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o——o F———o
The Cities of Olympia and Tumwater, 'and“
‘ Thurston County.
VOLUME 11..N0. :95
, ’ 0-——OF————o‘
All Kurds !
309 and 311 Main Inner, Olympia.
__.nmmn lN—- ’
Beef, Mutton, Pork and Yea].
_ ~o
of all kinds. Choice Vegetables
in their Season.
Eilsby’s Block, Main St., Cor.,7th. Tel., No. 88
{:1 V W. A. VAN EPPS, PnoP.
1;? Headquarters for Everything.
3‘ —-——-A magnificenr stock of‘—--
Ceiling Decorations
: ‘ \ Just received. A
R _ East 4th at - - - - Olympia,“ash
:55; ~
, MP _
k Wooden and willow ware, crockery and ‘
girafghsswaryguns pistols, Irifles,_all kinda of‘
f ammunltlon, cement, pamt 0113 and win 1
“9413;10va glaag. ,7 ~_
Elegant VStock
Chilber'g :‘ Block.
S Il D. tS l
Everv article in stock will be sold
at a net Discount of
2 0 per cent.
$25 Suits f0r..........................520 00 sloßoy’sSuits g0f0r.................58 00
$208uit5f0r.......................... 16 00 sßßoy’sSuits g0f0r..................5G 40
$155uit5f0r.....................”... 12 00 s6Boy’sSuitsgo f0r..................54 80
$lO 5uit5f0r.......................... 800 ssßOyssujts go f0r...................54 00;
sßSuits for 640 s3Boy’sSuitsgo f0r_,._,,_‘,.__......52 40‘
W slsoßoy’sSuitsgo f0r...............5120‘
[I V 20per cent......Mackinboshes reduced......2o per cent.
I 20 per cent... ... ...Overcoats reduced.. . . .20 per cent.
i 20 pel cent. . . .Gent’s furnishings reduced. . . .20 per cent.
20percent...........Hats reduced...........2opercent.
' '2O per cent. . . .Boots, Shoes, etc., reduced. . . .20 per cent.
The Clothier,
418 M.A_IN S'l'REET
. ———-AND—— 0a
The Best, Cheapest and Cleanest Fuel.
Denlera in all kinds e! fuel. Orders left. at R. FROST’S store will receive prompt attention.
Scaretary Tracy is Looking for
Merchant Vessels.
The War Deyartment Preparing
lor an Emergency—Recruiting
\Vestern Posts—Volunteers.
NEW YORK, Dec. 24.——If the statements
made by a naval officer who should be in a,
position to know what is going on in navel
circles are correct, the United States gov
ernment will take steps in a few days to
bring matters in tne Chilian affair to a
crisis. Secretary Tracy has been in New
York for a. week. It is said that his mis
sion here is to obtain options for the-char
ter of such merchant vessels as thé‘govern
ment can use to advantage to reinforce the
Thesecretary has Been in collfer%me al
‘ most daiiy wlth Commandant Esbe ;ofthe
Brooklyn navy yard and, it is belieyed, he
has also seen some big steamshipmen, as
was related in a dispatch from San Fran
cisco Saturday. Admiral Brown has se—
cnred an option on the new tug Fearless,
which is speedier than any vessel tin the
Chilian navy. He has also obtainedfirices
on vessels to he used as transports, qmo be
armed, if necessary. If the gove ent
is securing options on the :5» er
chant vessels at San Frdq'és co
it would seem but natural to sugxposkflgis
finrsuing the same course in t e u‘urr‘iof
ew York, where so many more sw
ships are available. The naval officer! ‘., '0
gave the information in this mattezg‘t 25;!”
