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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 270
iK fite Mm
We Wish You a Happy New Year and
Extend to You Our Sincere Thanks for
the Patronage Extended to us During the
Past Year.
Jeweler 4® Optician
Lasswell Building
The long winter evenings are almost upon
us. Electricity in the home is almost a
necessity and is certainly a great comfort
in many ways. Have your house wired
and enjoy all the pleasures of a well light
ed home.
Stevens County Power & Light Co.
Electric Lights Baths Sample Room
Steam Heat Free Bus
Hotel Colville
The Largest and Best Equipped Hotel in Stevens County
WILL DINGLE, Proprietor
First-class dining room in connection, under supervision of Mrs. Dingle.
Frank Ko&ka
Merchant Tailor
Colville, Washington
Abstracts of title to Stevens county
lands, mines and water rights
Title Guaranty & Investment Co.
Rickey Block Colville, Washington
If you are dissatisfied with your holdings in
this community and want to sell or exchange
for other property, call on G. B. Ide of the
Ideßeal Estate Agency
Colville, Washington
as we are in touch with 3000 real estate
dealers throughout the United States, Canada
and the Inland Empire. If you have a bargain
we want it. If you want a bargain we have it
Youth's Companion,! year,regular price $2.00
Colville Examiner, 1 year, regular price $1.50
For a very short time the Examiner will send
both papers to any address for
Cbe Colville Examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, January 4, 1913
Cleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
The year 1913 came in without
knocking. Did you start the
year that way, too?
Among the appropriations to
be asked from the coming legis
lature is one for the rebuilding of
the Cheney normal school build
ing which was destroyed by fire.
This institution has done much
good work in the education of the
youth of this state, and its in
fluence is felt throughout the
state's school system in the train
ing which teachers have received
at the state school. There is no
doubt of strong pressure being
brought upon the legislature to
make a heavy appropriation for
this school.
Four candidates have been
nominated for the legislature
from Pend Oreille county, for
election to fill the vacancy caused
by the death of Representative
S. J. Appleman. Alva S. Sher
lock, attorney, of Newport, is the
democratic nominee. He came
within 28 votes of election in No*
vember. Geo. W. Sutherland;
former county commissioner, ii
the republican nominee; L. R.
Bilderback, socialist; Jens Jensen
of Metaline Falls, bull moose.
Six of the republican central com
mittee last week bolted and went
over to the moose ticket. At the
last election the moose voters
elected their man Appleman on
the republican ticket, but this
time the division of parties will
be real. Predictions are that
Sherlock will be the easy winner,
and certain it is that no stronger
man in that county can be found
for representative.
The Statesman-Index says: "As
a result of the last general elec
tion, Colville will lose 14 citizens.
The question naturally arises: Is
the success of democracy worth
such a sacrifice?"
With a silent tear of sympathy*'
for the Index editor, we hasten
with condolence. It is indeed sad
that republicans are forced to
leave town when their office ex
pires. During the long lean
years of republican success, the
democrats seemed to be able to
stay here just the same, and the
other question which naturally
arises (but not stated by the
Index) is: Why is the difference?
A Nebraska newspaper offers
the following suggestion for a
public auction notice:
Republican Junk for sale, notice
of public auction, March 5, 1913.
Our lease with Uncle Sam hav
ing practically expired, and hav
ing decided to retire to private
life, we, the undersigned, will
offer for sale at our residence, the
national capital, Washington, D.
C, all of the following described
property, to-wit:
One elephant, about forty years
old, with false tusks and no back
bone to speak of.
One set of injunctions and anti
trust laws; have been used very
little, and just as good as they
ever were.
One method of revising the
tariff. This is absolutely original
and patent has been applied for.
One republican platform as good
as new. Has only been used for
campaign purposes. In this plat
form a large number of planks
from the democratic platform
have been inserted, but they can
be easily distinguished and will
certainly go with the lot.
