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V m—-.» ~ 7. . ,
Have Something to Say About 1
Plumb's ~ Death. 1
___. J
A oenern'i opinion that He Wiii Be 1
Succeeded by Ex-Senator
Ingalls. ,
The news of the death of Senator, Pres
ton B. Plumb excited considerable com
ment among the former residents of the Sun
Flower state in this city. Mr. Plumb was
elected from Kansas to the United States 1‘
senate in 1876, since which time he has
served continuously. It is probable that .
the Kansas society of this city will hold a 3
meeting and take appropriate action.
General Thomas H. Cavanaugh, who
knew Senator Plumb very well, said that.
he wasof the greatest worth to the state of
, Kansas than any man who ever repre
sented that state in congress. He was
able, industrious and immensely wealthy.
He started as a, poor boy at the printer’s
case. He knew how to make money and
how to hold on to it, and his death will
be a severe loss. Ingalls, I suppose, will
succeed him. as he and Governor Hum
phre s are intimate friends.
,“Ig Providence directs Governor Hum
phreys,” said Dr. Van Eaten, “he will ap
point Ingalls as Plumb’s successor.”
"Preston B. Plumb,” said W. T. Forrest,
“was a man of peculiar ability. Ability
‘ such as could not be analyzed. To look at
him he had the appearance of an everyday
'sort ot a man, an yet he figured with great
wei ht in affairs of state, He was famous
for fiis social qualities, and would stop and
chat on the street with any person, with
out distinction or rank. In this, too, he
appeared to have no political object, for it
was just as natural as talking to an old
friend. He was an immensely wealthy
man. and yet he had such an unpreten
tious way of managing his worldly afihirs
that he was not looked upon as a corpora
tion man, which he really was.”
. “Senator Plumb,” said Attorney J. W.
Crawford, “was commonly called colonel.
He was colonel of the_Eleventh Kansas
Infantrfy, which was lying on the north
banko the Kansas river at the time the
gorilla Quantrill sacked and burned Law
rence, Kss. Colonel Plumb was severely
criticised for not following up and captur
ing Quantrill, as was believed to be possible.
This was one of thc hardest rows he had to
hoe in his first senatorial contest, unless
it was that he voted for Greeley instead of
Grant in 1872- But for all, that Plumb was
. one of the kindest and most sociable man I
ever met, and in this respect is in contra—
distinction to Ingalls, who is stiff and
dignified. Ingalls will undoubtedly suc
ceed him},l
W. T. Cavanaugli said: “If Governor
Humphreys, of Kansas, will take occasion
to appoint liitgalls it will undo in a measure
the election 0 ‘Whiskers’ Pefl'er to the sen
ate by the last legislature. His appointment \
would hold goo until the new legislature 1
met in January, 1893. when he could be‘
elected. The next legislature, which will
be elected in the fall of 1892, will be repub«
lican in both houses.” .
"I saw Senator Plumb but once,” said
Rev. N. Hoagland. “He was a large,
tine looking man.”
‘_‘liig[alls will probably succeed him,”
said r. Ogden, of the State printing of—
fic. “Everybody will be glad to see him
back in the senate.”
It Should be Stopped by a City Ordi
nance as Soon as Possible.
Editor Tribune:
A boy was scattering posters broadcast on
the streets, today. He took them by the
handful and threw them into the air as he
sanntered along the sidewslk. A horse at
tached to a buggy containing a woman and
baby, took flight as the wind dashed a
_cloud of the posters into his face and a ser
ious runaway was miraculously prevented
by the prompt action of a passing laborer.
ASide from causing disaster, there are
many other reasons why this mischievous
practice oi throwing posters, advertising
cards and Envelopes upon the üblic high
ways, should be iorever stopped) by tne city
authorities. Tiey people take a. pride in
15.86ng their sidewsEks sweet as .clsan as
their (1303- éfiép‘éftdfifis ifiijfiéswitlé‘fgftfié
honsemaid’s broom to dislo ge these dirty
sticky posters from the planks durmg the
resent rainy season. The sidewalks on
Blair) and Fourth streets, looked this morn
ing as if they were flecked with patches of
snow, so thickly had the posters been scat
tered. Will the city council deliver us
from this evil? A Housmwrra.
Hair Soup.
