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A Virginia Murderer 15 Arrested
at Sprague.
He Has Led a. Good Life There for"
Three Years Under an Assumed
Name—The Details.
SPRAGUE, Was, Oct. 16.—Three years
ago next month a young Virginian named
Wayman Sutton escaped from the jail of
Wythe county, Virginia, through the con
nivance of a mob of men. He was under
sentence of death for murder. Governor
Fitzhugh Lee oifered SI,OOO for his capture.
Sherill‘ Fish, of Lincoln county, went into
Mr. Lewis’ store in this city, a few days
since, and laying his hand on the shoulder
of a young man named R. J. Howard, said
to him: “I want you, and you are my
prisoner.” Those standing around could
not understand the importance of the ar
rest, or appreciate the awful meaning of
the words as they fell from the faithful of
ficer’s lips. Howard showed no particular
emotion; but it was plain that a terrible
war was raging within his breast. The
thoughts that flitted through his brain at
that time were the memories of a most
hideous crime for which he had already
been sentenced to death. He had escaped
the gallows by the assistance of a mob who
had (given him his freedom in 1888, only to
wan er about from place to place, hear
ing with him as a principle compan
ion the soul-haunting memories of the
past, As he was being conveyed to the
jail he told the sheriff that he was the man
he wanted and that his name was not
Howard. This is the only information he
gave concering himself, or at least, all that
has been given out. Howard was a man
in whom the people of Sprague had learned
to place implicit confidence. Society had
been induced by his exemplary life to
open its arms and take hlm in. As it
fondly toyed with him and cast admiring
glances on his many accomplishments, lit
tle did it realize that it was hugging to its
bosom a man whose fingers were stained
with blood, and whose soul had been pol
luted by a most hidious crime. Even the
doors of the Methodist church had been
opened to him, he having joined it on pro
bation. ,
The editor of the Advertiser of this
place says he met Howard or Sutton in Bill
White’s saloon one day last week, and he
was considerable intoxicated and seemed
to want to talk about his old home in Vir
ginia. He drew from his pocket several
letters which he insisted upon McClure’s
reading). He read one which was from his
sister, ut it contained nothing of greater
importance than what might be written
byany sister to her brother. His sister ,
begged him to come home and referred to
a certain young lady who evidently loved
him. Howard’s conduct while in Sprague
has been anything but that of a criminal.
He will be kept here until the officers
arrive from Virginia. . I
The Ice Plant Under Way The
The Gospel temperance meeting con
ducted by the ladies of the W. C. T. U. at
the Methodist church, Sunday evening,
was well arranged. Mrs. Toms read a se
lection on the duty of the religious press
toward the temperance question. The
meeting closed with a few remarks from
Mr. Johnstone.
It seemed quite natural to see Mr. My
ron Allison’s smiling countenance ;on the
street again last Friday. He was accom
panied by Mrs. Allison. The Allison firm
shipped the first car load of lumber since
starting, the.mill on Saturday, to Tumwa
to be used in the erection of a schoolhouse
near this place.
The llouring mill was obliged to close
down one day this week on account of
clogging of the water wheel in the power
Bloom Brothers are furnishing lumber
for the ice plant and the work is progress
ing. The piles upon which the foundation
of the building is to rest are nearly all in
Miss Woodward, of Olympia, Visited
Tumwater’s school this week.
Through the courtesy of one of the
teachers the enrollment of Tumwater
school ‘was obtained and is as follows:
Principal room, 49; intermediate, 39; pri
mary, 51. Total number enrolled, 139.
Several of our citizens attended “The
Deestriek Skule” in Olympia Monday even
ing. '
E. H. Dean commenced work for the roll
ing null on Monday morning. Mr. Dean
having ill-advisedly remarked that he
could learn to sew up sacks in an hour, was
put at that work at once. We will draw a
veil over the scene that followed and only
remark that he hurried home at noon for
his wife to tie up his fingers.
