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Edison’s New Surprise in Electric
lty—The Postofflce to Topplc
Over—The Chicago
Special Correspondence to the Tribune.
CHICAGO, Oct. 16, 1891.—Chicago is to
have a new public library, a magnificent
structure in which the room for books is
to be practically unlimited, 500,000 to be
placed on the shelves at the start. The‘
cost of the building, floors, roof and inte-l
rior decorations will be about $1,2001000, to
which must be added over $500,000 for ma
chinery, lighting and heating apparatus
and furniture. The architects selected
rank high in their profession and will pre
pare plans for the exterior. As men of their
' stamp would not consider the matter with
out assurance of remuneration for their
time, the committee will pay each of the
five architects, three in Chicago and one in
both Boston and New York. SIOOO for their
plans whether accepted or not. For seven
months of careful study the committee
have had in charge the erection of this
building and the blue prints have been
spread on a table in President J. G. Short
ail’s oifice. Let us hope that the name
may in no‘sense typify the work or be
ominous of its proceedings. Mr. Shortall
says in ninety days from now the plans
must be returned to the committee; and
another ninety would be consumed in per—
fecting the details and in letting contracts.
“We have not a moment to lose if the cor—
ner stone is laid six months hence—say
April 1, 1892. If the roof be on by Sep
tember 1, 1893, a magnificent piece oflwork
will be done, with the characteristic enter
prise of Chicago. Then will come the in
terior decoration and finishing, and I haz
ard the estimate that the bui ding will be
ready for occupancy by October, 1895. It
will occupy the entire block bounded by
Randolph and Washington streets and
Michigan avenue and Dearborn Place.
it is said, has another surprise in store for
us, the practical line of rapid transit. a
new system of applying electricity to
street railways. The cost is one-third that
of a. cable road and it performs every func
tion cheaper and better. It is not a trolley
system—not a storage battery system, but
asysteni where the current is taken di
rectly from the rails—quite safe, as the
current won’t escape at all and is not lia
ble to the objections in a large city, of the
current over the wire. He continues “I ‘
am building a large electrical locomotive, ‘
several hundred horse power, and have de—
vised a. system of conduction without trol- ‘
ley, for a big railroad for Henry Villard, l
a small section of which has been laid.
Mr. Villard’s presence just now in Chica
go may be in connection with this scheme.
Time will tell, for now he denies himsel;
to all visitors, and refuses to be inter
received at Washington by Supervising
Architect Edbrooke states that the post of
fice is liable to topple over at any time and
that it is a serious matter and one of great
responsibility to further jeopardize the
lives of the employes and the public who
are compelled to transact business within
the walls of this building.
He recommends that Iprovision be made
for an entirely new bui ding which, when
completed, will embrace ‘ all the available
space now comprising the postotfice site.
In view of the settlements that have oc
curred smce the building was first occu
pied, there is no hope of a cessation, and
while these settlements continue the ques
tion of safety to the occupants must neces
sarily cause great anxiety. These settle
ments will continue unless arrested by a
new foundation under the entire building.
which would involve an ex ense estimated
at not less than $500,003. ghould this ex
pense be incurred the question of the inad
equacg as it now is would still be without
reme y.
Yesterday the ways and means commit~
tee decided to recommend that2o,ooo square }
feet on ' .
be set aside for the urpose of an exhibit of
a Javanese (not gapanese) village, on
which Leigh Lynch wishes to expend 1
$50,000. The exhibit will include a repre-‘
sentation of life in Borneo and the Philip
pine Islands. Mr. Lynch is the represenfl
ative of a firm which had a fine exhibit at
the Paris exposition. This display will in
clude Javanese costumes, music, dancing,
houses, customs and the peculiar habits of
the people to be represented.
The city council are divided in opinion l
as to the advisability of erecting any more ‘
“sky scrapers.” Many among them with l
the mayor, consider that “we should stop ‘
erecting such high buildidgs; first, be— i
cause their safety is questionable, and 1
second, because it would be better for the ,
city to have business spread out over more
territory.” There are also objections on
sanitary grounds. Twenty years ago, on
Oct. 8, 1871, occurred the great Chicago fire,
sweeping on from Sunday evening until
the following Tuesday, until 2,100 acres of
the heart of the citv had been reduced to
ruin; 17.450 buildings leveled to the
ground; 98,500 persons renderad homeless;
2C3 lives lost; property amounting to up
wards of $200,000,000 in value and lepre
senting about one-third of the entire prop
erty in the city had vanished, and a popu
lation of 320,003 had become the objects of
sympathy to the civilized world, with an
extent of charity rendered which has had
no equal in its warmth and sppliitfnfity.
