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Olympia tribune. (Olympia, Wash.) 1890-1893, November 11, 1891, Image 3

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Councilnlau sickles Presents a.
Resolution to Clear Main St.
Bills Ordered Paid.
At the meeting of the city council last
night, the city attorney submitted an opin
ion to the effect that the proposed assess—
ment of $2175.12 against the abutting prop
erty for the grading and planking of Col
umbia. street, from third to Fifth, would be
illegal, as the work was done by the street
commissioner and not by contract, and that
no {assessment can be made for such im
provement in excess of SSOO, the statuory‘
limit of expenditure on all :city work not
done by contract. He made alike report
with reference to the proposed assessment
of $546.18 for grading Franklin from Third
to Fourth, which improvement was also
; made under the direction of the street
commissioner. _
The opinion was referred to the ways and ;
means committee. ‘
Councilman sickles last night presented
a resolution for the improvement of Main
street by bringing all sidewalks to grade
and removing all awning posts standing
between the property line and gutter curb,
and all trees standing in the walk between
Third and Sixth streets. The matter was
referred to the city attorney for his opinion
as to the authority of the council for or
dering the removal of awnings. The reso
lution so modified as related only to
sidewalks and trees was adopted.
Mayor Horr said the bond matter
would be taken into the courts, and it was
hoped a decision would be asked for within
. 'thirty days.
The curb and gutter ordinance was laid
on the table.
A request from Tim Stapleton for the
cancellation of his contract for Fremont
street, was referred to Boss Sickels.
Bllls of A. B. Cowles and H. J. Wilkin
son, for constructing sidewalk were refer—
red to the committee on accounts.
Petitions for the placing of twoarc lights
on Fourth street, one between Jefferson
and Plum streets and one at the corner of
Central, were referred to the committee on
The street committee was instructed to
repair the Mud Bay road on Percival’s ad.-
dltion, at an expense not to exceed S6O. ’
Robert T. Whitham claimed that the
estimates of earth taken from Fourth street
and deposition Adams and Third streets
exceed the actual number of cubic yards
by 1,400 Adams street and 2,500 on Third
street. . ‘
Upon the petition of John Byrne to have
the Fourth street grade designated, the
city engineer was instructed to report as to
the discrepancies of the grades of Fourth
and Eastside streets.
McDonald (it Finland were granted alO
day’s extention on their Columbia street
An ordinance establishing the grade of
Fifth street, between Pear and Eastside
was directed to be prepared by the city at—
Assessments were approved as follows:
Grading pluln street, from 150 north of the
north line of Second street to Eight street,
$1078.42; graveling Fourth, from Pear to
west line of lot 7, block 67, $497.53; grad:
ing Ninth, from Main to Columbia, $212.11;
grading of Sixth street, from Jefferson to
A ants, $197.04.
City Engineer Lemon submitted a
sketch showing the change of alignment of
South Main street and a statement of the
various cit ordinances relative to such
street, which were referred to the city at
torney. ‘
The street committee reported'on the pe
tition of Mrs. F. A. Turner for damages
caused by the grading of Franklin street,
recommending that “the city replace the
, earth in as good condition as possible.”
The report was adocpted.
;:i,fsilf§n;~were ordere paid as follows:
5: ,7 f 'H‘e Mill 00.. ...........$2,287 24
‘rice 9 00
it'piaFuelCo. c0a1............ 700
i? fia Light & l’ower 00.. . 496 18
t ,1 ,t- tarr....... 5 90
@5273 ’7,_ gerdz White,................. ~ 0.00
, y‘mpiaF0undry...............,. 1810
Telep 0neC0........~......... 500
MartindzMcCarty................. 3566
C.J. Peter50n..................... 22 55
B, F.Denni50n.................... 125 00
A.Farquhar,...................... 2056
Capital City Abstract and Title In
-5uranceC0...................... 500
Deming&Perry................... 250
Foxlsland Clay W0rk5........... 100
Am05French...................... 8100
0.E.5tick1er...................... 8398
William Diggin5.............. 627 75
L. A. C000n5...................... 490 00
1.Liberman....................... 756 00
Changes of Property in the City and
[Reported by the Capital City Abstract
& Title Insurance Company, Chambers’
G. R. Beal to G. W. Jinkins, lot 13
blk 2, A. D. Wright’s sub-div $ 200
ICEllisetuxto NP R R Co.
