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A Weekly Journal of
Issue Number 38 2
That piece of jewelry you broke
can be made good as new at a nomi
nal cost. Bring it in here today and
let us give a price on it. We can mend
anything in reason—stones reset and
jewelry altered to suit your fancy.
Jeweler and Optician
ELECTRICITY in the home is almost a
necessity and is certainly a great comfort
in many ways. Have your house wired
and enjoy all the pleasures of a well.light
ed home.
Stevens County Power & Light Co.
Hotel Colville
The Largest and Best Equipped Hotel in Stevens County
WILL DINGLE, Proprietor
First class dining room in connection, under supervision of Mrs. Dingle.
Frank Kosftka
Merchant Tailor
Colville, Washington
Abstracts of title to Stevens county
lands, mines and water rights
Great Northern Railway
Faster Schedules
More Convenient Departures
The ORIENTAL LIMITED leave* Spokane 8:15 a. m., ar
rive* Seattle 8:15 p. m., Tacoma 10 p. m:, crossing the Cas
cades in day-light. A beautiful trip
FOR THE BUSINESS MAN-A new night train, No. 25,
leaves Spokane 8:30 p. m., arrives Seattle 8 a. m.
Compartment-observation cars, standard
sleepers and coaches on above trains
Local train No. 3 leaves Spokane 8:35 a. m., arrives Seattle
10:25 p. m., stopping at all stations enroute
For further information call or write
D. W. Williams Il3aT ' 1 *• C- Shaw
Agent InoVLayl Tray. Pass. Agt.
Colville, Wash. Lj^J s P°kane- Wash.
Pay in advance and get the Examiner for $1.
Cbe £olville Examiner
Colville, Stevens County, Washington, Saturday, February 20, 1915
Cleaning and Repairing
Neatly Done
Fi-lirmiry .Senalon.
Monday. Feibuary 1, 1915.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
All members present.
The time was spent with various
committees, attending to miscellaneous
matters ami answering correspondence.
Board adjourned to Tuesday, Febru
ary L\ 1915.
Tuesday, February 2. 1918.
Hoard nnt pursuant to adjournment.
All members present.
The time was spent with committees
concerning rights of way and inspect
ing county roads near Colville.
Board adjourned to Wednesday, Feb
ruary 3, 1915.
Wednesday, February 3. 1015.
Board met pursunnt to adjournment.
All members present.
In the matter of the petition of B.
U Gurnsev et al. for a county road,
the waivers all being In, the engineer's
report is hereby accepted and approved
and the road established and ordered
The committee on the August Saver
road was given considerable time In
securing the rights of way for said
In the matter of securing right of
way for the August Huudt road after
discussing the 'matter, the same was
further postponed until the board could
make more full investigation on said
Board adjourned to Thursday, Feb
ruary 4, 1915.
Thursday, February 4, 1915.
Roard mot pursuant to adjournment.
All members present.
The forenoon was spent with the
committee concerning the right of way
in tie Draper change in the Rickets
In the matter of the hearing on tiie
engineer's report on the Charles Crumb
road, the hearing came on at the ap
pointed t'nie, and after hearing the
evidence the matter was taken under
Board adjourned to Friday, Feliru
ary 5, 1915.
Friday, February 5. 1915.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
All members present.
The balance of the county treasurer's
surety bonds are hereby approved.
The following- official bonds are
herehy approved: Elmer D. Hall, jus
tice of the peace; John Harris, con
stable; C. T. Rigg, justice of the peace;
S. J. Kilgore. justice of the peace; P.
C. Janes, justice of the peace; D. P.
Harvey, justice of the peace: Charles
Adams, justice of the peace; F. H.
Bradley, justice of the peace; George
Lord, justice of the pence.
In the matter of the petition of citi
zens of Colvllle for the appointment of
F. H. Bradley as justice of the peace,
In hereby approved.
In the matter of the hearing on the
tpetition of P. H. Knox for vacation of
a ooiintv rorid cn"ie nn reTulnrly at
ippolntfd ti:>.e an ! no one .i^o^i-ing
to offer any objection to said vacation,
the petition is hereby approved and
vacation granted.
