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The Agricultural College Case Dis
missed by the Supreme Court
—Judge Hoyt Disseuts.
[Continued from ThursqulNoV- 12']
We are inclined to the opinion that the
right of a resident tax-payer to invoke
the interposition of a court of Lequity to
Compel officers of a mumcrpal corporation
to do their duty, or restrain them from}
illegally increasing the burden of taxation ‘
by squandering the public funds of a cor
poration, has received the great weight of
at least modern authority.
The doctrine on the subject Was thus laid
down by Judge Field of the supreme court
of the United States: Of the right of resi
dent tax-payers to invoke the interposition
ofa court ofequity to prevent an illegal dis
position of moneys of the county or the il
legal creation of a debt which they, in com
mon With other property holders of the
county, may otherwise be compelled to pay
there is at this day no serious question.
It Will be observed, however, that this case
falls short of asserting that doctrine claim
ed here by the respondent that courts of
equity will restrain the action of state of—
ficers in matters of public concern on the
petition of ataxpayer who shows no spe
cial interest, nor Will the language or an
giinient of the court bear any such con
struction. On the other hand, it is based
on relationship of the taxpayer to muni
cipal corporations. In all cases reported
the restraining order has been asked against
the county, town. city or district officer.
It is argued by the respondent that not
withstanding the absence ot authority,
there is no difference in principle between
restraining county officers and state of
ficers in matters of public concern, on the
prayer of a taxpayer. The principle upon
which the doctrine in regard to municipal,
or quasi municipal, corporations is based,
flows from its analogy to a well settled doc
trine equity governing private Corporations,
where each stockholder has an interest in
the property of the corporation, and may
interfere to protect the corporation funds
from the illegal or fraudulent acts of its of
ficers, but it is reasoning that it cannot ap
ply to a state government.
As the fallacy of a proposition can best
be shown by distorting it, we ma presume
that if one of the departments otyt-he state
government can be suspended at the iii
stance ofa private citizen, who has not got
more than a community interest in a mat
ter which concerns the general public, that
every department of state can be
suspended at the same time, and the
whole machinery of government stopped,
and the very existence of the state, so far
as the exercise of its functionsis concerned,
destroyed. Surely such a theory of prac
tice is not in harmony with the genius of
our government, not will authority sanc
tion nor public policy permit the a; option
of a rule which will authorize any number
of volunteers who may, rightfully or
wrongfullv, interpret the laws different
from the interpretation put upon them by
officers of the state, to paralyze for a time
every or any branch of state government.
It seems to us that there is a difference
in principle, and there might be a very
great difference in results; and probable
results are what the policy of law is based
upon. To prevent just such results, and
to protect the interests of the public, the
statute has provided for an election by tax—
payers of an officer, the attorney-general,
who is especially clothed with authority to
institute proceedings of this kind, In the
act creating the office of attorney-general,
and defining his duties in the law of 1887-8,
it is provided. among other things, that it
is his duty to force the proper application
offuiids appropriated to the public institu
tions of the territory; nor do we under
stand that any of the provisions of that
chapter have been repea ed by subsequent
enactments of the state.
The constitution provides that all laws
in force at the time of its adoption shall
remain in force until their repeal; and
there is nothing in the provisions of the
act entitled “An act in relation to attor
neys,” laws of 1891, which repeals any of
the ,provisions of the act of 1887-88. It
might as well be held that, all the territo
rial acts ‘in relation to prosecuting attor
neys have been repealed by the sanieact. .
The law, then, haying provided an officer
for an especial duty, it is the better policy
to submit each litigation to his guidance.
This court, untrammeled by precedent or
authority in laying down a po icty for this
state, deems it safer to regulate the institut
ing of suits involving the disposition of
the revenue of the state, where no private
interests are involved, to the judgment and
discretion of the Attorney general. With
this view of the case, it is not necessary to
examine other alleged errors. The de—
murres should have been sustained. The
judgment is therefore reversed, and as the
demurrer goes to the life of the complaint,
the case is dismissed.