11% of ne % and lots land 2, sec.
31,tp18n,r1w................. 889
David Ferguson to Cynthia Patter
son 5 acres in ne cor of se % of
5wx,5ec.34.tp18n,r2w....... 500
Edwin A. Stevens et ux to W T Mc«
Donald lots in Lynwood Park ad 1,093
A. D. Wright et al to Sarah E.
Wright, lot 5, blk 10 Wright’s
Centraladdition..... 500
John O. Howell et al to Oscar
Book, lot 15, 16, I], 18, blk 1, Pa
cificadditi0n.................... 300
United States to Ethelson E J ohn
son, patent to 11%01‘ 6% of sec 42,
United States to John L Johnson,
patent to e% of ne% and e% of
sex, sec 12, tp 15 n, r 1 w, 160
acre 5...................,.........
United States to John Gove, pat
ent to nw% of 11e%,e1/§ of nwx,
agd 118% of swx, sec 14, tp 15 n,
r w..........
Chas H Carpenter to Nora V For
rest, lots 13 and 14, blk 1, Car
penter’ssubdiv................,. 250
P James et ux to Rl3 Dodge, lots
25 and 26, blklß, Gate City... ... 300
A ODamon et al to T E Martin,
lot 1. blk 30, Olympia, ....... . . . . 12,000
Samuel C Woodrufi‘ to William
Gardner, lots 15 and 16, blk 33, l
' W00drufi'5add.................- 2001
Home Loan and Investment Co to l
Harriet Fairchild lots 12 and 13, l
block 12, Home addition... . . . . .. 1
Emelie Nulfer to C S Wilcox et
al, % of e% of sw% ofseM of se%
of section 24, township 18 north,
rangeZwest,sacres............. 369
United States to Lewis G Sanger,
e% of nwx and lot 2, section 19, .
township 18 north, range 3 west.
and sex of 118% of section 24,
township 18 north, range 4 west,
G Noschka et ux to Soseph Stripf,
lots 6 and 7, block 1, Fourth
5treetadditi0n................... 6001
~ 1
[been Baby was sick, we gene her Castoria. 1
When she was a Child, she cl led for Castor-in. 1
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she a :ave them Castol'ia.
Science Works Wonders.
I had sciatic rheumatism so that I was
all drawn over to one side. My hip sank
in so that you could lay your hand in the
cavity, and I did no work for a ear. Noth
ing didlme any good untill tried Hihbard’s
Rheumatic Syrup. Four bottles cured me.
For sale by Pacific Drug Co. ~
tf. ALBERT KING, Van Vert, Ohio.
l —°—‘
1 Senator, John B. Allen, Walla Walla.
Senator, Watson 0. S uire, Seattle.
Representative, J no. E. Wilson, Spokane
Governor Elisha P. Ferry, Olympia.
Lieutenant-Governor, Charles E. Laugh
ton, Conconully. _
Secretary of State, Allen \Veir, Olympia.
Treasurer, A. A. Lindsley, Olympia.
Auditor, T. M. Reed, Olympia.
Fthistorney-Greneral', W. C. Jones, Spokane
a s.
Superintendent of Public Instruction, R
B Bryan, Olympia.
Commissioner of Public Lands, W T For
est, Olympia.
State Printer, 0 C White, Olympia.
“State Librarian, Phllip D Moore, Olym
p‘flr.,..'.,~ -.. _
’ State Geologist, George Bethune, Tacoma.
