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A Matter in “’hicln Lawyers are
, Hunting For FlaWs
In Titles.
In connection with the continued ab
sence of Attorney D. P. Ballard, quite a
number of matters have arisen, notas
My 8. land transaction, the facts of
which are here presented, as copied from
the records in the office of the county
Some. years ago, Courtland Ethridge re
ceived from the government, a donation ‘
claim consisting of 124 acres on the East
side. He sold a half interest in this land
to one A. J. Miller and they jointly platted
the property into lots and blocks, and filed
it in the office of the county auditor 011
November 30, 1869, under the title of North
Olympia. (A. A. Phillips being the audi
tor.) Then, to make their interests more
distinct, Ethridge deeded to Miller the
north half of the platted property and
Miller deaded the south half. to Ethridge,
in_order that each could sell lots independ
ent of the other.
Since then almost the entire addition has
been disposed of and the tract index
shows the following to be among the own
ers of these lots on the lst day of April,
T. I. McKenny, L. A. Treen, of Seattle,
N. S. Porter, John P. Hoyt, of Seattle, «'l‘.
M. Reed, F. W. Cromby, J. M. Grugan, A.
A. Phillips, J. J. Westbrook, of Tacoma,
S. F. Sohn, C. M. King, Eleanor Shotwell,
S. W. Hovey, C. C. Finkboner, G. V. Cal
houn, Sylvia Ruth, deceased, Emily Corey,
S. W. Percival, deceased, Sarah Waldron,
deceased, T. Coupe, J. M. Lammon, L. A.
Bushon, E. Bartlett, E.Sylvester, deceased,
G. W. Traver, Parmela C. Hale, A. 0. Da
mon, Mary Mix, Louisa. M. Booth, Arthur
Burns, Alexander Howard, Alfred Evans,
May F. Barnes, John Dooley.
On July 1, 1891, a power of attorney was
filed in the auditor’s office from A. J. Mil
ler, who now resides at l’ittsburg, Pa., to
D. P. Ballard. This power of attorney was
,filed by Frank A. Howard, who at the
same time also filed a warranty deed from
A. J. Miller, signed by D. P. Ballard as at
torney in fact for the north fifty-live acres
in the Courtland Ethridge donation claim,
the consideration being $350. What this
means only Mr. Ballard and Mr. Howard
knows, but anybody who is at all familiar
with re property knows that it is worth,
at the owest estimate, SIC 3an acre. An
other nestion is: How can Mr. Ballard
deed i y as acreage when it is covered by a
plat, laid off in lots and blocks and owned
by so many individuals?
Now again, on October 2i, (Wednesday
last) there was tiled in the auditor’s ofliee‘
a mortgage in the sum of $4,000 which was
executed in June last, by D. P. Ballard as
attorney for Miller, to 'J. F. Greathonse,
of Chehalis, \Vash. Thewdcscription in this
mortgage is as follows: “The Conrtland
donation claim No. 01, containing 12} 9—lo
acres, less 69 acres, heretofore sold.”
It is supposed that when Ethridge and
Miller divided their interests, Ethridge re
tained the ('39 acres in the south half, and
Miller the 55 acres in the north half. The
majority of the lots owned by the persons
named above, are in the north 55 acres.
This is food for thought.
This is Awl‘nlly sweet;
A few evenings ago on East Fifth street,
George and his girl were swinging on the
garden gate beneath the silent stars, and
they were silent, for they werein the dawn
ing of'younglove and scarce knew what to
say to each other. The silence at last he
came embarrassing, and she said:
“I must go in.”
“What’s your hurry ?”
“Oh, we’re just like two sillies, swinging
here and saying nothing.”
"I don’t know what to talk about.”
“Wellhl must go in.”
“W'ait a moment. You must be awfully
troubled by the flies in summer time."
“Yes: they mustlighton you in swarms.”
“Sir ?l! .
“Because you’re so awfully sweet.”
She didn't go in.
Friday’s 'l‘ransters..
[Reported by the Capital City Abstract
& Title Insurance Company, Chambers’
United States to Thomas John
son et ux, sw%, sec 17, e% of se
%, the nw% of 80%, and lotl, sec
18, and lot 3, sec 19, tp 18, r 2 W,
patent.... 4......
W R Watson to C W Goodman, ‘
lots 17, 18 add 19, blk 11, Home
adds 450
State Tax Levies.
