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Interesting Programme by the Liter
ary Society—The Public Invited
The high school literary society will give
one of its regular entertainments tomor-i
row, at which an interesting programme 3
will be rendered. The society is a valua-‘
able aid to the scholars and is constantly
growing in interest. The ofl‘icers are:
Winifred Hawley, president; L. Muriel
Stone, vice president; Ella Bowen, secre
tary; Ernest Kester, critic. The entertain
ment occurs tomorrow at 1 o’clock in the
Washington school building and the pub
lic are cordially invited.
1 qu programme for tomorrow is as fol
' 1. Recitation, “Fuss at Fires”—Lillie
‘ 2. Essay, “An Excursion on the Sound"
—Roy Barry.
3. Paraphrase of “A Dutch Farm," from
the Sketch Book—Alda Everest.
4. Declamntion, “The Fox I!) the Well”
—Chnton Knox.
5. Essay, “The Planet J upiter”—Nora
6. Declamation, “My Uncle" ~ Jimmie
7. Piano solo, “Caprice”—Anna Frost.
8. Recitation, “Three Days of the life of
Columbus”—,—olive Sheldon.
9. Declarnation. “Paul Revere’s Ride"—
George Turnbull.
10. Essay, ‘.‘Formation of Coal”—Luleigh
Savid e.
' 11. Essay, “Curious Vehicles”—Anna
11. Recitation, “Socrates Snooks”-Ethel
13. Essay, “A Trsp to the Yellowstone
Park”—M. Everhard.
14-17. Discussion, “That Lahor—Savmg
Machines have not benefitted the Laborer.”
Affirmative, Frank Currey, Nellie Coch
ran; negative, Edith Mclntyre and Tod
OLYMPIA, Wash., Nov. 19, 1891.
i’ 5 ”SES: s'?-
Place of E ssß :9. ca State of
Observation. n, o 531 €54 5: weather.
8 B 9-D ‘5 it E 5" I
7' - p7‘ w? 5
Olympia...” 30.08408 6 .04 Cloudy
Portland...... 30.14-14 SE Light .04 Cloudy
Fort Canny. .. 30.08 46‘s 3 .12 Cloud less
Walla \Valla., 30.14 35 S 8 I .04 Cloudy
Spokane ... ... 30.05 30 SW 8 .00 Cloudy
Baker City“. . . 30.15 201811 6 .18 Cloudy
Roseburg..... 30.18 40 Cm Calm 03 Cloudy
Eureka. 30.12 44 Cm 'Calm .24 Cloudless
Red Blufl. .. ~ 30.02 46 NW Light' .isloloud less
Sacramento... 3002Llsw lLightJ .10 Cloudy
San Francisco 30.04 50 WN Light, .26’P’tly c'dy
The maximum temperature today was
50 degrees and the minimunl4o. Maximum
speed of wind, 21 miles per hour, from
south. Amount of rainfall, .08 inches,
(for twenty-four hours ending at 3 p.m).
Amount of rainfall since July 1, 1891,
19.01 inches; average (for several years)
since July 1, 1891, 12.14 inches; excess
since July 1, 1891, 6.87 inches. Light
showery weather.
E. B. OLNEY, Observer.
Advertised Letters.
Letters remaining uncalled for in the
postoifice, Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1891.
Alvy, Mrs. Dolly Hill, Milvina
Anderson, Mrs. M. Hobbs. Mr.
Ball, Wm. Hunter. D. M.
Barker, J. T. Hutchinson, C.
Bromley, Thomas Johnson, W. B.
Burnett, J. W. Jones, Miss Annie
Carlson, J. T. Lyens, Jack
Carson, H. \MeDaniel, John
Clayton, M. P. McGregory, Henry ,
Clayton, Miss Dollie Mclntyre, Mrs. Mary 3
Combes, Mrs. E. A. Miller, dein S.
Graves, Frank Mitchell, J. C.