7 A Sterm Saw-Mill.
A. saw—mill, with a fifteen-horse-powcr
engine, boiler and sundry other fixtures,
all complete and nearly new, will be sold,
(on the Union Pacific dock in the city of
Olympia,) to the highest bidder, on Satur
day. October 3lst, 1891, at the hour of two
o’clock, p. m.
This property is now stored on said dock,
where it may be seen and examined by con
templating purchasers at any time prior to
the date of sale, for which examination
and any further particulars apply to J. C.
Percival. dock-master on said 00 ,or to
oct3l JsM. SWAN,
Olympia, Sept. 26, 1891. Olympia.
Methodist Sociable.
The Ladies and Pastors Union of the M.
E. church will give a social,- consisting of
refreshirents and a musical and literary
program, at the M. E. church, on Wednes
day evening Oct. 21. Refreshments may be
had at 6p. In. All are cordially invlted.
The object of this social is to cultivate
sociability and to become acquainted with
the newly recorded members and the
strangers of the congregation.
When Baby was sick, we gm 1e her Gastoria. 3
When she was a. Child, she ci ied for Castoria. ‘
When she became Miss, she clung to Castor-la.
When she had Children, shag :ave them Castoria.
Runs high at Man 65 Ross’ drug store
over System Builder, as everybody is using
it for catarrh of the stomach, dyspepsia,
constipation and impure blood, and to
build up the system. v t certainly possesses
wonderful merit when all speak so Well
0 1 . tf.
Science Works Wonders. 1
I had sciatic rheumatism so that I was
all drawn over to one side. My hip sank
in so that you could lay your hand in the
cavity, and I did no work for a year. Noth
ing did me any good untilltried Hibbard’s
Rheumatic Syrup. Four bottles cured me.
For sale by Pacific Drug Co.
tf. ALBERT KING, Van Vert, Ohio.
Wood and Bark.
All kinds of dry wood and bark for sale
by the undersigned, sizes to order.
Oifice at Foster & Laberee’s. Tel. 3.
Senator, John B. Allen, Walla Walla.
Senator, Watson C. S uire, Seattle.
Representative, J no. E. Wilson, Spokane
Governor Elisha P. Ferry, Olympia.
Lieutenant-Governor, Charles E. Laugh
ton, Conconully. .
Secretary of State, Allen Weir, Olympia.
Treasurer, A. A. Lindsley, Olympia.
Auditor, ’l‘. M. Reed, Olympia.
Frfimorney-General, W. C. Jones, Spokane
a s.
Superintendent of Public Instruction, R
B Bryan, Olympia.
Commissioner of Public Lands, W TFor
est, Olympia.
State Printer, 0 C White, Olympia.
_S Late Librarian, Philip D Moore, Olym
pia. ' =
State Geologist, George Bethune Tacoma.
Game Warden, L S Sherwood, Colville.
Timber Inspector, (First district) Ed
ward McTaggert, Skagit county; (Seventh
district) Clinton Cutler, Vancouver.
Fish Commissioner, James Crawford,
Pilot Commissioners Straits of Fuca and
Puget Sound, John P. Betts, Charles H
Jones, Jos. H. Stetson, Port Townsend.
Pilot Commissroners Columbia river, Al
fred E King, J L Stout, Ilwaco; Edward
Spencer, Long Beach.
Trustees State Reform School. John
Dobson, Chehalis; Levi F Compton, Seat
tle: Jonathan W Godell. Willapa.
Medical Board of Examining Physicians
John W Bean and J H McDonald. Ellens
burgh; H B Bagley, Seattle: G V Calhoun,
La Conner; A»B Kibhe, Seattle: J I)
Minkler, Centralia; C S Penlield. Spokane
Falls; William H Dewey, Tacoma, Howard
R Keylor, Walla Walla, secretary.
Board of Health for District -of Puget
Sound, L B Hastings, J N Laubach, H L
’l‘i‘bbals, Jr. Port Townsend.
Board of Pharmacy—J W McArthur,
president. Spokane; A Morley Stewart,
Tacoma; W H T Barnes, Seattle; D O
Woodworth, Ellensburgh; A. 0 Clark, soc
retaiy, Olympia. ‘
Regents 01 Agricultural College, Eugene
Fellows of Spokane Falls. Andrew H Smith
of Taconla.S B Conover of Port Town
send, x’} W Hopp of Sedro, J H Ballinger
of Colfax.