State Auditor Reed has fixed the state
bond interest tax at 1-40 of’a mill. The law
fixes the military tax at 1~5 of a mill,
which, with the state levy of 3 mills, com—
poses the entire state tax. Under the law
of 1889 and 1890, bonding the state for
$300,090, the auditor is authorized to fix a
levy each year sufficient to meet the ac
crued interest on the bonds, which were
lifteen to twenty-five years optional bonds
at 4% per cent interest.
Under Military Arrest.
Charles A. Burr, clerk in the adjutant
general’s office, went to Seattle Thursday
evening With'the order for the arrest from
military duty of Colonel J. 0. Haines. He
served the order on 00!. Haines yesterday
and the Colonel was relieved from the com—
mand of his regiment by Captain Joseph
Green, pending the court-martial. ‘
Custom Made Boots and Shoes.
J. J. Ballweg, the custom boot and shoe
man of 224 Fourth street, makes a specialty
of lace boots and loggers’ hand made
shoes. Try a pair of his boots or
shoes with the cork placed inside; they
are fine for the wet weather. Repairing
ingr also done neatly at J. J. Baliweg’s, at
224th Fourth street. Oct2l
Worse Than Leprosy.
Catarrh. and there is but one prepara
tion that does cure that disease. and that
is the California Positive and Negative
Electric Liniment. Sold at Marr & Ross‘
drug store. It also cures neuralgia, rheu
matism. headache, slprains, burns, and all
pain. Try it and tcl your neighbor where
to get it. tf.
Card of Thanks.
The Good Templar’s at their regular
meeting Friday evening, passed a resolu
tion extending their thanks and expressing
their apineciation for the valuable services
renderer them in their entertainment by
Mrs. Jones and Austin. Misses Covington.
Bly and Fitch, the Mandolin club, and
others, whose proficiency made the enter
tainment of the high order that it was. ‘
Elliott and Elliott Married. ‘
Married, at the residence Mrs. Percival,
on the Westside, Miss Eva R. Elliott, of
this city. to Wm. E. Elliott. of Waknny,
Kas. The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. 11. H. Buck.
Capital Mills,
At Tumwater. are now runningr and mak
ing as good ilour as the market affords.
Try it. Telephone No. 98.
Cornado water. W. A. Botkin. 426 Main
st., sole agent. 024
Ah, me! what sport it is to jog
All day behind a spikc,tailed dog;
And wade in mud up to your knees;
And when youv’e spent a fruitless day
'lO buy your game rein some old jay.
Rabbits are getting ripe.
Flowers are still in bloom.
We have had no heavy frosts yet.
Do not wade where you can swlm today.
uThe Olympia" is the best 10 cent cigar.
Years of experience in the watch factor
ies has made us skillful in watch repair
ing. Rose & Godard. .
The Thurston County Land company
will remove their olfice to the Woodrufi'
block November lst.
We have a line of boys’ overcoats which
we will sell at 20 per cent. below actual
value for the next ten days. Brown &
Ferriss. nov4
Tom Keene, the tragedian. will be seen
here next Friday and Saturday. Richelieu
and Othello would crowd the ()lympm
A Tuinwater youth calls his girl an an
gel, because she is so fly. ' ‘
The Goodyear, Elitch & Shilling min- i
strels are coming. .
Go to F. W. Crmnby's. 618 Fourth street. ‘
for accurate presciptious. oth
For your bed lounges go to T. S. Cnntril,
Fourth street. ’
Try a pair of our strictly waterproof
shoes. They have no equal. Brown dz
Ferriss. , nov4
P. H. Carlyon, dentist, corner Main and
Fifth streets. '* ,
When you smoke ask for No. ”.6, the
boss 5 cent cigar. 024
G 0 to T. S. Cantril, the reliable furni
ture dealer, Fourth street, for bargains in
furniture, bedding and carpets s24tf
A series of Saturday evening gospel ser
. vices to the young people of the various
ichurches of Olyllllea will begin this even
,ing at Tacoma ha 1. Everybody cordially
l invited.
Coronado water is the best for kidney
and stomach troubles. 4toZ—l
The play of “Incog,” next Wednesday
night, is one of the best ever written and
the company is a splendid one.
Go to F. 'W. Croniby‘s, 618 Fourth street
t‘or the Reception cigar. They are very
choice. oth
\Vatches, diamonds and jewelry, clocks,
spectacles and silverware at Talcott Bros.
New Home and Domestic sewing ma
chines at Talcott Bros. al-tf
The Queen Insurance Company of New
York, was authorized to do business in
this state today. The headquarters will
be in Olympia.
Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired at
Simenson’s, 315 Main street. al-tf
It is reported that George Jones, the
Olympia plumber, has contracted to fit up
the water service for the Belt Kneeland
hotel in Shelton. He will also put in the
kitchen range and stoves.
La Patria, clear Havana cigars all sizes.
W. A. Botkin, sale agenf. 0'24
There was a. pleasant gathering at the
Presbyterian manse last evening. Mrs.
Lamont. Mrs. Hiestand and Miss Lamont
entertained their Sunday school classes.
The evening was occupied with various
games, after which ice cream and cake
were served.
I do not advertise furniture at cost, but
will sell cheaper than the cheapest. ’l‘. S.
Cantril, Fourth street. 32%)”
The steamer The Doctor leaves Olympia l
at 1 o’clock daily for Shelton and KamiL
chie and returns the day following, arriv
ing at Olympia at 12 o’clock noon. SCpthfl
“I saw a man before seating himself in
his carriage look about the harness and
vehicle with care. He said that although ;
he was almost conslantly in the habit oi“
riding he never took/ the reins in hand‘
without carefully observing that every
thing was right about the horse and wagon. l
This precaution arose from the fact that de
fective gearing and a loose nut on the
spindle had once caused him an accident
which subjected him to much danger. It
occurcd to me that such care might well
be observed by all before starting their
Win Ward is home from Portland.
State Treasurer Lindsley has returned
from Portland.
Father Clacsscns is at the hospital,
with typhoid fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Rice. of Tacoma,
are at the Olympia.
H. 0. Adams, the well known newspaper
man of Spokane, and one of the best all
around :journalists in the state, is in the
0. W. Corliss, J. B. VVelty and Thos.
Reynolds, of Seattle, E. A. Mott, of Kent,
Frank Aaronson, of San Francisco, Royal
Heath and Chas. F. Lord, of Portland, are
at the Carlton House.
Whitney Paloche, San Francisco; W. G.
De Celle, St. Paul; A. W. Roeher, Mont
esano: D. G. Rudy, Union City, and W.
L. Eyster, Chicago, are at the Olympia.
OLYMPIA, Wash, Oct. 21, 1891.
ES fr ew’s :5 “.5?
Place of 3 ‘3: .45 9' "EE 5‘ State of
Observation. E ESB 55:4 gE weather.
8 B no 9' gla” H.
5, . :3 r: :6 5
Olympia 30.04 .. 8 Light' .60 Cloudy
Portland...... 30.08 .. S 12 .04 Cloudy
FortCanhy... ..
Walla Walla. 30.10 .. SE Light .02 Cloudy
Spokane . 30 00 .. S 8 .28 Raining
Baker City.... 30.06 ~SE 6 .00 Cloudless
Roseburg..... 30.141‘E Light} .00 Cloudy
Red 81ufi..... 30.14 .. NW Light .00 Cloud less
Sacramento... 30.12 ~ Cm Calm .00 Cloud less
San Francisco 30.16 .. Cm Calm .00 Foggy
Astoria. 30.12 .. Cm Cal m .52 Raining
The maximum temperature today was
60 degrees and the minimum 54. Maximum
speed of wind, 6 miles per hour, from
south. Amount of rainfall, .90 inches.
Amount of rainfall since July 1, 1801.
8.02 inches; average (for several years)
since July 1, 1891, 7.80 inches; deficiency
since July 1, 1891, .22 inches. Probabil
ity of clearing weather.
E. B. OLNEY, Observer.
What :He Has for Smokers—A New
Line of Goods.
Merchants are gradually preparing for
the Christmas holidays which are so close
at hand, Old stock is being removed, and
the shelves are laden with clean fresh
goods. In this direction, nobody has been
so active as J. L. Brown in his cigar and
tobacco store at Main and Third street.
The arrival of several cases of carefully
selected Christmas stock enables him to
display an inviting line of Havana, ini
ported, Key West and domestic cigars, the
domestic Cigars, the very choicest and best
that could be purchased. He has too, an
endless assortment of smoking and chew
ing tobaccos.
In his show cases are seen also one cf the
largest and linest assortments \of
cigar holders. English briar, ,Congo
wood and Meerschaum pipes ever
exhibted in this city. There are
pipes of all styles, all prices and for all
places. Pretty match boxes, snuff boxes,
tobahcco boxes and all kinds of smokers’
articles are exhibited, It’s a little early to
i talk Christmas gifts, but you can invest ,
‘ your money to advantage at Brown’s. l
Nothing makes a more acceptable Christ
mas gift than a box of real good cigars or a
pretty pipe for after-dinner leisure, or any
smokers’s articles. The ladies cannot
please thir husbands 0r brothers with any
thing that will be more appreciated. When
you are passing, drop in on Brown. 2!;
The undersigned have leased their retail
meat department at 6'22, Fourth street,
known as the People’s Market, to Chas. F.
