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The Colville Examiner, Saturday, January ,1913
Issued Krery Saturday morning. En
tered as second-class matter, Oct. 31,
1907, at the poatoffice at CoWille, Wash.,
under act of congress of March 3, 1879.
Subscription Price, $1.50 Year; 5c Copy
When paid in advance, $1.00 per year.
J. C. Harrigan, Editor and Proprietor
From Colville News Bureau:
The annual meeting of the Colville
Chamber of Commerce was held at
Hotel Colville Monday noon. Report'
of the 1912 governing board, secretary
and treasurer were read. The nomi
nating committee placed in nomination
for the new president Howard W. Stull,
and for the remainder of the goverin■■
hoard B. W. Emery, H. R. Williams.
Hayward O. Bair, L. B. Jesseph. They
were elected by acclamation.
President Htull took the chair, and
■hort talks were made by the new mem
bers of the board, and by President Kel
ler and Vice President Harrlgan of the
1912 board.
The new board starts the fourth year
of an active chamber of commerce in
Colville, and in its personnel has men of
ability to handle the work for the year
to the best Interests of this city and
The work of the 1912 board, under
the leadership of President Louis G
Keller, has brought the Colville Cham
ber of Commerce into consldoral>l<;
promnence in this state, and the van'
amount of work and time given to thll
Work by President Keller Is certainly
recognized and appreciated here.
Law Day in Colville.
From Colville News Bureau:
At a law term of the superior court
held Monday, the damage case of Ed
ward Bower and wife against Steven*
county was dismissed. The case in
volved action for $10,000, brought be
cause of injuries sustained by Mrs.
Bower when her horse became frighten
ed at what siie alleged was a defective
Judge Carey continued the arraign
ment proceedings against A. H. Hart,
charged with assault in the first de
gree; Archie Kelley, second degree,
burglary; Louis Smith, violation of
immorality statute; James Scheretti;
second degree assault; Marshal Tilden,
seduction. These arraignments wll!
be heard by Judge W. H. Jackson at the
first law day term held by him.
Daniel Burns, found guilty of failure
to support his family, was sentenced to
one year In the county jail and the
sentence was suspended to permit him
to go to work for the support of his
family. Burns was allowed to go to
Idaho to find employment.
Official Weather Report.
From Colville News Bureau:
United States Observer W. L. Sax
makes the following report for Decem
ber: Maximum temperature 42 on the
2d, minimum 5 on the 12th, average for
month 29.5, which is 4 more than In
1911, 4.5 less than In 1910, and 2.8
warmer than usual for December. Pre
cipitation was 1.67, which is less than
any December since 1908, and .29 less
than usual. Snowfall was 9V4 inches.
Clear days 9, cloudy 19, part cloudy S.
For the year 1912 the total precipita
tion was 20.93, which Is 3.16 more than
normal, 4.73 more than In 1911, 8.04
more than in 1910, .77 more than In
1909, 7.63 more than in 1908, and .07
more than In 1907. Snow for the year
was 20.8 inches, being less than half
the usual amount. Average tempera
ture for the year was 45.8, which wa>
.8 more than last year, 1.2 less than In
1910, and .3 more than in 1909. Aver
age temperature here is 45.5.
From Colville News Bureau:
The eighth annual banquet of the
Colville flre department was given at
the Hotel Colville on Monday evening.
Seventy invitations, had been issued,
and nearly every one invited was pres
Music was furnished by the Fontaine
Mrs. J. C. Harrlgan rendered several
delightful solos.
Those who responded to toasts were:
L. C. Jesseph, P. R. Parks, L. G. Keller,
Dr. L. B. Harvey, Mayor A. B. Cook,
H. R. Spedden, J. C. Harrigan, H W.
Stull, W. R. Baker, James Petty, W. H
Jackson, George W. Seal.
Chief Fred S. Thomas officiated as
Here Is a copy of the menu card:
(Which means Stuff to Rat.)
(By the Water Bucket Brigade.)
Fresh Oysters
(Hi-Valves from Water Department.)
Celery, Olives
Four-Inch Hose
(Salvage from the Leader Fire.)
Boiled Ham
(Without any Cabbage.)
Roast Chicken, Cream Gravy
With Hydrant Sauce.)
Baked Sweet Potatoes, with Their
Overcoats on
Saratoga Chips
(Oiled In the City Reservoir lust
Sweet Pickles
(In Honor of the Councllmen.)
(Said to be Good Brain Food. I
Ice Cream
(In Remembrance of Several
Chilly Runs.)
Cake, Nuts, Fruit
Coffee, Tea
Hot Air by the Chief.
Tt was after 12 o'clock when the
banqueters adjourned. It was said to
lie the best banquet rver given by the
A royal time was had by all the
quests, and the firemen maintained
their well-earned reputation of being
a» good entertainers as Are-fighters.
The I'lre Department.
Monday night's banquet of the Col
ville Fire Department brought out the
fact that this department is started on
its 16th year.
