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For County Attorney.
John B. Blater ll the democratic can
didate for oounty proaecuting attorney,
and the necessity of having a change
,;■ the county attorney's otlice is be
coming so apparent that there is Uttle
doubt ot the election of Mr. Slater.
He has been a practicing attorney
for years. He was the first prose
cuting attorney of Stevens county, In
the early day;:, and made his reputation
by cleaning up the notorious horse
thief gang which then infested Hie
county. He put this county on a law
nnd-order basis.
He bellevod in preventing trouble
When it is apparent! rather, than allow
ing it to run until it becomes a charge
upon the county, and if this belief can
inly be practiced in the prosecuting
attorney's office it will save this county
many thousands of dollars in criminal
He is a mai whose judgment is worth
something to taxpayers, and his long
experience in legal work makes it un
necessary for the county to educate him
in the legal business, or to pay for ad
ditional help in the trial of cases.
n. a Thomas, democratic candidate
for county engineer hai been long
known its one of the very few competent
engineer! In this section of the state.
He not only knows thoroughly the work
of land and hydraulic engineering, but
ll United Btate*deputy mineral surveyor.
While this county is In process of de
velopment, the people can 111 afford to
have a man In the county engineer's
office who is just learning the busi
ness, .■mil Thomas Is so thoroughly ac
quainted With this county by his long
residence and work over the county
that he is the fit man for the people to
Jj. C. Riohardson, democratic candi
date for county clerk , Is making a
strong fight for the office, notwithstand-
ing that the ring is fighting him tootli
and noil. He possesses the groatest
clerical experience of any man who has
ever run for tills office, and besides this
be lias given his time and efforts to this
county in ways which entitle him to
consideration from tlie voters. For
more than a year lie has been the secre
tpry of the county federation of com
mercial clubs, mostly without any pay.
He has been a booster for tlie county
and Its interests. And In the clerk's
office he could render great service to
be county, for lie is not lazy, and would
not require the county to hire some one
else to do his work.
Tlie office of county scliool superln
tendent is unfortunately a political one,
but In recent years it has been the ef
fort of many citizens of tlie county to
vote for tlie beat candidate for the
dfflce, regardless of party, anil n
two termi the oiHce waa lield by a :ady,
with tlie belt of .satisfaction.
Tills year, Mk<s Ula Kulzer Is a can
didate, on the democratic ticket. She
is the daiiKhter of Mr. and Mrs. John Q.
Kulzcr of Valley, and is well kn nvn
throughout the county as an educated,
refined and moHt capable young 'ady.
Her early education was in the schools
of this county, and she afterward grad
uated from the Cheney normal .school,
fitting herself as a teacher.
She has taught both In rural 3cii3olß
and in the public school system of Col
ville, everywhere with excellent results,
and she has made friendships among
parents which are now bringing her
strong support for the office of co'inty
superintendent. Her pleasing manner
coupled with her educational ability
make her the strongest candidate for
the office, and her election is v»ell
worth an effort being put forth by
those who take special pride in the
county's school system.
When a granger asks the assessor
why taxes nre high, and the assessor
seems unable to answer without giving
up a courthouse secret, what la the an
swer 7
J. C. Hutciiinson of Evans, democratic
candidate for i epresentatlve, came to
Stevens county twelve years ago and
located at Evans. Here Mr. Hutciiinson
installed an extensive plant for the
manufacture of lime, which business he
has successfully conducted to the pres
ent time.
Mr. Hutciiinson not only operates
this plant, giving employment to from
15 to 25 men, hut also Is engaged In
farming and frnll growing, and it Is
needless to say that he Is a succ^.iuful
and energetic business man. He has al
ways taken an active part in local affairs,
having been school director for «e\rra]
years and Is financially responsible for
the maintenance of a Sunday school and
church services In his community.
Mis extensive 1 uslness relations with
all the leadiriK Guilders and contractors.
not only in Stevens county, hut all over
the Inland Empire, hai made him widely
and most favorably known, and judg
ing from the popular opinions fathered
from those of all political parties who
best know this candidate, It Is evllent
that If J. C. Ilutchinson goes to 01/in
pla this winter, that the legislature will
he made to know that Stevens co inty
Is on the map.
He believe* that Stevens county'o In
terests conic first, and lie Is a man who
is perfectly capahle of making a 'efls
lature see it that way.
Dr. W. Mlffhell, democratic candidate
for coroner, in a candidate because he
was requested by many people to file
for the office. The office does not pay
hardly enough to make It worth while
for a physician to take it, but It is so
very iic'ccssiirv to tifivc <i pliysiclnn us
coroner that he is willing to take It
if the people desire. Dr. Mlghell lias
been practicing In Colvllle for four
years, and Is quite well known over
the county. He Is a man of ability In
his professio 1, and his election may
mean a good deal to this county In the
event of criminal -cases coming up
which require the attendance of a cor
< ner.
rllilfnrin of A. R. DoilNnn.
Candidate for county assessor on the
democratic ticket:
"I oppose the theory of raising valu
ations in order 10 lower the rate of tax
levy, for the vedson (hat whenever
valuations are raised, the tax levy Is
never lowered, and the people are
forced to pay more taxes.