Balance of day spent with various
Board adjourned to Saturday, Febru
ary 6, 1915.
Saturday, February fi, 1915.
The board spent the day In Ohewelah
Investigating the matter of the John
F. Wilson damage suit as.-iinst the
Monday, February 8, 1915.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
All members present.
In the matter of the petition of Matt
Moll et al for a county road, tliu en-
Ineer is ordered to survey and report.
The official bond of W. C. Kirk, as
justice of the peace for Marcus pre
cinct, is herehy approved.
In the matter of the petition o£ Louis
Perros et al for a county road, the
i-i.flneur'a report is hereby approved.
road established and ordered
In the matter of the timber on the
■ight of way on the Gardner road on
lions 2, 3 and 10, in township 3.",,
ranfe 40, the county auditor is hereby
instructed to advertise same to he Bold
on March 8, 1015, at 2:30 o'clock p. 111
In the matter of the call for bills
for the care of the county poor at the
county "oor farm; the bids were opened
at the appointed time and are as fol-
K. F. Starr the sum of $15 per month
per inmate, as per the call for bids,
Fred and Emma Nelson; for the first
proposition towit: For a superintend
ent by the year, to properly care lor
nurse and have charge of said inmates
furnishing- all necessary help, salary
payable monthly, county will furnish
suitable buildings properly furnished
and will provide all food, clothing
b-dding: bid submitted for $U per
month for each inmate.
Charles Sanford; bid submitted for
'U.9S per month ncr Inmate to furnish
all labor for the care of said inmates
and to furnish all food for same.
A. P. Trunnels; bid submitted for the
care of the inmates of county at ooun
iv farm at the rate of $15 per month
er inmate: the county to furnish the
clothing, bedding and other necessary
things as county is now doing, includ
ing the nurses.
T. li. Norton, bid submitted; first:
To take care of said inmates at yearly
salary of $1,860, which will allow for
help as follows: $30 per month for
nurse, $25 per month for a cook my
work $100 per month, total $100 iiei
month. Or, second: Will care lor said
inmates at $14.90 per inmate per month
and will furnish food and proper care
J. 11. King; hid submitted on first
proposition is $2,250 and upon second
proposition is $14.48 per inmate per
The bid of Charles .Sanford being
lowest and considered best, is hereby
The following claims were allowed
and warrants ordered drawn for same:
Colville sanitarium, hospital fees,
Nellie, $67.50.
Colvllle sanitarium, hospital fees,
Penrose. $34.
Itussell Supply Company, supplies
indigent, $18.65.
Henry Kukgaber, boarding indigent,
Frank Newton, livery for engineer,
Grove & Grove, supplies for Indigent,
R. ( B. Thomas, expense account,
J. B. Thomas, expense account. 11-40.
.Shaw & Ilorden, supplies for county
engineer, $5.
Dearanger & Brunner, supplies for
D. It. and B. No. 3, $S 52.
Elmer D. Hall, supplies for Indigent,
Statesman-Index, supplies for proa
ecutor, sheriff and superintendent,
A. BL Kodson, expense account $17 90.
F. H. Aim, bridge work, It. and U.,
B. f F. Hughes, hunting applications,
E. N. Guertln, supplies for indlgents,
John W. Graham, supplies for county
assessor, $7.22.
Lewis Fuller, expense account
game), $5.
L. C. Hlchardson, repairing dating
stamps, $2.80.
T. H. Norton, water rent for three
months (county farm). $18.
Mrs. I. T. Peterson, house rent for
Mrs. McDonald. $5.
Echo Valley & Colvllle Telephone
Company, phone rent to county farm,
Pioneer Bindery & Printing Com
pany, supplies for county auditor,
Pioneer Bindery & Printing Com
pany, supplies for game commission
I ivr.ii.
Pion. ■ : I lery * Printing Com
pany, supplies for county treasurer,
A. P. ■:'..',,■. luppllei for game com
mission, fll
c .1. 1:1 iica, expi m« aooount (fame),
W. C. Koppe, carpenter work In
Courthouse 11...40.
Colvli:. I'nlni and Paper Store, sup
plies foi courthouse, 19.10.
Jolin VV. Oraham, supplies for asses
sor, 16 cents.
