropriation, that Mr. Con
nor be elected to congress. Mr.
Connor is the only candidate for
congressman-at-large on any
ticket in eastern Washington,
and unless you elect him, four of
the congressmen will come from
the west side of the mountains,
and leave eastern Washington
with only a district congressman.
That would be unfair to this
great section. Eastern Wash
ington needs appropriation for
irrigation projects, opening of
the Columbia river to navigation,
and national legislation for the
business and commercial interests
of the Inland Empire. There is
no man on any ticket more ably
qualified in every way to repre
sent the people in this section.
Mr. Connor by reason of his long
residence knows the needs and
wants of the people of Eastern
Washington and this county es
pecially. At the same time Mr.
Connor will ably and impartially
represent the whole state of
Washington as congressman.
John B. Slater, democratic can
didate for prosecuting attorney,
addresses the people of Aladdin
and vicinity this evening at 7:30.
Tickets for the four remaining
numbers of the high school en
tertainment course are now on
sale, $1.75 for the best seats, $1
for sideaisles. All seats are re
served for the rest of the course.
An Exponent for
Stevens County
$1.50 Per Year
The Best
is always the
We have the best
in men's and
boys' clothing
and furnishings.
Plans and specifications fur all eTlllM
of buildings, furnished in .short order,
together with the approximate cost of
the building. You can nave money on
any kind of building by MOBriog plans
and estimates first.
Colville, Washington
Henry C. Rukgaber
Blacksmithing and
All Kindw of Flow Kepuirinj?. All
Kinds of Wood Work Neatly Done.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty.
>• ' B^BT iiji.vii.i.k
Lila Kulzer
of Valley
Supt. of
Vote for a Stevens
county girl

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