; Game Warden, L S Sherwood, Colville.
‘ Timber Inspector, (First district) Ed
‘Ward McTaggert, Skagit county; (Seventh
district) Clinton Cutler, Vancouver.
Fish Commissioner, James Crawford,
Pilot Commissioners Straits of Fuca and
Puget Sound, John P. Betts, Charles H
Jones, Jos. H. Stetson, Port Townsend.
Pilot Commissmners Columbia river, Al
fred E King, J L Stout, Ilwaco; Edward
Spencer, Long Beach.
Trustees State Reform School. John
Dobson, Chehalis; Levi F Compton, Seat—
tle; Jonathan W Godeil, Willapa.
Medical Board of Examining Physicians
John W Bean and J H McDonald. Ellens
burgh; H B Bagley, Seattle; G V Calhoun,
La Conner; A B Kibbe, Seattle: J D
Minkler, Centralia: C S PenfieldLSDOKane
Falls; William H Dewey, Tacoma, Howard
R Keylor, Walla Walla, secretary.
Board of Health for District of nget
Sound, L B Hastings, J N Laubach, L
Tijgbals, Jr: Pgrt Townsend: _ 7 7 7
Board of Pharmacy—J W McArthur,
president, Spokane- A Morley Stewart,
Tacoma; W H T Barnes, Seattle; D O
Woodworth, Ellensburgh; A 0 Clark, sec
retaxy, Olympia.
Regents 01 Agricultural College, Eugene
Fellows of Spokane Falls. Andrew H Smith
of Tacoma.S B Conover of Port Town
send, G W Hopp of Sedro, J H Ballinger
ofgolfax. _ _ 7
Regents of State University, Jno W
Sprague, chancellor Tacoma; P BJohn—
son, Walla Walla; J) R Hayden, Seattle; A
APhilliFs, Olympia; J J Browne, Spo
kane Fa ls; John Paul Judson, Tacoma.
Commissioners of Penitentiary at Walla
Walla, Frank London, Frank W Paine,
Walla Walla; Flatt A Preston, Waitsburg.
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Eastern
Washington, Wilson Lockhart, Charles
McDouall, Medical Lake; D F Percivel,
Cheney. -
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Western
Washington, W J Fife, Tacoma; George D
Shannon, Olympia; A B Stewart Seattle.
Trustees Soldiers and Sailors H’ome, Al
bert S Cole, Whatcom; W. R. Dunbar
Goldendale; John F McLean, Walla
Walla- George A Boardman, Tacoma; M.
M:_Holmes.§eattle, W 7
Trustees of School for Defective Youth at
Vancouver, W Byron Daniels. Louis Sohns.
B F Shaw, John R Thompson, Vancouver.
Board of Education—Frank B Ganlt, of
Tacoma; Mr Atkinson, of Seattle; D
Bemiss, Spokane Falls; Mr Kerr. Walla
Walla; President, R B Bryan, Olympia.
Members of Commission of Technical In
struction to local Agricultural College, Geo
A Black, Fairhaven; S B Conover, Port
Townsend: Andrew H Smith, Tacoma.
Coal Mine inspectors, First district. Wm
Griffith, Roslyn; Second district, Edward
T Morgan, Seattle.
State Land Commission, W T Forrest,
Allen Weir. T M Reed.
Harbor Line Commissioners—D C Guern—
sey. Dayton; W F Presser, North Yakima;
Eugene Semple Seattle; H F Gar
retson, Tacoma; Frank H Richards, What
com; A Martin, secretary.
Tide Land Commissioners'and Board of
Equalization and Appeal—Thus M Reed,
Olymfiia; Allen Weir, Port Townsend;
B L S arpstein, Walla Walla; C H Warn
er,-Colfax; Austin Mires, Ellensburgh; C
M Barton, secretary.