The discontened old gentleman who
grumbled at the club waiter because he
"had only two cockroaches in his stew when
another man had five, should go to a cer- ;
tain downtown restaurant, where the pro— ;
prietor is more discriminating in the dis-‘
0531 of his “extras.” But _even so he
does not always §ive satisfaction. A gen
tleman who was unchmg there yesterday
fauud a beautiful blonde ban in his soup
and promptly called the waiter to account
for it.
“Yes, sir: I know, sir. it’s a yeller ’air,”
said the waiter, eyeing it steadily, “but it
ain’t my fault, sir. Our orders is only to
give away brunette ’an's with ‘the oxtail
and moc turtle.” _
A Leader.
Since its first introduction, Electric Bit
ters has gained rapidly in popular favor,
until now it is clearly in the lead among
pure medicinal tonics and alteratives-won
taining nothing which permits its use as a
beverage or intoxicant, it is recognized as
the best and purest medicine for all ail
ments of Stomach, Liver or Kidneys.—-1t
will cure Sick Headache Indigestion, Con
stipation, and drive Malaria from the sys«
tem. Satisfaction guaranteed with each
bottle or the money will be refunded. Price
only 50 cents per bottle. Sold by Acme
drug store, Marr & Ross proprietors.
Ho for Christmas.
Times are heard and money scarce, so it
stands every one in hand to buy things
that are useful as well as ornamental for
Christmas presents. Robert Frost has the
finest line of table cutlery direct from the
factory. Carvers of all grades, Rogers’
best silver plated forks, spoons, fruit sets,
orange knivesz nut cracks and picks, etc.
Call and examine. Prices as low as a good
article can be sold for. ' jl
Closing Out Sale.
The firm of Conachy and Cormier,dealers
in groceries and provisions, will close out
their stock in the next thirty days. Call
and see our stock and get bedrock prices.
CouAcHY & Coamrsn,
dec2ltf 518 Fourth street.
Assignee’s Sale. ‘
‘ The stock of wall (paper of the late firm’
of F. T. Knewing (it o. is for sale,in whole
or in part, at a sacrifice. Afiply to Jno. B.
Reed, assngnee, No. 227 St. elen’s avenue,
Tacoma, Wash. dec2ltf
For Sale at a Bargain.
A Mulay sawmill of latest improvement,
with engine and steel boiler 15 to 20 horse
power, all complete and nearly new. Mill
capacity 4to 5 thousand feet. Apply to J. 2
C. Percival, Union Dock, Olympia or to J
M. Swan. n3tt :
Great Bargains .
In all grades of underwear. Prices have I
been greatly reduced in these goods and it
will pay you to examine our stock before <
braving. 1
15~12t 7 Brown & Frames. 5
M 1
‘ :Agents Wanted
For the Church News. Big money to
right people. Apply at 116 Third street.
dls-tf. J
Only $3.00 , }
For a solid, dressy calf shoe at
did-2w BROWN & Fansrss. l
«Luann BRIEFS.
Fifth and Adams streets.
OLYMPIA LODGE No. 1. I. 0. 0. F.—odd
Fellows’ Temple. .
11.1311:an or COMPANY A, N. G. W.—Skatlng
1n . _ -
OPEN READING Room Y. M. G. .A.—460
Fourth street. ,
Soon will we look in vein, in any spot, ,
For what
Be got 7 .
By dropying dimes or nickels m the slot. ,
Just received by express. a second ship— I
ment of the celebrated Dunlap hats. in
beautiful styles, at Toklas & Kaufman’s.
Years of experience in the watch factor.
ies has made us skillful in watch repair
ing. Rose & Godard.
Smoking iackets, dressing robes, neck~
ties, dress s iirts,collars and cuffs, mufflers.
gloves are our great strongholds in the fur
nishing department this week. Toklas &
Kaufman. .
Watches and jewelflfy are sold at the
lowest price at Neu er, the jeweler, 522
, Main street, near Sixth, as he is selling out
his stock. . dls-5t
A large selection of ladies’ and gentle
men’s randkerchiefs at Toklas & Kauf
Fine laundry work done at the Washing
ton Laundry, 217 Third street. Mending
free of charge. tf dec 16.
Sdpecial holiday inducement. Our SI.OO
an $1.50 neckties reduced this week to 50
cents. Toklas &. Kaufman.
If you want a first-class lunch or dinner,
go to the Argo, 222 Fourth street.
d9tf ,’ Heath & Sturtevant.