Judge Dunbar wrote the opinion and all
the judges concurred except Judge Hoyt,
who dissents.
(To be continued.)
It is a Comfortable Place for the Old
Veterans. _
John Keats, in the Goldendale Sentinel,
tells of a visit to the soldiers’ home of the
state at Orting. He says: I went there to
visit John Pederson. I found Comrade Pe'
derson in fairly good health, but somewhat
lame. He is Well satisfied with the home.
I was introduced to the commander. That
gentleman welcomed me to the home, and
to make an inspection of the same and eat
'dinner with them, which invitation was
accepted. The dinner was good, consisting
of beef, pork, potatoes, cabbage, beans,
bread, butter and good pudding, all in
great abundance. Thinking that it might
be an extra dinner I asked several of the
comrades if they Ihad such dinners every
day. They said yes, and that the board
was good all the time, and that the com
mander was very kind to them. They all
praised him. I went through the home,
upstairs and down. I assure you (every
thing was in apple pie order. There are
smoking rooms and a reading room where ‘
the old vets can sit and read at their sweet ‘
will. I went through the bed rooms and‘
found them good, with nice beds with verK
clean bed-clothes. While walking throug ‘
the bed rooms Comrade Pederson took me
by the arm to his bed and told me with
warmth and emotion that the ladies of
Goldendale had presented him with those
bed clothes. I assure you that he is very
grateful to the ladies for their generous
gift. The home is heated all through with
heaters in the basement. Also each room
on the first floor has fire grates in them.
For myself, and I think all the old soldiers
ought to be grateful to the state of Wash
ington for providing so good a home for us
in case we are unfortunate and needy.
[hen Baby was sick, we gw Io her 0845170143-
When she was a Child, she c 1 led for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Custom
When she haci'Childi-en, shag;ave them 03mm
FridaY’s Transfers.
[Reported by the Capital City Abstract
& Title Insurance Company, Chambers’
block :] '
R R Deming et ux to Geo A Mott
man, wharf and warehouse near ’
Mar5hvi11ebridge1...............$ 225
Walter T McDonald toiJohn Goar,
lots 10 and I], blk 11, Lynwood
Park 103
Thomas Riggs et ux to J Q Rob
ertson lot 6, blk 1, Rigégs’ add.. 1,175
Nobert fiawson et al to Villiam E
Struck, lots 1 and 2, of lot 7, blk
18,8CHa1e’55ubdiv..........., 850
Worthy of a Trial.
If you are troubled with rheumatism or
a lame back, bind on over the seat of pain
a. piece of flannel dampened with Chamber
lain’s Pain Balm. You will be surprised
at the promgt relief it affords. 50 cent bot—
tles for sale yC. B. Mann, druggist. ft.
Senator, John B. Allen, Walla Walla.
Senator, Watson 0. S uire, Seattle.
Representative, Jno. E. Wilson, Spokane
Governor Elisha P. Ferry, Olympia.
Lieutenant-Governor, Charles E. Laugh
ton, Conconully. ‘
Secretary of State, Allen Weir, Olympm.
Treasurer, A. A. Lindsley, Olympia.
Auditor, T. M. Reed 01 mpia.
Fi'httorney-Greneral, W. Cy Jones, Spokane
a s.
Superintendent of Public Instruction, R
B Bryan, Olympia, .
Commlssioner of Public Lands, W TFor
est, Olympia. ~
State Printer, 0 C White, Olympia.
State Librarian, Philip D Moore, Olym
-la. -
p State Geolo ist, George Bethune, Tacoma.
Game Wargen, L S Sherwood, Colville.
Timber Inspector, (First district) Ed
ward McTaggert, Skagit county; (Seventh
district) Clinton Cutler, Vancouver.
Fish Commissioner, James Crawford,
Pilot Commissioners Straits of Fuca and
Puget Sound, John P. Betta, Charles H
Jones, J os. H. Stetson, Port Townsend.