Trustees of State Normal School at El
lensburgh—W R. Abrams, Ellensburgh;
Fred W. Agatz, Ellensburgh; Thos J
Newland, Ellensburgh.
Trustees State Normal School at Chenefi
—S A Wells, Ritzville, term two years; '
I“ Suksdorf Spangle, four years; W H H
McClure, i’alouse City, four years; Louis
Walter, Cheney, six years; W E Weygant,
Cheney, six years. 7 ‘ H
Mining Bureau—« Governor E SP. Ferry,
Lieut-Gov Charles E Laughton, Treasurer
A A Lindsley.
Commissioners to World’s Fair—Henry
Drum, Tacoma; C B Hopkins, Spokane
Falls. Lady commissioners, Mrs ”N H
Owings, Olympia; Mrs H E Houghton,
Commission to build the State Uni
versity, John Arthur, SeattleLChai‘lesF
Leavenworth, Olympia; John Mcßeavy,
Union City. ‘
Horticultural Board, Raynor Kies, Van
couver; Henry Bucey, Tacoma; E L Von
gohven, East Soun ; D E Lesh, North
Yakima; D M Jessee, Walla Walla; H H
S alding, Almota; at large,J T Blackburn,
Vpashpn island. , ‘
Fish Hatchery Commissuon, Chas E
Laughton of Conconully; James Crawford;
Vancouver; A A Lindsey, Olympia.
State Building Commission, Chas E
Laughton Conconully; T M Reed, Olym
pia; A A tindslely Olympia.
Board of Hea th and Bureau of Vital
Statistics—G S Armstrong, M D, president;
Olfimpia; O A Bowen, secretary, Olympia;
F Conn, MD, Seattle; N Fred Ess‘ig, M
D. Spokane; J R Hathaway, M D, Fair
Chehalis County—Z T 003. Montesano;
W T Keyes, Aberdeen; harles Scott,
Graly’s Harbor.
C allam County—Alfred Lee, Port Ange
les; James A Smith, Sequim; William
W’ard, Dungeness.
Cowlitz County—Lewis H Gildf, Free
, port' San) Jenkins, Tucker; Geo ' ‘ White,
Castle Rock.
, Island County—Chas T Terry, Coupe
giile; Thos Nunan, Jerome Ely, Oak Bar—
or. .
1 Jefferson County—R D Attridge, Port
lLudlow; Peter Multy, Port Discovery; 11‘
H Winslow. Port Townsend.
King County— D A McKenzie, F W
Sparling, Thos W Prosch. Seattle.
Kitsap County—John T Mitchell, Port
Madison: A H Sroufe, Sidney; S A Dick
ey, Port Washington.
Mason Counté—Alonzo Edwards, Shel
ton; John R berhart, Allyn, John B
Forbes, Kamilchie.
Pacific County—Ralph B Dyer, South
Bend; Thomas Roney, Willapa; H F Car—
nahan, Knappton.
Pierce County—E M Hunt, C T Uhl‘
man, John Huntington. Tacoma.
’ San Juan County—Joseph Sweeney, G
B Driggs, Friday Harbor; S M Johnson.
Skagit County—J D Huntoon, Hamilton;
H P Downs, Mount Vernon; C R Donnell,
Snohomish County—E C Ferguson, Wm
Whitfield, F O Coe, Snohomish. ,
Thurston County—E W Andrews. Olym
gvial; Francis Rotch. Bucoda; Frank Ruth,
e m.
Whatcom County—\Vill L Visscher, F.
N Barney,Whatcom; B W Loring, Lnyden.
Wahkiakum County—Thomas Irving, J
J Foster, Cathlamet; F M Sweet, Ska
Chief Justice, Thomas J Anders, Walla
Justice, Elmon Scott, Pomeroy. '
Justice, R O Dunbar, Goldendale. '
Justice, T. R. Stiles, Tacoma.
Justice, J P Hoyt, Olympia.
Clerk, 0 S Reinhart, 01 mpia. 1
Reporter, Eugene Kreicler. Tacoma.