Bring an old spoon or knife to Bilger &
Going’s and see the wonderful effect of
their silver polish. > d2ltf
Souvenir spoons in every design are go
ing like hot cakes at Simenson’s. d7tf
Simenson will etch or engrave your
souvenir spoons free of charge while you
wait. d7tf
$3.00 all-wool undershirts and drawers,
$2.40, Bettman’s discount sale. dls—2w
See Arthur Ellis' advertisement and se
lect useful Xmas presents. 18-2 t
Watches, diamonds and jewelry, clocks,
spectacles and silverware at Talcott 113:?s.
. a -
Have you seen those nobby overcoats
Brown & Ferriss are selling at 20 per cent.
off? They are great bargains. dls-2w
Are you going to get a new suit before
Xmas‘ If so you ought to see the goods
Brown &. Ferriss are selling at bed rock
prices. dls-2w
Every article in stock is marked in plain
figures and the 20 per cent. discount is
given from those prices. Bettman, the
clothier. dls-2w
Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired at
Simenson’s. 315 Main street. al-tf
Haviland china and cut glassware at
O’Connor’s. dls-tf.
New Home and Domestic sewing ma
chines at Talcott Bros. al—tf
Lap tablets purses shoppin bags card
cases for ladies and gentlemen in all styles
at O’Connor's. dls-tf.
Bibles, prayer books and hymnals and
Catholic prayer books at O’Connor’s.
Fred {Carlyom the jeweler, is receiving
city warrants. d16.5t
You can purchase jewelry and Christ—
mas gifts, at Carlyon’s for City wargants.
16.5 t.
J. L. Brown has the finest line of razors,
straps, and sxnokers’ articles, in the city.
Pipes, cigars and Christmas gifts of the
finest quality, at the lowest prices. dl6tt
The Argo restaurant, on Fourth street
near Washington, is rapidly becoming pop
ular, and in order to meet the demands of
business will, after this evening, remain
open all night
1 Art books, pictures, pastels,placques and
’ fine mirrors at O’Connor’s. dls-tf.
' The Oakville [Globe says: “And now
1 Olympia sends to Oakville for hay. A.
; Balch shipped a carload this-week. If
_ neighboring towns will send in their or-
I ders for any product that grows in the soil
of Western Washington. Oakville will
; deem it a pleasure to fill all orders with
; neatness and dispatch.
E Pnnsomum'nns.
, _fi
1 Contractor Wellington is in Chicago.
1 C. H. Curtis, of Tacoma. is in town.
; General Cavanaugh will go to Tacoma
, this evening.
| Miss Bessie Lee will spend Christmas at
. her home in Portland.
f Judge Robinson is holding court in Ta
- coma and will return tomorrow.
' Miss Nellie Stapleton, of Olympia. was
visiting with friends last week in Toledo.
Captain C. S. Shorter, one of the wealthi
est ranchers iii the Walla Walla country,
) is in the city. ’
2 Dr. F. E. Webb, of Pullman. left for his
1 home this morning, after a sojourn ofsev
_ eral weeks in the city. »
. Dr. Coreyreceivedintelligence of his sonfs ‘
. illness at Seattle, and left for that city this
, evening to return tomorrow. Mrs. Corey
. has been there several days on a visit to .
. ll'er parents. .
I John McClelland, who has displayed 503
'. much activity in his line as custom’s in-(
specter, has been appointed a United ,
‘ States Deémty Marsha , and was sworn in
. by U. S. ‘onimissioner O’Brien. ‘
’ W. L. Bilger and Clinton Going were ‘
> admitted to the mysteries of Masonry on
Saturday eveninli as members of Harmony ‘
lodge No. 18. l
, Hon. Francis Rotch and Mrs. Rotch, of ,
Bucoda, were in the city, today. Mr. ‘
Rotch says he came to wrestle with the tax i
‘ commissioners. He says he hopes every
thing will be all right for the republican
ticket next fall and thinks it Will be.
Mr. W. H. Clark, of Shelton, spent Sun
day in the city, and as he left this morning
his parting injunction from the steamer’s
deck was, “Tell festive Olympians to re
member the masquerade ball in Shelton
next Friday night. The little city is going
to eclipse all her former elfo'rts.”
Bucklin’s Arnlca Salve. '
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Acme drug store, Marr & Ross,
[hen Baby was sick, we gone her Castorla.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castor-in.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castor-h.
When she had Children, she a :ave them Castor-in.
Millinery at a Sacrifice.
