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‘ ' ' Y i ‘ ' > V I
marksman evens EVENING EXCEPT susmv.
OFFICE: 509 and 511 Main street.
00 y for changes of advertisements must be in
not hitter than 9 o’clock a. in. Those received af
ter that hour will be changedthe following day.
Oneyear. byma11........................... $7 00
Sixmonths, bymai1........................ 350
Threcmonths, by mail 2 ()0
Delivered by carrier, per week. 25
Delivered by carrier, ~per month ...... ... .. 1 00
Single c0pie5................................
Oneyear, bymai1........................... 150
Sixmonths,by mail 1 00
'l‘hreemonths by mai1......... 50
Invariably in advance.
lOlymph, Wash.
J. MILLSPAUGH, Business Manager.
~ .‘ . .
Lanna! of Stateof Washington.
Population 8500.
Tmt TRIBUNE stated yesterday that it
did not think the error made by the city
attorney or city clerk in not having tickets
at the late elections printed according to
the amended law, would set aside the will l
of the people expressed at the ballot box. 1
City Attorney Fitch, whose duty it should
have been to see that the tickets were
printed according to law, says ,‘There’s no
substantial error.” But is uncertain and
there might be a “substantial error."
Mayor Horr takes the right view of it. He
“If there is any doubt about the validity
of the election I shall resign, the resigna
tion to take effect on January 12, and I
shall advise the councilmen who were not
re—elected to do the same. My recommen
dation to the council will be to choose in
our places those who have been elected by
the people. The people have had a fair
and honest election, and I would think
very little ofa man who would hold his of
lice on a technicality. As I have said, we
can appoint the men who have been en
dorsed by the people, and then they will
hold by two titles.”
This plan would legalize the new city
council in case a contest was made relative
to the ballots and the election set aside.
The old council would hold over, and the
present mayor and certain councilmen. in
selecting their successors, would make the
old become the new, just as the people in
tended il: the other day at the polls.
—_ '
While much discussion is centering on
the city government, the fire department
must not be overlooked. The firemen
should be encouraged to prolicrency by re
ceiving recognition both from the city
council and the people. How many fires
are checked by a few citizens who volun
teer to protect the property of the public
and who are compelled to use personal
funds for necessaries which should be fur
nished out of the public treasury. The
firemen need rubber suits; they need
better lire apparatus, better accommoda
tions and sleeping apartments at the head
quarters for such as are without homes, so
that they can be on hand the instant ah
alarm is sounded.
In short, they should be compensated
for thelr services. Where possible, let
those whose property is saved bear a por
tion of the expense. The firemen not only
suffered great hardship on the cold, rainy
night when the steamer Eastern Oregon
burned, but many of them were at a per
sonal loss in the destruction of their gar
ments. The Oregon Improvement Com
pany ought to have courtesy enough to do
something for the firemen. and the city is
expected to do its share. ’
THE Seattle Telegraph of Monday has a
criticism of Hon. Eugene T.Wilson securing
two large eagles for the Minneapolis conven—
tion credited to this paper, which did not
appear in ourcolumns. What the TRIBUNE
said about them was in a credited article
from the Ellensburgh Capital.
dotte, Kan., has organized a band of Ad
ventists who have fixed next Christmas
day as the end of the world. She has about
800 followers already.
If Pefl'erand Jerry Simpson belong to her
crowd let us pray that the date fixed, may
not be extended, so far as the band is
concerned. .
STORE keepers of Olympia who wish to
reach the country customers should ad
vertise in the WEEKLY TRIBUNE. which has
alarger circulation in Thurston county
than all the newspapers in the county
combined. ‘
THE city of Snohomish and the town of
Everett, twelve miles below, report a large
influx of settlers from Seattle and other
points on the Sound.
WONDERS will never cease. Carter Har
rison, editor and proprietor of the Chicago
Times and erstwhile mayor of that wicked
city by grace of “a gang,” is now de
nouncing gambling.
ONE of them Secretary
Tracy, says: “There are outrages which
cannot go unredressed; there are injuries
to which no-nation can afford to submit.”
That sounds like war.
WHEN King county school directors want
a skookuin teacher "just to straighten out
the big boys,” they send to Olympia.
“ '
Mr. Wolfred has completed his new
house, and moved in last week.