One financial system, well sup
plied with clearing house certifi
cates, but very little cash.
One plan for raising campaign
contributions. This has a bad
odor and is well worn, but other
wise in good condition.
A large quantity of bric-a-brac,
consisting of old dinner pails,
property bags, Taft smiles, well
worn vetoes, election promises,
panic threats and other things of
like character, too numerous to
This sale will positively take
place on the above day and date,
regardless of weather and size of
crowd, and everything will be
closed out on that date. Crow
will be served by the Old Boys'
Republican club. Everybody, re
gardless of past political servi
tude, invited. This stuff must
be cleared away. Terms, just
anything we can get and removal
of property.
Uncle Joe Cannon, auctioneer;
W. H. Taft, clerk; J. Pierpont
Morgan, C. D. Hilles, Boies Pen
rose, Chauncey Depew, Elihu
Root, John D. Archbold, com
Eastern Washington's proposed
distribution of $200,000 of state
good roads funds was determined
at a meeting of representatives
from 20 counties at Spokane,
when the Inland Empire Good
Roads association was organized.
Recommendations to the legis
lature for division of the funds in
eastern Washington follow:
In the mountain district, in
cluding Kittitas, Ghelan, Yakima
and Klickitat counties, 20 per
cent, to be expended at their
option on roads number 7 or 8.
On state road number 7 from
Wenatchee east, 10 per cent.
In Lincoln county, from Rear
dan west, 15 per cent.
On the Inland Empire highway,
from Spokane south to or beyond
Rosalia, 25 per cent.
Beginning at Walla Walla, 15
per cent.
From Coif ax north or south, 10
per cent.
For maintenance, five per cent.
The Inland Empire association,
in making the above recommen
dations, is working along the
lines of the policy established by
the Washington State Good Roads
association at its last convention
in Tacoma. According to this
plan, it is left to the mountain
counties to decide whether the
money provided for their district
shall be expended toward a con
nection with the west side of the
mountains or for utility high
The board of trustees is com
posed of a member from each
county. Louis G. Keller of Col
ville represents Stevens county,
J. E. McFarland of Republic,
Ferry county; H. C Culver of
Pateros, Okanogan county; Fred
L. Wolf of Newport, Pend Oreille
Pat had been to America, and
had returned to the "ould coun
thry," when the parish priest
asked him: "Do they really have
as high houses in New York as
they claim they have?"
'Tis indeed they have," said
Pat. 'The last one I worked on
we had to lay down at noon to let
the sun pass. "-Stolen.
Walter L. Woodard, sheriff
elect, has announced his appoint
ment of Mont Dorman of Colville
and W. J. Jackson of Chewelah
as deputies. Mr. Dorman has
fora number of years assisted
different sheriffs as special officer
and is familiar with the work.
Mr. Jackson comes from the pre
cinct which gave Mr. Woodard
such a splendid vote. He has
been city marshal of Chewelah
several terms.
C. A. Ledgerwood, for six years
associated with W. H. Graham in
the sheriff's office as principal
and deputy, will start the new
officials of the sheriff's office in
their duties, not as a deputy, but
as a friend of Mr. Woodard.
This is assurance that the sher
iff's office will start upon its duties
without the slightest hitch or
We notice in the republican
bullmoose organ last week that
"F. Y. Wilson ought to be taken
around by his law partner, J. A.
Rochford, and introduced to the
people." It's a good idea. Wil
son could be introduced in many
ways. He could be introduced as
a former county clerk who got
along without a deputy. He
could be introduced as a man
with definite political ideas which
do not change every year or de
pend upon national conventions.
He could be introduced as a
democrat who has seen the Index
change hands three times before
its party (or parties) went to
pieces. He could be introduced
as one of the few men, believing
in the future of the Northport
country, who has remained there
and made a success.