Ladies who are so fortunate as not to
have bought their winter bonnets or milli
nery can find something very stylish and
artistic at_Mrs. Sternberg’s at 305, Fourth
street, which she is selling at a greatly re
duced price. You will see some felts there
for hfty cents which are marvellously
cheap, also some fancy goods left from the ‘
Unitarian fair, suitab e for Xmas presents,
at a small cost. Call and see for yourself.
Remember the place, Mrs. Sternherg’s
305, Fourth street. 1
- Christmas fresents. 5
There is a beantiful display in the win- '
dow of the Pacific Drug Company, with .
Ithesign “Workof the Congre ational Aid -
Society. For sale." Prices reguced to suit f
the times. 3td-d2l
_ m
Watch Guards. 1
One of the nicest holiday presents froma
lady to a gentleman friend or relative is a }
beautiful watch Iguard made from her own q
hair. Mrs.W. . Lotz makes them. Sam- I
files at Rose & Godard’s jewelry store.
eave orders at TRIBUNE office. I
OLYMPIA, Wash” Dec. 21, 1891.
to a I 5:1
2 s 9»? E a“? gs.
Place of 0 H €l9 " an. 951 State of
Observation. £3, E H-g g’:< gs; weather.
a sis seS.I“ E.
5“ ‘ ' '< b '
Olympia. ... .. 29.76 40 W 8 B‘3 Cloud less
A5t0rm........ ..
Portland... 30.16 38 S 6 .30 Cloud less.
Walla. Walla)... 30.02 36 W 8 04 Cloudy
Spokane...... 29.90 30 SW 8 ‘ .34 Cloudy
Baker City.. .. 30.30 22 SE 6 .18 Cloudy
Roseburg..... 30.28 42 S 6 .22 Cloudy
Eureka. 30.34465 E Light .52 Pl: Cloudy
Red Blufi. .. . . 30.28 32 NW Light T Cloud less
Sacramento... 30.24 36 SE Light‘ .00 Cloudy
San Francisco 30.22481 NW e .00 Cloud ens
Snow at Spokane and Baker City. Snow with
rain at Olympia, 1 o’clock p.m to 2:15 p.m., De
cember 2~J.
Friday’s Transient
[Reported by the Capital City Abstract
& Title Insurance Company, Chambers’
J M Lammon et ux to James .
Brewer, lots 7 and 10, blk 4, Pat
tison’s 5ubdiv...................$ 250
J M Lammon .et UK to James
Brewer et a], 7.17 acres in sec 34, _
tp18n,r2w.....................‘ 710
C F Henderson at 111: to J R Chap
. lin et al, lots 1 and 2, blk 22,
W00drufl’5add.............t.... 600
Homer 0 Atwell et ux to G L ,
Sickels, lot 1, blk 10, Olympia. 333
Charles F Brown et ux to Thomas
Kohler, lots 4,5, 6,9, 8,9, 10 and
11, blks 1, 3,4 and 5, Brown’s add
to Tumw0ter.................... 1,000
0 L Bronson et ux to Albert H '
Christopher, 1A of lots 11 and 12,
blk I and lots 13, 14, 27 and 28,
blk 2, Summit Park.... . . .. . . . . .. 300
Robert Frost et ux to Florence H
Garfield, lot 6, block 2, Maple
Parkadditi0n................... _1
L F Henderson et ux to Eliza. L.
Bethel, blocks A and 0, Fair
view additi0n................... 4,000
L F Henderson et ux to H C At
well lot 1, block 10, Olympia. .. . 667
Olympia and G H E Co to Sunset.
Telephone & T Co, telephone
wire, &c 1,200
J D Reagh et ux toP A Hazen,
lots 38, 39 and 40, block 1, .
Reagh’s addition. . .. 325
Konrad Schneider et ux to W J ‘
Frazier, lots 8, 9 and 10, block 2,
Harbor View addition. . . . . . . . . .. 450
Guaranteed Cure.
We authorize our advertised druggists
to sell Dr. King‘s New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, upon this
condition. If you are afflicted with a
Collin, Cold or any Lung, Throat or Chest
trou le, and will use t is remedy as di
rected, giving it a fair trial, and experience
no benefit, you may return the bottle and
have your monev refunded. We could not
make this offer did we not know that Dr.
King’s New Discovery could be relied on.
It never dissapoints. Trial bottle free at
Acme drug store, Marr &. Ross proprietors.