Allen & (10., formerly of Eastside Market,
who will carry on a first class meat market
in every respect. Hoping the public will
give the new firm a share of their patron
age and thanking them for past favors, we
remain Very reslpectfully,
0M 0 REWER & WRanr.
Time of Services at the Various
Churches Tomorrow.
Regular services at the First Baptist
church tomorrow. ,
Regular services at the Congregational
church, at 11 a. 111., and 7:30 p. in
Services in St. John’s Episcopal church
tomorrow at 11 a. In. and 7:30 p. m. Rev.
H. H. Buck will conduct the services.
At St. Michael’s church low mass will be ;
celebrated at 7 a. 111., high mass at 10:30, }
catechism at 2 p, Hi. and vespers at 7 p. in.
Father Olaessens.
A meeting of the Y. M. O. A. will be held
tomorrow afternoon at the Olympia Col
legiate Institute, at 3:30. Cordial invita
to all young men.
Temple Baptist; church, in Columbia
hall. Services Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
11).; Sunday school, 12 m. ; Young people’s
meeting, 6:30 p. In. Come and attend
these meetings
Services at the M. E. church tomorrow,
at 11 a, m.,subject: "J ustification.” Sec
ond in the services of discourses on Car—
dinal Doctrines. 7:30 p. 111. Subject:
”Presumptive and Internal Evidence of
Revelation " Second discourse of the ser-
The First Spiritual society will hold ser
services Sunday at 3p. 111., at Liberal hall,
at 418 Adams street, October 25, 1891. R.
W. Rawson, president; P. D. Moore, secre
tary. Subject—“‘Vhy Spiritualism should
Supplant all other Religions," by Hon. P.
1 D. Moore.
‘ Presbyterian church,oorner of Sixth and
l Franklin streets, Rev. ’l‘. J. Lamont, pas
tor. Preaching at 11 e. m. Subject—~“The
Holy Spirit.” Evening service at 7:30.
Subject—“ Willingness to Obey.” Sunday
school at 12:20. Young People’s meeting,
6:30 p. m.
Unitarian ’service Sunday 11 u. m..at
Tacoma. hall.over reading room, corner
Fourth and Columbia streets. “The Bi
ble’s Worth to Us Today, in the Light of
Modern Knowledge” will be subject of the
sermon. Sunday school at 12:15; Adult
class studying social problems. Byron
Millett, teacher. Young people’s class,
studying the Bible in the light of modern
criiticism, led by the pastor. Intermediate
classes, studying life and teachings of Je
sus, Geo. H. Funk and Mrs. Funk and
Mrs. Fred Guyot, teachers. Teacher of in
fant class, Miss Anna Frost. Mr. Hoag—
land will hold a service at South Bay
school house in the afternoon.
Notice to Workiugmen
And others: We are agents for the famous
Duck brand rubber and oil clothing; best
in the world. (Jall and examine our stock.
now; BROWN & mexss.
A Bad Egg.
New York Sun: “Get out 0’ this, you
nasty tramp, or I’ll set the dog on you !”
“Set away, ma’am; he’ll never hatch
nothin’. I'm a bad egg.”
Excitement .
Runs high at Marr (S’s Ross’ drug store
over System Builder, as everybody is using
it for catarrh of the stomach, dyspepsia,
constipation and imfiure blood, and to
build up the system. t certainly possesses
wonderful merit when all speak so well
of it. if.
The best cigar in the market. 024
iii-"M so «KEY 71"“
‘ 11:" 11‘!
M 4‘ ‘
;| M, 1i
3 “We poWDR Q
r w”
Absolutely Pure.
America of tartar baking powder. High
est of all leavening strength—Latest U. S.
Government Food Report.
Chm simas -——»— >3
>3: P '
>- remlums.
The WEEKLY TRIBUNE will be great
ly improved and on January Ist, 1892, the
subscription price will he raised from $1.50
Until that time, special inducements will
be oiFered to new subscribers, and those
who desire to renew before their subscrip
tion expires,
The WEEKLY TRIBUNE for‘one year
to any person who will bring in three new
Any person bringing In six new subscrip
tions, will receive a. $2. Pocket Knife, or any
other article of the same value, to be
selected from the stock of any Olympia
merchant who advertises in the TRIBUNE.
