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o-—o F——-—-——o
The Cities of Olympia and Tumwater, and
Thurston County.
V'OLUME 11. NO :44 >
Draughting and Blue Printing.
Our Abstracts are posted to date every evening, and are the only complete set of Abstracts from
Government to date in the county.
Upstairs In Chambers Block - ~ - - - Olympia, Wash.
Leading Merchant Tailor.
——-——Always keeps a full assortment of— r
——AND— 0a
The Best, Cheapest and Cleanest Fuel.
Dealers In all kinds of fuel. Orders left at R. FROST’S store will receive prompt attention.
F ' >D l . W
mm a 61V erV agons
Carriages, Buggies, Road Carts, Plows, Etc.
Agricultural Implements of Every Description.
Lwery 82 Feed Stable.
When you want a single or double rig or a saddle horse, give us a call. Every-
Lhing new, The finest turnouts to be foun in the city. Charges reasonable. A share
of the public patronage is respectfully solicited.
' A. J. MOSES. Manager.
Second Street, between Washington and Franklin, Olympia, Wash.
, C _ BEARY,
Silsby Block, Main Street, Olympia.
Irv-'3' 5"-'f»:§;“':-;jiz‘,»‘-=.‘ ‘, $12); -: 17;“ ‘Z- . .‘ -_,,'.v7, ;-.z, ‘ - ' ~ I
EARNED 823 BA 'l‘J-‘DS
Undertakers and Funeral Dlrectors
Especial Attention Given to Embalming for Shipment
116 Wen Sixth Street.
. /' :“ 515,43; - ; ' .
w~ryh B'l &G '
Book and Job Printing specialties. Northeast corner of
Fourth and Adams street, Olympia, Wash
/. i ‘
VthiJes‘z‘ilialagasi'gigil.to send i 0 us for prices on Guns, Ammunition. Bicycles, Etc.
KIMBALL BIIOS., l 132 Puclfic Avenue, Tacoma, “lash.
SCI-IOLL & I-IU'I‘I—I, Prop.
Tacoma - - - - - Washington.‘
A- A- TAYLER 32; co;
No. 5 Theater Building, 910 0 street, Tacoma, “(3511.
Everything in the music liwéaxicfgg E'rgsbigesgsofigigggl and J. & C. Fisher Pianos.
All Kinds of Musica Instruments, Sheet Music and Books.
The People on the Westslde Want the
Road Finished.
City Councilman Percival has been re
porting that the grade on 9th street, Ta—
coma, is 17% per cent and that West
. Fourth street in this city is less than that
‘ and tnat the reason why the Westside rail
way company does not go up Fourth street
1 is because it does not wish to improve Mr
IPercival’s property. As a matter of fact
1 thers is no grade in Tacoma over which
‘ electric cars operate, greater than 12 per
cent. It is not to be supposed that the
Westside Railway Company was organized
for the purgose of improving Mr. Percival’s
property; ut it was organized for the
greatest good to the greatest number and
the quicker the city council makes arrange
ments to grade Grant avenue and Harrison
avenue so that we can get down an electric
line. the better it will be for the city. It is
understood that a committee of the coua;
cil now have the matter in charge, whi
will probably accomplish something. Port
Townsend with a much smaller population
than Olympia, has an electric street rail
way in cferation for six miles. Olympia
is behin the times up to date.
Mrs. A. B. Cowles is in Tacoma. '
Fred W. Stocking, of Grand Mound. is
in the city.
Eugene Kriedar, supreme court reporter,
arrived in the city today.
Major and Mrs. C. M. Barton left on the
noon train for the Portland exposition.
F. W. Hicks, the leading mantel dealer
of Tacoma, is in Olympia for a few days.
James Griffey, of this city and Miss Schaf—
fer, of Stockton, were married on Sunday
evening by the Rev. Mr. McCallum. ‘
L. F. Cook and wife. W. S. H. Pratt, H.
C. J efl‘eries, Dr. Willis E. Everett, of
Tacoma, are at the Olympia.
Rev. J. S. McCallum, dpastor of the
Christian church. left to ay for a two
weeks’ absence. He will attend the con
vention of Christian churehes at Tacoma,
after which he will makea trip east of the
Dr. Redfiath, of the Steilacoom asylum.
and Mrs. edpath, left this afternoon for
the east. Dr. Redpath will take a post
?raduate course at Bellevue Medical Col
ege, New York.