that men in the navy who were cl'yw‘ra‘rl
the secretary confidently predicted? “:41
would be a crisis in the Uhilian’jim‘
within the next ten days. He said rk,-“x1,
understood that President Harrison “mgr
in a few days, send a special messagwgv
congress advising a decision in deflfg;
with the Chilian government immedjsigg
and demanding satisfaction for the m’;
cre of Baltimore’s sailors. Since the {MS9
ing of the American seamen at Valpa'j'j I‘,
six war ships of the new navy have lefti'ar}
Brooklyn yards. They were flag p 113»
Philadelphia, Rear Admiral Gele'rardgapjr
the West Indian squadron: Chic 9%”;
which carries flag or Rear Admiral Waltz:
of the South American squadron, andgtf‘ ~i
lanta, Concord, Berrington and 1’ 15
They are now either in the West Indie}? _5
enroute to South America. ;I;§§’£'j§s
CHICAGO, Dec. 24.-—A Washington‘“i.a-;.:t
cial says there are some facts that fw‘tf
strong yto the probability of war. PM;
war department is forwarding recruitiiii
sguads of forty or fifty as rapidly as Mi“?
b e to fill and complete regiments intjw,‘
far West and on the Pacific coast. Gene’w
Schofield said 10,000 men are available}???
send out of the country, but no more (2.35%
be spared from the general army. an“;
carriages are being shipped to San F 'M}
cisco in sections and §uns will follow a 5“,“!
early date. Genera Schofield has be-ggg‘.
twice summoned before the cabinet at?
has given it as his opinion that if magi
men are sent out of the country it ‘wil'l‘ ej‘
quite possible to tilt their places'inthe re‘f'
ular army at home by tempoxéjtryv enlisbi‘i
ments from the ‘militiauofa certs directs of‘
regulars equipped for actual service at arm y
postsnto‘llenc‘alled for. from eachstate.“ In
ease the 10,000 men transported to Chili
should not be enough, it is reported the
president may call for 20,000 vblunteers for
a year. _
WASHINGTON. Dec. 24.——It is stated semi
oflicially that the patience of the adminis
tration is nearly exhausted, as develop
ments in the Chilian situation seem to in
dicate a determination on the part of Chili
to defy the United States To submit to
such a course will inevitably subject the
president and his advisers to a charge at
ome of trifling, and. will encourage more
serious manifestations of disrespect abroad.
The American view of the case, Secretary
Blaine is now at work on. When it is fini
ished the president will make it part of a
special message to congress, wxich, be
sides this, will present such a case against
Chili that congress can take but one View
of it. Letters and telegrams upon
which the United States bases
its claim will be published. The
%resident will hold that the respectdue the
nit-ed States warrants prompt and deci
sive action. There is no doubt among for
eign legatious here, whose opinions are of
any consequence. that the United States
must hold Chili responsible for the vio
lence of its mob, or fail to perform its
duty under international sti ulations.
This is known to be the view of English,
French, German, Spanish and Russian
representatives, and this sentiment has
greatly strengthened the president in the
course he intends taking.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 24.——The flagship
San Francisco will sail at noon on Satur
day next unless contradictory orders are
received. As her order-stare sealed, her
destination isa matter of conjecture, but
there is little doubt she is bound for Chili.
It is expected supplies and mail for the
steamship Charleston will be transferred to
that vessel, firebably at Acapulco. The
naval reserve attalions, under Lieutenant—
Commander Chandler, will visit San Fran
cisco today, and inspection and drill will
take place on the cruiser. No gun- will be
fired, but full explanations of their work
ings will be given by gunners. Fires in
two furnaces are banke , while the steam
auge records seventy pounds of steam.
The cruiser is ready to go to sea at a mo
ment’s notice. All hands are kept closely
on board and a few olficers who come on
shore are limited to an hour or two.
Newjfork Sgock Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 24. Noon —— Money
easy, at 2%@3 per cent. Stocks active
and strong at highest prices of the morning.
Fours coupons, 17%: Pacific 65, 9; Atchi
son, 45%; Central Pacific, 34%; Burling
ton, 58%; Denver &, Rio rande, 16;
Northern Pacific, 26%; Northern Pacific
gg'eferred, 71%; Northwestern, 16%; New
ork Central, 19%; Oregon Navigation,
82; North American, 18%; Pacific Mail,
38; Rock Island, 89%; St. Paul 6:
Omaha, 44; Texas Pacific, 13%; Union
Pacific, 45%; Wells Fargo Express. 40;
Western Union. 84%.