Pai in. T< hphone and Telegraph
Company, phones for county, $60.05.
Frank \: Choens, right of way Saver
road, I: and 8., $100.
W. c Koppe, repairs in judge's of
fice, I
J. A. lllce, supplies for courthouse,
sii>. County Power and Light
Compn i, light, $27.»0.
A. B, Snnsburn, county auditor, con
tinent cash account. $8(5.04.
lOmin.i Keith, witness fees in justice
of tin |>i ace cost bill, $2.60.
J. S. Lane, livery for prosecuting at
torney. $u.r,n.
Mi*. L. s. Bancroft, cook at Jail,
A. JMri'nleinan, cutting wood for In
dißeJtt. $1.50.
COBille Laundry, laundry for court
house. $1.50.
Cohili.- .Meat Market, meat for Jail,
City Transfer Company, drayage, 50
Kehdrlck Mercantile Company, sup
plies for indigent, $i! 4.70.
Cheurl.ili Drug Company, drugs for
Indigent. $1.15.
Btii »-Keller Hardware Company,
supplh a for county officers, $;::>.'.m.
Will, -it Uros., supplies for court
house. $5.02.
Sliiw X lSurden Company, supplies
for Jounty officers, $153.48.
A. P. Bennett, right of way in Dra
per iliange In Rlckett road. $100.
Mi*. Grace McUonnld, indigent, re
lief, l)«
3. fi\ I'urter, livery to sheriff, $34.10.
.F. M. Dupuls, livery to slieriff, en
gine r iii'l superintendent. $43.
IK in Cherry, nurse at county farm,
C'flvilK. Bakery, supplies for Jail,
C< ville Paint nml Paper Company,
»un|] le - for Jail, $1.25.
Ja lea 11. Brafnley, supplies for Indl
ent, $12.
F. C. Janes, justice of the peace cost
hill, state versus Mike Molly (game),
D. P. Harvey, justice of the peace
Cost hill, state versus nice, $3.50.
W. 1-. .Miller, constable, state versus
Bice, $6.10.
J. N, Bryam, supplies to indigent,
W. I*. Kickineyer, tax refund, $Gl.7i>.
W. W. Bryant, deputy sheriff ex
pense account, $H. 30.
Martha A. lioardman, expense ac
count. $28.75.
A. P. Tiunnels, care of county poor
farm. $274.60.
Frank Shcphard Company, annota
tions foi superior judge, $U.
O. (). Bradley, painting and kalso
inining, $«.
William Miller, expenne account,
R, It. (Herman, deputy sheriff. $12.
D. A. Downes, deputy sheriff, $U.6">.
W, 11. Brownlow, county printing,
Cbarles Crockett, supplies for indi
gent, 18.55.
The I: 10. Lee Company, supplies for
county farm, $24.G0.
Colvllle sanitarium, hospital fees for
'lips. $40.
Colville sanitarium, hospital lees for
.■II. $35.
C.'lville sanitarium, hospital fees for
Smith. |69.
It. F. Smith, supplies for indigents,
Wilson l'ruduco Company, supplies
The Li. K. J.eu. Company, supplies for
Mil, $26.80.
L. C. Riohardson, typewriter sup
plies, $1.50.
B, H. Orowdon, deputy sljeriff and
i xpenses. $7.5u.
P. E. Newton, livery to sheriff, $2.
Colvllle sanitarium, hospital fees,
Hlanohett, $!!»•
Charles Adams, justice of the peace,
i-ost bill state versus Lotze, $3.75.
liaviti Downs, constable, $S.SO.
diaries Lotze, witness, state versus
l.otze, $3.50.
Mrs. Charles l.otze, witness, state
versus Lotze, $:i.xu.
Mrs. Mary l.otze, witness, state ver
xus Lotze, $3.80.
l.kldie Lotze, witness, state versus
I otze, $3.80.
l-;rnest Lotze, witness, state versus
l.'itze. $3.80.
Rudolph Lotze, witness, state versus
l.ntae, $3.su.