J. W. Goodall of Willapa, R. H. Magill
of San Francisco, D. B. Bush of Portland.
and Dr. Edward Thompson and wife, of
San Francisco, are at the Carlton house.
A. 0. Robbins, of Ogden; A. 0. Walker,
of New York; G. H. Compton,of St. Panl~
M. H. Merville and wife, of Portland and
H. E. Honghton, of Spokane, are in the
city and are registered at the Olympia.
Mrs. Larowe, who directed the perform~
ance of “The Deestrick Skule” and who
aided in making-it such a. renounced suc
cess, left for her home in Fenland today.
Superior Court.
In the superior court today an order for
non—suit was granted in the case of Dor
man Bros. vs. Oliver Baker.
The jury was called and sworn in the
ease of Peterson vs. Pearsondz 00., but the
plaintifl and his attorney failed to appear,
and the case was stricken from thedocket.
The case of- Sanger vs. Ouellette was set
for October 16.
Gilmour vs. Neufi'er will be heard to—mor
row morning.
OLYMPIA, Oct. 13.
The maximum temperature today was
62 degrees and the minimum 38. Velocity
of wind, 6 miles per hour, from north
Rainfall, 0.00 inches, Amount of rain
fall since July 1, 1891, 5.42 inches; av
erage (for several years) since July 1, 1891,
6.16 inches; deficiency since July 1, 1891,
0.74 inches. Fair weather for Wednesday.
E. B. OLNEY, Observer.
Notice for Sealed Proposals.
NOTICE is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by the city of Olympia, at the
oii‘ice of the city clerk, until 7:30 p. in. Oct. 13th,
1891, for improving Columbia street, from Sev—
enth street to the all? between Fifth and Sixth
streets, by driving an capfping piles on the same
according to resolution 0 the city council on
file in the oflice of the city clerk. .
Work to be completed in 15 days from date of
A good and sufficient bond will be required of
gig successful bidder equal to the amount of his
1 .
All bids must be made on printed forms fur
nished by the city clerk and accompanied by a
certified check for 5 per cent. of the amount oi
the bid. -
Olympia, Oct. 10, 1891.
2:. City Clerk.
. NOIIGB for Sealed Proposals.
NOTICE is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by the city of Olympic, at the
oifice of the city clerk, until 7:30 p.m. October
13, 1891, for improving Main street from the
north line of Fifth street to the south line of
Sixth street, by placing wooden curbs, con
structing rock gutters and macadamizing the
roadway thereof, according;y to resolution of the
city council and plans an specifications on file
in the office of the city engineer.
A good and sufiicient bond will be required of
the successful bidder equal to the amount of
the bid.
All bids must be made on printed forms inr
nished by the city clerk and accompanied by a
(tzfirt‘ig'igd check for 5 per cent. of the amount of
e 1 .
In the awarding of the contract, the reselli
tion of the city council relative to the employ
ment of home labor in the execution or the
work will be strictly enforced.
Olympia, Oct. 10, 1891.
2t. city Clerk.
Notice for Sealed Proposals.
N OTICE is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by t e citiyi of Olympia, at the
oil-ice of the city clerk, unt 7:30 p. m. Oct. 13th,
1891, for graveling Franklin street, from Tenth
street to Maple Park, according to resolution of
the city council and plans and specifications on
file in the oti'lee oi the city engineer.
Bids to state rate per cubic yard and also total
amount for which work will e done.
Amount of gravel regnired 1155 cubic yards.
Work to be complete on or before Nov. 1, 1891.
A good and suiilcient bond will be required of
thg successful bidder equal to the amount of his
bi .
All bids must be made on printed forms fur.
nished by the city clerk and accompanied by 8.
certified check [or 5 per cent of the amount of
the .
In the awarding of the contract, 'the resolu»
tion of the city council relative to the employ~
ment of home labor in the execution of the work
will be strictly enforced.
Olympia, Oct. 10. 189 i.
l 2t. city Clerk.
Notice for Sealed Proposals.
N OTICE is hereby iiven that sealed bids will
be received by t e city of Olympia, at the
office of the city clerk, not 1 7:30 p. 111. Oct. 13th,
1891, for grad ing and brubbing Maple Park
avenue, from Main street to J etferson street, ac
cording to plans and specifications on file in the
office of the city engineer.
Amount of excavation, 4234 cubic yards.
” embankment 5512 “ "
Word to be completed on or before Novil, 1891'
A good and sutflcient bond will be required of
the successful bidder equal to the total amount
of the bid.