Dolan, A. F. Morris, Frank L. ‘
Dunn, Frank G. Mull, Henr£ ‘
Fairgrew,Miss Nellie O’Connell, an ‘
Falstrom, Anton Manazino, Sigr Luigi
Galaway, Mrs. H. Stanton, Michael ‘
Hummon, R. R. Stewart, it. C.
Hazel, D. W. Tooker, Floyd ‘
\Vest, Frank Wilson, S. A. 1
Wilson, J.
Persons calling for advertised letters will ,
please give the date of advertisement. l
, A. v. MrLRoY, P,M. l
“’erluesday’s Transfers.
[Reported by the Capital City Abstract
&. Title Insurance Company, Chambers'
J. P. Mears to Deals. Mears, lots
1,2, 3 and 4, lie sub-division,
block 65, Swan’s additon. .... .. .$ 1,200
P. C. Hale to Carsten Hotthnsen
lots 1 and 2of lot 7of block 35,
P. C. Hale’s sub-division. . . . . . .. 200
J. Fred Schillungman et ux, to R. ,
C. Moter, lots 11 and 12, block 5, ~
Sebree’s additi0n................ 500
United States to Samuel Green, ne
%- sect-ion 23, township 17 north,
range 1 west, 160 acres. . . . . . . . . .. 400
S. J. White et ux to Wm L. Shel
don, land in se corner of Smith
Hays‘ donation claim. . . . . .. . . .. 1
E. M. Belyea et vir to S. R. Geddis
I lots 1 to [2 inclusive, block 5 and
other lots in Macoy’s addition, .. 3,000
Allen Haworth et ux to Joseph P.
Manning, lots 9 and 10, block 28,
Woodrul‘l"s addition. .. ...... .. .. -1,400
G. W. Davis et al. to A. J. Owens, ‘
lots 1, 2 and 3, block 2, Pacific
additi0n........................, 300
James W. Davis et nx to Lafayette
J. Davis, 6 acres in se corner of
section 12, township 15 north,
rangelwest..... 150
Patronize Home Industry and Use Dn-
vis’ Best Hour.
Mr. A. A. Davis is endeavoring to estab
lish an industry here by manufacturing
one of the finest grades of flour at his mills
at ’l‘umwater and he deserves the unre
served patronage of the public. We guar
antee every sack of this flour to be equal to
the best California brands and we will re
fund the money for every sack purchased
of us if not found as represented. The
price is $5.40 per barrel, ‘which is much
cheaper than the California; We can han—
dle to better profit the surplus of Eastern
Washington mills, but consider it our duty
to co-operate:with any one who attempts
to build up an industry in this locality
and bespeak for Mr. Davis a. satisfactory
and piolitable business in his new under
taking. Hiestand, Warner& Co. janl
The Humane Society.
A resolution was passed at the meeting
of the humane society in LiberaL-hall last
night, inviting all the ministers in Olym
pia to preach. at least one sermon each
year on the subject of “Kindness to Ani
mals.” The second Sunday in December
was suggested. »
[hen Baby was sick, we gm re her Castofla.
When she was a Child, she cl ied for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Custom
When she had Children, she g ;ave them Gaston}
Cheap Dyeing.
The people of Olympia should remember
the Olympia Dye Works is located perma
nently at No. 320, Third street. and does
not locate temporarily in various towns on
the Sound and remain a few months. Es
tablished in 1883. Prices: Coloring gents
suits, ,(mcluding cleaning) $3; cleaning and
pressing. $2.50. SAM. DOBRIN,
1117tf Manager.
Knlght of Pythias.
Capital Lodge No. 15 meets this evening
for the election of officers, and a. full at
tendance is requested. The ranks of Es
quire will be conferred on E. C. McDonald.
A Sacrifice Sale of Felts.
Mrs. Sternberg is now prepared to re
ceive her patrons at her new establish
ment in the Mann building on Fourth
street. In order to make room for her new
stock, she has inaugurated a special sale of
felts, which are going like hot cakes. Felts
that were $2 are going at 25 and 50 cents.
Get af move on you, if you want one.
nl9t .
In him is habit so ingrained
From constant Sunday search,
That when ofl” duty he will seek
, The side-door of his church.