To any person bringing In ten new sub
scriptions, we will give a course of one term
in Stenography, or one term in the Gram
mar Course, at the Olympia. Collegiate In
-—-o——' . A, .
To any person bringing in fifteen new
subscriptions. we will give one term in the
College Course,Normal Course, Com mercial
Course, Musical, Elocution or Art, at the
Olympia Collegiate ~lnstitute.
. —-——o—
‘Pß EMIUM NO. 5,
1 To any person bringing in twenty-five new
subscriptions, will be given two terms in
any one course, or one term in any two
courses at the Olympia Collegiate Institute,
or a Silver Watch to the value of sls. Pre
miums Nos. 4 and 5 can be transferred to ‘
any person designated by the one bringing
in the new subscriptions.
$I .50 —IN ADVANCE. $ I -50-
”Make all remittances to the
Olympia, Wash.
~.—=”€€lXbp‘i H, ‘ .;.-,..»Ar.~ ._ .
"‘9? , 5.5“ \ OPER
. ( s'o-M-CO >} \{ gal/(.013 “:
, , , 1777“”; I
VVEQ‘AYE madam). thorough study of fitting
glasses by thegmost improved methods,
and can safely guarantee a satisfactory fit.:Have
your eyes tested, and get our prices before go
ing elsewhere. Respectfully,
Jewelers and Opticians.
(i IRL for general housework. Congregational
T Parsonage, Tenth st., near Main. 023tf
LOGGING comnanics will find good timber
on Skokomisn river. Apply to J. Hilder
lgfifléflxerie Hotel- __ _ 0%.. ‘
INTELLIGENT girl to assist in light house
work. Apply at southwest corner of ’l'hir-‘
tcexithind liranleilLstgets. othf 1
I ABORER’S wanted at new court house. 1
J Oct3l.
TWO furnished rooms, or three suitable for
light house keeping. Address Post Office
box 1100. 012th
A GEN’I‘LEMAN wants room and board In a.
pxivate family; state price and locality.
AddressA. 3., Tribune Ofliee.
IFOUR room cottage in Hale’s addition. Good
water. Rent cheap. H. P. L., this oilice.
Oct 24.
I‘WOUR unfurnished rooms, corner Union and
J elferson sts. u29tf
IPURNISHED apartments 011 Adams street, b_e
tween Sixth and Seventh st. Mrs. Follnus
bee. Mitf
IFI‘WO rooms. partly furnished with kitchen
1 and outfit; or a front room neatly fur
‘nished, to a couple Without children. Apply
room 5, Turner D ock, Olympia. _ m27tf_
AN eight room house on Main street near
.Elihteenth. Newly papered and againted
and in t orough repair. Apply at this 01 Ge. '
NEW cottage of six rooms at corner of 14th
and Franklin streets.‘
OLD papers at THE Tween: 25 cents per
RESIDENT property in Tacoma. for same in
Olympia. Address this office. olstf‘
PRIVATE lessons—Mr. L. F. Henderson, Ph.
8., will give private lessons to single
parties, or to classes, in botany, French liters.-
ture,Latin or Mathematics. Special work to
boys or girls fitting for college. 425 Main street,
during the day, or at private residence during
the evening N0v24.:
WILL pay the highest {flees for furs, skins
and hides. M. SCUL Y, Fifth and Main
street. sZG-lm
If so, subscribe for stock in the Olympia
Building& Loan Association, an organiza
tion confined exclusively to Thurs n Co.
Capital stock, $500,000; par value S2OO.
Monthly Dayments, sl.
Trustees—’l'. C. Van Epps, J. R. Chaplin, Jo
seph Chilberg, John McClennan, E. W. An
drews, C. J. Lord, Homer C. Atwell, S. C. Wood
rufi'and A. W. Wisner.
Let us see what it will cost you on the sup
position that your stock will be worth par in
seven years: .
With five shares of stock and on approved se
curity, you will be entitled toaloau of SIOOO.
Your monthly dues will be $5 and your monthly
interest will be SB, making a total monthly pay
ment of sl3. Your total monthly payments for
seven years will be $1,092. To this we will add
as the result of competitive bidding, a premium
of say 15 per cent, or $l5O, making the total paid
by you in seven years $1,242, from which deduct
th. amount you received, SI,OOO, and we have
the total interest paid by you in seven years,
$242. You will see that this is a trifle less than
3V per cent. per annum.