All bids must be made on printed forms inr
nished by the city clerk and accompanied by a
glertgigd check for 5 per cent. of the amount of
e i .
In awarding the contract the resolution of the
city council relative to the employment of home
labor in the execution of the work will be
strictly enforced.
Olympia, Oct. 10, 1891. p
2t. City Clerk.
A salmon wei§hing 501,4 pounds was
caught in the So way, Scotland, a couple
of weeks ago.
Contrary to recent rumor, Mrs. Frances
Hodgden Burnett intends to return to
America in a few weeks.
Melbourne wants a million from the gov
ernment for his rain recipe; and if justice
isn’t done he may make tie heavens fall.
Skeletons of British soldiers of the war
of 1812 have been found at Lundfi’s Lane
at Niagara Falls, ont., in a trenc in the
sand pit opposite the cemetery.
Sara Bernhardt laments lost opportuni
ties for painting Indians. She considers
them picturesque in every respect, and
says that they are splendid subjects.
Associate Justice Stephen J. Field. who
has been in poor health for some time, has
so far recovered that he expects to return
to the bench this month.
When W. K. Vanderbilt passed through
Chicago last week he wore a loose suit of
grayish-blue Indian material that did not
appear to be worth more than $lO.
Parnell, if one may believe the Boston
Globe’s corres ondent, loved and sought i
in marriage a {gravidence girl, twenty years l
ago, but her stern father, a millionaire by l
the way, said nay.
The Alpine Club, of Berne, is building
a hut for signal purposes on the peak of
Monte Rosa, at an altitude of nearly
15,000 feet. The but has the highest site
of any building in Europe.
It is now claimed that a. majority of the
committee of 25 old friends of Jefferson
Davis, a pointed to pass upon the Jackson
statue ofPthe confederate president, favor
accepting it as a good likeness.
A rum smuggler bound for Lewiston, ‘
Me., was detected when his horse ran 3
away in Auburn and scattered five and l
ten-gallon kegs of liquor along the road.
Three residents picked up free supplies.
Rose Coghlan’s experience with man’s
attire in her new play has not encouraged
her to adopt the dress reformers’ Bloomer
costume. She says she likes pretty dresses
too much to relinquish them.
New York Sun: The like of the weath
er the East month in this part of the
country as not been recorded since 1847.
In New England a number of springs and
wells are dry that were never in such con
dition before.
A three-year-old child in Lewiston. Me.,
babbles in three languages—French, Swed
ish and English. Her father is French and
her mother is a Swede. She picked up
Engllsh from customers in her father’s
fruit store. ‘
l'ndianapolis News: Robert Bonner
thinks that both Sunoland Nancy Hanks
will beat the famous record of Maud S. No
sooner will this be done than the horsemen
will set diligently to work to traiu a horse
which shall surpass that speed.
Teacher—“ Keep your hand down, John ‘
Lillingsi when I am ready I will call upon
£0“. ('len minutes later).——Now, John
illings, I will hear what you have to
isoy.” John Billings—“l only wanted ter
te lyer that 1 seed a. tramp in de hallway
hook yer gold-headed umbrella.
An edition of Walter Seott’snoVels on
an unprecedented scale of magnificence is
soon to be established in En land. Andrew
Lang is to edit the work am? he will have
the use of many interesting notes pro~
vided by Scott’s granddaughter.
Albert Cusick, a full-blooded Onondaaa
Indian, has been ordained a deacon of the
Episcopal church. ~He has been a lay
reader in the mission'at the Onondaga. res
ervation and he is .the.first Indian received
into the Episcopal church in New York
state. ‘ , » ,2. , if
Err-Senator Ingalls has dofi'ed the rustic
a ttire in which he used to be clad when he
drove into town from his potato patch.
While he waited in a. station at Kansas
City far a traln the other day he wore his
historic, tightly buttoned Prince Albert
coat, with a pair of highly colored trons
A Very Funny Entertainment at the
Olympia Theatre.