Noss J ollities tonight.
The third ward of this city has not a sa
loon in it.
Friends of Francis Hoffman want him
to run for city council.
It is said that Tinkham is fattening a
turkey for Thanksgiving to beat his own
“The Olympia" is the best 10 cent cigar.
The case of the Northern Pacific railroad
vs. Gibson & Bannse has been continued
by stipulation.
The Baptist churches get the benefit on
Friday at Armstrong Bros.
The case of Maddéu vs. Willie and Mad
den vs. the \Villie Steamship Co. has been
Years of experience in the watch factor
ies has made us skillful in watch repalr
ing. Rose & Godard.
We have some great bargains in men’s
underwear in all grades. It will pay you to
see them before buying. Brown & Ferris.
Butterick patterns for December just re- ‘
ceived at O’Conner’s. 1114tf i
The Woman’s Relief Corps will meet 1
Friday at 2 p. m.in the South Hall Temple
It is rather paradoxical, but a man who
glets frequent y tight is said to be of loose
ahits. _
The college Graphic, which every person
interested in the Olympia Collegiate In
stitute should read, is growing brighter
and newsier than ever. ‘
Go to F. W. Cromby’s, 618 Fourth street,
for accurate presciptions. 06tf
For Thanksgiviving dinner get your tur
keys and poultry at the People’s market, ‘
(J. F. Allen & 00., 622 Fourth st.
Leave orders at, the Palace Market for
dressed turkeys and chickens for thanks
giving. Turpin & Manville, telephone 73.
414 Fourth st. Nov 26
The supreme court has set December 4 as
the date for hearing the application fora
writ of mandate to compel the state mili
tary board to audit the accounts for ser
vices 01 the national guard during the min
ing troubles in King county. .
Bilger & Going are to give away a fine
cook stove. Call and see it. - n3tf.
The Seattle Telegraph says: :Four
Thurston county officia s were in the city
yesterday. They called upon Auditor
’l‘wichell during the day, and were shown
through the new court house from top to
bottom. The party consisted of Am itor
John Tweed and Commissioners R. A.
Brewer, T. C. Van Epps and R. B. Smith.
The steamer The Doctor leaves Olympia
at 1 o’clock 'daily for Shelton and amil
chic and returns the day following, arriv
ing at Olympia at 12 o’clock noon. sepl6tf
The beer glass that is half full of froth
costs five cents all the same. .
Owing to the continued warm weather
we are overstocked on overcoats, conse~
quently have reduced the entire line 20
per cent. Now is the time to buy.
BROWN & quns.
Old stocks of geraniu ms may be kept dry
and in very little light, but young plants
must have light and be kept moist. but
not wet. A spare room with westerly as
pect is best for them, the window having
blinds to draw down when frost is about.
Go to F. 'W. Cromby‘s, 618 Fourth street
for the Reception cigar. They are very
choice. ob‘tf
Ask for Robertson’s Dye House, No. 207
Main street, and go to no other. 1117tf
“A great many colds are daily caught,"
declares a prominent physician. “from peo
ple standing in the draft of descending
Any one who is purchasing a wrap for a
girl is quite safe in selecting any coat,cloak
or jacket having a cape effect at the top, as
this style predonnnates.
Watches, diamonds and jewelry, clocks
spectacles and silverware at Talcott Bags.
- the Olympia hotel tonight Miss Craw
ford will give interesting dramatic read—
ings. She is well worth hearing.
The benefit at Armstrong Bros. on Fri
day is for the Baptist churches.
Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired at
Simenson‘s, 315 Main street. al-tf
Do you want your watch repaired, or
some fine jewelry, if so, go to P. N. Neuf—
t'ers‘ now 522 Main street, lately removed
from Fourth street. 1118.10td.
Home made mince meat, choice butter
and eggs at C. F. Alien & 00., 622 Fourth
New Home and Domestic sewing ma.-
chines at Talcott Bros. al-tf
The case ofADeibler vs. McSorley has
been set for trial November 21 at 10 a. In.
