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The Blble and Geologlcal and
LOther Matters.
Some oi the Discoveries of Science
and. the “’ords of aWorthy
' Book.
Rev. Napoleon Hoagland spoke at the
Unitarian services in Tacoma hall on “The
Question of Authority.” Sunday evening
he gave an address on “The Intellectual
Life,” in the interest of Unity Club andl
kindred societies for reading and study.
An abstract of the morning sermon which
was listened to by a large congregation, is
here given. He said: The question of
right. and truth is one pf age—long inter
est. What am Ito do? What am I to
think? What am 1 to believe? are ques
tions that each sane mind must face as a
daily habit of mental life. To dodge the
question or to shift the responsibility
works moral decay and mental degenera
tion. It is true that people have pinned
’ their faith to what they believed were in
fallible men or infallible books. The men
were called kings, priests, bishops or popes.
The books were called the words of God.
It is too late in the'day of man’s enlighten
glznt for any crltxcism of the old notion of
to be interesting. Even the claims of an
infallible pope have become badly shriv
elled under the electric-light intelligence
of the 19th century. The only valid claim
for absolute authority is infal ibility. But
are the Hebrew scriptures infallible? Are
they the only books that are entitled to be
called the Word. of God? It is a signifi
cant fact that our distinguished students
of other religious literatures have no very
emphatic words to offer in support of the
dogma that our Bible is God’s only word
to man. It is equally significant that the
men who have won the greatest distinc
tion for their learning and discoveries in
the field of natural science are not the ones
who believe most profoundly in the author
ity of the Bible. We have been told so
often that the Bible agrees with the
of the day that no doubt many people}
actually believe it upon no other evidence. ‘
A glance at a few of the first chapters of
Genesis will be sufficient to show the “ele
gant harmony”, between the Bible and
science. First, that may be mentioned is
the order of creation in which birds are
said to have been created the day before
land animals and creeping things. Were
this true the fossil remains of birds ought
to be found lower down in the stratified
rocks than lizards. But any standard
Work on geology is authority for the state
ment that fossil remains of lizards have
been found at a depth below the discovered
fossils of the most ancient birds. nearly
equal to half the entire layer of stratified
rocks. Then again, if there Were exactly
six days or six ages of creation the
rock strata ought to show some such divi
sion. The geological chart in Clodet’s
story of creation which merely aims to:
present the most authoratative scientific
teachings from many sources, names four
general divisions and thirteen sub-divisions.
nothing about anv six days or six periods 1
of creation from their study of the rocks. 1
The statement that light was created the:
first day and the sun and moon not till the ‘
fourth day, one day after the grass and‘
herbs and trees were created is not in ac— 1
cordance with the scientific order as laidl
down in any recognized scientific text book. 1
The assertion that after having made the .
great light and the lesser light(sun and‘
moon) that God made the stars also
and set them in the firmament to give
light upon the earth shows a conception of
astronomy on a level with that of t )e little
girl who thought the moon laid the stars.
The‘person who wrote the ten command
ments as given in the 20th chapter of Exo
dus evidently understood the six days of
creation to mean twenty-four hours each,
but probably he was mistaken.
nothing about Adam having been formed
outright from the ground or of Eve having
been made from Adams ribs. Geogra
phers know nothing about the location of
the Garden of Eden from the confused de
scription given in Genesis, or any explora
tions outside, and philologists know noth
ing about a Tower of Babel in connection
with the rise of languages.
When we remember that there are 6,000
species of birds alone we do not need to be
told that an ark or barge 500 feet lone, 90
feet wide and 50 feet high would he too
small to hold one pair of all unclean ani
mals and groups of seven of all called
clean, with their necessary food for nearly
a year.
or may know that coney is the English
word for rabbit. Yet we are informed in
Leviticus. 11-5 that the coney cheweth the
end. That line about Arcturus and his
sons in the 38th chapter of Job, which it
has been said was never understood until
the recent discovery that Arcturus is ac
companied by satellites, turns out in the
new revision “the Bear and her train,” an
animal of a somewhat difl‘erent color.