When Mrs. Forrest, one of the pupils of 1
the “Deestrick Skille” told the teacher last
night that the three greatest writers were ‘
Vox Populi, Bill Nye and Billy Esling, the
latter blushed and went down stairs after
a box of carmeles. This is the reason why
the TRIBUNE this afternoon has not an ex
tended account of the funniest, wittiest
and one of the most thoroughly en'oyable
performances ever seen at the Olympia
. l‘heatre, which netted the Congregational
1 people $264. All of the participants, how
‘ ever were not Congregationalists. Some of
them were democrats, some republicans,
some non voters, others fat and a number
ean. Bubby Tinkham came near killing
one of the girls on the stage. He fell on
her. Sister Whitney; looked lovely in her
gretty curls and too good care of Brother
übbi. Sonny Woodrufi‘ had more fun in
himt an all the other unruly boys and
iris in the school, while Pedagogue Allen
'§’Veir would makes. first rate companion
for Denman Thompson to travel around the
country in light comedy. Judge Root
stuttered worse than Demosthenes before
he became a. great orator. Mrs. Brown
kissed the Cornstalk boy so often that the
other young rascals became jealous. Judge
Henry as an authority on jack knives, was
truthful and the who e scholarship was as
noisyand almost uncontrollable as the last
House of Representatives. The “Deestrick
Skule” ought to be repeated.
At the Theater Tonight.
At the theater tonight the play of “A
Turkish Bath” will be presented. The
Herald, of Quincy, Illinois, says of the
The formal opening of Doerr’s opera
house last night drew out a packed house,
to the great elight of Mr. Doerr and Mr.
E. H. Macoy, manager of “A TurKish
Bath”coxnpany. All of the old theater
goers and many new ones were present to
admire the improvements made by Mr.
Doerr and enjoya very funny and highly
pleasing comer y. Miss Marie Heath, who
was seen here last season with “Ole Olson"
and who has since graduated into one of
the brightest stars of the comedy firma—
ment, was given a hearty recegtion by the
‘ large audience, who. it must e said, was
not disagpointed in her ability. Her sweet
voice an cute ways caught the audience
With her first appearance. Every auditor
was fascinated with her songs. grace and
style and she made of them in a night life
long friends, who wlll always be ready to
give her a hearty reception whenever she
reappears in Quincy.
Worse Than Leprosy.
Catarrh. and there is but one prepara
tion that does cure that disease. and that
is the California Positive and Neglaétive
Electric Liniment. Sold at Marr &. oss’
drug store. It also cures neuralgia, rheu
matism, headache, sPrains, burns, and all
gain. Try it and tel your neighbor where
0 get it. tf.
I’ernlclous Activity.
Chicago Tribune: When little Missl
Cleveland becomes old enough to toddle
‘about the house, pull table cloths with
dishes and things down on the floor, smear
molasses candy on doorknohs and upset
ink bottles on costly carpets, her proud
papa will really understand what perni
cious actiwty really is.
Talking Shop.
Mr. Tomato (to Mr. Potato, as a pretty
girl goes by)——Can the potato masher?
Mr. Potato—No, but perhaps the tomato
lhe Junta do not lee to be
‘ The Tone Toward Anlerlca. Greatly
Changed. The Next President a
Strong Man. .
VA-LPARASO, Oct. 13.—The Junta and pol
itical circles are greatly exercised over the
comments which are appearing in the
newspapers of the Argentine Republic
in regard to the treatment of the ofiicers of
Balmacedas government, who have fallen
into the power of the present authorities.
Editorials condemn the action of the
Junta in “persecuting” as they term it,
Balmaceda’s supporters by imprisonment.
Such action the newspapers declare, is
unworthy of a civxlized nation and they‘
add that the proper course for the victors l
to pursue is one of forbearance. The at
titude of the Junta towards the American
legation is now so concilatory that the
presence of the cruiser, “San Francisco”
in Chilian waters is no longer deemed ne
cessary. Capt. Schley, of the Baltimore,
has so informed Admiral Brown. It is
learned on reliable authority) that the name
of Augustin Edwards has een presented
as a candidate for the presidency, with as
surance that he will be elected. He isa
strong man politically. although not cred
ited with brilliant qualities of statesman
ship. His candidacy will probably tend
to settle all differences. Colonel Carvallo.
who was one of Balinaceda’s officers at Go
quimbo, and who while on his way to Peru
was taken from the British steamer at
anique by the junta police, on a charge of
misappropriating public money, is now in
jail at Santiago, Coquimbo division, also
confined there. Arrests offirominent civil
and military adherents of almaceda con
tinue. Minor officials, on the other hand,
are being released daily. It is evidently
the intention of the junta to release many
goliticzlil prisoners after election on Octo—
er 18t ). i
Its First Year’s Business Unexpect
edly Makes it 11 Maximum Office.