_ The women workers of the Unitarian
church will hold their fair in Columbia
hall on Tuesday evening Dec. lst.
The ease of Jones vs. Prince has been
dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.
The efiiciency of prayer was proven in a
rather novel manner at the Eastside the
other day. A youngster in the Third ward
has desired a drum for some time, and one
evening his mother told him to ask for it
in his prayers. He did so, and while he
was kneeling by his bed his parents slifped
a drum in front of him. When the ittle
fellow finished and opened his eyes he be
held the drum. and was so atoiiished at the
sight of the instrument of torture that he
explained: “Where in the devil did that
drum come from ?”
Wm. Woolsey was bound over in the
sum of SIO3O before Justice Mcßeynolds to
answer the charge assault with a deadly
weapon on Gwin Hicks. He could not
give that much bail and it was reduced to
SSOO. Mr. Hicks waived an examination
on the same charge preferred by Woolsey
before Sustice Rethbun.
John Peifer and Rosa Heppe, of Olym
pia. and Wm. E. Mclntyre, of Tacoma,
and Lizzie D, Johnson, of Tacoma, have
been licensed to wed.
The friends of Miss Annie Callow will
regret to learn that she is suffering from
quite a. severe attack ”of fever. ~ Dr. Riley
is attending her.
Fish Commissioner Crawford, of Van
couver, arrived in the city last night.
Rev W. B. Pope, formerly pastor of the
First Baptist church, is at the Olympia.
Mrs. Pope accompanies him on his visit.
Gwin Hicks has removed from Tacoma
with his family to Olympia and has taken
up a residence on 13th street east of Main
H. Byers, D. Biereton, H. Clark, and A.
Ludorply, ofSan Francisco; \V. B. Page
and wife. Great Falls, Montana; J. .
Douglas. S. S. Smith and R. S. Mcßride,
Tacoma; Livingston and Steadman, S. A.
Pratt, Seattle, and L. D. McArdle of Port
Townsend, are at the Olympia.
S. F. Mentzer Tenino, E. W. Cam bell
and M.J. Cornell Tacoma, Editor JP E.
Sligh ofShelton, are at the Carlton.
Ship in flour and feed when you can buy
home production from the Capital Mills
Tumwater. ’l‘elphone 98.
m __w
’lh ‘, i
at: t-
_ W; n ml 1:
Absolutely Pure.
America of tartar baking powder. High:
est ofall leavening strength.—Latest U. S.
Government Food Report.
This is the query per-
What is petually on your little
boy’s lips. And he is
It For ? no worse than the big-
ger, older, balder-head—
ed boys. Life is an interrogation
point. “ What is it for?” we con
tinually cry from the cradle to the
grave. So with this little introduc
tory sermon we turn and ask: “What
is AUGUST FLOWER FOR ?” As easily
answered as asked: It is for Dys
pepsia. It is a special remedy for
the Stomach and Liver. Nothing
more than this; but this brimful.
We believe August Flower cures
Dyspepsia. We know it will. We
have reasons for knowing it. Twenty
years ago it started in a small country
town. To-day it has an honored
place in every city and country store,
possesses one of the largest manu
facturing plants in the country and
sells everywhere. Why is this? The
reason is as simple as a child’s
thought. It is honest, does one
thing, and does it right along—it
cures Dyspepsia. ®
G. G. GREEN, Sole Man’fr,Woodbury,N.j.
' o—ON—-————o
Improved Olympia Real Estate
In sums of SSOO and upwards. Inquire of the
Puget Sound Savings Bank, 2422 Pa
(Elie—avenue. 'lEgomu, Wash.
.. .._--...., . We. _
AGIRLto do liTnTS—eTvoi-k. Address, W. W.
Hutton, Brown’s Ave , West Side. 3t (3
A LA DY will do gentlemen’s mending at her
. home, or would like to go out by the day
to do dressmaking. Address P. O. Box 313. nl7-3
(‘ 00D board. Address P. 0. box til.