Pilot Commissmners Columbia river, Al
- E King, J L Stout, Ilwaco; Edward
Spencer, Long Beach.
Trustees State Reform School. John
Dobson, Chehalis; Levi F Compton, Seat
tle: Jonathan W Godell. Willapa.
Medical Board of Examining Physicians
John W Bean and J H McDonald. Ellens
burgh; H B Bagley. Seattle; G V Calhoun,
La Conner; A B Kibbe, Seattle: J D
Minkler, Centralia; C S Penfleld, Spokane
Falls; William H Dewey, Tacoma, Howard
R Keylor, Walla Walla, secretary.
Board of Health for District of Puget
Sound, L B Hastings, J N Laubach, H L
Tibbals, Jr. Port Townsend.
Board of Pharmacy—J W McArthur,
president, Spokane; A Morley Stewart,
Tacoma; W H T Barnes, Seattle; D O
-Woodworth, Ellensburgh; A C Clark, sec
retary, Olympia.
Regents 0t Agricultural College, Eugene
Fellows of Spokane Falls. Andrew H Smith
of Tacoma, S B Conover of Port Town
send, G W Hopp of Sedro, J H Ballinger
ofiColfax. _ _
Regents of State University, Jno W
Sprague, chancellor, Tacoma; P BJohn
son, Walla Walla; J R Ha den, Seattle; A
Al’hillifs, Olympia; J .ly Browne, Spo
kane Fa ls; John Paul Judson, Tacoma.
Commissioners of Penitentiary at Walla
Walla. Frank London Frank W Paine,
Walla Walla; Platt A Preston, Waitsburg.
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Eastern
Washington, Wilson Lockhart, Charles
McDonall, Medical Lake; D F Percivel,
Cheney. " q‘ . _
Trustees Hospital for Insane, Western
Washington, W J Fife, Tacoma; George D
Shannon, Olympia; A B Stewart Seattle.
Trustees Soldlers and Sailors H’ome, Al
bert S Cole, Whatcom; W. R. Dunbar
.Goldendale; John F McLean, Walla
Walla; George A Boardman, Tacoma; M.
M. Holmes. (Seattle,
Trustees of School for Defective Youth at
Vancouver, W Byron Daniels. Louis Sohns.
B F Shaw, John R Thompson, Vancouver.
Board of Education—Frank B Gault, of
Tacoma; Mr Atkinson, of Seattle' D
Bemiss, Spokane Falls; Mr Kerr. Walla
Walla; President, R B Bryan. Olympia.
Members of Commission of Technical In
struction to local Agricultural College, Geo
A Black, Fairhaven; S B Gonover, Port
Townsend: Andrew H Smith, Tacoma.
Coal Mine inspectors, First district, Wm
Grilfith, Roslyn; Second district, Edward
'l‘ Morgan, Seattle.
State Land Commission, W T Forrest,
Allren Weir. ‘l‘ M Reed.
Harbor Line Comnussioners—D C Guern—
sey. Dayton; W F Presser, North Yakima;
Eugene Semple, Seattle; H F Gar
retson, Tacoma; Frank H Richards. What—
corn; A Martin, secretary.
Tide Land Commissioners'and Board-'01"
Equalization and Appeal—Thea M Reed,
01 mpia; Allen Weir, Pow Townsend;
B i Sharpstein, Walla Wal'a; C H Warn
er, Colfax; Austin Mires, Ellensburgh; C
M Barton, secretary.
Trustees of State Normal School at El
lensburgh—W R Abrams, Ellensburgh;
Fred W. Agatz, Ellensburgh; Thos J
Newland, Ellensburgh.
Trustees State Normal School at Chenefi
—S A Wells, Ritzville, term two years;
F Suksdorf Slpangle, four years; W H H
McClure, Fa ouse City, four years; Louis
Walter, Cheney, six years; W E Weygant,
Cheney, six years.