The reports of the first year’s business
of. the Chehalis district, with headquarters
at‘ Olympia, just compiled, show a busi
ness beyond expectations. The district in
cludes Pierce, Thurston, Chehalis, Mason
and portions of Pacific, Lewis, King and
Kitsap counties. The first land office was
in Olympia, but during Cleveland’s admin
istration was removed to Seattle. This left
the two offices of Vancouver and Seattle
for western Washington, but both offices
were so overrun that they were divided,
portions of each district being transferred
to this new district. It was thought that
most of the land in the new district was
taken and that it would not be a maximum
office; that is, an office in which the fees
and commissions are sufficient to cover the
salaries of the register and receiver, which
are $3,000 each, less SSOO each which the
government pays. Instead, however, this
amount is exceeded by fully SIO,OOO, while
the cash business for the entire year ,
amounts to a little more than $160,000.
The summary for the year is as follows:
,Total cash pre-empti0n5................289
Total commuted homesteads... . .. . . . . . .106
Total pre-emption filings. .. ..... .. . .206
T0ta1c0a1fi1ing5........................ 64
Total timberentries......... . ......136
Total final homesteads. . . . .. ... . . . . . . . . .118
Total original homestead entries .. .579
Total number of acres for the year, 150,-
178.74T0tul cash receipts for the year $160,-
618. .
Monday’s Transfers. ‘
[Reported by the Capital City Abstract
& Title Insurance Company, Chambers’ ‘
blockfl ' 3
United States to Jonas Justus 6%
of ne%, nwx of ne% and ne% of
nw% section 20 township 16 range
2we5t..............,...........‘$ 400
United States to William GCros
by 8% of 116% and 11% of sex
of section 20 township 16 north,
range 2 east, 160 acres- —patent.
Geo W Weeks to John F Arnold
nwx of section 16, township 19
north, range 1 west, 150 acres. . . 1
J C Brockenbrough et nx to E W
Andrews et allots 1,2, 3, block 3
Champeadd........i..,......... 500
Nathan Todtman to Harris A
001111 e% of ne% and 11% of se%
section 22, township 16 nort :,
range2eastl6oacres............ 500
Thomas Riggs et ux to Mary J Mc—
Intosh lot 25 block 2 Rigg’s add 800
Olympia Land 00 to James N
Ritchie w% of ne% of ne% sec
tion 25, township .18 north, range
2we5t,20acre5.................. 2,100
James N Ritchie to Franklin W
Thornton lotlfiblock QCalhoun‘s
add and other propert 1,000
United States to Geo ¥V Weeks
nw% section 26, township 19
north, range 1 west, 160 acres—-
‘ patent.
Open Meeting of The Nebraska Club.
The Nebraskans have made arrangements
for an open meeting at Tacoma hall on
next Thursday evening, at half past seven
o’clock. Music will be furnished by the
John D. Marioner’s Mandolin club and the
Fish Pole Band. General Cavunuugh will
sfeak about the resources of Nebraska and
ansas congared with those of Washing
ton. Prof. ull one of the Keeley institute
will tell the story why he moved to Wash
ington and why he is so well pleased with
the prospects of Olympia. Little Miss Iva
Van Epps and Master Willie Forrest will
declaim. T. C. Van Epps will act as
chairman of the meeting. Admission
free. Everybody invited whether you have
ever lived in Nebraska or not.
The Best Always Pays.
Anything that announces your business
is an advertisement, whether it be a card,
sign, handbill or a newspaper announce
ment. All have their uses, but for charac
ter and cheapness the largest and mostsuc—
cessful business men have learned that
newspaper advertising is the best. The
man who would expend a thousand dollars
ger year in advertising should, as a rule,
evote 70 per cent. to newspapers.
Our Maln Street System.
Port Townsend with not so large a pop
ulation as Olympia, is ahead of the Capi
‘tal City in street car accommodations.
The Key City has an electric line in flood
running or er. Our ”system" on ain
street still lingers along like a South Arn
erican snail. What is the city council to‘
do with it? The people were promisedl
something better a. year ago. It certainly
is not up to the times.
Head and Tail.
' Boston Courier: Two boys were ob
served leading home a cow. One boy had
hold of a rope tied around her horns, while
the other had hold of her tail. A gentle
man asked him why he kegt hold of the
cow’s tail. “Well,’said t e boy.“when
she walks along all right John leads her by
the rope, and when she walks backward I
lead her by the tail.