$lO Building and Loan Association located
outside of our own city and pretending to do
business here can oiier the same securit and
benefits that our local Association can give to
investors, and we would request all persons in
tending to take stock in outside Associations to
investigate our methods before investing.
Foreign Associations are generally operated
not wi 11 the intention of making loans, but
rather with the expectation that holders of stock
away from the home office Will forfeit their in
vestments to a few managing members,
Our Trustees are all elected at home from
among our our members, and each stockholder
{sentitled to one vote ior every share owned by
Our oflicers are under proper bonds, and our
books are always open for the inspection of all
stockholders. '
Further information will be furnished on ap
A. W. Wrsxax, Secretary.
303 Fourth street
‘1 EO. 5. ARMSTRONG, M. D., L. R. C. 8.,
(I (Edin. Otfice Chambers' block, residence,
Olympia Hotel, Telephone no. 1.
DR. M. L. ADAMS, office rooms E, Chambers
block. Residence, Third street, between
Tullis and Bethel street, Eeetside. Ofliee hours,
mm 12 and 2 to 5 p.m.
DR. GEO. W. INGHAM, olfice, Turner Block.
Office hours 10 to 12, 2 to 5 and 7 to 9.
DR. KINCAID, ofljce over Toklas & Kant
man’s. Residence, cor J efl'erson and 18th sts.
Olympia, Wain.
DR. J. F. WATT, oflice, rooms {and 0, Chem
bers’ block. Residence between Franklin
and Tenth street. Office hours, 10 to 12 a. m., 2
to 4 and 7toß p. 111. Telephone 62.
C P. J ENTO, M. D. C. M. Oifice, Chambers
. Block, Office hours, 10 to 12; 2 1:05; 7to
9. Telephone No. 30.
A B. WOODARD, dentist, Main street, Cham—
. bers' block.
.I) H. CARLYON,‘D. D. 5., dental rooms cor
‘ . ner Main and Fifth, opposite Odd Fellows‘
t block.
A S. OLIVER surgeon dentist. Teeth cx~
. tracted without pain. Gold plates, crown
and bridge work a specialty. Ofiice in Stuarts
corner ,corner Main and Sixth streets Olympia
‘ Wash.
Blds Wanted.
THE undersigned will receive bids until noon
on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1891 for furnishing
material and labor for removing the shingles on
the old part. of the capitol building and replac
ing same with new shingles of good quality.
The right is hereby reserved to reject any or all
bids. Work to be done within thirty days from
date of letting contract.
Secretary of State.
Olympia, Oct. 20, 1891. Oct22-4t. 1
Nance far Sealed Proposals.
NOTICE 1s hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by the city of Olympia, at the
olfice of the city clerk, until 7:30 p.m., October
27, 1891, for the planking of _. Main street from
Fifth street to Seventh street, according to plans
and. specifications on file in the oflice of the city
Work to be completed in 20 days from date of
A good and sufficient bond will be required of
the successful bidder equal to the total amount
of the bid.
All bids must be made on printed forms fur
nished by the city clerk and accompanied by a
certified check for 5 per cent. of the amount of
the bid.
In the awarding of the contract, the resolu
tion of the city council relative to the employ
ment of home labor in the execution .of the
work will be strictly enforced.
Olympia, Oct. 23, 1891. .
2t. ' City Clerk.
The '.L'rlbune.
/ - a
. L—o—+—’ , f:
Arrive from Portland via Gate City.... .12:37 p.m
Leaves for Tacoma and St. Paul. . .. .. ..12:~10 p.m
Arrive from St. Paul and Tacoma. .. . 1:05 p.m
Leaves for Portland via Gate City... ... 1 :08 p.m
Leave Tacoma. 6:50 a.m Lv Montessno..3:ls p.m
Lv Olympia... 8:24 a.m Lv 01ympi5....5:15 p.m
Ar Montessno.lo:2ss,.m Ar Tacoma... ~6:50 p.m
Lv Chehnlis. .. 7:05 a.m Lv Tacoma..." .4100 p.m
Lv Olympia... 8:24 a.m Lv Olympia . . . .5:15 p.m
Ar Tacoma. . .. 9:40 an. Ar Chehalis....o:«lo p.m
Port Townsend Southern.
Le5ve....,...... ...01ympia........... 9:15 a.m
Arrive”............01ympia............11:25 a.m
Leave................01ympia.......... 3:50p.m
Arrive... ...........Tenin0........... 4:40p.m
Leeve.......... .....Tenino 4:sspm}
Arrive5.............01ympia............ 5:45p.m‘
On Sunday the morning train leaves at9:lsa.m. ?
and remains at Teniuo until 4:55 p.m.,srriving in ‘
Olympia. at 5:45 p.m. The morning train makes ‘
close connection with the Northern Pacific to
Portland and thefievening train meets_the train
from Portland.