Heber Newton, of thelngiscopal church
Prof. C. H. To ,of the aptist church and
Dr. Sinclair, 01y the Presbyterian church,‘
were quoted in support of the View that
the Bible is to be studied in the same way
as other books are to be studied and that 1f
mistakes are found we are not to ignore
thefact; neither are we to let the mistakes
and crudities blind us to the real worth of
the book. These men affirm the doctrine
of Bible inspiration as voiced by Emerson.
and the Unitarian rophets fifty years
ago, namely, that GOdBS word is not bound
or limited to any one book or to any one
age. Man’s own enlightened reason IS his
most divine revelation and his best au
thority, the will of the Most High that is
ever—seeking to speak in every soul.
' . FOR. SALE.
A Steam Saw-Mill.
A saw-mill, with a. fifteen-horse-power
engine, boiler and sundry other fixtures,
all complete and nearly new, will be sold,
(on the Union Pacific dock in the city of
Olympia.) to the highest bidder, on Satur
day. October 31st, 1891, at the hour of two
o’clock, p. m.
This property is now stored on said dock,
where it may be seen and examined by con
templating purchasers at any time prior to
the date of sale, for which examination
and any further particulars agply to J. C.
Percival. dock~master on said ock, or to
oct3l J. M. SWAN,
Olympia, Sept. 26, 1891. Olympia.
When Baby was sick, we gene her Castor-la. . ‘
When she was a Child, she c 1 ied for Castor-la.
When she became Miss, she clung to Custom
When she had Children, she g :ave them Custom
Only One in the United States
Out of 1357 cough syrups manufactured
in the United States, but one has been
found to be entirely free from opiates, and
that is the California Positive and Negative
Electric Cough Cure, which is the best on
earth for coughs, cold, croup, etc. Sold at
Msrr &. Ross drug store. tf.
Capital Court No. 7947.
The Ancient Order of Foresters of
America Will give a dance at Colum bla
hall Friday evening. October 16th. Tick
ets for sale by members. octl6
Another tine Rembrandt has been pur- ‘
chased for the Royal gallery at the Hague.
It is signed, and is dated 1657, and is be
lieved to be a lElortmit of the painter’s
mother, Adriaen armentzo‘on.
, ...—......“
Wood and Bark.
All kinds of dry wood and bark for sale
by the undersigned, sizes to order.
J orm D. REAGH.
Ofl‘ice at Foster &, Laberee’s. Tel. 3.
Senator, John B. Allen, Walla Walla.
Senator, Watson 0. Sfluire, Seattle.
Representative, Jno. . Wllson, Spokane
Gpvernor Elisha P. Ferry, Olympia.
Lieutenant—Governor, Charles E. Laugh
ton, Conconully. .
Secretary of State, Allen Weir, Olympia.
Treasurer, A. A. Lindsley, Olympia.
Auditor, T. M. Reed, Olympia.
Flhttorney-General, W. C. Jones, Spokane
a. s.
Superintendent of Public Instruction, R
B Bryan, Olympia.
Commissioner of Public Lands, W TFor
est, Olymnia. .
State Printer, 0 C White, Olympia.
.State Librarian, Philip D Moore, Qlym- ‘
pia. ,
‘ State Geologist, George Bethune, Tacoma. 3
‘ Game War en, L S Sherwood, Colville.
1 Timber Inspector, (First district) Ed
} ward McTaggert, Skagit county; (Seventh
l district) Clinton Cutler, Vancouver.
1 Fish Commissioner, James Crawford,
‘ Vancouver.
3 Pilot Commissioners Straits of Fuca and
Puget Sound, John P. Betts Charles H
Jones, J os. H. Stetson, Port Townsend.