Regents of State University, Jno W
Sprague, chancellor, Tacoma; P BJohn
son, Walla Walla; J R Hayden, Seattle; A
A Phillips, Olympia; J J Browne, Spo
kane Falls; John Paul Judson, Tacoma.
Commissioners of Penitentiary at Walla
Walla, Frank London, Frank W Paine,
Walla Walla: Flatt A Preston. Waitsburg.
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Eastern
Washington, Wilson Lockhart, Charles
McDouall, Medical Lake; D F I’ercivel,
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Western
Washington, W J Fife, Tacoma; George D
Shannon, Olympia; A B Stewart Seattle.
Trustees Soldiers and Sailors Home, Al
bert S Cole, Wliatcom; W.’R. Dunbar
Goldendale; John F McLean, Walla
Walla; George A Boardman, Tacoma; M.
M. Holmes, Seattle.
Trustees of School for Defective Youth at
Vancouver, \V Byron Daniels. Louis Sohns.
B F Shaw, Jonn R Thompson, Vancouver.
Board of Education—Frank B Gault, of l
Tacoma; Mr Atkinson. of Seattle; D
Bemiss, Spokane Falls; Mr Kerr, Walla
Walla; President, R B Bryan, Olympia.
Members of Commission of Technical In
struction to local Agricultural College. Geo
A Black, Fairhaven; S B Uonover, Port
Townsend: Andrew H Smith. Tacoma.
Coal Mine inspectors, First district, Wm
Griffith, Roslyn; Second district, Edward
T‘MorgaTn, Seattle. . _ 7
State Land Commission, W T Forrest,
Allen Weir. T M Reed.
Harbor Line Commissioners—DC Guern
sey. Dayton; W F Prosser, North Yakima;
Eugene Semple, Seattle; H F Gar- '
retson, Tacoma; Frank H Richards, What
com; A Martin, secretary.
Tide Land Commissionersand Board of
Equalization and Appeal—'ihos M Reed,
Olympia; Allen Weir, Port Townsend;
B L Snarpstein, Walla Walla; C H Warn
er, Colfax; Austin Mires, Ellensburgh; C
M Barton, secretary.
Trustees of State Normal School at El~
lensburgh—W R Abrams, Ellensburgh;
Fred Vt . Agatz, Ellensburgh; Thos J
N ewland, Ellensburgh.
Trustees State Normal School at Cheney
—S A Wells, Ritzville, term two years; H
F Suksdorf, Spangle, four years; W H H
McClure, Palouse City, four years; Louis
Walter, Cheney, six years; W E Weygant,
Cheney, six years.
Mining Bureau—Governor E P. Ferry,
Lieut-Gov Charles E Laughton, Treasurer
A A Lindsley.
Commissioners to World’s Fair—Henry
Drum, Tacoma; C B Hopkins, Spokane
Falls. Lady commissioners, Mrs N H
Owings, Olympia; Mrs H E Houghton,
Commission to build the State Uni
versity, John Arthur, Seattle: Charles F
Leavenworth, Olympia; John Mcßeavy,
Union City. _
Horticultural Board, Raynor Kies, Van
couver; Henry Bucey, Tacoma; E L Von
gohven, East Soun ; D E Lesh, North
Yakima; D M Jessee, Walla Walla; H H
S alding, Almota; at large, J T Blackburn,
Vlashon Island.
Fish Hatchery Commissron, Chas E
Laughton of Conconull ; James Crawford
Vancouver; A'A Lindsfey, Olympia.
State Building Commission, Chas E
Laughton, Conconully; T M Reed, Olym
pia; A A Lindslely, Olympia. ’
Board of Hea th and Bureau "of Vital
Statistics—G S Armstrong, M D, president
Olympia; O A Bowen, secretary, Olympia
, F M Conn, M D, Seattle; N Fred Essig, M
‘D. Spokane; J R Hathaway, M D, Fair
TIDE LAND Arrausnas.
Chehalis County—Z T Coy. Montesano;
W T Keyes, Aberdeen; Charles Scott,
Gra ’s Harbor. , '
Ciallam County's—Alfred Lee, Port Ange
les; James A Smith, Sequim; William
W'ard, Dungeness. ,
Cowlitz County—Lewis H Gildy, Free
port; Sam Jenkins, Tucker; Geo TWhite,
Castle Rock.