Thursday’s Transfers.
[Reported by the Capital City Abstract
61. Title Insurance Company, Chambers’
E L Shafmer et 11X to Luther M
Atkins, e% of lot 1, sec 1, tp 18
n.r2we5t.~*...........L.......... 1
John H Lame to Wm C Caddy,
lot 6, block 1, Henderson dz Ly
barger’s subdivision. . . . . . . . .. ... 200
John P Judson et 11x to 14‘ W Loy,
block 16, Judson’s first addition 520
W G White et nx to Geo Biddle et
al, part of block 8, of Ayer’s ad
diti0n......................,.... 200
FW LOy et ux toT S Winchell,
part of block 16, J udson’s first
additi0n................,........ 512;
A Steam Saw-Mill.
A saw—mill, with a fifteen-horse-power
‘ engine, boiler and sundry other fixtures,
all complete and nearly new will be sold,
(on the Union Pacific dock in the City of
Olym ia,) t 0 the highest bidder, on Satur
day. (gctober 31st, 1891, at the hour of two
o’clock, p. m. ,
This property is now stored on said dock,
where it may be seen and examined by con
templating purchasers at any time prior to
the date of sale, for which examination
and any further particulars apply to J. 0.
Percival, dock—master on said oc ,or to
oct 31 J. M. SWAN,_
Olympia, Sept. 26, 1891. Olympia.
Entertainment Free.
Under the auspices of the Good Temp—
lars there Will be given a literary and mu
sical entertainment at Tacoma hall, Friday
evening, October 19th. Among the best
talent of the city will take part. Miss Bly
and Miss Covington, of the Olympia Col
legiate Institute, will each give a solo.
Misses Chilberg and Kellogg, Mr. Wilson
and Mrs. Jones, professor of elocution of
the Olympia Collegiate Institute, Will re
cite. The mandolin club and Fish Pole
band will play. It is expected that 001.
Eddy will give an address. >
When Baby was sick, we gm/erher Castofla.
When she was a Child, she or ied for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Custoria.
When she had Children, she A name them Castoria.
Runs high at Marr & Ross’ drug store
over System Builder, as everybody is using
it for catarrh of the stomach, dyspepsia,
constipation and impure blood, and to
build up the system. t certainly possesses
wonderful merit when all speak so well
. of it. , tf. ,
Coroner Code, of Evanston. Uintah
county, Wyoming, has returned to Market
Lake, Idaho. He had the body of Robert
Ray Hamilton exhumed, and after a
searching examination by marks and filled
teeth it was pronounced Hamilton.
Senator, John B. Allen, Walla Walla.
Senator, Watson 0. Sfiuire, Seattle.
1 Iflepresentative, J no. . WilsonLSpokane
{la 5.
Governor Elisha. P. Ferry, Olympia.
Lieutenant-Governor, Charles E. Laugh
ton, Conconully. _
Secretary of State, Allen Weir, Olympia.
Treasurer, A. A. Lindsley, Olympia.
Auditor, T. M. Reed, Olympia.
Attorney-General, W. C. Jones, Spokane
Superintendent of Public Instruction, R
B Bryan, Olympia. .
Commissioner of Public Lands, W TFor
est, Olympia.
State Printer, 0 C White, Olympia.
.State Librarian, Philip D Moore, Olym
State Geolo ist, George Bethune, Tacoma.
Game Warden, L S Sherwood, Colville.
Timber Inspector, (First district) Ed
ward Mc'l‘aggert, Skagit county; (Seventh
district) Clinton Cutler, Vancouver. .
Fish Commissioner, James Crawford,
Vancouver. 1
Pilot Commissioners Straits of Fuca and l
Puget Sound, John P. Betts, Charles H‘
Jones, Jos. H. Stetson, Port Townsend.
Pilot Commissmners Columbia river, Al
fred E King, J L Stout, llwaco; Edward
Spencer, Long Beach.
