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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 273
The kind that will be satisfactory to you. That is what you
want. We use *in repairing watches genuine factory made
material and take the utmost pains in repairing and adjusting.
If your watch is off its rate bring it in and let us tell you what
is wrong with it, as the longer you put it off the more it is
liable to cost you to have it repaired right.
Jeweler's) Optician
Lasswell Building
The long winter evenings are almost upon
us. Electricity in the home is almost a
necessity and is certainly a great comfort
in many ways. Have your house wired
and enjoy all the pleasures of a well light
ed home.
Stevens County Power & Light Co.
Electric Lights Baths Sample Room
Steam Heat Free Bus
Hotel Colville
The Largest and Best Equipped Hotel in Stevens County
WILL DINGLE, Proprietor
First-class dining room in connection, under supervision of Mrs. Dingle.
Frank Ko&ka
Merchant Tailor
Colville, Washington
Abstracts of title to Stevens county
lands, mines and water rights
Title Guaranty & Investment Co.
Rickey Block Colville, Washington
If you are dissatisfied with your holdings in
this community and want to sell or exchange
for other property, call on G. B. Ide of the
Ideßeal Estate Agency
Colville, Washington
as we are in touch with 3000 real estate
dealers throughout the United States, Canada
and the Inland Empire. If you have a bargain
we want it. If you want a bargain we have it
Youth's Companion, 1 year,regular price $2.00
Colville Examiner, 1 year, regular price $1.50
For a very short time the Examiner w ill send
both papers to any address for
Cbe Colvilic examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, January 18, 1913
Gleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
The first message of Governor
Ernest Lister, democrat, is before
the people. It is a remarkable
document, in that it shows the
new governor to be a man who
can distinguish the duties of his
office from those of the state's
legislators. And this is some
thing quite new for this state, at
least within recent years.
The governor does not make
any DEMANDS upon the legisla
ture. He evidently realizes that
the state legislature is the law
making body, not the governor.
But in conformity with the demo
cratic state platform, he takes up
a number of matters of needed
legislation and discusses them in
a clear manner, making seven
suggestions, two recommenda
tions, and urging consideration of
two more. On other points he
simply gives a rational plan of
action, without suggestion.
Here is a summary of Governor
Lister's ideas:
A presidential primary law.
Direct election of senators.
Non partisan elections for cities
and counties.
Abolition of straight ticket
Election booths better lighted.
Election ballots plainer, larger
type, larger squares, squares at
left of names.
Congressional re-districting, to
place the two new. congressmen.
Fewer state schools, but better
ones. (The state has been sup
porting five.)
Schoolhouses open for public
use when not in use by school.
Board of control to know exact
cost of operating state institu
Separate sexes in state training
school, teach them trades, and
have them make articles for their
own use.
Use prisoners on state high
Sell grain bags made at state
pen at about cost to the farmers
of this state, instead of making
a profit of 40% as in the past.
Abolish tax commission, put
ting work under secretary of
Abolish board of managers of
state reformatory, putting under
board of control.
Require all fees of state boards
to be placed in state treasury.
Abolish bureau of inspection
and have state auditor formulate
a statewide accounting system
which will be simple and effective.
Abolish commissioners of dairy
and food, horticulture, oil inspec
tor, grain inspector, veterinarian,
and create commissioner of agri
culture and inspection, who will
also handle inspection of commis
sion houses.
Not increase tax levy or make
bond issue for roads for at least
two years.
Make state bureau of fisheries
Have a state architect, and
thus save much money over past
Abolish from public printing
reports not of general interest.
Have a state flag.
Better drainage district laws.
Committee not members of leg
islature to redraft bills before
final passage.
Not spend more than $200,000
for exposition displays.
Develop state'slogged off lands.
If Governor Lister's ideas are
carried out, it will mean the sav
ing of more than a million dollars
to this state, at the same time
giving a better service. And it
is«vident that he intends to work
in harmony with the legislature.