No time would be necessary in
introducing Wilson to the old
timers of the county. They all
know him. But it is true that
the new bloods ought to meet
him—especially all voters who do
not know to which party they
belong. _____
Under direction of the Wash
ington State Grange, a boys' and
girls' potato growing contest will
be conducted in the state next
Contestants must be Grange
members under the age of
eighteen years, on January 1,
1913, provided, that any boy or
girl under the age of fourteen
years whose parents are members
in good standing of any Grange
in the state, may enter the con
Each plat of ground must be
one square rod in size, and the
seed used may be of any white,
kidney shaped variety of potatoes.
The quality shall be judged on
the basis of one half bushel of
the crop, selected by the contest
ant and shown at some place
designated by the local commitee
in the several districts.
An essay shall be prepared,
which shall consist of a report of
all operations, etc., and shall con
sist of not leas than two hundred
and not more than five hundred
words, said essay not to be judged
on a literary basis, but on the
completeness and clearness of
statement of facts.
The state body recommends
that each subordinate grange
cooperate with the State Grange
by arranging for a local exhibit
and contest, to be entered into
by members of one or more
granges in a neighborhood, and
offering local prizes for com
It is recommended that each
Pomona Grange cooperate with
the State Grange by holding a
fair, picnic or some other gather
ing, where the various contest
ants of the district or county may
ahowltheir potatoes and where
the Pomona competition shall be
decided, and that a series of prizes
for such competition shall be
All local judges shall be select
ed by the local commitee, all
Pomona judges shall be selected
by the Pomona committee and
the final contest shall be decided
by judges selected by the execu
tive committee of the State
Grange, but no one who is at all
interested in the contest is eligi
ble as judge.
Thelexecutive committee of the
Washington State Grange offers
as a grand prize a short course
scholarship, with all expenses
paid, to the Washington State
College, one for the boy getting
the most points and one for the
girl winning highest place.
The excellent results achieved
by County School Supt. A. D.
Foster this year in the boys'
potato growing contest in this
county has spread the plan over
the state, and Stevens county
will take considerable pride in
knowing that it is in the lead in
such a practical undertaking.
Notice—The party who took
about 35 of my chickens about
Dec. 22 is known and will save
further trouble by returning
same.-E. J. Ealraer.
An Exponent for
Stevens County
$1.50 Per Year
The Columbia Garage
Machine Shop
Is now equipped to do all kinds
of lathe work, machinery repair
ing. Engines and farm machin
George Rioth, Mgr.
Plans and specifications for all classes
of buildings, furnished in short order,
together with the approximate cost of
the building. You can save money on
any kind of building by securing plant
and estimates first.
Colville, Washington
Henry C. Rukgaber
Horseshoeing, Black
smithing, Wagon Re
The best lighted shop in the country.
Big equipment, and satisfactory
work assured.
]^aaoi|^ DRUGGIST
<jH Kfclßßi^lflfc AND
\ '-. THE
fc^-Ji ■ -;*-. OF THE
; s ™ < in.vii,i.k
~~~*^^^^^^^ WASH.
F. D. Tower
Racket Store
All of the little things
that are handy
Fir& door north of Casey
Solicits your patronage while in
Rates 60 cents and up. Reasonable rates
by week or month. 4 block from post
office, near new Monroe Street bridge.
Full view down Riverside Avenue from
Win Snow, Prop. R. H. Snow, Mgr.
Spokane, Washington.
Stevens County
Drug Store
Homeopathic Drugs
Help the Chronic and
Cure the Sick
C. DeKEYZER,coivUie
The Universal Car
It is the light-weight champion
of the world. In a fair and open
fight the sturdy Ford has won
its title, and holds it because it
has more strength for its weight
and can deliver more power for
its size than any car in the
world's arena.
Every third car in the country
is a Ford.
Prices for 1913: Runabouts,
$625; Touring cars, $700; Delivery
can, $726. Fully equipped, F.
0. B. Colville. For particulars,
Willett Bros.

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