Governor E P Ferry, Commander-in-
Chief, Olympia.
General R GO’Brien, Adjutant General
and Quartermaster General, Commissary
General, Inspector General and Chief of
Ordnance, Olympia.
ColonelE. M. Carr, Assistant Adjutant
General, Seattle.
Colonel Henry Landes, Paymaster Gen
eral, Port Townsend.
Colonel Edward L Smith, Surgeon Gene
ral, Seattle. ' . .
Colonel James R Hayden, Assistant In
spector General, Seattle. .
Colonel Charles E Claypool, Judge Advo
cate General Tacoma.
‘ Colonel Eran]: T Gilbert. Assistant
Quartermaster General, Walla Walla.
Colonel J D Mclntyre, Chief of Engi
neswyNQlflalfakima- M. - .5 _
Viidéibfi'erW 'f éfi?§é, Chief of Ordnance,
Colonel J Kennedy Stout, Chief Signa
Officer, SFokane Falls.
Colone Will L. Visscher, Assistant Com
missary General, Fairhaven.
Aides-de-Camps Lieutenant Colonels,
Charles Reichenbach of Tacoma; C M
Atkins, Whatcom; L Frank Boyd, Spo
kane Falls; Clinton P Ferry, Tacoma.
Assistant Adjutant General Major
Charles H. Ayer, Olympia.
Assistant Commissar General—Lieu.
tenant Colonel Albert WKyte, Steliacoom,
Assistant Quartermaster General—Lieu
tenant Colonel H. F. Garretson, Tacoma.
Aide de Camp to Adjutant General—
Cantain E T Powell, Waitsburg.
Brigadier commanding N G W, A P Cur:
rv, Spokane. 1
John I Boo%e, Spokane, Assistant Adju
tant Genera , with rank Lieutenant
00.101191.- ~ _, A _ i
W S Scott. Seattle, Assistant Inspecto
General, with rank Lieutenant Colonel.
Geo A Bethune, Tacoma, Assistan
Quartermaster General. with rank Lieu
tenant Colonel.
Marshall K Snell. Tacoma, Assistant
Commissary General, with rank Lieutenant
E L Smith, Brigade Surgeon,_ Seattle,
with rank Lieutenant Colone . '
J J White, Spokane. Aide-de-Camp, with
rank First Lieutenant. ’
J W Stearn, Tekoa, Aide-de-Camp. with
rank First Lieutenant.
WE Cromwell. South Bend, Aide-de-
Camp, with rank First Lieutenant.
First Regiment—J C Haines. Colonel,
Seattle; S W Scott, Lieutenant Colonel,
Regimental Staff—'l‘ M Reed, Jr., first
lieutenant and Adjutant, Seattle; L R
Dawson, Surgeon Major. Seattle; J A
ry, Seattle; Rev. L H Wells, Chaplain
with rank of Captain. Tacoma.
Captains of ompanies—Joseph Green,
Co B, Seattle; W J Fife, Co C, Tacoma; C
L F Kellogg, Co D, Seattle; W R Thornell,
Co E, Seattle; J J Weisenburger, What
.com; F A Gaus, Co G, Tacoma' J C West
hofl‘, 00 H, Vancouver; Geo H Jones, Port
Townsend; A E Morton, Aberdeen.
Second Regiment Enoch W Pike. Colo
nel. Goldendale; 'John Carr, Lieutenant
Colonel, Dayton; Geo W Greene, Major,
Spokane Fa ls
Regimental Staff—J H Hudgin, M D,j
Surgeon and Major, Waitsburg; Dr Allen
Bonebrake, AssistantSurlgeon and Ca tain,
Goldendale; Rev J ’l‘ ishelman, ghan
lain and Ma'or, Goldendale; N B
Brooks, First Lieutenant and Adjutant,‘
Goldendale; Edwin .S Isaacs. First Lieu-I
tenant and Quartermaster, Walla Walla-
Eugene J Fellows. First Lieutenant and
Commissary, Spokane Falls: 0 F Miller,
First Lieutenant and Paymaster, Dayton;
Geo W Barker, First Lieutenant and In
spector, Goldendaie.