Mining Bureau—Governor E P. Ferry,
Lieut-Gov Charles E Laughton, Treasurer
A A Lindsley.
Comrnissroners to World’s Fair—Henry
Drum, Tacoma; C B Hopkins, Spokane
Falls. Lady commissioners Mrs N H
Owings, Olympia; Mrs H E Houghton,
Commission to build the State Uni
versity, John Arthur, Seattle: CharlesF
Leavenworth, Olympia; John Mcßeavy,
Union City.
Horticultural Board, Raynor Kies, Van
couver; Henry Bucejy, Tacoma; E L Von
ohven, East Soun ; D E Lesh, North
é'akima; D M Jessee, Walla Walla; H H
S alding, Almota; at large,J T Blackburn,
Vgshon island. 7 7
Fish Hatchery Commission, Chas E '
Lau 3hton of Conconullly; James Crawford~ .
Vancouver: A A Lindsey, Olympia. ,
State Building Commission, Chas E
Laughton, Conconully;_T M Reed, Olym— l
pia; A A Lindsley Olympia.
Board of Health and Bureau “of Vital
Statistics—G S Armstrong, M D, president; _
Olympia; O A Bowen, secretary, Olympia-
F M Conn, M D Seattle; N Fred Essig, M‘.
D. Spokane; J 5?. Hathaway, M D, Fair- ‘
Chehalis County—Z T Cog. Montesano;
W T Keyes, Aberdeen; narles Scott,
Gray’s Harbor.
0 allam County—Alfred Lee, Port Ange
les; James A Smith, Sequim; William
Ward, Dungeness. ,
Cowlitz County-Lewis H Gild , Free
port; Sam Jenkins, Tucker; Geo T'White,
Castle Rock.
Island County—Chas T Terry, Coupe
gille; Thos Nunan, Jerome Ely, Oak Har
Jefferson County—R D Attridge, Port
Ludlow; Peter Multy, Port Discovery; F
H Winslow. Port Townsend.
King County— D A McKenzie, F W
Sparling, Thos W Prosch, Seattle.
Kitsap County—John T Mitchell, Port
fMadison; A H Sroufe. Sidney; S A Dickv
‘ ey, Port Washington.
Mason Counti—Alonzo Edwards, Shel
ton; John R ‘berhart, Allyn, John B
Forbes, Kamilchie.
Pacific Obnntfi—Ralph B Dyer, South
Bend; Tbomas- oney, Willapa; H F Car—
nahan, Knappton.
Pierce County-E M Hunt, 0 T Ulri
man, John Huntington, Tacoma.
San Juan County—Joseph Sweeney, G
B Driggs, Friday Harbor; 8 M Johnson.
Skagit County—l D Huntoon, Hamilton;
H P Downs, Mount Vernon; C R Donnell,
Snohomish County—E C Ferguson, Wm
Whitfield, F O Coe, Snohomish.
Thurston County—E W Andrews. Olym
gfia; Franms Rotch, Bucoda; Frank Ruth,
Whatcom County—Will L Visscher, F.
N Barney,Whatcom; B W Loring, Lnyden.
Wahkiakum County—Thomas Irvmg, J
J Foster, Cathlamet; F M Sweet, Ska
Chief Justice, Thomas J Anders, Walla
Justice, Elmon Scott, Pomeroy.
Justice, R O Dunbar, Goldendale.
Justice, T. R. Stiles, Tacoma.
Jus.ice J P Hoyt, Olympia. '
Clerk, 6 S Rein art, Olympia.
Reporter, Eugene Krei er, Tacoma.
‘ Governor E P Ferry, Commander-in-
Chiet, Olympia.
General R G O’Brien, Adjutant General
and Quartermaster General, Commissary
General, Inspector General and Chief of
Ordnance, Olympia.
Colonel E. M. Carr. Assistant Adjutant
General, Seattle.
Colonel Henry Landes, Paymaster Gen
eral, Port Townsend.