W, C. Vllwock, agent, premium on
assessor's bond, $7.5".
r. W. Carter, livery for engineer,
J. *D. Casey & Son, supplies for mdl■
■ 'it and county farm, 116.56,
''nivilie Drug Company, luppllei for
(oiinty farm, $4.
i. J. Lawwell, city treasurer, for wa
ter rent, $18.
Harmana Ino, supplies for Indigent,
W, H. Wright, house rent Indigent,
c.'olunibU garage, auto hire hy coun
> vsioian for Indigent, $15.
I. O. Hair, carpet for Judge's office,
lioa'rd adjourned to Tuesday, Febru
ary 9, 1915.
Tuesday. February 9, lUIS-
Koard met puriuatlt to adjournment.
All members present.
In the matter of the petition of
S<u-en Jensen ft al for a county road
■ c engineer Is otderd to survey and
'in' 'the matter of the petition of
.1 iinea VV. Cafl'ell at al for a county
road, the engineer la orderer to sur
iv and report. „ ..
hi the matter of the tax cancellation
of A. S. Ilowoll of 13.81 c-f personal
property, cancellation granted because
In the matter of the petition of
A. U Pence, Lois F. Baldwin and A.
X Baldwin for the vacation of certain
lots and streets: which was filed with
II c county commissioners on September
3, 11*14, and by order of October X,
111 was taken under advisement, and
order of October 13. 1914, was
ranted as prayed for.
It appearing to the board that the
title to lots In block 44 is Involved
:i id that they do not appear of record
1 1 being the property of the petition
:.•..) the said petitioners having
'I notified to appear this day before
this board upon a further hearing of
Id petition, and the said petitioners
ing all represented. It is ordered and
' '•■! that the order heretofore en-
I herein on Ootober IS, 1914, grant
ing said petition as prayed be rescinded
I that In the place thereof It be
■ .lered and decreed upon said petl
llon that all of lots in blocks 35 and
be vacate.l and thrown back Into
.;n?e; that all of Columbia park be
■.:<■.•, terl and thrown hack Into acreage
■ part of adjoining acreage; that
ill the ttlleyn In said blocks 35 and
3<i be vacated and thrown back Into
iicreagf): that all Of Holly avenue.
the same borders on blocks 35
: II and for ewenty feet north there
.ii.l twenty feel south thereof, and
;i -it rip twenty feet In width off the
nouth side of OlenWOOd avenue, where
■ 1 same borders on blocks II and 3<i
and for a dlaUnce of Hlxty-flve feet
west thereof, and a strip twenty reel
In width off the north side of Wood
lawn avenue where the same borders
on blocks II and 11, and also a strip
ntv feel in width off west nlde of
1 1 . 1 side avenue where the same bor
-1 . ■ on blocks 3«. be all vacated and
1 rown back Into aereag*
In the matter of the petition of
.lie and Meyers Falls Rural Tele
: .. >ne Company for a franchise along
$1 Year in Advance; 5c Copy
and upon the following described coun-
IV roads In Stevens county for the pur
oaa of erecting and maintaining a
telephone line: On the Colville and
Marcus road as the namo Is surveyed,
I.lid out an.l established, beginning at
the point of Intersection of said road
itli the boundary line of the city of
Colville In said county and state, thence
along said road to the point of Inter
■ lion with the boundary line of the
townsite known mid descrrlicd as Mey
ers Falls, Washington, In said county
also, unon that portion of the Colville
and I.lttle Dalles road beginning at
the point of intersection of said road
with the above deschlbed road at or
near the Tied Kchoolhouse In section
thirty-tWO Cl2>. township 86, north,
iin-c ?,\\ B, W. tl, thenc- along said
mad to the town of Blcho In said town
shin and renvfl' hearing on above fran
chise set for March 8, 1915, at 2:30
o'clock p. m.
In the matter of the petition k>f
the Echo Valley and Colville Telephone
Company, a corporation, for the au
thority, privilege and franchise to con
struct, erect, maintain and operate
poles and wires for telephone service
over and along and across the public
highways ami roads of the county of
Steven*, state of Washington, known
as the Colville-Meyers Falls number 3^
. imanent highway: March 8, 1911 af*
:!::!0 o'clock p. m. Is hereby set as a
time of hearing on above application.