Mrs. Lillie Sheldon, our local poet of
merit, is quite sick with typhoid pneu
monia. ‘
Our energetic teacher, Miss Josie L.
Coombs, is preparing to have a. Christmas
tree for her pupils.
Saturdav night’s storm blew down con
siderable fence in this vicinity. In some
pieces even the picket fences were laid
The Tacoma parties owning a fort -acre
tract southwest of the ranch of C. Wy Gid
dings, were :in this Vicinity, looking over
their purchase relative 'to finding agood
building spot. .
Mr. J. W, Grifeth, lately from Bloonfing
ton, Illinois, has leased a forty-acre tract
of land of Lorenz Kmtz, lying on the west
side of the I’. T. S. line, and will proceed
to start a nursery. We understand Mr.
Grifeth has had years of experience in this
business, having worked for a number of
years in the nursery at his former home.
~Bucoda Enterprise.
He Sold a Book.
[Scene—Office of well-known dentist, lately
Enter book agent.
“I am a book agent. I have the greatest,
finest and best sets of————-
W. K D.—Hurry up. What have you
got? -
Book Agent (sizing him mpg—A fine
edition of Hammond’s Marriage ‘uide.
W. K. D.—Put me down for dozen.
Exxt book agent. whistling ~‘Down Went
How a Civil Engineer Was
T reated‘vby our City Council.
The Sewer Plans Bought for Fif
teen Hundred Dollars said
to be Worthless.
CHICAGO, Dec. 10, 1891.
25 | Editor Tribune:
I notice in THE TRIBUNE of December
sth, a letter from Mr. Whitham relating to
the sewer plans recently drepared for your
city by Mr. Camp, and I desire to make a
statement of my experience With the pres
sent city council with regard to plans for
their proposed sewerage.
Last year, while I was in your city en
‘ gaged by the Olympia Water Works Com
; pany as their engineer, I was requested by
‘ the committee of the council, having the
matter in charge, to make them a proposi
tion for plans for sewers; the committee
was composed of Messrs. O’Brien, Murphy,
and one other whom I can not at this mo‘
ment name. I had given the matter con
siderable study, in connection with the
water works, and made them a proposition
to prepare complete plans and specifica
tions and present a report} on the subject
for the sum of $700; this proposition was
reported favorably to the council, and
August 6, 1890 the proposition was acw
cepted by the council. One provision of
my proposition was that the city ‘
should supply me with certain data. I
was to have the plans completed in time
for the beginning of work in the spring.
I left Olympia in the latter part of August,
and the committee promised to send me
the data necessary immediately but they
failed to do so until early in becember.
Upon the receipt of the information de
sired, I immediately began preparation of
the plans, and had them substantially
completed when, replying to my request
for certain additional facts, which had
been omitted in their previous communi
cation, the council notified me through
their attorney, “that according toa pro
vision of the charter in force at'the time of
my proposition, the city was not bound by
any contract unless the same was author
ized by ordinance and signed by the clerk
or other person in behal of the city, duly
authorized; that I consequently had no
contract with the city, and the present
city council did not deem‘it advisable nor
eigaedient to make one at that time, con
si ering the stringency of the times.” The
above is a quotation from a letter from the
city attorney, under date of February 4th,
1891;, ~
When I received this letter I had put
two months labor on the plans, and ad
them nearly completed, and immediately
wrote to the members of the committee, to
whom the proposition had been made, and
also to the members of the .council, calling
their attention to the injustice of the pro
ceeding and asking for a reconsideration of
their conclusions. In writing to them, to
prevent any possible impression that 1
might have as ed more than the work was
worth. I called their attention to the fact
that the cities of Victoria and Vancouver
had uite recently paid Mr. Herring, of
Nequork, $1,500 for- similar work. I not
only did not succeed in securing the in—
structions to complete this work, but not
one member of the council had the cour—
tesy to reply to my letter in any way. I
notice by the paper that Mr. Murphy, who
was one of the committee which requested
a proposition from me and who voted for
its acceptance, is now the chairman of the
committee which has paid Mr. Camp $1,500
for lans.
I llave not troubled the public with my
‘ experience with your council before, but in
connection with the recent letter of Mr.