Trustees State Reform School. John
Dobson, Cliehalis; Levi F Compton, Seat
tle: Jonathan W Goclell, Willapa.
Medical Board of Examining Physicians
John W Bean and J H McDonald, Ellens
burgh; H B Bagley, Seattle; G V Calhoun,
La Conner; A B Kibbe, Seattle: J D
Minkler, Centralia; C S Pentield. Spokane
Falls; William H Dewey, Tacoma, Howard
K Keylor, \Valla Walla, secretary.
Board of Health for District of Puget
Sound, L B Hastings, J N Laubach, H L
Tibbals, Jr. Port Townsend.
Board of Pharmacy—J W McArthur,
president, Spokane; A Morley Stewart,
Tacoma; W H T Barnes, Seattle; D O
Woodworth, Ellensburgh; A 0 Clark, sec
retaly, Olympia.
Regents ot Agricultural College, Eugene
Fellows of Spokane Falls. Andrew H Smith
of Tacoma, S B Conover of Port Town
send, G W Hopp of Sedro, J H Ballinger
of Colfax.
Regents of State University, Jno W
Sprague, chancellor, Tacoma; 1’ B J ohn
son, Walla 'Walla; J R Ha den, Seattle; A
A Phillips, Olympia; J y Browne, Spo
kane Fa is; J ohu Paul Judson, Tacoma.
Commissioners of Penitentiary at Walla
Walla, Frank London, Frank W Paine,
Walla Walla; Platt A Preston. Waitsburg.
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Eastern
Washington, Wilson Lockhart, Charles
McDonall, Medical Lake; D F Percivel,
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Western
Washington, W J Fife, Tacoma; George D
Shannon, Olympia; A B Stewart, Seattle.
- Trustees Soldiers and Sailors Home, Al
bert S Cole; Whatcom; W. R. Dunbar
Goldendale; John F McLean, Walla
Walla; George A Boardman, Tacoma; M.
M. Holmes, Seattle.
Trustees of School for Defective Youth at
Vancouver, W Byron Daniels. Louis 8011113.
B 14‘ Shaw, John R Thompson, Vancouver.
Board of Education—Frank B Ganlt, of
Tacoma; Mr Atkinson, of Seattle- D
Bemiss, Spokane Falls; Mr Kerr. Walla
Walla; President, R B Bryan. Olympia.
Members of Commission of Technical In
struetion to local Agricultural College. Cree
A Black, Fairhaven: S B Conover, Port
Townsend: Andrew H Smith. Tacoma.
Coal Mine inspectors, First district, Wm
Grifl‘ith, Roslyn; Second district, Edward
’l‘ (Morgan, Seattle. . _ ..- m _
State Land Commission, W T Forrest,
Allen Weir, T M Reed.
Harbor Line Comnnssioners~D C Guern
sey. Dayton; W F Prosser, North Yakima;
Eugene Semple, Seattle; H F Gar
retson, Tacoma; Frank H Richards, What
com; A Martin, secretary.
Tide Land Commissioners'and Board of
Equalization and Appeal~Thos M Reed,
Olimfiia; Allen Weir, Port Townsend;
B S arpstein, Walla Walla; C H Warn—
er, Colfax; Austin Mires, Ellensburgh; C
M Barton, secretary.
Trustees of State Normal School at El
lensburgh—W R Abrams, Ellensburgh;
Fred W. Agatz, Ellensburgh; Thos J
Newland, Ellensburgh.
Trustees State Normal School at Cheney
—S A Wells, Ritzville, term two years; H
F Suksdorf, Spangle, four years; W H H
McClure, l’alouse City, four years; Louis
Walter, Cheney, six years; W E Weygant,
Cheney, six years. '
Mining BureauwGovernor E P. Ferry,
Lieut-Gov Charles E Laughton, Treasurer
A A Lindsley. ,
Commissxoners to World’s Fair—Henry
Drum, Tacoma; C B Hopkins, Spokane
Falls. Lady commissioners, Mrs N H
Owings, Olympia; Mrs H E Houghton,
Commission to build the State Uni
versity, John Arthur, Seattle: Charles F
Leavenworth, Olympia; John Mcßeavy,
Union City.