Island County—Chas T Terry, Coupe
-1V;ille; Thos Nunan, Jerome Ely, Oak Har
Jefferson County—R D Attridge, Port
Lndlow; Peter Multy, Port Discovery; F
H Winslow. Port Townsend. '
King County— D A McKenzie, F \V
Sparling, Thos W l’rosch, Seattle.
Kitsap County—John"l‘ Mitchell, Port;
Madison; A H Sroufe, Sidney; S ADick 1
ey, Port Washington. i
Mason CountE—Alonzo Edwards, Shel
ton; John R berhart, Allyn, John .8
Forbes, Kamilchie. 3,,
Pacific County—Ralph RhDyer, South
Bend; Thomas Roney, Willapa; H F Car
nahan, Knappton.
Pierce County—E M Hunt, 0 T Uhl
man, John Huntington, Tacoma.
San Juan CountyTJoseph Sweeney, G
B Driggs, Friday Harbor; S M Johnson.
Skagit County—l D Huntoon, Hamilton;
H P Downs, Mount Vernon; C R Donnell,
Snohomish County—E C Ferguson, Wm
Whitfield, F O Coe, Snohomish.
Thurston County—E W Andrews. Olym
gvial; Francis Rotch, Bucoda; Frank Ruth,
e m.
Whatcom County—WillL Visscher, F.
N Barney,Whatcom; B W Loring, Lnyden.
Wahkiakum County—Thomas Irvlng,J
J Foster, Cathlamet; F M Sweet, Ska
Junroanr. .
Chief Justice, Thomas J Anders, Walla
Justice, Elmon Scott, Pomeroy.
Justice, R O Dunbar, Goldendale.
Justice, T. R. Stiles, Tacoma.
‘ Justice, J P Hoyt, Olympia.
Clerk, 0 S Reinhart, Oiiympia.
‘ Reporter, Eugene Krei er, Tacoma.
Governor E P Ferry, Commander-in- 1
Chief, Olvmpia.
General B. G O’Brien, Adjutant General
and Quartermaster General, Commissary‘
General, Inspector General and Chief of
Ordnance, Olym'fia.
Colonel E. M. Carr, Assistant Adjutant
General, Seattle.
Co‘onel Henry Landes, Paymaster Gen
eral, Port Townsend. ,
Colonel Edward L Smith, Surgeon Gene
ral, Seattle.
Colonel James R Hayden, ~Assistant In
specter General, Seattle. '
, Colonel Charles E Claypool, Judge Advo
‘cate General Tacoma.
L Colonel li‘l'ank T Gilbert. Assistant
Quartermaster General, Walla Walla.
Colonel J D Mclntyre, Chief of Engi
neers, North Yakima.
Colonel W T Sharpe, Chief of Ordnance,
Colonel J Kennedy Stout, Chief Signa
Officer, SPokane Falls.
Colone Will L. Visscher, Assistant Com
missary General, Fairhaven.
Aides—de—Camps - Lieutenant Colonels
Charles Reichenbach of Tacoma; C M
Atkins, Whatcom; L Frank Boyd, Spo
kane Falls; Clinton P Ferry, Tacoma.
Assistant Adjutant General——- Major
Charles H. Ayer, Olympia.
Assistant Commissary General—’Lieu.
tenant Colonel Albert Whyte, Steliacoom,
Assistant Quartermaster General—{lieu
tenant Colonel H. F. Garretson, Tacoma.
Aide de Camp to Adjutant General-
Captain E T Powell, Waitsburg.
‘ Brigadier commanding N G W, A P Cur
rv, Sgokane. l
J o n I Boo%e, Spokane, Assistant Adju
tant Genera , with rank Lieutenant
WS Scott, Seattle. Assistant Inspecto
General, with rank Lieutenant Colonel.
Geo A Bethune, Tacoma, Assistan
Quartermaster General, with rank Lieu
tenant Colonel.
Marshall K Snell, Tacoma, Assistant
Commissary General, with rank Lieutenant
E L Smith, Brigade Sur%eon, Seattle,
with rank Lieutenant Colone .
J J White, Spokane, Aide-de-Camp, with
rank First Lieutenant.
J W Stearn, Tekoa, Aide-de-Camp, with
rank First Lieutenant.
W E Cromwell. South Bend, Aide-de
, Camp, with rank First Lieutenant.
First Regiment—J C Hairles. Colonel,
Seattle; S W Scott, Lieutenant Colonel,
Regimental Staff—T M Reed, Jr., first
lieutenant and Adjutant, Seattle; L R
Dawson, Surgeon Mflol’, Seattle; J A
ry, Seattle; Rev. L Wells, Chaplain
with rank of 028 mm, Tacoma.