Colonel Edward Smith, Surgeon Gene
, ral, Seattle. '
Colonel W M Clark, Assistant Inspector
General, Walla Walla.
' Colonel Charles E Claypool, Judge Advo
. cate General, Tacoma.
- Colonel Frank T Gilbert. Assistant
Quartermaster General, Walla Walla.
Colonel J D Mclntyre, Chief of Engi
neers, North Yakima.
Colonel W T Sharpe, Chief of Ordnance,
Colonel J Kennedy Stout, Chief Sigma
Oflicer, SPokane Falls.
Colone Will L. Visscher, Assistant Com
missary General, Fairhaven.
Aides-de-Camps Lieutenant Colonels
Charles Reichenbach of Tacoma» C M
Atkins, Whatcom; L Frank Boya. Spo
kane Falls; Caftain E B Wise, Goldendale.
Assistant djutant General Major
Charles H. Ayer, Olympia.
Assistant Commissarg. General—Lieu.
tenant Colonel Albert W yte, Steliacoom,
Assistant Quartermaster General—Lieu
tenant Colonel H. F. Garretson, Tacoma.
Aide de Camp to Adjutant General—
Cantain E T Powell, Waitsburg.
Brigadier commanding N G W, A P Cur
rv Spokane.
john I Boo§e, Spokane, Assistant Adju
tant Genera , with rank Lieutenant
09121191; , 7 ‘
WS Scott. Seattle. Assistant Inspecto
General, with rank Lieutenant Colonel.
Geo A Bethune, Tacoma, Assistan
Quartermaster General. with rank Lieu
teygnt 90.1911311- t
Vifiii-hfiililhkm Snell. Tacoma, Assistant
Quartermaster General, with rank Lieuten
ans GOlonel- ~, , ,
G 113356}, Aide-de-Camp, with rank of
lsLLi'eultfienggt. _ _ _ _ 7 ,
VVEVITSVIEi-til: Brigade Sur§eon, Seattle,
wigllvgavglgLiqutepant Cp}9ne_. ‘ , ,
"I'3‘WEtEl's—fiéEEHé.KfééHé-Camp, with
raglfj‘yjst Lieugexgaut. _A _ _ A A _
"KW é‘t'ehFfiéfT'ékßlAide-de-Camp. with
rank First Lieutenant.
First Regiment—J C Haines. Colonel.
geatitélle; Joseph Green, Lieutenant Colonel,
Regimental Staff—Charles Esplin J r., first
lieutenant and Adjutant, Seattle; L R
Dawson, Surgeon Major, Seattle; FAGaus,
Major, Tacoma; J A'Hattield Commission
er, Seattle; Revr L H Wells, Chaplain
with rank of Captain, Tacoma; Herman
Chaplin, Lieutenant and Paymaster.
Captains of Com anies—Lawrence S
Booth.Co B,Seattle MPJ Fife,Co C,Tacoma;
W H Geshan) Co D Seattle: Edward S
Ingraham, Co E, Seattle;J J Weisenburger,
Whatcom; W S Shank, Co Cr, Tacoma;
Frank Morris, Co H, Vancouver; Chas B
Wood, Port Townsend; D E Dunbar.
Second Regiment Enoch W Pike. Colo
nel, Goldendale; M McCarthy Lieutenant
Colonel, Dayton; Geo W Greene, Major,
Spokane Falls
Regimental Staff—J H Hudgin, M D,
Surgeon and Major, Waitsburg; Dr Allen
Bonebrake, Assistant Surgeon and Castain,
Goldendale; Rev J T Eshelman, hap
lain and Major, Goldendale; N B
Brooks, First Lieutenant and Adjutant,
Goldendale; Edwin'S Isaacs~ First Lieu—
tenant and Quartermaster, Walla Walla-
Eugene J Fellows. First Lieutenant and
Commissary, Spokane Falls: F J Elsensohn,
First Lieutenant and Paymaster, Pomeroy,
Geo W Barker, First Lieutenant and 111‘
specter, Goldendale.
