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. ' I
For the Veterans at the Soldiers '
Home at Ortmg.
What. the Ladies of the Capital
City Have none 101' the Corn
forl. of the Old Soldiers.
Geo. H. Thomas Woman’s Relief Corps
No. 34 of the Grand Army of the Republic
of this city met at Odd Fellows’ temple this
afternoon and received the report of the
committee to solicit subscriptions to fur
nish “the Olympia room” at the Soldier’s
Home at Orting. Mesdames Barton,
Cowles and Kaufman were the committee.
The former returned from Ortinglast even
ing, having completed all arrangements for
furnishing the room, which is pleasantly
located on the third floor. The commitee
met with entire success and “the Olympia
room” will be far more cosy and comfort
able than any room in the house at pres
ent. Among the many fine articles con
tributed for the ease and comfort of the old
veterans occupying this room was a large
dressed fur rug containing sixteen large
coon skins, the gift of Mrs. McMicken.
The coons were all ”brought down” by the
general in his hunting expeditions.
Twenty—eight dollars and the following
named artlo es were contributed: Pair of
portieres, two rocking chairs, two large fur
rugs, two carpet rugs, eight pictures, in
cluding two finely framed battle scenes of
the war, Bibles, about sixty books, papers, 3
stationery, bureau scarf, hanging lamp, 1
head rest, silk curtains for door, drapery
for wmdows, matting for floor, table scar ,
cushions tor chairs, toilet set, table, etc.
The contributors were Mesdames. Kauf
man, Adams, Cowles, Skillman, Gowey,
Reyelon, O’Brien. Turner, Hutchinson,
Elliott, Forbes. Harris, Laughton, Mc-
Micken, Burntrager, Ferry, McKenny,
Fitch, McNair, Roberts, Tweed, Deming,
(files, Van Eaton, Barton. Hartman. Craw- ,
tord, Hiltz, Lamont, Savidge, Rogers,
Stevens, Dobbins, Bowen, Smith, (F. M.)
Chambers and Messers. McMicken, O’Con
nor, Barton, Roberts, Riley, Sabin and Mc-
The state government furnishes the beds,
bedding, chairs and bureaus. The room is
15x10 with an alcove and two of the forty
six veterans of the home will occupy it.
The ladies of Relief Corps of Tacoma,
Dayton, Goldendale, Seattle and other
towns, have furnished rooms at the home
and the ladies of Reno Relief Corps of the
city of Spokane, have agreed to furnish
one of the cottages if it is called Reno Cot«
tage. Commandant S. F. Street and his
pleasant wife who is the matron, are doing
all that is possible to smooth the pathway
of the veterans. There are four “cottages
besides the main building, and at the rate
the soldiers are taking advantage of the
home, there will probably be a hundred
guests a year hence.
Books and booklets for Christmas at
A lilllllon Friends.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, and
not less than one million people have found
just such a friend in Dr. King’s New Dis
covery for Consumption, Coughs and Cold.
If you have never used this reat Cough
Medicine one trial will convince you that
it has wonderful curative power in all dis
eases of Throat, Chest and Lungs. Each
bottle is guaranteed to do all that is claimed
or money will be refun‘ded. Trial bottle ,
free at the Acme Drug Store, Marr & Ross,
Equal Suffrage.
The Washington Equal Suffrage Asso
ciation Thursday elected Mrs. A. H. H.
Stuart, Olympia; Mrs. Chapman Katte, Se
attle, and Mrs. Mabel Saxon, of Whatcom,
to the national convention, whiCh meets in
Washington, D. C., on January 17. Ef
forts will be made to secure the services of
Colonel Robert Ingersoll to represent the
association in the case now be 'ore the su
preme court, which was appealed from the
territorial supreme court.
Bucklin’s Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chopped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to %ive perfect satisfaction,
or money refunde . Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Acme drug store, Marr & Ross,
See? those pretty little ink stands at
Ho for Christmas.
Times are heard and money scarce, so it
stands every one in hand to buy things
that are useful as well as ornamental for
Christmas presents. Robert Frost has the
finest line of table cutlery direct from the
factory. Carvers of , all grades. Rogers‘
best silver plated forks, spoons, fruit sets,
orange knives, nut cracks and picks, etc.