In the reorganization 8 or 9 years
a«o, Henry Lambert, F. S. Thomas and
I nines Petty were charter members,
and are still members. Lambert Is the
oldest member in continuous service,
and Mayor Henry R. Spedden is second
Chief Thomas was out of the city for
some time or he would also have held
an equal record with Lambert. Petty
was the first chief 15 years ago, and
>isrh he has attended the meetings
• luite regularly ever since, has not been
able to he on the active list ali the
The reelection of F. S. Thomas as
chief. G. L. Ilioth assistant, Victor
Halrd secretary, and Louis G. Keller
treasurer, assures this city an excellent
fire-fighting organization for another
Voting People* Country Club.
Tliis club was organized for the
young people of the community for the
good times they could have together.
They built a club house of logs 24x36
and here dances and entertainments are
held. The following officers are serv
for a period of three months. President,
Hurley Keough; vice president, C. F.
Churchill; treasurer, Mrs. C. F.
Churchill; secretary, Miss Pearl Hard
enbrook. There are 24 members at
present They are as follows: Misses
Pearl Hardenbrook, Lila Fay, Ethel
Knapp, Fae Hardenbrook, Messrs.
Henry Kammerman, \V. Keough, Andy
McNeilly, Oak Hardenbrook, Frank
Choens, Bert Pittman, Alvah Churchill,
L. B. Keough, Lloyd Hardenbrook, Otto
Keough, Charles F. Churchill, Earn Al
len, Mesdames Chas. F. Churchill, Frank
Choens, Wesley Keough, Bert Pittman.
Tlie Winslow Lumber Co. which re
cently sold the Basin mill is now in
stalling a new 7-foot band mill on the
same grounds. The new mill will be of
the most modern type and will have a
capacity of 40,000 feet daily. Although
it Is generally conceded that the lumber
market has been slack for the past year,
this company has shipped and sold six
teen million feet of lumber during the
year 1912, which is the heaviest busi
ness done by the company In any one
year since the establishment of the
plant. This company is now miking
preparations to make a very heavy cut
during the coming season. Their In
tention is that the Basin mill will make
a cut of six million while their main
plant will turn out at least twelve mil
lion during the season.
The Banner Meat Market under the
management of J. H. Carlln has just In
stalled a new line of machinery consist
ing of sausage cutting and grinding
machines, bone grinder and an electric
The following letters remain in the
Colville postoffice uncalled for: Mrs.
Ester Dunentler, John Griffith, Dr. O.
H. Klein. Mrs. H. H. Louis, Mrs. H. N.
Lelghton, Mr. Marshall, Mrs. Mabel
The Qam Club will meet at the Ha
beln home next Wednesday evening.
Adolpli Strauss has opened a whole
sale and retail business in feed, grain
and flour, in the McMillan warehouse
east of Bank of Colville. He has been
in this line of business all his llffl, and
expects to carry a heavy stock.
A mean stuffy cold, with hoarse wlietzy
breathing la just the kind that runs
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trifle with such serious conditions but
take Foley'B Honey and Tar Compound
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great medicine. It soothes and heals
the inflamed air passages. It stops the
hoarse racking cough. Carroll Drug
There will be a special meeting of the
Eastern Star next Friday night for In
Take the "direct road" to health and
strength by using Foley Kidney Pills
for backache, rheumatism, weak, sore
kidneys and bladder irregularities. Each
Ingredient is chosen for its positive
healing and curative qualities. Foley
Kidney Pills are the best medicine you
can buy for kidney and bladder
troubles. Mrs. J. M. Flndley, Lyons,
Ga., says: "I took Foley PI,Is and they
entirely cured me." Carroll Dru* Com
Have you ever thought seriously
about this matter?
A savings account is not a
plaything, but something to be
considered carefully by every
citizen. It represents the margin
between him and failure.
Your savings deposited here
will draw four per cent, com
pounded semi annually, and will
be available when you need them.
Start a savings account with
us today.
National Bank
Colville, Washington
U. S. Depositary for postal savings funds
Albert .1. Frase of Daisy and Miss
Hery M. Horton of Waterloo were mar
lied by Hey. Geo. T. Klein at his resi
dence in Colville, Wednesday, January
A daughter was born Wednesday
morning to Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Bay.
Miss Tille Kulzer of galley, daughter
of John G. Kulzer, and well known In
Colville, left last Saturday for Chicago
to visit relatives for several months.
A. H. Hart of Cliewelali, charged with
the shooting of E. D. Germain August
24, appeared before the superior court
Monday, hut was informed that his case
had been postponed for two weeks. Mr.
Hart states that lie is very much an
noyed by the efforts of officials to fast
en this matter upon him in order to
shield others from publicity and wants
to have a hearing immediately. He
also states that the former newspaper
articles about his retaining a law
firm is not true, as he will not need
any lawyers if he can only have a hear
ing, and that the statements about
his lieing the author of certain anony
mous letters is false, inasmuch as the
postoffice detectives have dejlared
him not guilty of this. Hart is out on
only *JOOO bond, which shows that the
officials do not consider his case very
Geo. Hioth was in Spokane this week,
and after investigating the various
makes of cars, and thoroughly examin
ing the gears, parts, and workings of
the Studebaker car, took the agency.