Horticultural Board, Raynor Kies, Van
couver; Henry Bueey, Tacoma; E L Von
gohven, East Sounc ; D E Lesh, North
Yakima; D M Jessee, Walla Walla; H H
S alding, Almota; at large, J T Blackburn,
Vgtshon Island.
, Fish Hatchery Commissron, Chas E
Laughton of Conconully; James Crawford,
Vancouver; A A Lindsley, Olympia.
State Building Commission, Chas E
Laughton, Conconully; T M Reed, Olym
pia; A A Lindsley. Olympia.
Board of Health and Bureau fof Vital
Statistics—G S Armstrong, M D, president,
Olympia; O A Bowen, secretary, Olympia;
F I Conn, M D, Seattle; N Fred Essig, M
D. Spokane; J R Hathaway, M D, Fair
Chehalis County—Z T Coy. Montesano;
W T Keyes, Aberdeen; Charles Scott,
Gray’s Harbor.
‘ C allam County——Alfred Lee, Port Ange
les; James A Smith, Sequim; William,
Ward, Dungeness. ‘
Cowlitz County—Lewis H Gildcy, Free
port; Sam Jenkins, Tucker; Geo White,
Castle Rock.
Island County—Chas T Terry, Coupe
-1zille; Thos Nunau, Jerome Ely, Oak Har
‘ Jefferson County—R D Attridge, Port
LudlOW’ Peter Multy, Port Discovery; F
H. Winslow. Port Townsend.
King 001111ty*1) A McKenzie, F W
Sparling, Thos W Prosch, Seattle.
Kitsap County—John T Mitchell, Port
Madison; A H Sroufe, Sidney; S A Dick
ey Port Washington.
Mason Count%—Alonzo' Edwards, Shel
ton; John R berhart, Allyn, John B
Forbes, Karmilchie.“ . _ “ -_ N _
Pacific County—Ralph B Dyer, South J
Bend; Thomas Roney, Willapa; H F Car— ‘
nahan, Knappton.
Pierce County—E M Hunt, 0 T Uhl
man, John Huntington, Tacoma.
San Juan County—Joseph Sweeney, G
B Driggs, Friday Harbor; S M Johnson.
Skagit COunty—l D Huntoon, Hamilton;
H P Downs. Mount Vernon; C R Donnell,
Snohomish County—E C Ferguson, Wm
Whitfield, F O Coe, Snohomish.
Thurston County—E W Andrews. Olym
gja; Francls Rotch. Bucoda; Frank Ruth,
i Whatcom County—Will L Visscher, F.
N Barney,Whatcom; B W Loring, Lnyden.
Wahkiakum County—Thomas Irvlng,J
J Foster, Cathlamet; F M Sweet, Ska
Chief Justice, Thomas J Anders, Walla
Justice, Elmon Scott, Pomeroy.
Justice, R O Dunbar, Goldendale.
Justice, T. R. Stiles, Tacoma.
J uatice, J P Hoyt, Olympia.
Clerk, 0 S Rein mart, Olympia. '
Reporter, Eugene Krei er, Tacoma.
Governor E P Ferry, Commander-in-
Chief, Olympia.
General R G O’Brien, Adjutant General
and Quartermaster General, Commissary
General, Inspector General and Chief of
Ordnance, Olympia. ‘ l
Colonel E. M. Carr, Assistant Adjutant
General, Seattle.
Colonel Henry Landes, Paymaster Gen
eral, Port Townsend.
Colonel Edward L Smith, Surgeon Gene
ral, Seattle.
