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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 263
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Cbe Colville examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, November 9, 1912
Cleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
Probable electoral vote: Wilson 433, Roosevelt 90, Taft B—Both
Senate and House democratic—Not a landslide, but an upheaval.
The nation has elected Wilson
for president.
The state has apparently elect
ed a democratic ticket.
The courthouse ring in Stevens
county has not only been broken
but practically "cleaned up."
These are the results of Tues
day's election—decreed by the
A long hard fight has been
made for these results by the
democrats—but they were nobly
assisted by many republicans,
prohibitionists and socialists, and
even in some cases by "progres
sives." Hence the democrat in
his victory must not forget those
who by their votes have made it
possible for democracy to win.
The radical partisan must recog
nize that there some good men
in all parties, even though their
opinions on tariff and the trusts
may differ.
The editor of the Examiner
has received many, many con
gratulations for "his victory."
It is a mistake. The editor for
five years has tried to accomplish
what has been accomplished, but
he is one out of the many—not
the only one.
The Ring's publicity man finds that
his dope didn't take.
It is probably true that in the
matter of the courthouse ring,
the Examiner has taken the lead
in the fight. And the result is
quite satisfactory. Considerable
money and influence was oppos
ed to the Examiner's fight for
cleaner conditions in the court
house, but the people have de
cided the question after the lenthy
presentation of facts, and they
are looking to the new officials
to see that they make good.
Bliss Phillips is the only re
maining member of the "ring."
His office is one of strategic im
portance to several financial inter
ests of the county, and was worth
the fight that the ring' leaders
made for it. But it is now impos
sible for many of the past court
house performances to be con
tinued, when but one of the old"
guard remains, and we anticipate
Moose Candidate-The county's «one to
the devil, Mary, and I'll nave to
go to work.
that the changed conditions will
be decidedly for the better—bet
ter for the taxpayer, but perhaps
not better for those who for
years have been building up the
ring organization.
During the campaign there
have been charges made that the
Examiner was using matter
against ring candidates which
was not true; that articles were
printed purely as campaign ar
guments, and not because they
were true. Any paper which
will do such things does not de
serve public patronage, and let it
be said here that the statements
printed in the Examiner during
the campaign are TRUE; they
were printed with the intent to
defeat the ring candidates; they
were printed to show the public
just what has been going on in
the courthouse; and it is to be
hoped that never again will poli
tics in this county bring forth
the opportunity of printing dam
aging statements against court
house officials.
The democratic ticket has been
put into power in Stevens county
by the people of the county.
They have done this for several
reasons—largely because of the
exceptionally strong character
of the ticket, but perhaps almost
as largely because of the belief
that the courthouse ring should
go. And the ring WILL go.
But the democratic candidates
have promised certain things in
case they were elected. These
promises must now be kept.
And the Examiner desires to say
here and now that if these prom
ises are not kept, the Examiner
will denounce any improper act
ions just as quickly and as fully
as it has the proceedings of the
ring candidates in trying to se
cure office. This paper is part
isan democratic, but it is not in
favor of an office holder on ANY
ticket using his office for individ
ual profit to the detriment of the
taxpayers of the county.
For several weeks the Spring
dale Reformer has attempted to
show that the Examiner's articles
regarding the doings in that
town were false. Inasmuch as
the editor personally investigat
ed each statement made, and the
people of that town showed him
conclusively by their votes that
they recognized the truth of the
statements, we wonder how the
Reformer is going to back up
gracefully now.
Senator M. E. Stansell, known
as one of the county's leaders of
the truly reliable republicans, on
Wednesday morning presented
the editor with his Taft button
which he had worn throughout
the campaign. He stated that to
the victor belongs the spoils—and
hoped the democratic adminis
tration would make good.
The senator voices the senti
ment of the bulk of the straight
republican voters, whose party
has been disrupted by ambitious
individuals on the "moose ticket".
The republicans in Stevens county
almost to a man voted against
the "moose" candidates who had
attempted to slip into office on
another ticket, and today, in
Stevens county, strange as it
may seem, the regular republi
cans and democrats are closer
together in sympathy than they
have ever been before.
The sweeping victory of the
democratic ticket in this county
is due in considerable measure
to the votes from the regular re
publicans-and the democrats
should not forget it, either.
The Northwest Horticultural
Inspectors' association will meet
in Spokane November 15-16.
Judge Carey went out hunting for
Moose hides.
An Exponent for
Stevens County
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Colville, Washington
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