Pilot Commissmners Columbia river, Al
- E King, J L Stout, Ilwaco; Edward
Spencer, Long Beach.
Trustees State Reform School. John
Dobson, Chehalis; Levi F Compton, Seat—
tle: Jonathan W Godell, Willapa.
Medical Board of Examining Physicians
John W Bean and J H McDonald, Ellens
burgh; H B Bagley, Seattle; G V Calhoun,
La Conner; A B Kibbe, Seattle; J D
Minkler, Centralia: C S Penfield. Spokane
Falls; William H Dewey, Tacoma, Howard
R Keylor, Walla Walla, secretary.
Board of Health for District of Pu et
Sound, LB Hastings, J N Laubach, IfL
Tihbals, Jr. Bert Townsend. _ _ 7
Board of Pharmacy—J W McArthur,
president, Spokane- A Morley Stewart,
Tacoma; W H T Barnes, Seattle; D O
Woodworth, Ellensburgh; A 0 Clark, sec
retary, Olympia. .
Regents oi Agricultural College, Eugene
Fellows of Spokane Falls. Andrew HSmith
0f Tacoma,S B Conover of Port Town
send, G W Hopp of Sedro, J H Ballinger
of Colfax.
Regents of State University, Jno W
Sprague, chancellor, Tacoma; P BJohn
son, Walla Walla; J R Ha den, Seattle; A
A Phillips, Olympia; J Jy Browne, Spo
kane Fa ls; John Paul Judson, Tacoma.
Commissioners of Penitentiary at Walla
Walla. Frank London, Frank W Paine,
Walla Walla: Platt A Preston. Waitsburg.
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Eastern
Washington, Wilson Lockhart, Charles
McDouall, Medical Lake; D F Percivel,
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Western
Washington, W J Fife, Tacoma; George D
Shannon, Olympia; A B Stewart, Seattle.
Trustees Soldiers and Sailors Home, Al
bert S Cole, Whatcom; W. R. Dunbar
Goldendale; John F McLean, Walla
Walla‘ George A Boardman, Tacoma; M.
M. Holmes, Seattle.
Trustees of School for Defective Youth at
Vancouver, W Byron Daniels. Louis Sohns.
B F Shaw, John R Thompson, Vancouver.
Board of Education—Frank B Gault, of
Tacoma; Mr Atkinson, of Seattle' D
Bemiss, Spokane Falls; Mr Kerr. Walla
Walla; President, R B Bryan, Olympia.
Members of Commission of Technical In
struction to local Agricultural College, Geo
A Black, Fairhaven; S B Conover, Port
Townsend: Andrew H Smith. Tacoma.
Coal Mine inspectors, First district, Wm
Grifi’ith, Roslyn; Second district, Edward
T Morgan, Seattle.
State Land Commission, W T Forrest,
Allen Weir, T M Reed.
Harbor Line Commissioners—D C Guern
sey. Dayton; W F Prosser, North Yakima;
Eugene Semple Seattle; H F Gar
retson, Tacoma; Frank H Richards, What
com; A Martin, secretary.
Tide Land Commissionersand Board of
Equalization and Appeal—Thos M Reed,
Olymiia; Allen Weir, Port Townsend;
B L S arpstein, Walla Walla; C H Warn
er, Colfax; Austin Mires, Ellensburgh; C
M Barton, secretary.
Trustees of State Normal School at El
lensbur h—W R Abrams, Ellensburgh-
Fred vs.ligatz, Ellensburgh; Thos J‘
Newland, Ellensburgh.
Trustees State Normal School at Cheney
—S A Wells, Ritzville, term two years; H
F Suksdorf, Spangle, four years; W H H
McClure, Palouse City, four years; Louis
Walter, Cheney, six years; W E Weygant,
Cheney, six years.