In the matter of the petition of
I. Chopot et al for a county road,
the engineer Is ordered to survey and
In the matter of the petition of
I). B, Johnson et al for a vacation of
the county road starting at a point
where the county road intersects the
township line (southeast quarter of
section 82-31-80) following the old
' .idy-CSifforil road to a point where it
intersects the state road near the
J.earinger & Brunner mill. The engin
eer Is ordered to Investigate and re
Hoard adjourned to Wednesday, Feb
ruary 10, 1915.
February 10. 1915.
Hoard mat pursuant to adjournment.
■Ml members present.
In the mutter of the damage claim
c.r 112,150 of John F. Wilson, for In
lurlei received on v county road; same
is hereby rejected.
In Hie matter of tlio petition of
'V. A. Naumnn et al for a county road;
hearing on the engineer's report 1h
hereby set for March 9, 1915. at 4
o'clock p. in.
In the matter of the petition of
T. J, Aorai et al for a county road;
hearing on the engineer's report Ist
hereby Het for March 9, 1915, at 2:3(1
o'clock •>. m.
lii the matter of the petition of
-odors Alberts et al for a change In
Mie Rockwall road, the engineer's re
nort Is hereliy accepted and the road
ordered opened.
11l the matter of the petition of
the North linsln Telephone Company
for a telephone franchise nn the Loull
IVrros road; hearing on snme Ih here
by set for March 10, 1915, at 1 o'clock
In ' the mutter of the petition of
John llardcnbrook et al mr the vaca
tion of a county road an follows: l!e
winning In the northeast quarter of
the BOUthWMt <|uarter of section 22,
township 3f. nortli. range 40 B, W. M.
at the crossing of a spring creek on
lie old McDonald road, being station
1174-10 of the Htnte road survey; thence
following the old McDonald road to
the west to Its Intersection again with
the state road at satlon 1507-72 on the
west boundary of the northeast quar
ter of the southeast quarter of sec
tion 20.
In the matter of the petition of
A, H. Klein for a change In the Phil
lips road, the engineer's tuport ll ap
proved and the road established and
ordered opened.
In the matter of the petition of
Victor I,elirmann et ai for a county
road, the engineer's report Ih hereby
I uiroved anil the road cstnMiHhnd and
ordered opened.
In the matter of the hearing on the
engineer'! report on the Springdale-
Ihintoi-H permanent highway aorou the
hind owned hy 11. M. Shull In section
I, township 29, ranne 40, more proper
Iv de«orlbed as the north naif of the
northweal quarter of section 4, town
ship 2f), inline 40, E. W. M. Same came
on for hearing at the appointed time
and the said 11. M. Shull not appear
r, the said road Is hereliy declared
to he a public necessity. The said II
Shull is awarded tl damnge and the
county auditor Is orderen to draw a
warrant for fl cash samo and deposit
the amount with the county clerk and
notify the said H. M. Shull of the ac
tion of the hoard and upon his sign
ing the right of way w/Uv.r, the above
amount will he forwarded to him.
Hoard adjourned to Thursday. Feb
ruary 10, 191.1.
TliurHday, February 10. 1(15,
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment.
All memhers present.
In the matter of the petition of
W. B. Moore et al for a county load,
the engineer is ordered to survey ami
In the matter of the petition of
John Hardenhrook et al for the vaca
tion of a county road, the engineerl
having made his recommendations,
hearing on (tame Ih herehy set for
March «, 1915, at 2:30 o'clock p. m
The official bond of A. C. Klellng al
constable In hereby approved.
The contract for the care of the poor
(arm hy Charles and Mary Sanford
approved and signed.
In the mutter of the application of
Klmer D. Hall of Bosshurg to be ap
pointed Justice of the peace for above
precinct, approved and appointment
Additional claims allowed as fol
McCrea & Davis, supplies D. It. uml
If. No. 3, 13.50.
Gladys Allen, grading eighth grade
examination papers, f%t.tt.
F. M. Allanl, right of way In Kline
change It. and It, $100.
A. !■'.. Dodson, expense account. It.Ot,
Ward Hunt, expense, trip to Chawe
lah with hoard of commlSßloners, (2.40.
H. P. Chase, supplies to D. K. and B.
No. 3, |t.