Colonel James R Hayden, Assistant 1n
spector General, Seattle.
Colonel Charles E Claypool, Judge Advo
, cate General, Tacoma.
Colonel Frank T Gilbert. Assistant
Quartermaster General, \Valla Walla.
Colonel J D Mclntyre, Chief of Engi
neers, North Yakima.
Colonel W T Sharpe, Chief of Ordnance,
l Colonel J Kennedy Stout, Chief Signa
Officer, SPokane Falls.
~ Colone Will L. Visscher, Assistant Com
missary General, Fairhaven.
Aides-de—Camps Lieutenant Colonels,
Charles Reichenbach of Tacoma; C M
Atkins, Whatcom; L Frank Boyd, Spo
kane Falls; Clinton P Ferry, Tacoma.
Assistant Adjutant General—Major
Charles H. Ayer, Olympia.
Assistant Commissary General—Lieu.
tenant Colonel Albert W iyte, Steliacoom,
Assistant Quartermaster General—Lieu
tenant Colonel H. F. Garretson, Tacoma.
Aide de Camp to Adjutant General— 1
Captain E T Powell, Waitsburg. 1
Brigadier commanding N G \V, A P Cur
rv, Spokane.
John I Booge, Spokane, Assistant Adjn
tant General, with rank Lieutenant
00.10 an , ,
VVS Scott, Seattle. Assistant Inspeoto
General, with rank Lieutenant Colonel.
Geo A Bethune, Tacoma, Assistan
Quartermaster General, with rank Lieu
tenant Colonel.
Marshall K Snell, Tacoma, Assistant
Commissary General, with rank Lieutenant
E L Smith, Brigade Surgeon, Seattle,
with rank Lieutenant Colonel.
J J White, Spokane. Aide-de-Camp, with
rank First Lieutenant.
J W Steam, Tekoa, Aidede-Camp, with
rank First Lieutenant.
: WE Cromwell. South Bend, Aide~de
‘ Camp, with rank First Lieutenant.
First Regiment—J C Haines. Colonel,
Seattle; S W Scott, Lieutenant Colonel,
Regimental Staff—T M Reed, Jr.,lil‘st
lieutenant and Adjutant, Seattle; L R
Dawson, Surgeon Mam, Seattle; J A
ry, Seattle; Rev. L Wells, Chaplain
with rank of Captain, Tacoma.
Captains of Companies—Joseph Green,
Co B, Seattle; W J Fife, Co C, Tacoma; C
L F Kellogg, 00 D, Seattle: W R Thornell,
Co E, Seattle; J J Weisenburger, What
com; F A Gaus, COG, Tacoma; J C West
hoi‘f, Co H, Vancouver; Geo H Jones, Port
Townsend; A E Morton, Aberdeen.
Second Regiment Enoch W Pike. Colo—
nel, Goldendale; John Carr, Lieutenant
Colonel, Dayton; Geo W Greene, Major,
Spokane Fa ls
Regimental Staff—J H Hudgin, M D,
Surgeon and Major, Waitsburg; Dr Allen?
Bonebrake, Assistant Surgeon and Captain, 1
Goldendale; Rev J T ltshelman, Chap
lain and Major, Goldendale; N B
Brooks, First Lieutenant and Adjutant,‘
Goldendale; Edwin S Isaac-s. First Lieu-1‘
tenant and Quartermaster, Walla Walla-
Eugene J Fellows. First Lieutenant aml
Commissary, Spokane Falls: 0 F Miller,
First Lieutenant and Paymaster, Dayton;
Geo \V Barker, First Lieutenant and In
spector, Goldendale.