"Only a reaso'iable tax should be as
sessed, and I will never raise valua
tions until I also have the power to fix
a lower tax levy throughout the coun
John McDanlel. candidate for treas
urer, has been making a strong cam
paign over the county and has been re
ceived everywhere with accord. He is
:i farmer, but for many years was In the
mercantile business, and Ills qualifica
tions for the office are as great as any
man could alk, although, of course, be
doei not belong to the ring, and the
ring is, therefore, against him.
McDanlel lives at Bluecreek. He is
:i prominent granger, and it is said that
the grangers are Riving him a united
support In the effort to clean out the
ring from the treasurer's office.
W. D. Smith, the Chewelah farmer
candidate for the legislature, ia making
a strong race and has made lots of
friends during the campaign. He is
a state college graduate, fully capable
of looking after this county's beat in
terests in the legislature—and this
county needs such a man.
When baby suiters with croup, apply
and give Dr. Thomas' Eclectic OH at
once. Safe for children. A little goes
a long way; 2G cents and 50 cents. At
all drug stores.—Adv.
Show the Examiner to your Friend*
The Colville Examiner, Saturday, November 2, 1912
General election-National, state ••ongressional, county ticket all
on one ballot. Colville voting place, 251 south Main. Hours Bto 8.
Colville local option election—San" place and hours as above.
Colville primary election-City hall, hours, 11 to 8.
No one can vote in Colville unle. - previously registered.
At the top of the ballot are 4 sta amendments to the constitu
tion. Vote AGAINST the first one, as it takes the limit from county
officers. The second and third are i> initiative, referendum, and
recall, and are GOOD.
Then comes the place to vote for or against township organiza
Then come 6 columns of political parties. If you want to vote
a "straight" ticket, put an X in the • ircle under the party name,
and you will have voted for every man on that party, including pres
ident, governor, congressman, and o mnty.
If you want to vote for different men on different parties, put
an X in the square after each man's name you want to vote for.
At the bottom of the whole ballot is the supreme judgeship
ticket, on the left. You must vote for three, so write in the name
of W. W. BLACK, who has been named for the supreme court, but
his name is not printed on the ballot. At the right is the name of
W. H. Jackson for county judge. Vote for him.
There are 800 votes to be cast in Colville, so you must vote early
and quickly.
You can take this paper of instructions into the voting booth
with you, or you can ask the judge- of election ANY question you
do not understand. Many people ask questions every election, and
it is perfectly proper for you to do so. Each party will have men
at the polls to assist the voters, and you can ask them any question
about voting. C. M. Durland will be in charge for the democrats,
and you can ask him anything you want to know.
We the undersigned candidates for county offices which have to
do with matters of taxation and expenditure, do hereby agree if
elected to hold the county expenditures within the levy, instead of
raising the levy to meet increased expenses. We agree to work
together with the end in view of securing an equal taxation, lower
ing the taxation of this county, and to refuse payment of unjust bills
against this county.
(Signed) P. H. Graham, candidate for commissioner.
M. C. Stolp, candidate for commissioner.
A. E. Dodson, candidate for assessor.
A. B. Sansburn, candidate for auditor.
We the undersigned candidates for county offices hereby pledge
ourselves to hold down the expenses of our offices if elected, to the
end that the commissioners and assessor may be able to reduce the
taxes of this county.
(Signed) John McDaniel, candidate for treasurer.
L. C. Richardson, candidate for clerk.
R. B. Thomas, candidate for engineer.
W. Mighell, candidate for coroner.
Lila Kulzer, candidate for superintendent.
W. L. Woodard, candidate for sheriff.
John B. Slater, candidate for attorney.
We the undersigned candidates for state representative hereby
pledge ourselves that if elected we will work for a reduction of the
state levey that all the counties of this state may enjoy a decrease
of taxation.
(Signed) J. C. Hutchinson.
W, D. Smith.
Before You Vote for a
Ring Candidate
That the ring organ the Statesman-Index declare who it supports
for president, governor, congressmen.
That this ring organ state whether it believes in any political party
outside of the courthouse "ring" party.
That the ring candidate declare his political affiliation, other than
just plain "ring" party.
That the ring candidate declare that he is on the republican ticket
because he is a republican, and not because he wants office on what
ever ticket he can easiest get it
That the ring candidate show who he has ever favored with pat
ronage outside of ring members.
That the ring candidate show in what way the taxpayers win
anything by keeping up the ring.
W. L. Woodard of Addy for sheriff
is the man of all others who should re
ceive a vote for sheriff from every man
who wants a competent man in the
sheriff's office. His reputation in this
line of work is so well known that his
ability need not be discussed, and the
fact that "Bill" Graham highly in
dorses him for the position is sufficient
to bring the vote of every man who
appreciated the sterling administration
of Graham for four years.
P. H. Graham and M. C. Stolp.
candidates for commissioner, are two
men who have been successful in their
own business. They are level headed
men, taxpayers themselves for years,
and their election would mean one re
publican and two democrats on the
board. Their promise to hold the
county's expenses within the revenue
is worth something to a tax-ridden
Congressman LaFollette, who is seek
ing reelection from this district on the
stand-pat ticket, is encountering some
very strong opposition from members
of his own party, who point to his record
as not that of a genuine republican.