1 In New York, arrived steamer Alaska,
for Liverpool.
L Of Any Daily Newspaper West of Seattle
I and Tacoma.
Dr. D. W. Brown, a young unmarried
pligsician. of Fairhaven. was found dead
In ed yesterday afternoon.
The Press-Times, of Seattle, says Judge
Frank’ Allyn, of Tacoma, has a towering
ambition to be the democratic candidate
for governor.
Some of the Indians are getting hostile
east of the Cascades. They think the set
tlers are crowding them a little too close
and they are rebelling.
E. S. Gailbraith was accidentally killed
near Wenatchee, by the overturning of a
load of potatoes he was hauling to the
Peshastan mines.
The Pierce County Republican. League
last evening in Tacoma, decided to request
Congressman Wilson to freside at the
‘ openinfz of the new league mall next week
3 and de iver the speech.
Captain Hatch, formerly of the Bailey
Gatzert, it is said will build, at Ballard, for
the Sound passenger traflic asteamer about
the size of the Fleetwood, which will be as
fast. if not faster than the new steamer
Another mass meeting was held last eve
ning in Tacoma to agitate Sunday closing ‘
and Sunday observance. Rev. Thompson,
secretary of the Pacific Coast Sundae; Clos
ing Union, delivered the address, ut no
action was taken.
Within twenty-four hours fifteen vessels
have entered the harbor at Port Townsend.
Thirteen of them have sailed in flom the
open sea without assistance. Sea caFtains
are beginning to realize that ordinari y ves
sels can sail into Port Townsend harbor
unaided by 1:11 s. Twenty-three vessels
have arrived en‘s cleared from Port Town‘
send within the past forty—eight hours.
W. S. Parsons, a laborer in the Lake
Union tunnel, Seattle, was sandbagged and
robbed of S4O by two highwaymen at the
corner of Sixth and Wall streets, on his
way home from work last evening about 8
o’o ock.
The report of the superintendent of pub
lic schoo s of Tacoma for September shows:
Total pupils enrolled, 3.606; boys, 1,811;
girls, 1,705; average daily attendance of
3,143 pupils, 97.40; per cent of punctuality,
99.34; increased attendance over Septem
ber, 1890, 1,027 or nearly 40 per cent.
The two wives of Emil Weber, residents
of Seattle, who was shot and killed by
"Sandy” Olds, the Portland gambler, in
May, 1889, are parties to a suit over the
dead man’s property, which was heard
and taken under advmement yesterday by
Judge Hanford, of the United States court.
W. A. Berry has been appointed Deputy
United States shipping commissioner at
Tacoma. N 0 American ship can now go
to sea from Puget Sound wit iout the aid
of the shipping commissioner.
The last spike has been driven on the Se
attle (it, Montana line. The road is eighty
seven and one-half miles in length and
runs from the Yesler wharf in this city to
Jarman’s prairie in Skagit county, where
it is met by its extension, the Fairhaven & ,
Southern which runs direct to new West
minster, i 3. 0.
An Extra. Session.
, HARRISBURG, Oct. 13.——At the special ses’
,sion of the state senate, called to order
this morning, the governor’s message, call
‘ inga session, was read. In it he said the
session convened to take action in relation
to the alleged misconduct of the heads of
the departments of the state government,
as we] as other elective olficers. The gov
ernor reviewed at great length the testi
mony taken by various committees which
have been investigating the affairs of
Bardsley, the treasurer, who is now in the
penitentiary, and severely arraigned Henry
Dyer, state treasurer, and Thomas Mc-
Cammant, auditor general of the state, for
their connection with Bardsley’e misdo
ings. In conclusion, the governor said the
responsibility of deternnning where rea
sonable cause exists for removal rests with
the senate and the public expected it
it would he met anddischarged without re
gard to partisan advantage or detriment
and to the honor of the commonwealth.
Shot an Officer.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 13.—T11is morning
Officer Clifford arrested an individual in
the mission, but the fellow tore away from
the officers grasp, drew arevolver and fired.
The weapon was pointed at Glifiords head,
but he made movement to one side just as
the fellow pulled the trigger and the bullet
struck the officer in tle shoulder. The
otiicer took the prisoner to the station
where he gave the name of Frank Moore ,
and was charged with assault to murder.
Subsequently the prisoner was recognized
as an ex-‘eonvict, who under the name of
Rutherford, served a term in the peniten
tiary. The officers wound is paintnl, but
not dangerous.