A Bloody Haule-
LABEDO, Texas, Dec, 24,—Reports re
ceived from Carizio, in the Zapata country,
where Captain Hardie’s troops are sta
tioned, are to the effect that there is no
doubt Garcia. crossed the line with a hund
red men into Mexmo. at points between
that city and Brownsville; also, that Gar
cia’s men met the Mexican troops at Las
Tortillas, 70 miles from the border, and de
feated the latter. and that there were about
fortg men killed on both sides. This is
dou tless authentic, as it comes from an
officer on the ground.
The ly‘lcld. Family.
NEW YORK, Dec. 21.—Edwatd Field
manifested no interest "in the decision
rendered by the lunacy commission in his
case; seemiuflty as oblivious to 'his sur
rounding an ate as heretofore. He still
refuses food, and to see all callers. Toda‘vl
he denied himself the one thing whic
seems to have been his only comfort——
news‘papers. (Jim! W. F ieid’s condition
is sti l hopeful, ut Lindley is slowly sink
ing. ’
A Cable Car Collision.
PITTSBURG, P 3,, Dec. 24.—A cable car
this morning collided with a wagon, fa
tally injuring two and seriously injuring
six others.
A Notable Chance for Governor
Ferry to Act.
Wlll He Show Hi. Nerve and. Ali
polnt a. United States Senator in
Case of Vacancy.
SEATTLE, Dec. 24.-—ln a talk with a well
known member of the legislature here to
, day he said: “McGraw and his ring have
ibecome so scared at the bad outlook for
the party which their action have brought
about, that a determined eflbrt has been
made to get Allen to accept the U. S. cir
cu'g; judgeship, if it is tendered to him,
an influence has been. brought upon the
president to appoint him. This is done in
order to heal the breach in Pierce county
by having Calkins appointed senator by
the governor.” ‘
“But will the governor appoint him?” 1
“Well, the governor is looked upon as a ‘
pretty smart politician, and if he does not
appoint him he will disappoint those who
believe in his political shrewdness. He
has positively put his foot down on an ex
tra session. If Allen is appointed judge,
and he (ides call an extra session, it will
show that he hasn’t the nerve to face the
music at the critical moment. To tell the
truth, Ido not believe he has. If Allen is
is appointed judge I believe he will call
the legislature together, and m that event
Calkins will doubtless be elects.
The Seattle Democrat is a new weekly l
German publication. ‘
The Port Townsend Leader has been 1
purchased by A. H. Dennis. ;
A fatal m'ine explosion has occurred near
Juneau. Alaska. Three persons were .
.‘rkilled. .
.5 All employes in the Tacoma postoffice
Ewill be required to furnish bonds after the
fold year expires. 1
E? A company with a capital of $50.00 has}
:been formed for the manufacture of tannin ,
@xtract, at South Bend. - ,
P'Elgln an old cabin. near Centralia, the au- ‘
j , orities captured a burglar, complete out~ 1
i I of tools, and a quantity of stolen goods. ,
eEi‘wo brutes at Vancouver attempted to
{s’ trage a young girl, who was rescued by
hf.“ ,lliam Evans, an engineer, who heard
aw scream.
gift Epstein, a secondhand dealer of Ta
figurine" sold his partner’s stock for $l5O {es
: ay, and left for Chicago. The s ore
:nggvalued at SI,OOO. 5
4%”, brother of John Lauderback, a
all???“ er of South Bend. became lost in the
1"» s, and was not found until four days
1:539}; He had become demented.
is? 519:1 .
:2;,;€rt=ig-i,..;arrent is out for the arrest of a man
17': 1;, John Sergeant. a Well known busi;
I’ .1 van of Tolt, who deceeived a young
:m gagging a nigrriag‘e‘ certificate,“ I“ _
fr ~ firsteé’riié? "Prehilefi‘from Whatcorn
last evening, sufl'ered terribly from the ef
fects of the westerly gale which prevailed
yesterday. One of the rudder chains
fouled, and the vessel. lay in the trough of
the sea for three hours in a helpless condi
tion. The seas were sweeping over every
part of the steamer.