Mining Bureau—Governor E P. Ferry,‘
Lieut-Gov Charles E Laughton, Treasurer‘
A A Lindsley. ,
Commissroners to World's Fair—Henry
Drum, Tacoma; C B Hopkins, Spokane
Falls. Lady commissioners, Mrs N H
Owings, Olympia; Mrs H E'Houghton,
Spokane. .
Commission to build the State Uni
versity, John Arthur, Seattle: CharlesF
Leavenworth, Olympia; John Mcßeavy,
‘ Union City.
1 Horticultural Board, Raynor Kies, Van
couver; Henry Bucey, Tacoma; E L Von
ohven, East Soun ; D E Lesh North
§7akima; D M Jessee, Walla Walla; H H
S aiding, Almota; at large,J T Blackburn,
fishon Island.
Fish Hatchery Commissmn, Chas E
Laughton of Conconully; J ames Crawford
Vancouver: A A Lindsey, Olympia.
State Building Commission, Chas E
Laughton, Conconully; T. M Reed, Olym
pia; A A Lindliey, Olympia. _
Board of Health and Bureau _'of _Vital
Statistics—G 8 Armstrong, M D, president.
01 mpia; O A Bowen, secretary, Olympia;
F ii Conn, M D, Seattle; N Fred Essig, M
D. Spokane; J R Hathaway, M D, Falr<
Chehalis County—Z T 003, Montesano;
W T Keyes. Aberdeen; harles Scott,
Gray’s Harbor;
0 allam County—Alfred Lee, Port Ange
les; James A Smith, Sequim; William
Ward, Dungeness.
Cowlitz County—Lewis H Gildrg, Free
ort; Sam Jenkins, Tucker; Geo White,
Bastle Rock. .
Island County—Chas T Terry, Coupe
vbille; Thos Nunan, Jerome Ely, Oak Har
‘ Jefferson County—R D Attridge, Port;
{Ludlow; Peter Multy. Port Discovery; F
‘ H Winslow, Port Townsend.
King County—D A McKenzie, F W
Sparling, Thos W Prosch, Seattle.
Kitsap Count§—John T Mitchell, Port
Madison; A H roufe, Sidney; S ADick
ey, Port Washington.
Mason CountE—Alonzo Edwards, Shel
ton- John R berhart, Allyn, John B
Forbes, Kamilchie.
Pacific Conntfil—Ralph B Dyer, South
Bend; Thomas oney, Willapa; H F-Car
nahan, Knappton.
Pierce County—E M Hunt, 0 T Uhl~
man, John Huntington, Tacoma.
San Juan County—Joseph Sweeney, G
B Driggs, Friday Harbor; S M Johnson.
Skzgit County—J D Huntoon, Hamilton;
H P owns, Mount Vernon; C R Donnell,
Anacortes. » _ _ __‘ _
Snohomish County—E C Ferguson, Wm
Whitfield, F O Coe, Snohomish.
Thurston County—~l3} W Andrews. Olym
£33 1, Francls Rotch. Bucoda; Frank Ruth,
e m.
Whatcom County—Will L Visscher, F.
N Barney,Whatcom; B W Loring, Lnyden.
Wahkiakum County—Thomas Irvmg, J
J Foster, Cathlamet; F M Sweet, Ska
‘ Chief Justice, Thomas J Anders, Walla
. Walla. ‘ '
Justice, Elmon Scott, Pomerofy.
Justice, R 0 Dunbar, Golden ale.
Justice, T. R. Stiles Tacoma.
Justice, J P Hoylt, Olympia.
Clerk, C S Rein art, Olympia.
Reporter, Eugene Krei er, Tacoma.
Governor E P Ferry, Commander-in-
Chief, OlYmpia.
Genera R G O’Brien, Adjutant General
and Quartermaster General, Commissary
General, Inspector. General and Chief of
Ordnance, Olympia.
Colonel E. M. Carr. Assistant Adjutant
General, Seattle.
Colonel Henry Landes, Paymaster Gen
eral, Port Townsend.
Colonel Edward L Smith, Surgeon Gene
ral, Seattle. .