I, Trampush, supplies to D. X and
11. No. 3. $11.86.
A. H. Sansburn, county auditor,
stamps for county commissioners.
F. K. Newton, livery to superinten
dent, $10.
11. W. Bailey, expense accounty, $«.15.
Howard W. Stull, expense account,
91 centß.
I'eter Tetro. road foreman, D. It. and
I! No. 3, $37.50.
Frank Goodman, road urork, D. It.
and I). No. 3. $41.
M. K. Goodman, road work, p. It.
and B. No. 3, $13.
.John J. Schoenberg, road foreman,
I). It. and 11.
.toe Uoyd, road work, D. It. and U.
No. 3, fli.lt,
Jerry Strecter, road work, D. It. and
H. No. 3, llt.TI,
O. H. Clark, road work, D. It. and B.
No. 3. $13.76.
J. C. Hunter, road work, D. R and
B. No. 3, $9.37.
W. B. Kston, road work, D. R. and H.
No. 3, $13.12.
O, \v McDowdell, road work, D. It.
and n. No. t, $12.50.
W. H. Carter, road worn, D. It. and
H. No. :;. $«25.
li. Kluvano, road work, D. I:, ami It.
No. :i. $13.75.
A. T. Itogers, road work, I>. It and K.
No. 3. 115.75,
1 F. B. Johnson, road work, D. H. and
a no. 1, ii"
C II I'ougle, road D. R.
and 11. No. I, fll.Be.
Lou Barnes, roud work, D. It. and 11.
No, 3, 111.10.
Colvllle Kxamlner, supplies for coun
ty officers and printing. $.i"l 7<i.
!•:. U. Butler, rubber cushion for type
writer, $2.26.
(Continued on page eight)
An Exponent for
Stevens County
/ ■ ' if)
J . '■ ,^' COLVILLB
£ _ WABH.
Stevens County
Drug Store
Homeopathic Drugs
Help the Chronic and
Cure the Sick
C. DeKEYZEß.coiviiie
Solicits your patronage while in
Rates "id rents and up. Reasonable rates
by week or month. J block from post
office, near new Monroe Street bridge.
Full view down Riverside Avenue from
Wm Snow, Prop. R. H. Snow, Mgr.
Spokane, Washington.
I ll
Make the
New Madison
Your headquarters in
Rates 50c and up. Special rates
by the week.
We have a clean and homelike
hotel and are anxious to make
your stay in the city so pleas
ant that you will look us up
Corner First and Madison
The Management of
Gilson & Thomas
444 S. Walnut
Well Drilling
See us for estimates or prices
JkkkMdd* 60 YEARS'
iKSbA Pp Trade Marks
rnH HIV Designs
'Tfiii^ Copyrights Ac.
AnTi""""' 1""!! ■■Mctl nnil il.-iiTl|ill..ri may
qillnklr B»<Mihiln our o| "M fruo wlnl Iht an
Inientlori In pp.hnl.lv piilunl jihln. ("iMniuillca.
tlonimrlrlly.-...-.t1'1.-nf 1 ■.!. IIAIJUBOnK on 1-nfnuU
l«nt free. < >|.lc«t hi/i-ik » f..i h.mum.i,: |ihi.mii«.
I'aienu iiikcii tbrouah Munn 4 Cu. rccolv*
»j«r(al nofire, without ob»rge, luthe
Scientific jsmcricam
A h»ndimm.|f Illnntntad w^fkif. I nruont dr.
rulßtlon "f niiTK'ii-Miiui! J..h!iml. *l •■■rt, IS ■
>.>iir: fouriiiiinihi,(i. Bohlbjrall nnntaln
MUNN & Co. 36t8r0-d *«* New York
Ilrauch '.iffli's. 626 X Ht.. WublDulun, I), c.
The Colville
Flour Mills
has its goods in all the stores
Top Noch
Graham Flour,
Whole Wheat Flour
and Farina
Chopped Wheat
and Oats
We have our chopper running
and can chop or roll your grain
to suit you
We are paying $1.30
per bushel for wheat
We retail and wholesale. Give
us a trial
Colville Flour Mills
Jones & Zuck

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