Take Steamers for
Tacoma and Seattle—Bailey Gatzert leaves Olym
pia at 7:30 a.m. daily except Monday; leaves Ts.-
eoms. at 10:30 5.. m., arrives in Seattle at 12:15. Re‘
turning, leaves Seattle at 1:30 p.m., leaves Ta
coma at 4, arrives in Olympia at 6:30 p nl.
Multnomsh arrives from Tacoma at 10;30 a.m.,
resuming, leaves at' 1 p.m. for Tacoma and Se
a 9.
Clara. Brown leaves Olympia. Tuesday, Thurs
dsv and Saturday at 9 a.m. for Tacoma. and Se
attle. Returning, leaves Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays at 5:30 a.m.
. For Shelton, the Villie. leaves daily except
, Eundsy at 0:30. am. Returning, arrives here at
. p.m
Steamer Joseghine arrives from Shelton at 9
a.m daily nu Sunday, and returns at 9:30.
Arrives again at 2p m. and leaves at 5. J oseph
ine connects with Bailey Gntzert to and from
Tacoma. at Dofflemyer’s. Steamer Willie con
nects with Muitnomuh in same manner.
For Kmnilchie, Doctor leaves daily except
Sunday, at 0:30. Returning, arrives at 2 p.m.
Grays Harbor and Coast points . . . . . . . . .8:00 a.m
Tacoma (Pouch Direct)...... ........ 8:00 a.m
'l‘umwnter, ’l‘enino mid allpoints south 9 :00 a.m
Eastern states and all points east and
All points north and south, also states
eustand 50uth.........,.......... .. 5:00p.m
Pickering, weekly, Saturday. ..... ... .. 7:00 a.m
Kamilehe and Shelton, daily except
Puget city. Tuesdays, Thursdays and
5aturday5........................... 9:005.m
Points in Oregon, southern and north
western nnd eastern Washington. . 8:45 a.m
Oregon and southern Washington. . . . . 12:45 p.m
Northwestern states...... ....1 1:15 p.m
Tacoma and Points north, British Col
umbia, (xrays Harbor and Coast
points..... 5:30p.m
Tumwuter,Tenino and all points south,
eastern states and California. ... ... 6:00 p.m
Puget City,~Moudsys, Wednesdays and
Friday 5............................. 4:00p.m.
Kamilche and Shelton, daily except
5unday....,.........................12:00 m
Pickering, weekly. Mondays. . . . . . . 11:00 a m
\e‘ A:
‘ ere se -
tled in Ba. QUARTER
ker count , re‘ ‘
gon, nearywhat OF A
is now Baker Cit , a
a man who has since CENTURY
become identified with the resources and
development of that country. This man AGO
is no other than Mr. John Stewart, one of the
wealthiest and most influential citizens in the
county. In a recent letter he says : “ I had been
suffering from pains in my back and general kid
ney complaint for some time, and had used many
remedies without any but temporary relief. The
pains in my back had become so severe thatl was
prevented from attending to my work and could
not move about without the use of a cane. Hear»
ing, through a friend, of the wonderful cures eIZ
fected by Oregon Kidney Tea, I was induced to try
a box, and from that very first dose I found instant
relief, and before using half the contents of the
box the pains in my back entirely disappeared.
I have every faith in the virtues of the Oregon
Kidney Tea. and can conscientiously recommend
it to my friends. I would not be without it for
Oregon Kidney Tea cures backache, inconti
nence of urine, brick dust sediment. burning or
painful sensation while urinating. and all affec
tions of the kidney or urinary organs ofeither sex
The Most S o c
. 3,” ( 17.-:3" \ cessful u
, / ‘ . a
6, o - .1 Galarrh
me if. g “t" ’
< 5;-
J 1 a g .‘ Lung
~ 7'» 12??“ ..~. : —AND—
, ‘ ;, o
// \W.’ Throat
.. E 9;; Doctors
‘ %>¢l-§n*o ‘, . IN THE
X; - figosgofrlu; WEST;
730 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Wash.
For any case he falls to cure coming under his
treatment by following his directions.
a special study and practice for man; years,over
4000 treated yearly. Recent cases 0 PRIVATE
DISEASES cured in a. short time.» ULGERS, TU
MERE, BLOTCHES on the face or body cured
without giving mercury or other poiTsfins. 1d I'.
