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Practical Bee Man Tell* the His-.
Tory and Use of the
Intelligently Conducted Bee Culture
It Profitable Industry in
Certain Localities.
It is only within tlie recent years
that the general public has taken any
Interest in the real valut* of many pro
ducts used as food by humanity.
Keally, a great deal more atteution
has been paid to the profitable, feeding
of dairy cows. hens. etc.. than to the
food that human beings have been
■ it is but recently that widespread
campaigns have been carried on In
various cities of the United States,
and especially among school children,
in the Interest of a larger and more
Keneral consumption of so common a
food article as milk. Why. most of us
thought that milk was the best food in
all the world, but we did not really
know it. until Prof. B. V. McCollum
an<\ a few other noted food specialists
gave us the results of their scientific
Honey Second to Milk.
Well a close second to milk as a
health-Riving and health-continuing
rood is honey. In reality, honey is an
ideal food. It is Nature's own sweet,
first distilled in the nectaries of the
blossoms, then gathered by the busy
little honey-bees, stored in their hive
comb-cells, evaporated to almost wax
like consistency, and then sealed
over; thus forming the beautiful and
tempting squares of delicious comb
lioney which we find in the retail gro
ceries in almost every well-regulated
But most of the honey In the mar
kets is In the form of what is called
"extracted" lioney. This is first com
pleted by the bees in combs about
9xlß inches in size. These combs are
built and held in the hive in light
wooden frames. When completed by
the bees, they ar«; removed, taken to
an "extracting" room In a house or
other building, where the thin wax
cappiußS on both sides of the comb
are shaved off with a sharp knife, and
the uncapped combs set in wire comb
baskets that revolve very rapidly by
gpeciul metal gearings within a large
tiu or galvanized iron can; and the
honey is thus thrown out by centrif
ugal force.
After the (tombs are entirely free of
the honey, they are replaced in the
hives, where they are refilled, and the
later operation of "extracting" the
honey is repeated—that is, provided
the flowers continue to yield nectar
for the bees to gather and store in
I started out to tell something about
the great ralue of honey as a food, but
thought the process of producing
combless or "extracted" honey might
be of interest to the uninitiated. So
now for the food value of honey:
Among the well-known dietarians,
Dr. Bruce Belden, has this to say in
the Atlanta Georgian:
Most Valuable of Food*.
"Honey is one of the most valuable
of our foods, and it has been recogniz
ed as such from the earliest days. It
is suggested by an eminent food
authority, that we use it more in
place of our ordinary sugar as a more
suitable food product from the point
of view of digestibility. Another
scientist has showu that honey con
tains so many of the elements need
ed in our diet that the substitution of
honey for sugar might almost be con
sidered an urgent step.
"The sugars which make up honey
do not have to undergo chemical
changes in the alimentary canal be
fore absorption; and honey might,
therefore, be called an ideal food.
Besides this, the calories, or energy
producing units it contain*, are great
er In number than those of meat and
«*gg». which are themselves concen
trated sources of 'fuel' for the body.
"By the analysis of a Swiss scien
tist. Prof. Bunge, honey is shown to
have, besides formic acid, two other
important ingredients not contained
In sugar. These are the valuable min
erals —lime, which occurs in honey in
a quantity of 6.7 per cent; and iron. In
a quantity of 1.20 per cent. These
xubstances are taken out of many of
our foods by refining, and It would be
well to make us this serious deficiency
by using more honey, or by substi
tuting honey for the less valuable
cane sugar."
Growing children are often fed on
various corn syrups and other pro
ducts of inferior food value, when, if
parent* only knew it, they would be
glad to supply honey among other
health and bodily vigor producing
food*; and often at less cost than the
less nourishing things that are sup
I trust what I hare here given will
only serve to whet the breeder's ap
petite for more information on thin
very important subject, and lead him
or her to follow the wise Biblical In
junction, namely, "to prove all things,"
and "hold fast to that which Is good"
—like honey, milk, etc.
Devoted to Women and
Home Affairs
Wider and wider spreads the net.
They bring the cocoa leaves from
.South America now and make cocaine,
the worst of the whole tribe of evil
drugs except heroin, and that is dif
ferent only in degree.
The drug habit Mad to belong in the
underworld and in the underworld
That is no longer true. Doctors,
nurses, school teachers, high school ;
boys, young girls, society women, ac
tresses and actors, lawyers—it's an
organised and highly financial busi
ness, this drug traffic. It's reaching.
reaching for your children and mine.
Women Must Act.
And what are we going I" do about
it we American women?
Sit down and smile and watch the
living death crawling to our very door
steps like a venomous serpent?
Just before the war the whole world
was alive to the danger of the nar
cotic user. At Hie opium congress at
The Hague definite and concrete plans
were laid to kill the traffic.