Jules Simon is dying in Paris.
The bank of Greenville, Miss., has sus
Hon. John A. J. Creswell, postmaster
general under Grant, is dead.
John Challdon & Bons’ scale facto?’ in
New York.was destroyed by fire. 035,
$115,000. Fully insured.
Samuel D. Warncastle, collector of Inter
nal revenue for twenty-third district of
Pennsylvania. has been removed for neg
lect of duty.
Afire in Sacramento destroyed Baker
& Hamilton’s agricultural implement
warehouse and all the stock. Loss $156,-
C.J, partly insured. ' Two firemen were
‘seriously injured by an explosion.
A cargo of dynamite at Antwerp which
was being discharged from a lugger to a
lighter exploded. shattering one vessel and
sinking the other. Twenty men were
killed and injured.
The steamer City of Pueblo arrived in
San Francisco from Tacoma, and regal-ts
being struck by heavy sea off Cape 11at~
te‘ry which had y battered the vessel and
shifted h‘er cargo. Three men were se
verely injured, one having his ribs and
arm broken.
sustains the Finn.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24.—1 n the matter of
the importation of Sumatra tobacco by
Liebes Bros., the San Francisco customs
department sustains the firm’s » appeal
against the assessment on forty-one bales.
which it was claimed should have been as
sessed as fillers at 45 cents per pound. in
stead of at $2 per pound, but sustains Col
lector Phelps in the duty fixed on 290 bales
of wrappers. _
\Vashlngton News.
WASHINGTON, Dec: 21,—Secretary Elkins
was sworn into oflice today. Chief Clerk
Tweeddle administered the oath.
General Stanley has forwarded the war
department a telegram from Cafitain
Bourke, of the Third artillery, dated ing
gold Texas,Deeember 22d. descxibing his
two Brushes with Garcia's Mexican revoiu-
Lionistl. No new facts are given.
Plumb Buried.
Euronu, Kans., Dec. 24.—A11 that is
mortal of the late Preston B. Plumb, was
placed beneath his native soil today. The
city is in mourning, flags on public build
ings are at half mast, and busmess houses
are draped in black with emblems of
mourning on nearly every residence.
Ex-Senator Herelord Dead.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Dec. 24.—Ex
United States Senator Hereford died yes
terday at his home in Monroe county of
Surprised, at lllg Home By Young
Men and Maidens,
Deputy State Auditor Mark E, Reed,
is usually equal to almost any emer
gency. Last evening, however, he literally
succumbed to a fusilade of friends. It
was Mr. Reed’s birthday, a quarter of
century old and his acquaintances did not
let him forget the fact. They took the
house by storm and a very merry time was
had. The ladies of the dparty anticipated
leap year slightly end di the honors of the
evemng in splendid style.
These were Mrs. Armstrong: the Misses
Youn? Cowley Laughton. amont and
Tatbe I. This part of the programme
was an out and out elfiprise. The gentle
men present were the esars. T. .M. Reed,
Avery Reed, F. Gowev, Crego, Mills, Whit
neg. Dr. Carlyon. J. I’. Armstrong. Wood
ru ,Profeseor Cushmnn, Martin, G. Har
ris, M. Harris, Cowles. Welty, Root, Foster
Going and Bilger. «
Be reshments were served during the
evening and music and cards playe their
lportion of the evening’s enjoyment. ,
England is Visited by the Worst
Fog in Years. ~
flluny Liven Lost In the Dense
Gloom by Person- Losing Their
Way and Falling Into the Inver-
l LONDON, Deo.24.—The fog that settled
idown over the city Tuesday last, still
1 hangs over it, and everywhere it is as black
as night. Business is interrupted, and the
money loss is serious, as people will not
venture out even to make Christmas pur
chases. It is impossible tosee more than a
few inches in any direction. Street and
and river traflic is greatly hindered. The
fog is not only prevalent in London, but it
extends over a wide section of country.