Colonel James R Hayden, Assistant In
specter General, Seattle.
1 Colonel Charles E Claypool, Judge Advo
cate General Tacoma.
Colonel ll‘rank T Gilbert. Assistant
Quartermaster General, Walla Walla.
Colonel J D Mclntyre, Chief of Engi
neers, North Yakima.
Colonel W T Sharpe, Chief of Ordnance,
Colonel J Kennedy Stout, Chief Signa
Ofiicer, Slpokane Falls.
Colone Will L. Visscher, Assistant Com
missary General, Fairhaven.
Aides-de—Camps —— Lieutenant Colonels,
Charles Reichenbach of Tacoma' C M
Atkins, Whatcom; L Frank Boyd, Spo
kane Falls; Clinton P Ferry, Tacoma.
Assistant Adjutant General—Major
Charles H. Ayer, Olympia. ;
Assistant Commissary General—Lieu.
tenant Colonel Albert W yte, Steliacoom,
Assistant Quartermaster General—Lieu
tenant Colonel H. F. Garretson, Tacoma.
Aide de Camp to Adjutant General—
Captain E T Powell, Waitsburg.
Brigadier commanding N G W, A P Cur-
I'V, Slllaokane.
J o u I Boo%e, Spokane, Assistant Adju
tant Genera , with rank Lieutenant
WSScott, Seattle. Assistant Inspecto
General, with rank Lieutenant Colonel.
Geo A Bethune, Tacoma, Assistan
Quartermaster General, with rank Lieu
tenant Colonel.
Marshall K Snell, Tacoma, Assistant
Commissary General, with rank Lieutenant
E L Smith, Brigade Surgeon, Seattle,
with rank Lieutenant Colone .
,r J J White, Spokane. Aidevde-Camp, with
a rank First Lieutenant.
J W Stearn, Tekoa, Aide-de—Camp. with
rank First Lieutenant.
W E Cromwell, South Bend, Aide~de—
Camp, with rank First Lieutenant.
First Regiment—J C Haines. Colonel,
Seattle; S W Scott, Lieutenant Colonel,
Regimental Staff—T M Reed, Jr., first
lieutenant and Adjutant, Seattle; L R
Dawson, Surgeon Mfior, Seattle; J A
ry, Seattle; Rev. L Wells, Chaplain
with rank of Cagtain, Tacoma.
Captains of ompanies—Joseph Green,
Co B, Seattle; W J Fife, Co C, Tacoma; C
L F Kellogg, Co D, Seattle: W R Thor-nell,
Co E, Seattle; J J Weisenburger, What
com; F A Gaus, Co G, Tacoma; J C West
holi', 00 H, Vancouver; Geo H Jones, Port
Townsend; A E Morton, Aberdeen.
Second Regiment Enoch W Pike. Colo—
nel, Goldendale; John Carr, Lieutenant
Colonel, Dayton; Geo W Greene, Major,
Spokane Fa ls
Regimental Stafi'—J H Hudgin, M D,
Surgeon and Major, Waitsburg; Dr Allen
Bonebrake, Assistant Surfieon and Cagtain,
Goldendale; Rev J ’l‘ tshelman, han
lain and Major. Goldendale; N B
Brooks, First Lieutenant and Adjutant,
Goldendale; Edwin S Isaacs. First Lieu
tenant and Quartermaster, Walla Walla-
Eugene J Fellows. First Lieutenant and
Commissary, Spokane Falls: 0 F Miller,
First Lieutenant and Paymaster, Dagton;
Geo W Barker. First Lieutenant an In
spector, Goldendale.
Captains of Comgmnies—J E Frost. Com
pany A, Ellens urgh; vacancy, Com
pany C, Goldendale; Geo W Billing
ton, Company C Centerville; H GShug
man, Company D, Waitsburlgl; J 0 Mc-
Crimmon, North Yakima; E Fox, Com
pany F, Dayton, W G Wadhams, Com—
pany G, Spokane Falls; Harry St. George,
CAVALRY orrrcsas.