The action of the new demo
cratic board of county commis
sioners in electing the holdover
republican, Frank Ferguson, as
chairman is to be commended.
It shows that the democratic
members are real men and not
snide politicians.
This action stands out in strik-
Jng contrast with that of the new
board which took office four years
ago. G. W. Sutherland and W.
W. Bryant were elected as repub
licans, and S. S. Beggs, demo
crat, was the holdover. Suther
l land was elected chairman.
When you sum everything up,
kthere is a considerable difference
■between republican and demo-
Hcratic principles. There are mat-
Rters of justice and courtesy which
pwe much more vital than rabid
, The annual meeting of the
-Stevens County Federation of
Commercial Clubs will be held at
Colville on Tuesday afternoon,
January 21st, at which time the
'Officers' reports will be submitted
and new officers elected for the
The federation has accomplish
ed much during the past year,
and owing to the recent prelimin
ary organization of a central sell
ing agency with headquarters at
Spokane which promises to solve
the problem of our fruit growers
in the future, strong support
should be given the federation so
that Stevens county will be right
in line to receive her share of the
benefits to be derived by such
Every man in the county who
is at all interested in the develop
ment of our agricultural interests
should attend this meeting. Make
it a point to be there.
The county commissioners have
ordered 100 elk from the Yellow
stone national park, at $5 a head,
to be distributed over this county,
payment to be made from the
game fund. R. J. Townsend has
been designated caretaker. The
animals are to be mostly female,
and this county is believed to be
a good locality for them to thrive.
FredC. Rumsey, one of County
Assessor Algie's deputies, will
remain on duty a month under
the democratic ring, in order to
give the inexperienced fellows a
start. —Statesman-Index.
The above attempt to cover up
a perpetration by a former mem
ber of the courthouse ringl, by
"handing something" to the
democrats, won't go; and while
the Examiner dislikes to again
take up the subject of the old
ring's methods, now that the
bunch is almost gone, a deliber
ate attempt such as the above by
the ring organ should call forth
the facts.
The reason for Rumsey bang
kept in the assessor's office .is
that this office is the only one 10
the courthouse which is in any
particular measure behind in its
work. The reason the office is
behind is that for a month or
more before his term of office ex
pired, Assessor James Algie spent
his time as manager of the Col
ville Leader, and allowed the
work to get behind in the asses
sor's office. He drew his pay
from the county, just the same,
up to Jan. 13, although since
Dec. 11 he has been an employe
of the Leader and presumably
drawing the $150 a month salary
from the Leader. Thus Stevens
county has paid to James Algie,
former county assessor, $100 or
more in salary for time when he
was working for another corpora
tion. Some men would not have
accepted this $100 from the
Thus Rumsey is still working
in the assessor's office, cleaning
up the 1912 business.
Governor Lister's suggestion of
non-partisan elections for cities
and counties comes at a time
when the people should be ready
for such a step. The saving of
money and the better selection of
public officials are the only argu
ments necessary.
Stevens county offers a fair
sample of the incompetency of
present law. In the past it has
been almost impossible to elect
any man unless he was on the re
publican ticket and supported by
a certain clique within that party.
This meant that a man, no mat
ter how capable, was prevented
from holding county office if he
happened to be in belief a demo
crat, a prohibitionist or a socialist.
If you, as an individual, hired
a man to do a certain work, would
you first ask his political beliefs,
or would you demand the qualifi
cation to do the work ?
The cancellation of rates on
lumber from points on Great
Northern to points on the Harri
riman lines, which were canceled
effective Dec. 31, has been sus
pended by the interstate com
merce commission until April 30.
Thus the rates via Spokane gate
way will continue in effect as at
present, until ultimate decision
by the commission.
"Corners" are crimes, accord
ing to last week's decision by the
U. S. supreme court. Patten,
the Chicago speculator, had a
"corner" in cotton. The govern
ment called it a conspiracy in re
straint of trade, and prosecuted.
Now if a corner in cotton is
illegal, how about a "corner" in
courthouse offices? This county
hasn't been bothered much by
having its cotton cornered, but it
has had other troubles.