It is, without exception, the worst visita
tion of the kind that has come to England
in many years. Fears are entertained that
if the thick weather prevails it will cause
many disasters to shipping, particularly to
vessels which are bound up and down the
channel. The weather is so bad but few
people ventured into the streets unless
they were absolutely compelled to. The
saddest feature of the situation is the great
loss of life caused by persons losing their
wag and wandering into the rivers, canals
an ponds. Already seven bodies of un
fortunates, who have fallen into the river
and drowned, have been recovered. Four
other men and girls are reported missing,
and there is scarcely any oubt they per
ished‘as the_otners did. _ ‘_ _ _
A dispatch from Leeds this morning
states that three men, while walking beside
a. canal, lost their way in the f? and fell
into the water and were drowne , and sev
eral persons were killed on a. railway.
Routine Work Discussul at the
Meatmg Lint Night.
At the meeting of the city council last
night, but‘little was done, the disposition
being to let matters stand for the consider
ation of the incoming council. A varied
discussion ensued with relation to the
street signs, and the fault of the poster in
placing them within the reach of mis
chievous urchins. Mr. Murphy stated
that already they were being defaced so
that Union street read Onion sereet, and
the front and rear letters in Adams street
were missing. It was ordered to have the
si?ns place ten feet above the walks,
w lere possible.
Assessor Moore’s resignation, to take
efl'ect on January 12, tendered because of
the question as to the legality of the elec
tion of his successor was presented and
accepted. In this connection Mayor Herr
announced an arrangement with ' Mayor—
elect O’Brien according to which the
former will resifin on the evening of J an
uary 5, and the utter be elected to fill the
vacancy and be sworn in on that evening.
He advised the outgoing councilmen to ar
-2,1131” a like grogra’rn wgh their]:l successors,
..‘ ~ was In orma V .. ~.fi . w‘fidfil
plaulgveum'bs reflevgtdrggdi “ it” ‘o]!
Assessments were confirmed as follows:
Planking Columbia street from Fourth to
Fifth, $500; grading Puget from Fourth to
Bigelow avenue, $793.75; grading Colum'
bie from Third to Fourth, $300; grading
Ninth from Jefferson to Cherry, $449.63.
Warrants were ordered drawn for the fol
lowing accounts:
0. Going, merchandise. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .sl2 05
O. J. Peterson, horse feed, etc... . . . .. 38 70
Columbia house, meals for prisoners,
citiylgml 12 00
B. . nee,b1ank5,etc............... 2950
Petitions from Mrs. F. A. Turner and T.
C. Van Epps for rebates in the construc
tion of sidewalks were referred to the
finance committee although a disposition
was expressed to allow no more rebates ex
cept in cases where the walks are made
useless by damages in width and were of
recent construction.
A protest from T. C. Van Egps a elnst
the collection of tax for gra mg gPlum
street was referred to the clty attorney, it
_beling contended that the street is untin-,
rs 1e .
E. J. Ester) asked that the grade of
Franklin street between Second and Third
be established before the collection of the
assessment for grading the block. Re
ferred to the city engineer.
D. S. B. Henry asked to have the assess
ment against his property for the gravel
.ing of eventh street canceled because of
the construction of the railway tunnel
through the street. '
A. arquhar» requested a rebate of $10.55
on his assessment for the grueling of
Eighth street on the ground that he was
not notified before the assessment .beenme
delintluent, and that the council purchase
poste cards for the city marshal so that he
may notify property owners before their
taxes become delinquent.
Silas Wentz and'others asked Permission
to grade Fifth street, between Central and
Steuben streets, in Ayre's addition. Re
ferred to the street committee. ~
McDonald (it Lindland withdrew their
bid for the planking of Main street.
Home From Ellensbhrg.
Professor and Mrs. Hull, formerly of
this city, arrived today from Ellensburg.