Dr. Hamilton Wright was a far
lighted, devoted and practical leader
iii this fight, but the drug ring mere
ly laughed From one end of the
world to the other those who control
the drug traffic were amused and en
"Theories." said the drug ring.
"They'll never do anything."
And the war broke out and every
thing went by the board.
Just as the draft ring had prophe
Hut the war i.° over. The world
is coming out of the hideous night
mare that held US enthralled so long.
Isn't there some way that we wo
men here in this country can speak for
the women and fer the children in
every other country on earth, so that
the men of power and influence ga
thered here in Washington today will
hear us and take this matter of the
drug traffic into the disarmament
conference and set the world free,
once and for all. from the slavery of
narcotic durgs?
We arc not asking much of the
armament congress, we Americans.
We have no territory to demand, no
special help to ash in any way. I
Couldn't we take courage and beg of
the conference just this thing; we. ,
Ihe women of America, couldn't we
say to all these powcrfu 1 and bril
liant nun: We do not know much
about Shantung, we dun'l all of us
understand the Bve-to-three-to-flTe i
agreement, and some of us nre stupid
enough to admit that it is hard for i
us to remember the difference be
tween a Jugoslav and a Czechoslovak.
End Drug Evil
But this one thing we do know,
this one tiling we do entreat:
Help the homes of this world out
from under the threatening cloud of
tlir drug slnvery, and help us here in,
America to drive the traffic out in
the only way we can ever drive il
out by international agreement.
Help your own peoples in your;
own homes, too, for no nation and
no home is safe with this evil
abroad hi I lie world. It was in
this city that our great Lincoln
signed the emancipation proclama
tion and freed the Southern slaves.
What a great, what a noble, what a
wonderful thing it would be if here ,
in this city could be signed an in
ternational agreement that would I
strike off the shackles from millions
who are a thousand times more
Put the opium truffle and the co
caine traffic under ;'ilernational lock
and key. Manufacture just enough
for legitimate use and not one grain
more. Stamp out the infamous traf
fic and stamp It out now, this year,
this mouth. Make this act a Christ
mast present to the world.
Two million drug slaves In the
United States right now. Never for
get that for one minute. Two mil
Known addicts to the most horrible
habit in the world.
Is there no way we can keep that
number down?
Spwak up. women of America! Is
this a task you dare ,isl> the dis
armament conference or not?
Through the inventive genius of
W. ('. Chamberlln, clerk at the Fair
mont hotel. San- Francisco, milady,
even though her hair be bobbed and
disinclined to curl, may now boast of i
becoming ringlets.
Chamberlin, during spare mo
ineiiis at the hotel, has long endeavor- :
ed to answer the <|UOHllnn thut many j
women have asked:
"How rim I boh my hair and still
retain my enchanting curls?"
Yesterday Chainherlin announced
the perfection of a little device, which
he calls "Bobs," ami which any wo
man may attach to her coiffure at
bedtime no that she may awake with j
a plentiful supply of curls to satisfy
even the most exacting.
Chamberliu 1h having hi» device pat
ented and expectH to place it before
the American feminine public at an
early date. It is made of celluloid,
and may be used as easily as a hair
The Colville Examiner, Saturday, December 24, 1921
Furs may be cleaned by washing
in gasoline or In *uds made with
.astile sn;ip Wti I Illtta borux. fol j
lowed by several riMltlfl in clear:
water, is a helprul MggMtkra from;
the biological survey. United States'
department of agriculture, it ia best
to hang them oiil of doors to dry.
When dry or nearly so, they re
quire to be stretched and rubbed on I
the flesh side to make them pliable
Kur Raiments may be brightened j
by sponging Ihem with gasoline and
then rubbing corn meal into the
fur while it is still damp to take
up the particle* of dirt that have
been loosened. Gasoline should never
be used, of course, where its fumes
can come in contact with tire.
Another wiiy of cleaning fur su
perficlally is by means of naphtha
lene crystals thoroughly rubbed into
it. The pulverized crystals and the
dirt which has been disloged may
be removed by whipping, brushing
with a whisk broom, or by a vacuum
Feminine ankles apparently have
gone into mourning. The blight red,
green, blue, or tan silk stocking that
used to brighten the London streets
have disappeared.
Stroll along Bond street or Regent
street any afternoon and for every
gay pair of ankles you see you will
count at least four black ones.
The disappearance of the bright col
ors is credited to the sudden craze for
black that is sweeping through the
dress world, a craze that is largely
ascribed to stocks of black material
accumulated by the great Paris houses
for purposes of mourning during the
war and which the houses are now
attempting to unload.
The United States Department of
Agriculture is fostering an exhibit of
"lady killers" in the State of Wash
ington. Among the exhibits are the
old-time wash tub, washboard, broom
land dustpan, the sadiron, castiron
kitchen stove, coal stove, soap stone
beater and many other pieces of
household equipment of bygone days.