Whitham it has seemed to me that In ex
perience might prove interesting. I liave
never heard any doubt expressed as to my
ability to hand e the sewerage matter in
telligently, and think your people are
probably tpretty well satisfied from results
‘ achieve or your Wuter‘Works Company,
, that as a hydraulic engineer I know some
thing about mv business. I have not had
the pleasure of seeing the plans presented
by Mr. Camp for the work. but I lave read
extracts from his report published in our
aper, and also those given in Mr. “)7’hit—
Ham’s letter, and should deem it a
most unfortunate thing if the city put in
such a reservoir a Mr. Camp contemplates.
The report on the sewerage system of
San Diego. from which extracts are given
in your paper, is signed by one of the fore
most hydraulic engineers of the Pacific
Coast, Mr. James D. Schuyler. Such a
reservoir is radically wrong in principle
and something which is bound to be offen
sive and an expensive public nuisance.
While I am not in the habit of criticising
the professional work OK others, I am un
fortunate enough to own some real estate
in your city, and thinkl have reason to
object to any such thing being foisted upon
the community, on this ground.
Yours Trnlv,
W. W. Cuarrs.
“In Hot: Siguo Vinces.”
At the portals of the Throne, a knock is
heard from without:
St. Peter (as he slides the chain bolt)-
“Who knocks ?”
“An immaculatei’
St. Peter—“ Your name?”
“T. Slenderson Sloyd.”
St. Peter-“ Your occupation on earth ?”
“Newspaper man.”
St. Peter (looks over ‘back files)—“You
cannot enter here."
”Why not?”
St. Peter—“We want no faked interviews
with angels sent from heaven.”
Portals close slowly as heavenl choir
(ilian’t’s “Thou Art so Near and §let so
All persons indebted to the State Print
ing and Publishing Company will please
come forward and settle by cash or note.
'n3otf STATE PRINTING & Fun. 00.
l The assets of the OLYMPIA HARDWARE
‘COMPANY, a corporation organized under
the laws of the State of Washington, with
its chief place of business at Olympia, are
offered for sale under resolution of the
stockholders of said company, passed Dec.
7, 1891; these assets consisting of Merchan
dise, Bills Receivable, Accounts and other
items, all oi the nominal value of $20,631.-
79 will be sold, as a whole to the relative
highest and best bidder in the interest of
said Olympia. Hardware Company and in
the discretion of the undersigned. The
right to adjourn the sale or to reject'any
and all bids is hereby reserved.
' Bids in writing will be received by the
undersigned Secretary at the Olympia
Hardware Company’s oflice at Olympia,
Wash., until Monday, December 21, 1891,,
12 o’clock, m.; cash bid must be accoma
panied by a certified check for five per cent
of the amount bid, as a security that the
successful bidder will carry out the terms
if accepted, or forfeit the same as a penalty
for any emission to do so; all other checks
to be retnrned to drawers.
The bids to state how many cents on the
dollar is offered, whether in cash or on
time; if on time, deferred payments to
bear 8 per cent interest per annum, paya
ble semi-annually; maxlmum time not to
exceed 36 months; all time payments to
be secured with first-class security. All
information in relation to the lines olfered
for sale, quantity, quality and otherwise at
the office of the Olympia Hardware Com
p Proposals for the purchase of the capital
stock of the Olympia Hardware Company
150 Shares of a par value of SIOO each, Will
also be entertained under the same terms
and conditions as stated heretofore for the
sale of the assets of said company.
The Value of the stock stands on the
books of the company on December 1,
1891, at $107.53 per share. The company
has virtually no liabilitieSyexcept what
can be settled within one hour after notice;
freedom of liabilities will be guaranteed.
Olympia. Wash., December 7, 1891.
dec 19 l
OLYMPIAr WASHLNU'I'UJNE Lunasuax. unu. 15, 1591.
7 “ I have been a great
Asthma. sufi‘ereg from {Xs3l}-
ma and severe Colds
every Winter, and last Fall my
friends as well as myself thought
because of my feeble condition, and
great distress from constant cough
ing, and inability to raise any of the
accumulated matter from my lungs,
that my time was Close at hand.