Call and examine. Prices as low as a good
article can be sold for. j 1
Location of Our Congressman.
John L. Wilson, our congressman, is com—
fortably located in Washington City at No.
18 Grant Place. Senator John B. Allen has
taken a house on B street northeast near the
capital. Senator Squire has a suite of apart~
ments at the Arlington hotel near the
White House, the most expensive hotel at
the National capital.
Is hereby given that the undersigned has
presented a petition to the common coun
cil ofthe city of Olympia, asking permis
sion to erect a warehouse on piling, front
ing on Seventh between Main and Colum
biu streets. J. A. SILsBY.
' For Sale at a Bargain.
A Mulay sawmill of latest improvement,
with engine and steel boiler 15 to 20 horse
power, all complete and nearly new. Mill
capacity 4to 5 thousand feet. Apply to J. >
C. Percival, Union Dock, Olympia or to J
M. Swan. n3tt
Watch Guards.
One of the nicest holiday presents from a
lady to a gentleman friend or relative is a
beautiful watch guard made from her own ‘
hair. Mrs. W. R. Lotz makes them. Sam- ‘
£lB5 at Rose & Godard’s jewelry store. .‘
eave orders at TRIBUNE ofl‘ice. - ‘
Great Bargains
In all grades of underwear. Prices have ,
been greatly reduced in these goods and it i
will pay you to examine our stock before 1
buying. ‘ . ,
(115-121; Brown- & Fannrss. ,
V —————~__ ‘
« ‘ Agents Wanted
For the Church News. Big money to
right people. Apply at 116 Third street.
_ . dls-tf. (
GEO. H. THOMAS Pos'r No. 5, G. A. Ree
Odd Fellows’ Temple. - ._
OLYMPIA LODGE No. 1, F. &. A. M.~Ma
sonic hall.
TACOMA Lopes No. 4. I. O. G. T. Tacoma
The Didescalion Society Will not meet at
the-Collegiate Institute tonight: The meet
in shave been suspended until after the
Years of experience in the watch factor.
ies has made us skillful in watch repair
ing. Rose & Godard.
Harmony Lodge No. 18, .F' and A. M. .
will hold a special communication tomor—
row evening for work in the third degree.
Watches and jewelry are sold at the
lowest price at Neufl‘er, the jeweler, 522
Main street, near Sixth, as he is selling out
his stock. dls-5t
The greatest assortment of souvenier
spoons is always to be found at Rose a
Godard’s. dl7-2t.
Fine laundry work done at the VVashing—
ton Laundry, 217 Third street. Mending
free of charge. , tf dec 16.
If you wanti-he genuine Rogers Bro's.‘
knives forks, spoons etc., go to Rose &
Godard’s. The also carry the Wm. Rogers
goods which cost much ess. dl7-2t.
If you want a first—class lunch or dinner,
go to the Argo, 222 Fourth street.
d9tf Heath & Sturtevant.
Adjutant General O'Brien yesterdaiy re
ceived word that General Curry an _ 001.
Pike could not possibly reach Olympm be
fore Sunday. in consequence of which, no
, meeting of the military board occurred to
. day. ‘
- Souvenir spoons in every design are go
. ing like hot cakes at Simenson’s. d7tf
' Simenson will etch or engrave your
. souvenir spoons free of charge while you
. wait. d7tf
' $3.00 all-wool undershirts and drawers,
. $2.40, Bettman’s discount sale. (115-2 w
, See Arthur Ellis' advertisement and se
‘ lect useful Xmas presents. 18-‘Zt ,
, The first of a series of dances was given
- at Tacoma hall last evening, about thirty
, couples being in attendance. Excellent
, music was rendered by Messrs. N. C.Davis.
- W. G. Johson and Prof. Campbell.
, Watches, diamonds and jewelry, clocks,
l spectacles and silverware at Talcott {33s.
. a _
’ Have you seen those nobby overcoats
Brown & Ferriss are selling at 20 per cent.
off? They are great bargains. dls-2w
Are youfgoing to get a new suit before
Xmas I so you ought to see the goods
Brown & Ferriss are selling at bed rock
prices. dls—2w
Every article in stock is marked in plain
figures and the 20 per cent. discount is
given from those prices. Bettman, the
clothier. dls-2w
Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired at
Simenson’s, 315 Main street. al-tf
Haviland china and cut glassware at
O'Connor’s. dls-tf.