It seems he failed to vote with the re
publicans in every particular instance
except once, and that once happened
to be on an occassion when the repub
licans voted against President Taft's
wishes. And then the grangers are vio
lentlyopposed to LaFollette, and State
Master Kegley has traveled from one
end of the state to the other telling the
farmers not to vote for him because of
his opposition to their doctrines.
Sansburn for auditor undoubtedly has
the election won. His ability, large
acquaintance over the county, and his
pleasing manner of meeting people and
handling their business matters, are
qualities needed in the auditor's office,
and you can make a correct guess that
with him in the auditor's office there
will be no foolishness about mysterious
warrants being drawn from the county
funds. For the seven years he was city
clerk (part of the time without any
pay at all —simply time donated) he
had not an error in his books, and at
every minute he knew just what the
city was doing and how the finances
stood. He is a man who tends to
business, and the county needs such a
man to tend to its business affairs in
the auditor's office.
A vote for Dodson for assessor is a
vote in protest of exorbitant taxes, and
a vote to place the assessor's office en
a sound basis in favor of the taxpayer.
His agreement not to raise valuations
until levies are lowered is the right
thing, and his election will help many
a farmer for the next two years in
keeping his money at home instead of
paying it to the courthouse ring.
Jury Lilt.
From Colville News Bureau:
The jury list drawn from Stevens
county precincts for the November
term of court is as follows:
A. Applequist, Marcus.
George Gildberg, Valley.
C. H. Montgomery, Chewelah.
John R. Stone, Loon Lake.
F. W. Miles, Columbia.
V. S. Heulett, Colvllle.
Bernard Wohlfahrt, Furrest Center.
C. W. Winter, Colville.
S. A. Taylor, Daisy.
William Allyea, Hunters
George L. Anderson, Flat Creek.
William Short, Daisy
M. A. Maxfleld, Riverside.
K. O. Bay, Colville.
Ethel Frizzell, Valley.
A. H. Lucore, Orln.
W. K. Snyder, Deer Tiall.
W. D. Ray, Frontier.
W. H. Hall, Fruitla.id.
J. A. Hill, Narclsse.
R. J. Townsend, Colville.
I. L. Barton, Deer Trail
S. F. Baker, Addy.
G. C. Beggs, Echo.
J. W. Empy, Springdalo.
W. T. Ledgerwood, Mayers Falls.
G. J. Heimbacli, Colville.
Frank Embler, Addy.
M. H. Teasel, Walke>s Prairie.
S. S. Clark, Riverside.
Joseph Neumann, Nortliport.
Olous Simonson, Nortliport.
Guy Archer, Riverside.
Walter Woodard, Addy.
G. W. Lockie, Colvi'le.
Tom Allen, Clayton.
B. F. Pierce, Orin.
G. W. Stevens, C/on'n.
William Reed, Walk< rs' Prairie.
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Roscoe Drumheller
Roscoe Drumheller, the democratic
candidate for Congressman from this
district to succeed LaFollette, is a
wheat rancher near Dayton, where he
farms about 2000 acres. He is an edu
cated farmer, too, and has the inter
ests of his own farming class at heart.
He was a graduate of the state college
at Pullman 11 years ago, and made his
own way in the world from the start of
his farming career. He has a very
pleasing personality, does not berate
his two opponents for the office, and is
quite likely to be the next congressman
from this district. He has the solid
support of many of the state "stand
patters" who do not like LaFollette's
actions, and who would not vote for a
"mooser" on a bet, and all these dif
ferent things give him far the best of it.
State of Ohio, city of Toledo, Lucas
.•(punty, ss.
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iViiii Oreille County Candidate*.
Auditor—H. H. Murray, republican;
W. H. Ellis, democrat; A. A. Albert, so
State representative—S. J. Appleman.
republican; A. S. Sherlock, democrat;
Lee R. Bilderback, socialist.
Sheriff—J. E. Jenue, republican; El
mer Thackson, democrat; Byron Rouse,
County clerk—Earl K. Parks, republi
can; R. R. Isaacs, democrat.
Treasurer—G. F. Talmadge, republi
can; S. M. McGee, democrat; H. K.
Westby, socialist.
Prosecuting attorney—E. I. Jones, re
publican; M. F. Ryan, democrat.
Assessor—E. D. Purchase, republican:
Charles O'Connell, democrat; L. S. Cul
ver, socialist.
Coroner—John Hiett, republican; J.
II McDonald, democrat.
Superintendent of schools —Hester C.
Soules, republican.
Engineer—R. M. Vail, republican; J.
L. Bayley, democrat.
Commissioner first district—J. T.
Rogers, republican; George H. Bobier,
democrat; Gus L. E. Smith, socialist.
Commissioner second district — A.
Greenhalgh, republican; W. I. Fountain,
democrat; Philip Lints, socialist.
Commissioner third district—O. L.
Carmichael, republican; A. McCool, dem
ocrat; J. R. Renshaw, socialist.
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