Captains of Companies—J E Frost. Com
pany A, Ellensbur%h; R S McCully Com
pany B, Goldenda e; Geo W Billing—
ton, Company C Centerville; H GShue
ham, Complany D, Waitsburg; J C Mc-
Crimmon orth Yakima; John Carr, Com
pany F, bayton, C H Merriam, Com
pany G, Spokane Falls; Harry St. George,
omeroy; E H Fox, 00, K, Tekoa.
CAVALRY orrrcnns.
Chas B Johnson, Major, commanding
battalion; H B Schwellenbach, Spokane,
lst Lieutenant and Adjutant; W O Robb,
Tacoma, first Lieutenant and Quartermas
ter ;Dr J A Beebe,’l‘acoma, assistant Surgon;
Wallace Mount, Spragne, Sergeant Major;
W M Putnam, Sprague, Quartermaster
Sergeant; J. H. Shields, Sprague, Commis
sary Sergeant.
Troop A—Captain, A W Lindsa '; vacan
cy, first Lieutenant; 'l‘ Ashley Wickham,
segond Lieutenant. -4 7 7 7
"TBEBSmeZ'JEIHéé M Ashton, Cagtain;
James H Berry, First Lieutenant; ames
M Dougan, Second Lieutenant.
Spokane and Stevens—R. B. Blake, R.
14G. 11Langford and J. Z. Moore, Spokane
‘a s. ~ 7
Lincoln, Adams, Okanogan and Doug—
las—Wallace Mount, S rague.
Walla Walla. and E‘ranklin—Wm. H.
Upton, Walla. Walla.
Columbia, Garfield and Asotin—Robert
F. Sturdevant, Dayton.
Kittitas—O. B. Graves, Ellensburgh.
Ealkima and Klickitab—Sol. Smith, Gold
en a e.
Clarke, Cowlitz and Skamania—N. H.
Bloomfield, Vancouver.
Lewis, Pacific and Wahkiakum—E. S.
ngter, Chehalig. _ ~ _ M _
“'fiiiffétaxiifw'. Robinson Olympia.
Chehalis and Mason—Mason Irwin,
Mgptesang. _ ‘__ fl 7
Pierce—Frank Allyn, Fremont; Camp-l
bell, John Beverly, Tacoma. ‘
Kinfi—Richard Osborn, J. I. Lichtenberg,
T. J. umes Seattle.
J efl'erson—M. B. Sachs, Port Townsend“
(lilallam—James G. McClinton, Port Al
ge es.
Whatcom and San Juan—J. R. Winn,
Whatcom. ‘
Skagit and Isiand—H. Mcßride, La-
Snohomish and Kitsap—J. C. Denny,
Snohomish. ,
District Judge, C.|H. Hanford. Seattle.‘
Clerk of Circuit Court, A. R. Ayres, Ta.-
Deguty Clerk of District Court, R. M.
Ho? ins, Seattle.
C erk of District Court, R. M. Hopkins,
Deputy Clerk of District Court, A. R.
Ages, Tacoma. 4
epu’liy Clerk of District Court, Oliver
Wood, ort Townsend.
Deputs Clerk of District and Circuit
Court, .T. Dovell, Walla. Walla.
Deputy Clerk of District and Circuit
Court. 8. A. Wells, Spokane.
FOUR mvrsrons.
Northern Division—lncludes counties of
King, Kitsaf, Jeflerson, Clallam, Snoho
mish,‘ Islan , San Juan, Skagit and What
com and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Seattle first Tuesday in June and Je
eetnber. ._ _ _ _ _ _
Southern division—lncludes counties of
Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia,
Walla Walla, Franklin, Yakima and Klick
itat, and all Indian reserves. Terms held
at Walla Walla first Tuesday in May and
Ngvember.“ _ _ _ _ _ 7
Eastern Division—lncludes counties of
Spokane, Stevens, Okanogan, Douglas.