Captains of omganies—Joseph Green,
Co B, Seattle; W J ife, Co C, Tacoma; C
L F Kellogg, Co D, Seattle; W R Thornell,
Co E, Seattle; J J Weisenbnrger, What
eom; F A Gaus, Co G, Tacoma; J C West
holf, Co H, Vancouver; Geo H Jones, Port
Townsend; A E Morton, Aberdeen.
Second Regiment Enoch W Pike. Colo
nel, Goldendale; John Carr, Lieutenant
Colonel, Dayton; Geo W Greene, Major,
SpYokane Fa is N .. T- n ‘ _ -- h
‘Regimental Staff—J H Hudgin, M D,
Surgeon and Major, Waitsburg; Dr Allen
Bonebrake, Assistant Surgeon and Captain,
(ioldendale; Rev J 'l‘ Eshelman, Chap
lain and Major. Goldendale; N B
.Brooks. First Lieutenant and Adjutant,
Goldendale; Edwin S Isaacs, First Lieu-
Itenant and Quartermaster, Walla Walla
Eugene J Fellows. First Lieutenant and
Commissary, Spokane Falls: 0 F Miller,
First Lieutenant and Paymaster, Dayton;
Geo W Barker. First Lieutenant and In
spector, Goldendale.
Captains of Companies—J E Frost. Com
pany A, Ellensburgh; vacancy, Com
pany C, Goldendale; Geo W Billing
ton, Company C Centerville; HGShug—
man, Comfiany 15, Waitsburg; J 0 MC-
Urimmon orth Yakima 'E H Fox, Com
pany F, fiayton, W G Wadhams, Com
}éany Gr, Spokane Falls; Harry St. George,
omeroy. .
Chas B Johnson, Major, commanding
battalion; M D Smith, Spokane .lst Lieu—
tenant and Adjutant; W O Robi), Tacoma,
first Lieutenant and Quartermaster; Dr J
A Beebe, Tacoma, assistant Sur eon;
Wallace Mount, Sprague, Sergeant bfajor;
W M Putnam, Sprague, Quartermaster
Sergeant; J. H. Shlelds, Sprague, Commis- ,
sary Sergeant. ‘
"no? A—Captain B B Glascock. Gap‘
tain; W Lindsay, first Lieutenant; 'l‘
Ashley Wickham, second Lieutenant. l
Troop B—James M Ashton, Ca tain;l
James H Berry, First Lieutenant; games‘
M Dougan, Second Lieutenant. ‘
Spokane and Stevens—R. B. Blake, R.
g. 11Langford and J. Z. Moore, Spokane
a 5.
Lincoln, Adams, Okanogan and Doug
las—Wallace Mount, S rague.
Walla Walla and E‘ranklin——Wm. H.
Upton, Walla Walla.
Columbia, Garfield and Asotin—Robert
F. Sturdevant. Dayton. 1
Kittitas—C. B. Graves, Ellensburgh. ‘
Yakima. and Klickitat—Sol. Smith, Gold
endale. 1
Clarke, Cowlitz and Skamania—N. Hq
Bloomfield, Vancouver.
Lewis, Pacific and ‘Vahkiakum—E. 8.
Hunter, Chehalis.
Thurston, J. W. Robinson Olympia.
Chehalis and Mason—Mason Irwin,
Montesano. ‘ ‘
Pierce—Frank Allyn, Fremont Camp-i
bell, John Beverly, Tacoma. 1
King—Richard Osborn,J. I. Lichtenberg, j
T. J. umes, Seattle. 1
J efl'erson—M. B. Sachs, Port Townsend.
(ljlallam—James G. McClinton, Port An
e es.
g Whatcom and San J nan—J . R. Winn,
Whatcom. ,
Skagit and Isiand—H. Mcßride, La-
Snohomish and Kltsap—J. C. DeJny,
District Judge, C.2H. Hanford. Seattle.
Clerk of Circuit Court, A. R. Ayres, Ta
DeEuty Clerk of District Court, R. M.
Hop ins, Seattle.
Clerk of District Court, R. M. Hopkins,
Deputy Clerk of District Court, A. R.
A res, Tacoma.
Deputy Clerk of District Court, Oliver
3 Wood, Port Townsend. ~
Deput Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, W. T. Dovell, Walla Walla. .
Deputy Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, S. A. Wells, Spokane.