Chicago Produce Market.
CHICAGO. Oct. 13.—— Close—Wheat—
Cash, 97%0; December, 99%; May, $1.05%-
Corn—Cash, 56%, October, 56%; May.
O‘ats—Firm; Cash, 27%0; May, 31%.
Barley—Nominal; 60. . _
Pork—Steady; Cash, $8.62%@8.75; De
cember, 158.72%; January, murm.
l Lard—Steady; cash, $6.37%@6.40; Janu
ary, 6.52%@6.55. -
Dempsey’s Benefit.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 13.—Preparationsfor
Jack Dempsey’s benefit at the Pacific Ath
letic club Friday night are going ahead
and the affair promises to be asuccess
financially. Phil ‘Dwyer, a New York
sporting man, has sent his check for SIOOO
for a single seat and tickets are going rap
idly. 'The programme has been arranged,
including a set-to between Dcmdmey and
Mitchell and an effort will be ma e for one
between Dempsey and Fitzsimmons.
Au Uprlslng In Uruguay.
MONTEVIDEO, Oct. 13.—1 n an uprising
here recentlyY seven men were killed and
several wounded. Fifty-two persons in
custody will probably be summarily dealt
with. The uprising was quelled and quiet
prevails throughout Uruguay today.
The steamer Havre from New York, for
Bremen has passed the Lizard.
In Paris it is announced that the friends
of the late General Boulanger will contest
his will.
The Troy N. Y., Presbytery approved
the report oi' the general assembly’s com
mittee on the con ession of faith, and rec
ommend that the revision be continued on
the line already laid out.
Ingenious Lettering.
Quite a little curiosity is attracted, in
passing Tinkham’s meat store, on Main
street. On two large squashes are the
words: “T. I“. Tinkham, retail dealer in
meats,‘ fruits and vegetables.” The letter.
ing isa part of the squash, and is nothinfx
more than an elevation of the rind, whic l
was formed by scratching the words in the
vegetables when it had attained a conifer
atively small growth. As it increase in
size the lettering became more prominent,
until at full growth, it was perfectly
formed. _
At Glles’ market the same thing is seen,
lwhere the name of George W. Mills has
grown on a monster squash.
Olympia Board of Trade.
The board of trade will hold its regular
monthly meeting this evening in its quar
ters at Columbia hall. Every member is
requested to be in attendance. Dues for
September are payable.
Dealt Out to Some of the Italian
. Statesmen. ’
The Latter Arc of the Opinion Than
the Czar Does Not \l’ant
:1 “’ar.
ROME, Oct. i3.~»l)egiers, the Russian
minister of foreign ali‘uirs, who with his
family is now traveling in this country,
thas arrived at Milan. This morning the
Italian premier and minister ofugriculture
called upon Degiers and had a conference
with him. Degiers and the Marquis Di
Rudini will travel together to Mount,
where King Humbert is sojourning. It is
understood there is no special motive to
the visit other than attributed to the czur’s
desired to show that he is determined to
maintain the peace of Europe ifit is pos
sible to do so. The Italian statesman is
highly pleased with the attitude the czar
has assumed in this matter, as they can
eider it certain to strengthen the general
peace policy of the nations united under
the agreement known as the dreibunrl.
‘lu Case of Murine Disasters.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 13.—~The board of sn
pervisiug inspectors of steam vessels,
‘Specially convened for the purpose of de
termining the best system of line carrying
pl'ojectlles t'ornse 111 case of marine disas
ters, made a report to the secretary of the
treasury recommending that the question
be referred to the ordinance bureau of the
waydepartment as. possessing the best fa—
Cllitlefl for conducting expernnents. The
board also recommends the repeal of the
amendment to sections 4,488 and 4,485) of
the revised statutes until safe and feasible
means can be invented 100 accomplish the
object contemplated by such amendment
in the use of the apparatus.
Denounclng the Catholics.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. Oct. 13,—The Presby
terian synod of Kansas adopted resolutions
stating that the synods “views with appre—
hension the concerted el‘lorls of the Roman
Cathllc hierarchy to denationalize our in
stutions by substituting the nationalism,
and customs of continental Europe in their
place; and we insist upon teaching the En
glish language in all our public schools as
the language of this countro.” The gov
ernment is denounced for appropriating
money to Catholic Indian schools and is
urged to establish Unitarian public Indian
A Ball Egg, “one“ Eggcd.