When nearly worn out for want of
sleep and rest, a friend recommend
ed me to try thy valuable medicine,
' 'Boschee’s Ge rman
Gentle. Syrup. I am con
' fideut it saved my
R°f’°3h‘"g life. Almost thefirst
Sleep, dose gave me great
relief anda gentle re
freshing sleep, such asl had not had
for weeks. My cough began immedl
ately to loosen and pass avsfay, and
I found myself rapidly gaining 111
health and weight. I ‘am pleased
to inform thee—unsohclted—that I
am in excellent health and do cer
tainly attribute it to thy Boschee’s ,
German Syrup. C. B. STXCKNEY, ‘
Picton. Ontario.” ®
‘1 EO. 8. ARMSTRONG, M. 1)., L. R. C. S.,
(J (Edin. Oflice Chambers' block, residence,
Olympia Hotel, Telephone no. 1.
DR. HAL M. WYMAN, Physician and Sur
geon—Office hours: 10 to 12 a.nl., 1 to 3 and
'7 to 8 p.m. Chilberg block, Olympia. Telephone
No. 23.
DR. E. A. JACKMAN. Oifice and residence,
Hale Block,Fourth st.
DR. GEO. W. INGHAM—Ofl‘ice, Turner Block,
corner Fourth and Main streets.
DR. KINCAID, oifice over Toklas (it Kant»
man’s. Residence, cor J ell‘erson and 18th sts.
Olympia, Wash.
DR. J. F. WATT, oflice, rooms 4 and 0, Chain
bers' block. Residence between Franklin
and Tenth street. Otfice hours, 10 to 12 a. m., 2
to 4 and 7toßp. m. Telephone 62. ,
C P. JENTO, M. D. C. M. Office, Chambers
. Block, Office hours, 10 to .12; 2to 5; 7to
9. Telephone No. 30
A B. WOODARD, dentist. Main street, Cham
. bers' hloeh. ‘
P H. CARLYON, D. D. 8., dental rooms cor
. ner Main and Fiith, opposite Odd Fellows‘
A S. OLIVER, surgeon dentist. Teeth «x
--. tracted without pain. Goldplates,erown
and bridge work a specialty. Office in Stuart’s
corner corner Main and Sixth streets Olympia,
Wash. 7
Room No. 1, - - Chilberg Block.
. Main street, Olympia.
Rooms 2 and 3, - - Turner Block.
Wm. S. Church Dav E. Baily.
Chas. E. Laughton.
Rooms 5 and 6 - - Talcott Block,
Main street, Olympia.
'r. v. EDDY, M. J. GORDON.
J .
Ofllce rooms 2 and 3, Odd Fellows Temple,
Turner Block, corner Main and Fourth st. ‘
I .
Prompt attention given to collections.
Lands rendered and taxes fiaid for non—res
idents. Conveyancing. ents collected.
South side Fourth st., between Main and
Columbia. Choice residence lots for sale.
Proprietor o‘f Thurston county abstract,
the oldest in the state.
OLYMPIA - - - Wasn.
l —-——————————_._.
‘ o
Rooms 14 and 15, - i- - Stuart Block.
Turner Block, Cor. Fourth and ,Main St.
- O
Williams’ Block,
HAVING purchased the en
tire stock of Groceries, Mer
‘ chandise and part of the book
accounts of the firm of Wil
‘ liamson & Hoy, I intend to
do a strictly cash business
in the future;
7 All. parties Whose accounts
were bought by me will be
notified by mail, and an im
mediate settlement Will “be
expected. '
As an inducement to pur
‘ chasers Goods Will be sold
at the lowest possible mar
gin. ,
. "7 fi— 'K
. ~ .
4) YOU WAM \‘l’M
H ‘
O ' . O s
_A_ ...
l V
‘t ' 31 '
ban B ranclsco Newspaper ’y.
And of course you want a good one.
The Weekly Examiner lllis that Want
completely, for it is the best. It gives you
every week not only the news, but the best
literary and miscellaneous matter published
on the American continent—that is its
specialty; being the best. It wants your
subscription—yours particularly—and of- _
fers not only to you, but to every other sub
scriber, one or more attractive premiums.
In the first place it gives to every sub- 1
scriber, one of the four magnificent paint
ings or etchings described be ow, and de
livers it safely at his address, postage paid:
“The Retreat from Moscow.”
by Meissonier. ,
, “The Roman Chariot Race.” “‘33
by A. Wagner.