Captains of Companies—J E Frost, Com‘
pany A, Ellensburgh; vacancy, Com
pany O, Goldendale; Geo W Billing
ton, Company C, Centerville; H GShug—
man, Coxngrany D, Waitsburg; J C Mc-
Crimmon, orth Yakima; E H Fox, Com—
pany F, Dayton, W G 'Wadhams, Com~
pany G, Spokane Falls; Harry St. George,
Chas B Johnson, Major, commanding
battalion; M D Smith, Spokane, Ist Lieu
tenant and Adjutant; W O Robb, Tacoma,
first Lieutenant and Quartermaster; Dr J
A Beebe, Tacoma; assistant Surgeon;
Wallace Mount, Spragne, Sergeant Major;
W M Putnam, Sprague, Quartermaster
Sergeant; J. H. Shlelds, Sprague, Commis
sall'y Sergeant.
’ roo A—Oaptain B B Glascock. Cap
tain; IEW Lindsay, first Lieutenant; ’l‘
Ashley Wickham, second Lieutenant.
Troop B—James M Ashton, Ca tain;
James H Berry, First Lieutenant; games
M Dougan, Second Lieutenant.
Spokane and Stevens—R. B. Blake, R.
G. Langford and J. Z. Moore, Spokane
Lincoln, Adams, Okanogan and Doug
las—“’allace Mount, Syrague.
Walla Walla. and Franklin—Wm. H.
Upton, Walla Walla.
Columbia, Garfield and Asotin—Robert
F. Sturdevant. Dayton.
KittitaS—C. B. Graves, Ellensburgh.
Ealkima and Klickitat—Sol. Smith, Gold
en a e.
Clarke, Cowlitz and Skamania—N. H.
Bloomfield, Vancouver.
Lewis, Pacific and Walikiakum-E. S.
Hunter, Chehalis.
Thurston, J. W. Robinson, Olympia.
Chehalis and Mason—Mason Irwin,
Montesano. '
Pierce—Frank Allyn, Fremont Camp
bell, John Beverly, Tacoma.
King—Richard Osborn, J. I. Liclitenberg,
T. J. Humes, Seattle.
Jefferson—M. B. Sachs. Port Townsend.
(Illallam—James G. McClinton, I’ort An
ge es.
Whatcom and San Juan—J. R. Winn,
Skagit and Isiand—H. Mcßride, La-
Conner. “I
Snohomish and Kitsap—J. C. Denny,
District Judge, C.§H. Hanford. Seattle.
Clerk of Circuit Court, A. R. Ayres, Ta
Deputy Clerk of District Court, R. M.
Hopkins, Seattle.
Clerk of District Court, R. M. Hopkins,
Deputy Clerk of District Court, A. R.
Ayres, Tacoma.
Deguty Clerk of District Court, Oliver
Woo , Port Townsend.
Deputy Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, W. T. Dovell, Walla Walla.
Deputy Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, S. A. Wells, Spokane.
Northern Division—lncludes counties of
King, Kitsagn, Jefl'erson, Clallam, Snoho-l
mis , Islan , San Juan, Skagit and What- 1
com and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Seattle first Tuesday in June and De
cemoer. ,
Southern division—lncludes counties of
Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia,
Walla Walla, Franklin, Yakima and Klick
itat, and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Walla Walla first Tuesday in May and
Eastern Division—lncludes counties of
Spokane, Stevens, Okanogan, Douglas,
Lincoln, Adams and Kittitas, and all In
dian reserves. Terms held at Spokane first
Tuesday in April and Seatember.
Western Division—lnc udes counties of
Pierce, Mason, Thurston, Cliehalis. Pacific,
Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clarke and
Skamania, and all Indian reserves. Terms
heldat Tacoma first Tuesday in February
and July.
President of Senate pro tern, E T Wilson,
Secretary ofSenate, C M Barton,olym ia ,
Speaker of House, Amos F Shaw, Jan
Chief Clerk of House, T G Nicklin,
N h Owings, Senator, Olympia.
U L Collins, Representative, Tenino.
A H Chambers, Representative Olympia.
'T H Cavanaugh, Surveyor General Olym
1) E B Olney, U S Signal Olficer,
Thomas R Brown, U S marshal, Tacoma.