In another department are shown all
the modern conveniences, as the "si
lent" servants of the house are wash-
Ing clothes and ironing them, cooking
the meals and sweeping and cleaning
the rooms, all at the touch of an elec
tric switch.
One clever salesman in the suit de
partment of a big department store
says he can tell whether a man is
married or a bachelor by the way he
tests the suit or overcoat he is buy
! ing. A married man examines hte
cloth and asks about its wearing
qualities. A bachelor tries the but
tons, to see whether they are securely
' fastened or not. He hates the thought
of losing a button.
Cranberry Punch.
One quart cranberries, three cups
water, juice of two lemons and two
and one-half cups sugar. Cook cran
berries in water until soft, then press
through a sieve. Add sugar and lemon
j juice and place on ice from three to
four hours to chill. Serve in glasses
with maraschino cherries or candied
THING; got no results, try MOORE'S
REMEDY, and you Will be delighted at the
results. Price $2 00 postpaid.
Northport, Wash.
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Storage Insulation
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Fk*D« M.lb tIM
Snapshots of Governor, H.rt and Marshal Foch Taken During Re-eit Tour o^Wa»hln B ton.
Spokane and Other Counties
Found in Need of This
Fertilizer demonstrations conducted
during the past year, indicate that
phosphorus is one of the limiting fac
tors affecting an increase in crop
production in many of the counties
of the state. Out of sixty-eight fertil
izer demonstrations conducted by
Leonard Hegnauer, extension soil spe
cialist of the state college, sixty-five
gave increases varying from » to 100
per cent where superphosphate was
These demonstrations were conduct
ed in cooperation with the county
agents and local farmers in the coun
ties of King, Grays Harbor, Kittitas,
Beuton, Spokane, Whatcom, Cowlitz,
San Juan, Clallam, Thurston, Snohom
isli and Wahkiakum.
The fertilizer was tried out on sandy
loam, clay bottom, shot clay upland,
peaty soils and gravelly uplands.
Three plots were run to show the dif
ferent treatment. One with barnyard
manure, another with barnyard ma
nure and superphosphate and another
with just superphosphate alone. Out
of the twenty-eight plots where super
phosphate was applied in combination
with the manure, only one failed to
give good results. The results were
more uniform than in the case of the
superphosphate alone and general ay-
erage increases were higher.
Consign Your Livestock to
Union Stock Yards, Spokane. Wash.
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"Experience is a dear teacher.
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"What meant this glory 'round our
The Magi mused, "more bright than
And voices chanted clear and sweet,
"Today the Prince of Peace Is born."
"What means that star," the shepherds
"That brightens through the rocky
And angels answering overhead, sang,
■■Peace on earth, good will to men!"
Crops used in the demonstrations
included: potatoes, corn, strawberries,
wheat, oats, clover, peas and oats,
alfalfa meadow, wheat and vetch, oats
and vetch, raspberries and loganber
"The outstanding fact in these
tests," says Mr. Hegnauer, "is the uni
formly good results obtained from the
use of phosphorus. It is especially
to be noted that an addition of a
small amount of superphosphate to
the manure produced on the farm
greatly increases the value of the ma
nure and the manure in turn helps
the phosphate."
For 160-acre farms of all-arable land
a plan of live-stock production has
been recommended by the United
States department of agriculture
which includes 80 ewes (1 ewe to 2
acres) along with 22 breeding cows
and 12 brood sows. Arable land of
the best class, when used exclusively
for sheep, can be made to support
from 5 to 8 ewes (with their lambs un
til marketed) per acre. On pastures
suitable, for either cattle or sheep five
ewes may be considered the equiva
lent of one cow or steer.
111 » , n I aro the months to
I LATHAMS I m . lkp j ce (j,, (lie
\ jhcmoldi. j ,-., „ni W ith my
*- J molds. Write for
'"•Ss, information to
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Federal Tax Advisors
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Museum. There is something there for
Xmas and the prices are right on rings
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scarf pins, brooches, cuff links, lodge pins,
lavailieres, moccasins, souvenirs, cards.
ii. _. -_- ■ * -
'6* * *
Torrential rains, which beat inces
santly over western Washington Sat
urday, Sunday and today, leading to
rail accidents and mud siides that re
sulted in at least 10 deaths and in
heavy property damage, had ceased
generally in the region west of the
Cascades by Monday. Fear was felt,
however, that high temperatures in
the mountains and melting snows
would increase the menace of rivers
already over their banks.
Cor. Howard .^Ss^h
Spokane, Wn. l'l*M'in|ft i IfWjmri < ~^*J»*H
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A Model Cafe
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An ideal Christmas Gift, for
men and women.
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' I heard the bell* on Christmas Day
Their old familiar carols play,
And soft and sweet their words repeat
Of "Peace on earth, good will to men."
And thought, how as the day had come.
The belfries of all Christendom
Would send along the unbroken song
Of "Peace on earth, good will to men."

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