Large size 50 cents and SI.OO.
I y
I u A
’ .0.
I - £11; \Lfigwy
) “,va §WIIIIII3
. I . "‘ II
‘., I I
‘ f :I‘
. : ‘vf
’ 5%. a?“
E‘ Absolutely Pure.
- America of tartar baking powder. High
W est of all leavening strength.——-Latest U. S
l Government Food Report.
APOSITION as bookkeeper or salesman. Can
. ' give a No. 1 reference. Address box 2.
l 1“! URNISHED~A neat cottage, cheap. Inquire
at this oflice. _(ML
t A NICELY furnished and pleasantly located
room for rent. Apply at Olympia News
(10., Fourth st. 1128-“
' ROOMS —gentlemen. Corner of Main and
_ Eighth streets. Reference required. n3tf
l FOUR unfurnished rooms, corner Union and
Jelferson sts. ' a29tf
- FURNISHED apartments on Adams street, he
_ tween Sixth and Seventh st. Mrs. Follans
bee. . a6tf
| SIX room house (new) on corner of Jefferson
and 6th streets. Inquire of C. H. Carpenter,
‘ 521 Main street. d2l-3t.
NICE office rooms in Union Block only $5.
I Lodging rooms $2 to $4. Eighty foot store
I rooms for $25.00 per month. T. C. Van Epps.
. dl9-6t.
. AN ei ht room house on Main street near
Eiéiiteenth. Newly papered and painted
and in t orough repair. Apply at this oflice.
| 11122“
4-FOOT cord wood for sale at Pipe. Factory at
5 $1.50 per @er dl-tf
I OLD papers at THE TRIBUNE 25 . cents pe
. hundred.
i .
' Tacoma and Portland Passenger.
I Leave5P0rt1and.........................10:45 a.m
Arrive from Portland via Gate City.... . 4:45 p.m
Leaves for Tacoma and Seattle. . . . . . . . . .4:50 p.m
. Leaves Tacoma for Olympia. ..... ... . . .11 :10 p.m
I Arrive from Tac0ma............. ..12:55a.m
Leaves for Portland via Gate City. ... . . 1:00 am
Arrive at Portland. 700 a.m
Leave Tacoma. 8:10 a.m Lv Monte‘sano..2:4s p.m
Lv Olympia... 9:32 a.m Lv 01ympia....4:50 p.m
Ar Montesano. 11:25am Ar Tacoma... ~6:00 p.m
Lv Chehalis. . . 7:00 am Lv Tacoma.... .3255 p.m
Lv Olympia... 8:37 a.m Lv Olympia .. . .5:20 p.m
Ar Tacoma... .10100 a.m Ar Chehalis. . . .7:00 p.m
Port Townsend Southern.
Leave........... ...01ympia........... 9:40 a.m
Arrive...... . ...Tenin0.............10;30 am
Arrive...... .........01ympia............11z50a.m
NUMBER rnasn.
Leave... ...........01ympia........... 3:50p.m
Arrive... ...........Tenin0........... 4:sopm
Leave.......... .....Tenino 4:05p.m
Arrive5.............01ympia............ 5:55pm
‘ On Sunday the morning train leaves at9:4oa.m.
and remains at Tenino until 4:05 p.m.,arriving in
Olympia at 5:55 p.m. The morning train makes
close connection with the Northern Pacific to
Portland and theevening train meets the train
from Portland.
Every day except Sunday the Multnomah ar
rives from Tacoma at 10:30 a.m.; returning,
leaves at 1 p.m. for Tacoma and Seattle.
Clara Brown leaves Olympia Tuesday, Thurs
dav and Saturday at 9 a.m. for Tacoma and Se
attle. Returning, leaves Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays at 5:30 film.
For Shelton, the illie leaves daily except
Sunday at 9:30. a.m. Returning, arrives here at
3 911111., connecting both ways with the Multno
ma .
For Kamilchie, and Shelton—Doctor leaves
daily at 8 a.m.; returning. arrives ats p.m.
mun ansnruaas.