C A Tompkins, chief deputy marshal,
‘ Tacoma.
Patrick Henry Winston, U S district at
torney Sfiokane Falls.
1? 0 Cu ivan, assistant U S district attor
neg, Tacoma.
M Bradshaw, collector of port of Puget
Sound, Port Townsend.
Arthur A Putnam, deputy internal rev
enue collector. Tacoma.
COUNTY orrcEße.
J W Robinson, Judge Superior Court, ‘
Ol mfifia. ‘
5. . Ayer, County Attorney, Olympia.
W H Roberts, Clerk Olympia.
C B Mann, Treasurer, Olympia.
J P Tweed, Auditor, Olympia.
Geo S Prince, Sherifl‘, Olympia.
L R Byrne, Superintendent Public
Schools, Olympia. '
James A Smith, Assessor, Olympia.
L P Ouellette, Surfeyor, Ol mpia.
G S Armstrong, Coroner, Oly mpia.
E Mcßeynolds, } Justices onPeace
J C Ratlibun, Olympia.
TB gsglrigllbps, Comdnissioners
, R A Brewer, ympia.
H Hadlan, Wreckmaster, Olympia.
H A LE’ g
. \ 7,
i .
This property is less than three quarters
'of a mile from the corner of Main and Fourth
streets. Thirty houses will be built on this
jaddition within eight months. ;
‘ Prices range from $125 to $500; corners,
SSO extra. Street car line expected to run?
through the addition soon. ‘
' Notarv Public.
Came: ”Fourth and Jefferson street. ummsite the Opera House
CAPITAL - '- - 518100.000
SURPLUS - - - $20,000.
tw. osni’i‘iffi’iifif‘ HENRQ’PEFE
AGenelalßankmgßusmess Transacted
Capital National Bank,
Capital - - - SIOO,OOO
F. M. WA DE, J’mm. N. H. ()WINGS, V. Plum.
0. J. LORI) (Mammy
Direc ors.
John S. Baker, Louis Bettman, , t Robert. Frost, N. H. Owing
S. C. Woodmfl', F. M. Wade. 0. J. Lord.
Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Telegraphic transfers made on
allfpriuclpal cities.
. Collections a Specialty.
A ’
State Bank of Olvm 01d.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Statei
Warrants Bought-
' In sum of $1 and upwards/
President. Vice-President. Secretary—Treasurer
HoughEandEDressell lumber, Sash, Dnnrslaths, Shingles Mouldings
Nails, Cement, lime, locks, Buns, Pickeis, Etc.
Estimates furnished on mill work of all kinds.
City Office and Yard, Fourth—st. Bridge; Telephone No. 71.
'.Mill, West Olympia; Telphone No. 5.
Cnrkeek & Nicholas, importers and manuiucturers of ‘
, Wood and Marble Mantels, Eucaustic Tiles, Etc. 1
(Successors to FOSTER & LABEREE.)
We have added to our already large stock a FIRSTCLASS WAGON, specially fitted
—————for the removal of—
Pianos, Furmtu re and Baggage.
Our facilities for the removal of safes and all other heavy goods are of the best
—-—————All orders for——
I:l3ng Gurneys, Liverv Trucks, Baggage, etc.
Promptly attended to.
A first~class-_ Boarding Stable in Connection.
/ %—-—THE-—-——ae~
ONLY $1.50 A YEAR.
Itgis nearly all Reading§Matter refering to this
section of the Countrv. It is the Lead
ing Weekly Newspaper at the
head of Puget Sound.
It has as large a circulation as any Weeklv
Newspaper in the State, and it you
want to keep posted subscribe
All the Associated Press telegrams and the
latest local Sand miscellaneous news
g of the day are to be found in
It is the only newspaper West oi Tacoma with
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the news.
It is the only weekly newspaper in the state
publishing the Supreme Court

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