New Home and Domestic‘ sewing ma
chines at Talcott Bros. al-tf
Lap tablets purses shoppin ha s card
cases for ladiés and gentlemen in aFI étyles
at O’Connor’s. dls-tf.
Art books, pictures, pastels, placques and
fine mirrors at O’Connor’s. dls—tf.
Bibles, prayer books and hymuals and
Catholic prayer books at O’Connor’s.
' dls~tf.
The steamer The Doctor leaves Ollympia
at 8 mm. daily for Shelton and amil
chie and returns the same day at 5 p.m. tf
, Fred LCarlyon, the jeweler. is receiving
a city warrants. d16.5t
' You can purchase jewelry and Christ
- mas gifts, at Carlyon’s for city warrants.
‘. d16.5t.
J. L. Brown has the finest line of razors,
, strops, and smokers? articles, in the city.
I Pipes, cigars and Christmas gifts of the
_ finest quality, at the lowest prices. dl6ti '
Juvenile books at Starr’s.
: Mrs. John F. Gowey is visiting friends
I in Portland.
Hon. Edward Eldredge, of Whatcom left
_ for home today.
‘ Geo. B. Kellogg, of Grand Rapids, Mich
igan, is at the Olympia.
Major James R. Hayden, of Seattle, is
l visiting his daughter in Walla Walla, Mrs.
[ W. M. Clark.
. Miss Bertha Denton arrived at the Olvm
pia last evening and returned to Tacoma
I this morning.
», State Treasurer Lindsley was the guest
. on Wednesday at dinner of Principal Ly
. ons of St. Mary’s academy, Spokane. The
l gentlemen are old friend who had not met
~ before for years.
. F. T. Blattner, Govnor Teats and D. F.
Murray. of Tacoma, Austin E. Griffith, i
Col. Wm. Peel and wife, of Montesanow
Lou Edwards and wife, Shelton and W. D.
- Hatch, of New York, are at the Olympia,
_ Bogus Silverware.
The peddlers who have been disposing
of a cheap grade of plated ware, from
house to house, were arrested yesterday.
One lady. who had purchased a set of forks
for solid silver, paying $6, took them to
the store of Talcott Brothers and learned
to her dismay that they were brass. The
peddler told a pitiful tale in order to sheet
a sale. The police compelled him to re
turn the money whereon he had made a
sale, and -the culprit left the city this
morning. -
Showing Up a Bully.
Colonel John Cockerill in the New York
Advertiser does up in vigorous style, in
“his paper, Arthur F. Bowers, city editor of
the New York Tribune, better known to
the profession as Bully Bowers.” In clos
ing his remarks Colonel Cockerill tells the
fol owing truths about the Bully: "A
blackguard by nature, a coward by in
stinct, and destitute as he is of every man
ly attribute, the contempt of the journal
istic profession can have no terrors for
him. His name should be blacklisted in
every press organization from the Atlantic
to the Pacific, to the end that men who
seek to be employed in the New York
Tribune office Will know:what debasement
is in store for them_when they are brought
in contact with this petty tyrant and un
manly creature.”
The Men Women Want.
Bab, in New York Press: What we want
is a man who appreciates the extreme value
of water and of soap, of flannel wash
clothes and of big towels.
A man who wears his clothes as if they
grew on him and has them made of good
material that are quiet in tone.
A man who makes his scarf subservient
to his brains, and who doesen’t wear either
pale blue or scarlet hybrids at his throat.
A man whose shirt is as immaculate as
his honor.
A man whose shoes shine as brightly as
his eyes.
Cupid in the West.
Chicago Tribune: Young Mr. Lariat (of
Arizona)—l ain’t a-going to stand no more
nonsense, Lil. You've got to choose be
tween us. Is it Jake Roundup or is it me ?
Miss Kacktus (surrendering gracefully)
——lt’s you, Gabe. I see you’ve got the drop
on me ? .
p “M
Unitarian (miners.