'SPOKANE,‘Oct. 1.3.——-At Oakesdulc, Wash.,
lastuight D. S. Sutton. president of the
Farmers’ Alliance, of Washington, was
severely rotten-egged while trying to board
a Northern Pacific train. The citizens are
indignant over his alleged scandalous rc
‘ ferences in 13. Spokane paper, to the virtue
of Oakesdale ladies. It is reported that
the conductor refused to carry him out 01'
town in such a. condition. Sutton is origin—
ially from Webster City, lowa, and Itis
\said. was driven out of that place some
1 years ago. A.
New York Stock Market. »
New YORK, Oct. 13.~—Noon—Money easy,
4. Stocks closed dull, barely steady at irregu
lar changes from opening prices. Fours cou
pons,l6V; ,Pacilie 63,11; Ateliison, 43%;
Central fiaeiiic,33; Burlifigton, 98%; Den
ver & RionG'runde, 18; orthern Pacific,
28%; Northern ' Pacilie preferred, 74%;
Northwestern, 15%; New, York Central,
—; Oregon Navigation, -——; North Ani
erican, ——-—; l’ncilic Mail, 36; Rock Island,
82; St. Paul 61. Omaha, 43%; Texas I'».-
cific, 14%; Union Pacific, 40%; Wells
Fargo Express, 42; Western Union. 82%.
An Army Surgeon “(as n Murderer.
CASPER, Wyo.. Oct. 13.——Dr. Joseph Ben—
son, confined in jnilJust night for drunk
enness, set tire to the building and was
burned to death. He said his right name
was Joseph I’. Riley and that he killed it
man near Farminulon, Mass, for which he
was sentenced to the penitentiary for lif
teen years, but escaped. He was well
known in the west and for several years
was army surgeon at Fort Robinson.
Methodist Electing.
WAsanTON, Oct. iii—Bishop Bargrove,
of the Methodist Episcopal church, South
Nashville, Tenn., presided at today’s
session of the Ecumenical Methodist conn
cil. Resolutions were Referred to the com
mitte concerning joint action of the Meth~
odist missionary bodies working in the
some fields, were reported back favorably,
and a committee appointed to consider the
subject. The council then proceeded to
the order of the day. Subject: “Church
and her agencies,” being same as that dis
cussed yesterday.
To Ilny Indian Lands.
ARKANSAS ‘ CITY, Ken. Oct. 13.——The
members of the Cherokee commission nr
rived here. They will try to purchase the
lands of the Otoes, I’cwnecs, Poncas and
Oscges in the next few days. If the Chero
kees want to dispose 0 their title they
must come to the terms proposed.
Venezuelan Imports,
WASHINGTON, Oct. 13.—-The Bureau of
American RepubliCS received official in‘
formation of the temporary suspension of
the collection of duties on the importation
of corn, beans and rice into Venezuela at
the end of the 20th 01' this month and
thereafter regular rates will be imposed.
Murderers Con-lean.
COLORADO Simmons, 0010., Oct. 13.—-Ai
fred Russell and Thomas Lawton, under
arrest, charged with the murder of Moton
eer l-leining, All%ust last, both made a per
tial confession o the deed. They wanted
money to go to the circus and agreed to hold
up any one thev might meet. E eh claims
the other shot Homing and forced him to
participate in the deed.
Destroyed by Fire.
BUDA PEST“, Oct. 13.~«Fehormlnr, a. large
;and flonrishing village of Transylvania,
was completelfir burned and the inhabit
ants lost all. he utmost distress prevails.
Relief is being sent from adjacent towns.
Spurgcon to Go Abroad.
LONDON, Oct. 13.—Rev. Charles Spur
geon, now slowlv recovering irom his re
centillness, has written a lett ‘r to his eon
gregation informing them that he is going‘
abroad for a rest and change of scene.
Against Sunday uponlng.
ST. PAUL. Oat. 13.——T he Presbyterian
synod of Minnesota adopted resolutions
protesting against the opening of the
world’s fair on Sunday.
Kllled by a. Car.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 12.—Miss Alice
Walch, afied 51, was killed and horriblv
mangled yan electric car which knocked
her ownvwhile crossing a. street.
California Grain Market. '
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. I%.—Wheat, buyer
’9l, “14%;
The Weather.
' _SAN FRANCISCO,OOE.I3.-FOYecast: Light
rains for Northwestern Washington.

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