Prof. Hull gives a most encouraging report
of the state normal school, and has
brought with him drawings for exhibition
at the teachers’ association at Fairhaven
next week. Professor Barge, the principal
of the school, also arrived today. and will
attend the teachers’ association in com
pany with Superintendent and Mrs. Brint—
null, Miss 131$i Mrs. Keyes, Miss Royal.
Miss Barns, iss McCullagh, Miss Mc-
Clurken, Miss A. G. Robertson, Miss M.
C. Robertson Miss Broden, MißS'Cul‘d
Miss Pope, Miss Tyler, Miss Moore and
Miss Ohilberg, who will represent Olympia
at the meeting.
At-St. Mighagl’s Tonight.
Bordeae’s mass in “F” will He rendered
at the midnight services at St.Mlchael's
church tonight. At; the ofi‘ertory Lam
billotte’s Chrlstus will be sung. The choir
is composed of Mrs. James Connelly, Miss
Charlotte CnddiFan soprano; Mrs. Arthur
Austin Miss Lu u Evans. Miss Aglgdle Troll,
alto; Mr. A. L. Campbell. tenor; r. R. E.
Stevens, bass. ‘
Harmony Lodge Officers.
Harmony Lodge No: 18, F. and A. M.,
held its annual election last night, choos
ing many of the old officers to serveduring
the ensuing year. A. LAshcraft was elect
ed‘W. M.; J. C. Rathbun, S. W.; W. A.
Lang J. Wu G. Kaufman, Treas.; Dr.
Van Eaton, Secs J.‘ R. Patlison, S. D.;
W. J. Foster. J. 15.‘ F. D. Frost, B. 8.; S.
P. Wyman, J. S. bflicers‘in Olgmpia and
Harmony lodges will be installe on Satur
day evening.
A New Photograpflr.
W. Duckering, the new —photographer,
comes to Olympia, with the reputation of
doing first-class work. He has facilities
for domg the largest portrait work of any
photogra her in Olympia, having a camera
14x17. 0211 and give hlm a trial. Seventh
and Main streets, Silaby block. d-23tf
Wanted. ' '
To buy city warrants at once.
, dec22-5t A LACEY 6i FORREST.
Of Any Daily Newspaper West of Seattle
and Tacoma.
How the Clty Will Probably be
A Separate Ward Created on the
West Slam—Boundaries of other
‘ An ordinance for redistricting the city
into six wards was last night referred to
thejudiciary committee. By the provis—
ions of the ordinance, one council
man will be elected from each ward and
one at large. At the municipal election in
1892, the three councilman whose terms ex
pire will he succeeded by men from the
even; or Second, Fourth and Sixth wards,
and alternately thereafter.- The boundaries
of the new wards are:
First ward—From a point on Fourth
street to the intersection of Budd’s Inlet,
east on center line of Fourth to Cherry,
south on center line of Cherry to Union,
west on center line of Union street ex
tended, to intersection with middle of chan
nel, north along channel to intersection
with Fonrth street.
Second ward—From a point on Fourth
street at the intersection with the center of
the channel of Budd's Inlet, north along
the center or the channel, to the north
boundary of the city, east along the north
boundary line to its intersection with
Cherry street, extended; south along the
center of Cherry street to its intersection
with Fourth street, west along the center
of Fourth street to the place of beginning.
Third ward-Commend]? at the inter
section of Cherry and Fourt i streets, south
along the center of Cherry, to Union, east
on Union to Pear, south on Pear street ex
tended, to the south boundary of the city,
east along the south boundary to the east
boundary, north along the east boundary
to its intersection with Fourth street, an
thence west to place of beginning.
Fourth ward—Commencing at the inter
section of Cherry and Fourth streets, north
along Cherry extended to the north bound
ary of the city, east along the north
boundary to the east boundary, south
along the east boundary to its intersection
with Fourth street, west along Fourth
street to the lace of beginning.
Fifth wardp—Commencing at the inter
section of Pear and Union streets, south
along Pear, extended to the south bound
ary of the city, west along the south
boundary to its intersection with Budd's
inlet; northerly along the center of the
channel to the intersection of Union street
extended; east along Union street to the
place of beginning.