Chas B Johnson, Major, commanding
battalion; M D Smith, Spokane lst Lieu
tenant and Adjutant; W O Robi), Tacoma,
first Lieutenant and Quartermaster; Dr J
A Beebe, Tacoma, assistant Surgeon;
Wallace Mount, Sprague, Sergeant Major;
W M Putnam, Sprague, Quartermaster
Sergeant; J. H. Shlelds, Sprague, Commis
sary Sergeant.
'lroo A—Captain B B Glascock, Cap
tain; KW Lindsay, first Lieutenant; T
Ashley Wickham, second Lieutenant.
Troop B—James M Ashton, Captain;
James H Berry, First Lieutenant; ames
M Dougan, Second Lieutenant.
Spokane and Stevens—R. B. Blake, R.
G. Langford and J. Z. Moore, Spokane
Lincoln, Adams, Okanogan and Doug-.
las—Wallace Mount, S rague.
Walla Walla and §ranklin—Wm. H.
Upton, Walla Walla.
Columbia, Garfield and Asotin—Robert
F. Sturdevant, Dayton.
Kittitas—C. B. Graves, Ellensburgh.
Yakima and KlickitaV—Sol. Smith, Gold
Clarke, Cowlitz and Skamania—N. H.
Bloomfield, Vancouver.
Lewis, Pacific and Wahkiakum—E. S.
Hunter, Chehalis.
Thurston, J. W. Robinson, Olympia.
Chehalis and Mason—« Mason Irwin,
Pierce—Frank Allyn, Fremont Camp
bell, John Beverly, Tacoma.
Klnfi—Richard Osborn, J. I. Lichtenberg,
T. J. umes Seattle.
J efl’erson—M. B. Sachs. Port Townsend.
(lilallam—James G. McOlinton, Port An
ge es.
Whatcom and San Juan—J. R. Winn,
Skagit and Isiand—H. Mcßride, La-
Snohomish and Kltsap—J. C. Denny,
District Judge, C.§H. Hanford, Seattle.
‘ Clerk of Circuit Court, A. R. Ayres, Ta~
Deputy Clerk of District Court, R. M.
Hopkins, Seattle.
Clerk of District Court, R. M. Hopkins,
Deputfr Clerk of District Court, A. R.
Ages, ‘acoma.
eguty Clerk of District Court, Oliver
Woo , Port Townsend.
Deput Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, W. T. Dovell, Walla Walla. ,
Deputy Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, 8. A. Wells, Spokane.
Northern Division—lncludes counties of
King, Kitsago, Jefferson, Clallam, Snobo—
mis , Islan , San Juan, Skagit and What
com and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Seattle first Tuesday in June and .Je
Southern division—lncludes counties of
Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia,
Walla Walla, Franklin, Yakima and Klick—
itat, and all Indian reserves. Terms held‘
at Walla Walla first Tuesday in May and‘
Eastern Division—lncludes counties of
Spokane, Stevens, Ckanogan, Douglas,
Lincoln, Adams and Kittitas, and all In
dian reserves. Terms held at Spokane first
Tuesday in April and Seglntember.
Western Division—-Inc udes counties of
Pierce, Mason, Thurston, Chehalis. Pacific
Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clarke and
Skamania, and all Indian reserves. Terms
held at Tacoma first Tuesday in February
and July.
President of Senate pro tem, E T Wilson,
Secretary of Senate, C M Barton,Olym ia.
Speaker of House, Amos F Shaw, Jim—
Chief Clerk of House, 'l‘ G Nicklin,
N 11 Owings, Senator, Olympia.
U L Collins, Refiesentatlve, Tenino.
A H Chambers, epresentative Olympia.
u s. OFFICERS. '
.T H Cavanaugh, Surveyor General Olym
p E B Olney, U 8 Signal Oificer,
Thomas R Brown. U S marshal. Tacoma.