Captains of Companies—J E Frost, Com
pany A, Ellensburgh; vacancy, Com
pany C, Goldendale; Geo W Billing
ton, Company C Centerville; H GShug
man, Comfiany D, Waitsburlgl; J 0 Mc-
Crimmon orth Yakima; E Fox, Com
pany F, Dayton, W G Wadhams, Com
gany G, Spokane Falls; Harry St. George,
Chas B Johnson, Major, commanding
battalion; M D Smith, Spokane, Ist Lieu
tenant and Adjutant; W O Robb, Tacoma
first Lieutenant and Quartermaster; Dr J
A Beebe, Tacoma, assistant - Surgeon;
Wallace Mount, Sprague, Sergeant Major;
W M Putnam, Sprague, Quartermaster
Sergeant; J. H. Shields, Sprague, Commis
sail-y Sergeant.
' roo A—Captain B B Glascock. Cap
tain; X W Lindsay, first Lieutenant; T
Ashley Wickham, second Lieutenant.
Troop B—James M Ashton, Captain;
James H Berry, First Lieutenant; ames
M Dougan, Second Lieutenant.
THE summon moons.
Spokane and Stevens—R. B. Blake, R.
G. Langford and J. Z. Moore, Spokane
Lincoln, Adams, Okanogan and Doug
las—Wallace Mount, Sgague.
Walla Walla and ranklin—Wm. H.
Upton, Walla Walla.
Columbia, Garfield and Asotin—Robert
F. Sturdevant, Dayton.
Kittitas—C. B. Graves, Ellensburgh. ,
Yakima and Klickitat—Sol. Smith, Gold
Clarke, Cowlitz and Skamania-N. H.
Bloomfield, Vancouver.
Lewis, Pacific and Wahkiakum~E. S.
Hunter, Chehalis.
Thurston, J. W. Robinson, Olympia.
Cliehalis and Mason—Mason Irwin,
* Pierce—Frank Allyn, ‘Freniont Camp--
bell, John Beverly, Tacoma.
King—Richard Osborn, J. I. Lichtenberg,
T. J. Humes Seattle. ‘
Jefferson—M. B. Sachs, Port Townsend.
(Illallam—James G. McClinton, Port An
ge es.
Whatcom and San Juan—J. R. Winn,
Skagit and Isiand—H. Mcßride, La-
Snohomish and KitsapwJ. C. Denny,
District Judge, C.SH. Hanford, Seattle.
Clerk of Circuit Court, A. R. Ayres, Ta
Deputy Clerk of District Court, R. M.
Hop ins, Seattle.
C erk of District Court, R. M. Hopkins,
Deputy Clerk of District Court, A. R.
Ages, Tacoma.
eguliy Clerk of District Court, Oliver
Woo , ort Townsend.
Deput Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, W. T. Dovell, Walla Walla.
Deputy Clerk of District and Circuit
Court. S. A. Wells, Spokane.
1 Northern Division—lncludes counties of
1 King, Kitsaip, Jefferson, Clallam, Snoho
l mish, Islan , San Juan, Skagit and What
‘com and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Seattle first Tuesday in June and Je—
Southern division—lncludes counties of
Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia,
Walla Walla, Franklin, Yakima and Klick
itat, and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Walla Walla first Tuesday in May and
Eastern Division—lncludes counties of
Spokane, Stevens, Okanogan, Douglas,
Lincoln, Adams and Kittitas, and all In
dian reserves. Terms held at Spokane first
Tuesday in April and September.
Western Division—lnc udes counties of
Pierce, Mason, Thurston, Chehalis, Pacific,
Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clarke and
Skamania, and all Indian reserves. Terms
held at Tacoma first Tuesday in February
and July.