I . 1114-31:
B‘MPLOYMENT wanted by a young lady to do
J general housework. For further particu
lars ingnire at residence of H. L. Forrest, corner
sth an Washington street. 1114-3 t.
N—Elv i'our room cottage, Hale’s addition. In—
quire John J. Downey. First National
Bank. nl7tf
ROOMS —gentlemen. Corner of Main and
Eighth streets. Reference required. n3tf
FOUR unfurnished rooms, corner Union and
Jefferson sts. a29tf
FURNISHED apartments on Adams street, be
tween Sixth and Seventh st. Mrs. Follans-
AN eight room house on Main street near
Eighteenth. Newly papered and gainted
and in thorough repair. Apply at this 0 'ce.
_ m22ti
A ROAD—CART and large 70W boat for sale
cheap at E. C, Bickford dz Co.’s, Columbia
st., between Third and Fourth st. 1118-“
OLD papers at THE TRIBUNE 25 cents per
BURSTCLASS table board can be had at 617
Main St., at thehouse of Wm. J enkins. late
steward of the Carlton House. Dinner Will be
served from 5 till ’lfigflday, and hereafter. 2td
BETWEEN Fifth and Tenth. on Main, two
small keys, tied together with small, strong
cord. Finder kindly leave them at Tribune oi
flce. . 2t (1
PRIVATE lessons—Mr. L. F. Henderson. Ph.
8., will give private lessons to single
parties, or to classes, in botany, French litera~
ure, Latin or Mathematics. Special Work to
boys or girls fitting for college. 425 Main street,
during the day, or at private residence during
the evening Nov 24.
' 3
Tacoma and Portland Passenger.
Leave5P0rt1and.........................10:45 am
Arrive from Portland via Gate City..... 4:45 p.m
Leaves for Tacoma and Seattle... . . . . . .4:50 p.m
Leaves Tacoma for Olympia , . . . . . . .. . . .11 :10 p.m
Arrive from Tac0ma.....................12:b5a.rn
Leaves for Portland via Gate City. ... .. 1:00 am
Arrive at Portland. 700 am
Leave Tacoma. 8:10 am Lv Montesano..2:4s p.m
Lv Olympia... 9:32 a.m Lv 01ympia....4:50 p.m
Ar Montesano. 11 :25 a.m Ar Tacoma. . . . .6:00 p.m
Lv Chehalis. . . 7:00 a.m Lv ’l‘acoma.... .3:55 p.m
Lv Olympia . . 3:37 a.m Lv Olympia... . .5220 p.m
Ar Tacoma, . . .10200 a.m Ar Chehalis....7:oo p.m
, Port Townsend Southern.
Leave........... ...01ympia........... 9240 a.m
Arrive...... .........Tenin0.............10;30a.m
Leave................ Tenin0............10:50arn
A1'rive...............01ympia............11:50 am
Leaye................01ympia........... 3:50p.m
Arrlve.... ...........Tenin0........... 4:56p.m‘
Leave.......... .....Tenino 4:ospm.
Arrive5.............01ympia............ 5:55p.m
On Sunday themorm'ng train leaves at 9540 am.
and remains at Tenino until 4 :05 p.m.,arriving in ‘
Olympia at 5:55 p.m. The morning train makes .
close connection with the Northern Pacific to
Portland and the evening train meets the train
from Portland. ‘
The Most Suc
‘ /, ~' A“ in?“ cessful
1:" "f -. 5“ \
4Afit . flatarrh,
tiff ‘“ ’i 3
i Q. 7 x Lung
at]. ' V __
i '8 / "‘7' ‘~ ~AND
‘ // \ocjr’pv’ ‘ Throat
As 24,, , 1.3
1 ’/ .r’es {.39
§ .Nfiv‘ Doctors
—~ firm/'39 "g": 1.71.“, M
i . . #“&q ‘2 IN THE
l ' ,‘ “ " ; “ET-first
“ e_‘ .. filiglrgififil 1’ WEST.
‘ 730 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Wash.
srooo REWARD "
For any case he fails to cure coming under his
treatment by following his directions.