0 A Tompkins, chief deputy marshal,
Tacoma. _
Patrick Henry Winston, U S district at
, torney Sfiokane Falls.
P, C éu ivan, asmstant— U S district attor
ne ,Tacoma.
g M Bradshaw, collector of port of Puget
Sound, Port Townsend.
Arthur A Putnam, deputy internal rev
enue collector. Tacoma.
COUNTY orrcsns. ,
J W Robinson, Judge Superior Court, }
0181313,. ‘
». ‘. Ayer, County Attorney, Olympia.
W H Roberts, Clerk 01 mpia.
C B Mann Treasurer, Ogympia.
J P Tweed, Auditor, 01 mma.
Geo S Prince, Sherifl‘, Ogympia.
L R Byrne, Superintendent Public
Schools, Olympia.
James A Smith Assessor, Olympia. '
L P Ouellette, éurveyor, 01 mpla.
G S Armstrong, Coroner, Ol’érmpia.
E Mcßegnolds, } Justices 0 Peace
J 0 Eat gun, Olympia.
g 8331:1333”, Commissioners
R A Brewer, 01y mpla.
H Hadlan, Wreckmaster. Olympia.
rS. I J \,5
This property is less than three quarters
of a mile from the corner of Main and Fourth
streets. Thirty houses will be built on this
addition Within eight months. .
Prices range from $125 to $500; corners,
SSO extra. Street oar line expected to run
through the addition soon.
Notar-V Public.
Come: Fourth and Jefferson street. opposite , the Opera House
CAPITAL - - - 595100.000
SURPLUS - - - $20,000.
A General Bankmg BusmessTranseeted
Capltal Nauonal Bank,
Capital - - - SIOO,OOO
r. M. WADE, Pm. C J LORD (magma N. H. owmes,v. Pans.
I . Directors. .
John S. Baker, Louis Bettman, Robert Frost, N. H. Owing
S. C. Woodruff, F. M. Wade. 0. J. Lord.
‘ 3.ll'prifigggfilcfililgsfiomefiic exchange bought and sold. Telegraphic transfers made on
‘ Collections 81 Specialty.
State Bank 01‘ , Olvmma.
Transactsa General Banking Business. State
‘ Warrants Bought-
In sum of $1 and upwards
F‘ 3' “ere... 0' S\?£§s?<Eident. agee‘t’egfi’igfi'umr
' Boughfand Dressed lumber, Sash, Dours,laths, Shingies. Mouldings
. Hails, Cement, lime, leeks, Butts, Piekets, Etc.
' Estimates furnished on mill work of all kinds.
é City Oifice and Yard, Fourth-st. Bridge; Telephone No. 71.
' '.Mill, West Olympia; Telphone No. 5. ‘
Cnrkeek & Nicholas, importers and manufacturers of
Cemetery Work of All Kmds. "
. Wood and Marble Mantels, Eucaustlc Tiles, Etc.
(Successors to FOSTER & LABEREE.) ,
We have added to our already large stock a FIRST-CLASS WAGON, specially fitted
———-———for the removal of——-———~ ‘
Pianos, Furmtu re and Baggage.
Our facilities for the removal of safes and all other heavy goods are of the best
—-—-————All orders for—
Haclzs.‘Gurneys, Liverv Trucks, Baggage, etc.
Promptly attended to. ,
A firat'rclass; Boarding Stable in Connection,
V ONLY $1.50 A YEAR.
It IS nearly all Reading Matter refering to this
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ing Weekly Newspaper at the
head of Puget Sound.
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All the Associated Press telegrams and the
latest local and miscellaneous news
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It is the only newspaper West 01 Tacoma with
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scribe for it and get all
the news.
' *lt is the only weekly newspaper in the state
publishing the Supreme Court
5d A
i. .
The W eekly T ribune
‘l, ,

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