A meeting of the Unitarian Society was
held at the residence of Joseph Chilberg
last night and elected the following trus
tees: T. C. Van Enps, George M. Savage,
Joseph Chilberg, George H. Funk, Miss
Janet Moore, N. S. Porter and Mrs. P. C.
Hale. The Unitarian Society of Olympia
is in a flourishing condition.
1 An Amateur League.
Ameeting has been called for January ,
31, 1892, at Tacoma, at which will be rep
resented basebal! clubs from Olympia, Se
attle, Tacoma, Chehalis, Centralia, Puy—
allup and Snohomish, the object being the
formation of an amateur league.
Only $3.00 1
For a solid, dressy calf shoe at
dls-2w ‘ BROWN & Funnies.
M. ' ‘ ' ,7 37., , .
, METEoROLoGwAL nEPon'l‘.
~ ' OLTMPIA, Wash., Dec. 18, 1891.
Eass:s ~§ .
Place of ° '1 £5 "‘ BE“ 2E, State of
Observation. ,5: g ...: g...< 3‘3. weather.
a s E 0 c ‘7‘; P ’ '
:1 - '‘3 -" “’..: '5
Ol'ympia...... so 0836 s Li ht .02 Raining
Portland 30.18 32 Cm Claim .02 Foggy
Walla Walla... 30.26 84 SE Light 18 Cloud less
Spokane...... 30.30 30 SE Light 00 Foggg
Baker City.. .. 30.3014 BE 6 .00 Glen less
Roseburg..... 30.24 34E Light .00 Foggg
Eureka. 30.24388 W Light .00010 u less
A5t0ria........ ..
Red Bluff: .. .. 30.28 34 W 6 .00 Foggy
Sacramento... 30.24 36 SE Light .00 Cloudless
San Francisco 30.26 46 SE Light .00 Pt Cloudy
‘ OLYMPIA, Dec. 17. 1891.
The maximum temperature today was
42 degrees and the minimum 36. Maxrmum
speed of wind, 15 miles per hour,- from
southwest. Amount of .rainlall, .45 Inches
(for twenty-four hours ending at 3 p. m.
Amount of rainfall Since July 1, 1891.
28.32 inches; average (for. several years)
since July 1, 1891, 20.79 Inches; excess
since July 1, 1891, 7.53 Inches. Rainy
weather for Saturday.
E. B. OLNEY, Observer.
I - ‘.Waa L
ill | - i ‘5;
ii: [email protected] i Ii
Wm wutiflnt .
‘ C PD 111516
. B ikl: 215‘? a
Absolutely Pure. ‘
America of tartar baking po‘wder. High
est of all leavening strength.——Latest U. S
Government Food Report.
APOSITION as bookkeeper or salesman. Can
give a No. 1 reference. Address box 2.
FURNISHEDeA neat cottage, cheap. Inquire
‘ at this office. d 4 tf
‘ A NICELY furnished and pleasantly located
room for rent. Apply at Olympia. News
, 00., Fourth st. n2B-tf
ROOMS ~—gentlemen. , Corner of Main and
.Eighth streets. Reference required. n‘o’ti
' FOUR unfurnished rooms, corner Union and
Jefferson sts. a29tf_
' FURNISHED apartments on Adams street, be
tween Sixth and Seventh st. Mrs. Follans
bee. a6tf
. AN ei ht room house on Main street near
Eiggliteenth. Newly gapered and gaintcd
and in thorough repair. pply at this 0! cc.
-F‘OOT cord wood 'for sale at Pipe Factory at
4 $1.50 per CElsEE§.l_l’__ dl-tt
OLD pafis at THE TRIBUNE 25: cents per
TR .
.' » ...—o.“.
Tacoma and Portland Passenger. ‘
Leave5P0rt1and.........................10:Li5 a.m
Arrive from Portland via Gate City... .. 4:115 p.m
Leave: for Tacoma and Scuttle. . . . .. . . . .4:50 p.m .