Northern Division—lncludes counties of
King, Kitsag), Jefferson, Clallam, Snoho-
Inish, Islan , San Juan, Skagit and What
com and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Seattle first Tuesday in June and ..)e
--eem oer. ‘
Southern division—lncludes counties of
Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia,
Walla Walla, Franklin, Yakima and Klick
itat‘, and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Walla Walla first Tuesday in May and
November. - -
Eastern Division—lncludes counties of
Spokane, Stevens, Okanogan, Douglas,
meoln, Adams and Kittitas, and all In
dian reserves. Terms held at Spokane first
Tuesday in April and Septem oer.
Western Division—lnc udes counties of
Pierce, Mason, Thurston,,Chehalis, Pacific,
Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clarke and
Skamania, and all Indian reserves. Terms
held at Tacoma first Tuesday in February
, and July.
l President of Senate pro tem, E T Wilson,
Secretary ofSenate, C M Barton,Olym ia
Speaker of House, Amos F Shaw, V811:-
couver. ,
Chief Clerk of House, T G Nicklin,
N H Owings, Senator, Olympia.
U L Collins, Regesentative, Tenino.
A H Chambers, epresentative Olympia.
_T H Cavanaugh, Surveyor General Olym
E B Olney, U S Signal Oflicer,
Thomas R Brown. U S marshal, Tacoma.
C A Tompkins, chief deputy marshal,
Tacoma. '
Patrick Henry Winston, U S district at
torney Slpokane Falls.
P C Su livan, assistant U S district attor
ney, Tacoma.
C M Bradshaw, collector of port of Puget
Sound, Port Townsend. ,
Arthur A Putnam, deputy internal rev
enue collector, Tacoma.
COUNTY orrcaas.
J W Robinson, Judge Superior Court,
. . Ayer, County Attorney, Olympia.
‘ W H Roberts, Clerk Olympia.
C B Mann, Treasurer, O ympia.
J P Tweed, Auditor, Olympia.
Geo S Prince, Sherifi, Olympia.“ g
L R Byrne, Superintendent Public
Schools, Olympia.
James A Smlth, Assessor, Olympia.
L P Ouellette, Surveyor, Ol mpla.
G S Armstrong, Coroner, Olsgimpi‘a.
E Mcßeynolds, % Justices 0 Peace
J C Rathbun, Olympia.
g g \Sfrdiitiépps } Commissioners
. 1 ’
R A Brewer, Olympia.
H Hadlan, 'Wreckmaster, Olympia.
\ “,3
This property, is less than three quarters}
of a mile from the corner of Main and Fourth‘
streets. Thirty houses will be built on this
addition Within eight months.
Prices range from $125 to $500; corners,
SSO extra. Street car line“ expected to run
through the addition soon. I
, Notar'V Public.
Gamer Fourth "and Jefferson streel. opposite the Opera House
CAPITAL - - - 875100.000
SURPLUS - . - $20,000. ‘
L. w. “£353???" HENR¥¥?S§E?I”“”
A. A. PHILLIPS, form F. Gown,l GEO. D. SHANNON.
A General Bankmg Busmess Transacted
Capltal Naflonal Bank,
Capital - - - SIOO,OOO
1“. M. WADE, PRES. N. H. OWINGS, V.‘I’BE3.
O.J. LORI) (Yummy
[oth S. Baker, Louis Bettman, Robert Frost, N. H. Owing
S. C. Woodrufi', F. M. Wade. 0. J. Lord.
'Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Telegraphic transfers made on
allfprmclpal cmes.
; Collections a Specialty.
) I
State Bank of OleDld.
Transacts a General Banking Business. State
Warrants Bought-
In sum of $1 and upwards
1" R'LB‘E‘kYifignt. 0' f’x'ri’ifl‘rfiiacm. sigr’e‘t’efi‘ifa’iere,
Reugh‘Sandiflressed lumber, Sash, Bunrs,laths, Shingles. Mouldings
' Nails, Cement, lime, leeks, Bulls, Pickels, Etc,
Estimates furnished on mill work of all kinds
,City Office and Yard, Fourth-st. Bridge; Telephone No. 71.
‘.Mill, West Olympia; Telphone No. 5.
Carkeek & Nicholas, importers and manufacturers of
Cemetery Work of All Kinds.
Wood and Marble Mantels, Eucaustic Tiles, Etc.
It Will Bring You the Quickest Returns.
/Weekly Irlbtlne
N ONLY $1.50 A YEAR.
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section of the Countrv. It is the Lead
ing Weekly Newspaper at the
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It is the only weekly newspaper in the state
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The W€ekly Tribune
h M'U'i

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