9. special study and aractice for many yearspver
4000 treated yearly. ecent cases 0 RIVATE
DISEASES cured in a short time. ULCERS, TU
MERS, BLOTCHES on the face or body cured
without giving mercury 01- other pailsfils. 1d t
' s 0 ve
Middle AgEd all“ 0” M 9" eran knows
exactly what ails you and will give you advice
and treatment worth thousands in gold.
He will restore you to full enjoyment of natures
rarest gift to man.
”Fifi: ‘,. , ~aaéj age»-
, ‘3: vi” ‘3
a a: r,»
_ . ,r.‘ -. ~. é:
a: r: ' W @lle
A .‘ V; w I“ J“?! .'
F" fig '2, ‘l'" A ‘ 'W’l“
‘ ' :' - «NJ/v» a ‘
Es.—This doctor has devoted twenty ‘
ye'arfialspecial treatment of women. He thor- 1
oughly understands your ailments. He will tell
you exactly how you feel without saunas. ques
tion. Call at once and see for yourself. A cure
GATARHH head, throat lung. heart, stomach,
,liver and kidney diseases instantly
relieved and permanently cured by latest New
York Hospltal Methods.
RUPTURE~PIIes, fistula, varicole, hydrocele
and all swellings and tenderness
quickly cured.
Send 10 cents in stamps for Medical Guide.
Hours, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Direct all mail to 780
Pacific: avenue. Tacoma. Wash.
Now ready for business in their new and elegant quarters,
with the largest stock in their line.
Chllberg Block, Mam Street,olympla.
* Springer & White
_ Hadd—W /f’/ a“ |l~ I
"" warez—am VW "J fiT—’
2.: ‘ 24???” “‘57:: _;=; :W” sf LZLJ
Corner of Third and Jefferson Street, Olympia,
Coal Coal
The Best, Cheapest and Cleanest Fuel.
Dealers in all kinds of fuel. Orders leit at R. FROST’S store will receive prompt attention.
~ A» T
F 211111 a Dem erV. W agons
Carriages, Buggies, Road Carts, Plows, Etc.
Agricultural Implements of Every Description.
Book : and : Job: Printing: Specialties. .
Northeast U In: of Fourth and Adams Street, Olympia, Washington
«sMARR & ROSSfia
Dealers in drugs(,) hlgieéilic‘iigfié afar; It‘gilleélza 30%62551323‘: and perfumery.
Olympia ~ ~ . Washington
U ndertakers and Funeral Dlrectprs
West spun Strum—lt. TEL- NO—7- ‘
’ The Thurston County Land CO.
-—————————-—DEALERS IN——-————-:
Rooms 13 and 14, Woodruff Bloék, Olympia.
ALFRED THOMPSON, President. EDGAR M. MUMF'ORD, Sec-retary.
The Most Complete Set of Abstracts in the County. Posted to Date
Every Day. (Incorporated)
Real Estate Mortgage Loans made.
In Reed Block, Olympia. M. E. MUMFORD, Manager.
Dressed Beef, M utton, Veal, Pork,
Telephone No. 10. Office and Salesroom, 622 Fourth st.
w '
a W
Speaal Offenngs
. IN .
%DPGSS 9K GoodS§ '
We will have a lot of special bargains in our Dress
Goods Department on sale on those days, which can
not be duplicated again at any other time for the
same prices. In order to give all an opportunity.
only one Dress Pattern of all “specials” will be sold
to each lady.
Sale begins at 10 am. sharp each day.
P. S.——All specials will be sold for cash only.
o——————THE—-—- -- ~ 0
Has constantly on hand the Largest and most Complete Line
of Furniture, which he will sell at prices that defy
competition. The same discounts given to ,
small dealers as they get in Port—
land and Tacoma.
Corner of Main and Third Street
Mew Hire and live to dye. ' :fliflnore we dye tlibeitflejivi.
207 Main St, opposite Young‘s Hotel.
Ladies! and Gents’
Clothing Cleaned,
Dyed and Repaired."
Curtains and Blankets_o___ WWW

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