Leaves ’l‘acomafor Olympia... . . .. . ~...11:10 p.m
Arrive from Tac0ma.........,....... .. ..12:05a.m
' Leaves for Portland via Gate City. ... .. 1:00 a.m
Arrive atPortland. 700 a.m
Leave Tacoma. 8:10 a.m Lv Montesano..2:4s p.m
Lv Olympia... 9:32 a.mihv Olympia. .. 3:50 p.m
Ar Montesano. 11:25 am Ar Tacoma... ~0:00 p.m
Lv Chehalis. .. 7:00 am Lv Tacoma.... .3335 p.m
Lv Olympia. . . 3:37 a.miLv Olympia . . . .5:20 p.m
Ar Tacoma. . . .10:00 a.m Ar Chehalis. , . .7:00 p.m
Port Townsend Southern.
Leave........... ...01ympia........... 9:40 a.m
Arrive...............Teuin0.............10;30 a.ln
Arrive...............01ympia............11:50 mm
Leave... ...........01ymp1a.......... 3:sopm
Arrive... ...........Tenin0........... 4:50p.m
Leave.......... .....Tenin0............ 4:05p.m
Arrive5.............01ympia............ 5:55p.m§
On Sunday the morning train leaves at9:4o am.
and remains at Teniuo until 4:osp.m.,arriving in 1
Olympia at 5:55 p.m. The morning train makes i
close connection with the Northern Pacific to
Portland and theAevening train meets the train
from Portland. .
Every day except Sunday the Multnomah ar<
rives from Tacoma at 10:30 a.m. ; returning,
leaves at 1 p.m. for Tacoma and Seattle.
ClaraAßrown leaves Olympia Tuesday, Thurs
dav and Saturday at 9 a.m. for Tacoma and Se
attle. Returning, leaves Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays at 5:30 gvm.
For Shelton, the illie leaves daily except
Sunday at 9:30. a.m. Returning, arrives here at
.3 pin” connecting both ways with the Multno
ma .
For Kamilchje, and Shelton-Doctor leaves
daily at 8 a.m.; returning. arrives ats p.m.
Grays Harbor and Coast points. . . . . . . . . 3:15 a.m
Tacoma (Pouch Directg...... 8:00a.m
Tumwater, Tenino an all points south 0:15 a..m
Eastern states and all points east and
north 4:lspm
All points south, also states east and
south 7:oopm
Z’ickering, Weekly, Saturday. ..... ... . . 8:00 a.m
Kamilche and Shelton, daily except
Sunday 12:C0 p.m
Points in Oregon, southern and north
western and eastern Washington. 4:40 p.m
Northwestern 5tate5............‘........ 9:32 a.m
Grays Harbor and Coast points. 4:40 p.m
Tumwater and Tenin0................. 5:50 p.m
Kamilche and Shelton, daily except
_ Sunday 12:30p.m
Pickering, week1y....................... 11:00 a.m
_ 3
F'l‘stN t' 13 kal '
1 a 1011 aan 0 mm,
At Olympia, in the State of Washington, at the
close of business, Dec. 2, 189! : .
Loans and di5c0unt5.................5201,627 81
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured. 1,482 50
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation..... 25,000 00
Stooks,securit es, claims. etc....... .. 73,169 81
Due from approved reserve agents. 35,154 02
Due from other National banks. .. .. 5,923 02
Due from state banks and bankers. . . 1,302 28
Banking house. furniture and fix
ture5............................... 33,180 46
Other real estate and mortgages;
0wned............................. 500 C?)
Current expenses and taxes paid.... 5,108 87
Premiums on U. S. 80nd5...... 850 00
Checks and other cash item 5......... 1,877 97
Billsof other bank 5........ 37000
Fractional paper currency, nickels
andcent5.......................... 122 30
Specie. 30,803 50
Legal—tender n0te5................... 2,050 00
Redemption fund with U. S. treas
urer (5 per cent. of circulation). . . 1,125 00
Capital stock paidin..................5100,000 00
Surplus fund............ 20,000 (:0
Undivided pr0flt5..................... 12,102 30
National bank notes outstanding.... 22,500 00
Individual deposits subject to check 202,215 27
Demand certificates of deposit...... 45,315 42
Certified check 5........................ 2,589 35
Due to other National 8ank5....... 4,728 00
Due to State Banks and bankers. ... ... 14,216 60
Total ....sisstm—sl
County of Thurston i 3'
I, L. W. Ostrander, Cashier of the above named
bank, do solcmly swear that the above state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. L. W. OSTRANDER, Cashier.
WWW Subscribed and sworn to bc—
-3 NOTARY z fore me this 17 day of Dec. 1801.