Lincoln, Adams and Kittitas, and all In
dian reserves. Terms held at Spokane first
Tuesday in April and September.
Western Division—lnc udes counties of
Pierce, Mason, Thurston. Ohehalis. Pacific,
Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clarke and
Skamania, and all indian reserves. Terms
held at Tacoma first Tuesday in February
and July.
President of Senate pro tem, E T Wilson,
Secretary of Senate, 0 M Barton,Olym nia
Speaker of House, Amos F Shaw, Van
couver. ,
Chief Clerk of House, T G Nicklin,
, Whatcom.
‘ NH. Owings, Senator, Olympia.
U L Collins, Representative, Tenino.
A H Chambers, Representative Olympia.
.T H Cavanaugh, Surveyor General Olym
p E B Olney, U 5 Signal Olficei',
Thomas R Brown. U S marshal, Tacoma.
C A Tompkins, chief deputy marshal,
Patrick Henry Winston, U S district at
torneyEfiokane Falls.
PC s ivan, assistant U 8 district attor
ne , Tacoma.
g M Bradshaw, collector of port of Puget
Sound, Port Townsend.
Arthur A Putnam, deputy internal rev
enue collector. Tacoma.
COUNTY orrcnxs.
J W Robinson, Judge Superior Court, ‘
. . Ayer, County Attorney, Olympia.
W H Roberts, Clerk Olympia.
C B Mann, Treasurer, Olympia.
J P Tweed, Auditor, Olympia.
Geo 8 Prince, Sheriff, Olympia.
L R Byrne, Superintendent Public
Schools, Olympia.
James A Smith Assessor, Olympia.
L P Ouellette, éurveyor, Olympia.
G 8 Armstrong, Coroner, Olympia.
E Mcßeynolds, } Justices 0 Peace
.113 (1)3 gatliltolun, Olympia.
mi , C . .
T C Van E ps, } ommissioners
‘ R A Breweli, 015’ “1P1“.
H Hadlan, Wreckmaster, Olympia. '
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Bilgel' 81 Going,
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streets. Thirty houses will be built on this
addition Within eight months.
Prices range from $125 to $500; corners,
SSO extra. Street car line expected to run
through the addition soon. .
Notarv Public.
Comer Fourth Band Jefferson street. opposite the UneraHuuse
CAPITAL - - - 513100.000
‘ SURPLUS - - - $20,000.
A. H. STEELE, T. M. REED, W. M. LADD, A. H. (humans
A. A. human, JOHN F. Gown, GEO. D. SHANNON.
I I r
A General Banklng Busmess Transacted
Capltal N atlonal Bank,
Capital - - - SIOO,OOO
F. M. WADE, P 1225. - N. H. OWINGS, V. P 323.
-~ Directors.
John S. Baker, Louis Bettman, Robert Frost, N. H. Owing
S. C. Woodrufi", F. M. Wade. 0. J. Lord. ..
Foreign and domestic exchange bought; and sold. Telegraphic transfers made on
all:princlpal cities. -
Collections 61 Specialty.
St t B kf 01 ' '
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CAPITAL, $1 00,000. ,
Transacts a General Banking business. IState
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' ‘\ gr ‘3. . , ~
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Orders tor hacks or cabs attened ptromply dag; or eight, also a general livery busluefis in
connection. Horses fed or boarded by the day or mon h. quwmdlng, movlng pianos, sales and
furniture with care and promptness. (Jhergua reasonable. Such and Columbia streets.
Telephone No.
DREWRY AND SON. Proprietors.
V V__
.. ;; President. Vlae-Premdenl: E archery-l‘reasurer
Roughland Dressed lumber. Sash, Dourslaths, Shingles. Mouldings
Nails, Cement, lime, locks. Butts, Pickeis, Etc.
Estimates funxished on mill work of all kinds
City Office and Yard, Fourth-st. Bridge; Telephone No. 71 .
Mlll, West Olympia; Telphone No. 5.

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