Next time the old ring starts
up we can read the supreme court
decision into their actions.
The state highway commission
er reports that there is a total of
39,062 miles of highways in this
state, consisting of 26,677 miles
of unimproved earth roads, 7826
of improved earth roads, 3587 of
gravel roads, 100 of plank, 116 of
corduroy, 184 of macadam, sof
brick, 17 of concrete, 56 miles bi
tuminous, the rest miscellaneous.
Spokane county has 2962 miles;
Stevens 1398 of earth roads, 13 of
improved earth roads, 9 of gravel;
Ferry county 550 miles, Okanog
an 732, Pend Oreille 200.
The Pomona grange of Pend
Oreille county in session last
week passed a resolution to work
for a state prohibitory amend
This comes a trifle late to do
any good. Four years ago, when
the democratic party had that
plank in its platform, Pend Oreille
valley residents whooped 'er up
loudly for the republican local
option plan in opoosition to pro
hibition. The vote throughout
the state was so decisive against
prohibition, that we doubt wheth
er even four years under the
local option game has been enough
to change public sentiment.
Moving pictures depicting bib
lical scenes are more potent than
preaching a sermon is the opinion
of the Rev. Dr. Harry W. Jones,
who became famous during the
Spanish-American war as the
"fighting chaplain" of the battle
ship Texas. He has resigned his
pastorate on Long bland, and is
now operating a traveling picture
show on lines educational and re
He says: "A religious subject
tactfully and reverentially treat
ed, in my opinion will do more to
advance the cause of religion and
uplift humanity than a thousand
eloquent preachers ever hope to
accomplish by their oratory."
Jones was awarded a medal by
congress for bravery in action.
Old fashioned "spelling bees"
will be made the most popular
amusement of Washington school
children through a policy an
nounced in Spokane by Mrs.
Josephine Corliss Preston, state
school superintendent-elect, who
j ''I would like to see the spelling
bee adopted all over the state. I
' think the children need to learn
■ to spell—that is one of the old
' fashioned things we can hardly
An Exponent for
Stevens County
$1.50 Per Year
Plans and specifications for all classes
of buildings, furnished in short order,
together with the approximate cost of
the building. You can save money on
any kind of building by securing planp
and estimates first.
Colville, Washington
Henry C. Rukgaber
Horseshoeing, Black
smithing, Wagon Re
The best lighted shop in the country.
Big equipment, and satisfactory
work assured.
\ Bit the
r^***iS|H fiKIMiSJ OKI'
fc^~3 ■ £=r~. OF THE
j rfe-3 TOUNTY
/ '1 oji
>sfc»- colville
'^tS^^ WASH.
F. D. Tower
Racket Store
All of the little things
that are handy
Fir^l door north of Casey
Solicits your patronage while in
Kute» 50ccnt8 and U|>. Kcasonablo rates
by week or month, k block from post
odice, near new Monroe Street bridge.
Full view down Riverside Avenue from
Wm Snow, Prop. K. 11. Snow, Mgr.
Spokane, Washington.
Stevens County
Drug Store
Homeopathic Drugs
Help the Chronic and
Cure the Sick
C. DeKEYZEß,coiviiie
The Universal Car
On the road to success you'll find
no FORD cars coming back. The
Ford holds first place because it
is as nearly a perfect piece of
motoring mechanism as human
ingenuity can devise—and is
most economical in first and
after costs.
Every third car a Ford and every
Ford user a Ford "booster."
with all equipment, f. o. b. Col
ville, Wash. Get full particulars
Willett Bros.
drop from the school curriculum.
In Walla Walla county last winter
we had wonderful success with
our spelling bees, and I am con
fident similar success can be at
tained by working the plan on a
large scale."
Mrs. Preston was the only
woman who gained a state office
at the recent election, and she is
planning to work out a number
of her ideas while in office. She
is ardently in sympathy with the
modern trend of education toward
industrial training.

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