Grays Harbor and Coast points. . .. . . . . . .9215 a.m
Tacoma (Pouch Direct}. ... .. . 8:00a.m
Tumwater, Tenino an all points south 9:15 a.m
Eastern states and all points east and
north 4:15p,m
All points south, also states east and
50uth..............v................. 7:oopm
Pickering, weekly, Saturday... .... .. .. 8:00 a.m
‘ Kamilche and Shelton, daily except
Sunday 12:00p.m
Points in Oregon, southern and north
western and eastern Washington. . 4:40 p.m I
Northwestern 5tate5.................... 9:32a.n1
Grays Harbor and Coast points. .. . 4:40 p.m
Tumwater and Tenin0.............. 5:50 p.m
Kamilche and Shelton, daily except
_ Sunday 12:30pm
Pickering, week1y.......................11:00am
fi—-—.A_LL———~3 I
Has just received an elegant line of Fine Jewelry and Silver
ware. You can have goods at your owu
, price. Call and see them. _
223 916 F 0 U RTE 9K ST
I The most elegant line of Booklets and Gift Cards ever‘
E shown in Olympia. , I
REMEMBER To get choice Goods you
. (must call ear1y.........
, ' . ....A...T. ‘
+§The Reliable Jewelers%
$3; 33531; ’:l‘Nifltéé‘ees” Sigiisanfiiféfififiid fiwililr;h%ifisé§ ZlPlksifiir°l3i§slW§§
.' Gold Pens, Holders, etc., No goods misrepresented. Established in Olympia in 1872. ’
, ________________—___
f Lofstad Fur Co. <
: The Making of Seal Garments a Specialty.
; C. LOFS'I‘AD, Agent, 939 C Street, Tacoma, Wash.
; __—-_-————_——_—__
‘ Undertakers and Funeral Duectors
: Especial Attention Given to Embalming for Shipment.
; Wen Sixth Street.
z Dressed Beef, Mutton, Veal, Po rk,
' ~ Telephone NO. [O. Office and Salesroom, 622 Fourth st.
I -———_——-—-——————-
i I>
; Farm e Dehverv W agous
Carriages, Buggies, Road Carts, Plows, Etc.
Agricultural Implements of Every Description.
Book : and : Job : Printing: Specialties.
Northeast Corner of Fourth‘ and Adams Street, olympla, Washington:
Silsby_Block, Main Street, Olympia
OUVENIR spoons are decidedly the fad this year. I
S have,them_in many designs, and will etch or en
grave them free of charge. '
NVARIABLY a store 'of any pretension must carry an
I overloaded stock. lam in that beat, and you may
have the benefit of it.
E I EXICAN Onyx and Marble Clocks will be dis
-I‘l s posed of at cost. I have too many of them and
. must sacrifice.
VERY boy ought to have a watch. It is‘a good way
i E to reward merit, and can be had from a mere
song up. -
. OBODY wants to pass Christmas without remem—
N bering a friend. Gifts may be small, but let them
be substantial.
ILVERWARE—smaII and large pieces are appre-
S ciated. Napkin rings, fruit knives, nut cracks and
picks and many pretty things.
‘ . PPORTUNITY is a great point in life. When you
0 get it, use it. Examine my line of chains. charms,
pins, and pretty things for ladies and gentlemen.
EVER will you be able to purchase so much for so
N little. Simsenson's motto is: If your purchase
doesn’t please you, return it and get your money.
If you don’t take advantage of this, you’ll say .. . . ..,
when it is too late. a
A Oh I P
JUST received the finest line of upholstered Reed
and Oak rockers and chairs that have ever been
brought to Olympia. ‘They are just the article for a
Christmas Present, being useful as well as orna
mental. Also adjustable music stands, ladies’ wash
tables, writing desks, parlor tables, lounges, parlor
sets, foot stools and hassocks. These articles will
be sold at a close margin till after the holidays.
Remember the place.
E 1 1 .
A. 1 S,
Corner of Main and Third Street
Real Estate, Loan & Insurance Agency
EPRESEN’I‘ thirteen of the strongest companies in the world. Losses promptly
adjusted and paid. ,
R Any quantity of the finest farming and orchard land‘in the state, im roved or
unimproved, and in tracts from one acre to five hundred acres. Lots gr sale in
all parts of the city. Look out for a big rise in real estate in the spring. If you want to
buy anything, BUY NOW.
Fashionable Me‘rchantTailor
Has all the Latest Styles for the Fall and Winter season. Fit, Style and Workman
-———-—-shlp Guaranteed .———-
, 522 Main Street. Olympia, Wash.
. «ea-MARE & ROSSa ,
Dealers in drugsfilll3;3ll:os37:gaggeaggi§:;owgétbgigfrgs and perfumery.
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