Mrs. Grace Lincoln Burnam received
a telegram Monday announcing the
death of her mother, Mrs. Lucy P. Lin
coln at her home at Ft. Dodge, lowa.
Mrs. Lincoln was born in New York
state, the daughter of a Congregational
minister, and went with her father to
Chicago on an evangelistic tour before
there were any railroads into that city.
She lived in lowa for about 50 years,
and died at the age of 76.
Henry H. SpeUden lias purchased 4 1-2
acres In Wilts' 3d addition to Chewelah,
and will put It into town lots. This
property is only 3 blocks from the bus
iness center.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Dingle and family
returned Saturday from a two weeks
visit with the parents of Mrs. Dingle
of Krupp, Wash. Mr. Dingle states that
the hunting Is fine In that part of the
nig Bend country, and as proof of his
statement brought back 35 jack rabbits
ii.:it weighed over 200 pounds.
W. R. Fox, 195 W. Washington street,
Noblesville, Ind., says: "After suffering
many months with kidney trouble, af
ter taking other remedies and prescrip
tions, I purchased a box of Foley Pills,
which not only did me more good than
any other remedies I ever used, but
have positively set my kidneys right.
Other members of my family have used
them with similar results." Take at
the first sign of kidney trouble. Carroll
Drug Company.—Adv.
Charles Peach has been confined to
his room for some days; physicians
state that his illness Is a complication
of pneumonia.
Hives, eczema, itch or salt rheum sets
you crazy. Can't bear the touch of your
clothing. Doan's Ointment is fine for
skin itching. All druggists sell it; 50
cents a box.—Adv.
The old ivory cassarole bean pots tire
among the new and,novel cooking uten
sils at the it. K. Lee Co.
Don't use harsh physics. The reaction
weakens the bowels, leads to chronic
constipation. Get Doan's Regulets.
They operate easily; 25 cents at all
Special meetings will begin at the
M. 10. church Sunday, in charge of the
pastor, M. Ij. Sanders. The music will
be in charge of Rev. Q. H. Rice. There
will be services each evening, save Sat
urday evening, at 7:30. Meetings will
continue indefinitely. A very cordial
invitation is extended to the public to
attend these meetings. Strangers made
The Fanners' Union has elected the
following officers: President, C. F.
Leonard; vice president, H. \V. Foster;
secretary-treasurer, P. M. Simpson;
chaplain, Mrs. Nellie Douglass; con
ductor, Walter Ramser; doorkeeper,
Pi H. Hovey; executive committee, A. C.
Douglass, 0. M. Baker, L. P. Johnson.
Meetings Ist and 3d Saturdays, Hickey
There is no better indication of thrift
and prosperity than to see the side
walks In front of a business house kept
clear from snow and ice. Or in other
words, to see the twelve foot sidewalk
covered deep with snow with only a
narrow beaten trail in front of a busi
ness house, office or shop leaves the
impression to the passerby that the
place Is deserted or that the occupants
are neglegent. This rule may apply in
some degree to residence property.
Although it would take the owner or
tenant from five to ten minutes every
day during the snowy season to keep
his part of the sidewalk clean, it would
impress pedestrians that lie had a re-
Karil for the comfort and safety of his
Cut the High Co»t of Living.
W. H. Chapman, Wlnnebago, Neb.,
tels how he did It. "My two children
had a very bad cough and the doctor's
medicines did them no good. I got a
bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound, and before it was all used the
children were free and cured of their
cough. I saved a doctor's bill for one
25-cent bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound." No opiates Carroll Drug
No. 4286
In the superior court of the state of
Washington, In and (or the county of
William H. Lillle, plaintiff versus
Kdith Lillle, defendant.
The state of Washington, to the said
Kdlth Ullie, defendant: You are here
by summoned to he and appear within
sixty (60) days, after the date of the
first publication of this summons, ex
flusive of the day upon which the first
i'ubllcßtion is made, towit: Within
sixty (60) days from the 11th day of
January, 1913, and defend the above
named action in the above entitled
court, and serve a copy of your answer
or other pleadings upon the undersigned
attorneys for the plaintiff at their ad
dress below stated, and in case of your
ft; lure so to do Judgment will be rend
ered against you according to the de
ii'ands of the complaint, which has been
filed in the office of the clerk of said
This action Is one where the plaintiff
prays for a decree of the court dissolv
ing the bonds of matrimony heretofore
and now existing between the plaintiff
and defendant unon statutory grounds,
lamely: abandonment and desertion;
snld grounds being fully set forth !n the
complaint filed as above stated.
Attorneys for plaintiff, P. O. and of
fice address, Colville, Stevens county,
state of Washington.
Claude Lewis has leased the
rink and will open Wednesday
night for public skating, 7to 10
every evening, and Saturday af
ternoons. He has not yet secured
the music which he intends to in
stall. He has plenty of skates,
and will endeavor to provide a
popular resort for ladies and
gentlemen who like the exhilarat
ing sport of roller skating.
For Sale—Few Buff Orpington
hens and pullets, full stock. Call
at A. A. Willett's.

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