' is 0 ve -
Mlddle AgEd Md 0” Men aran knows
exactly what ails you and wlll give you advice
and treatment worth thousands in gold.
He will restore you to full enjoyment of natures
rarest gift to man.
‘i’fi’f’v’fi‘ ~ :12}? :59?!»
. 1". . «*‘Z’e‘. . vi:
g; 'l3 k? u. a‘é‘ *" 1.
f:- 3}“ a "v. 3\"f 8: 2’? ‘l}
:9 h ..1-- ‘ at; 'g’ , g’,
‘ ‘ »- g, 13:“ m (fl,
-' {‘7 ,7" »; I 1:01 :35.’ {I .
-= {mg/M
LADIES.—This doctor has devoted twenty
years to special treatment of women. He thor
oughly understands your ailments. He will tell
you exactly how you feel without asking». ques
tion. 09.11 at once and see for yourself. A cure
BATABRH head, throat lung. heart, stomach,
,liver and kidney diseases instantly
relieved and permanently cured by latest New
York Hospital Methods.
RUPTURE~PIIes, fistula. varicole, hydrocele
and all swellings and tenderness
quickly cured.
Sand 10 cents in stamps for Medical Guide.
Hours, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Direct all mail to 780
Pacific avenue. Tacoma, Wash.
It Contains All the News Both
Foreign and Domestic.
One year. by ma11...1....................... :7 00
Six months, by mai1.................. u... 300
I‘hree months,by mai1............(........ 200
Delivered by carrier. per week............ 25
Deliverad by carrier. per m0nth.....“... 1 [J
Slngle c0pie5............................... , 5
Has constantly on hand the Largest and most Complete Line
of Furniture, which he will sell at prices that defy
competition. The same discounts given to ‘
small dealers as they get in Port
. land and Tacoma.
Corner of Main and Third Street
Ladies! and Gents’ V ' ' >
Clothing Cleaned, -
‘ Dyed and Repaired;
Main Street, Opposite Young's Hotel.
‘ éLYMPIA I‘m—l
: ‘l' » ,x', -"’f'(-'€2 .——J'»§§;3:E‘f:~l:ji3a ‘3
...“; . 3:2: V:E:':?‘~::§‘.v
Orders 101‘ hacks or cubs attended to promptly day or night, also a general livery business in
connection. Horses fed or boarded by the day or month. Forwarding, moving pianos, safes and
furniture with care and promptnesa. Charges reasonable. Sixth and Columbia. streets.
Telephone No. 6. .
DRE W RY AND SON. Proprietors-
D ressed Beef, M utton, Veal, Po rk,
POULTRY, 13220., ETC-
Telephone NO. 10. Office and Salesroom, 622 Fourth st.
fl . \ . ; . r, z
a: 3:». M 159” f' v j: g
A afiifiNxzw. ‘M 1“ 5253 $05.5 flfifigfig?!
I ~ A; T§¢x\.v§x§“i.2:m In L 4 3. » .«1 ‘ .p
EM” Eflpvx ;‘ T j ,:1 Bum-. 7 that a httle cough is a dangerous;
El J\E K§§§“ 331—; ‘:. ..’ Are you aware that it often fastens on thei
g R}. /' figmjs’: . ILIEI_Id ;. :61 LL? too often runs into Consumption and ii
in $52553,» u ...” if! ends 1;: Death? People suffering from Asthmuj
g 3 3 (Q? / Jig Bronchitis. Pneumonia, and Consumption will allfi
E g; a; 5. tell you that i
g a” ,)‘ HE? 6"? g? wfiii A6O ” s
2 //, ‘2% E El Ll. -
E 3% Can you afford to nevrlcct it? 0111 on t'fl i
_ V 3.. 0., 3,, I _ . . L y In e =
E /// , ”WWZ;N,;S thh so seuous a. matter ?5 Are you aware that g
.. 3 ,1. ’ > g
L=3for Coughs, Colds and Consumption is beyond .question the greatest of all;
EModem Remedies? It will stop a. Cough 1n one nlght. Lt will check a Cold mg
sa. day. It will prevent Group, reheve Asthma. and cure Consumption if taken I;
Ein time, “ You can’t afford to be without It.” A 25 cent bottle may save you n
g SIOO in Doctor’s bills—may save your life ! Ask your druggist for it, or write ;
gto W. H. HQOKER & 00., 46 West Broadway, New York, for book. g
It Will Bring You the Quickest Returns.

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