Sixth ward—Commencing at the inter
section of the south boundary line of the
city and the channel of Budd’s inlet,north
erly along the west line of the harbor to
the north boundary of the city, west along
the north boundary to the west boundary
line of the city, south along the west
boundary line to the south boundary line,
eastalong the south boundary line to the
place of eginning.
Mia. Ella Irving is ill.
‘ 0393}: E. Reauis In Seattle.“ . ~ ~ ,
'Al'H.“Atmms is‘in Tacoma. 4
N. G. Blake visited Tacoma today.
E. F. Jams went to Tacoma. today.
Miss Louise Ayer will spend Christmas
day in Tacoma.
Contractor George M. Savage and wife
went to Tacoma. to my.
Eugene Kreider, supreme court Jeporter,
left for Tacoma this morning.
Miss Potter. sister to Mrs. A. W. Wlsner.
arrived today from Spokane.
' Miss Edna; R 0 ers Evil! spend Christmas
with Miss Belle gorwin at I‘aconm.
Judges Stiles, Scott and Hoyt. of the su
freme court, left for their respective homes
his morning.
Horace Percival, who is an’attendant at
the Washington school, Tacoma, is home
for the holidays.
Mrs. W. F. Merry and children will
Eyelid Chrismes with friends at Oekville.
hehalis county.
Mrs. George Talcott and children will
eat Christmas dinner at her parents’ home
on Chambers’ prairie.
Miss Eve Laughton is home from T3,-
coma. She is making rapid progress at
the Annie Wright seminary.
Major and Mrs. C. M. Berton left for
Oswego, 0113., this morning, tOfipend the
holidays with their daughter, rs. Her
bert L. Gill.
1“. 0. Butler. formerly in the office of
State Auditor Realm-1 now holding ser
vices at Vaughn, North Bay. He was In the
city yesterdaty andJeft this morning with
his brother, or Gray’s Harbor, where he
will spend the holi aye.
Sunday school children are happy at this
season, above all others, in view of the
Sunday school festivals which are so am:-
iously awaited. The exercises at the Con
gregatlonal church were varied lastnight
Ty a sociable and supper for the children.
he church was Srettil'yi‘ decorated, as de
scribed ln'ivester ay’s mnmm. Apleas
ing musica program was rendered, and
the children Went home delighted.
Washouts made railroad travel danger
ous yesterday, and trains were delayed in
every direction. A fallen trestle between
Gate Citv and Centralia. shut ofl‘ the Port
land trafn, and the train was an hour late.
The train from Tacoma to Chehalla came
as far as Olymgia and then hacked to Lake
Vigw £0 takgt emMaln line.
No:therll Paclfic employees were all sad,
for they]; had to go without their Christmas
coin. he pay car, which is due about
this time. was blocked beyond the wreck at
Castle Rock, and could not make its
rounds. ,
‘A handful of Qalt, ”011' a little ashes,
sprinkled on the doorsteps of dwelling
houses and at the entrance of business
Faces in an excellent preventive against
alls, these frosty mornings, with mayhap
a fractured limb as the result.
The heavy reins of Tuesday ceueed the
bulkhead around the residence of General
Cavenaugh to give way, shoving the side
walk and gutter out of place and doing
other damage. The bulkhead had been
but recently constructedat a great expense.
Remember‘M. O. Connor’s stockof toilet
sets. manicures, , collars and cufl's and
albums. are new and in good order and are
going this week at hicago wholesale
prices. Toys below cost. “v (121-611.
Au Arc Light Wanted. 7 1,,
“There is no reason." said a. gentleman
today, “why the city should not place a
light at the Northern Pacific depot. It isa
dark and dangerous (place and much travel
passes after nuzhtfal ."
Giles is your man. _He has éspeclall y ar
ranged for a large lot of superior turkeys
and chicken! for Christmas and New
Years. Rock bottom prices. dl9tf
Congregational Children.
Didn’t Get Their Coln.
_AA Timely Suggestion.
A Bulkhenq film} Way.
Bargains in Presents.
Christmas Twigs.

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