M M M ‘Notary Public, i
Residing at Olympia, Wash.
GEO. D. SHANNON, éDiiectors.
Ormém. , Coimx. Mos‘coiv.
V ' -——AT——-
The’Largest and Most Attractive
_ Stock of Jewelry in
I the City.
Springer & White
= " ~4qu “V 4; 4: firm/x
--% wile-re Wli‘l'lffflf‘
Corner of Third and Jefferson. Street, Olympia.
wEThe Reliable Jewelerse
: }_lave just refitted their s‘tore and‘ disposed of all their old stock {ind ogened Wilma
' gfiiitfiéfi‘éf‘fiilNe‘lifgii.’ (Ngcgkiéagfil‘i‘éféfilsegéifiévil”yesiéil‘iin.23‘insiiifimiitil 1873Te’
Lofstad Fur Co.
The Making of Seal Garments aw Specialty.
C. LOFSTAD, Agent, 939 C Street, Tacoma, “'ash.'
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
» Especial Attention Given to Embalmlng for Shipment.
7 ' West; Sixth Street.
Dressed Beef, Mutton, Veal, Po rk,
POULTRY, 28230., ETC-
Telephone No. 10. Office and Salesroom, 622 Fourth st.
L A r» PT
F 211 in Dth erV W agons
Carriages, Buggies, Road Carts, Plows, Etc
Agricultural Implements of Every Description.
Book : and : Job : Printing: Specialties. I
Northeast Corner ol‘ Fourth and Adams street, olvmpla, Washington‘
, O- EEARY, l
Silsby.Block, Main Street, Olympia
——_."_"'*~‘ .
, 1 _
o 3 i
‘ _
OUVENIR spoons are decidedly the fad this )ear. I ‘
S have them in many designs, and will etch or en- V
grave them free of charge. - '
NVARIABBY 'a store of any pretension must carry an
I overloaded stock. lam in that boat, and you may
have the benefit of it. if
EXICAN Onyx and Marble Clocks will be dis—mp
?‘1 s posed of at_cost. I have too many of them and.
must sacrifice. , «-
VERY boy ought to have awatch. It is a good way;
E to reward merit, and can be had from a mere
, song up.
OBODY wants to pass Christmas without remem-
N bering a friend. Gifts may be small, but let them
be substantial. f
ILVER—WARE—smaII and large pieces are appre- ‘1»-
S ciated. Napkin rings, fruit knives, nut cracks and
picks and many pretty things. ' %
PPORTUNITY is a great point in life. When you
0 get it, use it. Examine my line of chains. charms,
pins, and pretty things for ladies and gentlemen.
EVER will you be able to purchase so much for so
N little. Simsenson’s motto is: If your purchase
doesn't please you, return it and get your money. .
If you don't take advantage of this, you’ll say .. . . .., Y‘ i
when it is too late.
M _
JUST received the finest line of upholstered Reed ‘1
and Oak rockers and chairs that have ever been
brought to Olympia. They are just the article for a '
Christmas ' Present, being useful as well as orna
mental. Also adjustable music stands, ladies' wash
tables, writing desks, parlor tables, lounges, parlor .
sets, foot stools and haésocks. These articles will
be sold at a close margin till after the holidays.
Remember the place. ' ‘9'
-—'—.——"'" F;
O 1 7
Corner of Main and Third Street
Real Estate, Loan & Insurance Agency ,
ROOMS 15 and 16, WOODRUFF BLOCK. ~.,
REPRESENT thirteen of the strongest companies in the world. Losses promptly
adJusted and paid. "
Any quantity of the finest farming and orchard land in the state, im roved or
unimproved, and in tracts from one acre to five hundred acres. Lots fgr sale in
all parts of the city. Look out for a big rise in real estate in the spring. If you want to
buy anything, BUY NOW.
Fashionable MerchantTal lor
Has all the Latest Styles for the Fall and Winter season. Fit, Style and Workman- I
—————- ship Guaranteed .—-—
522 Main Street. Olyrnpia. Wash.
Dealers in drugséhggziicéggsésiziiréea:gilélé;owzéthgpgsgzs and perfumery. ,
Olympia ~ ~ : ~ Washington '

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