President of Senate pro tern, E T Wilson,
Secretary of Senate, 0 M Barton,olym ia
Speaker of House, Amos F Shaw, VEm-‘
Chief Clerk of House, T G Nicklin, ,
N 11 Owings, Senator, Olympia.
U L Collins, Reggesentative, Tenino.
A H Chambers, epresentative Olympia.
u s. OFFICERS. ;
_T H Cavanaugh, Surveyor General Olym
E B Olney, U S Signal Officer,
Thomas R Brown. U S marshal, Tacoma.
C A Tompkins, chief deputy marshal,
Tacoma. '
Patrick Henry Winston, U S district at
torney Sfiokane Falls.
P C Su ivan, assistant U S district attor—
neg, Tacoma.
M Bradshaw, collector of port of Puget
Sound, Port Townsend. »
Arthur A Putnam, deputy internal rev—
enue collector. Tacoma.
COUNTY orrcaas. ,
J W. Robinson, Judge Superior Court,
. .Ayer, County Attorney, Olympia.
W H Roberts, Clerk 01 mpia.
C B Mann, Treasurer, Olympia.
J P Tweed, Auditor, Olympia.
Geo S Prince, Sheriff, Olympia.
L R Byrne, Superintendent Public
Schools, Olympia. .
James A Smith, Assessor, Olympia.
L P Ouellette, Surveyor, Ol Inpia.
G S Armstrong, Coroner, 01v Inpia.
E Mcßeynolds, } Justices 0? Peace
J C Rathbun, Olympia.
B B Smith, C . .
T C Van Epps, ongiiiissioners
R. A Brewer, y mpia.
H Hadlan, 'Wreckmaster, Olympia.
Ewe {717 ‘~...' Bil & I ‘
L; lger 60mg,
This property is less than three quarters
of a mile from theicorner of Main and Fourth
streets“ Thirty houses will be built on this
addition within eight months.
Prices range from $125 to $500; corners,
SSO extra. Street car line expected to run
through the additionDsoon.
Notal-V Public .
Cerner Fourth jam! Jeffersnn street. opposite the Opera House
SURPLUS - - - $20,000.
W. oswfijfiqus‘fi‘fif‘ HENR¥£§EEW
' A. A. PHILLIPS, 301 m F. Gown,l GEO. D. SHANNON.
'C 'tht' VlB k
21sz a 3 101121 an ,
Caplt-al - - - SIOO,OOO
F. M. WADE, PRES. N. H. OWINGS, V. Pmrs.
. Directors.
John S. Baker, Louis Bettman, Robert Frost, N. H. Owing
S. C. Woodruff, F. M. Wade. 0. J. Lord.
Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Telegraphic transfers made on
all:princlpal cities.
Collections 61 Specialty.
St t B kf 01 ' '
a 6 an 0. Vled.
Transacts a General Banking business. State
Warrants Bought-
In sum of $1 and upwards
. ' ”if“. 35 ‘ - fie,
SIR 3} ‘3
conngfii‘frff ‘fi'fié‘fifie‘é’fifififfiéfldfi? f&"s§§“§§fi¥.€£€f ’éififiarfiéifg? fifé‘vfiifl ’i‘fifl‘flr‘éfisfifi
furnitune wlth care and promptness. Charges reasonable. Sxxth and Columbia streets.
Telephone No.
} DREWRY AND SON. Proprietors.
‘ Resident. Vice President Secretary-Treasurer
Roughiand Dresser. lumber, Sash, Dours,Laths, Shinglengouldings
Nails, Cement, lime, locks, Buns, Pickets, Etc.
Estimates furnished on mill work of all kinds.
‘ City Office and Yard, Fourth~st. Bridge; Telephone No. 71.
‘ * Jim, West Olympia; Texphone No. 5.
I L %——THE-—-—aa
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