, Each of these pictures is 21x28 inches, “
‘ and they are elegantly reproduced in fac
simile, showing every tint and color of the '
great originals, either one of which coul
not be purchased for SIOO,OOO.
“Women and Children First") ‘
by C. Napier Hemy.
“Christ Leaving the Praetorium,"
by Gustave Dore.
Each of these pictures is reproduced in
photogravure, size 21x28. and eminently
fitted for framing, and will adorn the Walls
of the most refined house.
Each subscriber has the choice of any
one of these four pictures, which will be
mailed him in a tube direct from the Ex
aminer oflice, as soon as the subscription is ‘
. reeeived. d O
’n the seeon place it will give 5000 pre
.G . miums, valued in the aggregate at about . O
Q $125,000, to its subscribers this year. If . ‘
there are 50,000 subscribers, one in ten will
get one of these premiums; if there are
SIOO,OOO only one in twenty. But no mat
ter how many there are, each and every .
one of these premiums—which range 111 . q;
value from 50 cents to s6ooo—will be given
absolutely without cost to some of those
who have paid $1.50 for the WEEKLY '
EXAMINER for one year.
The Examiner is thoroughly responsible,
as you know, or as Wells, Fargo & Co. or ..s‘
any bank or commercial agency in' Sen ’l‘
Francisco will assure you. and the leading
men of the city will see that its premiums
are distribute exactly as agree and that
every subscriber no matter where he is lot
fated, will receive just what is assigned to
Of course you want your home paper also,
and you can just as well as not save a little
money by takina the EXAMINER with it.
' The price of the WEEKLY EXAMINER
is $1.50 per year, including the premium
picture and your share of the $125000 list
of premiums, which are fully described in
, the twelve page Premium Supplement,
which will be sent free upon application to
W. R. HEA asr,
Publisher, San Francisco, Cal. -
the combined price of which is $3, will be
sent you for one year, postage paid, for
$2.50. Send the money to the TRIBUNE and a
your subscription wi 1 be promptly for- _
warded to the Examiner, and you will re
ceive therefor the "Examincr‘s numbered _
, receipt. You can get a Premium Supple
ment by applying at the TRIBUNE oflice. . ‘1
O 0
F? F?
‘.1.. OLYMPIA. Q
’ i
.\\.\\,\\\\X \\\\.\\,\\2\\\\\x.\.\\\\\\\\\>\\\\\\\\\\\\ ~\\ \\\\\\\\ a... -
/- . ~ .25; ‘'-~ .; :29: s. - a» "5;
/: {:5 = A -‘ , A :,;.;
1 1' , ~,_ " _ .: 3.7
é: ,g g ‘ “('l3 I" L: :‘1 , , I»
////\ \ \ \‘R\\\\RN\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\R\\\\\\\\\\‘\R\\\\“"<‘\‘\¥i\<\‘\li\€xli~\\”‘s\i\\\\
for Infants and Children.
“cast Irlaisso well adaptedtochildren that Castoria mes Colic, Constipation,
Irecommend itas superiortoanyprescription E 21111; S‘g’mh Dmrrhloaa. Em‘cjtation, t dl
known to me.” H. A. ARCHER, M. D., estfigns, gives 5 cap, an promo es .
111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Witgout injurious medication.
" The use of ‘Castoria. ‘ is so universal and " For several years I have recommended
its merits so well known that it seems a work your ‘ Castoria,_’ and shall always coutinueto
of superero ation toendorse it. Few are the do so as it has invariably produced beneficral
intelligent families who do not keep Castoria results.“ ‘
within easy reach.“ MA D D Euwm F. Flinn“. M. D., ‘
omm“ §m§o;k day. “The Winthrop,“ 125th Street and m; Ave.,
Late Pastor Bloomingdale Reformed Church. New York City.
Tm: Cannon COMPANY, 77 Mummy Bmm, New Yank. ‘5
'l‘he Thur to Co 1 t L d C
s n u 1 y an o.
———-—~DEALERS IN—— ~—-—~ '
. rj
‘ Rooms 13 and 14, W oodruff Block, Olympia. .
1 _—-——=—————__—____—__. m
Tacoma - - - - - Washington.
Muelo and. Instruments.
‘ V‘V’v :1... is! ‘
Standard and Popular Sheet Music. Latest Songs and Piano Music. All Kinds of
Instruments, Strings andgFittings.

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